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Election Day With Lara Trump & Hogan Gidley

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November 3, 2020 3:41 pm

Election Day With Lara Trump & Hogan Gidley

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 3, 2020 3:41 pm

Election Day With Lara Trump & Hogan Gidley

Today is the election and no one knows who will come out on top but all we can do is vote.  Steve is joined by Lara Trump & Hogan Gidley to discuss what might happen tonight. 


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Wake up everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth sacred cow call Steve now 643 866-34-TRUTH or checking out Now here's your host Steve Noble. I talk it down on the lead right now. Are you okay okay make sure your praying and be on the lookout for anything strange going on here think about people extending the polling time. Another not constitutional issues of estate issues and anything is possible today.

November 3, 2020 because it's November 3 amount, a monstrously important election for the presidential level all the way down.

I don't think the houses can exchange hands, but the U.S. Senate could and then of course all kinds of races going on in the state and local level. Our friend Gov. Lieut. Gov. Dan force hopefully would not be nice.

Gov. I thought back to the show. Gov. my good friend Gov. Dan Forest Gov. Danforth Gov. Danforth does not sound nice to me. Gov. Danforth so that would be sweet but then like your North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby that just has a really nice ring to me so that's what's on my list. By the way, but still need some help. You haven't voted yet here North Carolina polls close at 730.

The real thing. Another place is going to get a call from Hogan Gidley is the press secretary for the drum campaign is been a couple times recently.

I don't hear from Laura Laura Tromp in the second segment and then just you and me in the third and fourth segments, I want you to get ready to call in because I want to know what you've experience if you been Alta to the polls today want to know what I want to know what you've experienced how crowded was it what what was it like anything strange that area for the pet is having glitches in the machines they shut the pole down here all kinds of stuff going on out there and that's just the way it's going to be the rest of the day and upholds closing pretty much evening hours. Most the place around the country like all these times are local okay so for example 6 PM Indiana Kentucky that's local time.

Okay son Eastern time. That's local 7 PM. Most states are state here, North Carolina 7:30 PM so you have to something will see my work till five fine leave work we were to go minutes early, began to get to the polls get there that really that I've said it had nausea over the last couple of months and especially over the last month.

You simply do not have an excuse to not vote. I've made the biblical case.

Time and time again I've made it strongly that it's a sin to not vote because of the violation of neighbor, love, and all these things that happen trump administration bind administration Cooper administration here North Carolina Gov. force a ministration lever laws and regulations in the activities of our government in the United States of America affect pretty much everybody that would be all your neighbors, and so to do nothing about that which affects all your neighbors is a sin of omission and so that's why it's problematic for Christian to say Christians in politics and yeah we should. What are you kidding me that's a huge mission field, and by the way I'm reminder like we had with our good friend Pastor Rob McCoy and I think I mentioned this yesterday on the air that a Romans 13 submit to the governing authorities will who is this who are the governing authorities and I say to America. Well let's see, let's other some document. I have some of it stuck in my head.

We the people in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of our liberty for ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. If you're hearing Schoolhouse Rock in the back of your head somewhere good for you. Praise the Lord for that. We the people we the people. Okay you the people meet the people we the people gotta get out and you got a vote if your North Carolina need some help rival for if you're still in that realm go to the Steve Noble that's it. Thus Steve Noble stop the pager to see a link to my personal pics which you can ask a download and print off so that will help you so 7 o'clock local time. Most of the country. Here, North Carolina 7:30 PM local time that you can get still get out and vote.

Okay 7:30 PM local time, Arkansas, Ohio.

Same thing West Virginia same thing 8 PM local time little bit later Alaska, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Montana Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico Oregon Pennsylvania watch Pennsylvania. We are talking to Steve base about that yesterday. Watch Pennsylvania.

We don't want Pennsylvania to become another Florida 12 2000 and then pour all the gasoline and the divisiveness and the shenanigans of 2020 and where were at.

