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Economic Recovery?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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October 5, 2020 3:39 pm

Economic Recovery?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 5, 2020 3:39 pm

Economic Recovery?

Are we on track for Economic Recovery or are we heading towards just another Dumpster Fire?  Lots of sobering news on the economic & financial fronts and we discuss it on today's full Money Monday show with David Fischer of Landmark Gold


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Thank you and God Bless

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The Steve Noble Show
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The Steve Noble Show
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The Steve Noble Show
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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay well it is 2020. After all, though, are going to the show today. Had a couple of things I want to get out right at the top of the hour and a better ethics. Our good friend David Fisher. It is a full money Monday update mapping first Monday in October or the beginning of monthly bill for money monies we got to talk about going to the market. Anything going on with Pres. Trump in his covert situation in the markets, and then we've got every looking at a V-shaped recovery or U-shaped recovery. A lot of news out there on the dollar in the debt and issues there and and just the other day. Interestingly enough, six days ago.

I share this article about David Fisher from IMR capitalism to join us.

Just second UBS payment UBS comes out and there like a you should probably get some goal six days ago and whenever you hear that when you take the wackos out a conversation and there's plenty of matter, but whenever you hear that from major institutions. That's like hey that's that's kinda like a there's a hurricane on the horizon or there's some weather that could lead to a tornado it's got the warning thing okay when you hear major institutions, major investors like Warren Buffett this week Maybe six weeks or so took a big positioning gold incident all okay that means something better than mean they want to James Bond movie and also in the a.m. in the mood for goal. That is a warning okay sort of talk about that a lot going on, what's, what's the Fed doing with this whole talk of digital currency which we talked about last week, and then some of the fundamentals, but just a reminder if you're here in North Carolina or specifically here in the wake County area. I did include a few pics outside of the wake County area. But in the and in the in the in the general vicinity.

Okay, so that's out there and I put that a bunch of links up today on my Facebook page about the radio page of my personal page. I just put a link up here on Facebook live so if you would like to know who I'm voting for and I'll go out on election day November 3 which is 29 days from today, believe it or not, go check that out if you need some help and you wonder if you value my opinion, there you go, you go look for that look at that yourself.

So I got that up on my Facebook pages. I just put it up on Facebook live here now to go to my homepage just the Steve Noble If you go there and then he will put the link up near the top of you go to the bottom of page will fill little link for the for the blog which is usually kind of where we do the daily dose devotional stuff like that but you'll see that that comes right up today October 5 Steve 2020 election pics. That's me, that's not the radio thing that's not that's not true. Radio is not any of the affiliates that were on. That's just me. Little Steve Noble and if you want to know I'm voting for. So go check that out covert thing is just continuing to be crazy workers. We have the president who's heading back to the White House tonight, so it's good news. Kelly and Conway. Hasn't Katie McInerney hasn't both tested positive. Rhonda McDaniel has it got Tom Tillis and Mike Lee in the Senate. So let's throw in some curveballs, at least from the Democrat direction at any County Barrett and then grid Pastor Greg Laurie I just found this out this just released about the 45 minutes ago is tested positive for COBIT so this is still serious and we need to pray for anybody that's affected by it sort paying attention these things and will continue to talk about it. Let's go talk to our good friend David Fisher landmark capital. As always, Lynn David Howard talking about Greg Laurie. Well you prefer approach great also and many others.

Everything that God would heal around, absolutely. And that's just another reminder if you haven't up your prayer game in 2020. You definitely should.

And we can only imagine what can happen in these last three month.

How are you good to hear from you, great, great, have some really really good news. My PMP number for my cardiologist was completely normal. What is a BMP number that's a number of congestive heart failure.

I was off the charts.

Two years ago. I am normal to go just great praise reports, financial yeah I'm a great pilgrim that's awesome so great to hear those of you that have been a part of the show for a while you you are a part of that and knew what was going on in David's life and had a chance to pray for him that we just seeing God move which is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing that news that's all you encouraging to hear that. Okay, let's do a little a year to date update push Julia. Let's talk about today. So now is down 3.3% of those three indexes.

