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Abortion SURVIVOR, Gianna Jessen.

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 6, 2020 12:14 pm

Abortion SURVIVOR, Gianna Jessen.

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 6, 2020 12:14 pm

Abortion SURVIVOR, Gianna Jessen.

Today Steve is joined by Gianna Jessen a late-term saline abortion survivor who has become an Anti Abortion activist.


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Wake up everyone just time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow calls 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now gives your house noble hi everybody, I can hear myself but apparently I'm on the radio. So having some issues here in the studio. I can't hear anything here was going on the radio. I don't even hear my own headphones so that it is keep working on that and I'm in a dive in here.

Do the best I can.

Now that I've gotten a nice curveball. Okay so today I want to talk about what's going when I can build a second after showing us to get this figured out because we got we've got Gianna Jessen his going to call in for the second half, but if I can hear her. That's not going to go very well so this is live radio crazy stuff like this happens I try to keep my tongue under control, because otherwise you would hear the worst side of me which trust me does exist on, just to go watch the clock here and pay attention and do the best I can. Facebook lives is going to have to suffer without me and so I wanted to talk about a couple things I was going to talk a little bit out we were in a play the clip from Donald Trump when he got back from Walter Reed which I thought was great. I mean, but the left is going absolutely ballistic so this is Maureen Dowd of the New York Times tweets this this was October 5. So yesterday when he got out okay 3:38 PM and here's what she tweets one Trump walk through the doors.

Walter Reed had a stellar reputation as he walks out 72 hours later it's reputation is in tatters.

There's nothing Trump can't really. Oh why do you say that Maureen because he didn't come out in a body bag. What is that, if anything, you would say wow Walter Reed awesome. You got a guy in his mid-70s. Let's coalbed and and you've got them out of there in 72 hours. That's pretty incredible well whatever they're doing at Walter Reed.

Let's do that all over the place, but no she cannot accept that.

Like a lot of people are left. Unfortunately some people even Joe Biden. I thought handled it well, but others didn't. So Ted Cruz had put a picture up at that Maureen Dowd suite and just said New York Times attacking Walter Reed because the president didn't die, your hate has destroyed you and is largely true. So Trump comes out and he does this message right. He is like a minute and 1/2 is not very long and one of the things he said in there that shows absolutely has the left melting down is that is like okay don't let this rule your life right.

Don't be afraid of it. Don't let this rule your life. You don't let it dominate you nobody's like I can't believe you say that 200,000 people have died. That's probably in the ballpark is probably not hundred percent accurate. Write 200,000 people.okay, let's say it is 200,000 people died while 655,000 people die every year from heart disease and I don't see anybody going ballistic about that. So Donald Trump by saying don't let it dominate you. Don't be afraid is not saying it isn't deadly because it is but it's not so deadly that you have to stop seeing people stop going places stop working.

Stay in your house.

Don't go anywhere put on your mast put on the plastic put on the jumpsuit put on all the other stuff and he saying don't be fearful of it.

So I rarely get back checked on on Facebook but I did the other day because I posted this I just reminded people that hey you know what this isn't as bad as the media makes it out to be yes 200,000 people died and that's terrible. And yes, people of been in the hospital and that's terrible. But the over all reality does not call for the mass panic porn hysteria. That's a phrase it.

My buddy Steve Davis uses that we have seen, nor the mass lockdowns and everything else. I've been saying this literally since April that we brought an atom bomb to a knife fight and we did. And because of that the overwhelming majority of the deaths have been isolated, 48, 43, 48% of been isolated to our elderly population, which is horrifying, and then that you got any Cuomo who is apparently an anti-Semite, talking about how he did such a great job but just remember this okay and this is what they flag me for and I was using CDC numbers and they said it will be careful. This false information. The same information was checked in another post by independent back checkers right the Facebook Supreme Court. Here's what I put up. These are CDC numbers. Here's your survival right rates. If you're between one and 1999.997% chance of survival 20 to 49, 99.98% chance of survival. Age 50 to 69, 99.5% chance of survival and a 70 over Donald Trump or he's at 94.6% chance of survival. So this isn't quite the deadly machine and then they call that fault humbly while their only comeback this is. No one is no more send a life.

Why was your high got my studio. If not Salem.

