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The Days that Changed Everything.

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 11, 2020 10:19 am

The Days that Changed Everything.

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 11, 2020 10:19 am

The Days that Changed Everything. 

Sloan was at Ground Zero by Sept. 13, 2001.  After hearing about the twin towers Sloan Rachmuth had to do something so she called the Salvation Army to volunteer and they told her NO. She got on a bus and went to NYC anyway. She spent the next several months serving at Ground Zero. The experience changed her life, to say the least. 


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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble

Everyone time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or checking out Now here's your host Steve Noble. It appeared more and more fire and smoke and building the very top of the building and fire occurred pending on the area, not any kind of an effort up there yet.

I remember, I got looks like a second play plan going that I just saw another plane coming in from the side of a second explosion you can see the plan come in just the right hand side of the screen so this looks like it is some sort of a concerted to attack the World Trade Center that is underway in downtown New York. Degenerate your position.

That morning I heard 9/11 and just a reminder and I know it's going to acknowledge them right. We go down this road every year we do we have the news coverage all day and that Fox News does it in time you look at the YouTube stop social media is full of posts about that. Never forget all around us is been about stuff which I appreciate, which is important and good, but often times we don't get we get kind of that 30,000 foot view of 9/11 in the days ensuing. And we don't often get from, frontline perspective, so today I just every year on kind of struggling and wrestling with what I want to do with the show.

I have a very old story from that day. I ended up down to Ground Zero with a firefighter in the widow of firefighters died on 9/11, but that was on November 9 of 2011 2001, so as not to months later. Then today I was looking on Facebook and Ahsan Rachman's is been on the show before, of course, and we can talk about different issues and also and I see this in your post loan and welcome to this show. It's great to have you in the studio and I'm like whoa okay you are there. Just a couple days after literally you were there on 13 September and I was like I gotta hear this story and there volunteering with the Salvation Army and your 29 at the time I wasn't years older than that abutted it completely changed my life and had a huge impact on my desire.

Couple years later to become an activist, but these are stories that are up close and personal.

We were both there you were there little head to me, but experiencing life at Ground Zero in the days after.

So I will unpack that. Let's unpack, how you got while we were that day. 9/11 in the me as well go back and forth and share our stories because I don't know your story and you don't really know my story, but everybody should hear the stories whether it's loan story or Steve Noble story. We all need to continue to tell the stories and hear the stories and after my day. There November 9, 2001 at the other day I kept saying the Skype Tom Dennard was the firefighter that was with me all day and I kept apologizing to them for taking his time, and by the end of the day he was getting kind of ticked off at me and he said listen Steve if you samsara overtime on smack across the face, but do me a favor. I mean if we could we would drag every American week we could and bring them here and spend date so they can see the smell and experience it, but you have to make me one promise. And I said okay fine what is you name a ghost. Never forget give you have to sit never forget, don't forget that was his number one request for me of that day. So let's call it backs loan debt to 9/11 that morning. Where were you what was going on and how did you respond to what you saw, while I lived in Charlotte and I can line at the time, like everyone else sideways rain for myself for work and John someone called me flipped on the television.

So the first time I saw what happened after the first plane hit whenever to some friends house and the time I got there the second plane Hank just commanding. That's when it dawned on me, and I think everyone else in this country that we were under attack in ways it was horrific to think of inevitable carnage that that we were going to have to deal it is a country yeah and politically. I was an uber conservative at the time but you are a liberal, I was a far left activist at the time and in its and its interesting but encouraging that we both had the same basic reaction is at that moment that morning that day. Your political affiliation didn't really matter. Not at that. It was just about being an American hundred percent, which I think is gone. You think that's gone pretty think it's still there for something like this would galvanize the country and we would all set aside all these differences some significant ones and important ones, but all of a sudden it's just about being an American, I know, last seen it, I lived it seemed to have lifted.

I hope it doesn't take another 9/11 or something you now is also at Boston getting me sit down by the finish line. When the Boston Marathon attack you really can't accommodate the grim reaper family. It's okay Salam and cell. Yes, I mean there's a helping spirit in every American care who they are and I've seen as a tiny minority that's showing that behind. Right now I'm back because as listed. I know it's there and that's important reminder. I can be such a cynic which is on the reasons I think on the radio but I can be so cynical and so quick to want to cast it all off but but thanks for saying that, and I think one of the things we experience that day.

