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Deace. Trump/Rush. Pelosi. Perdition.

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 9, 2020 1:37 pm

Deace. Trump/Rush. Pelosi. Perdition.

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 9, 2020 1:37 pm

Deace. Trump/Rush. Pelosi. Perdition.

Today Steve is joined by Steve Deace to talk about the upcoming election and the Trump virtual rally hosted by Rush Limbaugh.  Steve also talks about Nancy Pelosi and the 25th Amendment.  


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Everyone time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your house okay right in the reading from twitter spoke a little birdie with access the internal polling never seen a disconnect like the sun is pulling several women are without, but it just went from gone in there killing us right now and then he looked back at wow are you better off now than you were four years ago classic question. September 2020 right now for Trump. I mean 56% yet better off today than I was four years ago. Even with coping December 2012, 45% said that 22,004, 47% said that 1992, 30% said that, so this looks awesome, right 56%. The latest Rasmussen poll that have Biden +12 as Trump only getting 76% of Republican Trump got 80% of Republicans in the 2016 elections. What's going on there since 2016 Democrats of lost 41,924 voters in Pennsylvania my Republicans again eight, 158,000 58,004 45 S. Joe Biden when the state by 11 is the reason polling suggests average margin of victory in the Florida last seven presidential elections is 2.5 points. Today's Quinnipiac poll has Biden outperforming that by 400%. Last but not least Rasmussen poll the most accurate national poll in 2016, says Biden is going to outperform FDR's final reelected in 19 1844 in the midst of World War II what the heck is going on with all that Steve days from the blaze. Thanks for calling buddy what what's going on here. Those are all your tweets. This is crazy. Never seen anything like us like this help us understand what's happening here. I'm not sure I all I can do brother data and report what I see and here's what I know for sure Donald Trump is not only going to get 76% of registered Republicans on election day. I don't think you can do it really any earlier than 1992 because beginning in the 80s, California, Florida, was a swing state in your kind of not pertinent to this environment since 1997 presidential election. Any Republican nominee has done with Republican voters was George Herbert Walker Bush got 73% in 1992 when I was with Ross Perot eating with them for Trump is dramatically more popular with Republican voters. He averaged 87% approval rating with Republican voters is four years.

There is no way on election day to get only 76% to get at least 10 point now as every other demographic brother I got I don't know the shocking thing about this is like the COBIT situation. What you been dealing with doing a great job in many budgets been killing it all year and when we appreciate the abilities God is giving you and you share that with the rest of us. Where was I don't know where to go. I hear this all the time and treated to what work can I go to actually get information that I can trust.

I don't know you got to go through all of it and you sit through it all and to sermons probably my number one prayer request this year and now the same thing on the pulling and people are just don't have a clue. You go look from now all the way back.

If you run real clear politics. Look at all those polls is like 100 tantalum all the way back to being of January 1, Biden was the assumptive nominee.

The presumptive nominee and like all of them are blue Biden, except for three for Trump and to wear a tie looks like a landslide. But there's all kinds of other things. So is it just as this is the is this just the anti-Trump fixes in. And now, not just the left media and of course all of the Democrats party.

But now we got all the pulling sources in hereto.

Could that be possible it could be possible. I think the I could at least better like cut out charge.

You could at least pry objective data.

There was no expert in institutions all over the rest of the world get good data from just being dialysis was bad. It's tough to get even. The good data here when it comes to the public polling to the topic presented only for read through it sort of sit through the mess there's only two things that are possible here as far as I could tell either.

This process is systemically wrong/right. That's one possibility. The other possibility is that suburban women in America hate Donald Trump so much there about the hand the country over to Mark and it's one of those two things that mean tweak me, you get more that that's the only those are the only real to auction because I just can't reconcile within this data or any other where you were sitting here right now you mention the are you better off than you were four years ago, the highest Gallup is ever received. They started asking before you know the last unemployment report before the election went down historically every president but one who had a declining unemployment rate. Before his election one. The only exception was excruciatingly close election. You look at the majority of Americans want Amy Tony Barrett confirmed before the election are made either just to get rid of trunk to get that last Supreme Court justices there. I know you just comes down to either either the poles along the way or suburban women in America just wanted mean tweak the support. One of those two things really think that I mean between now and November 3 and I can quite frankly, unless it's a huge Trump landslide November 3. I will think this is going to be over anytime soon.

