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LIVE with the CWA Bus!!!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 8, 2020 4:30 pm

LIVE with the CWA Bus!!!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 8, 2020 4:30 pm

LIVE with the CWA Bus!!!

Concerned Women for America is a political activist organization that is currently on a bus tour to promote Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court. 


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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble

Wake up everyone it's time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble packets to show her a lot in Raleigh at the site for concerned women for America tour. They are here supporting any County parents nomination and eventual confirmation Supreme Court and so they're making a story to the battleground states of your Facebook live. You can see what behind us.

That is beautifully wrapped pink bus hashtag women for Amy's.

You can check it out that way, or you go to concerned to see the information there.

Penny Nance Penny Young Nance is the CEO and president of concerned women for America. CW has been around for a while and she's deleting it for number of years now. They're praying right now but in the second will get that Penny Mance is going to come over will talk to her about what's going on behind the CWA's bus tour in the nomination of any County Barrett in the battle that's ensuing what's going on with the election and this is a monumental historical situation. She mentioned this earlier in her opening comments about can you imagine if Hillary Clinton had one just just think about that for a second.

Just in the context of the United States Supreme Court. She already would've had to additions and then she would've had 1/3 with Ruth Bader Ginsburg and you would have a 6 to 3 Liberal Ct., and John Roberts being somebody that often times unfortunately they can count on. So this is a huge deal. This is a multigenerational deal. I think any County Barrett is like only 48 so she could literally be on the bench for four decades, starting sometime this year and this is a big deal is for all the marbles.

Unfortunately, from a constitutional perspective, the Supreme Court of United States should not have this much play, but it does that's where were at. They regularly do. Legislating from the bench. They gave us gay marriage.

It's never been voted on.

There is no gay marriage law and so things like that same exact thing with Roe versus Wade. We never voted on Roe versus Wade as a nation we had five unelected people in black robes that were willing to say you know what this is legal in that day. It became so so unfortunately come from a constitutional perspective, the Supreme Court United States is way more powerful than it was ever designed to be, but it is that's where were at.

And that's why these battles over the Supreme Court justice seeds are so enormous because they shape in a large way. They shape the future of our nation.

I don't like that you should like that if you're going to have some intellectual honesty on this issues. Google think constitutionally okay advise and consent. Let me ask a question. How does the Supreme Court even enforce their rule is that the Supreme Court please the Supreme Court, Capitol police patrol the Supreme Court police out there on the state level know there is nothing we just say okay thanks and we comply and so we bought some of that checks and balances in the constitutional Republic in which we live, and that's why Penny Nance in the concerned women for America, folks concerned women for America legislative action committee is out here with this wrap bus so everywhere goes it's championing the cause of getting any County Barrett confirmed as the next United States Supreme Court Justice and God bless him for it takes time.

It takes money, takes commitment and they're just going from city to city. I think they were in Charlotte earlier today. Another here in Raleigh briefly for like 45 minutes to an hour in the Boomer to be out here back on the road. We chose this location because it was close to Highway 40 Interstate 40 so they could shoot right over to Burlington because like I said they got a 545 event and then up at the last segment of the show in the last segment of their publican to be on the road by then, but it will talk to our our friend Tonya Baker Nelson.

She runs hand of hope partners, which is a great crisis pregnancy center here in North Carolina they been in a legal battle over a property that they bought in the city of Raleigh took after my nap and her daughter actually works with the drum campaign so will get an interesting inside look from Tonya Baker Nelson when we get that point later but will get Penny Nance over here soon as we can. But let's remember. Don't just assume that this is going to happen. Okay, the most powerful tool that we have the most powerful tool that we need to employ over the next 2526 days and then after the election because I don't think this is can be done on November prayer. Prayer isn't the only thing we should do but we should do nothing without it. That's a friend of mine that works with pastor Greg Laurie has said in the past and at such a powerful point and sometimes it takes a type of desperation. Unfortunately, I think when we won the 2016 election we were prayerful we were fasting, we were concerned and we want six men think it is dodged that bullet. And now we just get back into it were happy with what's going on now here we are back into the fire like Shadrach me shack Abednego. And we need to be paying attention to that. We can't just be praying when everything is about to hit the fan. We need to be consistently praying and that needs to be happening like now between now and election day, not just for Amy County. Barrett, which is enormous like a sick the next president will serve for four years of its trump, or potentially eight years.

