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Debate or Dumpster Fire

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September 30, 2020 7:19 pm

Debate or Dumpster Fire

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 30, 2020 7:19 pm

Debate or Dumpster Fire

Last night was troubling.  The presidential debate we looked forward to was little more than two old white men with money arguing and talking over each other.  With neither candidate coming out as a clear winner we must pray for this election now more than ever. 


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One time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home more and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online now here's your host that is less than what what was that don't require was it awesome nightmare. Were you cringing the whole time on a scale from 1 to 10 how uncomfortable worth you were you were you like that's that's my boy throat man.

He's he's a fighter.

He bought he's not going take anything from anybody. It's two against one would expect to get Chris Wallace on one side in them.

Well Joe Biden on the same side and then thereafter to Robin and you know I don't think he did hardly any debate prep and Biden actually had done a lot, memorized a lot of stuff you could tell he was gone and that glossed over. I'm a member I'm going to tell you now exactly what I've been working on for the last two months so that you can hear my answer and I can make sure I have all the political points and say all the right things that try to equate with my website you know that can stop so that was going on in it was just I mean crazy and Chris Wallace what what a massive disappointed nuts.

I saw this funny meme. I put it up on social media earlier today it's Chris Wallace out there with his hands out, you know because you trying to control things. She's Chris Wallace, the moderator and gentlemen, remember that I'll be debating the president as well know, kidding.

No kidding. That was disgusting is like a home I I'm really and just when you think Job I'm going to put his foot in his mouth. Chris Wallace comes in and changes the subject, or does something a minute was really just crazy and and I'm not making excuses that was that a typical trumped a performance know I think it was I had to go back and look at some of the primary debates and then the presidential debates with him and Hilary and that was contentious and in pretty back-and-forth you know lot interrupting, but I don't think anything like last night.

I think one of the things that happened last night when he's got Joe Biden across the state. You really won't look at him. Joe Biden's focus on the Cameron Chris Wallace old-time and also I think Job. I was kind of manifestation and one person of everything that's in terms been dealing with for the past four years, knowing that Biden was in the room at least once with Obama and the Russian collusion hoax and crossfire and the dossier is still dusty and all that mess and also he's got four years of all the stuff he's been dealing with condensed down into one guy named Joe by and I think that was part of it interim present had to do it. Question like this and you can say ways been dealing with negative hyper negative attacking attack dog media for the last three Years, which he has, but that's a little different because in that situation. In a press conference when he decides to questions. He's clearly in control. In a press conference situation, he'll decide who he talks doing these done with you. We've done with the only most of the next person. Last night he didn't have that opportunity because you had Chris Wallace and their the spoilers must be moderator, but he hasn't. Remember that Chris Wallace is not a moderator. Okay the what is the what is it, well he's a partisan, clearly I mean the guys just partisan. That's what is his registered Democrat have a very smart friend, seminarian, grad brilliant guy Bill roach to put this up. I thought this was great quote there's been a long trend by the registered Democrat Chris Wallace to engage in the debate rather than moderate a debate look at his track record on Fox and friends I've almost quit watching Wallace on Fox because he's not a conservative. In any debate format. He always sides against Trump regardless of what you think of Trump or the conservative that said what he saw by Wallace was intentional and by design. Wallace thrives on chaos is Sunday, Fox and friends is chaotic each week with the need to guess the interviews is no victim of circumstance to the bad moderator with a double standard.

So I put up a little mean the first 2020 presidential debate Donald Trump debates Chris Wallace two hours of snarky accusations and arguments from Chris Wallace directed towards Donald Trump while Joe Biden mentally drifts off into Neverland September 29 at 9 PM (Joe Biden will be there but with a but will be fumbling with his earpiece and waiting for instructions while Chris Wallace attacks the president may not use it all okay. I get where that's coming from and that's exactly what happened. Chris Wallace was not a moderator is an instigator and a co-conspirator. He's a registered Democrat. He hates Trump that's really obvious when you watch Chris Wallace on Fox news just because on box. You still don't assume that is easily. He's a conservative because Dylan is a registered Democrat and illiberal but foxy note so they can say fair and balanced and not be completely dishonest on that assessment has people like that on those on the network.

Matt Walsh, who's on the blaze are not with blaze he's with the Ben Shapiro. He said this last night.

