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Honoring our Veterans!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 11, 2020 3:47 pm

Honoring our Veterans!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 11, 2020 3:47 pm

Honoring our Veterans!

Today Steve Honors our Veterans he opens the phones for lots of great calls and comments from Facebook!


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Thank you and God Bless

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Everyone is time for the mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve and now there's your host mobile okay November 11 every year. Doesn't matter what they're all gone Veterans Day Ridley, permit they got all the way back to World War I and so on Veterans Day, we have a tradition here on the show that I just open up lines to you to my friends on Facebook live if you want to share about some veterans that you would like to honor today then I'll share that on the air and just like that boom forced out of my good friend airline pilot great brother in Christ.

11 years in the Air Force think every service for us to knock on the people that my own personal list that I'll go through including my cousin Vance Johnson is on Facebook live right now is served this nation honorably and his father.

Lots of other family members. My sister Catherine on Facebook live today.

As usual, thanks this and her husband served another grandson is serving and so I just want to open up the lines. Do you guys open up the phone to you guys today in a chapel both grandfather served in World War II and Korea awesome so that's the deal. No potluck to talk about politics today when I can talk about pop culture and I can talk about theology were just going honor veterans so I want you to call in and share fear of you on Facebook live and share there and I'll read it on the air and then call it in. Maybe you're going back like for me.

I'm 54 years of age, and my father, Fred Noble was an officer candidate school right near the end of the war and then actually served in Germany during the occupation walked into Dachau about six months after the war was over. Never really shared much about what he saw, until I interviewed him a little over two years ago.

Just a few months before he went to be with the Lord, and he opened up about that and of the greatest generation came back and they were very quiet. They generally don't talk about it then you had Korea and Vietnam.

One of the most challenging war actions for Americans in many different ways, especially for veterans because they were not honored or cared for and look for the most part and were despised and rejected when they came home. And of course we had the quaint situation call for one Gulf War to the war on terror. So to just open it up to you and give you an opportunity to call in, in honor a veteran or veterans in your life. That's the deal. I want talk about anything else today, I will not talk about anything else today I want to give you all the airtime that I can to honor the veterans in your life that is so appropriate for all of us because even though her arguing and fussing over what's going on. The political realm. Much of that is enabled by the fact that we have millions and millions veterans who have laid down their lives to serve this nation and to preserve our freedoms that we don't always take care of very well, but they sure have done a great job in preserving them in the first place, 866-34-TRUTH eight, 784 don't make me beat you up at the phone number today please. This should not be difficult for us to honor the veterans in her life so could be your father or your mother could be a grandfather, grandmother could be a grandson could be a husband and wife, a son or daughter alive, not no longer with us. Whatever the case may be, but please call in and take advantage of the opportunity help us to honor the veterans in your life by simply sharing a little bit about them. I with the rest of us and we will all be blessed by that and I know that the Lord is blessed by veterans who served who are willing to lay down their lives and put down their own fortunes for others. That is a clear example of what it means to be a follower of Christ, so please give us a call and share about the veterans in your life that you like to honor a little detail a story.

Whatever you feel led to do. We would be honored to have you and want to partner with you in honoring veterans 866-34-TRUTH 87884. As always, 866348784 or 866-34-TRUTH is my preferred way to give up that phone number in a lot easier way to remember 866-34-TRUTH. The phone number here to honor our veterans today, 8663 foray 7884 866-34-TRUTH. Don't worry if you're going to the first one of the last one of the case may be. Now this is about you. This is about me. This is about the veterans in our lives that we want to honor so 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH and friends on Facebook live. Immediately Catherine Cornett talk about her dad and Korea.

Catherine, my sister Wyatt their grandsons at Fort Benning's Army Ranger force tops.

My dear friend 11 years in the Air Force. Thank you my brother and his dad Daniel P Greer served as a combat medic in Honduras in the 1980s both grandfather Zana said served in World War II and Korea.

