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What the #@%& is going on???

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September 18, 2020 9:30 am

What the #@%& is going on???

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 18, 2020 9:30 am

What the #@%& is going on???

What the #@%& is going on in this country? Today Steve talks about the fake poll numbers with Steve Deace of Blaze TV. Then Steve goes into teacher mode to educate on Critical Theory/Critical Race Theory 101, Intersectionality 101, and Gaslighting 101.


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Everyone I know the entity meets everyday life and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred 866-34-TRUTH or check them out Now here's your host and you just assume you can trust the polls because they can. We always end and even then you see one on Fox News NyQuil Fox News Paul has him biting up a little bit so Gottlieb must be really really bad but what about those polls are not just bad what they're distant, disingenuous, or even worse, whatever just flat out fake news so my buddy Steve Jason sent me a text the other day of video they did earlier in the week is on the blaze TV blaze from 12 to 2 PM Eastern time. I write up the Glenn Beck show and he's been a poster and political genius for years and so I don't have all the answers to all these different questions, but I know people that are smarter than I am at one of those people in Steve Jason's order to walk through some of these polls that you're seeing out there and try to talk you down off the ledge because you are as usual, being manipulated in Steve you said this in your video. Earlier in all the way back to January when you kinda had your phrase for the year on the Steve Day show on the blaze TV network was assume you are being lied to and it was pre-COBIT and that was pretty prophetic, how are you man, I'm good.

My neck.

I need to be a multimillionaire if that works out well well you know just manifested name and claim and I'm sure it will work out just fine for you. So let's dive into these polls because this is a problem most people don't understand pulling on me when I'm teaching my high school age homeschoolers. I got like 65 students this semester, walking them through the Constitution and Civics in general and explain to them he gave the electorate across the country in terms of registered people, 30% Republican 30s and Democrat 40% independent independence been growing over the years so then you look at the people that actually vote and then we look up all you gotta see if you're actually dealing with a representative polar not, most people don't do that. They just gonna take it at face value and you obviously have a bit spent years doing this will remind everybody about your background in politics and polling. In particular, and then let's dive into these four poles that you talked about people neither eyes open for commentator, not learned how to break the think that campaign will send you things all the time with their topline results.

And if you got it you know is this fake news or not and when most people see a poll they just look at the topline results and they think that topline results is the raw data they think that a poster just called 1100 people randomly sampled with a voter vault meeting a record of who is likely to vote around the country and they just did like a tally in a notebook. You know like George Strait check yes or no. So long you know Joe Biden Donald Trump in the knee at the tally that the percentage notes that that that's that topline result is the weighted result meeting with the post how the pollster interprets his own her own raw data really got the fetus up close and personal with the body in your plot editorial campaign here in Iowa 10 years ago. The judicial retention election that we did here in Iowa 10 years ago by the Ted Cruz presidential campaign that I was a part of one of the strategies but I campaign a four years ago, numerous state legislative campaign so that at every level that you would poll you judicial, legislative, executive, and election. I've seen it and I've done is one thing I would say to your audience when it comes to issue-based bowling and I pulled my audiences for more than a decade do not trust the media on any issue-based goal and I'll give you an example is all based on the premise of the question 67 years ago I was involved in doing some pro-life pulling around the country. I the rape and incest issue and we found it. We asked people do you believe a woman should be forced to carry a baby to term that she conceived against her will be a rape or incest. 80% of the people said no and that exact same sample later on in the survey. We flipped the question around and set you think an unborn child should be executed for the crimes of his father, 69% of the people said no.

Okay meeting just the way that the question is phrased will often elicit a particular answer, but on horserace calling meeting when you could lose many many years have actually been fairly accurate now because they were the polls were wrong in 2016 will take a look at the real clear politics pulling average because he was pretty close to what the final outcome.

What would happen is the battleground states hold way overestimated Hillary Clinton support, and that's what led to the forecast, saying she was good at dominating the electoral college.