Now, politically, all in the Pennsylvania which is run by a bunch of corrupt people anyway at the nightmare so be praying specifically, Lord, peace, and overwhelming victory in Pennsylvania tonight to shut that whole thing about Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Washington DC, Wisconsin, late night people 9 PM local time, Iowa, New York and North Dakota. Okay, so if your North Carolina you can still get out and vote until 7:30 PM tonight gets big deal as a sin into our friend Steve days earlier on the Glenn Beck show he was that he's again he's just absolutely he's he's not in a regular place because usually the data is is good he can, meaning he can make sense of it but always pulling this so much of the polling is absolute garbage. Soon the question is why is it garbage and I think we all know why it's garbage.

So now the cabal is the liberal left the mainstream media big tack and pretty much all pulling people in one of the law.

The polling people gonna do when one when it if it if and when tonight or sometime soon. Donald Trump wins by a significant margin. Whether you do that, then you just roam all out okay. Forget is no objectivity whatsoever anymore who you trust to what what new source can you trust. I don't know. I like to think when it comes to what I do, Monday through Friday 40 5 PM.

You can trust me because I work pretty hard to make sure I'm sharing good information with you and being optimistic and then trying to filter it all throughout Christian worldview. Certainly not perfectly, but I strive to do that, but man is just crazy out there, but a lot of things like in Florida.

DeSantis was on earlier today with Rush Limbaugh and he was talking about Republican turnout. Florida could be a record-breaking number member Democrats tend to vote early more than a lot of when you look at early voting that skews Democrat when you look at day of voting that skews Republican. So what we seen from the liberals versus the conservatives of the last six months. Liberals, been unhinged mask everything down protest protest turn into little looting and riots.

What do conservatives generally do these do we stew and then we wait for our big moment in that big moment is today. The big moment is today and instead of burning things down and instead of breaking things and instead of spray painting something on the side of a building or a government building our Starbucks we go vote because that's the American system and guess what. If it's legitimate were to be what we are working to do a peaceful transfer of power we are exemplary. That way on the planet but hopefully when I can go through that.

This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble. Show me come back to court and have large trump on the next thing back and sees Noble to Steve Noble show pressing into the final day here North Carolina. You have till 7:30 PM to get out and vote going to know who to vote for. I'm happy to tell you that go to the Steve Noble at this is my ode to my Chicago background I been doing it for years.

I put out my pics from the president all the way down from Pres. trump all the way down.

Be in force for governor Paul Newby for what it cannot. Steve, Chief Justice and archon state Supreme Court. All of them are under okay so you need some help with that hasty. Voting for the Steve Noble obtained from Pres. trump all the way down a great welcome back to the show, Laura Trump, of course, married Eric trump the son of our president Laura how are you thanks for Conan, I'm doing great work. Always great to have you on in and like I we talked about this last time you're at. Remind everybody of your North Carolina roots and how she's not going to name your daughter, make sure all my friends here North Carolina know that we actually have some attachment to you born and raised on right North Carolina) and how they came from Q, I went overwhelming and I went into the paper, laid down and delegated my hump date I will and Lundy get back to North Carolina quite a bit over the past month help campaign now. Have you converted Eric and see fallen in love. The North Carolina coast been to New York. I have actually been a lot of holiday and you're right.

I named my daughter Caroline. After my Dell. I loved it. Now whether or not you are not that I had on the show about a week ago he was in Raleigh for another evangelicals for trump events allows a lot of fun and and an honor to talk to him. So what you been doing these last few days and and how you guys feeling in the family about North Carolina. The other hot button states course Pennsylvania's big deal, but how you guys feeling there inside the Trump family really good luck.

We left nothing on the field that we could work any harder on me. I rallied again now for a couple of days and we all in the family got together in 20 been rendered. My father and mother decided to run for and we continue to fight in the family ball been spread out all across the country.

Obviously I have been there quite a bit in North Carolina.