Certainly you took action on it faster and more significantly than most of us was the desire to do something so can you walk us through your your thought process that day because it didn't take you long to get into, action mode. I can't explain why I I get when I did that I never volunteered. I'd only been to New York a handful of times. I iced me and I do some things that picked up the sound it was maybe four or 5 o'clock in the afternoon called Salvation Army and down said if I come American on Tierney said absolutely not perfect us. Even if you have anything Salvation Army never never does just got now is Geyer mind as we now let me link link.

I want to do something he works to people emailing him. He even though I didn't realize it at the time he was gone. The shots I'm for sure. So I got my car and entrance to Raleigh which is about a two and half hour drive from me and then I got on a Greyhound bus and it took me hours to get there and I had the Greyhound bus drop me off at Penn Station and I took a cab to 14th St., Salvation Army headquarters. As you can imagine, it was mass chaos. There were mass chaos because this is 13th.

Two days later the morning of the 13th and there you are no you said yes got obvious he said yes get out of drive up to Raleigh get on a bus over there people on the bus were people talking about it.

Everyone was talking I was going on tablet.

I dear member a bus full of people of all colors and sizes, etc. I told you to volunteer in the face and he was and he said, and we were all American). The double double show on 9/11 show and field media and on talking about them, about what cynical school systems will continue to follow up on that everything going on there, especially how BLM is going up impregnated the school system what, that's not only BLM stop at Marxism's order to continue to talk about that and appreciate you coming in today is kind of a last minute thing I saw your post on Facebook's loan is actually in Charlotte on 9/11 called the Salvation Army's as I do any volunteers.

I said knows want to type a doer such that whatever so she drive from Charlotte to Raleigh gets on a bus takes the bus up to New York and then shows up there at Ground Zero on September 13, literally two days later and so you just got a major way that Salvation Army have like a tent set up or take asunder that first day, and when you first showed up on site while it was chaos and mean there were donations I mean really lined up all over the sidewalk and people are very generous in this country. Obviously no ice line.

Maybe 50 people long wanting to do something on New Yorkers are great people and said it was very crowded. Now, never forget as I went to the final line on T3 Johnny friends from New York that makes Johnny laid some very poignant he sang in the Harlan Damien's choir that I told him I said and said I just came from North Carolina you're bringing me down there right now. He does I love your attitude herein quite well. I didn't really know what I was in for what they put me in with a refrigerated truck so I stayed in the back of that inmate out. We made our way to I know where I was going but no windows right. Silly tikka 20 minute ride from 14th St. to Chambers Street where I sat across from World Trade Center fine.

I think five or seven which is still on fire so that still on fire that was on my first tent was a cost straight on with me open the back of the truck you you can't prepare yourself for for what you see and there was no turning back. At that moment as a negative chaplet with 15 guys had Artie been made several found out what the refrigerated truck was for actually going back and forth to the more which is what I spent a couple days.

Unfortunately gangs when there were recoveries really did that back time it was eating Scott Jerry real very quickly down yeah on or your will that work was that adrenaline shock. Did you hold it together.

Did you lose it like at what point you never love you never did discuss stayed in the group never lost it. I mean you on your working with people. Like I said there's very very small group of civilians allowed there. And you really it's like being in war.

I would imagine because you don't you know you don't have any track of time. You know you just did you and it was so much detail, especially in the first couple weeks she mentioned it was recovery on a millionaire.

You have a sales job I get a whatever what your job I I stopped. I left everything on this to New York, living there on I just nothing in my life had meaning anymore after you see that it's sort of like going into war exceeds what vets probably experience you need. Then, on the other side of the wire you can no longer relate to anyone right that has an intellect or your perspectives complete major paradigm changes everything changes hundred percent so you stayed up there and in hello reader.

The first two weeks two weeks but then you actually were spending time there for the next what six months yes. So when you're up there early on God to fold my story and what you were watching from afar and everybody's in shock and then the course of when Bush shows up, which didn't take long and then the whole there to hear from everybody soon were all getting fired up about the unity around the country was amazing. Churches are full amateur synagogues were full as well. People case we see this kind interesting little revival thing going on, but there was this desperation abductor having to do something. I mentioned my body off the air. During the break work for me and then he had his own business and he was a former Navy seal I okay we got to do something and in the hey maybe, maybe we can we vote on helping company so maybe our guys will work for free and we can raise the money will get some free paint from Sherwin-Williams little plug those guys.

