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3 NC Candidates

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 14, 2020 9:53 pm

3 NC Candidates

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 14, 2020 9:53 pm

3 NC Candidates

With the 2020 election coming up fast Steve is talking to more and more political candidates to talk about what they are doing for their campaigns.  Today Steve talks to Kim Coley - NC House/District 36, Greg Hahn - Wake Forest School Board 2, and E.C. Sykes - NC Secretary of State. 


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble got paid. I can't believe it Steve. I thought the Christian radio show house on doing talk about politics or God forbid, having a politician there would be politics in the studio with me. Oh my goodness, what about the separation of church and state are all say it again I will give you $5000 in cash. I'll drive you and I will drive to my bank.

I'll give you $5000 in cash. If you can show me in the U.S. Constitution where the word separation of church and state exist and I'm safe there because they don't want to try that's fine. Kim Coley is running for North Carolina House District 36 sister in Christ in a gosh, how would I describe you your very direct yes fearful of the Holy Spirit. Yes, you've got a lot of energy yes and I wouldn't want to unnecessarily upset you.

Is that all right that's I'm pretty well's mother, wife, well spoken young businesswoman. I have been flipping properties for 20 years.

Allow yet so I deal in a man's world with contractors on a regular basis and and I have no I'm just as comfortable in a pair of high heels, as I am in muck boots, which is a beautiful thing and and I think that's probably a pretty good parallel for dealing with the political arena so you tell us a little about your past Kim and then Ken will be with us for the whole hour, but in the third segment of the show were to talk to Greg Hahn is running for the wake County school boards. I just want to get you guys in this realm because as I've said before, I will make the case I have. I will continue to make the case that actually think it's a sin for you to not bow because I think it's a violation of neighbor love which the violation of God, love, and so I'm going to continue to push this every every two years on the boat, especially for four years in the presidential election will talk to Greg wake County school board appear in the Raleigh area in segment three and segment for our friend EC Sykes is a fellow believer in Christ running for Secretary of State Sabrina just kinda continue to inform and engage in hopefully inspire you guys but can you let me know thanks okay on Facebook live, or to be jiving on the commercial breaks as well, but your background a little bit and then why politics and those guys are great to stick around you and you really want to hear from them their strong and strong in their knowledge of why the running and what the running for head that that's one of the things I love about being candidate is the opportunity to meet such great I don't know.

It's fabulous, inspire, and I told my husband I sent you know, I know it cost us a lot of money is not just time and energy. We put our own money in it and I get so much out of it. It's almost like a college education, whether it's with the connections or the knowledge that you learn and Sabina candidate. One of the greatest things that I get out of it is the self growth that I get and I love it and the connections and I still have connections from 2016 helping in the presidential then so it's just been building upon and I love that opportunity but a little bit about me going back to even. Your introduction if were not supposed to be separation of church and state that I'm really separation of personalities should have been your I never thought I would run for politics. I never thought I would run for office and and one of those to me. It was a confliction.

I just wanted to serve and I actually my father and my grandfather both doctors of theology. I am an evangelist, kid, my dad would be an interim pastor. So where we were with the denomination we were with we were involved with. We elected our pastors and they would come in and they they would kind of I don't know go through an introduction is a meet and greet my mother, Deanna church would boat onto and so my dad would come in as and letting the dust settled from whatever had happened in that facility or in that in that church in that body and so I was in an in an area from anywhere from a weekend with a revival to three weeks to a year depending on what we were doing and so have time to sit back and guess who, or choose or be particular about who was to be my friends get in there on a Friday night, make friends. I was I was the best of however light as it could be that, and I actually had friends in college that would tell me I needed to land somewhere.

I was a butterfly. Kim you need to set get a group of friends and you need to stick with that group of friends word is this group had this going on in this had this opportunity and this was going here or they were traveling there and so I was a butterfly and always a nomad and just felt like never, for I never belonged until now and then I realize that the reason for my upbringing.