I doubt it. If it's by before years or eight years versus a Supreme Court justice.

It's going to serve the rest of their lives unless we impeach the soap you're talking of that. Sometimes almost a multigenerational placement on the court, which is has massive implications for the country so this is kind and right now I've been saying this over and over. Grandma keeps saying it's kind of like for all the marbles.

And right now you've got every polling I was taking my students my Constitution class through this all the point you go all the way back to January when they were in involving Biden and Trump binding the assumptive nominee back but from January all the way to now there's about 120 national polls.

Three of them. Three. Only three showed Donald Trump winning and to wear a tie so that's five out of about 120 a lot of polls are bogus.

Bad science is bad polling but are they all but are they all bogus. Everything one of them.

Well, we had this prom in 2016. Right when we are talking about the day of the election. All the oddsmakers reminiscences why so many people melted down that night. All the oddsmakers right old 95% chance. Hillary Clinton is the next president. This is a done deal, but obviously God had something different in mind and it shocked the world that night in the morning. I think it was two or three in the morning when finally I Trump walks out pants preceded him and walks out and member I was asleep on the couch.

Our oldest son, Hayden was asleep.

I woke him up on Mike hate. I think Donald Trump one.

He's like what no I yeah this is an acceptance speech, Donald Trump is the next president United States and we were both flabbergasted because we were really walking by site and not by faith. And here we are again and I would say from a polling perspective. It even looks worse.

However, there's a lot of people in the silent majority that's out there and growing in their frustrated and they don't they don't go out and riot. They don't go out and loot.

They don't go out and burn things down. They don't go out and break windows at Starbucks and paint on the county courthouse in all we do. We pray, we still and then we vote and that's what's happening so hopefully if our prayers are answered in the affirmative, that'll be happening so were live on location here in Raleigh concerned women for America legislative action committee for big pink glasses here she prayed she votes that's talking to you by the way Christian ladies out there.

I'll get to talk to Penny Nance here in just a second.

This is Steve Noble live in a patient on location such an important effort for all of us with any County fair in the coming up election. This is Steve Noble will be right back up to this Noble live in Raleigh and I just a shout out to my good buddy Jim Anthony, a real estate company development and management in he allowed them to come in here and pink bring this big pink bus women for America's huge picture of Amy County Barrett on one side and all the messaging there hashtag women for Amy and they're traveling around to the battleground states as any County Barrett is doing one-on-one interviews in the Senate and then they go to the Senate Judiciary Committee. I think sometime next week and will spend a few days there and then bring it out for a boat and so those things are all going on in this is a huge deal for got that happening at the same time as you have the election coming up in what 26 days. So talk about for all the marbles were talking about can't literally control the Supreme Court and control the White House and essentially control of the future the nation of the pennies coming over shrimp throw that helper out with a headset there. Seth will will get her going there and I will talk to Penny Nance, the CEO and president of concerned women for America, a penny, and I'm live such a dive right in its cool drill add-on boom boom boom around their ego good perfect you're almost there. Excellent hello matches your outfit. Yeah, it's great to see you and I met a couple occasions at the epicenter of the religious right, which is at C&P, but it's been a few years but it's great to have you seen anything reset from your memory, pull your microphone up just a little bit more. I tried handshake.

I know I know that we could do a publicly look is also on Facebook so don't think of that subway will both end up in a river by the end of the day anyway. Just put your microphone up a little bit closer and it's awesome to see this here. It's great to see concerned women for America. It is the legislative action committee. But before we dive into this and any County Barrett and what you guys are doing which is so important.

