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Any Encouraging News?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 13, 2020 2:46 pm

Any Encouraging News?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 13, 2020 2:46 pm

Any Encouraging News?

In a world filled with hate and discontentment, good news is often forgotten about or just overlooked.  Today however Steve takes callers to talk about good news and the positive things affecting life these days.


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred cow. 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now there's your host Steve Noble okay buddy will Rosenberg best-selling author Chuck autumn. We've been on several times this year is been a real delight and I met him last year when I was in Israel.

Let's go then you get an email like this. See this from somebody at a big communications company that I was.

I handled Joel's schedule because it scheduled you can imagine this crazy Steve just got word that the Internet is down in Israel so Joel can't call in via Skype. Sound like there may be a wireless issue as well, so not sure you can reach him on the cell, but you can try to imagine that in the American context that happen here. Talk about a dumpster fire. Talk about people getting upset.

Can you imagine that hate.

He steeped the internets out in North Carolina because that would be Israel's a lot smaller than North Carolina hey Steve, the internets out north, outside of the she's my sets are and just use my iPhone sorry the cell services out to where like in my neighborhood. No, no, North Carolina. So that happened during a storm or some weird power interruption. You'll get up a note from Duke Power who ever are you an Internet stuff paid internets down in your neighborhood. But no, apparently, and in Israel. It wasn't even just Jerusalem or Joel Rosenberg list it's in Israel the internets down in Israel. I needed a little kind of funny laugh today even though I have been enjoying it. I mean extensively and profusely enjoying watching Amy Tony Barrett outclass outmaneuver out intellect out constitutionalize pretty much every Democrat has come against her today and they been mostly spent polite, which is nice and it's just did you see the picture okay Florida Rob Sirocco, Dr. Joel Rosenberg today so we can work on that and I bring that back around and and will deftly try to get Joel on before the election and talk, but he was there at the signing of the pit that the Mideast Middle East peace treaties between Israel and Bob rain and United Arab Emirates. He was there at the White House and all that happen. So were to talk to Joel just as soon as possible and I really want to talk to him about the is really the Middle Eastern perspective on this presidential race that we are closing down here in a matter of weeks and so working to do that will come will come back around, but not so. Here's what I want to do. We we did this, not that long ago because I been doing and we've all been doing so much. Show content conversation stories that are all kinda heavy and concerning and I know that the vast majority of us not in the sinful ways all some of us in a simple way are our there's a lot of consternation about the election and what's going to happen despite Mexican wind by not campaigning in Trump you got these massive things I put up a picture out earlier today on social media that showed Biden in Ohio did a socially distanced car rally at which there were 30 cars and then in Miami-Dade they did a car parade for Hispanic supporters of Trump that are against communism and socialism and got so many cars were involved in that once he got 30 cars over here with Joe Biden in over here at the Trump rally essentially Trump rally on wheels. How many cars do you think there were north of 30 north of 300 north of 3000, there were and this is the Miami-Dade police estimated 30,000 cars that's wild and always trump flotilla's and all that kind of stuff is just amazing. So here's what I want to do today is that I was can open up the phones because are doing this on the fly and I just want you to share something that's encouraging and encouraging story something encouraging her some good news that's happened in your life and let's just dial down our concern in our focus on politics in the election and all the other stuff and dial up the side of our lives where we should be willing to give God some praise and some glory and some honor and say you know what there's a lot of crazy things about this year, but there's something good here. Something good and not I would appreciate it if you would be willing to do that. So our phone number is always willing to advance on Facebook live with a thousand car parade for Trump and Brian Texas on Sunday. What's the population of Brian Texas Vance, may I ask.

Let me know that it's pretty amazing right. I've no idea Eddie, there's people that could Skype with somebody in Israel's up with SoCal, I I can't. I can't reach all Rosenberg that's wise not on the boat will get back on. So 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number let's just turn our gaze away from all the negative stuff in the politics and stop in and just anything positive really give God glory and credit for anything good happening in your life. Is there anything good at all. Can we lift up anything and just say hey I hey Steve, I got a piece of good news.

Okay that's also might be medical, financial, familial, personal, theological, whatever, but let's just see if we can do that today.

Let's challenge ourselves. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Is there anything good anything noble anything beautiful anything of worthy report. Besides all the politics and covert and all the other stuff right negative negative negative dark dark dark.