I got unlocked Esterline dependent and bite you know over the past several mine and we wanted to leave nothing to chance going to work for everything will go out and quite frankly a little different than what you see on the other side on the vine and by working to copulate me get out and campaign. I guess he figured you don't have to work for it and quite frankly Donald Trump I show you going to work for you done for the past four years I we have someone like Joe Biden on the work for your boat, you can be pretty sure you do not work for you and of the United States elf we feel confident about. Look for voting in North Carolina is a must win] you have not voted go out and vote. Now get in line and in my view, not about Donald Trump the top of the thinking Republic and all the way down and in it so important to remember that 7:30 PM. You still have time to get out there, text your friends bug everybody you know because we are talking about.

We we said this every four years and nods him you know this Laura Royce L is the most consequential election about that lifetime. I think everybody knows that this time it's acts absolutely true, we see that in the early voting numbers. 100 million people already voted in the early voting in is just mind-boggling to see that kind of activity, and you mentioned Biden in your in your father-in-law did this massively over and over again in the last debate all talk, no action, but then we've seen like the Trump campaign. Nothing most people know like doorknocking and face-to-face contact in the amount a ground game for the president's campaign has shattered records tell everybody about that because I really appreciate you talking about my father-in-law's gonna work for the people he's proven that, but is proven once again just in the actual campaign cavalry holiday.

What we have done is really 100 million voter kind meaning with doorknocking and phone calls. We had doorknocking 25 million words in the United States of America enemy.

You know that the president when he is mind to something can make incredible thing happening in over the past four years it with campaign. I am leaving really, not by thinking you might remember that couple months ago they were going to knock the door them and they quickly change their mind off the Trump campaign about 25 million Dort.I don't know.

Maybe there without the now, but it might be too little too late. But I will find out.

Yeah I know sailors listen to Steve days on the blaze network is a friend of mine.

He was on the Glenn Beck earlier today talking about the insidious planning because they been trying to take this thing from your father-in-law the sense he he he won back in 2016 and let's get a giant lawyer thing let's let's rely on the press and our friends in the media and will just go try to take it after November 3, so we all need to be praying about that speak directly Laura we got of a just couple minutes left and I know that there's been a lot of fight for quarter quote suburban women speak to the suburban women across North Carolina and some of and a few other states directly as to why they should be casting their vote today for your father-in-law. Well, what about Donald Trump is really about the future of America. I had young children looking Caroline, I want my grow up great country that I got to grow up and I about parity for all the American dream optimism.

A bright future for this country and freedom and opportunity always appreciated uniquely here in the 19th of America, unlike any other country to find the entire world on the Wayne Joe Biden and Kemal Herrick are an absolute right to the United States of America. They want to implement socialist policies in the country. Things like green new deal eliminating the energy industry, open borders, defunding our belief free healthcare for illegal immigrants pay provide payers money you want to grade your I don't know who that was a great strategy on which to run, but that's what you're talking about coming out of a pandemic like that which we have never seen in modern history and are are in the entire world you want to know you have a first and then understand the economy that can bring John back. Donald Trump had done it one rebuilt our economy once he's going to do it again. He has been the one thing we want to reopen our country. We want to get people back to work going to get back to school safely going to keep you safe in your neighborhood and make sure that your family had their opportunity at the American dream Joe Biden will not 47 years in politics. He's done nothing for the American people, and Donald Trump is never been a politician of businessman, he'd always delivered on chronic going to continue to do that for the next four years.

So many great points Laura.

I really appreciate you calling in the day you guys all watching the returns in the White House tonight. I assume, or do you have some other thing you do now all be together. The White House walking family know where really be together and it all unfold. That's awesome. I got a lot of people praying for you and your whole family and praying for the nation as well. I really appreciate all that you've done and thanks for helping here North Carolina. God bless you Laura. Hopefully we'll talk again real soon.

You're welcome. Bye-bye. And that was Laura Laura Tromp and it's it's yet to watch out because I have so many times before, she spells it. Laura LA RA that's it on to different people in a drunken been like your church do I say it. Laura and I say Laura that I just Laura does. Laura is finally sure as I Laura you don't know.

