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Tomorrow is THE DAY!

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November 2, 2020 4:19 pm

Tomorrow is THE DAY!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 2, 2020 4:19 pm

Tomorrow is THE DAY!

Today on the show Steve Deace from The Blaze joins Steve for an expert analysis of the outcome of the election.  Hear Steve’s interview with Charlie Kirk from Sunday about the kids of America and the embrace of Socialism. 


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Wake up everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth sacred down call Steve now 643 866-34-TRUTH or checking out Now here's your host noble. I cannot you hunker down in your prayer closet praying to the Lord that wake up sometime after midnight on November 4 or fifth or sixth or whatever. Or maybe were looking at another Bush Gore 2000 and you're wondering what that what can happen with any County. Or maybe you're just praising the Lord that any County.

There either way whether you like it or not.

And now, regardless of which way it goes tomorrow. It's coming and I got still on the throne.

So let's all make sure we remember that as followers of Jesus Christ the world can throw us all kinds of curveballs, but it cannot throw any curveballs at the Lord so it's important to remember that, but obviously a huge election. Certainly the biggest in my lifetime I would call it an existential threat to the very existence and future of the United States of America.

But that's just my opinion but we're going to go through it that with one of the best analysts out there who also is a brother in Christ, our good friend Steve days from the blaze Monday through Friday 1:48 PM, right after Glenn back. Steve how you doing man it's a big day tomorrow how you feeling yet obviously it is a big day the Lord is on the throne. So the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Either way, exactly right. Amen. And I think we need to keep reminding ourselves so you know you've obviously doing a ton of work on this and I appreciate all that effort in your analysis and everything that you bring to the table been huge blessing to me personally as well as his audience, but I know were looking at how many states would you say are really kind of the cream of the crop. The top of the heap that we really have to pay attention to and really from a Christian perspective and will talk about this before were done today be a kind of prey into but what states do you think of the biggest things that we need to keep her eyes on in the next 24 to 36 hours. I would pray that we get it right Winter without leaving Pennsylvania. I think that Pennsylvania my audience last week and people told me I was nuts.

But often the first time I say something they tell me I'm not your further development staff and the like, and I am getting a Florida 2005 from Pennsylvania for a while in your 20 years ago, we still like each other as a country by Rachel Maddow and Tucker Carlson.

Could you get up together on MSNBC 20 years ago. Our schools were closed. We still want to football games and stuff together. Everything was an politicized 20 years ago and remember how stressful that experience what now look at how divided and polarized. We are the people now and and I really feel like it pushes over the brink and that I think is the main prayer that we get a decisive winner without needing Pennsylvania that states MS if governor is a joke. His cabinet dominated his health director. Frankly, mentally ill, what gender he is AG has probably disqualified himself from legal proceedings. If it ends up in the court that state is just negated disaster and let's hope it's not required for one candidate to get over 270 electoral College? Read a couple things earlier today pointing to the possibility that neither wine, at least by the time will go to bed the night tomorrow night if we do to get to 270. So what would be the path. Steve from urinalysis if it Pennsylvania. Let's just give Pennsylvania to Biden what would be a path for Trump to be able to get to remain in the White House. I think the big news that emerged from the early voting that there is more that there are multiple paths for Donald Trump to get the 270 and I would not let that a few days ago. The early voting is not gone well Democrat they're not running up the margins that they need not know Republicans because of the massive amount, me Texas for example is already exceeded hundred percent of the 2015 electorate total in early voting alone so both sides are cannibalizing their voters to some degree, but Republicans always vote more on election day, particularly in a nonpandemic year end and I begin wondering if you know how much company boaters can Democrats really count on tomorrow. Given how scared they have skipped, how much they scare there like staying in their homes.

I know a buddy of mine does Republican canvassing all over the country like we don't even run into Democratic canvassers in the suburbs were trying to sway these women because they think they think it's not safe to go out. So III wonder what it happened if they had exceeded and stifling their own vote and then I also am fascinated by what could happen with the black vote tomorrow because traditionally, it's not about building block that goes really not voting early in the numbers working and it's traditionally you know garnered on game day with the big organizational effort.

