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Hispanic Conservatives + Dan Forest

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 23, 2020 10:35 am

Hispanic Conservatives + Dan Forest

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 23, 2020 10:35 am

Hispanic Conservatives + Dan Forest

Today on the show Steve is joined in-studio by Hispanic Conservatives.  We get a firsthand account from Jose Mora about the dangers of Socialism and what it did to Venezuela.


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Everyone is noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now there's your host Steve Noble people in America that we tend to think are going one way or the other spectrum. So when I say for talking to specifically politics okay and I say African-Americans you say Democrat I say Hispanics you say probably Democrat.

So let's look back at 2016 and the Hillary Trump race.

Hillary got 66% of the Hispanic vote. Trump got 28% of the Hispanic vote in a recent poll writer on 20 September were looking at Biden at 62% trump 26% 12% undecided. So you got a situation where this is a growing segment of growing part of part of the population here in America. Obviously, the Hispanic population and then we know that the Democrats are doing a lot of things and making a lot of promises and doing stuff on the border in order to try to get garner more more of that boat. It's a real battle, and as the segment of the population grows. That battle becomes more significant sort of talk about this today are Hispanics now coming naturally worldview wise the way they live the way they approach life, business and politics are they naturally conservative or are they naturally liberal sort of talk about that. The third segment of the show today were to talk to our Lieut. Gov. Dan for so hopefully God willing will be the next governor of the great state of North Carolina sedans: and every Wednesday until the election.

He's gonna be with us.

The third segment coming out of the bottom of the hours will talk to in force today about education but today in the studio right now we've got that my friend Gilbert Gilpin gone was run for office before very strong conservative follower of Christ in a new friend, Jos Mora, who is also a conservative as a fascinating testimony of Howie ended up becoming a conservative, also a follower of Christ and then Yours truly so Gil and put and Jos, welcome to show how are you guys think you know good good to see great to see you coming with them like a little bit. Gil you want to stay pretty close to that.

So let's start with this letter I want to start with why are why are you a conservative and then how did you end up being a conservative because nobody born one. Although I leave that alone nobody form one. How did you become one and inlets gonna talk about that. You signal to go back to 11.

The how I became a conservative and why is my as I grew my faith in the evangelical Christianity, and as I got older I began to realize that been conservative for 30 some odd years, 35, 40 years used to be more of a Democrat moderate right but as I as I became more of a Christ follower and practicing evangelic Christianity. I realize that the conservative values align more with my biblical values so IE I realize that and that I began looking at the word and I began looking at policy and the like, and I realized that again conservative values tend to align more with biblical values the pro-life marriage between one man and one woman. All the hard work ethic and the like.

So I clearly gravitated toward that in living.

Obviously, in the north coming out of the New York market. As you know is a is a liberal market, the whole government is not a mecca of of liberal thinking and the like. So coming out of the air. I was in Staten Island for quite a number of years which is one of the only Republican bastions in New York. So there I kinda got grind my teeth a little bit more conservative values and the like.

And that's so good that the simple answer is that conservative values align with my biblical values and evangelical Christianity. Now it makes perfect sense. And then when you moved here and then just in general, the Hispanic population in general.

Why do you think that in a significant percentage back in 20 1666% voted for Hillary. I think that's probably normal across the board. It's not quite as cute as the African-American community. But why do you think so many Hispanics are still voting Democrat. I think I think that we as a general rule, is a party as a conservative party as a Republican Party have not done a really good job in getting our message out to Hispanic voters and we tend to not appreciate or are well informed on their values and how they align with our values.

Again, the Democratic Party has done a good job in lumping together the African-Americans and the let's chemo people of color all that other than white right conservative. In a really good job in outreach to them and really when you speak Hispanic, and you have true honest one-to-one conversation and you don't discuss party just discussed value systems go down leave the value system that the conservative party supports you will realize may realize.

You know what I'm more of a conservative than I am a liberal.