I think were back in the Bush Gore on crack. But, but you between now and then we not you know, I know most people know this.

We all vote self-interest. That's just the way we are and so are they all get all that emotion out. I hated my head. My head on, but when you going there to pull the lever fill in the thing or mailing your ballot got helpless then you're like okay he's the biggest jerk and that I've ever known, but at least is put more money in my pockets. I think were safer in the country's going to do better. I just don't know that's gonna happen.

Could people be that emotional that they're willing to turn the country over to Marxism. I totally agree with you that because of their emotions in this environment and with the fifth ES which I will talk about that another day. But the spiritual darkness. This is like the prequel trilogies I keep hearing Yoda say saying the Darkside is clouding everything so there's a massive spiritual battle going on here that most people aren't even aware of and I just don't know. I'm with you I most people ask me all the time like I have no idea, but that's a great way to look at in terms of those two options. So what we do other than we better be on her stinking knees in prayer. More so now than ever before for our country. I think well environment. He should have never lost environment no matter who the Democrats nominated if he walked.

This would be unlike any presidential loss in American history, it would be neat individual rebuke him on a personal, visceral level and really not on his agenda or any of this policy you can see the me the Democrats are by saying that I could have racetrack orders out here right as Americans think that Steve, thanks for your time and I know you're busy will talk you soon. Thanks to yours God help us all. I talk you later. Thanks, Steve Noble a lot more to talk about holy cow, get on your knees will be right back to be with you as a sign for those of you on Facebook lives. Something happened there. Some happen there on Facebook.

I like it. We can hear your caller with a call received by the radio.

Your okay so I'm to go back through this, but I want to set this up because the basement was talking about. And again, let me let me just preface this by saying I think Steve days is the best analyst in the country right now on politics and polling and just raw data. He is a data consumer okay is a major data consumers been doing this for years is up there and I always at the middle of all the political mess that Ireland represents over all the years in the work of the cruise campaign and I was specifically what his job with was an even he didn't see what what was going to happen with Trump back then. Okay, but is brilliant and he's a number cruncher and he's also full of the Holy Spirit. Okay, so that's why I follow him closely with text pretty regularly and just helps a lot. Okay so I really trust. So he's coming out and saying you know all the stuff got none of this makes sense. You got all these polls shall abide by bind bind by but then you have something like of the pole that was the typical question, are you better off now than you were four years ago.

That's an absolute absolute rock-bottom question that goes to the reelection of a president you better off now than you were four years ago and right now the answer is 56% said yes that's the highest in the history of those Poli those poles going back to 1984, 1984 that was at the end of the first the first term for Reagan, Ronald Reagan, and any/the top marginal rate from like 72% on a 36% and the economy skyrocketed his first term and 44% said yeah I'm better off now than I was four years ago. Right now, 56% are saying okay. That's crazy yet. Steve texted this up, the sound twitter just about an hour ago spoke to a little birdie with axis as an internal polling.

This case talk about the White House campaign never seen a disconnect like this.

What disconnect on issue polling suburban women are with us meeting most suburban women. The numbers are strong. Hey, we like everything Donald Trump done we like a lot of his policies will certainly like the result. That's why 56% are saying yeah I'm better off now than I was four years ago.

I think most people of their honest or saying that even with COBIT okay this is even with scope. However, what they but they just want Trump gone and they're killing us right now.

Mimi and this is what Steve they said to those of you on Facebook like the mist he said we've got suburban women who love the results but can't stand Trump at his personality to meanness and nastiness and all I can to stop and they are literally willing at this moment they're willing with their vote to turn the country over to a Marxist driven agenda in order to eliminate the emotional stress of having a really nasty guy in the White House, which I know now I'm sounding sexist but that is absolutely logic being overrun by emotion. That's absolutely what it is and so I'm a tell you right now. I've said this before mislaid again Trump Trump is Trump a nasty guy in many ways, yet he can be is the obnoxious, yet many ways it can be is the is a pretty is the lack of eloquence yes is not a particularly great communicator is he doesn't just tell it like it is yes to tell you what he thinks.