The only index that's down. The S&P is up about the same. The NASDAQ is the number one paper index up 22.5% and we all know it's because of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google represent about 40% of the index and stole 95% of those stocks are level flat for the gold and silver number one and number two gold up 25.2% and silver leading the charge of 33.2% what it's cool that you said that, and to remind just a reminder just a little dive into the noble family environment right now were we just were buying a house or selling a house or moving our father was going to be with us more and so we needed to get a little extra room and so you know we got a deal with our save in our house we can move in a few weeks but it was nice David to do to encounter the gold and silver that we have in our possession and to know that it's coming up 25.2% and 33.2% respectively didn't feel any heavier actually but it value. I said it was heavier. So when I found out I knew I was I'm like oh yeah that's right where having a good year at their gold and silver.

Praise the Lord for that. So it's good to hear. Always what's going on there and just a fascinating year let's talk about. We talked about coalbed and course of the president coming out COBIT and going to Walter Reed and then he's been doing very well. Headed back to the White House. Even this evening. They just announce that recently did that have any effect of the markets up a pretty good today four and 65 point attention you wouldn't see it but yes it did down so shortly after Trump and First Lady would test positive for COBIT 19 US equities, specifically in the Dow went down 500 points while we all were sleeping on Sunday or Saturday night excuse me small caps do the worst gold spiked during that time treasuries yields reverse last which wisely went down and were flat from the big moment we had last week.

You know, we have optimism over covert vaccine. We have optimism of economic recovery is a physical stimulus hopefully will get that maybe no one knows a point about women only category often is being discharged from the reality being answered when that came out in the markets. When you talk to David Fisher may come back a quick question about precious metals of gold and silver to the other reacts emotionally like the market is all over the place. Based on the news headlines will be right for money Monday landmark capital Lynn and great information available for you. There if you've never had precious metals and as you hear more about it all the time. UBS just last week came out like six days ago, I shared that article David yeah you probably should get some gold that sometimes it's lunacy when hear the stuff there's plenty of wacky websites out there and think that you hear on the radio or in the wet on the web. Whatever course were not dealing with that which always talk about diversification.

You have your stocks you have cash of real estate initiatives and precious metals, especially in this environment. When our country is not getting in better shape is getting worse shape. Whether Trump wins or not. Because of our debt.

The power of the dollar. The control the Fed there's a lot of things going on that do not paint a pretty picture for the future and that's where you need diversification you need to be smart so you never going on that road and consider these things, then that's a great thing that you can do. I would David and his team.

They're knocking to be chopper tell you what to do.

This can give you information then you praying you make a decision on your own Lynn is the website.

As always for David and his team are you can call me at 844-879-8882 and I just a reminder if you're here in the wake County area anywhere in North Carolina.

When I put out my pics every year, which I just did today may include statewide races in the north kind states reimport things like that but everything that we can vote on if you're here in the wake County area around Lake County, North Carolina.

Those become our handy and I earn that trust. Over the years people know how I'm going to vote, they understand the biblical conservative and they both go tasty on Sue Steve's doing well. That's available slots on Facebook and you can go to Facebook live post today go to my personal page and go to my personal Facebook page and go to the radio show Facebook page. I'm not doing these on behalf of anybody else's.

My pics and and then also on the homepage be go to the Steve Noble discover the bottom up agency blog posts down there and then you can get to it that we were up a little open little banner on the top of the homepage today so make it easier, but people appreciate that help and I have I got some wise Christ loving conservatives in my life for years who I would go to for help before we still talk amongst ourselves and what about this. What about that, what are we looking at here at these different elections and and there's great wisdom there. So I try to share that every year, which I did earlier.

Let's get back to our good friend David Fisher.

There's a lot to talk about David and thank you again so much for your time in helping us understand these complex issues. I wanted to ask you before we dive in the next point cover to talk about a V shape versus a U-shaped recovery in the in the business sector but does does gold and silver, is it kinda hyperactive emotionally, like the market does stuff goes on in the news.