That's what was wrong with this year. I wanted to find out you know, given all the data we been given. That is, you know, corrupt to the core on COBIT that I spent six months debunking is a lot of the same people giving us that data you think you will give us a call so this week I decided to take in to the polls what what what are called the internals of the cross that meeting their methodology how they came to the conclusions they came to and I look at four poles and I look at another one just today. Yes Mayor there than five cold that have come out just for both parties. Conventions are done so that the full sample of people. They survey and if it's not registered voters, but likely voters. Okay, so you want to look at likely voters you want to look at surveys for the whole sample was after the party convention and that they released their methodology publicly there's been more poles than those. But those are the only five that need all three of those criteria. And here's what I can tell you their complete and total block fake news. I guess they could all just be at the same time, Gottlieb added this line jump in there because this is such an important point anyone practice in the video. You can find on YouTube you to subscribe to blaze TV and check it out and Steve show there, but when you go back and you went back to I 12 or 16 years of presidential elections to go look what percent of the people that come out the vote are actually registered independent and then you got a look today at these polls indulge on. How are they projecting Mexican come out like in the Fox News poll. They said what that the registered Independents coming out for this that there there projecting 5%. Normally it's up around 30%.

Yes, the average in the last seven presidential elections is 27% for current Gallup survey tracking party registrations around the country, which is historically about the most accurate national poll the country that tracks party registration trends currently has 40% of Americans as registered independent box is forecasting 5% will be independent but that that that that is their most latest poll that's complete and total trash.

I cannot believe they put their name on that.

Nothing about that. That means they're off on the Independents in that particular pole by a factor of seven or eight which takes us back to what you just mentioned when we are looking at the COBIT numbers and you are sending that information. We did a couple shows together on that when there are five factors of 2030 4050 and so you have to realize you're being sold. Availability goods are like Steve said at the beginning of the year. Assume you are being lied to Simon about John hold only come back to look at some more. These pulling information and then ask the big question why are they doing this on time know he said in the video the other day, bolting in these polls are insulting complete fake news, but shatters understand what you're looking at you got understand how that stuff gets presented, how they come up with in the first place.

When you're thinking, how in the world would support Joe Biden other than the base and how can you see this kind of difference between Biden's polling numbers and trumps polling numbers and you sit there wondering is anybody else just crazy know you're just being manipulated and you have to pay attention that but you got understand when you look a pole out of the pool, bouts were talking about the Fox News ball. The presence of independence over the last 16 years.

How many of them come out and vote in the presidential election of the new poll is not representing that well then it's completely off and want to stop by factors seven or eight like the Fox News poll is complete bunk. Like you said Steve it's fake news and it's manipulative.

So that's just one example.

Give us a couple more examples of how bad these polls are going with an exercise fee because everything all the conventions but had trouble getting the second highest percentage tying Reagan 84, the second highest percentage of the Hispanic vote by Republican president ever. The highest percentage of the black vote by Republican president since 19 provincial candidates since 1960 and waiting whites by double-digit and they still had him losing the election.

I if he does that, you can name the score okay. How can this possibly be true.

If you start looking at the methodologies of a lot of these polls today. Yes Mayor's article showed Joe Biden's winning independence by 21 point and yet they only have them up by nine. I promise you, Joe Biden.

When independence by 21 point with the energy of the Democratic base equally to have the greatest election route, a Democrat, is that since Franklin Delano Road World War II. You look at you look at, there was a Reuters poll that found only 10% of the electorate was going to be independent today Joe Biden up by 12 words they just pulled Democrat we could just do this with all kinds of these polls of my favorite though of them all was the Monmouth pole that went out of the cruise can Monmouth was one of the public posters we have the most respect for right Monmouth without a pole in this is the electorate.

They have have the electorate is +3 Democrat and on average in the last presidential election.

