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Evangelicals for Trump

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 23, 2020 1:22 pm

Evangelicals for Trump

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 23, 2020 1:22 pm

Evangelicals for Trump

Today Steve goes live from the Evangelicals for Trump Event at RFA.  In the first segment, Steve is joined by Erik Trump to talk about the Event and the current campaign.  Steve is also joined by Steve Cortes, the Senior Advisor of the Trump Campaign,  to discuss the Debate and what it means for the future.  


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Everyone is time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. We are live from our church airline rates are you from prayer and patriotism with one of the presidents children for children even though there's no child anymore, but he is a child of the present, so that counts right. I think I can go with that title, but he's on his way back to the airport. Eric Trump thinks the economy and how are you.

I was going out Political doctor it absolutely beautiful job is pretty is pretty exciting. And the nice thing about being in a church like this is first of all it's open in a North Carolina that is a rare thing indeed. Because our leftist governors shut everything down and never saw the church is essential. Although he saw abortion clinics is essential. So tell me about your involvement with these evangelical for trump rallies because you know there is a huge one obviously the other night here, North Carolina 30,000 people plus for your dad, but these ones are little bit different because you know that, but fully embraced on the faith side with praise and worship so it's it what's it like to be at one of these rallies yeah will work I've done a lot of North Carolina LOL a lot of them all over the country and the country under attack. There's no question about it. Give the Democratic radical left party on it and pulled upward under God and Legion Christianity every day. Faith and believe you will kind of getting into the trap, you have a liquor store is open but it will allow people work at church and you know the far left parties against the nuclear country and you know they bragged that the I don't understand it and then we need a lot more faith in the country, we need a lot more in God and country we love our family and country and you know that there is a war out there on it. I don't think of their work in the father what he did with the document meant what he did with so many other think I can religious liberty. I'm incredibly proud of people. People country, yet they realized it and are appreciative of it and even signing the Executive Order making the church is essential you know to cut about governors not like what you have in our Carolina that literally wanted to do the exact out and mom really proud of him and I can tell you the reception you thought unbelievable love never been so much love I mean that that gets great yeah and you mentioned that Eric while you're here speaking at him and earthy church in Raleigh, North Carolina run the phone with Eric Trump's and you mention it while you're here.

Especially, we heard that recent rallies I don't I've never heard it on a little bit older than you have never heard it at a rally political rally for president but yells dear to 2030 40,000 people chanting.

I love you but that's the depth of the bond that's happened between your dad and a lot of conservatives.

Most conservatives and a lot of evangelicals if not most, and it's really it's I don't think any actor to have that kind of relationship back in 2015 and 2016, but based on what your dad's done. That's certainly why it exists today. You know nearly a lot of you know rowdy rally. They were a lot of fun yet can't build the wall.

Another thing there fun and entertaining and it you know.

And honestly when when you your 30,000 people chanting.

I love you needed that and I mean it more love in the country right now before you turn on EDU never mean that you never ever know it but when you see hundreds and hundreds of people on a Friday or early afternoon coming out with their children to go to a church surrogate of the present beacon hundreds and hundreds of people and it dressed up wearing make America great happen.

Beloved nation. People love the red white and blue. They love our national anthem. They love our Pledge of Allegiance to level the country and for that love our Constitution.

They love God and they love, faith, and they love the Second Amendment.