The reason for my design is so that I've never met a stranger. I don't have a problem knocking on doors. I don't have a problem calling out elected officials and asking for help or people that know more than me it's because I'm an adult I don't know how long them to be here, so let's just make this happen. Let's make it the best one we got the opportunity and go for talking to him. Coley she's running for North Carolina house 36 which here in the Raleigh area. Duncan and apex area) apex of self city trust Kim Seo Ellie why and so what in particular, brought to the point something to be involved with nothing to run for office was very put together moment or something come in your life, or an experience that you like okay I'm doing this now yes well what happened was I was actually for Ted Cruz in 2016 and my husband said, would you just take a look at Tromp and went. I've looked yeah thank you very much for your NZ said my husband's a businessman, he said, can you keep talking about this.

They were recruiting that were incurring with the with our that the national debt and he said I think it's really going take a businessman, but you have discernment when Jesus get involved and just see what you see behind the scene and so I did and I end up helping with the North Carolina election for 2016 and I don't know if you remember but the Raleigh rally with the first when he did guide your route. I was actually supposed to be running the VIP section and the Moving me down, wanted to know where I was, in case he needed they needed me to pull something out in the bag Laura Trump had a bunch of family coming in and so they didn't want any extra bodies in the back. As I Live in down a little bit further and all of a sudden I'm right over his shoulder and I had pastor friends like you had pastor Rodney Fancher. They were in New York and all the sudden Tromp is on the joke John time score and there's Kim what's can do it on the Jumbotron got crazy how God will put us in ways that we never thought we, whatever.

Running for office early. Sounds like it's one of those, but God was training you design your third way. Once I got on the radio. I look back and with all okay this may send me how the trail brought me right where I am today.

By the way, learn from you on the mark on it tomorrow or talking to him.

Coley the house back in the days talking with three friends that are running for elected office here in North Carolina so important that we have these conversations.

Unfortunately, that people will every two years, asked me for my voting wasn't stuffed with people just don't take the time to investigate and so they have a source that they trust and they know someone like me that's been out for a while though literally just take my list and go, but I would prefer it if you actually did your homework if you get educated if you study if you find out who's running for elected office in your district, what they stand for and especially as a Christian to both filter all that stuff to a biblical worldview and then you won't need anybody's help.

It's pretty easy to do after that.

If your allegiance is ultimately to the Lord of the party not to the right of the left know most the time when you apply biblical truth, you can end up in the conservative camp but you should really get used to doing your own homework. So today and even tomorrow or to have people on and through November 3 to be able to tell you their story themselves. These are people that I support. Otherwise, it would be on the show. That's a good thing about being hosts and and so today or spend some time Kim Coley was running for North Carolina house 36 which is kind of down in the apex area just south of Raleigh and Kim.

I really appreciate being in her today. Thanks for having me and so I was asking a question that we had the break about just kind of what took you over the edge that you like okay I'm a run. Well, actually it was it was a series of things and never really thought I'm I was in a run.

I became the second vice chair of the wake County Republican Party through my connections of working for the Trump campaign and then I thought working with Charles Hellwig that my goal or my eye.

Maybe my purpose should be more to bond and bring people and you know really miss congeniality as the honest cheerleader organization is all about the} right and so I started going out visiting the municipalities in getting to know the mayors and getting to know the town councils and then there was a comment made about the County commissioners. Okay, what is a County Commissioner days I spent all this time downloading about what a county commissioner does show up and make friends and that all seven of our county commissioners are all Democrat and I thought okay well the only way you can make it make a difference is if you influence people by friendship and so I became friends and at the time Irv Portman was my County commissioners so I wouldn't you know, pull them aside her and asking questions right email then and it actually started when I I went to a meeting and there was three commissioners in this meeting. They were having a committee meeting and the Lord tonight at the Inn of the Lord. Tell me focus on three positive things and okay so I did and when I got home I emailed these three commissioners and I had learned that Cinque Hutchinson whose running again I that he was part of the transportation. So even though I was to get him something positive little bit more and so I start to write what I knew. Regarding Trento patient because I have the Republicans and I'm responsible for it and what my words just vaguely out there and I felt the Lord. But that's not what I told you stay with positive yeah but and no check it what what are you doing to these people know you're accountable to me that's right you now M and so I delete delete delete and every time I hit the delete button, even telling you now I get a little emotional because it was corrected, but I knew I was getting an alignment and that was powerful for me and I sent it and you the response was. Not only have we never had a member of the wake County Republican Party with us.