So I think that most of then many of them may vote for liberal candidates, not realizing that their values align more with conservative values any and you ran as a Republican. That's right in and so what was it like just in terms of dealing of the Republican Party as a conservative Hispanic I think that be the party and braced the Hispanic culture and obvious you want to open up the tent did you hear that term before sure the tenant so big now. I read every body right but I think there were some challenges there clearly and where we are an anomaly. Given that we represent a very small portion of the publican party in general because Democrats have a really good job. So I think that the party is open to receiving more people into the tent. We just need to do a better job in communicating our value just them outreach doorknocking policy positions events. These kind of things to get a message out to the Hispanic community and in unfortunately at times, and I'm glad you brought that up in terms of the Republican Party. It's not quite as bad as it is that the African-American vote. I think a lot of Republicans and just assume it would be were knocking to be able to change that even though for all couple hundred years prior to the 1960s African-Americans almost exclusively were Republican, so a lot of people just to write that off and on the Hispanic side. Like I didn't expect to see Trumka 28% of the Hispanic vote, which is the same as Ronnie. So it's not like he hit it out of the park, but that's a significant number and it's something that we need to focus on and especially for non-Hispanic conservatives. Whenever you see Hispanic folks you need to not assume that there Democrats because there's also a conversation that needs to be had you studied and you looked in you and you investigated and then your intellect and your faith lead you to the conclusion that you should be politically it should be a conservative but those those conversations still work.

I think generally speaking, yes, some of the challenges that I've encountered with talking to Spanish dominant voters, a meaning that they're not English, maybe a little bit of English is that even though you have a conversation with them about our values, they are getting a lot of their information from Spanish dominant driven media which is left-leaning and young anti-Trump Republican kinda show for 95% of the viewing audience.

So there's like almost no conservative Spanish-speaking media that's exactly right insert market, you find some a little bit here. Yeah. So Jeff cites Facebook pages, but you're getting talking to somebody about our values and when they getting fed that into mailman and the Spanish dominant challenge yeah but it's an uphill climb at the climb that's worth and it's a fight that's worth it for the future the country mousing to think about how younger Hispanic friend, talk about all that you'll hear Jos story when we come back an amazing story with Jos Morris Shilpa Gunderson Steve Noble is great to be with you today talking about his words are they liberals or they can and we got to conservative panics right here in the studio today.

My friend Gilbert gone was run for office before Paul or Christ very involved in politics and a new friend, Jos Mora, who's got a great personal story with arena here in a second and were just working our way through this kind of the state of the Hispanic voting population here in America went 66% for Hillary Clinton. Last time, 20% for trumpets bowling about the same number right here but we know we to be very careful with polling and there's a lot of people that support Donald Trump that are necessary to come out and say that this is an important voting block. It's growing, it's getting bigger and you you got to share some information or a quick kill is on the go a little bit about the Hispanic population and so we see the size of the challenge here in the opportunity and then I wanted to talk to Jos and get historians sure you show a couple sets with you on North Carolina focused in particular rounding numbers is about 10 million people in North Carolina which 900,000, 9% are Hispanics end of that 300,000 are eligible to vote. That's 33% of the population that are Latino in North Carolina can vote and they can push the needle across statewide races because I was you there all over the state tend to be in three major metropolitan areas. As you know Charlotte Mecklenburg White County and also in the Piedmont Triad area because they tend to be in urban cities with the work is and the like, and they tend to skew younger we have a younger population here North Carolina and 67% under 45 lots. Amazing yet so we have a really young population and they are all 50-50 split twin male and female end of the 72% are citizens by birth. That means that that younger population will because the younger they were born here in then so their citizens and then they can vote and their parents with your first generation of the ones that came here and they had the babies here and they lead this the millennial's young people. They speak English parents are Spanish dominant Scott Hench with a get them media. If you that their collecting is all in Spanish management and all liberal and so liberal as much on right okay so that's great information on Morgan continues on both and talk to Dan for us in the next segment is running for governor's gonna talk about education today, but Jos again, thanks for being here at the show in and now I'm really excited to hear your story, not just of of wire conservative, but how you came on and just your story is American so just start wherever you want. I really excited to hear this way, they may resume because a i.e. I was at Whitney's, how they so cities destroyed very vigorously scorned 3.3-1 so you were born and were you born in Venezuela just a boring cut. I guess earn our way to be just a goal from day my little government, stay here three decimal yet so you haven't been here very long. And you've seen the effects of socialism face-to-face. Yes, I was at Whitney's day.

