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Fear and Hope

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October 7, 2020 11:04 pm

Fear and Hope

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 7, 2020 11:04 pm

Fear and Hope

Today Steve talks to Joy Forrest and Amber Lehman of The Human Coalition about Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  In the last segment, Steve is joined by Dan Forrest. 


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Everyone I know will show where the entity meets the everyday issues of life, your home and even in politics as an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth.

No sacred cow 866-34-TRUTH or checking out Now here's your host for me to deal with it more regularly, but certainly times a year, especially in October which is domestic violence awareness month, one of three women and one in four men have been victims of violence by an intimate partner within their lifetime.

One of four women and one in seven men have been victims of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime and domestic abuse. If you've ever seen this wheel of power and control is about a lot more than just the physical.

So if you don't have a black eye or broken bone or a laceration that does not mean you aren't the victim of domestic abuse, domestic abuse shows up in a lot of different ways, and unfortunately most of you do not feel comfortable talking about it.

You just gonna suffer in silence.

The church has an awkward reaction will might tell you that the no matter what. You can't get a divorce when you walk in there and you're already being abused and that doesn't help. So the church has a lot to learn.

Very delicate, very difficult subject, but one that's touching a lot of lives just like abortion and the only way you can really find any healing is to drag it out of the darkness and bring it into the light but with a lot of love and compassion and with a lot of hope and help from people they know what they're doing and so whenever we go down this road we always are. Find it a joy.

Did you get that good to bring joy for us back in from called the piece ministries called two-piece TOPS called the is the website so joy is here and then our friend are good long time friend Amber Lehman who is one of my heroes. I've said I say this when you call and I'm not unwilling to say it to your face because she renting a just a pro-life wonder woman for years is a great pro-life story herself and has done great work for the kingdom, but now also a board member and you actually hosted joy once when I was out of town and you guess hosted the show last year held echo and I didn't I didn't listen well you had so much confidence in me, yet that's exactly right. So you need to type Amber Zoller what are you I don't need to worry about. That's like a Lord, can you take your thing sure I'm the one negative check up on him a course yeah but thanks for doing that and and join Amber. Thanks for being here this is an important month and we don't want to get overshadowed, as it probably is by whether it's coded which comes into this conversation or the presidential election. Every thing going on there. But this is something that happens all the time to matter who the president is doesn't matter which political parties and played as a matter what the election you're not.

Unfortunately, every year, every month, every week and every day.

Domestic abuse is happening how, but how bad is it out there joy and then what are you hearing just in terms of the impact covert because that's a big deal as well that hearing from area to area that I heard anywhere from 25% to 40% increase in physical injury and we know how it impacted the court things are tied up or postponed or people are not able to get protective order. Sometimes the shelters are closed and maybe in many places and maybe will provide a night several nights in a hotel so it's it's impacted are the ladies we work with usually so you yeah and and a big deal and then Amber a little about you getting involved with the ministry and then getting on the board. From your perspective and you dealt with this because you been in the pro-life movement for a long time. You've helped a lot of women that are in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy and and I'm sure you've seen it a lot. In that context as well. Yeah 25% of women seeking abortion are our product of type of domestic abuse. Do you think that the general public inside and outside the church. Joy do you think that we have much awareness, or are we.

Is it awareness with an asterisk and this is a huge problem or just not really deal.

I think the church is starting to wake up. Maybe because of the need to movement. I'm not sure why that we are starting to or about the sexual abuse and things like that that have happened. I think that people, even though there saying that they recognize it's a problem and a lot of churches are trying to do a much better job of handling it.

It's still hard to recognize. It's counterintuitive, so it doesn't look like abuse and so many cases abusive people tend to be very charming and easy going. They look like the salt of the earth, and many times victims look like basket cases where stressed out, they got traumatic stress disorder and still it's because it's so hard to recognize I think were still missing quite a bit.

Yeah, like I mentioned before, I mean this is right from the power control wheel. Okay, so especially if you and and Amber and Joy are going to really encourage you if this is you that you need to reach out. You need to get help. You do not need to suffer in silence, whether inside the church or not there are people that will love you and care for you and help you work through this, but using intimidation using emotional abuse, using isolation, minimizing, denying and blaming using the children using male privilege using economic abuse and using coercion and threats and I did not. If you notice I did not say physical abuse. So all those other things fall under that umbrella. This is a massive problem, but most most women I would assume you guys suffer in silence. Right.