They were happy to oblige. And so we painted a couple houses and we had like $4000 that it was like okay early on this one. Bill O'Reilly started to ask the questions about where is all this will hundred million dollars was all the stuff going sounds like there's no way I want to give this money to only 30 I wasn't watching Bill O'Reilly at the time I was on April you are a liberal, I was a liberal when did you switch this factor into your label slipped when I moved to New York. I read three newspapers, New York Times, New York Post, daily needs and to those around them rabidly liberal ones conservative and I just kept missing and when I was driving back and forth.

Also, from North Carolina to New York to get a couple times I listen to Rush Limbaugh, never listen. Never before, and he well I had a battlefield conversion actually to conservatism. But it was from reading what I later found was garbage and came to know Elise's rational truth about a year while you really are that so we decided okay.

We got to go find a way to get the money directly to widow or to bypass all this other stuff so I called my dad to explain that to my dad was always a guy sales guy call this the president's secretary that's present in many company call and ask her secretary's assistant that I get to the top three civil call: the mayor's office yesterday. He Rudy at the house. Under no help, but that's what I did in the mayor's office pushed me over some of the thing were trying to find a Hispanic firefighter that died and hopefully that sadly but that had children. So eventually after couple weeks of this game. I talked this coming friend at the Hispanic firefighters Association and widows in Jesus starts naming names, and one was Rodriguez so he said he didn't Evelyn Rodriguez just have a baby now our third child was born on Valentine's Day 2001, so I had a baby at home.maybe a bit just born right now. I mean since 9/11 and her husband died. Oh my goodness, so hey, did you catch that Jan right on the okay is all you do for your collection representative top New Yorker so that I'm I go online. This share this with you earlier and try to figure home you find this guy all I got is Rod regret Rodriguez three and 43 firefighters that died from the FDNY. It's New York City and I gotta figure out which Rodriguez is.

This could certainly was going to be a bunch of Rodriguez's I ask questions all the time on I tell the stories of how many Rodriguez is do you think died that day. Your guess was 20. The answer is one Anthony was the only one like God was moving you God put Anthony to my readers and so we were able to eventually get to the FDNY. I was able to. They gave the go, but I'm talkative. Another lesson for my dad when you're in a negotiation. Whoever talks first lose so on talk of the FDNY like I really want to get to the firehouse. It's like gives money directly to his wife because like what work were not actually love to give up firehouse phone numbers. The interior fire firehouse phone number super helpful and I said nothing videos but you know what screw you anyway.

Given the number so I called firehouse and got arranged on November 9 we drove up on the eighth to see my sister and her husband and kids lived outside of Philly on the train in showed up in downtown Manhattan on November 9 just a little while after you, but the signs were still up. The pictures are still up all of you want to come back. But let's talk about how it's progressing forward and some other things just stories. I think that you experienced people that you met how that impacted you all pull my story and there I don't talk about the impact on America is known to come back to hope for us. Can we see that community again or are we just divided states of America were talking to some harassment from and feel this is Steve. No one shall hang in there will be right back to sleep. No show, taking some time to revisit 9/11, which I I have to do every year I made a promise to firefighter New York Tom Dennard who was an engine 161 and latter 231 I think in broken right by Redhook which was Redhook was known as the most violent housing complex in all of America at the time and they were like three doors, three blocks down from the housing complex and so he's got me up that day when I took the train and on November 9 and I spent the day with me.

We I we had painted some houses. We had $4000 check ready to go.

My wife bought some clothes for Evelyn Rodriguez's daughter. Although we did know that was Grover's boy and had written a letter took some pictures because I did not expect to meet Evelyn that day.

Her husband Anthony had died on 9/11 was a probity with the fire department and so word were P picked me up right outside of Grand Central station stops in the middle of the street all the traffic stops as he told me I'm like to how my going to get to because all pull up in a big white FDNY. I'll stop in the middle of the street everybody will stop because we can prematurely do we want to write no New York because everybody loves us so I'll just pull up and stop you. Come out jump and so that's what I did were taken off and I knew we were in it. I asked him. Can we go to Israel even get to Ground Zero is a gift you want to go in there and get you to do exactly what I tell you to do because most people can't get a nurse you don't say a thing. Just let me handle it.