Obviously, but that but that is does he go after his enemies political enemies. Yes to you all that uncomfortable right we been talking about that and nausea for five years but now you know point where you're like okay this is worse than Trump versus Hillery and 2060 and I said to quote myself. I'm in a vote for the devil. I don't know very well versus the devil I know very well and the same thing is true now except the guy that I thought was could become a devil before Donald Trump has proven himself to still be Donald Trump in the way he actually communicates the way he treats people. However, he's also proven themselves to be a remarkably effective conservative president and none of that we didn't know any of that going into 2016, November 2060 sewer, like Vegas right with a wing and a prayer well a lot of things came up seven on that bet. And a lot of great things have happened, including for minority people and then you get COBIT but have really come out of COBIT and I believe we will know I want to tell.

I want to guide the helmet just did what he did for three years were talking about an existential threat to the future the country some to jump to this is going to save this last moment to this right now Dr. Dobson. So if you're my age of 54 in here you're in that generation. Okay Earl that you know Dr. Dobson's focus on the family right so he's talking about here put an article just the other day. Dr. Dobson's open letter to Christians regarding the election. Many political commentators that stated that the selection is the most significant since 1864 when Abraham Lincoln vied for a second term against Democrat nominee George McClellan. The future of our beloved nation hung in the balance that your thinking it lost the Civil War would've ended precipitously in the wretched evils of slavery would remain legal in the Confederate states of breath even in the north had Lincoln been defeated. The union would've been torn asunder. Thank God Mr. Lincoln one even though it cost him his life now are approaching another presidential election that carries enormous implications for the stability of our democratic system of government absolutely true. Indeed, Newt Gingrich said that what we are facing now might bring an end to civilization as we have known it may have been referring to a possible revolution. Regardless, I believe is great concern for our nation is valid. Charlie Curtin turning point USA recently said that Donald Trump is the bodyguard of Western civilization. Now I'm looking at that as a quantitative statement, not a qualitative statement that's undergoing is Donald Trump, a Savior, of course not, but has Donald Trump's activity and results as the president does he stand between what we have been Western civilization Judeo-Christian heritage. The founding principles of this country and what everybody in the left who now openly talks about what they want us to be the new green deal. Essentially, socialism take care of everybody free stuff for everybody except the rich people basically hang them out to dry and rich corporations organize extract everything from them, which by the way, if you ever study that we went after all of them killed the Forbes 400 took everything took all the cop profits of the good of the of the Fortune 500 literally took all the prophets, then we would basically be on paper one year federal expenditures so you kill all the golden goose is you can find go after all the scumbag rich people there obviously God hates them all obviously so kill them all take all their stuff in your paper. About one year. The federal government's expenditures. You're not cannot touch the debt so it doesn't work in the green new deal in this, then the only thing packing the court in Roe versus Wade codified from top to bottom in the in the ongoing worship because that's the most accurate word Molex worship of killing unborn children goes on and on and on in perpetuity and then you got Donald Trump who I don't know how deep into his heart. All these issues go, but I do know what he's done and that's a Dobson's talk about here, so he's quoting from somebody else. This is not a junior high or high school popularity personality contest. I'm not voting for the person I'm voting for the platform.

I'm voting for the Second Amendment. I'm voting for the next Supreme Court justice. I'm voting for the electoral college. I'm voting for the Republican which we live.

I'm voting for the police and law and order. I'm voting for the military and the veterans who fought and died for this country. I'm voting for the flagon that is often missing from public events. I'm voting for the right to speak my opinion and not be censored for Christian I'm voting for secure borders. I'm voting for the right to praise God without fear. I'm voting for every unborn soul that is at risk of being aborted. I'm voting for freedom of the American dream.

I'm voting for good and against evil and not just voting for one person.

Then he adds some other things which is really good sonic tell you when I come back from the other side of Ralph hey Steve ACP sleep are you in sourcing Donald Trump figured that out already.