Is there any light whatsoever. 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH. Alright let me just a couple of things here that are current issues related good and will move on. Did you see the picture I in this that's a little moment earlier today with Amy Tony Barrett and Sen. Conine from Texas is like a will look all the presenters are all questioning you and stuff.

We got pages of notes and all the stuff we got booklets and all the stuff I noticed you got a notepad in front of you, Your Honor.

So what's on your bike. What are your notes what you what notes are you using this yet and she picks up the notepad. She gets a big smile on her face and she's like just says the United States Senate.

So it's an official Senate notepad. She got no other note sitting in front of her.

Just a blank, no pet not writing anything. Nothing because the woman is so thoroughly brilliant and has the courage of her convictions and knows what she's doing and is incredibly well studied that she doesn't she doesn't need she's okay. I'll be right here whatever you want to throw at me and Naaman thrown all kinds of stuff better. She's just doing great so let's go. I thought that was that was some good new stuff on to see if I cannot squeeze us in here will click Doug's colony from Asheboro Doug real quick and not a lot of time to think for going go ahead*mulcher world and when we got close down with the house arrest track while ago in the Mars we started doing an online Bible reading to read the New Testament we been going for over six months get around to clear days a week and we are reading for the new stuff than I wonderful. It's really awesome judge that the government's role think the most because it ensures that just pretty great. Can you feed it 866-34-TRUTH where you live feed on the Facebook page of the Steve Noble show Facebook page, which by the way there's there's so much activity going on there and I that that's where a lot of things that I use on the show, show prep stuff. I share their that's a place where I gather a lot of information in, take the pulse of what people how people are reacting to the news the day I'll put some funny stuff up there occasionally not as often as I should. Some encouraging things is good news stories, but that that's isn't it sad that we just don't we don't look around for those much like Amy Tony Barrett has a good day today and where they go, are awesome and it is but is there anything else going on, so we are going to have Joel Rosenberg on today but apparently the Internet is not working, not just there in Jerusalem but in but in Israel and then even a self-service Village Tremont cell phone and like no that's not working either. And so we were to have Joel and so will work on that redo that's as soon as we can get back on the show I just you know what's coming up tomorrow the show are going to be talking to some folks that are in believers but not all of them but some of our believers that are running for office. So we want to talk about that on Thursday and switcheroo with a Lieut. Gov. Dan forces running for governor North Carolina he's gonna confidence her first segment because he's doing his one and only debate with Gov. Cooper tomorrow night so will do little postdebate conversation with him and then one of our Supreme Court justices in North Carolina's incredibly godly man incredible historian Paul Newby will also be in the studio here on Thursday and were working on the timing.

We might have a Lara Trump call in on Thursday as well. So we'll see what happens there and then Friday. Who knows, it's 2020. Who knows what's going to fall us before we get to that, but today the switching gears is opening the phones up to the pastor there called and said they with the shutdown of COBIT in their church. They started doing an Bible reading plan together in that's been just a huge blessing. So just anything good. Anything we can praise the Lord for any good pizza news, encouraging news, something you'd like to to give a little shout out to the Lord today. I do this every once in a while just to kind of pull us back pushed back from the table of all the stuff serious. Yes, life altering. In some ways eternal, not usually, but let's just push back and call it lets you shared some good news some good stories something positive today.

If you like what Caleb or something. But you know what I mean 866-34-TRUTH 87884 would be the phone number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH in the sea. This is like. It reminds me of my days teaching adult Sunday school and prayer request man that was easy. Only sensible anybody of a praise to the Lord crickets right so come on, try to break that cycle 866-34-TRUTH 87884 just some good news that you've encountered here recently so that we can the celebrate with you and take our minds off of all this craziness that is everyday life. 2020 866-348-7884. Apparently no good news out there whatsoever. Today, 866 34 truth okay so gone, but I met some friends on Facebook live share some things let school so if you want to put some things into perspective in your life.

Tosha is a regular friend on Facebook live. I have MS he said but I'm am able to hear to smell to see the taste and eat now for me I take all of that for granted Tosha.

Most of us do to get off agreement, but she is MS so being able to hear and smell and see and taste and eat is a blessing, and we praise the Lord with you for that. Shelby on Facebook live.