I know how baseless it is the steroid work in this society and so what was it like for you to be here and what was your thinking. Let me ask you this.

What was your thinking about America before you came here to smart people, smart people okay yeah because they this is is no hope shown here being in the society because of the history of the US a history leaving copy 30s going to see the I know it: three when the Terai world baseless release is no country working yeah you know a you can see the AMA going to in his trailer. You can see a killer while you can see that AA's authority EDS have all Germany grocery desktop-based Exxon, but it doesn't work so that some looking at American. The inmate of a bunch of smart people is because I think I think we might come across as smart because were industrious because were free because we believe in liberty or self-determination, and we believe in a free market so you have an opportunity to go as high and as far as your capable of, or decide to and then a socialist country. People don't even did you even to people or even think like that or did just assume this is my lot in life.

Just day the government take day the have you see the whole going back to what you hope will help you. Hope people so they have no hope. So you just you just stuck.

Yes. So what you think looking at, especially younger Americans now who actually are considering socialism as at some for some reason a good option. Hot how do you view that they they they don't know how to say they just don't get no there ignorant. It is just you say 1/2 any idea how leaf eating in a socialist country for first night you going to speak with Ray Haywood, a hopeless experience will remain a gun and take more names you gone be freed of gun inside like a slave. Yeah so what does America mean to you now, now that you're here, and he went to the process you came up here. What is America mean to you when you click on most of all them all about a 70 a a of the most about audio medico focused on keeping it is translated okay. Find a knowing I put them into being acutely felt by the whole evening I came to America because it's a it's a free country and a lot of opportunity here he is going to throw in the split history has demonstrated that a sauna. Many people felt when you have come to the USA seal profit they been prosperous. You also for media. They help their families and other countries sending obscene money back and yeah you sort of dog people say no and that and that we ended the Hispanic and Hispanic countries share the same story of I guess releasing some of socialism.

Socialism yeah that that many countries, Hispanic countries have the same issue of socialism but not here in America. So in terms of determining that you would be a political conservative, here in America. Those that did you see yourself that way when you were still in Venezuela before you came here or at what point we are like hey you know what, I'm a conservative. So when I get to America. I'm going to align with conservatives. Does that make sense yeah so muddled and in Venezuela Somalia absent coming to see he was a conservative already in Venezuela while getting a good question a.m. wake up we were leaving, copy 30s, a gay kitty and will hanging around enough Amelia.

We we could believe in the value the family and capitalism. In my normal day getting deals we believe in God, he supplied his vesicles at all, and though the principles of some of the principal being conservative Zoe showing him that's a question so a little love my little though the majority of the Venezuelans on the utility and Solano function will the majority of Venezuelans that are conservative themselves.

Self select their trapped in socialism little stunning and hot novel, socially small which socialist and the only reason.

So now I'm just getting on a soapbox are the only reason socialism is keeping all these conservatives down in Venezuela is because it's it it's a tyranny it's tyrannical so use the power of the gun in the in the wallet to keep everybody in place. That's what socialism brings you implemented at the end of boot so conservative people who just want freedom and liberty and to provide for their family don't have a chance. And that's what young people in America are actually flirting with socialism, which is totally insane. Okay were to come back to Dr. Guillen rose the next break to talk real quick to Danforth run for governor will be right back, back, and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show taking just hit the pause button. Make sure you stay right there talking to you Gilbert Gon and Jos Mora who are both Hispanic and conservative and Jos was just sharing his story about coming up here from Venezuela where most people are conservative but they don't have an opportunity to live that out because they live under tyranny and that tyranny is known as socialism. Sabrina get back to the conversation because rarely do we get to hear directly from somebody like Jos that can actually tell us and share with us what the realities of socialism are but as we started a couple weeks ago. On Wednesdays we got our good friend Lieut. Gov. Dan Forest.