They love what this country has always stood for and if you radical left party to want to change that they want to get rid of faith society they want, you know, increase taxes by $4 trillion. They want socialized healthcare iMac go down list them in their willing to Law enforcement officers. There's only a three so on and so forth to me last night. On the other hand, and for one the greatest military and wanting the best law enforcement wanting a society school choice and the best educational for them and them you know the lowest unemployment. You know, literally criminal justice reform and peace in the Middle East dimensions this morning, they'd be the third key feel that they've done in the last three weeks. Delete to Dannon the UAE and it's beautiful and look at look at the Amber team the embassy moving to Jerusalem and and an ally may locally done with religious liberty across the board. If people are super appreciative of that. And that's why you have yet it was like last night in the debate when they went back to closing question about what you do if you win in talking about unity in your dad made an incredible point that success for the country is one of the best things that unifies us because a rising tide lifts all boats. We saw that with what happened with the unemployment rate with people of color with whether it's African-Americans or Asians or Hispanics and wages coming up. That's what's good for America is one of America's more healthy and I am hopeful that working to get back to that we you know we got about a minute and 1/2 left. Eric and I gotta get going, but speaks specifically. Most of our audiences across North Carolina speak to us as North Carolinians in terms of getting out between now and November 3 and supporting your dad looking out North Carolina can be no probably most important date in the concrete terms of the boat. It is absolutely critical is always very very close to them state that I care about Amanda my daughter after North Carolina Carolina and the white from a rightful beat the state. We love that whatever vacation down here outside of my home and it is time for us to look. We love it and will never let airline downloads preserve religious liberty in a low type of economy know it's like a flag in your old bike and people now kneeling for the anthem in them. Again, the war, the were were in right now you know there's nothing a politician is ever sacrificed much of his life would be exponentially better expense.

You better having not done you. I really believe saving this country, that's for sure. That's what we don't want really quick. Hopefully pray for you and your family will pray and pray a lot because their prayers and thoughts on the bright amen Eric Trump got bless you brother back and see the noble of the Steve Noble show live from our church here in Raleigh is good to have Eric Trump on the Silverton we had him on the show we had Laura Trump's wife on little we could go bad at Hogan Goodley was on Monday night.

He's the senior campaign director for the for the president's campaign and then that after the bottom of the hour here at around 432 Eastern time to talk to Steve Cortez as a senior advisor to the Trump campaigns been around the Trump administration since about 2016. He was about the campaign back then so will talk to Mona get his take on how they felt the debate when last night and what there are really focusing on here in the next nine days were not that far away Army is just amazing because it's so today is Friday, October 23's is 31 days in October so we got eight days and then we have November 3 the election.

I went out and voted early for the first time in my adult life. Yesterday because I was just concerned, it's mentioned this on the air the other day little Bertie is well-placed, very godly person very mature not given the conspiracy theories as exit shock that this person said to me they were going to vote early never have either their entire adult life and is likable why and he was this person was was really concerned that something might happen covert related and Gov. Cooper could come shut down election day worried about super spreading event and then if you get that ran up to the narcotics states report which would be an emergency injunction. I mean, it would go up to the north, Supreme Court instantaneously minute would probably be in within 24 hours easily if not less then at 61 Paul Newby is the only conservative on the north gone state Supreme Court running for the justice, the Chief Justice of the Nikon estate spring court and say something to go okay well if there's six of one way in one of the other and it goes to the north gone state Supreme Court where you can see what the problem is there. So I voted early yesterday and and a really neat moment that happened yesterday have got a buddy from a Friday morning Bible study Danny Lotz who is in heaven now, but he was married to Engram lots Billy Graham's daughter for many many years and he started a Friday morning Bible study that's coming up I think on almost 40 years case is an amazing group of men, godly men, very diverse little bit on the older side average age but I don't know. Probably 65 is the average age maybe even a little older than that. So my buddy one of my friends there. James big kind, wonderful guy, very emotive cries easily, also happens being Afro-American so we came out of the voting area in Raleigh and saw James and saw his granddaughter and we knew his grant that his son, the father of his granddaughter who used to coach our son and in basketball, throwing all hate it because we hadn't seen her before. I just cute little girl. And so my wife's talking to little girl that I see James and in James and I know shake hands and they give him a big hug.

We've known each other for years and it was just interesting and this is a great way for us to think about our relationship with the world around us.