I want to disrespect the daughter-in-law, the sitting president states that would not be a great idea. Anyway, that's great to hear from her.

She made some great points again like I said before, I'll just finish with this than what the break room. We come back don't hear from you. Have you got voted today. If you have what you experience what was it like what you thinking what you feeling 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Give me a call. We just have time for calls in the next segment different to talk to Hogan Gidley in the last segment of the show 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Even if you don't like the man's demeanor. Don't think about the men think about the record in the performance and actually don't think about your own emotional reaction thing about our kids and our posterity are future all of that is on the line Steve Noble will be right back to back. It will show you go vote today what life you want to hear from you that you schedule Hogan Gidley Press Secretary for the Trump campaign brilliant guy believer. He's been on a couple times the last few weeks of brilliant, well spoken openness with them in the fourth segment, but I want to finish with you right now so call and let me know what it's been like today out there voting at the polls. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH it's jump right to the phones Douglas from Winston-Salem.

Doug, thanks for calling and you go vote today. What was it like, while all the way back in early voting yes. So what was it like when you are voting. That early was it was really surprised with the turnout. It was a kind of light numbing first day of voting. I think a lot of people been chomping at the bit to get out there and vote about window well four hours. That's amazing and had never heard of that before at all. That's pretty amazing information. Doug, thanks for calling and ensure that I really appreciate it.

I let's jump over to him and is gone and from Huntersville and things were gonna neuron the Steve go right ahead. I really enjoyed what I just my luck, I noted the very first day of early voting. 15 and it felt so good, but I just wanted to say very quickly when I first you note they demand perfection for the president as a human being and God has only imperfect people.

He can deal with and work with you know, there are no perfect human and but when I first heard he was running I was aghast. Frankly, I did know that much about, but I got it. I watched interviews and I thought I found it a long time guy Crystal had no guile that you had such a burden but this country for years. If you go the in past interview is almost kinder gentler you know how many ways the bit that he'd been so you know I put down in people of you know that the left has nothing else to do but try to be found.

That's right, you know you you know he is. Then Marla you spent so much that it isn't reported and you know left media all things been stacked against them from the start he gets about 99% negative coverage in the media, but we just have to trust the Lord with this and do our part and I agrees done amazing things and it is vastly amenable to their visa from his from him and all the way back in the 80s and the 90s and regularly voiced concerns for the state of the nation in general Anna because obviously would affect his business but his eye is always cared about it and then like you said in the debate.

The reason he chose Arends because Biden, Trump, Biden and Obama got so many to dispel a get together and now I just love it right you got a record is proven and great to hear from you again as always thanks God bless my right by let's if you want to call and did you vote today. How was that for you was a crowd. It was a crazy anything strange, anything want to share just want to hear from you if you voted today just the segment number to talk to Hogan Gidley in the last segment from the Trump campaign 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 just call in and share your boating experience if you voted today voted early awesome but don't hear from you specifically be voted today. Maybe you're in line or listen in on your phone to the troop radio app or something. I don't know but if you're there if you voted today. If you get ready to go vote. Please give me a call and share that with the rest of us, 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Sherry's gone right down the road in Durham, North Carolina Sherry, go ahead and before I wasn't sure about but I went in about form anyway and that was I'm glad to. And I agree with what might yet so in 2016. You are hopeful in 2020.

You're committed because you've seen that is done what he said he was going to do, but numbing would no perfect person in the world.

I went about and I have right now, telling them a little oval this lady Mecca, and she made it with. You could hear she had a child with budgeted we vote Democrat I'm thinking okay you must be pro-abortion and you must be against having told said, and I wish people would just quit voting a lot but she right to political around the Bible.

Amen Sherry, thanks for calling. God bless you. Thanks for sharing that 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You want to call and share just like that. 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

I can take a few more calls for you to break the will talk to Hogan.