That's awesome. What about you, who in your family liner friends. Maybe somebody that you work with or worked with is a veteran and you want to honor them today. Please give us a call and share that on the air we would be a blast for you to do that. So just give us a call, pick up the phone, 866-348-7884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH today on November 11 as we honor our incredible veterans. Let's jump right to the founders go to deals gone and from Winston-Salem, North Carolina Dale, thanks for calling and you're on with Steve, go right ahead that I got on my dad and Korea all Air Force tech grown up with a father Dale that serve how did that impact you service. But unlike a normal my brother and my sister were born when he was in the they were born overnight nine was a strict man but he was a good night that's awesome. It that's that's wonderful. God bless and thanks for sharing that with us today Dale. We really appreciate it. Thank you, but you welcome you to think so much 866-34-TRUTH is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884. That's what Eric is gone from Greensboro, North Carolina Eric, thanks for calling. Go right ahead with airborne brown genre and therefore are well older member of the church up bad Leonard heel Bielby 95 Meg while one Mustang toward her and how to walk. What an awesome machine cool.

Yeah, that's amazing. We don't have a lot of World War II vets left on it. What a great blessing. They have one right there in the church. Eric thinks work on a man I really appreciate it for you. Welcome God bless you 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

See how easy it is as good a Carol Cullinan right around the corner in Durham North Carolina.

Thanks for calling Carol go ahead, that's all right, later on sure that's awesome Carol I'm up against a break, but God bless you and thank the Lord for your dad.

What an awesome testimony will be 11 every year matter what day involved veteran faith. I want to call and I'm honored to give you the space here on the air to call in and just honor the veterans in your life path up ramps present. Maybe there still alive. Maybe they aren't, but I would love you to call in to do that. That would just be a great blessing to me and everybody else listening to Dave so that we can honor these veterans together and be reminded of how special it is that were here living in America as American citizens in the people that have come before us and are currently serving that are willing to lay down their lives, if that's what it takes to preserve our freedoms. That's an awesome thing an incredible blessing, a great representative of the Christian life, whether Christian or not in the just want to take the time today to honor them. So give us a call and share about the veteran in your life got a bunch of people sharing on Facebook live some to go through those as well. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH course all this started on November 9, 1918. This was the end of Armistice Day. Towards the end of World War I. When the fighting stopped. That's on the fighting seas for seven months. Then they actually did the end of the war, but the cessation was November 11, 1918. So November 11, 1919, Pres. Wilson proclaimed that day is the first commemoration of Armistice Day password appears course get the government involved in this case messed around with the date change the date that upset a lot of people as you can expect and then changed it back to always be on November 11.

That's the way it remains today. Always observed on November 11, regardless of what day of the week it is.

And I also have a president trumps a Veterans Day proclamation read a couple things from that, but especially want to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you would do us kind favor of calling and sharing about the veteran in your life.

Some veteran or veterans that you want to honor that would be awesome. That's all point today so I don't want to talk a little us, 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH. Please call in and out, and we'd like to join you in honoring the veterans in your life. Let's go to Mary's Cullinan from Don North Carolina.

Mary, thanks for holding go right ahead.

All therefore are there for four years I honor my he really in the Army in her 11th year.

We have all country. My brother Army non-Jericho had okay sorry about that. No decline for AL did not go to Vietnam. I mean that order you know a contract there that call calling anything out was the only time that Ashley but it I hope that it become not have to go no, I'm not.

I have to limit my thing and alerted back left just like that. Yeah, that's amazing that he just couldn't stand the thought of not serving yeah what a great example for all of us. Mary think so much for calling and ensuring that today. What a great blessing.

Thanks so much and thank you for your service as well course and she and her husband both pretty awesome. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Please call in and share about the veterans in your life that would be wonderful. Just honor them today and Veterans Day the rest of us would really appreciate that one honor them right alongside you to give us a call 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH again just honoring the veterans in your life on Veterans Day. You don't to be a public speaker. By the way, don't worry about it don't mean literally only will I listen this the crazy stat.

I just know this one for years I rushed on Rush Limbaugh talk about a couple months ago only 1000 radio listeners are comfortable: it one have a thousand soda pairs are all still little freaked out about public speaking.