It's got a funny and I think we can all relate to this. I got enough points for a free copy now go well, that's only like what what's got copies to seminary bucks so but that's that's I take it where you can get it just be happy for something okay anything you ever do that or we just like Eeyore all the time is nothing good thing. Good. Steve G's nothing okay so will go to your calls here 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH limits were back in the news in the morning, go to our callers. Here's some good news whether Facebook likes this or not. This comes from the CDCs. I really care COBIT 19 survival rates.

Okay, odds are pretty good that none of you are are 19 and under.

But if you are your survival rate for COBIT is 99.997% while congratulations if you're between the ages of 20 and 49. Praise the Lord your COBIT survival rate just of slightly under that are slightly above it actually 99.98%. If you're in my age group, age 50 to 69 congratulations praise the Lord your survival rate is 99.5%. So if you get COBIT, you only have 1/2 a percent chance of dying.

That's pretty awesome. Would you change your date by the by only begotten they said I'm sorry mission only absent ways news, but your help. Yes what you have this disease okay.

How serious is that what you have a percent chance of time. Okay, I think the Downey age 70 and over. You have a 94.6% chance of surviving the 5.4% chance of dying which bad we don't like that right at that, but you have a 94.6% chance of survival.

Such great things are gone and let's go to Denise Condon from Charlotte North Carolina do these things are: what can a good news they had to share with us on a call that I would call it what you see started the logjam to knees because I got for other callers on hold right behind you so you got it started and then God bless.

That's a good job great and I'll get quickly and looking for cannot move out of downtown. We live in Columbia South Carolina and got it shut many doors and all of a sudden all the doors opened and are how we found another. How can all of that it happened we're very glad that is awesome, congratulations on that the news that's wonderful things are gone at Leesburg in the started I appreciate that shirt thing, but I what a great point coming week weird were in the process doing the exact same thing.

Buying a house. They'll announce all happening within like to have weeks. Praise the Lord and it's not a lot of fun in the middle of COBIT, but pretty God still doing stuff you notice that is not all political is mentored by very little of its political but we praise the Lord for all that, let's go to Vicki right here in my own city of Raleigh.

Vicki thinks work on and go ahead really great at all of our lives. All of the Lord are my heartbreak. All your my current grateful for every day that worship and control the I get freaked out. Sure I left my me no matter what you dare more. Amen. What a great point, a great reminder Vicki God bless you. Thanks for calling in today.

I take care this is. That's it. He's got that okay yet we all got what are 78.4 years of life here on earth and we have an eternity with God in heaven eventually come to come down to earth and that's what you get. So this is this even a speck of dust know it's serious and we struggle and we have great things up and down that happened in this life, but don't forget at 78 or 80 years or 82.

Whatever the case may be, for most people in the got an eternity of eternal bliss were anything everything any little thing that's bad under will be gone when interim that we should be living in that tension and in love and here in the now not so great, but there and then will be awesome Jenny, go ahead real quick and I heard your chiropractor hollered for my shop. I work as a social worker I work at a local yesterday so very grateful and fair that and I can't think about anything today, telephone service, so we could do that on Skype. I strain him on his cell phone that wasn't happening so blandly I will get Joe back on, hopefully before the election day November 3, so a beast. Make sure you're in prayer that we should be praying for Amy Tony Barrett is just knocking it out of the park's been very enjoyable. It's really inspiring to see somebody being a man or woman, but in this case to see a woman in this particular position because we haven't had a lot of women on the Supreme Court and she's using some of the it's really amazing she's using some of the liberal women on the court to make her case or to defend yourself in certain and certain questioning. So it's been just delightful to watch somebody who is so poised and exercising great self-control and just brilliant got no notes in front of her. She's not writing anything down. It just amazing. So if you want to see somebody a true professional somebody that's just really gifted watch some of you with some of the Democrat questioning, you'll lose your mind but when she has a chance to answer, you'll be you'll be. I think impressed and encouraged by that. So she's really doing a great job of praying for her.

Praying for the selection praying for a nation bring over COBIT. All these different things so just trying today to see Jimmy good news out there is any good news since we can talk to our friend Joel Rosenberg just turned the corner. I do this every once in a while. Give us a call 866-348-7884 student don't think is too small or too not big enough. Whatever it is all share in one another's good news positive stories good things that are happening up there. We can praise the Lord for together. We all need a little dose of some positivity here. Okay that's all point so we just traded just changelings today are doing this 866-34-TRUTH eight 788-4834. We lost Randall in Greensboro see Brian and Winston-Salem Brian, thanks for holding that was kind of you go right ahead.