This was shortly after the debate and great blogger great communicator Matt Walsh. Biden wasn't great but didn't have a major dementia moment Trump was strong. Wallace was annoying. Nobody has any idea what anyone said. No arguments were made. Everyone thinks the guy one nobody will remember any of this by Saturday. Nothing matters. That's my recap. Okay so partially okay I get that this is from Lee Carter. She's a pollster. She does one of the posters that does the dialing things right so she got a crowd together makes crowd and then they had the little dials that they do as they watch the debate so she was discussing this on Fox and friends this morning voters for the most part felt like nobody one. She said when asked who they thought one last night. 1/3 said Biden.

1/3 said Trump in 1/3 said no one, Carter told host Steve Ducey.

I've never seen 1/3 of the people who watch the debate think that no one one and I think that was the general sentiment of independent voters that think that was the general sentiment of people who were undecided. She went on to say I think if you're already shored up on Trump thought you'd see the best in him short upon Biden you saw the best of him, but for the most part I think people really felt like nobody one last night and I think I'm I me my position is, it was a better night for Biden than it was for Trump simply because Biden didn't have a meltdown moment lose completely losing his train of thought and going into that that kind of sad heartbreaking. I don't know if it's dementia or onset dementia. I don't know what it is see it start a couple of times and always 200,000 200 million what's than what memories can go with here and then up miraculously, although Chris Wallace would step in and rescue so it was like this little dance going on between those due to guys and then Trump was and is mine. On the other side of the stage massively frustrated, angry pens up for years of this mess and I challenge any of us to do any better. I got all kinds great armchair quarterback answers that I wish he had used he didn't tout his record nearly enough. He was on the offense of he wasn't really touting his record. He was just trying to disrupt Biden and then Biden just didn't have an opportunity to destroy himself. Biden you know if you talk about trumping on presidential what is Biden clown liar worst president in history, all I can stuff talking to a sitting president.

It was the really remarkable but that's just my opinion. What about you 866-34-TRUTH 87884 things you hear what you thought of last night, 866-348-7844 866-3450 one word to describe last night and if you want to hyphenate it like dumpster fires that two words for that hype hype that the look that up.

So one word for my rings on Facebook live just one word to describe last night okay and then for you if you're on Facebook live in radio. I would really, really, I've been reading social media since late last night. It didn't get much sleep on the look in his stuff all day today at a couple classes I was teaching talking my students about it. The students in both my classes.Joe Biden did way better-than-expected into there, waiting for that elderly this record is skipping all those kinds of problems and just when you thought he was going to do it. He did a couple times, but just when you thought it was really going to unravel his his partner in crime Chris Wallace a jump in an overall I'm separate some things out here so that we remember okay I try try to talk about this often. There's my spirit life as a follower of Jesus Christ. And there's my flesh, my flesh was all engage last night in the political aspects of it.

The ramifications of it.

Like I said on the show yesterday. I believe this election really is about an exit stencil threat to the future of the country. Okay, my gospel side was just grieving the whole time.

It was grieving over Chris Wallace not doing his job. It was grieving over Joe Biden is clearly past his prime.

It was grieving over Joe Biden's just clear obvious obnoxious disrespect for the office of the president. It was grieving over the way Trump just kept going and going and going. Wouldn't dial it back when pullback at all. No self-control whatsoever, and I know some people are going on the baptized. The whole thing were in a fight. This is a fight. He brought a knife to a knife fight.

That's why we hired him. He's a fighter. So you excuse everything really.

There's nothing in your spirit that laments over what you saw last night.

If you're Christian and nothing bugged you last night.

I think that's a problem. Anytime we see individuals treating each other poorly, we should grieve as Christians. Again, I'm setting I'm separating out my politics and my Christianity right-click I should grieve as a Christian, just to see people treat each other that way okay that's a gospel reaction. That's a lament and then also at the same time angered about lies angered about a Chris Wallace not doing his job.

The upbeat lack of justice there.

All that can stuff & have a well-rounded response. If your response is only political and your father, Jesus Christ. That's an issue. Okay I'm saying that because I love you is telling a trip, but I do want to hear from you and what you thought of last night's debate. If you want to give me one word for it, that's fine.

Who one what you think the change your boat, especially if maybe you're still undecided at this point is not many people and decide this country right now. 356% okay interaction about undecided Republicans are to vote Republican Democrats are to vote Democrat. I think you can see some peeling away of African-Americans but what did you think what was your response. If you want to start with one word to describe last night that's fine but would love to hear from you on last night's debate debate or dumpster fire. However, you want to come at it. 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 is our number is always 866-34-TRUTH 8784 or 866-34-TRUTH really want to hear from you as to what you thought of last nights debate and there's event all the analysis we've said this yesterday.