Trump does a tweet and the market can go wild fluctuations based on that the headlines of the day does gold and silver do that a little bit the same amount or not. Much of sometimes a little bit mostly not guilty when they buy gold or silver just figure this is most boring thing is like buying insurance policy. Forget that you have it, but it's there just in case you need it you know so when women news is really bad unwanted. I'm not putting this in the category of prison from heaven COBIT 19 what I mean what I mean is there some economic financial news that's really severe like we had severe news on going in 2008 gold with a multiyear one rally knowing it was being bought aggressively by central banks so the reason is not so volatile you don't buy: trade gold electronically.

It's a physical product, so therefore it's not in the market so doesn't repack the same way that a stock word were all paper investment that way yet.

That's the things that I'm just curious if it was bad enough going on. I didn't know because the stock market can be so jittery and jumps in all the different things rushing to look at overnight in the future like okay just contracts along then it comes down but yeah that's a great analogy that I don't should live believe I can say last time I looked at my insurance policy upright it once a year, but it's a buy-and-hold in the long term position. That's part of diversification.

Thanks for that.

Okay so what, in terms of the business environment in general. David, I know the president a lot of us would love to see a V-shaped recovery just come skyrocketing out of this train wreck in this deep hole.

We dug for ourselves with their COBIT over response but is it doesn't look like it's good to be a V shape there's gonna be a U-shaped some people I think Biden said to be a W down and up and down and up but what's it looking like based on the fundamentals out there really very complicated or complex time in the terms of many aspects, politics, economics, and health and are every thrust of our society. We had good news last week. The Bureau of Labor statistics reported that the US added 661,000 jobs monthly jobs through mid-September.

It was short of the forecast of 850,000 so were recovering and she is taking longer than we thought and we look at him a little bit closer the US factory orders were disappointing. In August they went up really nicely and in July, 6.5% and the only one of .7% so it's starting to slow down is what I'm saying this is the recovery is more like installing recovering is more like a recovering global reserves one sector that's going up in another sector that's stalling or going down and that's the small time business owner is having the hardest times while big corporations for the most part are doing fairly well. Bankruptcies are through the roof. 6000 retail outlets of close their doors this year so far, and small business firms have also accelerated in the bankruptcies they shorted in September. There is an increase of 48% for the same time of last year so were not have the economic recovery, and what's happening is people are using the money that they been saving up in that region. Repeat came out from the Bureau of economic analysis to BEA saying Americans going through a staggering 724 billion in annualized savings in August. What that means is about 60% of personal savings built up in the aftermath of COBIT stimulus have now been used up so there's people coming to the end of all, I don't know what I'm going to do next and there's no official stimulus. There's a $2.2 trillion bill before that was passed but it does put into pass completely on both sides were held elsewhere and signed into law because the numbers are too far apart so it's going to be a longer-term recovery than what we mostly expected you seen across different industries.

I mean, that's that 6000 retail outlets gone to staggering but there's a lot of the other ones that are just holding on small businesses, a lot of little restaurants and mom-and-pop places around here where I live that we know are gone and you see that in the mall and then like MBA which is going to shoot shoot itself in the foot damning the game again. Just the other night was down like 62 or 64% over the previous year. In terms of viewership and I still I keep saying there's so many different dominoes lined up behind this David behind their COBIT response letter to keep falling in there to keep falling for a while so I don't think I think the V recovery was nice for big corporations and some folks like that it can work, but I think for the vast majority of the businesses in America. The small businesses it's going to be you and maybe that's it best and thanks for clarifying the K thing I didn't quite understand that when I heard it is a big dichotomy between Wall Street and Main Street been you know that's unfortunately excuse to get more implemented part of the goal as time goes on before they get away from each other.