Do you mean you, you've been around this realm. For a while, politics, the culture war what's going on in America. I been at it for a while. I've never seen the environment as pregnant and is ripe for a fall as it is right now. Do you think the average people out there, and Christians, especially Penny, do you think they really understand the existential threat that were staring at not just with with any County Barrett, but with the presidential election on November 3. I mentioned I did get and I pray they're not looking at the hard way and I think when the left is what they do on Monday. You know people can't say that I need to see the burning in the streets. The hate on the police and worked out at I was at the Rose Garden ceremony, which by the way, I think the Guardian called me a super spreader. I was tested before I left the family followed all the CDC guidelines themselves know they can send me that before that I was at the event for the peace accord in which there was a peace accord between Israel and Bahrain and the UAE shock and there's more to come.

Right there is I can tell you I know I've been told there's more to Kern and God is at work all over the world and saying we are working so hard to to have an ethic of life in this nation. I talked about that little bit earlier and 60 million babies have died at the hand of abortionist were working hard to deprive Planned Parenthood of our tax dollars, and the president has $60 million out of their budget and their very mad about that and were working to reprogram fines to pregnancy care centers into community health clinics that really do care about poor women. They don't just want to paint an abortion. Wish them on the way and say never talk to it and which is what they try to do around the country are so you know there is so much at stake. We can go through everything from foreign policy to economic policy, socialism, the rise of socialism on our campuses and and you heard us talk about young women for America are chapters that are are combating that combating antitheft system that is on the rise in college campuses. There is so much at stake because you brought the what's the young ladies mainly brought up the right leg so Idabel comes up in. I want to speak to that because a lot of people in our generation are kind of writing off the millennial's in the Jonesy regulation were losing a mom bubble bubble bath but it's really amazing I see a resurgence of conservatism there and think and is one of things we can thank God for social media but talk about your effort there because it was really inspiring to hear her and I think people need to be encouraged just tell you one story I just got back so we kicked off looking black and blue the session. When did you kick this off an awkward bent for Safeway.

That was just yesterday George yesterday.

We were joined by an Sen. La Follette, Florida, Georgia, and then we went into South Carolina and we had Lindsay Graham he's the chairman of the judiciary committee.

By the way, who will be running the hearings for Amy County. Barrett and Colin and then we came on to North Carolina and South Carolina had our young women for America chapter from Clemson. They had 39 members college student right away. They got together and drove to our to come be a part at the limit for Amy backyard in South Carolina to support Amy County Barrett went on a secular campus to love the Lord who believe in prayer for our nation who are our future mothers and leaders in this country great help and we are working strategically and can someone for America to build into that generation. We made a huge mistake as a move that to see young people in the college because rose to the lab when you crack the door open and I think your many takes over and that's what happened, and I remembered you know as I started as I was became the president of concerned women for America in 2010 and this was the thing that I most wanted to do as much passion about because I recognize what it happened and I have a daughter and who now praise God is greatly from college was raised is gainfully employed and loves the Lord actually engaged while at the end. Last communications I can brag just a little sure she's very bright. I can get that for an important point as we do have an upcoming generation of women and we cannot ignore our feature women leaders.

I believe that a future president woman presents to come out of that great so you and I run into them now.

Have we been in a nap and I'm running into them around the country. I checked into a hotel for a conference and the manager came out of the one that had been one of our young women for America leaders that the early days.

There's a journalist of the Washington times. He was one of our one of our president early when our first class president we have Oliver Capitol Hill, but we have to we have to train down and that's what were doing with and to get the curriculum were teaching them constitutional free market principles, biblical principles and and helping them understand the why behind what they believed why they believe what they would not do it like you know postage stamp Christian like you just like to spout staff on social media no idea why they think you're a mile wide and an inch deep and adding any wrong jerk and that's the biggest problem they don't understand like the underlying philosophy and what goes behind in the biblical view of what what they're talking about and why you know why what the word says on a particular issue and we teach them all of that so exciting. I've been teaching high school age homeschoolers. That's all set.

My intern we got to know each other. Vintage and Constitution and civics and Christian ethics really are and and they'll bill come in a person. And because the raise mostly conservative families. They can spot out the right answers, but they don't know the foundation that's underneath the answer. So their ease is likely the likes sheep to the slaughter. When I got to college to meet people that actually know how to argue against it and if you don't know how to argue for your own position. You have a problem which I think we seen and we got a layout that responsibly ourselves as parents and as educators and you can't bring people to your side note, because what we believe is true. There's plenty of statistics and information to back the quote Scripture to prove your point. Know we have all the data we need a drug exactly God's way works for every single time it's dried up. Maybe not immediately but always works every time you try were talking to Penny Nance here with the boss, the big clean pink bus, concerned women for America legislative action committee hashtag women for Amy ordinarily got a few more minutes and come back up with a break or live on Facebook live on the radio.