Of course the mainstream media's gonna come right out and say I Biden one because all he had to do was stay vertical and not completely go off into the ether somewhere and he did it.

He had a touch of it here and there but overall he did mom mean what are you I I needed much but he did much better than I expected. No question about if you want to talk about Biden. You can do that if you want to talk about Trump, how trumping molecular talk about Chris Wallace.

I'll leave that up to you. 866348784 or 866-34-TRUTH my favorite political analyst out there.

I Steve Davis is on the show every once in a while and we stay in contact a lot be a text he had some response last night just to somebody that wants Trump to win.

And then he did more response this morning as a political analyst. I remember back in 2015 he was on Ted Cruz's team trying to defeat Trump and then he actually wrote Ted Cruz in in 2016.

He actually didn't vote for Trump's gonna vote for Trump in November, but easily I think is one of the smartest political analyst out there full of the Holy Spirit.

Some like I got to work with their okay that's good so just curious your thoughts on last night's debate. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Woodley Cullen and Woodley.

How are you calling in all the way from San Jose, California how are you thanks for calling will well go well. So last night. What are your thoughts, it would mean the person who you know you not good when dabbling in the politics and just being a Christian. It was dead.

The not only that, I just felt that Burke historically. Trump is not a great debater. You didn't debate great against Hillary I think is his strong suit is is one-liners's job and of course, is famous retort of, you know you will be in jail so that's kind that's kind of things never been a great debater, but I do have to say that Chris Wallace you know you even know never Trump or EEG is coming Abilene I believe is a registered Democrat and so it just I felt because of his moderate how he was moderating the whole debate is a lot of I felt there were a lot of crap questions he didn't really melt a lot of follow-through with which Biden especially when when Trump brought up the 3.5 million from the mayor of the life of the mirror Moscow yeah the Hunter Biden and Ukraine. The payments of Ukraine and then the worst part. The worst part is when Biden said and people was an idea I for me. I was like are you kidding me 100 days in Portland writing looting and all the stuff. Just an idea dared to FBI guy everyone had you know their their cloaks on NT foot as domestic terrorist organization improved with these people to put out you you know it, what if an idea and Chris Wallace not following up anything hey there, you know there more than the idea we seen him in action during the couple conservative guys Woodley that's that caught up with Jerry Nadler outside Congress on the street one day they're talking about antibias activities in Portland and Oregon in any literally in Portland and Seattle. He literally goes, that's not happening that's just a myth and an end narrative that the media puts out there and even about even about the probably thinking hammer about Charlottesville, in the hopes of old, they were fine people on both sides and you're ready now been announced to Katie Katie put them on the terrace with for goodness sake. I mean it's like they keep activities 2015 question and and then they put the proud boys, which is led by Afro-Cuban man and they called like a pretty amazing, you know. So for me, Trump.

I think Trump is try to rattle Biden really well rattle him and worked in some areas it didn't work in the now you mention this was the one for Chris. If it weren't for Chris Wallace.

I think that would've worked, but Chris Wallace was stepping off in front taken bullets and in providing cover for big five right you know you mentioned that I mentioned to Julie's a registered Democrat would expect with a great call great points think some think about when we come back we'll get you Monique in Greensboro allergic to KC you want to call in about last night 866-34-TRUTH and following up on last night I anarchy with the Democratic anarchy was that debate anarchy. What was that it was very 2020 was not certainly was that in think a lot of frustration that's been building up and present Trump for years now, and in Biden. I think in many ways is a manifestation of that in the Russian collision stop and Biden was in that room at least once or twice of Obama early on, when all that stuff started to ramp up, and in the adjuster, went from there and Chris Wallace is a registered Democrat. He was clearly protecting his stock is investment in Joe Biden as a Democrat that was so obviously I should never moderate, ever again. It was pathetic. Talk about no journalistic integrity. Holy cow that was really frustrating so not what your thought what your take 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Monica and Monique, sorry to hold you through the breaker read ahead thanks to: okay, think you could be very think that I need to hear every word, every syllable enough to know that I only what they otherwise kind of I yeah I know the word dollars. The yeah art for total I both Biden overall. I've learned that I did every thing I'm not black, though I have black I would vote and Donald Trump don't really know that I don't get we know there's some people around here believe that you also would just get inundated beyond all power beyond all that, beyond all date of death.