But hey, it's just you and me. Okay Joe it's just schist your buddy Steve right here. Sit in this little studio in Raleigh, North Carolina you call in sick when a phone call hey Steve, me tell you about the veteran amount awesome perfect see no big deal. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Kathy Spear Haynes on Facebook. I think you for veterans for your service. Amen. In a family veterans. That's cool.

Steve Baker think Steve honor my father and my Facebook page was World War II vet born on November 11, 1926.

I miss him. I'm sure you do.

I miss my dad as well.

Vance Johnson also served my granddaughter destiny summer at sea on the USS Nimitz. While it's totally cool. Nina said I honor my dad during Vietnam and my grandfather fought during World War II wonderful Beth and Goldbach. My father served in North Africa, setting up communication towers wow that's so cool Linda Gadd.

Thanks. My husband Army air traffic controller and Army during the Vietnam War and thank him for his service. Praise the Lord for that, and Steve honoring my grandfather Baker, a World War I fat.

He was a musician for the troops in France and England. How cool is that there are so many great things are to get back that, and secondly jump over the phones And Cullinan from my weight course not, Catherine, thanks for calling the redhead my memory actually in Fort Worth. In World War II and Korea. He became the Col. in Vietnam and I back the yeah the way in 2011 before he did. He lived in acting overconfident and he came out to visit. He was a staunch publican and we wheeled him around the all the memorial and see what it was so very quiet about even with the very man but he was very quiet going around the very somber when he got to Vietnam Memorial. He couldn't go in put me there and that was so beautiful it was call from New Mexico that came around, and he wore his pain and yet Denton had on and they came around his wheelchair and his work thinking and in front of the Vietnam Memorial. It was the most beautiful thing you he passed shortly after… Well, yeah. What an amazing story that's so cool And you know how long he ended up serving him in years is in the service.

I don't know because he actually week came into my husband life. I didn't have a whole lot of time at about three years. But yet he was in from World War II to Vietnam from Lawhorn's Iraq goodness from the 40s to the 90 years yeah but the years. That's amazing And think that much of her call and ensure that what this will bless you all are. They have a base tracker places so much to write my there, you know heavenly things really go in there and they come out and amen celebrated the love and honor. Thank you so much for that And that's wonderful great example from all the school kids just gather around and think of you see a veteran. Same thing with the police officer first responder to but our veterans especially especially today you see anybody that I had on that thinking further service they deserve are on will be right back. Show honoring veterans today live in or and honor the veterans in your life years Cullinan from Clemens North Carolina Sharon, sorry to keep you holding so long, go right ahead of time. Brother-in-law long at the top of grand granulated from the Marine parent and I think it is great that young children, even the way the world it feels like our country.

Yeah that's so inspiring whenever people start to come to cast off the younger generation.

Unlike we still have young people signing up to be a member of the militant US military yes then we still have hope because that's an awesome thing. What a great point.

Everything is eight years old. He wanted memory and bank now one of the Marine.

He made it that's awesome Sharon, thanks, and yes, indeed. Amen.

You're welcome. God bless you. Thanks for sharing.

Let's jump over to Craig SA greatest Cullinan all the way from Sparta, Tennessee. Thanks for calling how are you all calling to honor my dad break. Hope yeah but then will work you on it and call the Washington and he was and he brought got a white when you're honest don't stand on the Lord had and all. And another thing, because there and he knew how to play the NIV intake IV. We had a hard time with and before he passed away and the hospital he would be forever taken and I've been walking down the hall. Yeah, sounds like it. I think you probably earned that right after all those years of service. That's awesome what things are going so nice to hear your voice as opposed to just being on Facebook live thing. So much for doing what you amen. Of course my honor. Thanks much for sharing.