Okay fine so were heading that way. Then he jumps on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Unlike okay I guess were going by the firehouse, then eyes showing me okay readily see that that's a housing complex. That's Redhook and in the stations right by there but then we blow by the exit my tongue where he going is overgrown Evelyn's house night annoys commuter rights old and I'm just in shock over little my going to say I was not an activist at this time. This is 2001 I didn't really become an activist for finding the been on a foreign mission trip yet so I have never really been out of my comfort so much and so we ended up at Evelyn's house for for about an hour and 1/2 and she's got her daughter who was born on September 14 they were supposed to have a C-section on the 12 thing to be died on obviously 9/11 and she said to the doctors. I'm not coming in until Anthony comes when Anthony wasn't coming out obviously and there in this tiny little rowhouse and that's when I asked her he what's going on financially. She said well you know there's all this money and all the money going.

She does but we haven't gotten anything I got his paycheck. What gave her the money and then we went back.

The firehouse spent a couple hours of firehouse Ground Zero, but I was there I would see after you were so going through every day you are working in the cold storage truck and that was making runs to the more right that's this one thing I think the most difficult thing I did. They didn't anticipate doing this on because I had experienced that timing in the LR swine. You know I was doing that early on that one of the toughest things place on the it was a set up a huge set up down by where wise. Can you remember back to set up where I Salvation Army weight dispersed findings to family members who needed it to family members who had lost their husbands, wives, whoever until I have to set a table just like you and I are and interview people and here he they lost etc. it was a difficult thing for me to deal on is a story of a little girl hey you had was brought in by an uncle that her parents had both died and grandparents because they day parents to come into scene to visit their children. He worked at town Cantor Fitzgerald or the yet elite. They were having breakfast at a time when the window well yeah, and they are all having breakfast at the time since she lost her grandparents in and out and she was seven or 89 naming their very few times Apple part during this time I don't know why I guess I just couldn't think that was a huge moment where I realized that this is some unit of people that had perished. I mean that that's not suffering 70 yes. Unbelievable.

And so what was over the people like you. Your work and obviously you're down there in the month and the mess was always hilarious. Well when I first went down and I told you by Johnny K. He called himself Johnny fairy. He called himself that there are many John stair said the first day that I was working there on, you know I and next. I John and Denise E. And down there fabulous at Johnny owns a big building in Chinatown and down hand and his friends who are my friends now that wonderful people. I think they're listening today hey daddy, so they said you were you are staying with us. They forced me to stay and Chinatown within which I love and everything in Nam and I go there all the time that day, and several unit in the building so I stayed daring. We, you know, I can remember any. We would walk enough from the site and had dinner in Little Italy every single night and just unit catch up on things and you know it's everyone's greeting that will say this mean every single day that we relaxed and we would have the wrong says whenever we were driving for the people cheering trailers you know you never, never experienced anything like that title. What a crazy contrast that this carnage and death and destruction.

Same time those crowds were there because when I was there on November 9 and Tom.

We were finishing up. We were right down to Ground Zero. Actually while we were there worst Internet little Dexter Rumsfeld and those guys used to do their interviews from this little deck. What is read from Ground Zero and and we ended up there.

That's where we were inside and there's people have written little notes all over the handrail zero pre-much family friend that got in there and reading those notes is heartbreaking and also my look a couple feet to my right and there's always really intense private security guys and I look back over time. To my left. I said well looks like some VIP shown up and he's like that with those in whatever okay so a few more minutes go by, and now there's more of them up there and I look to my right and literally from me. Maybe do a little past the wall maybe 8 feet away. Unlike looking over and I said, but I said that's Benjamin railing while looking at times like what I suggest Benjamin that you administer Israel.

Tom goes holy blank. He's probably not a very safe person to be around.

Let's go so excellently left and went walked around. We went down, did you see the with the firefighters and the policeman set up their little memorials were family would come and bring cards and pictures that they were only affirming the one where there a bunch of family members from the from the airplanes. There's like teddy bears everywhere. Yes. And where is Trinity Church Trinity Church is taking me by all these places, but the one for the firefighters and police officers.

I mean I got pictures of this that kids writing cards to their debts, their moms in it and it felt like I was invading somebody's personal holy so that was it was sacred ground homelike goodness. I'm very much so I mean you you may have been narrow while the pictures were still not paid when I first got there yet leaving the site and walking to town. I mean there were thousands of pictures that were posted at different places at St. Vincent Hospital on you.