It was interesting because were there at a early voting location. There are a good number people in line so the political divide is deep and wide in this country is getting deeper it's getting wider and I think the easy thing would be to us. Assume there's a white guy and there's a black eye. They probably don't vote the same way they probably know, one's abide in person once a Trumper's but we had this beautiful embrace. We had this just kind of having fun and laugh and in love, and on each other and you and I look past him looking at people in the line and some people were smiling but a lot of people were just had this kind of quizzical look on their face like what what's what's that all about what's happening there. That's kind of strange and in because I think the again the assumption because we operate so much in the political realm and we need to all remember this, I need to remember myself that yes I dual citizenship on the citizens of the United States, but primarily misses the kingdom and we need to remember that in those opportunities we have, to be an oddball are really important and so we were doing anything to put on a show or anything.

We're just to two brothers in Christ, love, and on each other, but it was really interesting to me to watch some of the crowd reacted that the people that are in line and just go okay this is this is good.

This is what we need to do to provide an interesting witness to the world is to love each other well know Jesus set himself to know your mind. By the way you love one another, and so whether it's in a difficult conversation over or challenging each other iron sharpening iron adjust how we greet each other love on one another and that can enjoy the Lord really is obvious when we get together which is been one of the biggest problems with the shutdowns is all these churches shut down, and I understand Romans 13 and understand loving your neighbor, but there's no substitute for face-to-face fellowship. That's why the church as we look to echo CIs. We consider that from the book of acts and throughout the rest of the New Testament that that they gathered together because we need to be in the same space you tubing and facebooking and zooming doesn't get it done. It's like a temporary bad replacement, but it cannot do what only the presence of the Holy Spirit and we gather together dots and that's been one of the biggest change I fear that there's a lot of churches in America that simply won't open up again. Pastor Rob McCoy was reading a letter from him to a prominent church in California on yesterday show and you just talk about this us gathering and taking communion.

This is essential to the church as we gather which then enables more ministry for us to minister to the communities around us and they didn't see that is essential what's behind that will certainly the spiritual forces of darkness behind that and then there's political forces which oftentimes are all the same. They just want you know let's shut the churches down. I have some friends at the in the pro-life movement in love life as you know, and they were at one abortion clinic. I think it was in Charlotte and in one of the pro-choicers there. One of the locations down in Charlotte. It can be really really nasty.

Okay, really, really nasty lot of swearing and just terrible things being said to the pro-lifers and one girl said to to somebody there might even been just a reader, the founder of love.

I've said you don't know you guys to just stay in your church just to do your little thing in your little buildings just staying birch and don't come out here and bug anybody, which is exactly what Satan would want right. It's certainly easier for us to just stay in our little bubble where we don't have to deal with anything but other than that we need to be out and about and so Satan's been loving this court." Shutting the church down.

Of course, not even the gates of hell will prevail against her, but we need to remember that in remember that one around public were that when were just greeting one another, that you never know who's watching and we need to be a peculiar people and oddball in this environment and sometimes that oddball is just being a person of peace and not necessarily that you are waiving your political opinion everybody space not afraid to share it. Of course being bold because we care and we care about our nation but we don't have to be the fist face person. We don't have to be upset. We had should have the joy of the Lord.

We shouldn't sell that for a bolus to and that we should have that peculiar. I say this often were really broke broken over the condition of the world what you have your salvation you have the joy of the Lord, you have an eternal future that secure so it's like you've got this a I know I've got some financial problems this week, but there's a check in the mail coming to me for my half $1 million joint so you know it's bad week but my salvation draws nigh trades. But Don, what are they say the night is darkest just before the dawn, and that we need to render that it's a really great opportunity for us to have a witness in a very, very best mixed stuff divided America so it's all right. I want to come back to talk to Steve Cortez, Senior advisor.

The truck campaign. This is Steve Noble lie from RFA church today. The evangelicals for from praise, prayer and patriotism was here earlier was on the show earlier Cortez Steve Noble Noblesville live from RFA church here in Raleigh north from events, praise, prayer, patriotism, Eric Trump was here earlier just gave a great really down to earth but inspiring speech is very funny. It was just cool to have them here and then he called and so was great to talk to him for switching gears now talking to Steve Cortez, who's been in the world of media for a while gunpowder trunking campaign back in 2015 and 2016 and is now a senior advisor to the Trump campaign. Steve, thanks much for Colin and me and how are you I'm great :-( you're very welcome. We appreciate your time. I can't imagine if you guys are are getting any sleep at all. But let there a lot of us praying we are so tell me about your reaction to your welcome.