Democrats don't have background different this time. You've seen Trump reach out to black voters on their terms. Reagan welcoming in a Shelby Steele alert, solar George W. Bush welcoming it: power Clarence Thomas for George W. Bush. I need meeting that men that were black. When he assumed a certain ideological credential. They were welcome to the GOP hierarchy is reaching them where they're at getting luminaries that are pop culture icons in that subculture to support him. I have no idea what how much that moves the needle for their voters. I don't know but I do know that they don't have the operation on the ground. They traditionally have in predominantly black areas turn out and they're going to need it to happen more organically than they have in the past and are up against a Republican who is more earnestly reaching out to their voting block than probably any Republican has you know since I I would say you know that Democrats taking control of the black vote in 1960. That's a long it's been. I would say I'm not just reaching out to them, but you have to deal with the fact that several of his policies and positions and activity over the past almost 4 years, has delivered a lot of things to the African-American community to the black motor that we simply haven't seen before, especially not even from Democrats. And I think that that matters. I think we are going to see is a historic number tomorrow for African-Americans for Trump and Nick of reminds me of what he said early on part my friends what the hell do you have to lose, and my perspective it might when Richard Nixon had the endorsement of Jackie Robinson, and that would be election were the migration from from a black voters, Republican or Democrat was complete. It's been since 1960 there is any Republican is even got 50 does remarkable John Steve John Holtz even talking to Steve days hi just drop them even better for having a little issue in the studio drop instead of hold lose your guests will get feedback on the phone and this is the snowboarding accident talk and have a look at some of these other states pray about Pennsylvania. See Melvin for the election. After we got to see Dave lay me 12 PM Eastern time. You don't follow twitter or on Facebook or parlor, you need to do that. Just one of the great sources that we have out there. One of the best in my opinion, and also not just because he brought his brother in Christ, so make sure you do that and take advantage of that situation as we move through tomorrow and in the future and hopefully we won't have some long drawn out battle so we need to be praying about that because that deftly could happen, especially in Pennsylvania.

So let's remember that after the bomb and they are going to talk to Adele Falwell, his Christian brothers been just an exemplary North Carolina state treasurer saved us here in North Carolina over $1 billion doing a great job. He's in a tough fight. Dems don't like people that are responsible with money and then in the fourth segment of the show. I sat down with Charlie Kirk yesterday at a church here locally and did a quick interview with him so will hear from Charlie specially talk about millennial's and out why so many of our sons and daughters are kind of pushing the left, let's continue our conversation with Steve. Sorry about that Steve Albert.thanks for being with us so we talk about Pennsylvania were looking around the country and whatever states like Florida, it's interesting look at Florida you've got them Latino vote, which seems to be searching for Donald Trump on the heels what we're talking about with the black belt vote and even there in Miami-Dade is just such an interesting season. So what other states do we really need to be focusing on and then I'll ask about forward on your opinion of Trump's first first term and and what should we be doing with what this guy looking in the future thing in the early voting. I think Donald 31 Florida 41 Ohio may have already won Arizona, meaning that there's not enough margin of paint in boats, for Democrats to overcome what's going to happen to them tomorrow since the post reconstruction. The two parties that we have now. That stuff since 1880, only one candidate has ever won both Ohio and Florida had not won the presidency was Richard Nixon in 1960, and what is considered the most contested, maybe questionable election we had in that era until the Florida recount so when both the state states that the trend what's going to happen with the rest of the country. I would keep an eye on the Rust Belt. If I were a Democrat I looked at those numbers and Minnesota, Wisconsin, in Michigan, I would be very, very concerned. I'd be very concerned that we don't have anywhere near the margin that we need.

Going into tomorrow with the early boat that lead that we built up.

If I'm a Democrat I might actually feel better about your state than I do.