We've never had a positive word from the wake County power bar got a search for it sometimes, but when you it's really powerful and so we went and so I built on that will them after developing the relationships and if that that's a really good idea, but then they would keep talking and the echo chamber and there was no difference.

I thought okay I'm in a run and I told Irv Portman I'm in right and then you take your seat when the music stops and taken you see, and I said but it's not personal, but this echo chamber where the voices of all the people of wake County are not being hurt is not good and you are not having a good dialogue at the are you doing baby just the same old thing.

This is not the and it's telling our family because that's not the way my family doesn't and so when he got beat out because of his own party and he wasn't doing and what he was being told in Susan Evan Evans was put in there and she beat them out of the primary. I turned Irv and I said it's personal take her out and so that I think that was my moment that I was like no this is got to stop with where one party dictates every going just not help not good and and it deftly doesn't speak representation of the people, and so on. On up in terms of a North Carolina level. That's a tricky thing for a representative whether you're on the state level or national levels. You have your own district, which is your primary focus, but then you're also a member of North Carolina governing body. So what are some of the things on the North Carolina level Kim that really kind of drive things that you really want to cut a steer into and be a voice and be active just that.

Like I am. First of all because of my upbringing never met a stranger.

This whole talk about the separation. The diversity and the Blacks versus the whites and Hispanics in the Chinese and that this, I was not raised that way from Jersey identity politics all day long and so I'm not even a part of me grew up you know in my in my formative years was Jersey and so actually we were told that if you really want to be an interracial church you don't do black music you don't do white music you do Latino music to bring them all to the number by us and if I send you a little bit of that Latino music just kind of brings every day whether it's the rhythm of the book a little outside your regular about Fleming, one of the pillars of a democracy in a democracy has to be the necessity of compromise and obviously for us as Christians, our areas were knocking to compromise right shortly. But in general were missing that you cannot agree to disagree anymore. Those days are over, and in for us as Christians to seek peace and pursue a Psalm 34 in even in the political realm we can get more done that way there a place their health to die because other hills were compromise is fine right big deal.

But you don't really see that anymore coming right down to the point of when they had the infant born alive back in the past. It right and then Cooper vetoed it, and then they couldn't override the veto because they didn't have enough people in in the house and that seat if I had been in there. I would've helped contribute so that we could overrate him and that's where it's not just about North Carolina district. This is about the whole state and as well a testimony.

The whole country that can write you feel that weight of the enormity of what it means to be a representative. Oh, absolutely.

And not just that, not just a representative North Carolina but I think North Carolina is first in freedom for reason.

I think North Carolina, so goes the rest, and I think that it's really it is our job as North Carolina to set the standards set at high end and watch that heavenly blessings flow that others will want. I've told House District 36. I want everybody to be jealous including you, that you don't live in has to 36 because though the blessings are just because were in proper alignment. It just flows and everybody benefits benefits whether it's the schools are the families of the businesses the charges were just an alignment and then North Carolina you not been the county's way surrounding counties there all jealous all the way up Jan, that's the challenge that I think faces all of us is to try to bring the conversation back to first principles for things that we can let us either Civics and their politics in Venice after the great job the other day chemical; any Tony Barrett hearing talk about Civics which of the rules of the road south of government and politics is about individual issues.

Civics is the way that we need to get back to you talking to some of our neighbors here in North Carolina that are running for office. Got Campoli in the studio her hair in order to keep talking breaks on Facebook live but want to turn the corner. Talk to Greg Hahn is running for wake County school district of the school board district to others is something that listen I saw teacher years ago, the Hon. Greg and from a contracting company that set on the front and just had the word whining and that it had to circle around it and had the strikethrough rights would like no this know that and so that one was no whining and on the back of the shirt and said you're not allowed to whine about that what you're unwilling to do anything about.

So we whining like crazy and my friend Sloan rack mother is been on the show. We talked about the infiltration of Marxism in the black lives matter organization agenda in the public schools and we whine about the all the stuff of very few of us actually do something about it so we sit on the sidelines of the armchair quarterback but every once in a while one of us has the guts and the tenacity to care enough to do something about it. And so, in this case, the school board thing is such a big deal. We complain about what's happening on the college level with indoctrination whatever you want to call it that can happen on the local level to, and we do not conservatives just do not have much representation. That's where we been be time and time again by liberal worldview, a liberal mindset.