Such an important cause. Make sure you're praying daily and without ceasing. This is all that will be right back and want to see children with us on Facebook live show face-to-face with life women for America.

This is an awesome bus did you pay this yourself here with us company like banshees, all while I don't think we're in America you have a big pink women for Amy, but this is not the first kind of don't write you don't mind, I don't have her blood, and I don't think that the choice for you. But it's not the first time you done this so talk about the history of doing this is why it's important. Specifically, what's going on now because this is absolutely cool about that sort.

They are extend you by the way, feel free to get the concern was real concerned change the world can't pay the rent it out so I was a little skeptical about this and then I did one and I recognize what happens and what happens is, especially now when people can't get together, you gotta win the narrative you gotta win the media and the media cannot ignore you were like get the flashiest pain that she can just find because it forces the media to cover you when you were special role into a small town know you want to do it now known to roll up into the parking lots of local TV state like so knock on the door and they cannot went down you know we get out whenever Cavanaugh with the last best to we did have the big red bath and we did all the key states, West Virginia, Missouri and Florida. We saw some Senate seats turned over and the result of that and so I will be checking to see how the Democrats played on Monday right that the hearings began Monday Tuesday Wednesday at Columbus Day to be in prayer for that but if they overreach. I think you could see the Cavanaugh effect again and I think they're afraid that even Plessy is one where they show their hand a little bit with Amy's previous confirmation hearing going after her about her Catholicism and the dogma that might hello do you guys know anything about the U.S. Constitution and that we don't allow for religious test but they do it anyway.

What what what was your reaction and I struggle with this myself okay with Ruth Bader Ginsburg okay I'm I'm able. The people of this in the show know me for years like listen, I I think Satan himself was keeping the woman alive, childish, and when she died.

I struggle because odds are she got a believer so my spirit, my heart broke over that, but my other side was like okay this is an incredible opportunity so I struggled with that but then it's but then I just got to trust the Lord with that, but how did you react to that and how important is this not been hurt like struggle is when Justice Scalia died in 2005, 2016 and were like this happen you didn't like the great Terrace the line you know on the court. The hard right on the court and then he dies and we've seen now you know and Mayor Carlos for 40 consumer for America worked very hard to get Al Gore stitch confirmed. And I gotta get a lot of credit to Mitch McConnell and then you know you you see Justice Kennedy and decide to step down and retire and he did it when he was ready to say by Eric and said that she refused to go when the other side wanted her to go. I respected absolutely no iron can't make me.

And I'm not so in many ways an incredible inspiration for women read books on her watch. There's a great show RGB and the Tories are to be or something which I think is interesting, very interesting and wrong that we would agree on employment issues for which are sure a lot of things that were wrong that she took on Jesus is very wrong in the issue of abortion and some other thing you know anything to report it out with were could be kept offer take themselves obligor jury just because there are one. Which part of me is like do what you want, but like you are judging other women, there needs to be women judging on the wind and his friends are experiencing what having always wrong things about her that I can admire in her tenacity with chief among those and so pray for God's will. All along I knew in everybody's day comes that Bob came two months ago and he went to heaven with courage and in praise and worship like he read and you know we we pray for the souls of everyone I knew that the next was to be aiming at me. I believe that you don't know hundred percent when you said this earlier in your opening comments about fear. Imagine if Hillary Clinton that I won that election is looking onto that now three great we would have never gotten it back what you tell us about any Tony Barrett, Amy Kenny is a brilliant interest.