So why does that happen. They don't even know to call. They're not identifying is that they're identifying it as you know, he just has a hot temper.

He's had a bad day at work is under a lot of pressure.

He's, you know he he's just he's just in a bad mood heat.

You know like he just wants to protect our finances are not that good with money better with money and and so there they're calling it something they're not even sure that there that it warrants getting health and he's not let her go. Just talk to somebody because again this were talking 95 to 90% is the woman being abused right. It does happen to men. So if you're out there and you been on this road. Gentlemen that were not denying that the happens you because it does, but the overwhelming majority is for women and and enjoy a summary that's been down that road yourself, why did you choose to suffer in silence for so long and then what kind of a partner or a husband.

What are they doing in order to kinda control that situation. What is it look like I suffered in silence because just let Amber said I did not recognize it as abuse. I lived with it for 23 years, eight years of dating 15 years of marriage, and I've never called it abuse until the final year of the marriage when my life was almost taken and so the way that it would play out was that there might be an explosion in the house and we would go to our pastor usually are a counselor for marital counseling and he was so skilled and it seems to be the common thing that happens at turning it around so the focus of the counseling session would be on me and what I was doing to make him so angry. And that's what happens is that people are treating domestic abuse like a marital problem and it's not. It would be like having somebody who's got an addiction in bringing them to make use such powerful point talking to Joy Forrest and Amber Lehman called a piece called CAL LED PO it is domestic violence awareness month, and a matching ransom money needs to be raised in order to help them and you will be amazed at how before calling every month for help to make a call to talk about my live radio player in the conversation and work back alive and we would later that October is a very important month, not because were coming up on the election. That's up, but domestic violence awareness month. Who is your one out of three is a great question because one of three women are affected by domestic abuse in their lifetime. So there's a good chance that you and if it's you are you want to go to called to joy joy forces are the founder and then Amber Lehman is also on the board.

Joy, how many how many people are reaching out to you on a monthly basis.

Now I went and counted in last month it was over 100.

While so hundred 50. What was it like two years ago maybe 20 or 30 yeah so it's exponential growth which isn't great, but it is a great opportunity so we need to remember that that's why the campaign goal this month, $40,000. So that is just donate today to provide lasting hope and healing for the women who represent the one out of three in your life. It could be you could be somebody you know could be somebody you know you don't even know that it's happening, that's one of the challenges so that's where talking about this and enjoy think you've offered several years ago, you just were dogging me to get on the show and and I was a jerk and in not being sensitive enough to obviously something that's a big deal in and we need to talk about when you talk, but more often than not, but Amber we don't hear about this that much of you being so is been in the pro-life world for a while.

Do you guys talk about it much domestic violence and domestic abuse. I mean yeah I mean we have to at least with the girls right having their coming and I were having to get them out of that relationship having to get them into different housing very quickly. That's one of the hardest things when when team coalition or called a piece. Clients are its housing. There's a low inventory at too expensive. A lot of affordable housing in Milan times the credit has been not been just can't get on their feet, and so that's what one of things I love about called pieces as is very practical.

There's emergency funds there's get them out of the situation today. You know, and my home is open. I have room at my house that I like insulating sleeve today then come to my house and my neighbor will sit on the porch with a gun joy if we don't, we can rescue people out. But if we don't have somewhere for them to go. What happens, it's like recidivism, they go right back and that's what happens. Anyway, I still work in a domestic violence shelter and they would come in and now the limits of time that they can stay at the shelter is usually 30 to 60 days at most and if they don't have their life together in a job in transportation and so many go back just because a financial that on the power and control wheel financial abuse is one of the number one reasons that have injured herself together and 30 is okay.

You can, and she's yeah she's in crisis and you're in a go interview well you want right in the bridge that gap for them. That's part of being the church writers in coalition, as well as the you have to get outside of this idea that volunteerism like that in packing. Somebody happens in a two or four hour shift.

Those are important, but you have to live life on mission.

That means you have to be uncomfortable and now blames the tray might have to live in your house or bar your car or you know and and were so so worried about our possessions are safety that that we don't want to put ourselves out on lunch there to do that and that's what so many she needs six months really just to go through counseling and stabilize you figure out who she is and how what was she good at. She's probably been oppressed from her skills that type of thing to be able to yeah many business owners who are willing to take somebody who doesn't have a resume, give a shot and to give them and you and the church us to live sacrificially. We also talk about this and Katie on Facebook. I brought this up, that it's not just the abuse victim in which most of the time as a woman, but their children, teens can be affected preteens. I mean this is this is a bomb that goes off and there's all kinds of collateral damage and I would even call them collateral damage because the right and the right in the blast zone so they're getting directly affected just like the woman in most cases.