They know where to go first and that's the school board so Greg Hahn is running and I really excited to have him on today. I just learned her low back and some really big issues going on here. Greg, thanks for calling today. How are you you're very welcome to the website by the way, if you guys want to find out more than about Greg and you can in about nine minutes is vote Greg Hahn HA boat Greg on doc on what brought you into this.

I know you force more kids Greg and that they been involved in the school system, but what brought you to the point really okay I'm in well, or boy all different parts of the country. New England only down North Carolina and All-Pro public and think there'd be change oriented BLM curriculum is one of the office of equity affairs out introduced the teachers as resources that I think it is no place without the classroom. I think political thing you brought up with yet is a great point. By the way, Greg is a decorated Navy veterans of thank you sir for your service and all that you've done for this nation that falls into, these three big things that you're dealing with in your campaign, which is so important.

School safety school transparency.

What's with her talk about these dangerous curriculums that are out there in the school performance. One thing that I think most people don't have a clue about Greg is the whole thing about school safety and in school research are resource officers of the SR SROs. This is a big deal. Most people don't even know about it so tell us about that. What's going on. Sure, you don't know whatever that one stop shop and right now with a virtual learning right now I get back to the children that rely on so grateful to hear what those numbers are Mark Joe elementary play a variety of role my opponent. But the only person on the board to remove them in July and I know there's a huge difference. Bring out the school safety back black years crime has gone down on down our school like fine restaurant having a present and knowing what direction you and I think people like SRO SROs school research resource officer but what are all the different ways that they interact with our schools because you sent me a link for a case study. You need to see when we don't have SROs in the school system just like you mentioned in domestic violence and you put that in with COBIT 19 and now we got mom's mostly in kids truck at home with abusers in the SROs play a pivotal role in that.

Another thing so help us understand just how important SRO is in every school yard. Like a road in wake County referral going down Hitler getting in trouble. You have interaction with with you. I write a lot of my blog positive thing. You know, night builder. There's a photo of a police officer engaging with an unfortunate the school board yes the road for training or training, and that the racially profiling certain student with me. I think they're more focused on the end result from the prophet, though, you know. Are we open to looking at different dictation proving certain things.

Of course we are across the board with everything but I think most part are the roads are there for the sake of the teachers in and stop. In fact, a survey about your about a year ago, only 10% of teachers that they didn't want to thoroughly school, only 10% of teachers the value of school is really remarkable about how ignorant our school system can be because they they were for the kids were for the kids for the kids, but they really aren't there controlled oftentimes by teachers unions their control.

Oftentimes by the party which is almost always Democrat party and the news at the end of that web getting thrown around in damage. It's our children. What about school performance because in that note that you sent me nearly half of the schools and district to have a D or an F in terms of school performance is unbelievably bad. So what can we do about that.

Well, a lot of walk with anything court.

For example Lincoln high school and they have the most funding which is about 15,000 per below it. School, so no correlation between the more money you invest better. I think what really needs to focus on person in person classroom instruction getting good faith day and in wake County and the students know and we don't look at a board know where the money going going and are why with our money, no textbook or textbook, but yet we are spending close textbook, but I haven't been one coat with a lot of things that will fit toward the majority of us to really look into these issues and they hate and so in terms of asking about Kobe 19 Greg because everybody I think people are starting to understand these elongated shutdowns that kids being at home and stuck at home and they're trying to do a hybrid thing and you come back once every three weeks. I mean, our daughter went to a public school for the first time in high school last year. And then of course in March that shut all that down. The quality of education went down even more an hour back to homeschooling because we just didn't want to put her through that it's very damaging. I don't think we have have a full grasp on just how much fallout there's gonna be with our kids from keeping them out of school what what you think about that to get a topic like my own right now and they're both struggling. I'm not going to tell my talking to several parent who have expressed concern over their child having anxiety. Dr. Dr. pulling them out of school. I've actually had a pair of anything you know when they were in school last year that they were being bullied and abused and my opponent never did anything about it so I think were not real bad result of this with the hospital to go back and wait, do the 50 largest school district I can. We can be a leader as a state and only that, but of the country to find out what we need to take proactive choices, but the damage is being done only just mentally and emotionally but also academically while the rest back to school.