She was confirmed the seventh circuit court of appeals you talked earlier about her confirmation process. But even before that she was a well loved three times chosen as teacher of the year at Notre Dame lost she was always the first year class of anything she's that person right I never said people that were on the same side as her in their view, when she Clark she clerked forcefully into the school you actually kinda hard to help understand the case, angry letter that they wanted to understand the case that you like it that she she was the smartest one the smartest people we've never met and everyone have to give that to her the other side wants to disqualify her based on her faith and I thought after a week I got yes but now you know is that as a Catholic believer, one that you actually believe now that disqualifies her and so I think women of faith. All of this country regardless of your Catholic or Protestant or Jewish or whatever Unitarian you should recognize that that is a threat. It is in the 2 Our Way of life in this country and stand up in support of a great we were talking to Penny, young man, CEO and president of concerned women for America, concerned is the website you can help support what is happening here with the big pink bus what what what can we expect next week and I know you guys gotta hit the road to Burlington so that we now we've seen on Facebook that the other side to get outside the Supreme Court and be there to your listeners that want to come join us Let us know working to be there in support smiling when the because that's how we do it for life for anything women's march strollers and where they are weak advocate walk for what we believe with grace and dignity, how we think it should be done and where they are and by the way we support our first responders and the plea to be there. Were going to be safe and we just think that this is an ester moment for Christian women.

This is our time to speak truth to power and I was so grateful to get to do that.

I actually called the president and asked him to point this nominee because she is a constitutionalist, one man, Christian, and it will be the first time we've ever had whatever was absolutely our underrepresented voice, time is right. I agree with that. How can people get involved concerned women for America, how can they serve and how can they be a part of what God can do here in the next is not, however, your lead today whether you're a give away your so we have we have a great infrastructure in the state waiting all over this country certainly are North Carolina. We have our young women for America chapters in leadership conferences. We do for them and we we have legislative liaisons that go in lobby at the state level, and we we just love volunteers of all such, we are grassroots women and you can pray for the most important thing you do is be part of our prayer freight sectors watch said sure alarms that your phone or noon every day and join with us in prayer for our country. That's the most important.

What's next because you got a busy schedule C in three states.

But today we did four stops in the state of North Carolina learned today that we go from here to Virginia will be in Lynchburg Virginia in Richmond, Virginia, and then we all into Washington in time for the confirmation hearing at the Pennsylvania and then I don't know I'll live in Arizona liked all the key states he can we ever schedule up on the website of people want to see and think and pray over and because things are much more dangerous in our country we have security that we need prayer really more than anything. I mentioned this earlier and have a friend that works of Greg Laurie out in Southern California. He said prayer.

The only thing we should do but it's we should do nothing without it. That's right. Another we look at that as our last resort, but it should be the first. It's in the middle of the sandwich at the end of the same as are most that's that's our most powerful weapon and I think unfortunately are most neglected public pray for you specifically gray out man I don't know, I think, and pray for family pray for protection for my children have a college-age son.

I know Christian leaders all over this country that struggle with their family. Have a good family have a very well-functioning healthy family that I don't underestimate. Thank you.

And so I just would pray for, pray for me spiritually as I walk through something sometimes in a harsh likely ship is hard just being real, and transparently. Sometimes I enter situations that are scary moments for me. Why preachers keep willing and said just pray for us and pray for organization.

Well, I've got about 60 seconds left you money by doing right now.

I would love to know if I got it is think you that the Penny is here today. Thank you father for her willingness going all the way back to her college years to get involved in the not be apathetic father but we know. I know this personally. That all of this work in your name comes with a price. As we engage this culture as we engage politics and the government father so just pray protection over her and her family, her children, especially Lord that they would know you intimately that they would walk with you that they would have all their thoughts and minds and opinions conform to Scripture and just Lord give her courageous give her courage as she faces these things in these difficult days, which are only getting darker. Pray for CWA in general pray for all of their needs. Lord pray protection, encouragement and strength, especially their ability to kinda withstand the desire to serve, but in the body only dose of that, so much so we pray that you give them great energy protector and use her and encourage her Lord and powerful and supernatural ways and ask that all in Christ name, amen. Putting think you're very welcome at our budget will talk to you soon okay this is the noble live in a location with the big pink bus, concerned women for America, concerned] noble live from the bus to just look up for them to be in Burlington, North Carolina for a 545 about what is going to come about 45 minutes or so we gotta set it up so they would scoot in here and scoot out those great talking to a penny young dancers. I was very articulate, loves the Lord and has a great personal story and what they're doing is awesome and she talked a lot about the life issue is were considering Amy County Barrett to be the next Supreme Court justice bring us back up to nine of course last night. It was no surprise when Mike pence, and deservedly so tried to corner, Harris and I say, what about packing the court. So for those of you that don't understand what that means packing the court is something that is talked about before. Actually, during the new Deal goblet back. The new deal and he could not get that done and it got stuck in the United State Supreme Court so you decided not to have three or four was at three or four justices then I'll have the majority.