Gidley is a senior Press Secretary for the Trump campaign. Let's go to McKenzie's gone and from C Grove, North Carolina, McKenzie, go right ahead area and I went on it was really crowded on the cars were packed out that the line went mad there moving very quickly on now really bad on it to be a good turnout and I think there I think everybody think that Biden is in the league right now. That's what it showing but I think a lot of Republicans have waited until today and I think that there turnout voting. Voting today feel any different you McKenzie did it feel more weightier, did appeal, the same in the past and that well congratulations, thank you dear one, not a crowd at all on the way wasn't bad at all on the experience of waiting a long line, everyone friendly, rare. So for you McKenzie just because I teach a bunch of high school age homeschoolers civics is very hot.

So how did that make you feel voting in your first presidential election.

How did you feel about it in that whole experience going in there. The actual voting in the when you level was that like for you individually, personally, emotionally, as an American, well Howard I I'm thankful for that. And like many people don't like that right and if you don't like right, you don't really have what goes on in the government.


And I feel like it very very important for people to get out and use their weight traveling found that were living in.

We need people to come together and lead people to pray to write McKenzie. What a great call.

God bless you, thank you for sharing and congratulations on your first presidential voting that's awesome you're welcome you to and there you go a little shout out to those of you that are older than 19, which I'm guessing is most of us that haven't voted yet and she said it is a right that needs to be exercised okay because if you don't exercise your muscles, they get weak and they atrophy and when Americans aren't engaged when we are not engaged here and he is on the rise. This is a this is a one to one deal okay.

The less people are engaged, the more Tierney goes up. It's a one to one reverse correlation we the people get engaged that presses Tierney down. That was the exact design from our founding fathers that our rights are not granted to us by the government there granted to us inmate unalienable produced and delivered and guaranteed by God himself and so we institute the Constitution in order to specifically define the rules of the road and to protect us. We the people were the authority we are the authority in Romans 13 okay, we can talk about this recently submitted to the governing authorities or other governing authorities in America. What are you doing today voting. Why do we vote because we elect our leaders we send them we are the governing authorities. Okay, so you can blame Washington DC all you want, especially if you don't vote, you have no right to whine. That's what McKenzie would say if you do not vote, then you need keep your mouth closed when it comes to anything that's touched by the political arena. Does that make sense just being brutally honest with you if you don't vote, you have no right to complain about the state of the nation case whenever the politics things happening you're looking at politicians, trumpets bite, whatever the news is you gotta keep it zipped because you forfeited your right to speak into a situation that you don't care enough about to engage in canal again for me as a Christian. This is about neighbor love. That's why we engaged the school system here in wake County with called action which was going to the birthplace of the radio show we are Christian activists. We went after our wake, our local school system, wake County school system and everyone somehow the media would be like a steep out where your kids go to school like we homeschool well. Use use homeschoolers wire wired. Why would we listen to you.

Why should you have anything to do with the public school systems in homeschoolers. I'd say what you want. My constitutional answer or my biblically farewell.

Tele-vote to you my constitutional answer is because they're spending my tax dollars are my tax dollars go five all Minco number two is a Christian you know those kids in the public store that my kids are my neighbors. God called me to love them as if they were my own children. That's why having good are you engage up till 730 will be right back. Get out there and vote if you don't know to vote are still of vacillating back and go to my websites for superior North Carolina the Steve Noble show dock, claimant survived on this. Every two years for about got since about 2004, so 16 years every two years I my ode to my Chicago background because I know there's literally hundreds of people that get my list and use it to go vote thoughts me being a Chicagoan voting a couple hundred times every two years but that's a perfectly legal way to do it.

So there you go.