Our kids are falling short to go to college. Yeah, just as a reminder for everybody. I can be people up on this all the time.

Greg, because facts matter and really care much about your feelings.

But between the ages of one and 19 the COBIT 19 survival rate is 99.997% okay 99.997% of people between the ages of one and 19 survive COBIT and by the way between kindergarten and the end of college, Greg nationwide. There's about 76 million students in that group about 200 of them have died of COBIT and we shut the whole thing down.

Look at look at that 200 and that's terrible. All 200 of those, but the damage is being done to the rest of those kids is like you said like up the been saying is we don't know how bad it is but it's gonna be really bad. You're experiencing that yourself what what would you say to parents, especially in your own district in the wake County school board district to Greg as far as bars coming out taking this position seriously. We look at truck tromp we look at all those things. But what about the school board challenge the parents out there in the voters that they have to get in there and support you.

Well I'm part of your board between everything worked or putting fear in others alignment 24 seven and I wrote an article on earth.

That article but it is also what about future future studies that have been gone quite teachers going back to Europe 1% current. Many COBIT from the teacher don't really, the whole thing about going back. I want to go back if I'm on the board. I'm going to go back there's other school district out there for private charter or other school in the country open to going back and We count back so look at all the school district and what's really bad about going back to kids that my kids have cut in other parts of the country, piercing their cousin, their own cousin. Why can I go back. Why can I go back. Why can I play soccer. Why can I pull my kid across no always parents want you which makes it even worse. Greg Greg, thank you so much for calling and thank you so much for running and for being willing to step up to the plate think it's the first your service to our nation vote.

Greg Han HA is the website both Greg Greg will make sure we get John before election day. Okay thanks so much for calling it very welcome.

What talk you later. You're welcome. That's why it's important. Apathy is not an option. If you name the name of Jesus Christ will be right back back it seems noble to Noblesville.

By the way, you with me on the radio from 4 to 5 PM Monday to Friday with praise the Lord and how this all got started I been on the radio 2007 lumbar radio partnerships through the radio and for broadcasting my pastor friend down in the Asheboro area and his stations and we got a bunch of different stations of Wilkins radio Asheville that's the radio is awesome and it's and it's a powerful force but were also on Facebook live in so radio Facebook live on radio you're like why, what's with the commercial. We got a paper stuff okay.

I'm a conservative, and we actually believe in making money, having profit because it's helpful if you can exit paper stuff. So you got have commercials on the radio because that's a paper stuff that's on underwrite the ministries. That's how you support the station so that you can hear all the great teaching and talk that year on Christian radio and and so is everything wrong with that.

No, but you have to listen to the commercials on Facebook live on the other touches. There's no commercials on Facebook live so when you call on the radio under commercial break. We don't here in the studio. I just keep blabbing and and Kim Coley is with me in studio today, running for and see how 36 says intelligent things and wonderful things and I just blab but that's what happened. So you can do an hour on Facebook live, but only 40 minutes on radio talk to anybody but what we would love to see on Facebook if you want to do that. EC sites is up as a another brother in Christ and friend of mine. He reached out to me a long time ago when they were first getting involved. He and his wife answered to meet other believers and Kim. You know this to be able to get in the trenches with other believers for the sake of not only our only our own children, our own families but our state and for our neighbors is such a huge blessing and I was blessed to meet EC really early on and see what God is done EC with the campaign and to bring you guys along is just been great. That, thanks for calling in today.

How are you my friend first. While that's pretty cool. I like that. I'll take it you're very welcome EC sites which is a cool name by the way, I don't know that I've ever said that to you before Secretary of State is what is running for EC for NC Elyse is that I can't do that with my own children, but EC for EC sites run up her secretary state tell us about your time working on the cruise competing campaign is letting people don't understand that's kind of where you cut your teeth in politics, which wasn't your idea never really successful business career. But why do you get Volvo Ted Cruz and what to do for him on marriage American people all better is not concrete and I didn't know what to do all our could be surrounded with all of the greatest wrong in our country goes. I hope your work and make a competition control campaign making changes returned go on to help really got one short thing you got one choice and the currents in this campaign and you know their volunteer volunteer amount 3 1/2 hours walk on one morning on my right as you go home and so we got moved national director. I got the chance to put your voices all over concrete their concerns about our country were its shape model.