So what are what are some of the biggest challenges that you face joy when one of these hundred 50 or so women of mostly women calling every month winter to engage in the ready to engage in the ready to get help. What are some of the biggest challenges they face.

I will say that first of all, only about two thirds are our survivors are victims of abuse in about 1/3 are pastors, churches, counselors, people helpers so we are making progress there. And that's what we need is we need to get the church engaged, because we just have such limited resource right knee everything for everybody that we do have applicants we have support groups that we can plug them into their faith-based than actually talking about how to heal from posttraumatic stress. That's one of the ways we have in that curriculum.

We actually have a whole chapter with all sorts of information on how to heal after domestic abuse and the kids is one of that's been one of my I guess the thing that breaks my heart. The most these children. I can't tell you how many children have been hospitalized ideations.

They have depression, they become almost belligerent towards their mom. A lot of times they get brainwashed by the user so it's just watching what happens in the family dynamic.

It seems overwhelming and I remember when I first got into a nested Lord when I can do this is impossible in not having to remind me that joy to your situation was impossible and I got you through it.

You can't be everything to everybody that if you point them to me.

I will part the Red Sea tried talking to joy for us and Amber Lehman from called to peace ministries called to It's a T. Oh and there okay called to and this month a domestic violence awareness month and all the other abuse that the part of that noxious physical campaign this month, and $40,000 as a matching matching gift right 15,000 and this is going to go towards providing personnel to be on the ground you handle your frontline is called front lines and Amber you been dealing with like I have, but you been dealing with a much higher level of fundraising for years for not for profits in the pro-life in the ministry. I called to peace what what your challenged people because I listen in the body of Christ. We don't have a resource problem. We have an allocation problem. Everything that we need to fully fund called the piece or anything else is there is not a matter of do we have it. It's what we do is what we have so so how do you come to handle that conversation and your kind in the similar vein here with the pro-life situation, trying to save the life of an unborn child as well as help the mom and the dad if they're willing and then called to peace when you're dealing with domestic abuse what what kind of angle, how should people think about supporting financially supporting Christ rescued us and called us to rescue others. That's just that's the bottom.

Yet, I think we are living in times where people feel uncertain. You know what's can happen after the election and what you what's can happen in my job, what's can happen this what I think there's justice everybody on edge.

Everybody just has this uncertainty, cloud over them and I think we have to push past that you know I'm I'm making a career shift after after 15 years of salary and benefits on making a career shift in full commission, real estate, if you need buy or sell a home.

Please talk and I felt like God said you faith over finger like take a step, make your thousand dollar pledge go out raise $1000. That's a great point and and then also make a monthly pledge because I'm your provider know right and so so I did that as board member.

I felt like any lead by example. Lehman yeah that's it. Like maybe you can't give maybe you're too uncertain to give and that faith over fear isn't quite there for you out.

Raise money. Great point joy. I know you want to say some you got funding links on all that's cool on your Facebook page or instrument or whatever tree your own and ask your friends to get involved. You know if you been listening to the show for a long time you know I'm going to say next knowledge. With knowledge comes responsibility.

Now you have knowledge and the responsibility falls firmly record what we can do support this effort called peace ministries called to is over you as matter what's going on at the federal, state or local level domestic violence and domestic abuse continues unabated. In a lot of cases. And that's why I were talking to joy for us today as well as Amber Lehman from called to peace ministries called to that CAL LED T0 called to go there. You see, right on the homepage because domestic violence awareness month here in October. They have an opportunity to support this. You heard joy say earlier about 150 calls a month and there, overwhelmed things have grown tremendously over the year which we praise the Lord Duchess over the last couple years but that's a bad thing too, because you gotta have the ability to meet those needs. When those needs come to your door that's happening a lot.