Let's jump over to Judy Condon from Ramser was calling it okay to call back. It's all right. I'll be patient you be patient will be patient will be with honor, whoever he liked. Honor 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Ellis is gone and from Gastonia, North Carolina, downer Charlotte Ellis, thanks for calling the Red Hat surname in good Lord church Pearl Harbor Marine Corps would short all you all sure volunteer or about what will will will talk while just one away… Honor his son. What a way to honor the nation and in and to share this to me. I mean that my not just the gospel leaving right off the pages in the real life will what will better appreciate a God bless you will talk to you soon. Great story, God bless you think so much Elias down in Greensboro, evergreens were alive thanks for calling the redhead my wow aircraft here that's amazing allies. How old are you all you women, since mostly us old folkies on here on the radio show. But you would be in a young person that's awesome, so did you. What did you get to meet your grandfather, Elias, did you know wow that's such a huge blessing. That's so cool. Do you have you had to talk much about his experiences being on a aircraft carrier. Yeah well that's super cool. Well, thank you so much for calling and ensuring that with the rest of us allies.

That's really cool. Good job. You're welcome. God bless you.

That's so cool see you don't have to be an old folkies like us, you can be young if you want to throw your son your grandson on the bus and put them on the air.

I'm all for that.

I got school.

I was awesome allies. Great job.

What a great blessing when we jump back in here are Facebook live, you want to: 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Renée my father and father-in-law both served in Korea need to talk much about their experiences is that's seems to be a common thread here gather my sister warns dad served in World War II. Also he was in the Army and served in India Allison honoring my Navy Desert Storm vet. My man Chris Chase, our grandfathers, and my grandfather was a Marine Purple Heart recipient in the Korean War. While many generations in our families observe the legacy of lawyers. Amen. That's just incredible. Linda get my husband served in the air traffic control division during the Vietnam conflict.

That's awesome. Beth and I don't know if I'm repeating any of these are not husband served on its peers by husband served on a Navy supply ship in the Mediterranean 86 to 90.

That's awesome Vance.

My cousin, our families had those served in every conflict since the French and Indian war.

Oh, the French and Indian war hello echoes away the back were back of this 1870 0K.

Pretty amazing. Allison air wing on board the USS America. While that's awesome Jerry West, my wife Air Force vet Julie West. Praise the Lord that's so cool women in the military, others awesome Steve Ahlstrom plus election. You fools can handle it yeah okay great, thanks for that Steve on Veterans Day.

You represent your side. Well I Vance Johnson. Recently my son Chris retired from the Navy.

My dad and I retired from the Army grandfather US Marine Corps World War II.

That's awesome Becky. My father served with the Navy in World War II. My brother served in the Army in Vietnam. I met my nephew in law served with the Army in Iraq for three tours very proud of each of them. Amen. That's awesome Allison, my friend.

The pools Mason is Army infantry applying for special forces, he be awesome at that Allison think it all who have courageously served sacrifice and defended our freedom. Amen.

Echoed that Celia Grayson dad was in the air Corps war were to praise the Lord. Tosh II honor my great uncle at least four cousins for serving serving Army and Navy vets is not awesome to 2222 Janice I would like to honor my dad Wade Young who served in the Army in World War II.

He's still living while and Lord willing, in January 2020 on. He'll be 97 years old and loves the Lord. How cool is that.

So of veterans from World War II and he loves the Lord and he still alive 97 years of age, that's amazing patent. Yet God bless you my brother. I'm thankful I was able to serve my country in the Army in the early 1960s. Thank you for your service. Peyton, that's awesome.

You join the list here 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and if you not engaging us today with talk about veterans then keep your remarks to yourself. I respectfully okay this is the place for the other stuff that is all about veterans. Let's see NARA all thanks for doing honor my grandpa in law for his service and forward to awesome Lisa sang happy Veterans Day honoring my kids great grandpa who served in World War II.

Dinner added that, that's so amazing. Let's see who else honoring Leroy Davenport, Jerry West said this my great grandpa in law. He was a CB and lied about his age to list. I love that story because they were just so serious about serving that's so awesome let's jump over to the phones Linda and High Point, North Carolina Linda, thanks for calling the Red Hat car wow that wonderful day.

That's incredible Linda and in what an amazing testimony and amazing life is live will tell them that your friends on the radio said thank you for his service is really incredible well praise the Lord, will I look forward to meet him one day and then will get to hang out forever, which is pretty cool.

You're welcome.