Hopefully, God willing, the next governor the great state of North Carolina: and today Dan how you doing man I am doing quite well. How are you doing today I'm doing good thank you very much. Always great to hear from you and excited to continue to watch God move in the campaign here in the state. I wanted to talk about education and expect to do earlier and you're like okay this and we could have a superlong conversation on this is such a big deal but I want to talk about education just in general and in what we need to do governmentally but also especially about school choice and about vouchers and about the opportunity scholarship and if you want to speak about the devastation that were reeking on our own kids right now being shut down wherever you want to start with that. This is such an important issue and I know it's a big one for you while likely all kinds of issues going on the world of education. But the biggest one right now you know every parent, North Carolina, and those with got to get her kids back in school of the misinformation without their from our governor and Sec. DHHS. Even the education establishment in North Carolina they would lead you to believe that every state in America.

Schools are shut out. The fact is that in many states. Golder opened up with no problem. North Carolina private school. "Kids in school full-time for nine weeks with no problem. So the reality is we can safely get her kids back in school, you can safely protect any teachers would have your issues and allow them to teach online, but allow parent their kids should be in school. That is your number one for sure on the school choice brought you're just being there looking for as many options can because the system is actually broken right now. Our system is just not that for complete virtual learning and unfortunately it before. It's good that you hurt the most special needs kids that really need those classes in person personal thoughts and personal communication online and virtual just doesn't work for them or their families so parents are looking for for those options out there and we should provide more options. We should allow parents to choose what is best for their kids or those are two of the top issues that are going on right now just academic, but you mentioned the opportunity scholarship to because that's come up with the news lately with yeah our governor said women opportunity scholarship for the member. These are called vouchers. You can call Matt if you want to, but there scholarship about your students and ones that have no chance to get out of failing schools there stuck in a certain ZIP Code. They can't move, and they have no other choice.

This gives a parent a choice to send their kids to a good private school 31 nearby and that money was not taken out of the school system.

It was given to the opportunity scholarship program by the Gen. assembly completely to budget. Nothing was taken out of the traditional public school system but the hypocrisy of Gov. Cooper and his daughter to elite private school in Raleigh, St. Mary's, and says it's okay for him or poor. In our state.

They don't have the same option so all these things are massive issues related education right now. Something that you leadership matters when it comes to education. Gov. Dan 40 North Carolina Danforth for governor.

The website is and make sure you are made his case. In this case for years to tell you all you guys straight up if you don't vote, I actually consider that to be a sin because I think it's a violation of neighbor love is actually not getting involved with the things that affect your neighbors, and it doesn't matter whether you greet your neighbors or not God doesn't give you that option is mostly involved in care about what happens to your neighbors from a neighbor love perspective as well as a God love perspective. Those are tied together. You need to be registered, you need to vote. That's why were talking to Dan each week on the education thing so we got the liberals, Democrats Dan that I like to call themselves the pro-choice party, but they're not for educational choice of what he thinks, driving that why do we have all these people that talk about choice choice choice, but when it comes to people and especially like you said poor people in underprivileged people who they like to champion. They say they're the champion of the underclass. But when it comes to their educational choices. They cut that stuff off the knees.

What's behind the Democrat party and their lack of interest in helping poor people in underprivileged people get a better education robbing power and control of always thought of our control that establishment many I am in favor of excellent education.

Whatever flavor it comes in whatever flavor the parents choose row the traditional public school which 80% of our parents choose or charter public school or private school homeschool. Whatever it is whatever parent chooses. That is what we should champion you want what is best for students but Democrats want what is best for the customer was trying to protect the system and talk about how much money the system.

Rarely do we put students first Tuesday of this is really about students a look let's work.