It just for natural revelation from God at all without don't happen on that level very much, but it both the and all I I think that's great money think so much for: and that's the wonderful words of wisdom integrated gospel, hope, and I appreciate that. Thanks much for calling. Thank you so much. We can't let let go of it, even though humanly look like for you thank you thank your mother will not bless you to think so much 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 if you want to chime in about last night's debate was everywhere you want to go at it and by the way if you happen to be something that actually hasn't decided yet. There's not a lot of you out there but if you actually haven't decided yet.

I'd love for you to call in and share your reaction to last night. Assuming you wash 866-3487 84.

Ruth Vasquez and Barbara over in High Point, North Carolina. Barbara think so much for calling, go right ahead, KIY Chris Wallace.

I think the little jerk like Mike Wallace, Mike Wallace with the map label and thought that dad would get back get rid of that anyway. I get a bad name. It jacked up a big grin like that got him jacked up on and pray for transport free time.

I want that work for AT&T and Western economic 3032 years and make it a paycheck did not time and found a job that does not take a salary may download it back down really well today, but now going on back really prayed a lot for Pres. thank God began ham with them and let God out my hand only and I really think dad and dad anyway that Chris Wallace. But bad last night when you load quite think the whole time yet. I was so obvious why dad did not like it at St. Joe Biden dispatch draft. Thank you Danny know where he is Barbara. I appreciate you, and thanks so much for sharing today are now I you two got bless you in.

You know, Chris was meant to be on the on trying to filter everything through biblical worldview and I love to hear from you by the way what you thought last night, 866-34-TRUTH eight, 784 866-34-TRUTH did it make a dent and you did cement you deeper into your position. What what what you think. What did you was a disappointing out having a lot of what I think a lot of us were disappointed. I was disappointed in the overall tone don't mind the back-and-forth.

I don't mind some aggressiveness but I think that was out of control and in as a Christian self-control. The fruit of the spirit.

Okay it Donald trumps a Christian is a baby Christian. So I don't expect a whole lot of them. After the 5+ years of live in a certain way that signification doesn't happen overnight, but in many ways.

I was just cringing on okay will this is just for. It was very mean in terms of 2020 was like right on the money right right on the mark. Steve days my buddy Steve Jason. The blaze I was writing this, not as analysts at all get to that.

But just as someone who wants Trump to win. I found much of his performance last night to be a reminder of why I opposed him so vehemently, Steve works for Ted Cruz in the primaries okay down the stretch. The primary process and all way to the convention floor with three delegates and also I didn't vote for him in the general election last time he is voting for in this type if I not seen with my own eyes. The things he and his administration have done in the last four years which I support and if the Democrats had not made it plain who they really are, what they really intend to do. I would vote for him. The selection either based on the performance like last night if we were normal times my analysis afterwards would've been pretty catastrophic.

However I've got. I keep having to check myself that these are not normal times. I have to keep remembering the sky when the GOP primary by saying things and behaving in ways that cause me to reject to eject on him when I was seriously contemplating signing up I needed to be reminded that that I thought he was anywhere from terrible to Mena and the three debates with every last time, but he's president now and she's not as an analyst I need to see things as they really are, not as I prefer them to be, or at least I do if I want to be intellectually honest.

So while on a personal level as someone who wants to see Trump went on November 3. I'm disheartened by last night's performance when I felt my analyst hi Pat back on. I have to render the history of the trumpets taught me to be careful with projecting already before I self fell asleep last night by the way, did you hear this is amazing Trump after the debate, Hispanics on a Telemundo pole. Hispanics favored Trump after the bait. 66 to 34 overbite and Trump only got about 36 or 37% of the Hispanic vote in 2060. That's a huge flop.

After that debate.

I've never seen a Republican get a response from Hispanics after debate like that, especially when pulled by Telemundo so those are mostly liberal, most Hispanics would talk to Sean that last week while personally my worldview clearly prefers a president who inspires is better than what we saw last night. This world are these times may see things differently. We shall see. And I hope they do. Otherwise, the unforeseen forces that necromancer Biden will win the selection that friends is Meg serious. I cannot overstate how important the selection is existential threat to the future.

The United States and you have to I have to put aside things about Trump.

I don't like and give credence and respect and honor and weight to the things that he's actually done. That's what makes my boat personally easy. This current norm is gone and from Charlotte Norm, thanks for calling caretta.

Thank you out, wanted to come to ask, I give, or mention that that why are so many people making excuses for truck think we have video to back up that if we look at performance of think it was referenced in the letter that you just read that this is who he is.

Yet this is what he's done in previous debate someone would look at by we have a bite and I know he's spirited in the past to but never like so like, why do we make excuses and blame Chris Wallace 00 of all people, and then much second part of the question is what does it take like how bad could you behave. You have to be before disqualifies you from doing presently norm.