That's why we are all being given an opportunity right now to support in this case called the peacefully to go to the website called the or I put the links up already in Facebook libel put it up again. There's some matching dollars out there trying to raise a $40,000 this month and judges please prayerfully consider that and it should be a no-brainer now, especially if you are somebody that's been down this road or are currently in it, then please do us a favor, share this to get the podcast when it comes out in the day or the Facebook live and share it send it to other people because you do not know when it's one out of three women going down this road we you can assume that that's can be applied to your Facebook page or Instagram followers your twitter account, whatever. And there's a lot of women out there and some men that need this help are afraid to ask their free to bring it up. And so they suffer in silence and so we can all be a part of the beacon of light to cow bring that out of the darkness and the delightful and get some help so we were just going to the segment that will have a North Carolina tent Gov. Cullinan for his weekly call Dan Forster: the fourth segment in order to talk about choosing hope over fear that's organized address in the last segment of the show, but joy just words to women out there and if there's some men listening better in the middle of this and I asked you to do this every time just words of encouragement and empowerment as to as to what should they do they know this is them but they haven't done anything about it yet. What would you say that I only think Hosea 46 people perish for lack of knowledge, and I certainly did. I didn't know you know that I was even in an abusive relationship. So I had to learn and so somebody told me about a program. We went out and when I saw that power and control will for the first time I started crying because I realize this relationship that I had always denied that it was abusive was all along and I think that even first Corinthians 13 437. Love is patient, love is kind. That description of love is the exact opposite of abuse.

If you say that you know you see everything in the opposite of what about your first Corinthians 13 you are probably in an abusive relationship and you can reach out to us a call to peace. We will try to pressure you to go one way or the other will just listen will help confirm yes we think this is destructive or we will say no, maybe not but you know we will help you sort it out and then we will help you find resources will connect you with resources and are support groups that are faith-based and you know I didn't want to go to the world for answers so to have Scripture-based curriculum that you can look at and that will help you find the truth and healing. Amber yeah I think one of the symptoms that you might not think of but could be a red flag would be if you are super hyper aware like you're taking your reading the temperature of the room your reading the temperature of the person that's it. Good indicator that things are definitely not right and I think also we want. I want to make sure that we invite those who are realizing that they are abusive into into the help as well help them to write because if they can change you know wow what a testimony to the Lord with testimony to the marriage. You know if he can change and she can not live in fear with him and they can have a wonderful vibrant marriage like that's that that's a beautiful outcome to see the outcome, payment joy, we would love to see it. We know that it's very rare.

I think one of the reasons is very rare is that there hasn't been effective help but even with good health. It's less than 50% of those folks will change, but we are starting, we want to. Our goal for January next 2021 is to have groups for men because we know the group dynamic looks better forgotten for men who are in control of the looking out for that in 2021 and you know this all goes back like most issues to the fact that one in three children are raised. Fatherless home you try to buy a lot so they're not seeing how they should treat women or their parent or their father was abusive right and so you know we need. We need men to step up and come alongside men to to show what it's like to to love a wife to love children and to lead well you know we talk about this occasionally, but we can't be afraid. And actually, we should be involving law enforcement and officers of the go.

Okay, okay, let's just keep it and how such as the church and stuff but if somebody's being hurt physically physically hurt call the police for emotional and no, you go to your pastor and are being physically abuse the first thing the pastor does even before he praises calls the police know you put them in danger. Don't do that okay will I know you can.

That's my mail and encourage her to call the encourager ready and you help her make a safety plan to come back to the power control wheel cages so this you come to put some things on here see okay that sounds familiar, intimidation, making her feel afraid using looks actions and gestures okay under emotional abuse.

Putting her down, making her feel bad about herself, call her names making her think she's crazy, which you mentioned area playing my own mind games, humiliating her isolation, controlling what she does, who she sees and talks to what she reads and where she goes, minimizing, denying and blaming making light of the abuse and not taking her concerns about seriously using the children making her feel guilty about the children economic abuse, preventing her from getting on keeping or keeping a job making transfer money given her an allowance male privilege treating like a servant making all the big decisions and the coercion and threats making in or carrying out threats to do something to hurt her and that's a pretty wide range of things, which is important because like you said earlier joy. A lot of women don't really wouldn't see themselves in this realm because it on a black eye, but domestic abuse occurs and a lot of other ways not just physical and I tell people when you feel like you're walking on eggshells I and I remember coming out of the you send an a lot of people.

And when I used to go for marital counseling. They would go you know how did you send, they would look at that and I didn't recognize my sin and I would not ever do that. That's not my first focus when I meet a woman I want to bring healing and restored relationship with Jesus but my sin was making my husband bigger than God how I care more about what he thought and how, what, how he was going to react. Then what is thought let my my father in heaven. Thought I was living to please him is the worst kind of odd, I don't Adultery is was so powerful. One of the things Joyce taught me is that abuse is always progressive. It's going to get worse. You and so you may only have one or two of those things happening on the wheel and it may be able to be intervened.