This is all within the confines of our super awesome pretty new studio which we've had our fair share of challenges weapon as I talk about things going on in the in the world and especially here in the United States and especially here at less than 30 days until the election and spiritual darkness all over the place and confusion all over the place. I don't normally see a demon under every rock, but I think I see a lot more of these days, so just stop and pray dear Lord, or disaster, you would help us with good our technical thing done here.

I was looking forward to talking to Gianna. The second half of the show survived an abortion, but we can't do that. Lord, unless the sound system is working. So we just pray that you would blessed and help us repair it helps that with everything he's trying to just help us get it right word and will will go from there. And just as that in Jesus name and help me not to lose my mind.

In Jesus name, amen.

So of course wow hold on a second because people are hot mess here major problems people that were trying to help. Have Gianna Jess and I know our friends at North Carolina values coalition are having Gianna tomorrow. Not not tomorrow night but Thursday night and see dear North Carolina X incredible godly organization Timmy Fitzgerald. I got a lot of friends there. They do incredible work of the kingdom inside the world of politics and that's their annual celebration of Carolina values.

Of course with Kober they can't do it in person. So it's Thursday night at 7:30 PM and then Gianna is the keynote speaker, but we were going to spend the second half the show with her today but now that's not looking possible unless we can get this figured out. So that's the deal. Right now.

Okay, so setting that aside and I'll try to keep my anger and frustration under control you're talking about Donald Trump. Okay, so he comes out 72 hours. Praise the Lord, you know the guys top is a fighter obviously and and and and he comes out he flies back know that a seven minute flight from Walter Reed back to the White House and he goes up there in the back portico and gives us little minute have speech which I'm not to play for you because of that's working right now but in the speech he said don't be afraid you know don't don't essentially don't back down to this thing. Don't let it dominate you.

Don't be afraid we have the greatest medicine. We are have all kinds of advances all kinds of things going on here that we've learned in the last 670 months and so it basically saying don't freak out and here I am a 74-year-old man, and now obviously get the best care on the planet but but they're just using things that are available now, and that's a great story, is it not, but the left just absolutely losing their mind and I get back checked on Facebook as I posted this CDC COBIT 19 survival rates and this is why you should not be fearful. Okay is it or is it a tragedy that 200,000 people somewhere in that ballpark have died, yes it is a tragedy, no question about it. But remember now just some facts here just to keep us all on the level just some facts. The median age for COBIT deaths is in the mid-70s right now pay the median age male you look at what's the life expectancy in America. It's 78.4 years. So were not talking about an Ebola kind of nightmare here is it bad yes is a serious yes but I Said since about April, I think we brought an atom bomb to a knife fight. Okay, I listen visitors facts and this is what Facebook flagged me on this is false information.

You say see why I'm looking at the actual post. They said that fact check the CDC did not declare COBIT less fatal than the flu when revising public health disaster plans hello Facebook, I'd yell louder if I could hello Facebook, I didn't say one stinking word about the flu.

So what's the deal. It is Facebook Supreme Court, which is a bunch of George Soros, a people on okay so they just see this is what I post this before the trumpet very got a reminder as the media fans the flames of panic born.

Also 40% of positive cases are asymptomatic, meaning 40% of people have it get over it and didn't have a single cent K 80% 80 10, loud in here 80%. I hear myself blowing yourself 80% recover without special treatment, meaning they don't go to the hospital is not a nightmare.

80% of COBIT positive people recover without any special treatment. 80%. So 40% Re: symptomatic meaning 60% have some symptoms but you you know this is plate right when the media takes it somebody's COBIT positive president from basketball player Kelly and Conway, Kelly McEnaney, who, as soon as they say covert positive. The reaction is supposed to be a 000. It's like, hey you've got cancer and its stage IV that is the perfect time to lose it because that's really bad okay really advanced really bad but if you're COBIT positive that is not a time to freak out now feel a bunch of comorbidities in your older and have a bunch of comorbidities and a bunch okay but 40% of cases are asymptomatic, meaning they don't have any symptoms whatsoever.

80% recover without any special treatment whatsoever.

You just get over to get the flu at home you're sick for four or five or 10 or 11 days and then he got over it and we don't stop the world for that doing only 20% require hospitalization.

To some degree. Okay, so the overwhelming majority of people. It's not a big deal.

That's why I keep saying we brought an atom bomb to a knife fight shut it all down shut everybody down shut every situation down freak out fear power control spiritual darkness. It's all thrown in their then you look at the survival rates okay age 0 to 19 you have a 99.997% chance of survival.