Let's figure out how to have the best education for every student in choice of the way to do that there are choices everywhere. There are haves and have-nots and education a message that every student doesn't have an equal opportunity for an excellent education and that's where school choice comes in and provides those opportunities for people in there some communities that don't want those choice options.

That's part of it, but there are plenty of places where those opportunities are fought establishment as well and I think that's wrong which would make education about the student and we should give the pair. So in terms of governance when you're in the governor's mansion in the accident that Dan force a ministration takes control and gets rock 'n' roll and that the beginning of the year I docent cut kind of the concrete things that you would seek to work with the legislature and implement is anything you can do outside of the legislature from a governor's position in terms of education does everything need to go to the legislature what would become of the concrete things with focus on first.

You work with the legislature on the policy related continue to let teachers teach get rid of all the unnecessary mandates of data collection at all. The your big businesses always got her hands all education we go out. Teachers do the job. So I think that's one thing. The other thing is pointing to the state Board of Education members. That's it.

That's a big one. The direction of the education system and where the Department of Public instruction goes is led by the state Board of Education. The governor get the department that's one but having a vision for education is another word you want to go watch the purpose of it you ultimately kinda getting back to the core purpose of what education is about. I think we need a much more nimble and efficient education system in North Carolina, one that can adapt the day first thing got get job get good paying jobs for you know what's available actually in the market today so you back to the basics, reading, writing, arithmetic for sure.

But things like introducing economic and financial literacy. We wrote that bill out of our office computer science getting computer science in every school, high school students especially have after you graduate science and things are just basics for our economy today. Our schools provide are you concerned Dan Dan force for governor Dan market. Currently, governor of course, are you concerned have done a couple shows recently Sloan rock rack methods investigative journalist.

She's here locally and in finding out about Canada's Marxist BLM type agenda and curriculum. That's right here and I'm in Raleigh right here. Wake County public schools are you worried about that that type of teaching that's going on in the school system obvious you are. What can we do about that because it's definitely happening every audit Journal only do so much as it relates to policy and writing laws parent after getting engaged at the local level you start the Marxism being taught in the classroom the parents have to stand up of the parents working to stand up for their kids with. There is no governing body out there.

The watchdog over every classroom and every teacher that's called and parents have to be engaged. I really encourage parents to alter their school and really an intimate way and I think I would cut a loss that you got it turned everything over the government allow the government to raise our kids and now we have much to grown up to hate America because of it, so that indoctrination is been going on for a long time is new with this new Marxist type stuff.

It's been going on parent have to get engaged in what's going on in the classroom. Yes, it's a great point and I really fishing ring that I bought one last thing. We got about 45 seconds I homeschooling is near and dear to me and our family. Obviously you know that in your family as well. What you what your what your message for homeschoolers in North Carolina. This is traditionally been a pretty good state for us for a while now, will it stay that way when you thought what your thoughts will mean think you need to continue to elect conservative legislators governor as well. That is a fan of school choice is a fan of freedom we have as homeschool parents are about 25 years in North Carolina. We have great freedom in our state. To do that and you can create more freedom to do the years repairs will keep everything out election think that your vote doesn't matter your homeschool our state, think again.

Want to let you change a thing. All your freedom to go that's exactly right stand for is always great to hear from you. Thanks for spending time with us today.

Dan you guys want to know. You need to vote for. Between now and November 3. There's your answer is and God bless you brother. Thanks for calling it) talk to will be right back over the seasonal show great to be with you all today are getting back to our conversation that we darted earlier so we got to go put on my friend and brother in Christ and here in my new friend Jos Mora was also a follower of Christ, both Hispanic, both conservatives and were talking about that movement inside of America, which is very difficult. We are looking at the numbers we look back at 2016. Hillary got 66% from got 28%. Right now the polling shows buying that 62% trump at 26% 12% undecided and I really the big question for for Guillen for Jos and by the way if you missed Jos sharing his story back in the second segment of the show he was born and raised in Venezuela's only been here in America for three years now and that's a perspective is somebody that's come out. Of socialism where he said most people in Venezuela are actually conservatives to the only thing that's keeping them locked down is that Jack leg boot of socialism that always conservative people that want to be free and want to determine their own future and want the opportunities to succeed, which is why they come here which by the way what an interesting thought that significant portion of the American population thinks this is the worst country on the planet.