Now before it's so blown up. So if if you're if you even a few things that you said a couple of things that you say you stand out like just make the phone call attends escalator early get the support now when when maybe he's still willing to get the help and and working right. I think it's possible when they're younger to that they might be a little bit more resilient and when willing to change that at the heart of domestic abuse you find pride and entitlement, and the longer they are entrenched in it and the more I submitted to it the worse it got.

So we I definitely think and they won't change without some kind of consequence you look at the Old Testament God gave his people consequences to bring them to repentance without staying in putting up with it and submitting to it just makes it worse For Now If You Were Talking to Joy Forrest and Amber Lehman from Called to Peace Ministries.

It Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month Called the Is the Website CAL LED TO Called to Peace.Organ Right There. The Goal This Month Is to Raise $40,000 and so You Can Be Part of That You Can Make the Donation Yourself. Like Amber Said Earlier, Do Some Crowdfunding Using on Facebook Use on Social Media and Take Advantage of That Them and Make That Kind of a Difference to Give All Your Money Away to Politics. Just Don't Get Consumed by Know It's Important to Keep Your Focus on People Way More Than Politics. Okay so This Is an Opportunity Be a Part about It, We Would Mention the Power Control Will Many Times on the Facebook Live Feed Today, so If You're Not My Facebook Page Is Just the Steve Noble Show. Look It up but on the Facebook Live Today. I Put Several Links Not Only to Call the Peace but Also to the Power Control Will Okay so There's a PDF There so You Can Find It, Share It, Put It up on Social Media and Let People Know Hey Is This You You Fit This Wheel at All and If You Do Now You Know Simple, a Place That You Can Send Them Called the to Be a Part of the Font to Final Appeals Got about a Minute and 1/2 Left Amber and Enjoy. Yeah, I Mean Right Now You Can Double Your Donation with the Matching Pledge and Matching Challenge and Double It like Just Choose Faith over Fear Make a Donation. You Know What I Said Is That I'm Choosing Faith over Fear so She Doesn't Have To Live in Fear so Good Joy and I Just Verse Is Not You As You Have Done It to the Least of These, You've Done It unto Me.

And These Are People Who Had All the Power Strip from Them and They Have Been Living in Constant Fear May Have Been Less Than Four Years and We Are Offering Them Jesus Is Freedom. And There's Hope and There's Help and There's a Way out.

Call the Is the Website CAL LED TOPS Called the Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Please Help Support What God Is Doing through These Women into That Organization Joy and Amber Always a Pleasure Things Herself so Much for Coming in Today When We Come Back.

You're Welcome Lieut. Gov. Dan Forces to Steve Noble in the Steve Noble Show Will Be Right Back in That Online to Make Sure You Support Them Financially This Month. Like She Said Hundred 50 Calls a Month Now. Okay.

When We First Did Radio Together Couple Years Ago to Three Years Ago It Was 20 or 30 Now the Hundred 50 a Month. It's Only Gotten Worse with COBIT and the Lockdowns and on That Subject on the Subject of What Which Would You Prefer or Would You Rather Live in Fear or Would You Rather Live with Hope.

Should We Be Replacing Fear with Hope at This Point, and That's Not a Helpful Political Narrative on the Left. What Is the Reality That We Should All Be Embracing. So I Said This the Other Day on the Air and Just As a Reminder, Replacing Fear with Hope Right from the CDC, the COBIT 19 Survival Rates from If You're between the Ages of One and 19. The Survival Rate Is 99.997% 20 to 49. The Rate Is 99.98%, Age 50 to 69. That Survival Rate Is 99.5% and for Our President Is over 70, 70+ the Survival Rate Is 94.6%.

Serious Yes Just Shouldn't Drive a Narrative of Fear All over the Country Notion to Drive a Narrative of Fear and Politics in Here in the Great State of North Carolina.

It Should Not.