You're welcome. So what was your reaction. Steve did the debate last night, what with you. I think we saw a president who was very poised presidential and optimistic. I think was really an incredible contrast for your art on port 2020. Joe Biden's campaign. In some ways they become almost purveyors of what I mean by that is trying to exploit the anxiety that there which is understandable at time of pandemic but we believe it or try to still in a rational and really explicated in our view it. It's not the way to the political movement should operate the way the children to stage their campaign. You also sought it didn't turn the contract.

Contract all of the that Donald Trump even go he is the president of United States you know you the incumbent, you still very much the outsider all right in very many eyes again against the Washington establishment, because Joe Biden is the consummate insider 47 years in office in the Washington swamp and he would represent a retreat back to the pre-2016 date to the pre-America first back to globalism back to economic submission to China back to attacks upon religious liberty in this country.

We don't want to go back after Joe Biden represented by the way, is why so many big money interests have lined up behind big tech Hollywood Wall Street type, it's very clear and the depressed love to make allowed more cash on hand right out from A personal we have plenty of money to get done what we need to get done into election day but I will say this, I'm actually proud of the fact that we are crushing their campaign in small dollars $200 less robbery by $50 million.

But in terms of big big money just yet and I'm not brought you Michael Bloomberg multiple hundred dollars into one state and quarter we don't have dollars and I'm Probably think that we don't come because the movement of workers were were not movement of oligarchs yet. I was so obvious last night that I really appreciated when the president doubled down and reminded everybody that he isn't a politician yeah 47 your politician across the stage from him.

He wasn't a politician when he ran a president Trump is still not a politician, even though he's the present United States couple I was just brilliant all night. When he was talking about all talk and no action 47 years. Eric Trump mentioned this from the stage to say said said if you drop your car off somewhere to get repaired and they have it for 47 years at the end of the 47 years you come back and say can I get my car and he says will can you give me another four years. Of course you're not in a trust that person was shocked Steve or talk to Steve Cortez, Senior advisor, the term campaign. I was shocked and elated. Quite frankly, that Biden was willing to say I want to get rid of fossil fuels because in the swing states like Pennsylvania.

I just that was just a shocker. It could put your I think we were doing fine in Pennsylvania hi Ashley, North Carolina.

I like our position but would not be complacent on. I think it might've put Pennsylvania over the top recognition will realize that Michigan and Ohio all those upper Midwest lot tracking is critical, important more than just a particular portable state that without direct jobs are so important to the whole country because it means that were not just energy where she energy dominant in this country. We are an energy superpower. That's incredible. Think United States, not just because of our prosperity and that's great all the money that the production produces the wonderful supply of affordable energy to power our factories or homes or cars all that fantastic. But maybe even an attempt better than that is the national security benefit. The fact that we are not dependent on foreign countries for our energy needs for fuel and that we cannot be held hostage again as we were in the past, the night that we cannot be letter on a leash by lot volatile and sometimes no really angry nation like America very much so the idea that we would go back is just terrible economic policy. Terrible I don't like to point out is important while Joe Biden has tried to walk would be all over the place. Try to be all things. All people are. Finally, I think, to hand last night and told where you stand. I also point out that his running mate, Eric, 59% of the American people.

According to Rasmussen survey do not believe that Joe Biden would finish his first term elected. So given that I think she is an incredibly consequential vice president. We need to think long and hard about what Pres. Harris with me. If Joe Biden would win and on this issue of tracking. She has not been all that she has been consistently 100% against fracking, so she is part of the left of even liberal Joe Biden, and I think that should scare some of the American people, and I hope that will motivate go out there who maybe were planning on voting aren't terribly political they think about energy alone.