You, the odds are better of you getting struck by lightning, age €20-€49 and 99.98% chance of survival. That's that CDC numbers age 50 to 69. This is me 99.5% chance that a CBP you're even you got a serious what could be a serious illness most likely 80% chance you won't need any special treatment nearly fine 40% chance you will even feel anything but any in this only 1/2 a percent chance that you're gonna die, which I would say as a glass half full person. So you're telling me I've got a 99.5% chance of survival. I have an 80% chance that I'm not actually going to have any special treatment whatsoever, and I'm a 40% chance that I might not feel anything. Yes, Mr. Noel, that's correct okay thanks I'm doing out here. See you later ON you can be contagious. Okay well I should pay some attention that but thank God I'm not releasing a bowl on the world of I don't wear my mask over some percentage of people very small percentage.

Yes it serious. You get to age 70+ where the president is over. Joe Biden is in its 94.6% chance of survival. Okay, so you've got a 5.4% chance of dying from this, Mr. Pres., but you have a 94.6% chance of being just fine and got you might have some symptoms you might not.

He did, but this is not freak out territory.

However, if you don't freak out. You remain calm.

They can shut everything down it can't control you, they can't implore employ the power the federal government. They can't destroy the economy in order to destroy Donald Trump which I think ultimately is behind all the stuff which sounds ridiculous to me, but that's exactly what's been happening so were in the studio now will see in a few seconds I'll look at that.

I hear some ultra music which means only come back. We should be able to talk to Gianna just to survive a Celine abortion. You do not hear from people like this very often people like this simply don't exist. By God's grace. Gianna does join us on the other side of the break. As I was up only get to and will get to it sometime soon. Thank you Lord for giving us some noble deer that seems more live radio if you struggle with your word choice as in saying things that you would want your mom to hear you say don't do live radio like don't get in the live environment world because when things go south brings out the worst in me. But that's why it's like radio been doing it for a long time now and not just the deal that is life that is 2020.

By the way, isn't it is the way it goes. Coming up this Thursday, October 8 my good friends at the Americana values coalition. I've known these people for ever since I became an activist which goes all the way back to 2004 before that lesson.

I love the Lord. I was a Christian I was a conservative, but I was not involved I did not know that much.

I was not paying that much attention.

I was pro-life in my profession but I would, you know, but I should've listened to James out there to say you show me your faith by what you sale, show you my faith by what I do, but I was up I would like way too many Christians sure I'm pro-life that's the default position. Of course I'm pro-life.

Don't even bother S&M offended but then what you do with that profession of faith. When you do that profession of pro-life faith and so people like at the North kind of values coalition and Cindy and Tammy as I got to meet these people who are actually doing something about their fate. Then I became more active and I started meeting some people and started seeing God's hand in this particular issue, and one person that I have yet to meet face-to-face, but she was on the show because she was in North Carolina not that long ago when ours, when are messed up governor was vetoing the infants born alive act which is a particularly powerful piece of legislation and in this case because it's very, very personal for Gianna Jessen Gianna thank you so much for calling and we almost didn't do this, we had all kinds of problems because the, the prince of the power the air does not want you sharing your story but were glad to hear how are you thanks for calling it what you preach it sister. That's all we needed right there so thank you for that. I'm so glad that that we had a chance to get together today and God bless you for your ministry and all your work and it's an amazing story. I don't want to steal too much thunder from our friends at the North kind of values coalition, because that's coming up on Thursday night up at the links on Facebook and you guys can get a ticket in attendance.

Virtually Gianna's gonna be sharing is also Congressman Mark Walker so were super excited excited about that. But let's go back right quick Gianna and then I want to tell little bit of your personal story is most people have never met somebody like you. Most people never heard anybody like you. Let's go back to that day when you were here in North Carolina when our governor actually vetoed the infant born alive act. What was that like to be a part of that conversation, especially when it didn't go the way we wanted to go mad and I had you, only one grant only moment for you now are your Christian and email it to whatever I was born in abortion now and I was trying and I looked right on ever forget trying to the Lord and trying to warn him about the consequences of voting in favor and that he is extremely uncomfortable and understanding man walking and I was lacking company comfortable double client and a lot in favor of murder by learning don't even hear what I really hard word yeah that that empathy and that radical thank frankly yeah that's exactly what it is because you listen I don't I don't make a habit of quoting Rev. Jeremiah Wright back up there in Chicago.