Unfortunately yeah that's that's a sad state of affairs and something else we need to pay attention to and just remember everybody are always being sold. Click save South everybody's trying to get you to come look at their websites as they can increase our advertising dollars that you have to be steady and committed to the search for truth like your help in the Saudi funding David on what John Holt will be right back on the brakes continue our money money conversation back to normal to see know Michelle If your podcast person read the show from the podcast pretty much every regular bit on the big podcast lap show on their sequence scribe there and go back and find if you miss the show in listen most of us don't live based on live schedules anymore like you watch your stop whenever you want, Netflix, Amazon, TiVo, Tebo Beebe, oh whatever it's called these days you watch it when you want to say things true for radio.

Now the only thing out there. I mean you still people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck have because they have such massive audiences are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of radio stations that there live programming still grabs a lot of people but there's a lot of people that listen to Rush Limbaugh on the podcast granite later I get it. I get what I want when I want. It's all in your terms right that you're like on the throne when it comes to mid media. So if you want to get the show. That way you can just grab podcast. Okay thinking what that who is this SLB podcast were working on. Hopefully the next episode of that which would be the 10th one is going to be with a former student of mine whose very much way more liberal than me and a young man in college and in he was my intern actually for one summer, did a great job and was good.

That was definitely less iron sharpening iron you want to challenge yourself, spend, spend your summer every afternoon with a younger person who disagrees with you on a lot of political issues. And that's good here to learn a lot from okay about yourself about them about the process of trying to love your neighbor as yourself, and it'll actually be really good for your worldview and your political positions as they get challenged. The problem most of us don't have conversations with anybody outside of our own current positions and so you tend to get lazy and weak and then you just your guilty all the time of confirmation bias. You just watch the website you read the stories you follow this person. Follow that person that you agree with all the time is everybody clapped each other on the back, but it's like working out with 10 pounds all the time you don't get any stronger, you can feel like you're getting somewhere. But you're not okay. Same thing with financial issues yet to stay abreast of that which is why we build this and regularly on the shell with money Monday updates but on the first Monday of the month like it is right now we have a full show that we do with David Fisher and I David again, thanks for being with us today landmark is the website is always landmark for David and his team or if you want to do it the old-fashioned way can pick up the phone. I'll even excuse you if you leave the show right now to go column but if you want to call and that way 844-879-8882 844-879-8882 and out what that I wanted to ask you this question David about you know you you brought up this next stimulus bill. They haven't decided on that, but it sure seems like they that they know they need to come out with something whether the Democrats want to wait and try to hold that back until after the election are not as yet to be seen, but it seems like like you said, a lot of people are there on empty. Now what that stimulus money that they got before and that the economy looks to be groveling for another one. So as I can up that can be a big factor in the market and and interns in gold and silver prices. Whether that happens or not, I think so because you know bailout is going to be a big portion of our economic environment and with them on Thanksgiving troubles. Just like one little small sector of the mom and pops the company big sectors that are also need a bailout. And yes a lot of people still work from 8 million+ enough million people need a stimulus check in on a product, free-market capitalist yellow socialist but there's like when you're sick you medicine uses the financial medicine you know the ideologies were in the paper this later on. The problem that we've always face. And here's where the rubber meets the road. Imparted 2008 for every three dollars for every dollar the government spent.

You would think they would get, you know two or three dollars returns so they didn't show for every three dollars since 2000 to 2008-ish for every dollar they spent shooting for every three dollars they spent only got a dollar return. So it's a losing proposition for position spending money right now I just report for every $7.42 that created the only creature one dollar of economic growth, just in case it were taking herself in the dead, and this is part of the issue why they don't want to just release money because you will now to say okay let's fix this problem. Won't you fix your roof which was fun trying it out when it's pouring down rain with. We've taken the roof off. We really took away all the bumpers of duct know the debt ceiling is been obliterated. You know we should've been talking about these things, you know through four years ago, and a booming economy under portion of the present ball he had some booming economy and a portion under bushes. Not one president of the children are present. So don't send me email is a lot of president and now the numbers are staggering but pewter tars took the other direction and that's why like okay, let's pull back when you pull back on the area that people need most is this person the economy together is the medium income wage earner and they need the money, wants right now yeah really remarkable situation.