Nevada and I don't know that I feel great about your state, but I might think I've got. Given how high the turnout with your early voting is, and it's a highly suburban state and that's one catering the most I might think that's my best chance for a pickup from from 2020 other than Pennsylvania in 2016 but then I be worried about losing the battle on the backend. Remember trouble he lost that state by about a point and 1/2 right to point that should say back in 2016 in their early voting leave there for Democrats is absolutely no negligible, so I think there's multiple paths, there's always been multiple paths provide to get to 270 were now seeing that there's multiple paths emerging for Trump to get to 270 as well so I think I think keep an eye on those Rust Belt states other than Pennsylvania to see how well Trump performs there to watch a mean enthusiasm lies the first time we see Joe Biden go out and do anything outside for more than one shot in the week but it's really amazing and I wanted to ask you, do you think this amounts to anything.

This momentum that Trump is build up, especially coming out of the last debate in the size of these rallies in the enthusiasm and the number of them that can't. From my perspective.

Can't mean nothing something for you to say well it's anecdotal but how do you read that in terms of actual votes because I think a lot of those people are pushing into. I've said this for months. Steve you listen for us as conservatives, we don't go out loot and burn. We stew and then we vote and so the big right hand punch for a lot of conservatives is coming tomorrow when they're going to go out and vote with a whole lot of vigor and I think that for my perspective it's kind of what were seeing behind a lot of these rallies and their massive sizes. Anything like what we have seen these last days ever. I don't even know how to quantify and one of two things when you when you when you combine what were seeing with the early voting data. There's one of two narratives here either a mass of voters is wants to use Donald Trump is a singularly repulsive individual and they are arising in order to take him out or you're staying that Donald Trump is managed to do something that a lot of conservatives with a challenge of Republican establishment pictured in the primaries are able to do.

They don't have the money for the presence could not and will not will turn out election hi turnout election.

The other way around. I've seen it in the Iowa caucuses, the higher the turnout for new voters. Mike Huckabee brought to the polls in 2008 new voters but Ted Cruz and Donald Trump brought to the polls in 2016 and so what were so made he also had is that Donald Trump has found a way to break the fourth wall here to shatter the Overton window to find out a lot a lot of the kind of people that it kinda given up on the system or don't pay attention.

I don't vote and is managed with with his message to mobilize them to the boat in ways that are going to define the polls.

Sort of an American break that I guess is the best way I would frame it, because this would be far more defiance of the polls and we even saw in 2016 frankly would be on par with Harry Truman in 1948 when polling was in its infancy and and what happened there is black people were cold.

The country was far more racist and segregationist back then and Harry Truman actually won the black vote for the first time because he desegregated the military and posters never saw it coming.

If that's what he thought he was going to get creamed by Thomas Dewey and that's how we ended up winning. He found a new voting block and I'm wondering if these crowds indicate that that you don't have a silent majority when you win free states by 70,000 that's right that's willing seven at the craps table on your last check.

Right there is with that politically that's what for Providence to look at it but these kinds of crowds were seeing now that either people that were already all for him or even more for him than ever before, or you're seeing a new movement form their yeah that's fascinating about this. And then we talked about this one or two times before when you are on the cell is looking at while all the posters are now part of the cabal.

I think that the answer that is now, but I think they just haven't figured out a way to pull and identify and and get on top of this developing new political class that's that Trump yeah oh course they don't and because then I can do anything to feed that I just got a pool. Donald Trump is 39% of the popular vote monkeys or get a flyer to my but before that happened you you have you. You don't. They don't just suddenly, nothing like an intentional style that is exactly right.

Okay, we have one minute left your your perspective on Donald Trump. I voted for him last week. I know you're either voted former will vote for. But what your perspective. Should we reelect this guy and why got about 45 seconds I think my vote four years ago we did have a record so I thought his character concerns were not worth the risk. But not even actually govern. And I think he is record is more than worth being retained especially in light of what the other side is open, that they want to do to the future of the country.

Yeah, I mentioned Charlie Kirk earlier. He is this line.

I don't know. Couple months ago when he said that Donald Trump is the The Bodyguard of Western civilization before I was like I don't know that I want to get down from that kind of mantra and effectiveness in policy. I actually think I agree with that. If nothing else standing between you and all, but a great point.