Thank you very much for having me. I just want to thank God and praise him for teaching me what John 48 meeting. You know I used to read that and you know the Lord is telling somebody. The Holy Spirit is like that when you don't know where it comes from. You don't know where it's going. But you see the effect that used to read.nitrate what is he talking about and then my phone was diagnosed with autism and then I left her career that I logged in, ended up in seminarian studied the theological and scientific intersections of all the church. I wanted to do.

I didn't want to do any of it but I felt like it was necessary and now all the sudden, due to no real desire or preplanning of my own ministry to start to take off and didn't a lot of churches and pastoral leaders are asking you to come and talk to them about how they can be more welcoming for kids with disabilities and their churches, and now I can't believe I would've settled for doing anything else and I just praise God for that and I'm so thankful even for the times that God told me know got something better for you, even when it didn't look better.

I'm beginning to see that it was indeed better than anything I ever dared dream or ask of myself such a great point and Ephesians 320 more than you can ask or imagine. In that such a great point and listen. I have it down a similar road. Brian and didn't know what I was going to do an activist but still had my business and didn't know what I should do and then back away from ministry stuff and then God sells my business out from underneath me and there were like wow what we do now in you know single well I don't know what this is what's going to happen here, but we have to remember that the Lord loves us and what he has in store for us. Even if were not measured. If we quit the trust. His measurement as opposed to our measurement because we tend to measure just like they did with King David. We look on the outside. God looks at the heart and we look at our situation from earthly eyes and he's got to eyes that are wise beyond that, that's just a great reminder for all of us, Brian. I really appreciate you: and Sharon, what you do. Thanks.

By the way Brian wanted one last thing, when you call as soon as you started talking. I was wondering if the lieutenant governor was plunking me. He's a good friend of my damn force because you sound exactly ever told you that you never have been, but I'd love to meet them so we can go.

That's really funny LFL he'll be calling in on Thursday in the first segment of the show, so maybe will set that up. That would be hilarious call, she thinks Brian appreciate that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 now Steve, we don't have any good things to share, which is all yours. Nothing good that's was that was got the metal cartoon were never going to make it member him. Let's not be that way. And this is like in Sunday school. Ray mega prayer request albeit they come flooding because we were pretty in touch with all the bad things but as a buddy Emily praise did any good news whatsoever. Anyone praise the Lord for maybe a small like when my friends on Facebook. That's like yeah I completed my free copy card and got a free copy. Okay, that's cool.

In 2020.

I'll take that to the bank all day long. So what about you, 8663 foray 87884 gunplay along day. Now Steve is nothing good. Come on, dig down is a really important part of our lives as Christians that we need to be looking and noticing what God is doing, not just what he from our perspective isn't doing over the difficult things that we have to deal with what's coming. Go but is there anything that's praiseworthy anything that you can share 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH I dear you about that. A call and share some good just area because obviously God's not at work. There's nothing going on out there today is just he's on vacation right now are LDS and gone just like he's out here is really doing anything good is a single thing that's good my life. The roof over your head to close on your back to Aaron your breath, the beating of your heart.

Any family any friends in the opportunities you have a couple bucks to your name. Do you have somewhere to go tonight if you need to sit down and talk to somebody was it with that with the be anybody there. Jim, a friend anywhere you have salvation. Couple of our callers earlier. A great reminder we have so much to be grateful for 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Treva calling in from Raleigh thinks recon is that right is that your name or did we get that wrong tree. Treva, that's a pretty name. What's that what's the origin of that well I'm not really sure was named after that are within the doctor's office and found out she was pregnant. That's cool.

I like that okay treatment.

Things are going go ahead okay.

You remember, I'm sure, probably in 2008.

Play with on your yes-man.

Talk about opioid police officer you doing great actually now pursuing a degree from Liberty first counseling and the Lord is going to give him greatly with other people. If you and I'm proud of him and not just praise the Lord for his mercy and grace.

That's right.

And I think you did your you and your husband came in with the new that we did not remember the show with him. Good to hear. And that's one of those things that you think this is just a big nightmare but on the other end of that God will use it and he'll use your son to administer to so many other people. That's really awesome lately that's great Treva thanks so much for: it is so good to hear from you.