Our former president, but when you're standing there talking to a legislature.

Thank God when you're standing there talking to a legislative person, an elected official and you are a survivor of the abortion process yourself. The chickens have come home to roost and that in that moment and he's staring somebody in the face that he's about to sit there and vote and say you know what Gianna here's what I think, based on my politics and my lack of allegiance to Christ is that you should be dead. You shouldn't even be here right now. I mean, I don't finger writing you know what I do for my trying to read and trying to tell them to cure, but only you know what you are for going never think you will never forget the conversation you know why because the Lord with me now beginning and I will get back from the very beginning of my life being born abortion clinic and got the power of Christ, not try and little weakling. I think like were doing what you even if it's not like you know what I am working on it are on offer you every race going the Lord of pain and he died me the whole point of my life and that's the same Jesus, that one day will come writing back in here on a white horse with his name emblazoned on his thigh and his robe dripping and blood in the Bible tells us that God is storing up wrath. I mean always. Whenever I talk about this double backup Gianna because I want everybody to understand from where God has pulled you and what is done right.

I'm right there with you were both like two pieces of don't know what we are electable at exactly right.

And so I sit there, go in on this particular issue you go God storing up his wrath. And I always go back on this issue. I was go back to Cain killing Abel. Cain killed Abel and Abel's blood cries out the gods of God come down and okay what's going on here. I think God heard the cry of Abel's blood. What do you think the cry of 60 million babies blood sounds like what you think sounds like no one why over children cry from the ground like that I cannot. One now one. You are correct. I want to hear people working pulling abortion they had 20 years ago and that he encouraged her whatever you're starting. I want you to hear me. I will clearly bear now not know in Christ. Amen. You strip a lot of cramping and forgiveness.

I'm going back all the way to be free in your sign over something that whatever you you you get further hearing you need, you can truly walk so important that such an important message and you go as as difficult as the blood of the unborn and what were talking about in the graphic nature of that which is all true in the reality of the decision in that it wasn't a clump of cells and it was it was it was of your child, your son or your daughter in this case is like your hearing from them right now like Gianna speaking and Gianna has survived in abortion but you think the blood of the unborn are of little precious baby that you made that decision that that surely God can't forgive you, but you're underestimating major league underestimating the power of Jesus his blood, which is so powerful it just overwhelms as difficult of the nature of abortion is the power of Jesus his blood overwhelms even that in the only person I'm so grateful you brought the subject of the only person that's keeping you in change. If you're already in in Christ. The only person keeping you and changes you and thank you very much. And the devil who want you to say so what kind of Christian are you are certain you can't be forgiven.

No know the power of Christ is enough for you, but it is is and that you yeah all the harder you have now told that the hold.

I thought you John over talking to Gianna Jackson.

She will be live Thursday night to watch and listen to her share even more of her testimony. All you need to do is go to in seed values.where's my great friends there. Great warriors for Christ since he only 20 bucks will be right back to seasonable show what a pleasure today really to talk to.

Just to be with our friends of the North on a values coalition are doing their annual event online is this Thursday at 7:30 PM. She is the keynote speaker. Also, Congressman Mark Walker, who is a brother in Christ and a pastor as well. He's been up in DC fighting the good fight so you can help support everything that God is doing to the North Carolina values coalition, which is amazingly God is been using them powerfully for years.

We are all in the trenches together fighting for the marriage amendment and then you get five people in black robes that decide to afford the will of 31 states.

About 60% of the people that voted on the marriage amendment issue in all these things matter. You have to stay in the game day. Got to stay in the game when he seen the game you see the game because the game affects all your neighbors and if you're gonna love your neighbor as yourself.

You have to be involved in the election yet to be involved in politics to a certain extent, not the least of which will be praying fervently, especially now in this season of America praying for those in authority over us.

But make sure you vote. I think clearly, to not vote is a sin I think is a violation of neighbor love could you're saying yeah really care what happens in this country from a law perspective, but the laws of this country affect your neighbors if you don't get involved. What affects your neighbors, and in many ways negatively. You're blown out, but I really care about my neighbors is a violation of neighbor love which is also a violation of God. It was a lie. I say the novel is set to talk a little about that.

After the show is over. On the other side of 5 o'clock Eastern time will stay on Facebook. Live and talk about the little today but somebody that definitely understands us far more than most of us is Gianna Jessen.