I Steve, I'll be praying for you night and I got a long day tomorrow. Thanks for all your work. I bless you brother thanks talk soon I will be right back right now. By the way that this email to Phil Hayes and will join us there and received a switch of given us some hope give you some hope. If you're conservative and and but for me as a believer being in the conservative camp pretty much only option I have from all my theological study and thinking through this and being involved in politics the last roughly 20 years is just right and up. So let me ask you this little a little trivia question. Let's say you're conservative you're a follower of Jesus Christ. You happen to have a position in a great state where your North Carolina Treas. and you're doing such a good job that you're able to save your state over $1 billion what what do you think your average Democrat pollster Democrats cabal addition Democrat machine worker inside the political machine what you think.

They think of you.

You're good at saving money you're willing to work strongly on a budget in your conservative and throat throat Christian and there just for fun. What you get. You get exactly what Mr. Dale Falwell has been going through our great and see treasurer here in the great state of North Carolina.

Dale, thanks for calling in brother how are you I'm doing right. But right there with you and share the news on you know I love always to help young people. I think God possibly made everyone in this world better at something not never better than anyone else in the I'm trying to be the best they treasurer North Carolina history making money and saving money for future troopers and taxpayers like them.

Amen so so why deal do you think there's been obviously is a lot of money in the race is not money races all over North Carolina North.

Gone is one of the epicenter states now but what is it about your performance and in your position is not going to treasurer that's drawn so much fire from the left. Well, I'm very for every newspaper group in North Carolina and as well as the always Association troopers paramedic Carol replaced police benevolent confessional firefighters you currently do you know the shoulder room of the Charlotte Post which is African-American newspaper in Charlotte and Durham.

Their headline two weeks ago we endorsed every statewide Democrat, with one exception.

I will one exception, but called no black-and-white money at the treasurer's office is all green.

So I got to hear you speak recently at a little gathering in Raleigh. I think you there Dale I was the some some conservative Afton Americans and encourages people for drives you, I mean that people people go up and down the ballot. No go owners going to treasurer.

I assume that that important job, but for you personally what what drives you in this arena of public service. Well what drives the blood that runs through me Quaker and I want to fight the Quaker religion is very just, and what drives me is the opportunity every day for the public purse remains the 26th largest pool of public money are world eight, Florida in the state. But what drives me the opportunity to be loyal and to be fair and just such a it's just so refreshing Dale to hear he's got answers one of our elected officials. Let what you learned in particular in this election cycle, just from being out there traveling and talking to North Carolinians. What you learned. Maybe even something that was new about the great people of North Carolina because it or obviously in a very difficult season from COBIT and everything else but what what's it been like for you to travel to state your fellow citizens as a person who would help a lot of care nearly 6 days with COBIT at the end of March when no wonder much about the can tell you that very much like what Mohammed Ali you don't count the days you make every day count and you have learned is that people with COBIT night train economically or facing the highest level job help in our educational insecurity and uncertainty, and I really don't overturn what political party or member of somebody who will fall their problem about my reputation with pack problems and not people. And that's how we been able billion dollars out of the treasurer's office and just for your yeah that's the beauty of the field seeing a rising tide lifts all boats in.

It certainly doesn't see just got there to serve the best interest of your common citizen especially with what you do do Dale that's can affect everybody positively and obviously with the endorsements.

That's the name of the game. I wish we had more politicians and more politics. I was like that, but we don't feel like you said money isn't it's in black and white screen and we all know that and I think when you see those types of results. In the last message you want to share with the people in North Carolina before we finish up. Well, I appreciate your support and rewire what drives me you were to describe in the fact that I have for my love.

Look forward to every day, and that's quite enough grinning one individual. Amen. What a great way to finish Dale God bless you, thank you for your great service to the state. Thank you for your service to the Lord. We presage: today we look forward to seeing you continue in that position. I thank you for having me welcome talking. Less is that was refreshing. Whether that's a word that's coming to my mind that was refreshing. So that's pretty awesome right so yesterday will get to this when I come back after the break yesterday and then I want to pray with you guys on air. Usually we pray at the end of the show with just the folks on Facebook.