I'm not enforcing how he acts all the time, but I'm endorsing what he's done and what he stands for what I believe will continue to do you have to separate the personality will be right back. There is a fairly are looking at all the different stuff know what the world happened, what with having me listen to this. The latest Rasmussen poll that has Biden +12 is Trump only getting 76% of Republicans and Rasmussen Julie pretty good pole right Trump got 80% of Republicans in the 2016 election is more popular with Republicans now sound the possibility going only at 76%. He got 80% of Republicans in 2016 and now Rasmussen scene is only going to get 12 is going to go down what it what is that and in the HW Bush got for 73% of Republicans.

In 1992 and that was with Ross Perot in there who was only stealing votes from Bush Siegel how how can that happen. Look at Pennsylvania right now they're saying a recent poll so that shows Biden up by 11 points. But since 2016 Democrats of lost 41,924 voters in Pennsylvania, while the Republicans have gained 158,000 that's a net gain of about 107,000 more Republicans registered and in pickups in Pennsylvania than Democrats, yet they're saying binds and when Pennsylvania by 11 average margin of victory in Florida last seven presidential elections is 2 1/2 points. Today's Quinnipiac poll has Biden outperforming that by 400%.

The latest Rasmussen poll the most accurate national poll in 2016, says Biden is going to outperform FDR's final reelection in 1944 and that was in the middle of what World War II now we can say Bob on Facebook live is saying hey you know what pay no attention to the polls, but you have a massive onslaught of polling since January.

Literally hundred 21 so are you telling me all hundred and 20 poll since January of all been fixed. Every single one of is that possible it's possible that Steve Bates was saying is it probable.

We've never seen that before, so he says you the whole thing is rigged and fix all the polling's left media all of okay got the left media got the Democrats nights are all polling companies and are pretty much all of them and they're all fixed. Trying to get rid of Trump. That's one option. The other option is working to see a a never before seen loss of a president based purely on his personality because suburban women agree with his large extent agree with his policies and grandmothers results, but he's just such a nasty guy just can't handle anymore.

I'd rather live in a Marxist country than a country that has a guy like Donald Trump is the president. That's insane and that's why I was reading that.

Sorry if that's you, but that's just not rational. We have enlisted to say this again as a follower of Jesus Christ and a person that's pretty well versed in the Scriptures and knowing what a biblical norm is for a follower of Christ, which by the way, I don't bother applying that to unbelievers anymore. That would be like yelling at the lemon tree because it's dropping limits what that's just ridiculous. I don't impose a biblical's I don't I don't impose a biblical standard. Unbelievers and their behavior.

God does. That's why were all content is none righteous, no not one because God imposes his biblical standard on everybody all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. There is none righteous, no not one.

Okay, but I don't apply that because I don't expect an unbeliever to act like anything other than an unbeliever. So when I look at Donald Trump and let's just say he's these two options here either. He's a baby Christian or is not a Christian is not a Christian. I'm not holding a biblical standard to his behavior. And that's just a screwed up broken world that we live, and so now I can't hold that standard tone, but I can hold a standard to results and policies because that's my only choice or he's baby Christian in which you get saved at 72 after being pretty obnoxious person. Our driver for 50 years. You think all of a sudden you're gonna turn into Mother Teresa just is really sweet, kind person that just lets anything slide off their back after being a Christian for what year and 1/2 two years, three years now. That's ridiculous. That's unloving to have that kind of expectation. So then you know what you just gotta get over it is obnoxiousness is condescension. How is mean to people.

How is not a great communicator ice amines at the time of my God I was you and send. But then he okay the pause button on your personality predicament and go look at results and go look at policies and look at platform when it comes to platform is only one of these two platforms that embraces child murder funds.

It protects it and embraces it.

Former president Barack Obama God bless Planned Parenthood former secondary state Hillary Clinton, Margaret Singer award micro singers on my heroes and avowed racist states that tannic to the core eugenics okay, that's that party Democrat party and then the full embracing of a completely godless sexual ethic now the Republican Party. I don't have a problem with their orthodoxy their platform. The platform solid when mother or the proxy how they work that out to. They do everything well they missed the boat yet on a lot of things but it's way better and in hey what do we Steve you tell me to choose the lesser of two evils. Yes, that is the only choice you have in this world unless you're choosing Christ, then you choose perfection, but everything else you choosing the lesser of two evils. Everything including the selection so that was what Dr. Dobson was doing here. I'm voting for the second amendment.