Now I everywhere enjoy going to find her luck trying to find their loved ones and you know you would see that when you are walking out the secure area but being inside a secure area. I knew they were never going to come home and cell was the hardest thing you saw her experience for you. Whether you share the story about the little girls. Was it her grandparents that were up and ran her parents into my goodness, but of the things that you actually saw setting that site I can be worse. What when you look back. What are some parts of it that you like you very much. I was saved and only share this because I don't want anyone to ever forget. I would say that seeing a flatbed truck loaded up body parts was a very difficult thing to see and want everyone to know and understand this, that this country has so much respect for our people that not enough, that even the littlest body part that was found we wait. Everyone would stop what we were doing they would cover with a flag and Tom United we wait salute mean every dignity and respect that was shown is incredible on the Netflix incredible about this country.

The value of life that we have when push comes to shove 100% bedding that was very difficult.

I think it was extremely difficult to like I said, I mean going from inside of the site team outside of the site.

It's something that it's difficult to unity explained he proposed her yeah it was going back to the cheering that you guys experience whenever you let the site each day so I'm there on November 9. Tom takes me all around Ground Zero is taking you back to the train station is like oh I love his partner love this tower two months past right is not yet blessed site I went to take me back to the train station and also there they are. There's like 10, 11, 12, all sitting down but as soon as they saw the van they all get up and they start screaming and cheering comes got a handout that was filled yeah will never forget that moment will be right back anniversary of 911. I was there on November 9 with lone rack with my guest today here in before the founder penance shield. She was a radical liberal know how to describe. I am a radical rationalist tie that together going conservatism really is just rational. It is not unemotional but not controlled by your motions, but rational right which we like to think as we grow up as we age and as we mature, I can murmur the president that said if you're 18 and not a liberal you hard but if your 30, another conservative brain because most ranking most people live personally pretty conservative wives. But then you going to be little room because like they have to. Indeed, to get little liberal life and keep the lights on the government can do initial wealthy last time. You know the stalwarts of liberalism are the wealthy elite. So coming out of your experience being there literally months volunteering and thank you God bless you for your service for all of that, that's really inspiring. Let's talk about how it then changed because you started reading more you listen to Russ Limbaugh money your trips back and down here to North Carolina and you were a hard-core liberal activists were a feminist, I would assume LSL is an activist for now while all while all your hard-core night Nancy sure the keychain though I was all in. And then was a moment or was it kind of a slow transition were you were converted to the light side from the dark side, or what what can happen there while I think when you go through something you know something that day.

Giorgio certainly did me.

You are. It's a great time in your life because you are opening to you on to change a lot a lot of people go to a let's say divorce or something like that going a journey to find the truth is very important to me to find out why 9/11 happened here was responsible what you know what happened change in events, and once I researched Diane and learned that the USS Cole what happened are our docility are turning our back on things and pursuing things that really don't matter and with respect to national security.

I knew that the path I had been on wasn't the right one and in terms of feminist net I you know that was a whole another thing why I realized you know what this is really not effective.

It's not good for men or women because there's a role for men and a role for women in that way since time immemorial, and you try to reengineer that you just you know sullies your experience here on earth is one of the things that we do it that we equate differing roles to differing value, but right that's not but certainly not biblical. Let's all God was doing early on when he established the family and marriage and everything you different roles, not different values.

The husbands are more valuable to wife the woman is not more valuable to men or vice versa the world wants to screw that up.

Mostly because it's tied to God. So as you bring your mechanic come out of that house. This is fascinating how did Harvard get under radar screen, because you had a GED right and I on normal PFG activities are 9/11, it was clear it was fair not like I was a serial entrepreneur relate to ages 17 IRD formulated three businesses were fairly profitable. So I love the work that was always my thing. So on the job I had the time was six figures easy little behind you is very doing well yeah I do allow letting life and didn't need to get anymore then when I tried, but it wasn't fulfilling for me it was something more. And originally I I went back to school because I wanted to be a liar I knew, or maybe journalist that I knew I wanted to do something on it to continue my service and I knew that I needed agreed to do that which came out of the soil of your 9/11 yesterday service, the grounds are absolutely money meant nothing to me on alanine I just had to deal at it is, so I began taking classes on any community college and I you know went to NYU not officially I guess to get some classes and I dealt down. I applied to, and had an excellent I personally say on great test scores and why Harvard, I play several different tasks I applied to several schools and eight you know, sent me a letter and said lights was a great it was great.