That's what the growth for the free stacking. The court comes from or stacking the deck. Okay, that's where that comes from all way back to the early 1900s. And that's what they will do buying winds and they take control of the Senate. They will do that Puerto Rico will become a state. Washington DC will become a state that's four more senators locked and loaded the future of America's toes, but I did appreciate Penny talking about abortion as much as she did a Tony Baker Nelson is here. She's a good friend. She's been in the trenches for years in your well-connected good. Now your daughters working in the trunk and paint holes left but it's great to see you.

Thanks for coming thing for jumping over here.

Thank you so from a married conservative Christian pro-life perspective. How do you feel about the selection and Amy County Barrett and Trump versus Biden in 2020, the situation ran as I think it would be easy for a lot of us to kinda fold under the weight of that but but how are you doing with it all online. I love a good challenge say and board with present Trump he is the nice pray like crazy in our country's history. He truly is a Mexico City policy defunded fetal tissue sale research from the National Institutes of Health. That is huge. That's a huge huge thing that did not get a lot of press. Then he passed that in 17 happily get much press then, but that's that's big stress because that's more that like bionic steam sales as well as aborted babies, he just would not renew them. That federal grant that that NIH had without with the government obviously defunded plain pant just 60 million bucks.

I mean that's United how you chip away at it much is as much as you can eat an elephant one bite at a time that that's how you do it because you don't want the strides that we have made to be overturned somewhere down the right to just do it right.

That's why I personally believe that right versus Wade is going to be every turn because they didn't do it right right first place. That's right say because the judicial branch does not give us laws right said where did Brad come out at the judicial branch that get imago drugs in our country that we never voted on as a nation we have not just the cleaners we vote on that as a nation we voted on it at the state level, but we didn't vote in absolutely, absolutely said and then again as far as North Carolina is concerned, you've got this lawsuit that Planned Parenthood and abortionists have filed against a state North Carolina boy Kay Perrin and Josh died a very informed consent women's right tonight so everything that we made advances that we made in 2011 and then revisited again in 2014 Dave's prime abortion at pro-abortion lobby is seeking to overturn that the state level. The next thing that's gonna come out and he watched I had been saying forever hey North, legislature, we've got to be proactive in these things we gotta make sure that you telemedicine is not to be pushed on.

I said that these women during Quevedo.

You know what the next day out yet said that man she can get abortion peel not telling you that shows up at your front door is totally unethical is completely unethical regardless of how you feel about the abortion issue in the sanctity of life.

Anyway, just that United unethical viewpoint here.

Let me give you this peel that you take and then you're going to go into labor by yourself. United said highly mad that United does not beget being given to a sex trafficking victim United that's not being given to a 12-year-old United said there there semi-different ways things about that and we really need to be up quite a bit more proactive about then as well.

If Cooper guides guys back in which Dr. Beatty doesn't let a few guys back in a bigger seek to kinda five red no absolute say we gotta United we have to remain vigilant that the federal election gets a lot of you. That gets all the glitz and glamour yet but most of this battle happens on the state level actually led a very local level yet so important. Talking to Tonya Baker Nelson she's with hand of hope and of hope is the website right hand of and so obviously she's passionate. She's a great leader. She's been in the trenches for a why are you in this particular realm.

Your own story.