Thanks for sharing Linda. That's really wonderful how cool is that 99 inch 9799 well is just amazing at Normandy. I have a friend we call in the Col. here in Raleigh. I want to be with the Lord a few years ago and he was a part of. Remember Omaha if he was in Omaha, I figured out I'll remember it wasn't. Normandy was in the Pacific. What was the Iwo Jima. My goodness, the Col. Iwo Jima told some stories about that.

Just amazing is honoring our veterans.

They want to call and start share 866-34-TRUTH shows God bless you all of our veterans every listening or watching a Facebook I think you so much for your service. What a great sample that was something I had hired to do for a while she got accepted.

The Air Force Academy. Even bounced out of that ID and not many occasions have regretted that what with that of been like I would've been a pilot most likely during Gulf War so I don't know that's I believe that in the Lord's hands, but just what what a huge honor it is to be able to honor our veterans and what a great example to the rest of us people that were willing to set aside, normal path that most Americans taken in, choose a path for some period of time service that could and did cost many of them their lives, and I just incredible that we and I think we got a lot better and I think a lot of honoring our veterans, first responders, I think were a lot more vocal about that he think you for your service now because if you know shake of veterans and now somebody like Gov. Cooper's going to throw you in jail. But it's important for us to honor themselves just say thank you for your service that matters.

Okay matters that were thinking outside of our own context, so we see people that have served for people that are serving police officer EMT firefight. Whatever the case maybe let's let's do a good job of honoring people that make sacrifices to serve the rest of us. If you want to call and we got one more segment to go here.

I've still got plenty of honoring things on Facebook live that I want to get through, so just give us a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH couple from Facebook live in a jump over Carol is on hold. Sarah said my father served aboard the USS Brown, a destroyer is a gunner during the Korean War. He said it was the best days of his life. That's awesome Daniel Palmer my buddy my grandfather was in the 20 night infantry division World War II. His friends were the Bedford boys.

Well, most lost their lives on D-Day.

He had a great handwriting that it was a clerk, so he was behind the surgeon survived the war, he took the pain of loss and the stories of war to the grave never spoke about so so common, especially forward to vets honoring my kids great grandpa John Russell served in World War II.

Thanks dinar for that. Dana said my dad served in the Navy and the Korean War. He died last year. I'm sorry he let me to Jesus and was a tall man awesome.

He was 64 and I'm wrapping my little hand around his big and text figure. He taught me to speed shift and race cars.

I love to work on cars without my medicine but I know I'll see him again.

Amen. And so will the rest of us, Dana. Those of us in Christ, so that's pretty cool Vance. My father-in-law joined the Army in World War II at the age of third teen, by using his dead brother's birth certificate served with 101st airborne in all their jobs well, that's amazing is that that's just that's amazing me. Let's jump over to Carol's gone and from Winston-Salem.

Carol, thanks for calling. Go right ahead. I honor my father and more) are up on the farm where he was going to like instruction on how to conduct them) and I can bladder your aunt didn't get to come back home that I wanted her to work at that corner and that we have for Québec Brendan Graham North Carolina has the program to toolbox the Purple Heart and fit for them if they don't tell of the gospel of John and Embry told what you called RES 346 James RES coolant can partner with any corporation that have full thanks to Phil about box but that was a great story on many in the last week want website and often not like people to pray for our chaplain right there a lot of birthrates and only you and remember that Paul sent Timothy into her hardship as the good soldier of Christ.

Great. What a great point Carol, thanks much for calling and Sharon all that with us today.

God bless you, thank you you're welcome. Let's jump over my buddy Clay conifer Raleigh clay go-ahead bro and brother were good. I agree with your shared unit. When are you doing what it would trigger a total of told people should learning to go into the military you want to build respect what I feel to belt because you know you all the people you respect the course you know we talked about her mother and father oh so good for you. Air Force O Moe Berg being able to go and do the plus being a Christian I got me several people told him to forgive thanks for the right middle brother would like to give thanks for every single person that can hear me saying that God bless you and thank you for doing what you're doing sherbet country because you know it's a wonderful blessing to be able to gain so much yeah and that's I think that's almost universal across the branches of people that observed it's a wonderful example for the rest of this Clay thanks for serving my brother and thanks for calling in today. No problem brother Gubler Commandant. Thank you. Love you man and perjured money to thanks bro I appreciate that this is from within a few minutes if you want to call in and jump in on the tail, and here we have time for that 866-34-TRUTH is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Let me read. This is from a president trumps proclamation on Veterans Day.