Yeah, that's a really alarming thing again. We can all go about our lives and do good things are successful businessman and turn some businesses around and and those are all things we can do all that for the glory of God, and it matters, but ultimately for not doing things also for our neighbors in this case to the governmental system which we been talking about on the show today. That's a violation of labor law, which is a violation of God love and still be played the opposite of love is not hate, apathy to know and not do to choose to do that is is really really dangerous, especially when you have the power of the authority or the opportunity to do it in for us as Christians. The fact that we are more than conquerors in greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world. Men of all the people in America that should be on the frontlines of these things. It should be.

So then you guys moved to North Carolina and then what about it's it's one thing to work in a quick campaign and be a part of Chris's campaign is an incredible man in a godly manner to Great American but then do actually take the job and get into a race will come to drove that EC here relevant experience which I had no idea our God Jeremy Rowe actually prepared me relax journey lesson that area the middle but campaign trail and really learned a lot from great people but not what you learned in school and what will really well. I mean it's it's pretty intimidating because it's a statewide race and I know there's plenty of people out there answering this question. Time and time again EC but why the second what why do we care about the secretaries they like what the Secretary of State do and if EC sites is a Secretary of State house that cannot touch my life as a regular citizen in North Carolina so give us the 411 on that freedoms that we have now paid bright light on him, complacent away from all 13 were not the fault light not shaping culture and so the body my place great place with them as well.

This is all about the economic Alana background that I have your three companies all hundred boys. But God bared me to help Jan that's and I think all of us are hungering for people with real-world experience in income. Coley's in here with us today and she's been flipping houses for 20 years. Great business experience but also a follower of Christ self. I get that kind of business experience, like a solid real-world experience and the wisdom that comes from it in the authority that comes from it and then I throw some Holy Spirit stuff and that the same time. This is like a Molotov cocktail out of of an epic level okay and when we have the opportunity to support people like that, whether it's you EC or Cameron sit here in the studio with me.

How do we not get excited about that. I mean, I praise the Lord for people like you guys that are in there doing this is willing to sacrifice and run and so what if you been running into EC because I know you been traveling across the state. What you running into and in your conversations with the people in North Carolina or church somewhere are encouraging your doubt there is a lot of education process. Going a lot better for the office of the moment very well here.

Prosper in the future, and so course you know little bumps from trials In which we all know those here the context that you're in right now just trying to be our next Secretary of State, God willing, dealing with the business community when the business community. Under the foot of our jack leg commander here in North Carolina, red Cooper that otherwise owns the governor decimated the business environment absolutely decimated, especially small businesses, so EC what I'm sure that weight is on your shoulders and running for this because you love your neighbor you care about these people but we really have a huge problem that again I don't think we really seen week we see the tip of the iceberg.

We'll see everything that's on the water.

As a result of this governor picking and choosing winners and losers a course to kill babies for living your urine essential business and you can stay over open but everybody else. It's just been pathetic and disgusting. But so what. What about dealing with that. If you become hopefully our next Secretary of State. What you needed to help jumpstart that from that position and career all along that election that help people get back to work safely work better for adults know so we can only speculate larger power, different counties, and in Alana aren't struggling with our present problems probably just yet such a good job that would be my response, but importantly, that's where were at that. There's just not common sense. You know the guy was in the business experience as the governor's race is North Carolina so make bad decisions because he doesn't understand business is just a politician, but something like EC brings all that plus Holy Spirit, which is awesome EC for is the website EC sites for Secretary of State EC for God bless your brother thanks much for calling today. I appreciate thanks pal I will will get that were to be doing more tomorrow. Got Jim Forrest on his his debate with Gov. Cooper's tonight make sure you want something.

She prayed for the mixer, praying for all of these candidates because they need our prayers and they were to hear from Lara Trump tomorrow in the home movies on this is Steve nope on the seasonable show, God willing, again real soon. Like my dad always used to say

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