But That's Exactly What's Been Happening. But That Will Change If Our Good Friend Dan Forrest, the Lieutenant Governor of the Great State of North Carolina Is Our Next Will Be Our Next Governor the Great State of North Carolina, Dan, How Are You Buddy Thanks Are Gonna Doing Great Three Rope Your I Am Think You and I and I Love This This One of the Themes of Your Campaign Is Is Really Making That Decision of Replacing Fear with Hope and Fear Is Been Used To Cut a Corral All of Us. It's a Big Deal. It's a Big Problem and I Think It's Been Right at the Forefront of What Our Governors Been Doing with COBIT 19 and and Really the Whole 2020 Year up to This Point in Fear and Panic Campaign Going on Drug Court Narrative and Going up to 2.55 You Have Anything to Back It up on the Way You Display Those Words and the Media Jumped on Board You Told You While You're Wrong about Drug but Hope to People First and Obviously Your Radio Show. Steve, Your You're Talking to a Christian Government Building Come from a Governor or Approach the Theater.

Anybody Else Wrote That the Ultimate Hope That We Have Which Allows Us to Live Life Freely. But We Can't Live so Cruelly That We Appear Callous, Go to the World and Especially through the Disease Is Going over 70 Special If You Have Multiple Comorbidities That We Need to Make Sure That We're Doing Everything We Can to Protect the People That Are at Risk and in Danger of Dying of His Virus for the Rest of Those Books Generally below 70 Years Old.

You Got a 99% Chance Survival Rate Here and Week That Should Be a Message of Hope and Especially for Young Purpose Why We Should Have Are Schools Where Economy Should Be Open Again. What Would You Be Doing All the Why Do You Think the Fear Narrative Is so Attractive and Has Been Quite Frankly so Effective for People like Gov. North Carolina Gov. Cooper and Other Mostly Pretty Much Predominantly Liberals around the Country.

Why Do You Think They Choose the Fear Narrative May Not Think That the One Certainly for the Media That Most Adults Don't Figure out What World Filled You Be Going Out Of Business Now Because of Their Advertisers and Everybody Else but You Know I Think It Started off on the Wrong Foot Started off with Everybody Thinking Because We Got That Predictions from Universities around the World, but You Have To World Will Get a.Coronavirus Everybody Was like Well We Better for You. First (Shut Everything down and Real Information Started to Come in and A Lot Of Things, Including North Carolina Did Not Have To Do the Real Situation of Them, so They Kept Pushing the False Narrative When the Real Data out There in the World by Himself. There We Could Use Real Numbers and Pushing the Number of Cases New Cases That We Have Every Day of the Total Number While We Talk about How Many People Were Perfectly Fine or Didn't Have Any Symptoms at All. Right How Many Active Cases There Are Not As Active Cases Only Go to Any Symptoms Call out Something That You're Going to Get to a Fraction of a Fraction of a Fraction of a Percent and That Gives Hope to People Right to Me. They Need to Have a Good Message.

I Think Even the American People, Steve. I Think They Could Take That You Don't Know How to Deal with but When There's All Kinds without Going out There. It Read That A Lot Of Monks Are People People Start Hating One Another.

The Only One Other Trusting Each Other out, Giving Everybody Bad Looks. We Cover Our Faces up with Math and Scoured Each Other Not Wear the Mask Somewhere in Not Good for Humanity and I We We Got Moved beyond That We Can Protect Vulnerable We Know Vulnerable. Lori Would You like Develop a Locate Herd Immunity Will That Science and You Can Thank God for That.

By the Way, but Her Maybe 40% of People of COBIT 19 Are Asymptomatic 80% Don't Have Serious Enough Symptoms to Even Require Any Any Medical Help. In Terms of Going to Hospital so We Are Talking about a Fraction of a Fraction, and If We Had Hope.

We Should Be People of Hope, Whether Christian or Not.

If You're American, That's Not a Follower of Jesus Christ.

America Has a History of Being a Hopeful Nation We Face down Our Own Demons We Face down Other Demons around the World and We Are People of Hope, but We've Lost That in the Political Machine. What Can You Do Dan. When You Become Governor to Restore Hope to the People in North Carolina and Drive out That Politically Created Spirit of Fear Really Hurt When You Do You Do Protect Vulnerable Outdoor Death North Carolina Come from Earth or Gov. Currently Has Done Nothing to Protect His People Nurse Working on Even up to This Day. Federal Government Reports I Need to Do Something about That after Florida Took Very Significant Measures to Protect Those People That We Did Nothing to Protect the You Protect the Vulnerable. But the First Thing You Do and Make Sure That Everybody Spirit and Then You Open up, Then You Open up Schools When You Get Rid of the Mac Mandate to Get Rid of This Whole Fear and Panic Narrative That's Going on out There and Start Giving People Real Information, Real Data Based on Real Science and Then I Think People Get about Back about Their Lives Want to Start up a Wall. Everything Shut down. People of Other Closed Doors Just like You Mentioned before Nursing Lucky Tragedy out There Suicide Addiction Use You Name It. Mental Illness but Physical Illness, Emotional Illness Gone out in Our Country Right Now Is Yes Devastating in and That's That's Reality. People Need to Remember When You Look at Somebody like the Current Governor, Gov. Cooper Here North Carolina. He Does Not Trust the People.