America's veterans have fought to defend our country's values and its interest since the first days of our founding live defeated tyrants, eliminated terrorists and secured freedom at home and abroad. Their courage and fortitude in the face of adversity serve as an example for all Americans. On Veterans Day, we pause to pay tribute to all who probably Warner nations uniform these soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines and Coast guardsmen selflessly placed lives well-being and security of others before their own.

We enjoy the privilege of P privileges of peace, prosperity and freedom because of our veterans. We are forever indebted to them beyond measure, for the love of country and dedication to duty America's veterans have endured adversity, loneliness, fatigue, loss, and made other incredible sacrifices may sustain life altering physical injuries and disabilities. Others bear the burden of emotional scars for the remainder of their lives. Our nation's veterans fully understand liberties high impressions cost for they have paid it every day since the formation of our republic.

What a great what a great thought from the president couple more things from there. If I have time to limit jump over to James Cullinan from Wake Forest, North Carolina Jane, thanks for calling. Go right ahead sure what you're doing and got more out of probably my knowledge flew about 100 non-had been a great really great that's so cool about what an awesome testimony. Jane, thanks for calling and honoring him. We are happy to join you and your very welcome. Thanks so much and just finished up with this some more thoughts and the thinking that was wonderful. Sorry it cuts out the quick mental health and welfare. This is from the president's proclamation today of our veterans is of critical importance in addressing this issue has been a top priority. We have to give the present plenty of props for this work is done a great job with the VA tragically listen to this, an average of 20 veterans and service members die by suicide each day were striving with all our effort to end this alarming and unacceptable reality.

Last year I lost largest whole of government program in history to end veteran suicide presidents roadmap to empower veterans and end the national tragedy of suicide skull prevents for short. I also recently signed the commander John Scott Hannan, veteran meant mental health care improvement act, which is strengthening VA mental health supporting suicide prevention efforts developing pilot programs dedicated to ending.

Veteran suicide such an important thing in and really appreciate the president doing our veterans represent the best of America, and they deserve the best. America can provide these heroes served faithfully, humbly and valiantly in times of war and peace and they carry these admirable traits into the civilian workforce and their military service was fulfill our precious liberty has survived and thrived because of generations of brave Americans from every background and walk of life who answered the call to support and defend the United States. The gravity of our contribution is immeasurable and so is our debt to every single one of our nation's veterans and sodium on witness. Therefore, set my hand this 10th day of November in the year of our Lord 2020 and of the Independence United States of America the 245th Donald J.

Trump Pres. well said, and I certainly necessary as we seek to honor our veterans today and in Memorial day and by the way, just make sure I know. And again I mentioned this earlier. I think as a nation we done a much better job the last 10 years, 15 or 20 years. I really think on the heels of 9/11 that we kinda had this reawakening in this nation of thinking and honoring the people that serve us well in the military or the fire department or police EMT first responders and we need to do that they babe they live there or not.

They're not in there making a bunch of money at self-sacrificing in a special when it comes to the military and with our first responders think they oftentimes are called to put their lives on the line. I think that's the thing that was so amazing to me on 9/11 literally going back to the day to see that kind of bravery that kind of dedication that kind of selflessness was really inspiring and convicting some like one white O how much do I actually go out of my way to serve others. How much do I actually sacrifice of my time, talent and treasure to serve others, and as a Christian as a follower of Christ, we should be pretty well known and noticed for our generosity stopped as Sir stopped to pray stop the talk stopped to say thank you. Invest in other people's life. Show them deference over your own needs. He was first will be last, and he was last will be first.

Don't think the best seats in the house for somebody else and got different proceeds will take care of it.

Showing deference reference for other while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us and serve it couldn't hurt coming disgusting filthy rat. More about that yet Christ died for amazing thing for us to have that level of service to witness the better we honor every single one. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing talk to get my data veteran always


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