He's quoting some deals of voting for the next Supreme Court justice now and not me more is that's gonna get done please God, I'm voting for the electoral college.

I'm voting for the Republican which we live. By the way it was. Hey the electoral college. Steve why he talked quite a bit like that, why is that a big deal because if we don't have an electoral college. The top 8 to 15 cities in America get to choose the president every year which tells you now you know why the Democrats want to get rid of the electoral college is if you have the top five, 10, 15 cities in America.

Choosing the president there all blue gazelles are concentrations of population.

What we don't live in a pure democracy, we don't live in a democracy that's just 51% done deal. We do live in a democracy because the majority would use the minority all the time we live in a representative republic. We had a problem early on this as part of the constitutional convention, and so how do we deal with the fact that some states have more people than others.

We went all the big states that have all the mojo and all the little states don't have any say or do we make it like one state one vote and just evened it all out with that does make sense either. So what we do we do both with the House of Representatives based on population. We have a Senate words even in the sentence kind of a contradictory thing to the house there every six years for a little more stability. The houses every two years were revenue bills and tax bills start.

So we get done sooner and firearm and so there's a balance there. You get that and then we did the exact same thing the electoral college is brilliant here.

Voting for that I'm voting for the military and veterans. I'm voting for the flag is often missing public events of money for the right speak my opinion I'm voting for the right to praise God without fear, and not have my church shut down over disease that has, by the way, did you figure out can we put up the survival rates on the screen to begin do that on the TV by me that's only a Facebook life of your age 0 to 1999.997% chance of surviving Tobit. If you are between 20 and 49 you have a 99.98% chassis or CDC numbers. By the way it and Facebook, you can't. You can't century on the site to too late. Age 50 to 69. You have a 99.5% chance of surviving COBIT if you're over 70. The target group. Your chance of surviving Tobit is 94.6%. There's a 40% chance against across all of that that you'll be a symptomatic meaning you will feel anything and there's an 80% chance that you won't have anything serious enough to go to hospital and those of the survival rates I'm voting for every unborn soul that's at risk being boarded I'm voting for freedom of the American dream of voting for good against evil and not just voting for one person's Dobson goes on to say that I could have said it better. Although I want to add to the writers list most of voting for candidates will exercise sound leadership internationally. I'm voting for those who will support Israel. I'm voting for those who will protect children from leftist curriculum. I'm voting for the nation's fiscal integrity and voting for parental rights and voting for school choice and on education. I'm voting for freedom in the suburbs and voting for Little sisters of the poor and other Christian organizations I'm voting for racial unity.

I'm voting to sporting God we trust in school prayer. I'm voting for freedom of conscience for physicians and other professionals I'm voting for marriage I'm voting for life and all of its dimensions. I'm voting against euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide and voting for wisdom in handling the pandemic.

I'm voting for protection for the church and press the politicians one final thought. Dr. Dobson says with all respect, this election is about you now is talking like a founding father who were willing to pledge their fortunes their lives and their sacred honor.

Not for themselves. Get over yourself but for their posterity, so he goes on to say, with all respect, this election is about you. So if you like trumps personality and how you can be nasty sometimes I don't.

I don't care. This is an about you. This is about your feelings. This is about you being offended. This is about you. It's not about me. It certainly is about me. Dobson writes it's about our kids and grandkids is about those who are yet to come. If they're allowed to live.

This vote has awesome implications for future generations in the nation.

We love is about our Constitution and the immutable God-given rights it protects.

It's about values and truth and greatness and hope.

This is why the notion of choosing a president based on frivolous personality characteristics is so unfortunate.

In summary, Dr. Dobson writes this election is for all the marbles presidency, the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Supreme Court. Together they set the agenda for the country together.

They will determine in the natural in this world at this time in this country. They will determine what your kids and your grandchildren will experience so are we going to sit literally I I'm 100% believe this, are we to sell their future down the river for our emotional challenges of dealing with a somewhat obnoxious person really are we to do that. 1024 days 25 days we had a cell heart children's future in America based on the type of government we have down the river because I just feel uncomfortable with a president who's trying to nasty that just mark the rational back is feasible. I was just reading portions from Dr. Dobson open letter to Christians regarding the election. I just posted it here on the Facebook why during the radio show I posted on my regular personal page on Facebook and I posted on the radio page on Facebook the Steve Noble show.