Those are both great point to me. First of all, I'm a big fan of personal responsibility. So I hold all three of them 100% responsible for their actions for their words with her demeanor the way they treat with each other the way they treat a presidential debate environment. And then there's things about all the real I mean I can. I can go on all day. I could go on for hours complaining about the things that I especially when I hold about biblical standard. Holy cow what a train wreck on all three of them so there's that and and as a Christian who is a conservative who voted for Trump before and on a boat form again.

I have to own that is currently dealing with our own country. If you're not willing to own our garbage while at the same time also being able to effectively talk about the good things that America is done because it is a mixed bag. I think it's deftly more good than bad.

But the bad is pretty bad and you got me willing to own that stuff, especially as a Christian norm that you may.

I don't know hopping a listen to the show but I often say listen. Our job as prophetic witnesses of the word in Jesus Christ is to dial out the truth and it shouldn't matter standing at the plate whether Donald Trump on the left or are Joe Biden on the right side of the stage for Chris Wallace evenly to everybody and you'll know you're doing it right because most people get upset. Norm, on the other side of the break.

If your other question is a great thing for calling you welcome so will do that.

On the other side is a great, great question from Norm tell me if you can hold more races well this was a backdrop, waiting day aggressive event last night and I wanted echo something to get to my college right click on Adecco something for my friend Kent on Facebook live, a great listener for you to be honest that what was a mess last night. You want to baptize that you want to say that was fight.

We need a fighter that's really hard and okay I get that but last night really doesn't bug that doesn't bug you will bug me that level of instability, lack of control totally in the tank" moderator Chris Wallace. That was embarrassing and horrendous that was unfair, unequal weights and measures is all kinds of things, but the way that they talked over each other and interrupted, it was just brutal can you be tough and follow some rules that you agree to. Even if your opponent because Joe Biden was trying to keep it on the rails and if Trump had just got gotten closer to playing by the rules. Biden wanted to and I think Trump missed a lot of opportunities missed a lot of opportunities to engage in night fight to step back and okay you know what is best night for as it isn't just a personal attacks and being a tough guy and run run in the room. It's his record and you can also deal with covert and that easy, but that's exactly what happened. 866-34-TRUTH 784 866-34-TRUTH. Toby didn't want to hold on that long which I understand must go to Laura right here in Raleigh. Learning for calling your honesty go right ahead on sorry that's fine.

I yeah I'm here. Are you ready yeah meet all may not all my quality family by her and me things was Joe Biden lie tabla tell about what assignment done yeah yeah yeah and that is a lot I write so even a child look like you might have answered that because, calm off guard with you on a good idea writing experience for you. Last night Laura frustrating and you now that what you doing what you plan back and forth childish training and crisp. All you absolutely owe you.

All three of our players in this one. This is, you can't blame one of them over the other. They all had their own personal responsibility, or thing; and I appreciate you holding that was along sorry. I didn't think it would also time. Thank you so might, but I know you everybody coming on yourself on your stuff. Okay, let's go back to my friend Steve days so here now is because analysts have if you came in in this debate. This debate heavily favoring one candidate you probably favor them now even more. But if you came in in this debate undecided. You probably prefer not to have to decide so a pause button there. I think for most the very few people that are actually undecided. These are just the main points from days Trump missed numerous opportunities to try to get on the show Friday, Trump missed numerous opportunities to better articulate his record, that's so true as well as it Biden on issues people care about Hunter Biden is one of I think that Hunter Biden matters a little bit just because it shows the hypocrisy when they're hammering Trump and all the supposed Russian stuff which is garbage. While the Biden family and Hunter himself is profiting like crazy.

3 million bucks from the mayor's wife, and in Moscow, you know, the home of Vladimir Putin Red Square okay so you're not don't give me the holier than thou stuff.

Joe, your family, so wrapped up in stuff. Biden heard his case studies at the adult in the room. The steady hand and Amanda return America to normalcy. Indecency, he took the bait from Trump instead of rising above the trolling is a lot of undecided voters would prefer he went with the young Turks route. He called Trump a clown, a racist, a liar, and the worst president we've ever had on the same debate another point.

I typically think that complaining about bias debate moderators as a conservative is a clich right.