He Trust Government and Trust Himself but You and I Dan, We Trust the People I Love You and Carry about You Enough and I Respect You Enough That I Think That You Can Handle Your Own Life and That Is a Huge Difference between You and Gov. Cooper between a Conservative and a Liberal or Mild, Making This Overly Simplistic Book Pretty Snowboarding but What Freedom Is about That Freedom for Personal Responsibility. We Don't Want the Government to Control Her Life. Just Protect the Circumstances, but Not Control Our Lives. Certainly Not Treated like Five-year-old and You're Really Pretty Good .5-year-old. We Have All the Inconsistent Visions That Are Coming up Objective Inconsistencies That Nobody in a Football Stadium This Week 7% Next Week.

Like Finance Changed over Seven Days and Now You Can Have 7% While Some States 25 and 50% You're Still 7% What You Can Open up This Business but Why You Know Her Just Because an Abortion Clinic Be Open If You Can Treat People like Five-year-old Neck like the Don't Have Any Sense of Their Own. This Is the Outcome You Will III Would Love It If All Those People That Are Being Treated like Five-year-old Will Have a Five-year-old Temper Tantrum on November 3 and Throw the Guy Out Of Office Because That's Exactly What That's Exactly What Needs to Happen.

I Know That That the Impact on North Carolina's Been Devastating Were to Be Seeing That for A While. It's Not.

That's Not Just an End This Year When We Turn the Corner. We Finally Get the 2021 It up If It Ever Arrives. But Are You Hopeful about the Future of North Carolina. Dan Love That I Really Do You Honestly Believe Travel All over the Place Look like You Do Will Come Home Here in Love or State Law or People I Love Children Hospitality, a Little Innovation and Ingenuity That Comes Out Of This Place. With so Many Great Things Going for Certain No Reason to Change Just Because We Have To Learn to Live with the Virus. We Will Do That Will Move beyond This and Working to Get Back to Not Just the Way Things Were Really Get Back to Making a Better, but Elections Do Have Consequences Only about 26 or Seven Days till the Election Comes up When I Think People Need Be Bursars about Making the Right Choice When People in It and Kind of an Elevator Situation. We Don't Have A Lot Of Time and People Alike Will Why Should I Vote for Dan Fours Versus Keeping the Current Gov. A Lot Of People Don't like Change. Yada Yada Yada. What What Are Some of the Biggest Point You like to Share with People so Why Dan and Why Not Gov. Cooper Oilman Right Now Would Talk about Old Choker Fear and Panic Versus Open up to You to Think That the Big Would Give the Current Circumstance to Name One Thing Only One Thing. One Good Thing. Gov. Cooper Is Done for the State of North Carolina in the Last Four Years Ago Johnny to Go Radio Silent in the Mess up the Shell Because We Got Quite the Others Nothing in New York This Dan. I Had the Gianna Jessen on the Show Yesterday and Survived a Saline Abortion and She Was There the Day That That the Legislature and the Governor Said No Were Knocking to Protect a Child That Survives Abortion. Basically Look Her in the Face and Say You Should Be Dead. I Mean It's It's Agreed on His Body. He Went beyond the We Don't Need People Sitting on the Audio through That It Happened to Show You. Obviously, Life Is Absolutely Critical and Unbelievable Dan Is the Website to Support Financially Volunteering Another Need A Lot Of Volunteers in the Next 25% 26 Days to Make Sure We Are All Praying for Dan and Alice the Whole Family. The Campaign That This Is Extra Stencil What's Going on in the Next 26 Days of the Selection Why We Need to Do Everything We Can Work Something Rather Large, like Damn Horse Damn Dancing on It but It Actually Will Be Back Tomorrow A Lot Going on Live Tomorrow from a Parking Lot Plus the Concerned Women for America, for Any Coney Terrace Upcoming Confirmation That Information on Facebook and Come Join Us Tomorrow for the Show. This Is

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