You can find it there in the radio page I get it is like it and then all the posting I do, you could see all that interact in everything and there's a lot of interaction going on there. I mean, just earlier today I posted something about Rush Limbaugh that Trump was on there two hours uninterrupted, not the station I was listening to a Neihart radio they were playing commercials, but on a lot of the radio stations at 600+ radio stations Rush Limbaugh's on. They didn't have no commercial breaks two hours trump going with rush for two hours. By the way between Trump and Biden which one of these two guys is be getting hammered by the press in live wildfire face-to-face interactions over and over and over again for five years.

You really think Joe Biden could handle two hours of live radio with anybody unscripted no Teleprompter in England and I listened that unlike Kelly, I would've said that differently. Oh yeah, that's can be misconstrued by the little book but two hours back and forth with a lot of facts and details and no hyperbole in all the typical drum stuff, but like Steve days was seen in the first segment listen on. There's only want one or two things going on here either. We have the fixes then and now all the major polling groups have joined in league with the Democrat party and liberal media to do whatever they can to throw the selection which I think could it happen to me. He was like yeah could happen, but that's pretty far-fetched. Now you shake that up and throw a little spiritual warfare in there now, it becomes little more probable or were about to see the most shocking presidential defeat in the history of the country based on the presidents personality because that's what the polling that Steve got from. I presume somebody in the White House. Earlier today Steve days got this and tweeted it nearly just go back up to exactly what the tweet said is exactly what spoke to a little birdie with access to some internal polling stuck in the polling inside the trunk campaign quote never seen a disconnect like this on issue polling suburban women are with us, but they just want trunk honor killing us right now like showing up in the polling which is like a 56% of people right now saying yes I'm better off today than I was four years else. That's the highest that pole for that question just ahead of a presidential election has ever been since unlike 1984 and that was the end of Reagan's first term. So logically, none of this stuff is lining up to live a massive fixes in to get rid of Trump, which we've seen that for almost 5 years now or were about to see a completely unprecedented presidential defeat based purely on people's emotional reaction to his style. His personality and the way he communicates and if America if you quite frankly, if you are that's controlled by your emotions in your Christian, you're not thinking rationally that was appointed Dobson's thing that's appointed what I've seen you, you need to put the pause button on the personality problem and you need to put the play button on the results and platform issue the personality thing is an unfortunate yes, but we really want to sell our kids future down the river because we don't like a presidents personality or the way he operates in the way he talks to people or is condescending or whatever. Think about that for a second.

Yeah, I'm willing to bury my children's future. In order to get an obnoxious guy out of the White House, who by the way, yeah. He's done a lot of good things for the countries a lot of great things for African-Americans. He's done a lot of great things for Israel is not a great things for our place in the international world both economically and militarily. There's a lot of good things that were being done but he's just so obnoxious. I don't care willing to do that to ignore all that and sell the rest of the country's future down the river which I really think as we were talking about here because I'm uncomfortable. That is so just lose it.

That is so selfish it's remarkably selfish and let me double down on that. It's childish and let me trickle down on that. It's on loving from a Christian perspective.

Love your neighbor as yourself. Show deference to others to pay other people the place in front of you be willing to take the lassie and pushes everybody else up to the front of the train and you're barely hanging on the back. Jesus didn't come to be served but to serve, so what you gonna do for your kids future. Do you really think Nancy Pelosi is now talking about the 20th amendment.

Why she doing that were to set up a little crew here to talk about is not about Pres. trump she said today he will face the judgment of voters, but he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents. What she doing that for she's hedging your bets.

If Donald Trump wins then she's got trying to low put another bullet in the chamber that she can go after what Hamlet because he is in his mid-70s and also know he's not capable only got it or now I think this is actually a better option. Bobby Bobby position one in her thinking, Joe Biden's gonna win.