Well, Bless you bye-bye so cool. Let's go to Laura is gone and from Raleigh, Laura, your Oma Steve, thanks for: go ahead and now you know I'm pretty good how you doing I'm doing great, glad ruling probably last couple days. Yesterday my everything was not going well so I can't take them out again.

Call me think all that is here all the lovely Al that you know is wordy and I member my mommy to tell us the same thing. If you think I don't think I wanted good and so true, and pinpoint daily and then you saying the same thing on your show. So I just I thank you for what you do my best friend's birthday today as we celebrate all it's her best friend's name Mary Mary happy birthday Mary and Jesus all your friends on the radio said happy birthday my new welcome God bless you Laura thinks recon and let's go to Julio's gone and from Youngsville, Julia, your honesty, thanks for: go ahead good.

How are you for your sharing our long-term great birthing guy just amazing answer prayers for the last 11 years on Marine and then battling here are brain injury each year and her family and it's been a hard fight. I ended up having to refile a full congressional patient against the Marine Corps are not only finding injury but fighting the Marine Corps if there a yearly really. However, years, and he and Scarlett thought about that journey enabled me to become very aware of a lot of issues that are facing. I was got in Ian's office a lot of organization Angel years that it has helped her through this software.

Julia gives a brief question real quick. It's his first exam because I will pray for him. When the show was over Facebook live daily) Julia thanks for: an insured back a little happy today show sound like breaking news stop and what should I be taken up my headset. The maybe I'll hear Gabriel blown his horn somewhere but that's not going on. That's the first thing I did like breaking news breaking news breaking news anywhere is one thing to say hey here's your sell services out your neighborhood, your cables out your neighborhood or your powers on your neighborhood, but if they say that's all that's out your entire state.

What's 2020. I don't know that I bat an eye anymore so we could do that today of Joel Rosenberg will work and get him back on and look forward to that. Hopefully before the election. And so we just turn the gears today. Just turn the corners okay.

I did this summer. No couple months goes that all right good news.

Anybody got a good news story thing we can just give a shout out to the Lord for will push away from politics to push away from all the darkness in the in the confusion in the anger and the vitriol and just try to think of some things that you get in great great blessing just to hear and just praise the Lord. We shouldn't be that difficult for us to look around and go okay.

There's some things are bad and worried about the future the country what can happen if it's ladies and gentlemen, the president states Joe Biden will you getting these are all serious.

But God is doing awesome stuff at the same time so we need to work to remember that.

So let's go to our callers. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you want to squeeze appraising here before the end of the show Kathy's gone and from Raleigh.

He thinks for holding your Oma Steve, go right ahead. Several hard things happened over the last year that God had turned them into something great and appellees teaching at our family. We had that that my brother-in-law in December and it was we were praying for him. They know for sure and that was our biggest fear. Come to find out that he had been speaking to somebody else. I guess you couldn't beat you down and let me out from the Lord. Well I'm God made it really clear that he would say, and that around his daughter. My me now are you know want to get baptized. The site is about drawing close to the Lord and and Mike, my daughter, her boyfriend within a horrible car accident hit by a semi. Thanks actually survived this accident. I mean the kind of thing never want to hear, yet you know I can't get this call child. The fact that he survived it and if you look at them right now you probably well thinking talking talking just normal and he was in it, for several weeks that Dan get the story Kelly so 2020. Go 2020 oh he survived this whole thing find out and bear checking out he had a hammer. Okay well now they had this for a while hasn't shown up on anything that you would not had not been in that car accident. Okay, fast-forward last week. One of the top doctors at is taking him on related brain hammer and a way to look at them doll.

Scott sounds crazy even Worried because God here if you step-by-step yelling at you. I built it. I know everything that yeah yeah every time I look at my lack what got it you to do again as a great demand Limits for going on and that was wonderful. Thank you so much thank you thank you talk about actually got bless you bye-bye let's jump over to William in Durham, North Carolina William Ramstein. Thanks for call go right ahead.

You think you longer walk.

One of the Lord, for you know and go to do you really like to go for you to show. Are you actually doing a lot for me to politics before until about 08 when Obama cabled the start. Hear what you go about social Hopi picture really really listen to you showing in 20 he started to really get more involved, termites will talk soon. Chucky all day know what is really because if you educate a ghostly of politics and the whole one of the things from a biblical perspective, and I think you want to show everything that you do and I just prayed for the show. I hope everything goes well for you and the family ended because the gift you have on all the reasonable politics that you bring up even when you do not ask how to get energized because unlike you absolutely right in the big four accounting one will be just the class when they played the role but I really appreciate everything that you do not show while I am okay well I'm my skin is now is read as my hair some things for that very kind to be praised what I just praise the Lord that I can that he uses me to do anything so it's praise God for that. Thank you so much for that encouragement.