As I was mentioning who's going to be a part of the North about his coalition, NC values coalition and see is the website in seed this Thursday, October 8 7:30 PM. Make sure you check that out. You will want to listen to what Gianna has to say and Gianna. I really thank you for calling and thank you for sharing your heart into such a blessing to all of us got bless you. Thanks for calling on their rare it is quite rare.

Yes I mean I the biblical Scott got Steve, you sure are passionate. Unlike know what, I appreciate that, but I'm not. I don't really think I'm passionate. I think I'm desperate and there's a very big difference got on the fee. I don't fear because we have been given a spirit spirit of fear but love power to sell mine.

But if you can't get if you can get bent out of shape about the things going on in our world because people are made in the image of God, then you got a bigger problem than listening to me on the air. Anyway, let's back up in time Gianna and let's just share a little bit of your story and why were even talking to you today why you're even a lot hi my name is Jan and me back my name mean God is great. I think it could anything.

I got my name, no variation and I don't think that I went and I myself got girl and my dialogue. 417 when she went to grand hat Planned Parenthood Jan had a late term abortion. Well I hearing abortion burned a baby now lying parent and child. Going back with 24 hour by power of Christ with firewood. I was born alive abortion clinic. The clock in the morning I went back and I maybe because I read my medical record MAV born during questioning a program like ranking and 29 week you and a no action required upon arrival at the think about that lack astonishing because I was being burned alive for eight hours and never patient was required. I should talk to people. I think that I can think with an I shouldn't be walking because I have cerebral palsy that lack of my brain line being burned alive in my letter as well, but I you lock and you marathons allowing going out that night Jane with a former Navy night and we we think you are a Christian and he picked me from going down okay now we are here because I can't get in on it. Now that tarnishing what got me crazy.

You find me that I know incredibly fat skating maddening and often hilarious. Can't even in a way that I would not say I would want to live like that whatever level quality like family now that the quality of life that you received when you actually need Christ. You get when you need help you balance with a cup of coffee and talk for everything you get incredible quality about my life. What was it like how did you find out like all I forget. I want to get ready to answer your question, I got the call adoptions that I had an amazing grandmother, and I thought you might like to play back. I went to what is going on today and I made up his mother. You know why why I'm several policy and for whatever reason, I only because you're a premature baby because you had a genetic birth on both which are clearly gay you really want now and I promise I believe in the power of the holy Christian and portion. I looked at her I was aboard in my mind is right and my 12-year-old started way that are even now I said well everything is. I will follow reason and I believe the word was holding me in that moment and just he knew how you make sure that I think… And I learned that while that is so weird. And then you know to have a sense of humor like you do. Which obviously is a little on the dark side but I appreciate that because I one like that to, then that's is that what you do is you confound the enemy you confound those in the church you confound those outside of the church you confound those that are so delusional and so bought and purchased by the power the prince of the air that that there's like I just don't get this.

That's the beauty of it like Job, in the moment. Going this really stinks in his wife's over in the corner going yeah just curse God and die. Now Job for a few thousand years has seen the fruit that's come off of his very difficult tree.

I can't imagine a real I really can't. I can't begin to imagine the fruit that's come off of the tree of life like yours Gianna and you being willing to share and be out there on the front lines tell us why it's so important that the dissent to celebrate and to support an organization like North kind of values and see because were we all have our place on the wall. This is super important.

We always need to push this but NC values are North Carolina. Why should we support an organization like that. There are right out there. I know why he would be value valuable and generate children children children and children's children. Every LifeLock generation, and I think all you not think about using the cannot cannot our country hanging in the balance. I am nothing manic and I can put on my wall plate like, you cannot not vote for someone way children in the world, and call yourself a Christian, you cannot and you still are controversial about creating your own and political ideology was all in that. That's right, there is a big problem if you're cool with all that you want to play you want to place a razor you want to mix the deck up on different sins, and what the consequences are serious problems and you need to cry out to the Lord to help you with that because your compass is John Jessen Thursday night and see values.word 7:30 PM Thursday 7:30 PM Eastern time and see page Gianna can we do this again. That's why God just ordained this and got our equipment working again, and here we are.

God bless you sister thank you so much. I look forward to talking again real soon.

Thanks talk you soon and see this is Steve Noble at this email will show God willing will talk again real soon.

Like my dad always used to say ever forward

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