We usually say that. However that being said, Steve said that being said, though Chris Wallace was even worse than I thought he was going to be. He was both biased and unprofessional and ineffective than that he is a wonderful singing voice. Point number six Trump clearly believed that pestering and antagonizing Biden would cause a dementia provoke meltdown, the exact opposite was the case by challenging Biden head on and off, and personally. The testosterone kicks in, as does the adrenaline were Biden is been mentally faltering is when he is to give specifics on public policy. That's an old Rush Limbaugh thing when Rush Limbaugh has a really wild liberal: people I wonder. She interrupted him. He's like the best thing you can do for your case is let the person talk. That's what I thought.

Just let however is an asterisk in this plan.

Let Biden talk and sooner or later the gaps will come out, you squeeze a lemon your lemon juice you squeeze Joe Biden. Sooner or later you get gaps which is a problem and I and I do feel bad about that because of his age, but Trump just kept going, which gives Biden's back up which is good to give them more internal vigor by Steve days was talking about and then you throw Chris Wallace in there that's the*so just when I think Biden is going to come down that road Wallace Johnson there and saves this is ridiculous tonight send voters a message they may not have wanted to hear, Steve days not going to get any better. From these two men than what you already know are both almost 80 and finished product. So it really comes down to this is very smart.

Okay, let's you have to decide if what you don't like about Donald Trump is worth turning the country over to Communists or not, say that again you have to decide what you don't like about Donald Trump is worth turning the country over to Communists or not. That's it. Steve days writes nothing more, nothing less is nothing more aspirational taking place than that mere survival. I wish that wasn't the case, but it is what it is.

Steve days don't follow him he should DAC brilliant guy follow Jesus Christ. And that's the challenge as an accidental threat. Can you separate your view and I can and I do not feel any conviction by the Holy Spirit that I'm doing something wrong. I acknowledge and let me get back to the caller's question. I acknowledge because this was the point how low does the personal character.

Sorry forgot to get back to question how low does the personal character go before it disqualifies them from office.

That's a great question. We wrestle with that.

And many of us conservative evangelicals back during the Bill Clinton days were like character matters.

Remember, we come to came up with that character matters this dirtbags have an illicit affair with his 19-year-old intern in the Oval Office the steam dress all that mess. Character matters until it does depends on whose ox is getting court right so we love executive orders when it's our guy issuing when it's the other teams guy issuing executive orders.

That's abuse of power. That's where we can become I can become.

You can become intellectually dishonest back to the Old Testament that's unequal weights and measures again.

You want to do the Christian thing in the world of politics right you be a prophet.

A prophet of God's word and a prophet of God's truth and you apply it equally, you don't put one on a pedestal and the other under a microscope. Okay, you put them all under a microscope and then your filter is the word of God as best as you can ascertain the truth of God's word and then apply to Scripture. Okay so when you do that I don't care if it's Trump or Obama or Biden or a double Democrat or Republican, liberal, conservative, which is why they killed the prophets they killed.

Why because they brought the truth to bear and were not respect her's of people or party. And that's our role back to the character question came to his character matter. Yes it does is it the deciding factor. No it is not otherwise you would hire Jimmy Carter over and over again sweet man. I believe you love the Lord loves the Lord. But Sunday school teacher farmers salt of the earth really just seems like a really moral nice guy and he was a train wreck as a president so and that point if I'm in a high talk about this. I think I talked about this yesterday from hiring somebody you come into my studio here and I'm 10, you're in for a job interview in your like a steep enough. I really try to do the right thing. I love people I serve at the soup kitchen. I typed 20% okay that's wonderful, that's your office at godly young man or woman that's wonderful super great.

Let's talk about your job qualifications like tell me about your experience with Red River Ashley had a job in the media world it all in.

And I've been I've been not serving Chick-fil-A for a couple years and I never I don't really like media. I don't listen to the radio. I'm not really about the pot is okay. We are not qualified. You're a great guy, which are not qualified your moral person but you would be bad. You just you don't experience okay so if you want to just use character go find the greatest people out there that most closely represent the Lord in their character and put them in the White House, but that is no guarantee whatsoever that they can actually do the job and I don't vote for a president to set a moral compass. I vote for president to do the job and hopefully do the job that helps the most people. Okay. And in this case, there is no question based on results and position and party platform as to who I vote for no doubt about it while decrying many aspects of Donald Trump's character. I think I think God long laundry list of good things that they become while he's been in the White House meeting on believable lease for the African-American community that Joe Biden or no Democrat in the last 60 years is Donald Trump's abrasive the worst racist in America. Preposterous use your mind think set aside party truth don't make good hiring decision. See no one see no Michelle, God willing talk again real soon. Like my dad always just to say

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