And that's where you study and show yourself approved if you want talk from the Bible and in and work on it so that people will begin to trust your opinion on these things. And the guy help me out and I'm happy to do so take advantage of whatever plat you may not have a radio one and the must-read on the radio show, but you have a platform okay use your platform be texting your friends calling your friends to devote to devote to development go-ahead for the sake of the nation and our posterity, and asking whether voting for going up a conversation with your north, you have till 7:30 PM okay got about a little less than three hours ready to go and I'm pretty sure Hogan Gillies can agree with me and all of that press secretary for the Trump campaign, Hogan thanks to Colin and how are you doing really well for having appreciated time. Welcome third times a charm. They say so I'm sure this will go last.

So what's not just take us a little glimpse into the your crazy life right now. On the last day of the election hopefully and what would you guys been focusing on this weekend. Especially today while we're focusing on getting out the vote. We have a turnout apparatus to the second and on no one's ever seen before. The success of what we've been able to do just in the first early voting. I think his incredible Democrats put all their eggs into the absentee ballot basket and it paid off. They did take the lead in absentee, but they always take the lead in absentee and the problem is when early voting in person started our apparatus turn folks out and completely eliminated that lead for Democrats. In fact, we know ahead in early voting in every single battleground state. That means the Democrats did not get the votes they want or the votes they need to put this thing away and if our people show up on election day.

If they stay in line actually vote then we look like were to be in really good shape but that has to happen and so you always encourage people to stay in that line to go pull your friend, your family, complete strangers, whatever it takes to go vote. We need that to happen. We can have four more years of peace and prosperity, safety, security and law and order, and for the Democrats to basically be extortionist. At this point is that if you don't vote the way we want you to burn your city to the ground I think is quite telling those states controlled by Democrats. If those cities controlled by Democrats, and have been for decades that are facing the biggest backlash and the potential for violence and riots in the streets. DC is no different as a drive around every things boarded up and let me be very clear.

No one and I mean no one is using a single screw single hammer, a single piece of plywood to board up their businesses because of trump supporters.

There's not a single person that is burning down churches attacking federal buildings smashing in storefront and stealing merchandise or attacking innocent Americans physically in the street with a maggot hat on. Not one. These are all Biden supporters. That's why Joe Biden will call out BLM by Naomi will call it in people by name and he won't call out to defund the police movement by name because he knows they are there supporters of the Republican that to get out and vote today on those wanted to make sure that we take this country to new highs. What a great way of looking at that and I was just thinking as you are unpacking that you know as conservatives. I said this on the air for a while nuts conservatives when things don't go our way. We pray we trust God we trust the Lord and we still and then we vote.

But what we've seen all this year when things don't go the your way and you don't like the country the way it is and you want to do in America.

2.0 that looks a lot more like Venezuela than what our founding fathers that then you see all that kind of violence. Not that everybody that's going to a black lives matter protest is that person, but it certainly turned into that to a large degree, and at such a powerful point to remind everybody about. So what is up as an experienced media expert Hogan I was talking to us. Steve base about this. What what what what should we be anticipating day in terms of the left media narrative trying to manipulate conservatives not go vote that that what's gonna happen or how are they going to try to mislead us over the next several hours. First things first on the road to issue 20 thing about the protests. Protests and peacefully they don't evolve in the lawlessness so they can't push that narrative. Even the roots are going to try to they were Democrats are going to go. They've already cut television ads to employ the idea that all red mirages occurring today, that all the sudden voters are voting into roles like numbers we've never seen before in person there to say it's all fake that you have to count diesel of these ballots even if there past the due date, even if they don't have the proper signatures even if they can't be verified.

You have to count him.

That's what Democrats are going to do and remember Democrats always accuse Republicans of doing things they themselves are guilty of actually doing so. They said they'll drop one to move the election.

For example, Democrats who sued in 18 states to make sure that votes could be counted after November 3. Now that is moving the date of the election. I don't know what is. And so we are prepared for today is the complete and total meltdown of the left and the legal challenges and fights that will occur after thankfully so many of these fights occurred in the last several weeks we've been battling these back in many of the state so that the election can be free and that it can be fair that he will votes can count in the ones who actually know The ballot get their vote. Put put in the place they wanted it to be put in in the first place. So this is what were prayer for tonight start to shift the narrative and say you know that that Donald Trump doesn't want vote counted. That's not true. We want everyone vote counted, but we want the one counted that are supposed to be counted, not the ones that are illegal.