It's been four points more Democrats. It turned out that Republican okay so plus for the average so they have Joe Biden would work with worst Democratic turnout than Hillary Clinton received okay. They have tromped winning independence. Hillary will Biden with worst Democratic turnout than Hillary received and they have 70% of the electorate are noncollege graduate. This is a group that trumped one in the last election by seven point yet okay I know the word Monmouth has the election being the act turnout model that the Trump campaign's entire strategy is built around creating diminished Democratic turnout trumped as well with independence and trust as well with a high turnout of noncollege graduate and they still have trouble losing by seven point see some Trump may lose on election day by seven point okay, but I promise you right. I promise you this is this is almost stuck into the stone tablets coming down from the mountain, diluted by seven point it will not be with an electorate that looks like that that is the Trump campaign dream and are you have to ask yourself how are they all this bad. Well, that brings up the insidious question of what are they doing, why are they doing this and in and by the way everything I just recommended your book in the various plots are really good friend of mine earlier today and under various plywood just really kind of Screwtape letters feel to it. Steve wrote this couple years ago and Satan. Basically a task, a demon name nefarious to take down the United States of America.

It's really prophetic and quite accurate. And this looks to me and you talked about it earlier in this video. What you guys can go watch said the blaze TV with Steve days Oracle it's on YouTube as well. There is a nefarious plot going on here. I don't know that people are all that aware of it.

I think more people are waking up to this Steve but the big question is why are they doing this are we being manipulated and what's the endgame going on here only two options and are both very bad. All these people with all their reputations and all their expertise suddenly got very very bad at this. That is one option.

The other option is you are getting preemptively gas lighted, you are watching in operation being put into place to challenge the merit and outcome of the election by saying hey, look at all this data we had all these credible sources is no way he won this fair and square.

This thing is rigged. This thing is stolen and you and you take that to your court and you go judge shopping for some federal court. If they want but don't know what a gender is aware that without use, and you march into the air with all of your data to say clearly, this is at least prima fascia evidence that the election was stolen. All of these credible media entities enterprises there pole even Fox News.

They all could not have been this wrong. It's one of those two things yeah it's remarkably insidious in the think it's just kinda bogus and they all kind of screwed up. At the same time is as preposterous. But to assume that they're trying to set this up and I'm sure you saw this Pennsylvania Supreme Court has the other day ruled that they're going to allow for absentee ballots to be received in Pennsylvania through November 6. So Pennsylvania literally cannot call that night on November 3, they cannot call the race for anybody that night because they're still collecting ballots through the sixth and this stuff didn't more widespread around the country.

It beer.

It really is nefarious.

It is as bad as it looks and and the question that none of us can really answer completely as who's behind it, but this is absolutely happening. So, how concerned are you Steve what's gonna happen on November 3 in the days after you mention the court. Can you imagine a scenario where this all ends up like Bush V Gore back at the US Supreme Court and then gets to be Johnny on the spot would probably put Joe Biden in office would be John Roberts mean this is unbelievable stuff on the big sports fan. Stephen, the late great college MacBook. Arcade was known for recruiting kids that Artie verbally committed. Everybody does it. Now it was a big scandal, 20, 30 years ago and he was asked once by Dick Vitale. Why does that. He said well that if I wait till he could commit to another school.

Now I know there's one school I got beat. Okay. And how does that play to this conversation. I just wait and find out what the election Kelly is on election day.

You use the my own personal gerrymandering process of mailing ballots that the court and now I know what vo-tech: got to get after November 3.

Now, I do think if it ends up at the Supreme Court. Strangely enough, many of the same impulses that is driven John Robert status in the back could actually work in our favor here to take your audience to the Hobby lobby case. Remember he was on the right side of that case, although with terrible rationale but his real concern was if John Robert sees himself as the guy holding America to get you all absolutely himself as the guy restraining the extremist you know impulses of both thought and I could see him that Donald Trump went for staying on election day.

I could see him stepping in and saying listen ruled against the sky plenty of times in his presidency, but if I let you guys do accrue out here in the open understand you're doing this to the people that own all the gun. This is a good and well, if I can actually see John Robert step in and rule favor in that situation, doing himself as the gatekeeper of yeah, well, let's just one reason number 473.

In the next few months to be praying over the selection. Steve days always great to have you think you so much for your your hard work and your intelligence in your wisdom everything that you bring to the table. We all need to keep doing our part and did an awesome job blaze TV to 12 at 2 PM Eastern time. Steve days. Thanks, pal. Have a great week later. That was three days away where Seth was one that he's on 1:48 PM Eastern time right is one that this is the only comeback class is in session. Talk about sexuality.