I hope that's enough to convince some people to get involved or not registered a lot at stake same day register to get registered to vote and I think was a big mess up by Joe Biden and hear the term campaign you will take no yellow. It was that there was about a two minute clip that showed up on the president's Facebook and Twitter and almost immediately after the debate was over. I shared it as well. Of all the times were not just a Joe but, my parents were talking about, you know fracking, though not nothing of the public lands, which is a huge issue when you talk about fracking in developing our own energy into CME 954 years old stayed to see to see the United States of America being a energy producing superpower is so shocking, so were no longer held captive by the Middle East yet again today with Sudan. These bright these peace agreements that are showing up with Israel are just mind-boggling. I was so upset last night that that didn't come up because that's so good for the country.

It's good for the world. It's good probably sleep for the Trump presidency and for them to remain silent on it was just unbelievably horrible form.

Probably not the best ever. I don't get hyperbole because it if you look at the stork diplomatic break.


You haven't seen any normalization of relations between Arab countries and Israel in 25 years and were now starting to line them up right UAE by rain now Sudan and I think more to come on the present thought about that day. It's really incredible and not only did he accomplish it. But he did it without US intervention critical.

This has been a policy on America first policy on realism and restraint so he has built our military so that they are ready to fight everywhere but they are not fighting looking for fight the exact opposite happened when Joe Biden we did not properly equipped to fund our military. Yet we sent them all over the world to engage in nationbuilding and endless wars catastrophic the country. We paid a terrible price both in American blood and also an American treasure and it didn't make a safer Joe archery Donald Trump in his America first approach to foreign policy has yielded real results in the world and again we are not intervening all the work or not nation will your drawing down the wars that were instituted by his predecessor.

Sorry did I think one of greatest accomplishments and one of his most compelling reason to get reelected in your state your cloud a heavy military state. I'm sure a lot of military members duffels themselves troops and their families appreciate the approach that this president has taken regarding our military. So, absolutely, and Eric was talking about that's on the stage here today at the evangelicals for Trump event were live from RFA church in Raleigh. Talking of Steve Cortez, Senior advisor for the term campaign and he brought that up to you Using this one line. Steve is hilarious. Why did it take a real estate development guy from New York. To accomplish these things and it was because he is not a member of the swamp is not a politician. He just comes in an easy problem solver cc problems get people to the table, which is wise willing to meet with some people that Joe Biden or Obama would meet with Lesko set out to see if we can get something done here and there's all he's always working multiple angles and it's amazing that the let the left doesn't figure that out yet, but it's been very effective. Like you said yet no right but like to approach outsiders point of view of how you figure this out in the world are you that we don't have to negotiate a family we've always negotiated in Middle East right we can reinvent the wheel and different way and the results have been amazing and your point.

I'm speaking campaign headquarters on terrific you looking over the river, the Washington Baltimore. It's really bad is one thing about the city didn't that is dominated by establishment installing transfer decades. Margie bipartisan, but this establishment exists for its own gain for its own self aggrandizement, not the betterment of the people in regards to foreign policy. There is a foreign policy establishment. This time, that is really always operated almost as a parallel government not very accountable to the American people and that foreign policy establishment is highly intervention on because it's what they do arrogance to what they believe that they can arrange the world, you know, as if it's sort of a puzzle board right and that they can arrange all of the world through intervention and created world so that they walked they perceive as being advocates. The present take a different approach to the right fit for the most part are not American interests require us to get directly involved.

Persuasion is to achieve our ends without such a great point, Steve Cortez, Senior advisor, Trump campaign, thank you so much for dishonesty. We appreciate your time will be praying for you to talk to you later. Everyone is no one Steve Noble shall will be right back after this just talking to my triangle peeps.

Rodney Finch was here. He's here today Calvary Chapel down and apex.

But there's not that many churches, more churches getting open but a lot of them still are partially shuttered. RFA's wide open, which is great and to Patrick at Harvey who was just doing a great job. Very bold is been on the show number of times in the past few months and but he said one more one Sunday morning here and listen.