But there still a lot of people like yourself Jos that don't agree with that and obviously see America as probably the greatest country on the planet.

So when you say to people asked him this talk about action points and what can we do that to get to see more Hispanics become conservatives. What you say to the people out there Jos that say America is not great.

That's never been great.

This can't be great that America is the bad place in and of itself in the care facilities to get Buddy's noise that went okay by system model. Get the lease assignment and I know you also not all hours. We have a wonderful concealing symbol is healed by the also the only thing left for KFC settlement and ask him the also I have the faith that is considered to be that way that you believe in order to maintain leg pain day they're basing Pokorny right now there's a real danger with the thought process around communism. They don't get okay signal sufficient demand, thinking it is an axiom with a be smart enough and intelligent enough not to let that to happen yeah which is so important and that's why we're having this conversation today and Gil thank you so much for staying after me to make sure the shell happened today and I appreciate that and then you you I sublicense to do that. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and I'm getting more forgetful all the time. So thank you for your persistence but let's talk about what we can do moving forward. I love that's coming up on October 24. This is hilarious if you got up twisted sense of humor like I do.

You're probably lap so I Hispanic caravan okay not not the southern kind, not the kind that gives you goosebumps and makes you upset.

This is the Hispanic caravan that we can deftly get behind. October 24 right here in Raleigh.

Tell us about that guilt. Sure we have the LA County Hispanic Republicans that we have a Facebook page. Wake County Hispanic Republicans. The event is on that page. We are doing the Hispanic caravan in Raleigh on October 24 from 10 AM to 1 PM at international foods in Raleigh will get a group of Hispanics across the whole state to come in with their cars and went to do a march down to the to the healthcare on the statehouse going to have a discussion day a press conference around Spanish values Hispanic values in a much we love this country and how we give to this country and how much this country is given to us so we can bring thousands. We would hope I would come with us to the state legislature doing that in Raleigh, so would you. When you say Hispanic values unpack that a little bit for us.

You want people to understand most of our listeners are probably not Hispanics Hispanic values help us understand yeah sure that that Hispanics are pro-life. They believe in marriage between one man and one woman.

They believe in only two genders.

They believe in hard work they believe and support law enforcement and then getting gang activity out of their neighborhoods and and getting drug activity. Other neighborhoods they believe is in incense support, religious liberty and just and and love our country coming to the freedoms that we have here and I think a lot of people don't realize that they don't realize that the Hispanics are hard-working people, and the vast majority have conservative values. So part of the process of the caravan. The Hispanic caravan in in countries it is to to share that message right with people in North Carolina and the state legislature as well that a lot of Hispanics here conservative there hard-working have traditional family values. We want to get that message across that which is so important and we were all mentioned this earlier and I mentioned on the show recently and I did a show two weeks ago featuring for what what are called uncle Tom's. These are conservative African-American men that we heard one story after another very similar to your guys, what, where they became conservatives because they look at the issues they were thinking rationally. They set aside this torque understanding at least the last 50 years that African-Americans was to be Democrats and they thought for themselves and they logically ended up as conservatives and so also we are talking about. I'm now in black voters matter of freedom, fast and unite rally next week here in Raleigh that's on the September 29 that so you can get that Eventbrite just have to register, but hundreds and hundreds of people coming out of that business. Engage your mind and think and talk about the issues set aside your political affiliation for second and just think, because I think that's a big part of the skill and Jos is having conversations where we discussed the topics not on social media, but face-to-face, so what. What are some of the things that you think we can do to help move this conversation along and see more Hispanics with sounds like are naturally conservative become conservative politically right. We need to have one-on-one conversations you as you said, as we know, the statistically speaking to speak with someone five minutes or longer about a particular issue will begin to think about that issue in a different way. So we have to have longer one-on-one conversation, not only digitally, socially, email, text has to be one on one. Second thing is that we need to support events on that will bring Hispanics and African-Americans together to demonstrate to people that we have conservative values dynamic the caravan. For example, in this this event that you you just shared the black vote.