That's really wonderful. So kind of you to do that. I really appreciate that. Thanks for what thanks for that William got bless you. Thank you. Absolutely my pleasure, thanks so much. Well, that was okay to move on, let's go to Jean Cullen and Shirley Jean here Jean you can call back if you want school 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Jim Condon from Greensboro.

Jim also out here if it wasn't something I said let's go to Lee's call in and from Utah Lee are you there hey are you I am here are you good I three hangups in a row doing a row. So here you are a God bless you. Things were going on have found you down and think that it's right okay I want to thank God. In an odd way because unfortunately my sister's gotten into a wrong belief structure but is forced me back into the Scripture to dig deeper and be able to speak with her about that. So I mean it's (on hold: yeah, yeah. So a great way to bless me. So I think is a great point and I really appreciate you calling and leave because you thought that something I know the Lord wanted us to hear that because that's something we have to reread something hits the fan in your life. Something negative going on something bad or even questions are source of talk about faith issues nearly 9 think that's wrong but I don't really know how to answer him. God's always giving us an opportunity go deeper the longer and to grow and that's exactly what you did.

This is an awesome reminder for all of us, so thanks for calling and ensure that Lee, I appreciate your welcome. Thank you.

Have a great day.

You're welcome you as well and that's a great reminder. So sometimes were like, you know, don't. Don't freak out if you have the answer. Okay people of been attacking Christianity for a couple thousand years apologetics didn't just grow up in the last 30 years with Ravi Zacharias's ministry or somebody else. The truth of God is been under attack since it's been revealed is that something new. So you've got all kinds of things coming at it, but there's the list is not exhaustive. Really, there's probably about 15 to 20 lines of attack on Christianity that it just like a absolute broken record.

There's great answers, and so whenever you're stumped, and sometimes we are afraid to speak up because we don't have all the answers in the can gets us out of the awkward position of having spiritual conversations of people but just remember this if you open up a can of worms with somebody in spiritual nature and you get stumped and you will hate you know what this is what you okay write this down, put on your phone. Whatever this will eat it up. You know it that's a great question and I I don't have a good answer for you right now. But tonight, can I ask you a favor and can we do me a favor, mostly, but I sure okay can we come back together and we can we do you mind by go spend some time. I like to do some research on that like to get some information and I love to follow up with you and talk further about is that good okay cycle yet I be fine all right awesome. And guess what now you have conversation number two or number three and number four number five number six. Whatever the case maybe sought that's been a huge blessing to me over years. Once I started getting on the radio, which was all the way back to 2007 and like the caller would say something I've just I wouldn't touch a subject or topic because I'm like I think that I'm really qualified her to know that well enough to open that up on on radio so then you study to show yourself approved right so that's a great opportunity so you should always be learning if you like a I'm in pretty good shape, but that's a problem there really is no ureter, growing your your receipt okay that if I just offended you or made you upset about your airline I feel like my front doesn't receive M gallery seeing going on back here in Accra.

I that's just an opportunity to grow. Okay so when you run and opposition your runner.

That kind of stuff. Don't freak out as part of the deal. It's like muscles and less muscles are challenged and stretched, unless you're increasingly hey up and going to the gym for 20 years. Wow, that's awesome. Why don't you look very good. Well, well, I mean I think over 20 what you do when you're there. I do all I do a bunch of different exercise really with what empty bottle of water will and empty bottle water is water your bottle is empty but I'm a go for 20 years yet. That's why you don't look good. You're not really accomplishing is not challenging yourself. So don't be afraid of the world that's been attacking Christianity since Christianity started nothing new under the sun is great answers and throw yourself into it or not of swim skydiving about plaintiff right over you doing, don't be afraid to speak up till be afraid to be afraid to ask questions and answer go find one great answer and then you'll find with your boldness in your last really care for yourself. W.

Trust me anyway. Great to hear from you.

Thanks for all you all and in all my friends and wife Sharon got doing great things going on in politics. Things still in the throne of the universe.

Great joy was so willing ever for

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