You know you're taking a risk hope it can be deadly.

Although you know 99.98% chance that you'll survive doesn't get down below it doesn't get over a 2% chance of death until you get into the 75 and above, and there is like 5.4%. So the vast majority people it's it's what Wilma vast majority almost 100% will not kill you. It's not deadly for the overwhelming majority of people in 40% of people are asymptomatic, meaning you get it you don't even know you had it so that you know anybody test for whatever reason they get tested they find out, but 80% that do get it don't have to go to the hospital so for most people it's not serious like the flu, and for some people it is in the older you are the more cortical comorbidities you have, the more serious it is, so don't don't don't. I don't ever brush it off because we there have been up as far as we know, about 200,000 deaths, and a lot of that's got to be people with COBIT didn't necessarily die of COBIT all that stuff it got politicized right away so very difficult, very difficult days but I'm live from RFA church appreciate Pastor Chad's like a set couple of Sundays ago say listen, you know it's dangerous, you're making a decision, I love you I care about you, but I trust enough to make your own decisions and not your dad, and that would've been a good thing for the president say that I am not your daddy so I trust the American people. Here's the other thing we're talking to Eric Trump in the first segment of the show if you miss that and go back on Facebook live or when the podcast comes out check that out and we just talked to Steve Cortez as a senior advisor. The term campaign last night. Did you notice in this is been consistent, Joe Biden, Harris, just selling fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear.

I got so upset one point at one point last night watching the debate with my wife. Unlike yelling at the TV. Of course going here in America we don't live based on fear. In America we have a history of being fear less, so we are willing to go to war with ourselves over the issue of slavery were about 750,000 Americans died bloodiest war in American history and we didn't we didn't shrink back in fear from dealing with that national sin of slavery so engaged and then when you look at the World War I and when you look at World War II and exit stencil threat to all humanity, and the growing nightmare of Nazism and Adolf Hitler and the axis powers in and we didn't shrink back in fear we invested. We crossed the ocean. We flew we we got on boats. We got in submarines.

We went after it and in Vietnam whether you agree with that are not in Korea that wasn't fear of communism. We engaged in 9/11. We saw this just beautifully with 9/11 winter like okay we got hit. We got hit hard but were knocking to cower in fear over the Islamic terrorists were to engage we don't operate out of fear and that's what I was yelling last night. Fear is not American wisdom. Okay, I'm with you there sober mindedness yeah I'm with you there paying attention because for some people this can be a deadly disease absolutely. It's like, should you be serious when you drive yes why because people's lives are at stake.

Okay, but we don't operate out of fear and that's what Joe binds just capitalizing trying to capitalize on the fear of the nation isn't good for America. It's horrible for America and we aren't naturally fearful people we face our challenges we face our troubles be them, economic, social, whatever the case may be in and so that's where I'm just getting enraged by that line 8 quit selling fear.

Fear is un-American. I'm not saying don't be sober minded. Of course we need to be sober minded but but I think those were some of the president's best moments when he was just like Kate. We didn't know what we're dealing with.

But we can keep this place shutdown you want to shut it down because you have a spike here and there, but I he said from the start and this is when I started saying back in like March or April that we brought an atom bomb to a knife fight that Trump said this presence of this of his concern was that the solution would be worse than the problem that the shutdowns would cause all kinds of problems that would actually hurt more people in America than COBIT. 19 itself and that's oversee and whirl were still in 2020.

These are dominoes that are to be falling for a while and the president mentioned that last night, suicide, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, increased drug use and then on the issue of abuse that we've locked the abuse victims in the home with the abuser and then in word and work were knocking to see all these dominoes fall by November 3 or by the end of this year, or even by the end of next year and I'm I'm very concerned about our school-age kids who now are turning amended just little fear mongering afraid of their own shadow and then the numbers do you know the numbers are screaming the septa at this TV last night as well because I wish the president brought these up and you should write this down and try to remember it in the United States of America from kindergarten through the end of college. Okay kindergarten through the end of college. Do you know how many students there are in America in that range. That's pretty much all students, kindergarten through the end of college, so it's 1 to 24 years of age do not many. There are 76 million okay.