Triple race. All over the place being played is very troubling.

They that you know back in Facebook lives to go to the Steve Noble show here on Facebook and you can go there and watch yesterday's theology Thursday with Pastor Chad Harvey from RP churches here in Raleigh, North Carolina as we did yesterday's theology Thursday show on God's providence God's providence and if you really understand rest in God's providence than the craziness that we see going on the election BLM covert. Whatever. Then you'll be reminded of what the Scripture tells you which is to be anxious for nothing, while in the world you do that will that's my understanding and resting in the providence of God. So if you're really struggling with that which I can't blame you cannot casting dispersion on go listen to what you get on a podcast where you get your podcast yesterday show or on Facebook live in get there. Go to the Steve Noble you can get there and listen to the show from yesterday. I think it will bless you and encourage you and will strengthen you, we have been given us. If fear but of love power to sell my okay.

Speaking of a sound mind you we are all being played and manipulated and taken down a certain track forced to shut up because you can't possibly be right. And then sometimes in the Golan they make an argument against you, especially those on the left and you like my crazy lie. What what what is going on here because a lot of things that play. These are philosophical things, scholarly things, theoretical things that are really at play big time not only around the world, but especially here in America sorta go through a few of those with the rest of the time that we have okay the first one is critical theory or critical race theory. We have a great video and you can and it's it's good audio to severe on the radio to be fine so you go through this is from a great website called what would you say is a Christian website on critical theory.

Okay this is five minutes and 49 seconds were to go to that first got a few comments about this critical theory as well as critical race theory patient ago at sounds academic, philosophical, college campus know this is happening all over the place and as we go through this show understand to be at all okay that's what that serenity that, and they were to do a of video that's three minutes and 54 seconds from Ben Shapiro an intersection alley. He did that with Prager University and if I have time I'll explain you what gas lighting is good you're getting gas lit all the time. Actually, Steve basin last segment. Just mention ghastly so let's go first. Let's do this one critical theory from what would you say almost 6 minutes long. Listen, and if you're on Facebook live. You can watch it really, really important. Let's run your conversation. Someone says God cares about the oppressed Christians should embrace critical theory because it's trying to eliminate oppression.

What would you say critical theory is one way our culture attempts to explain and confront power structure.

Some Christians have embraced it as well.

What is it understand critical theory, we need to understand each to primary first everyone can be divided into two groups have power those who don't.

Second, those who have power always oppress those who don't. How do we know who the oppressed and who the oppressors are according to critical theory, the categories of oppressor and oppressed are based on your group. I didn't things like race, gender, religion, immigration, income, sexual orientation and gender writing determine whether we are oppressed or one of the oppressed course, someone might be part of an oppressed group in one way, one of the oppressors and another that's where the concept intersection alley intersection now seeks to measure someone's level of oppression based on how many of these groups identify, for example, a black man is less oppressed black who is less oppressed than a black lesbian critical theory, the degree to which you are oppressed determines your level of moral authority. The more categories of oppression someone identifies with the more more as a result, the experience and perspective of a gay black woman is more valuable experience and perspective of a straight white man regardless of what they say and in the same way.

The more oppressed someone is, the less moral responsibility for their those who are part of oppressed groups straight white game moral authority by surrendering to those who have pressed this is called being some people claim that since Jesus cares about oppression, critical theory and intersection alley should be embraced by Christian critical theory and intersection alley are not consist in here are three reasons why first critical theory offers a different view of humanity, critical theory claims that identity is is writing things like race, gender, features that differ from person to person. The Bible grounds.

I didn't value. Every human has in the fact that we are created in God. This is something every human being shares critical theory.

Some groups of people against other groups based on their status as oppressors. Rest.

The Bible says that we are all created equal.

Equally valuable, equally equally deserve punishment equally able to find grace and mercy.

