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America Burning Pt.163

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 14, 2020 4:19 pm

America Burning Pt.163

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 14, 2020 4:19 pm

America Burning Pt.163

Today on the show here’s a sneak peek at America burning Both Figuratively and literally.  The weekend was filled with the NFL pandering to BLM, the new movie, Cuties, which is essentially child porn on Netflix, and the newly lawyered-up Biden campaign.


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One noble show where reality meets the everyday issues of life at work.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his shoulders, grace, and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 643 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now is your house okay okay okay I think it over the weekend and then with everything going on with the NFL and got a morning with younger friends of family.

My over the NFL stop and then justice and then I'm just looking around all day listening to things and doing some show prep and I like it a lot. There so many crazy things going on so many alarming things going on in our nation right now that two to spend three segments of the little money Monday updated to show that a lot of talk about their what David Fisher will talk about the markets and things rebounding and what should we expect until election 50 days from today, 50 days from today, I thought that's all well. 50 days from today and what's the state of America. McKenna did that kind of funny title on the Facebook page or Facebook lives if you want to join us on Facebook live for you. Those of you on radio. If you want to engage another one of your senses. That being your site, your vision, you can jump onto the Steve Noble page on Facebook, and American burning part 163 because it seems like that's all that's going on here lately is that our country, our nation is in deep trouble and that and it is an interestingly enough, earlier today. This is not this is not normal for our second child woman to do an SOP podcast with here in the near future and not not normal for her to text me and asked me a question about end times, but she graduated from NC State in May and is pursuing different career things and trying to land a job which is very difficult. This environment, and she texted me earlier today because she's working full time right now in a salon that she'd worked at during college, which pays her well it's a great job in the meantime asking me questions about the Jesus's return and end times and save his people at the salon are talking about it because things are so crazy a lot of people are good, such as becoming more of an issue. So in a couple weeks working to do back to bacteriology Thursdays I with a new friend of mine about end times theology and all the different versions, especially the rapture doesn't does the rapture occur when does the rapture occur, the tribulation, the great tribulation.

The rise of the Antichrist or otherwise known as the man of lawlessness would fit right in these days here in America right is like now you know what to quote my friend for sobs right about the play that's got to go. My friend pours up right there on Facebook life who cares about the NFL. Now I would say the NFL matters as a a picture of what's going on in Colin Or Nick.

The captain of the changing dynamic at the NFL. That's the only job he can get there. Apparently was just rude what whatever, And a glass newly woke NFL and opening-day cause league social justice focus propaganda, which is what I would call it. I think it is virtue signaling. I think it's just pandering and so this is what's gonna work. I got the answer.

I know I said the gospel before is the answer to racism here in race relations here in the United States but obviously it's not what you really need to do is get a bunch of professional athletes in the NFL's case, predominantly African-American athletes were quite wealthy and quite privileged. If you want to go there and get them to you know put some pressure on the NFL and the NFL. Not wanting to have a problem with the public. That's funny. They're going to start painting in zones with certain black lives matter, messaging, and social justice, messaging, and then dog players and on the team the guys game I like to call guys. The guys are putting names on the back of their helmets and all.

And yeah, that's insolvent.

Let's get a bunch of wealthy athletes.

The majority of whom are black, at least in the Nobel in do some signaling some virtue signaling put a couple things on your helmets and put a couple things in the end zone play the regular nationalism but also play what's known as the black national anthem which is kind of up actually to go look at the lyrics and and look at the song in and of itself is a beautiful song about the trials and tribulations of African-Americans pressure coming out of slavery and then Jim Crow laws and such. But then the to call the black national anthem which is bags all kinds of trouble and problems in the play that back.

I think they were playing it not back to back because apparently the NFL isn't that crazy yet but but they played them both and some teams just decide not to come out at all for either one of them and all that do all that with the NFL in blue who needs the gospel.