I pulled at the US debt clock which I do often US to award any back in January David with my students.

It was the beginning of the second semester.

This pre-COBIT and we would talk about that pretty, pretty regularly to get them aware of what we were doing with their credit card as well as their kids credit cards and their grandkids. Credit cards in a acted in January like it you know it's $22.3 trillion a truly horrific and now are we just crested past 27 trillion are just skyrocketing past that, by the way, $27 trillion in US national debt is $81,793 per citizen survey got six people in your family. Mom and dad and for kids that's 81 grin times six and half $1 million and if it's just taxpayers. It's $216,000 per taxpayer so you and your spouse are taxpayers.

That's 432 grant that you're part of $27 trillion national debt, which you won't pay but your kids, grandkids and great grandkids. It's going to fall on their heads. That's why this is such a moral issue to that often times we miss out on that cut that aspect of it is how immoral it is that were doing and so what with debt like this, David. What's that doing to the dollar because it sounds like they're starting to be a lot more people worried about what the dollars, which is increasing the conversation about buying and holding some precious metal Chumash watermelon sure that you click on the right side of the future, unable to 2024 and then we'll see what that number is in the second so the dollars not having some problem .9 trillion. Don't worry, it's only 11.9 trillion, up from 27 trillion in the next year so 20 more trillion and four more years. Okay number just came out on the federal budget and policy priorities 75% of every tax dollar goes to non-productive spending numbers were not spending your money very well as a government we are taking on more debt in the end by 20 20 x 20 50. There is a projection over debt will be 246% of the GDP for what 108 now in the conservative number and some that is more like 136 when you have the unfunded liabilities and they're saying that that will be $121 trillion cells happening is there is the IMF just came out with their the coffer report currency of official foreign exchange reserves. In other words, how much of the reserves of the world does the dollar makeup. Simply put, how important is the dollar in the world today amongst big central banks.

That's the key question is that they don't buy our dollar. They will buy our debt by our dead, we can keep this debt system propagating right that's how we finance this, the Fed cannot be the last. Only big central pink buyer of debt and sustain this debt is an impossible thing. So the report came out and Goldman Sachs is coming on it with their observations, Bank of America, or rights, but also the echo of Goldman and it says that the deer dollarization seam appears to be intact numbers the world is moving away from the dollars big money world central banks. There was a movement slightly towards it during coalbed, but there is a much bigger movement towards gold and there's been a bigger movement towards gold in the last two years. According the IMF reserve coffer report, which is very well respected and lab was not fake news K central banks are moving aggressively towards gold and moving away from the dollar. So the dollar will get this under control. Yeah, this is why working also thought maybe this is why that article you found UBS on 29 September should UBS is you should buy gold now and it's a regional chief investment officer maven named Kelvin K is saying it the day that came out will go also said the same season since the time to buy gold is now says Wells Fargo real asset strategy John Laforge from Wells Fargo. Also, Bank of America should buy gold so the banks are telling us to buy: never heard prior to three years ago banks telling us to buy gold right something is up.

Yeah like I said earlier the yellow flag. That's a warning people are seen in that's like hey there's something going on out there in the Atlantic and it looks like it could turn into a significant hurricane seam.

I want to start dealing with that in preparing yourself for it because there are, unfortunately, there are some people along the coast happens every year David that I like yeah yeah yeah yeah and then whaleboat they lose everything are the most of everything. It can be very tragic with desires.

I come back I will talk about digital currency started to talk about that last week's will talk about that little bit and then I will finish up our conversation talk about the fundamentals that drive gold and silver because all these places, saying you should probably have someone is a good hedge against the craziness that were in and what's coming will be right back shall violate a pretty heavy we sleep in the lady Ellie had a lot of so tomorrow to spend some time with Donna Jackson about his coalition. A lot of the great organization have a new virtual get-togethers and virtual banquet so that's what's going on preference it and see values coalition, but Gianna Jessen is a abortion survivor. You do not hear from them very often. But you will tomorrow thoughts tomorrow on the show Wednesday. This is domestic abuse month.