Jesus, which leads to the second critical theory offers a different Bible identify sin is anything that violates God's design, including unjust oppression of other people, critical theory, identify sin only as oppression. As a result of critical theory would see biblical practices such as discipleship correction leadership proof as simple assertions of power. If the speaker is among the oppressors and would excuse sins like jealousy, anger, hatred and bitterness on forgiveness or envy oppressed. The Bible says that we are all guilty of God regardless of social status, race or economic situation.

The Bible condemns oppression as one of but certainly not the only way which humans rebel against God because critical theory gets the problem also gets the solution which leads to critical theory offers a different view of salvation according to the Bible because we are all equally guilty of salvation can only be found in Jesus through repentance. Our hope is being forgiven because critical theory teaches that oppressors are guilty and the oppressed are not salvation for the oppressed is found repentance and social liberation. Now there hope is only in other words, critical theory has a completely different understanding of who we are what the problem and how to fix. So next time someone sure good intention tells you that Christians should embrace critical theory, because Jesus also cares about the oppressed. Remember, critical theory offers a different view.

Our identity is in our status as image bearers and children of God, not in a race, gender, income status, critical theory offers a different view of said oppression is wrong.

It is a symptom, not critical theory offers a different salvation. We cannot solve our biggest problem Jesus our hope is not in our circumstances on our desk for what would you say I'm just in their ego. Okay so that's it's really important understand that all put links up for this video on the Facebook live page. Okay, so you can go check that out yourself super important understand. So let me just boil it down into more egregious and aggressive language.

If you're so if you're a white male. Okay, you're at the top of the food chain. Therefore, if you engage in any topic that has anything to do with anybody below that which is pretty much most then you just have to shut up, so white male privilege since gender all that stuff you need to shut up because you're obviously an oppressed person, you can't speak up at all because you're a white male urine oppressor at birth because your white male your privileged oppressor. Okay, so you cannot say anything so that that's what you're getting have no mojo out there in the public right now. What's below that a white female but a white female not quite as oppressive as a white male because men are more present than women got it when you go to the bottom of that we go to the bottom of that you come down the scale so is it.he mentioned a black man. Then there's a gay black man or a gay black Muslim. Now you okay night at three different oppressed groups there so their way down the scale on the oppressed side needle meant men and women.

Women get more than men there more oppressed than men in any thrill and I get a black transgender woman now that okay and then use as a white male or white female speaking that you have no moral authority. So the more you come down the skill the more moral authority you have to speak up, which is why when you say anything right now.

If your white male or white female and you speak up about PLM racism anything going on with systemic racism any of that stuff what's going on in the big cities.

If you're a white male or white female and you say anything about black crime rates or you look at the federal crime statistics in forget you have no moral authority. That's white so deeply offensive to liberals who are operating based on this theory, this critical theory, and then critical race theory just got a set some aside all the other stuff and just deals with your race. White, black and Hispanic Asians okay and if it breaks it all down the same way.

But all those groups your way especially if your white male yet no place in the conversation, you have no moral authority lower you go down the wrong form all authority they have in the last personally sponsored ability to succeed.

Noble will be right back going online week of throwing a lot at you except it's been a pretty heavy week a lot of content this week our praise the Lord is everyone so they get him to go home and eat a bowl of ice cream and watch something that's brainless but not reported by PM this week we've been in the deep end of the pool.

We talked to Steve days earlier about these polls that are showing Joe Biden up over Trump but the polls are completely whacked and they're not wack because they're screwing up their whack because they're doing it on purpose and to do on purpose because the whole scene is being set set on November 3 when Trump is declared the winner, which I think he will be, then you can say wall a whole and second is obviously this is against all the polling, even Fox News had Biden up what's going on here that you can start questioning the results election and then you got things going on like in Pennsylvania where the Pennsylvania Supreme Court earlier this week said hey where everything is just fine that you collect and count absentee ballots always through November 6. So literally the election on November 3. Literally Pennsylvania by the edict of the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court cannot call the election for Donald Trump on November 3, even if he is up by six or 7% because all you say so. We, the lab knows how many absentee ballots are stopped and we set 7 million of amount.