Everything is very fine right. Problem solved. Good job and a fellow. So, This is a story on the daily wire forceps is going 49ers court were back on Her neck, but funnier still using that phrase blasted the National Football League on a propaganda of the NFL announced earlier this year that in the wake of massive antiracism in any police brutality broke as they took place in nearly every city following the death of George Floyd that the girl embraced black lives matter slogans and encourages players to take part in demonstrations, service projects, and social justice focused initiatives also committed to playing lift every voice. The black national anthem before some games during opening week that matters Said Sunday. If reading his former team played vocal supporter remains a blacklisted by the NFL runs propaganda about how they care about black life there still actively blackballing Eric Reed for fighting for the black community. I guess Eric reads a buddy of Nixon was it's the first one to step up and support him and Took in the end it all that stuff and wear the socks in this that the other thing but I'm I'm agreeing with Kuyper Nick on this one is just propaganda such as virtue, signaling. My question is in this and this is the deal. I said this before, when the national anthem taken the in all and when a lot of the NFL owners like you ain't doing that stuff on my time you tinkers social media crusade you take your social media messaging you take your social justice. You take your political things and you do that outside the stadium.

You've got quite a platform to go using is not using it on my field at this time.

During a game that's too divisive, as now you're here for.

So knock it off.

I think of the time. I said, like when I still had my painting business.

If you showed up and you work for me and you came to a job site like AC mom to plop this political poster right here in the jobsite. While we painting houses I would've said no you're not in either get it out here, you're fired because this is not the place for your political opinion or social opinion, whatever it is, and so at the NFL owners.

In my case they own the team they own the stadium. Do what you want to do. I wouldn't allow that cross messaging either in you. Remember, do you when the NFL and professional athletes like were patriotic brought the big giant flag out everybody's that's like we set all the politics aside to settle the culture stop assigned we just come watch again and that was great not be more that's politicized to and is the NFL going to survive. I hate you guys knock yourself out.

Team owners Jerry Jones with the Cowboys. Holy cow, knock yourselves out in the market will deal with you and I think the markets can find you guilty of pandering will see what happens with that will be right back is a little more time in this life, not the mainstream media talk about the and there's other sources other people telling the truth, but don't have them. That huge platform of the mainstream media, but people like Dr. Michael Brown is on the air precedes me steep days on the blaze.

I think Glenn Beck's doing a good job in many ways I think Sean area hardly drives me nuts. I Rush Limbaugh I think is a great job of bringing the buddy buddies mostly commentary and stuff on what's going on. Specifically, politically, but all the cultural stuff he touches on a fair amount but in-depth stories, not as much and so with whatever little platform God's given me him to keep bringing this stuff up because the last thing we need to do is fall asleep. We been asleep. That's part of the problem we been you drive around, listen, watch, you just drive around driver over the weekend were getting ready to sell our house and were not leaving the area. But Henry to sell her house could go to the store go to restroom here. You know, people with their mass also but largely people are going about their business right so you drive around in nicer parts of the country and everything seems to be fine but when you get on the news get on the Internet you get on Instagram get on Twitter start going to look at things at the mainstream media to put out there and it gets nasty fast tomorrow. By the way it's it's it's going to be uncle Tom J on the Steve Noble show tomorrow. Uncle Tom meaning African-Americans that have become conservative politically. All of us under their label generally uncle Tom's or I mean, recently I heard this is really bad that there called Coombs like what what does that will generally it's liberal African-Americans calling conservative after Americans. Those names, but the uncle Tom thing, especially as I got four members of the Akron African-American community tomorrow on the show were all part of Blacks that were all part of African-Americans that are leaving the Democrat party and in their are becoming conservative there's an event black votes matter coming up and just another like two weeks from now here in Raleigh North Carolina just to try to encourage people to engage in conversation have a bunch African-Americans are to be speaking Clarence Henderson's gonna be on the show tomorrow. He's: and he's a civil rights legend another brother, Mike, Antoine, that's gonna be in here in the studio with me and a couple other callers. The deadhead of Frederick Douglass foundation in North Carolina. A covert skin to be: insolence can be a great show tomorrow talking about African-Americans and conservatism and so I that's necessary is an incredibly important conversation, especially as the country continued to swirl down the tubes so B tomorrow.

Not sure yet what were doing a Wednesday, Thursday why Pastor Chad Harvey back here in the studio from RFA church here in Raleigh, North Carolina great pastor great preacher very bold if you're offended easily. You would never want to go to that church.

If you like it bold and strong and right in your face and your parents house you would enjoy that.