Why this time to pray on air tomorrow at the end of the show today will spend just not too long minute, minute, half whatever the last minute and half the show in the four segment and will pray together okay working pray into the selection will pray about the Pennsylvania steep text to me that last week is like I just keep getting this Florida vibe from Pennsylvania meaning Florida from 2000, but way worse. Like you said earlier, like Steve, they said earlier the axis countries, the divine is deeper and wider, nastier than it's ever been really since probably go back to the Civil War that were at and to see all the cities boarding up windows in DC the boarding up windows like crazy like you got a category 10 storm come in and see there's no such thing as a category yet not yet, but that's what's going on out there and and but we need to pray and that so if you're if you been laboring in prayer of this great if you haven't yet, we all need to be laboring in prayer for peace for clarity for the results to be overwhelming tomorrow night. I've said it before, you know, I'm praying in terms of who I want to win.

It's the guy that Artie occupies the office and so on. Praying in the bottom also just praying for the peace of the nation. Okay, I think there's some chances here. If Trump wins and wins handily that there will be demonstrations and Charlie Kirk was at the church were attending here in Raleigh. RP church pastor Jack Harvey's been on before Charlie Kirk was there with my friend Pastor Rob McCoy has also been on the show before and Rob McCoy is one of the pastors on California that defied governments mandate their edict and said hey you know most Christians are missed reading Romans 13 to submit to the governing authority in America is the governing authority well from a theological perspective it's got right was that after that what the present wrong if the Congress wrong.

If the Constitution you're even wrong. There know it is it's three words we the people. There's your there's your governing authority. We the people are elected officials have no authority unless we give it to them and I've never heard anybody really unpack Romans 13 and Charlie Kirk and Pastor Rob McCoy got to know each other about a year and half ago and now there traveling all over the place and saw him again last night, I drove down Asheboro with my son and his girlfriend to hear him again and so I did a brief interview with Charlie so about five minutes long, and I wanted to talk to him specifically about going what's going on with our young people cake as he a lot of young people 30 and under pushing left.

They don't have much of an understanding history. We haven't done a great job of teaching them and they are inundated all the time and date it all the time with a left word publish all the up and down social media all throughout middle school elementary school, middle school, high school, college, Masters degree postdoc all that stuff okay and there inundated and they just haven't been engaged well enough with the truth so I talked to Charlie about that before they had a chance to go up on stage at church and so were to play that little interview is about five and its longing to come back from the break and then ABC News or Nightline. One of them was there at the church and that's going to come out either tonight or tomorrow and I will seal depending on how they edited it.

My guess is it'll come out tomorrow night trying to paint you Christians know people like me people like you Bible believing conservatives who want the ability to make decisions for themselves, like where mass don't wear a mask give me an opportunity to love our neighbor but they were there yesterday and pretty much I would expect given the source that even though there were wonderful things said yesterday, this wonderful people all over the place.

Taking care of this.

The news crew and everybody else there, but speaking the truth but we know that most if not all of the people on the left, especially the media don't hear that stuff to them. That's just crazy backward Bible thumping God loving gun carrying deplorable scumbag freaks and they actually believe this is the same thing that happens when you're out an abortion clinic on a Saturday okay, you're looking at all the volunteers and they're looking at you, you know the enemy is by the leaders of the volunteers you know what's happening there, but the volunteers look across the street you you pro-life Christian and they absolutely see the enemy your hateful condescending your judgmental, you have no heart.

You know love you have no empathy you understand your all about the patriarchy. That's what they see. And that's exactly what happens when especially people of the book and gave left the circle media as they see you as the absolute all will pray about that to because RFA church loving place to preach the word of God.

He's unafraid of his congregation and most people to like that as he steps on your toes get over that part of the deal with the truth of all this is the noble will be our best to see what you will grace be with you today.