But Joe Biden can cover so we need to have some things in place because were going to have to replace Joe pretty soon, Harris, who literally based on her voting record Newsweek magazine said last year. She's the most liberal person in the Senate. She voted more liberally get that. Did you know this fax over feelings. She voted more liberally than Bernie Sanders and she's our horrific candidate and then she got her and in position to bind Joe Biden by the way who is in position 30 that's right. Oh, that's right, Nancy Pelosi, so what's going on there and so it's it's selfish it's irrational. It lacks critical thinking and it's unloving from a Christian perspective because I'm telling they want to pack the court. Religious freedom are you kidding you know what standing in between the hard-core left Marxism socialism baby kill you know what standing in between them and doing whatever they want with this country. You know what standing between them and that you if your Christian and you hold a biblical standard which you should.

It's you, it's me. You think they want me on the air doing what I do think they want Steve days on the air doing he do does or Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or or or or no shut them all down. Bring back the fairness doctrine that shut it all down because this is a spiritual battle friends for lack of human dignity, lack of unalienable rights, lack of property rights. Lack of the ability to maximize your potential given to you by God which might result in you making more money than other people.

Get rid of all is that it's completely godless agenda and baby, sacrifice and remove all sexual ethics whatsoever is total autonomy God take a flying leap will do whatever we want thank you that's literally what's going on here so I said that Dr. Dobson's letter up and I put it on there and I'm like okay here's the deal you like his personality like a style get over get over it.

I'm not excusing it. I'm just thinking over move along this bigger fish to fry than the president, personality, or lack thereof, or bigness of it. How Piggly it is whatever obnoxious he can be what it lack of eloquence. All that stuff and then I come back and then there's the other side of this is the other side of the ultimate side of me, the most important thing that even over all of that is you clean up America and make it beautiful and have a roaring economy and all this great stuff and we got were respected around the world are pushing back on on Islamic fundamentalism in all these great things in school choice homeschooling is protected and were doing better with babies were saving more babies and abortion isn't quite as widespread and maybe we turn over Roe versus Wade. But if all 330 million Americans never hear the gospel and we don't act like the church people die in a nice country and then spend eternity separated from God in hell. And that is a bigger fish to fry.

So if you think CB totally given over to politics. No, I'm not no not the gospel is first politics is important, but the gospel is preeminent because gospel is the only thing that deals with the eternal soul of man, not politics, that's temporal. It's important because it involves human beings made in the image of God love unalienable rights that's important in the here and the now, but that ends and then there's the future there's eternity which is CS Lewis said he never met a mere mortal. Every single person you've ever met is either an everlasting or eternal splendor because they're either a child of the devil there child of God in the living separates.

That is adoption in a family of faith by faith in Jesus Christ. That's the bigger issue so we can make America great again, but you could make America great again and have a nation full of condemned people that are going to hell because we don't share the gospel and we don't live it out well to validate our profession of faith. So it's both. It's the it's the tension of the Christian life. That's why Paul is talking about the live is Christ and to die is gain. Sometimes that's my prayer Lord, get me off this rock give me here and what I'm probably not good. It was Diet Coke.

So if you're looking here on the Facebook live. You see the screen behind me. If you're between the ages of zero 19 your odds of surviving COBIT literally if you get your odds of surviving COBIT CDC numbers sorry Facebook don't censor this 99.997% odds of survival. So you do if you get that pay your COBIT positive on a second, you have a 99.997% chance of surviving because you're only 60 oh we can do it about. I will go to a movie. Okay cool. Your age 20 to 49 what your survival rate 99.98%. So says the CDC figure 50 to 69. That's my age range what's my survival. If I get it 99.5% pay Steve you have 1/2% chance of dying from cold.

What you really think you should do all I think I should deftly going to the basement.

Don't do anything to the show from home don't see anyone. Don't do anything till going and then the most vulnerable age range 70 up chance of survival 94.6% to 5.4% chance of dying across all those age ranges.

By the way, 40% are asymptomatic in 80% don't require any serious hospitalization or visit to the hospital at all yet.

This drives our life matter is not eternal so we live with attention, both grown and we moan anxious over the here and now we long for there and then we live in the space between the tension of it all you like his personality only can we actually only about when I talk about ourselves and about our children children's born in on Steve nobleness email Michelle God willing I talked to my dad always used to say thank God for this

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