I didn't know I was in for then how are you and you started. I was 33. They must've been intrigued by that, but had to be great for them. It was a really wise is a great experience.

I think I was the oldest I know I went to school at St. Rivers, from Weser Lisa Harvard then went back to graduate in the same class so I say yeah for all you people that are clueless right now we users of been really good indeed. But so funny indeed and then what about when you started penance shield and then be journalist to be active because again the thing that so cool All came out of the soil of their serving.

Well it's interesting I became. I started shield and became really an activist on and in writing when she's four years ago now I we were living in Durham and had two children and they were enrolled at a Jewish day school Friday Jewish day school and down day school.

Unbeknownst to me, had three activists anti-Israel activists who are actually anti-at the time Jewish days.

That's right hundred percent correct and when I found that out when they took down the map of Israel. I came in I said hey listen like a gym going on here, but is not for us, not Israeli and Jewish.

They called me that it is a franchise cultivated in an anti-Semite. You know liberals now Jewish hello hundred percent anti-Semite Semites world. It's a weird weird but that private school students and the rest is history is history. What are you optimistic about America, you said that several times. I think minutes ago because I struggle.

I mean, I've always had Huber left us to respect the hell out of me and I force them to the very principle of utility do you like it or not, I think you have for me that's a lamb and I just when I think that being that way enables you to combat rise above the wake if you will people know not to mess with you on unfair now, but I'm tough and I think that that's if more people were that way. I think we all get along a lot better than we used to call this journalism right yeah like like Tim Russert style journalism. Everybody was afraid of Tim Russert and he leaned left but even plays role that way. You just straightforward journalism get the fact that the tough questions know what is good, not alive, and that's pretty much I think journalism is pretty much dead now is mostly commentary and a little bit of drills. I love my sweet spot is investigative journalism going for things that people don't want you to know about and and you know I sometimes have to work hard for it. Sometimes I really don't. Which is sad, Ford foundation and going up to force you second-biggest and down over the last four years I spent one point actually Gmail 2 billion in United States programming in which we all seen it is going to one effort social justice asking questions about that one. Why not why not. This is the majority of the media is on the same team right yeah I talked to Gord so it's helping you keep quiet and we can be guilty of that. I would people complain alumni people that would be that would complain of too much executive order action by Obama and then when Trump does a lot of executive order action like okay are you willing to put both presidents under the same microscope because that's intellectual honesty. So for me as a Christian like listen him to call balls and strikes based on the word of God and a and I really don't care who's at the plate. Most of the vitriol that I get is when I go negative on Trump which doesn't happen very often, but it does happen, so people on my own Facebook page. You must be a liberal like if you listen to this radio show for like two seconds because I'm obviously not. It is just crazy to see that, but that's that's me.

My allegiance is to the truth that we find in God's word and I try to apply it evenly across the board and nobody gets out alive and not mess up at some point in his perfect perfect so hopeful for America's future. We got two minutes.

I mean sometimes this may be this what were going through an essential of people that spot they bought and paid for by Ford foundation others.

This might be for some, their 9/11 there.

There amendment of crystallizing a look if you value life and you see the people that are being murdered right now on the street just because of that color their scanner being in the wrong place at the wrong time of these thugs. If you value life and you're saying that that's every bit as tragic. You know it is a terrorist attack it's Niemi Terrace attack and I think hope and I pray that people are waking up right now.

Have you ever seen a presidential election. We do this every four years right of this most president is the most were resident selection of lifetime, but in this case I'm actually down what that rationale. Charlie Kirk said that the person at the RNC and I thought would sound like hyperbole.

At first he said the doldrums. The bodyguard of Western civilization was like hyperbole just because the convention whether you like him or not. I think that's actually his role. Lawyers are never perfect, usually very imperfect and made a lot of scars and have a lot of Joel Rosenberg the other day when his own show, describe wanting the Trump presidency is making sausage yeah you know the process.

Would you like the result with chicken sausage for me to grade point. So much for coming in. Willingness to not take no as an answer showed up to serve will do it again.

Okay, everybody thinks you for your up your time.

Never forget that the promise I made but never forget this day. So don't go to bed. This is no longer see the show got

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