The 76 million students, kindergarten through college. Do you know many of those 76 million students have died from COBIT. It hasn't reached 250 okay now 220 230, 100 hundred 1050 75. Those are all tragic but you just do the numbers and you go okay should we shut all the stuff down when 200, 250/76,000,000 die from this disease. Should we shut it all down and create all the other problems.

No, because you actually have. If you look at the last flu season and I'm not comparing COBIT mortality rates to flu mortality rates, although they got closer together. So don't don't jump on me for that. But if you you look at. We have hundreds and hundreds of students die every year in the flues 400 500 okay do we shut everything down from November to March. We do not and actually students have a better chance of dying from a lightning strike than they do from COBIT. 19 so do we shut school down every time there's a nasty thunderstorm out there but you can't go catch the bus. You can't walk to your car.

You can't walk to school because there's some thunder and lightning and you might die and I thought the president did a good job last night of alluding to weed week. We can't keep living like this and we can and so let's let's hope that enough people were listening. It was a much smaller audience. By the way last night and it was in the first debate because you've got a good number of people that have already voted and in other people might listen. Most people that the Democrat no matter who it is, no matter how long they hide in the basement there always good to get 42, 43, 44% of the vote always just a done deal.

That didn't get that Republicans on the other side. It's always confusing thing, 41, 42, 43% of the vote because when you look at registered voters around the country. 30 3040. Okay, try to remember these numbers 3030 4030% of registered Democrats.

30% of registered Republicans, 40% are registered independent okay when it comes to turnout. That's a little bit different so you usually get that's white so close so you still have people in the middle and this can be some people flipping Eric Trump mentioned this earlier.

He was here earlier and he was on the show in the first segment. He mentioned this earlier that the number one search term last night on Google starting at 8 PM.

I think that must be West Coast after the debate was the phrase was the number-one phrase search term in Google was can I change my vote is good. He said, is to put it up on Twitter this afternoon because it probably on a plane right now. It is think about that. Maybe that's the impact that the debate that people are going to switch my vote because again there were so many points that were made and in I was asking people in Facebook life to give a great trumpet's performance. Give a great abide in his performance.

Forget your partisanship. Forget who you're voting for, just in terms of overall performance and is pretty much a seven, eight or nine for Trump in about three or four for bite and I think that lessening consequential and also when Biden said basically owned up to the fact. Yes, we want to get rid of fossil fuels to get rid of fossil fuels. America will fall apart and then to do.

We want to transition would be great one day to be away from fossil falls and fuels and have a purely renewable energy source at super clean and actually cheap.

Yes, do you think there's capitalists out there that would love to be the get you know is going to be the richest person in on the history of the world that's going to be the person to figure that out some clean renewable cheap energy that replaces fossil fuels, and though become the wealthiest person that ever lived. Do you think there is an incentive out there for that. Of course there is, is there but other people out there corporations out there in the government funding opportunities to try to to develop that yes but that's gonna take care of itself that will happen.

So is just just a fascinating night, let's remember were coming up on the of the show Remember to keep praying.

We need to be people of prayer over these next nine, 10 days, it's critical and we have to trust the Lord. So on November 3, November 4, November 5. Remember who's actually on the throne. Remember, who's actually superimposing their will over all of human history. If you know him through his son Jesus Christ. You can be secure.

Your house is built on the rock not built on the sand not built on politics is not built on the right built on the map built on the Donald Trump presidency Joe Biden presidency, your house is built on the rock of Jesus Christ.

That should allow us to weather the storm continued to be people enjoy and people of this is Steve Noble is the Steve Noble shall live again today from RFA church evangelicals for Trump phrase prayer and patriotism their trumpets great day that God willing I talked again real soon.

Like my dad always used to say

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