That is a big deal, it's gotten way worse under the COBIT 19 restrictions are really be talking to Joy Forrest from called to peace ministries on Wednesday that will be a very important conversation also to talk to the Norco analytics and the tenant governor Dan Forrest who can be what is lastly because he's got his crazy campaign schedule on Thursday the concerned women for America with the Amy County Barrett nomination are have a bus wrapped and they're going to battleground states of action to be here in Raleigh this Thursday, Penny Nance, who runs concerned women for America on the go meet them where there and arrange for them to have a place to park the bus here in Raleigh to be in and out pretty quick but am to meet him there and do the show on site there which will be fun. So that's Thursday and then we'll see what happens to us by Friday, but today a full money Monday show with our good friend David Fisher from Lamar M. and even we talked recently about the Fed releasing a digital currency idea. So give us a little bit of an update on that and then we'll talk about some of these fundamentals behind gold and silver if we have time at the end and why were doing this well with our current chewing from gold and silver to paper money with gold and silver backing it to paper money with no backing of it. Then we came across writing IOUs on ship called checks then went to a debit card for convenience and then credit cards and now the new wave is you know you digital currency bitcoin and outfielder crypto currencies came out and point base out of San Francisco was the platform that most people use them.

So the Fed is wanting to play the game and be involved in the digital currency goes well as other central banks because there's been such a rise in crypto currencies.

A system outside of the banking system so the Fed is jumping in the ring there. Creating this they been testing it behind the scenes so the legislation has been proposed that each American can have an account out the Fed and get digital currencies. It's not implemented yet but think about that. There's this fight between Congress should be's rights to motion or not there would be any need for that anymore this one of the solutions is the Fed is saying that's what they talked about last week. They would just create more currencies out of thin air called digital and many think that they would not even do away with paper and there's some research that says they would do away with having paper currency so they were controlled all electronically you want talk about a one world system moving there.

That's where were going show it looks like it could be launched. According to Mila Richerson who is with Edward Jones fusion investment strategist you saying sometime next year. Digital currency will be launched by the Fed. What does this mean all my gosh, what is your dollar crazy stuff. This is really crazy stuff. It sounds like it's conspiracy. CNBC is talking about writing about it. Bloomberg news financial times Barron's magazine. It is all mainstream. The Fed has announced they are working behind the scenes they are committing to. This is not a conspiracy, it is going to come out.

It just will come out in 2021, and how much of the ramifications will come out will be Thursday from talking. The articles I'm reading that they would even do away with.

You will get a loan at your local bank anymore you said because the bank and works commercial banks might move to the side. We don't know what the role would be if we went digital.

What role which are needed for commercial bank. It sounds wild, but you never thought we'd ever have digital currencies 30 usually know what that was north thinking that would go to the checkout register and put it a card in there and buy groceries yet). I can't remember the last time I wrote a check so it's become the norm. This is just the next phase so they want to control your money. They have your account they want to devalue the currency, they threw stroke of the key pins they want inflated.

We have too much debt will a default on it. They want to seizure money through bailout is wondered how this could happen though.

I wrote the report on it and now it all makes sense, consumer financial protection Bureau is not a government agency boat was set up by the Fed, according to Fox news and they are the entity that does the bail and they are at the Fed. The Fed sets of digital currency and does away with all the traditional monetary aspect. This is how to choose the bail and it's quite simple.

Yeah, it's really stunning and are they trying to sell this as modern inspiration in the world's going this way because they might sell it this way but I think it's is flat out desperation that is just a new level that we are in a monkey that were to monkey with the system in order to keep that the regular people from overthrowing the government because it's just so reckless. It's unbelievable. So is it inspiration or desperation. I think there inspired her to see him so you know it's Japan's doing in China is doing in Europe is talking about doing it.