C- one day. Now I now remember what happened tomorrow when we go through the day and polls close at 7 PM local time. Pretty much all across the country so 7 PM Eastern time. Then central Van Mountain, then Pacific can still watch the left media on social media and regular media, CNN, MSNBC, all that ABC, NBC, CBS, watch them because they push a story that develops on the East Coast in order to try to impact voter turnout on the West Coast so any bad news they can share it all about Trump tomorrow to push that as early as they can to try to depress voter turnout for Trump.

As you push, Wes. That's just the way the game is played okay and then they're all in a tizzy to try to start calling states as soon as possible like Steve like Steve they said earlier, he's got a very bad feeling about Pennsylvania's Steve days is one of the best political analysts out there up in Iowa so he's been at the epicenter of all that for years and I believe her fellow fellow Christian full of the Holy Spirit.

So when Steve days tends to say something, I tend to pay attention and that's what he sets over to brand that Pennsylvania mass before we finish the show today will pray in general over the election tomorrow. Just keep praying. If you haven't voted yet don't vote. Go vote tomorrow most for their turnout is for Republicans and conservatives on voted like to get in there. That's because because like for me knocking a riot not dilute. I can go to step down vote this to vote okay so if you if you like my vote doesn't count. Yes it does it comes to God.

So what do you think it factors it but remember Trump one last year at 333 incredible states by like like 80,000 votes.

Your vote matters mathematically, but even more so, it matters to the Lord because that vote since you live here in America is a talent and he wants to know what you doing with the talent. Are you getting out there trying to at least being faithful and trying to impact the lives of pretty much all your neighbors by your vote or do you say my vote doesn't counter this account which means you don't really you're not willing to go out of your way.

Take a little time stand in the line.

Whatever. In order to do something to try to help your neighbors. In other words, you look at the side. The guide side roads been bloodied and beaten, which is what I country is and you just decide my effort will help anyway and you walk on by, don't do that please don't do that. Go vote tomorrow and don't vote your values both biblical values.

Okay, sat down for about five minutes yesterday with Charlie Kirk he was here in Raleigh. Brilliant young man turning point USA only 27 years of age in a believer full of the Holy Spirit, and I wanted to talk to a little bit about okay Charlie got all these younger people that are push and left. What's the deal that I was going to the general topic that we are talking about, but let's play that clip is about five minutes long with me with Charlie Kirk yesterday concerning 54 tons of Christian parents with kids in their late teens and early 20s are finding themselves in a relationship with somebody politically and culturally, that starting so why do you think that happening in from your perspective. Obviously that wasn't your trip to been solidly conservative, which also flows out of your faith but letting this happen. What's your advice. As a young person is millennial to parents that are dealing with yet so I mean it's happening for a variety reasons.

The left and the sexual of the control most every institution in the country eventful.

What our kids watch on TV what they consume on smart phones books that they read the people they look up to the schools they go to. It's actually rather incredible that conservatives still have any sort of grasp on culture is actually unbelievable action.

It just goes to show that we do have truth we control nothing. What do we control to control the majority of churches in and with that were still competing, which is also not just goes to show we got to get our message out better as the first reason the second reason is that I think that conservatives generally poor job of communicating those ideas and values over pan. I don't think that younger population is actually much more in a position to desire truth that we give them credit for my experiences. They don't want you to water down the message.

Some different, some people might be instantaneously taken back by a conservative belief that's that's up to them to us. And finally, what to do about it just redressed very early appearance is just no different than when you see a kid that is straying from the face of you start seeing liberalism. You write on aggressively and directly to you know when you are talking about let's walk through this for this weekend. Let's walk through what our country is what's a constitutional republic and talk about the good and the better part of our history, but you can know. I get hundreds of thousands of emails in your parents have lost my kid I know what happened and it breaks my heart. You use the word talk couple times word conversation and I think that's one of our problems is were in a deep and wide divide, even in our own families where the social media saturated world so we just got a lot of things across the island each other don't have much conversation I found I teach high school homeschoolers every years to semester Constitution course on subscription scores. If you actually engage in conversation, because like you said we have the truth on our side and our positions make sense is not an emotional thing actually works.