That's a great point about all this and saying this for a while as well listen you. You have a personal responsibility doing exercise your right to vote, then you do it and by in accordance with the rules and get your vote on. Well, I was elites worked like a kid in six grade that is dogged his homework or whatever know that's on you and you messed that up in the land of America that's on you.

Don't blame anybody else. You don't blame the president you'll blame the press that's on you but yeah I'm fearful that that's exactly what they're going to be doing what want what one or two states should we really be paying attention tonight.

I feel like all other battleground states to Florida to Pennsylvania is the Wisconsin Michigan Arizona Nevada Minnesota North Carolina.

Of course if I didn't it already and Iowa. I think those are some bellwethers and you start to see a lot of movement toward our message and our our candidate after that. After that last debate when Joe Biden said two major things that he was to shut down the country again 75% of people say they cannot work exclusively from home that would ruin American lives and also that he want to destroy the oil and gas industry that's 19 million jobs in this country is $7 trillion into our economy, I mean those two things right there scare a lot of folks who know a lot of people who are no employed by those organizations. Yet such a great point.

So as as we work through the night tonight and him to be with Arlington. The governor here North Carolina. The dam forces done a lot of things with some of the trump events here North Carolina and I were to be looking at the screen or to be watching over us and keep praying. So Hogan will tell us what how should we be praying in the selection tonight as Christians what you what what would you suggest are appropriate point feel like paper. Pray for a peaceful night that people are upset they don't they don't suppress that anger through violence pray for de-escalation be with them brave men and women of law enforcement who are going to be in the front lines of this this situation where you give them the calm, levelheaded, needed to to protect innocent Americans and to to try and reason with folks who were getting out of hand and just pray for the fabric of the nation pray for our leaders at every level that they don't let politics be the order of the day, but instead, peace be the order of the day and in that they can rely on the fact that this country is the greatest country on the face the earth and we have systems in place to make sure no violence doesn't happen. We have documents in place governing our country that allow for peaceful transfers of power those of the ways I would pray tonight sure done it already. Only to keep doing it I think is and if our listeners get over your listers. I guess someone here to but it is if they can hear you the. The inner peace of God that passes all understanding that we need to know you we we we want to make sure this country is is protected and in the folks who have looked out for Israel. For example, like present trump are exalted and that the American people come around the fact that we can we can absolutely God's hand continue to prop up and get out of this coronavirus and and help all of the American people succeed regardless of race, religion, color and creed. That's like Hogan think so.

Answer: it's great to have you on hope we get to talk to again real soon and maybe I'll meet you at the inaugural in January that people would love that. Thanks so much my brother thank I bless you.

Talk to but I think that was Hogan Gidley press secretary for the drum campaign and end when my friends on Facebook. As I got of the government known more openly faithful. The ministration of my life and I agree with that.

Even even Babar Atty. Gen. Babar. Mostly I like is a couple things I don't like but you know he's he's up. He's a member of the Catholic faith, but he is rocksolid he communicates from an excellent biblical perspective and of course my Penske Mac and Amy Hogan Gidley.

He would just talk to you. It's really amazing and we need to be thankful to the Lord for that. And believe me, all of that is having an impact on the sitting president United States dear heavenly father just on Hogan's point review. Pray for peace.

We pray for our law enforcement officials learned that they will be levelheaded tonight. Things start to break loose and we pray against that spirit of dissension and hatred more that's been running rampant out in our country for months now against that. Pray for peace. We pray Lord we trust your hand in all of this, we turn our lives over to you.

We in fact turn our entire country over you and trust you are willing your way. We ask all that Jesus okay this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall, God willing. I talked again real soon will be back tomorrow. Who knows what you like like my dad always used to say work ever for

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