There's so many digital currencies, author of the selector behind the curve. It's all the readings that I'm seeing and just remarking what the system may monkey Nixon monkeyed with the system by taking us off the gold standard all the debt that we created. So this is just the next wrench that the monkeys going to be monkeying with. But this is a big big ranch going digital and not having our traditional monetary system.

Now I the flip side is not freaked out.

I know it's coming. I can't find it. This way I get some go outside of the system is not the conspiratorial thing.

You get what you want to have the Federal Reserve knowing what every last dollar that you own like this idea.

No show. That's why you have some gold and silver in your 401(k) or IRA retirement outside a retirement not all your money and those systems don't throw up a bit with the bathwater. But don't do nothing either makes sense to have something especially this we know we are headed.

This direction fundamentals that we want to talk about this last about three and half minutes, but just the fundamentals behind gold and silver in his it's things like this, I mean actual fundamental changes to banking and the system that we live under.

And what's going on pretty global macro scale is are those some of the fundamentals behind gold and silver. Obviously, the fundamentalist book that we've been talking about it. This new wave digital currency coming off the main fundamentalist central banks are buying aggressively a whole bunch of gold in the dollars moving away from being the world reserve currency.

Unfortunately, in China's dumping dollars. We talked about that a couple weeks ago they made a big announcement on September 7 so other dumping of massive amounts $880 billion of their currency 25% and I don't think they're going to stop there. So the world is backing away from her dad. The Fed is trying to create a new incentive for the debt and when you move from one currency to another, you devalue the currencies historically also happens and I got to do something big and have to even sleep massively devalue massively or she is massively or combination of those massive unfortunate things. This is why you hate yourself against this and that is why gold and silver is the number one asset because were moving towards massive uncertainty something is going to give the next 2 to 4 years is what the central banks were telling us by their actions as a bottle of gold in 2005 and six.

Look what happened and eight and nine the ball on the golden 18 and 2018 and 19, and there definitely biological this year so you gotta fall with the big money is doing there telling us by the actions something is get ready happen if you sensing your spirit something is wrong. Don't ignore that wake-up call. It is telling you like Steve. This should give something else. On the other side of the pewter daughter you explain it better than I do. But that's all this is your just following what your spirit is telling you. Diversification is a key role towards any sort of financial calamity and were going to have a financial plan. Only in this one coming up will be at the heart of the financial system because what we've been talking about you humans this early David and I think this is such an important point, especially since were 129 days out from an election that these problems have been occurring in this stuff and getting set up across different administration. So whether you have an uber liberal maneuver conservative in the White House we been barreling down this road with both kinds of pilots both in the executive branch and and especially in the congressional branch in the in the legislative branch.

So it really isn't a problem that goes away with one party or the other, and both parties are complicit both parties have been at the steering well is this thing continues to drive deeper into the ground and so don't put all your hope in the next election.

You have to be wiser than that which is why we talk about this on a regular basis of the for people to get information. David just let one last invite so they can start getting them an understanding what's going on here with the bail and which is the use of precious metals as an aspect of your portfolio.

What are some things that they should do what is have a conversation with one of my representatives and get one of the of the packets to learn about this, because wealth is knowledge and they can call us simply at 844-879-8882 and there's no pressure at all, and that's one of the assurances principles that I live by. Give people facts treat people with respect people are smart enough to figure out what they know is best for them will need to tell them but 844-879-8882 or land marks David, thanks so much for your time today always so helpful and informational.

I really appreciate you got bless you brother will talk to you next Monday.

Got bless you Steve, I buddy talk soon. Thanks so much and remember tomorrow pretty heavy hitting week a lot going on the radio is always a nexus with the season. Called sometime tomorrow the second half the shelf, Janet Jensen portion survived doing the bank with reference to talk about that tomorrow. On Wednesday, this is abuse awareness month to do this on Wednesday about that Thursday will be with concerned women for America town with her big wrap to help push the nomination combination. The big issues existence of things going on the noble dwelling

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