It makes it so have you found because this is a lot of videos you got me on the street thing right on campus and engaging people. I assume you found some really great success. If you can actually have a conversation with one of their main goals is to abolish dialogue and Aristotle said we are the speaking beings for a reason, because that's what differentiates us from the beasts of the wild has to have a conversation or have dialogue to have some form of dialectic have to recognize is that speech you remove the conversation you're going to have force. Eventually there is no mentor.

There's really no middle stuff and were as close to them.

As you can possibly right now and so you be the country that were heading towards right now is a generation where they never actually looked a conservative in the city. Think about us. We liberals in the ice. That's the thing is that it is impossible for a young conservative absent super conservative states and homeschooling go to their fair share of liberals when I go to college campus. Do whatever and I need young conservatives. They know all the left-wing arguments standing or triggered writers and philosophers when I go to young liberals I know nothing about stereotypes you which is great because I look at that as I know your preconceived notion of me and I can easily just kind. But here's the interesting thing is that Christians the church they say have gone they have a preconceived notion of politics and that's what it is a vague actually don't know what politics is the think it's this corrupt messy thing. All that's true.

I could name 10 churches right now that are more corrupt than our government that have been exposed.

The last I won't, but this idea that only politics is corrupt is nonsense is where we live, and unfortunately after I agree pointed to hear that the left wants abolish what did you catch that class with the left wants to abolish dialogue and you abolish dialogue by abolishing speech you remove speech and eventually right behind it.

You get Tierney in force i.e. Twitter, Google, Facebook and Instagram, you name it. Censoring shadow banning yada yet we can't because somewhere in that mix somewhere in the mix. The left knows that our arguments are convincing. So you have to make sure arguments don't even happen.

So I did the Frankfurt school. They figure this out years ago. Especially in the educational realm, then don't let them be exposed to conservative politics. Don't let them be exposed, especially date more dangerously to work.

Christianity informs good politics for Christianity informs good politics and it does up and down the road.

Don't do that because then you can't control them because then they are set free right free to think free to live according to the dictates of their creator so that the shutdown speech wasn't exactly what you're doing because you can actually get into conversations with younger people, you'll actually find that you can make some progress, but we don't do it. And because we raise them in the church they go to youth group and all I kind of stuff we go to church and maybe go to Christian school enemies, and we find no it isn't, and Charlie mentioned this and another thing, yesterday, that we have to remember that they are being inundated with pretty much a godless left driven message top to bottom and side to side throughout social media and education all over the place. Music entertainment arts and what they're watching on tick-tock and twitter and the ads that they're seeing also pushing them all in a certain direction. That's the spiritual darkness of the whole thing is well to remember when you're stewing when you're marinating in all the stuff we should be shocked. We end up smelling like tasting like whatever were marinating okay. Just remember that Charlie talk about. They want to about abolish dialogue, which means we need to continue to work to have dialogue and with self-control with love and compassion and patience. Horizons were W don't understand anything. We start by putting them in their place, so to speak. I we just did that whole little deeper and a little wider. Let's play. Let's pray and then I will be done if I got me thinking for this day like Steve Davis was encouraging us our roots to pray specifically about this election in the next 24 hours, 36, 30 hours whatever it is Lord in the state of Pennsylvania where there are people out of control that are in charge is all kinds of voter problems their Lord and in the laws that are been changes just right for injustice. It's right for fraud is right for crime.

So we pray for truth and justice prevail. We pray that you would extinguish the fiery darts of the enemy that you would found his schemes and that we would see a big enough vote tomorrow in Pennsylvania that I would make all the uncounted votes irrelevant. We pray that would be true across the nation. Lord, we pray against the unrest that will most likely come. Pray for peace. Help us to continue to be in prayer and for those of us who are they having voted just disrupt our peace going to go to sleep the night and wake up tomorrow and get away with word push us for those of us in the body that have not voted to go both with Jesus. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall, God willing, I'll talk to you again tomorrow and like my dad always used to say so important right now.

Ever for

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