So Chad Harvey will be back or talk about God's providence, which is something we need to really make sure were studying and understanding, especially in these tumultuous days speaking a tumultuous era go cuties on Netflix. Okay, so this this is just a perfect example of a Romans one society excellent limits this one of them to go to another story from my Pastor James Emery White is down in Charlotte Mecklenburg community church called Mac PhD brilliant guy. I had a text message exchange with his daughters 33-year-old daughter of the other day and sounded about cuties, but check this out. Cuties Dir. my Mona did core will have a report on said defendant or film. This is on Netflix right. It's 11 and 12-year-old girls that are like a dance thing is highly sexualized and is just looks horrible. It's even worse than that but watch this. Just watch how depraved this is. Romans one. You become a student. Romans one you'll understand every thing going on the culture today, so the director Mona did core whatever defendant or film amid criticism that hypersexual as young girls while participating in a panel discussion. The Toronto film Festival. She said the indie film was a social commentary and how young girls are treated. According to the Hollywood reporter quote it's because I saw so many things and so many issues around me lived by young girls that I decided to make this film and sound an alarm and say we need to protect our children, just argued it's bold, it's feminist so which is it lady but it's so important and necessary to create a debate and find solutions for me as an artist for politicians and parents at the real issue. According to IMDb cuties follows an 11-year-old girl named Amy. So this was actually up film that looks probably looks like a documentary played by faith I use Apple joins a group of dancers named the cuties the preteen grows and what cortical grows aware, but have her burgeoning femininity, upsetting her mother. Her values in the process and the girls like 1111 then after apologizing for using the wrong artwork and Netflix spokesperson also told Fox News on September 10 cuties is a social commentary against the sexualization of young children by us sexualizing young children. That's what they're doing here. This is what the ladies defending the director may move to core. She saying all this were trying to deal with the issue so you deal with the issue of sexualizing young girls by sexualizing young girls and she can't see that Romans one suppress the truth. Replace it with a lie not listen to this Christine Pelosi attorney and daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did this on Netflix hi Netflix from a customer former ADA inception for Cisco DAs child abuse, sexual assault unit cuties that hypersexual eyes is girls my daughter's age, no doubt, to the delight of pedophiles like the ones I prosecuted cancel this apologize work with experts to heal your harm hashtag cancel Netflix former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsa Gabbard said Netflix child porn cuties will certainly whet the appetite of pedophiles and help fuel the child sex trafficking trait one of four victims of trafficking are children. It happened in my friend's 13-year-old daughter Netflix. You are now complicit hashtag cancel Netflix actors and women's activist Evan Rachel Wood wrote on Instagram stories. Anyone who says this is a conspiracy or this is in a child exploitation needs to seriously wake up. None of this was necessary for the story.

These are 11-year-old girls cuties crossed so many lines it was shot in a predatory manner without any sense of serious consequences and Ted Cruz and San.

He's got a call for the Department of Justice to investigate Netflix in the cuties, filmmakers as they should.

For child pornography. But the link hope that this is Romans one is why the gospel is the only solution for stuff like this. The lady say in we need to sound an alarm about this issue and protect our children by sexualizing children. You can't see that lady she can't she. I really don't think she can do based on Romans one. She suppress the truth. Replace it with a life, you self-righteous what she's making money off the controversy of sexualizing 11-year-old girls. You make money in this country and around the world and to do that. So, Pastor James Emery White down in Charlotte North Carolina share this on his from his website. I received a series of text messages from my 33-year-old daughter Rebecca, who is also the mother of three, I received your permission to share lightly edited version of the so this is his daughter texting and changing the subject to be seen cuties on Netflix yet it's the film is been so controversial.

I watched it last night. It was so horrible.

I'm still depressed by it. Netflix and the directors said that it was a condemnation of the sexualization of young girls. However, I did not think they did enough to make that point there was way too many shocking moments and close-ups of hypersexual eyes dance moves.

I was cringing and horrified through most of it. I wanted to see it because one of the big critiques is that people who are against it had apparently not seen the movie after having watched it. I agree that it should be taken down. I feel like it will fuel pedophile tendencies plus the actresses in the movie are victims in my opinion, there really aren't that many consequences for the choices that the girls make.

She even posted folk photograph of her genitals on social media and the only consequence that her friends say that they think people of art will think their slots not and you know these are 11-year-old girl that's 11-year-old girl played by I don't know 12 or 13-year-old girls all being sexually taken advantage of all being abused child pornography about shopping channels, child pornography and not Romans one and Isaiah. Woe to those so-called good and evil. Evil get up there that no no no By the way, you missed the show El Paso pretty much every regular big podcast platform. You can be on while you're there if you want to get your mind bad in a different way. Check out the newer podcast that I just launched back they called who is this SOP.