Black voices matter that we need to get around those events and and bring all people together to demonstrate to the committee as a whole that of these voters, Blacks and Hispanics tend to lean on and on more conservative than being liberal. Also, we need to support those events. Anytime you see something on social media share. It obviously like like like the page like the event that gives the note normal social feeds coming up to people know about these things yeah and what what would be your encouragement Jos to to those of us that are non-Hispanic conservative Americans what your encouragement or your challenged us in terms of trying to be effective in reaching your community for the people of the NCR income will affect all men.

Click on the collect only spotless response received final hello to the hard way. Values are printing working from Indiana are usually not in place in the familiarity traditional family values and deals in Christ you can okay say things that are holding and influential persona E. Even though they did things will strength the person he didn't want to pitying sand and will be applicants with our meeting a concealable hymn of the key out of the have experience in the in the in South America with the government have been left leaning get morning so what is Haley tonight and I am eager to seal it by not hockey anyway so I got home there will be Adm. Doughty, Tina Casillas in the that's why anybody will succumb from those countries for you and I and and that we have to control our government limit our government obviously watched people coming in, what, why do you think I asked what you guys this question. Why do you think about three minutes left. Why do you think there's 66% of Hispanics in the last election 2016 are our voting Democrat. Yet their values are very conservative, what, what's the problem why is that happening Kelly fundable Congdon walk. I thought you stumbled on though. You see him first so you is something I believe navigating Eve and me mole feel that a quick ADD. Kenny is the same Democratic Party of Kennedy's and what they probably believe they don't know siding move a little realize this is not the same parties and used to be on the doing for the day.

The year-end goal: Golgotha dual cone modeled on think the Lord 2090. You see photos of all of Democratic candidates with mother would always Castro will become of people and in media went against John and me mole you believe now you will you will realize is that the same party of Kennedy that is a party that got extremely left while we are you vetoing this remaining okay say the make winking on eBay digging all on the South American saying we also have the same saying, tell me who you hang out with not tell you you are very going, saying yeah and in South America. Start my my my feedback on that question. Steve is that I believe that the Democratic Party has a good job in lumping together the minority vote. Blacks and Hispanics together and Dave put them together in the hope social policy thing in programs and all that. So they got a really good job in in in sharing giving them a lot of giving them a lot of stuff and make an independent Mongol government programs and handouts so therefore there's an assumption and usually somewhat correct that they are both liberal and democratic, then I cannot bite the hand that feeds them so and then meanwhile that hurts them in the long run by keeping them in, in part, keeping them, Gaskins dependent upon friends and the like. So I think that that that is why they tend to vote Democrat and tend to be liberal and why party assumes that they are about when you have the conversations one-on-one, you discuss these kind of things in values and realized they realized the light bulb comes on and you know what you actually write all these things that we've been given is an attempt to keep us kinda confined and dependent upon government yet is probably the same challenge for you and Hispanic media that it is in regular media. Is it so liberal and so left that they won't even allow that conversation happened media to getting around, which is life so important like on Facebook.

Wake County Hispanic Republicans. I put the link up on Facebook live.

Okay, so you can go there and you can see that the Hispanic caravan coming up on October 24, 10 AM to 1 PM in Raleigh. All the information is there at the Facebook page. Wake County Hispanic Republicans finally should be sharing this on all your Facebook pages, because you do not know going to see you probably have some manic friends on Facebook. Don't write them off just assuming they're going to be Democrat we got have these conversations like those that left whenever these types about, got to get behind.

Just like the black vote. Black voters matter to freedom fast there. I got that link up on Facebook that's coming up next week. Such an important conversation. Jos thinks of you guys got willing outside like my dad always used to say

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