We've only gotten a 980,000 back so there could be another 3000 of those 300,000 break for Joe Biden will then Trump didn't win Pennsylvania what happens then he can go to the court system Bush versus Gore in the country way worse today than it was 20 years.

Okay so that's the first two segments going to watch that. We were just watching the video about the critical theory, which is also critical race theory so I got the links up for that video on here in the Facebook live page so if you're on radio. Just go to my Facebook page, the sea noble shown.

You can find the links there that one is is critical theory biblical now are to go in.

This one is mentioned in the last one intersection. Allie and I think Steve days even mention intersection Allie earlier and he also mentioned gas lighting, which are in a try to get but let's do this. This one is intersection.

Allie this is what Ben Shapiro three minutes 54 seconds Prager University video. Let's roll that and will talk about.

You probably think your opinions matter.

You probably think you're an individual with unique experiences, thoughts and ambitions. Well I hate to break it to you. According to current leftist orthodoxy, you're wrong. You see your opinion only matters relative to your identity and where that identity ranks in the hierarchy of intersection. Allie, if you're not thinking what the hell are you talking about haven't spent much time in modern college campus intersection. Allie is a form of identity politics in which the value of your opinion depends on how many victim groups you belong to at the bottom of the totable is the person everybody loves to hate the straight white male and who's at the top. Well, it's very hard to say because new groups claim victim status all the time. No one can keep track so is intersection Allie thing play out something like this.

Let's say you're a gay white woman. Your opinion matters, but less than that of the gay black woman. Why, because while all women are oppressed by the patriarchy and all games are oppressed by the heterosexual majority black seven victim status that whites obviously don't. Of course I gave black women's victim status is less than that of the black transloading race below a black Muslim trans women, and so on. The more memberships you can claim in oppressed groups more grid you are higher you rank get it good because it's about to get even more complicated intersection. Allie takes your victim status and uses it as the basis for creating alliances with other victim groups 30 or 40 years ago. Activists encourage racial solidarity among Blacks to combat oppression.

But today is not enough. Today's activists demand. Blacks make common cause with other allegedly oppressed people, gays, lesbians, friends, genders, Palestinians, Native Americans, whomever hears logic a black gay and Hispanic gain may not belong to the same victim group racially, but they do belong to the same victim group on the basis of their sexuality by focusing on the places where various victim identities intersect intersection. Allie creates a united us versus them paradigm righteous victims rising up together to fight the oppressor's dreaded straight white men. This explains why at a rally protesting the treatment of Palestinians by Israel makes a contingent of lesbian activists that intersection. Allie at work there so united by their victim status. It doesn't matter if Islam is throw gays off the buildings were murder female family members by the father's wishes.

Victim solidarity trumps all other considerations. The term intersection. Allie was coined by Kimberly Crenshaw, a professor of law at Columbia University. She explains that intersection. Allie was my attempt to make feminism antiracist activism and antidiscrimination law do what I thought they should highlight the multiple avenues through which racial and gender oppression were experienced to Crenshaw America is a terrible place full of victim groups, each with their particular set of grievances. Why shouldn't these victim groups get together and form a political coalition unified by the belief that the majority society has harmed them at some professor tucked away in an ivory tower would come up with this nonsense is not surprising. What is surprising and disturbing is that so many people actually go along with it.

America is the most open, least racist nation on the planet that Prof. Crenshaw is free to spend her nonsensical theories and get paid well for it should offer adequate proof of that, and since when do you have to live someone's experience in order to understand you have to live as a slave nor do understand that slavery is cruel and wrong don't have to live as a woman in order to recognize the evil of rape. Finally and most important intersection. Allie promotes the biggest hoax of all that we aren't individuals who are to be judged on the basis of how we act, but are merely members of groups to be judged on the basis of our group identity. In other words, you and I as individuals with our unique experiences, thoughts and ambitions count for nothing.