Why were you in this wire you on the pro-life movement. Why dedicated her life to a wiser family behind you on it. I mean of you, and I've known each other for years. You just go out you just committed yourself to yet. It's personal to me because I was once that woman is walking into an abortion clinic before and wished I didn't know I was pregnant at the time said I just went to get my birth control he failed because as Christians that's what we did were great at covering up. Darcy said I had no idea that I was pregnant said literally when he and I did not let the time that their standard of care is they would give your pregnancy test. I didn't always get a pregnancy test that they did and they got me one and tell me I was pregnant and within five minutes I had three or four people tell me what kind of procedure I needed to get and we could do it right now, but I need to come back in a couple hours well will hold on wages. The second like I need a second let me let me can absorb this for secular murder in a minute. Generally, it is full. It was the most spiritually intense battle of my entire life but now thank you Jesus I get to see the fruits of one the reasons why I did choose life for my daughter say, but it it is quick. They want you to unite pressure you. And honestly that's one thing that we've seen during cave 18 is her yet, and pressure you to take this peel and hurry up and pressure you to because they really push an appeal during because it's all a lot quicker like there a bottom line being affected the whole lot quicker. Incidentally, one of the abortion clinics in Raleigh actually ran out. Are you for a height of cave that's good news. Yeah, and that's where the ship is been even overseeing legal abortions come down, seeing chemical abortions go up 46 of the village isn't quite the same but is still an abortive fashion people reduced to the go shutting down clinic that's also look at it and it is but the back doors RU-486 that's going up yet all it's been going up for years playing D unite emergency contraception. Yet that prevents that prevent implantation and prevent conception said playing D and unit one thing T is I think as as parents with your the parent of the female are the parent of a nail. You need to make sure that your children understand that these women, these young women are popping playing day like it's open and save it at one point, you're gonna want to continue a pregnancy and said there's no telling what that what does ramifications of any day gone down the road you mention that I popping up a vitamin. Unfortunately, one of the biggest podcasts in America the last couple years been something call call her daddy's stretches.

Don't ever will. The sometimes tragic thing I did one of my new podcast about it because in one of their episodes. They were talking about plan B and the one girl say in only this one guy I was a little promiscuous and then he went to the went to CVS and he got me the gun or the day after pill and he brought me some skittles and he brought me some Gatorade and the other girls like oh my God. Marriage material under Buffalo thought that was so awesome. But that's exactly the way that they approached it yet like it's vitamin C because that's where our culture has gone. Shame is dead. Morality is mostly dead that the salt and light that we are called to be is a bigger call now than it's ever been until stroke because I don't I want to make sure we talk about him of hope.

Specifically what you guys are doing so people can get understand that beautiful said we we have a few pregnancy centers across the triangle so we have, we start off in Fuquay 15 years. Today we had two locations in Raleigh. They started across the street from the second largest privately owned abortion clinic in the southeast and then in July we secured some space across from Planned Parenthood in Fayetteville while yet say we are we are going where the killing fields. Are you happy now what we want to date is how how we did ministry type is we always seek to represent Jesus well and that is with a very compassionate, graceful, merciful approach to abortion to say this is probably one of the worst days of your life and say we want to make sure that we speak the truth in love to you and let you know that we are here for you regardless of your choice as you see miracles happen to me in the location that I'm aware of.

You see miracles happen and people change their mind and there's the wonderful Christian suicide mutual friend of ours Jim Lewis is out there that has so many stories of just watching the Holy Spirit move and but if were not there yet nothing can happen. Hey, she got two minutes when it's it's what I think that we say is women walking into an abortion clinic right wrong or indifferent to judge Jesus based on how she was treated when she walks into that abortion clinic and how she was treated when she walks added that abortion clinic and when where they are in front of the sidewalk with our prayerful approach. It is definitely like, hey, we're here for you, but we were not graphic image. People were just very truth in love. Let us help you and then measure the time when she walks added that abortion clinic nobodies. They nobody's are were done we got your money so you said what that says to her committed the unpardonable see in God wants nothing to do with it and that is just not true.

Just not trained in one of deemed that message saying that Jesus died for such a good reminder for everybody because we know there's people listening across the station driver. The podcast later that her post abortive is not unforgivable. What would be your quick word to the post I had an abortion already. I know the Lord but I'm hearing that way.

What should abortion right heart purposeful. What a great point. Wanamaker Nelson always good to see a picture sometime today by hand of hope partners wavering on their own locations in the hope that this is noble and noble show, God willing, I'll talk to you. My dad always used to say never for

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