I racial and sexual identity count for everything. It's hard to imagine an idea less likely to produce a free and equal America than that. What I know. I'm just straight white male, I'm Ben Shapiro for Prager University right so got that see that I put the link up on the Facebook live feed okay see you go watch that. So he's straight white male's got nothing to say that that's why you got so many young people today because this is dominant philosophical, cortical theology on most college campuses nationwide which is why we have so many young people of you notices so many people mostly 35 and under that hate America because they think America they think rich privilege white males started the country, which means everybody else special slavery being the perfect example are just oppressed peoples see that so America, no. Not terrible. Why, because Americans basically started and run by rich white males in rich white males of the big oppressors and so everything about America's tainted everything that's intersection Allie and then you got all these different groups coming together so you have African Americans, homosexuals, Hispanic, whatever transgender always different groups is to break up the entire culture into all their little silos. Then since the white guys. The man then we come together we work together in order to defeat the man which feels like were defeating evil and seal. This is all messed up and the problem here from a gospel perspective is really big deal from a gospel perspective as individuals are no longer judge based on the behavior is just whatever group you belong to, and then we lower the bar for what sin because it really becomes justifiable because you're in oppressed group and you're working with other press group for the good of the country, which means get a deal with the oppressor, which is a white male see the problem and that's how all this works in all sudden. Nothing is a sin. Everything justifiable your burn stuff down for sure you're all people group and always other groups of in oppressed purported years. What what what we expect to have happened is baptizes all kinds of sin to from there. Okay, let's do this ghastly just try to move fast and on throwing a lot at you go listen to again and check it out okay this is really important for us to understand what's coming at us. Where is this coming from our gas lighting, gas lighting is a form of psychological abuse aimed at controlling a person by altering reality to the point where the person will doubt their own sanity section comes from a 1930s play called gaslight day. The main character in the play, literally tried to drive his wife crazy by gradually dimming the gas powered lights in their home when she notices the lights dimming your husband not only denies that the lights are dimming. He convinces her that she's imagining it to the point where she questions her own sanity. Okay were in this perpetual state of gas lighting this happening all over the place. So what you're being told by the media is at complete odds with what you see with your own two eyes K so here's some examples very little paper I found some example nothing but my buddy Bill Manson here status twice as many deaths from Cova.

19 than any other state but were told that the New York governor Andy Cuomo is handled the pandemic better than any other governor but if we support policies of governors like South Dakota states of only a fraction of the infections and deaths as New York were called antiscience and and we want people to die what you been gaslight okay so we want to solve that problem in North Carolina you know who to vote for governor right to enforce, not Conrad Cooper. We see mobs of people looting store, smashing windows, setting cars on fire and burning down buildings but were told that these demonstrations are peaceful protests and we call this destruction of our city's riots were called racists. Are you crazy no been gaslight which is a major problem destroying many inner cities is crime, murder, gang violence, drug dealing, drive-by shootings, armed robbery, but were told that is not crime but the police better. The problem in the inner-city were told we must defund the police and remove law enforcement and crime riddled cities to make them safer.

But if you advocate for more policing in cities overrun by crime were accused of being white supremacist races are you crazy no been gaslight United states of America accepts more immigrants than the other country in the world. The vast majority of immigrants are people of color and these immigrants are enjoying freedom and economic opportunity not available to them in their country of origin but were told that the United States is the most racist and oppressive country on the planet. If we disagree were called racist and xenophobic, are you crazy no been gaslight capitalist countries of the most prosperous countries in the world.

The standard of living is the highest in capitalist countries. We see more poor people move up the economic ladder to the middle and even the wealthy class to their effort and ability in capitalist countries than any other economic system in the world but were told. Capitalism is an impressive system designed to keep people down so you ask yourself well. Am I wrong my crazy no been gaslight one more most egregious example of gas lighting is the concept of white fragility in your life trying to be a good person trying to treat people fairly and with respect just about racism and bigotry in all its forms. You judge people solely on the content of the character, not by the color of your skin.

You don't discriminate based on race or listening when you're told that you are a racist because of something you did or said because the color of your skin. You know instinctively that charging someone with racism because of their skin color is itself you know you're not a racist to defend yourself and your character holding your defense of yourself crazy. No being gaslight you have to understand tools also is the enemy okay is so gobbling up that always is

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