Yes, that's stands for what you think it does but it's not me getting on a podcast and then let it all hang out. It's me, engaging the lost world and some of their most popular pockets for right now, an interesting dynamic. The Lord is doing something interesting with the WHOIS success will be podcast so about three weeks ago I did on with our oldest son, Hayden, who is 25 getting ready to move to San Francisco great born-again Christian, strong Christian pursuing God more than most people I know, but he has some political opinions aren't the same as mom and dad and how do you deal with that. So I'm starting to have more conversations with people under the age of 30 that group in the church and call themselves Christians in our Christian profess faith in Christ born-again all night but have some different opinions on things so just in an interview last week with a former student with the liberty University that is that you be surprised at how many liberals are at liberty University in got his take on all of that. Jerry Falwell Junior and in young people in the church and young people and conservatives and young people in Trump because I'm going to God allowing me to come to bridge that gap and had those conversations, which I think is both a really important for both sides to hear, or not reaching that age group right so that's going on got another one coming up that is going to be with my niece who happens to teach in an inner-city school in Philadelphia. I did and that's will be podcast recently on nice white parents which basically lays the blame for all of our public school problems at the feet of you guessed it, nice white parents produced by the New York Times and so I gauge that will she's a teacher she's gonna listen to that series in the morning to do a podcast on that between the two of us and politically. She's left on a lot of ways very woken a lot of ways, was that a black lives matter protest and got pepper sprayed in Philadelphia and which is not having conversations across these divides what I am now in God's allowing that and so maybe that's where this podcast is going to go is just conversations between people," like us and people," like them especially 35 and under because we're losing that generation because were not having good conversations all so working on okay right back to this thing with cuties in the will move on.

This is from a text between Pastor James Emery White down Charlotte North Carolina brilliant guy, PhD, great educator, great pastor great church down there called the Mecklenburg Community Church, otherwise known as Max to the people down there when she was checking out the cuties thing going all my goodwill Sony people are complaining about it, but they haven't seen its ominous see it and it was worse than what she's expecting as you know, these are 11 she's talking about. They watch porn she's talking about the girls in the cuties story right, which is a film that's supposed to be a message.

That's what the directors said against taking advantage of these children, we need to protect our children and how do you do that ma'am well by sexualizing that's the depraved twisted inside out world of the unbeliever, especially the one totally given over like the abortion clinic. We are out there and Saturday.

By the way, kudos to, like, 30, 32 of my students for my home school classes here in Raleigh that came out on Saturday, the abortion clinic would love life on youth day. They were out there engaging the darkness. They were blown away as most people are when they come out there, but that escorts in the clinic workers across the street see us across the street and were evil incarnate. Terrible backwards hateful people there trying to steal rights and make and condemn such of them were absolutely the enemy they hate us. They think were just terrible and we don't hate that we love.

We pray for them while we're there. But that's what's going on. A completely upside down inside a world they watch porn talk about the girls and cuties 11 and 12-year-old part of the show ask a boy through social media.

If he wants to touch them videotape a boy going to the bathroom talk about condoms and aides talk about sexual encounters they've had. They had 11 and 12-year-old what not to mention the footage of them dancing like strippers. This is a 33-year-old mom texting her pastor dad about this. The show that's on reading what is so interesting. What is so interesting to is that the girls mom is struggling because her husband is bringing home a second wife. So when the girl does eventually returned her childhood values. It's in the context of a family with a polygamist marriage.

So when she returns to her conservative roots are still the idea that one woman is not enough for a man yet, the director may move to core is obviously highly intelligent and civilized calls this a show its feminist that's feminist I need. I just need a few more women in my life as you guys are just like playthings that's that's feminist while God help these people. I was so shocked by how far they went in it and this is a 33 Oman texting this okay and they just didn't do enough to show the dangers of it. The bottom line is the filament in the film is that a girl gets the most attention by being hyper sexualized. I was so depressed and sick after I can't decide if I'm glad I watch it if I should've stopped watching OMG I just watch the official trailer. It looks just like a teen dance movie.

Meanwhile Carty beeswax song is number one in the world. Also disgusting and I think I'll just let that let that be that x-ray deal.

One thing to add. Amen James Emery White to his daughter, and I can't even begin to tell you, Carty, P whose I mean part of me is disgusted and just wants to say all kinds of terrible things about of the other side of me as a father and as a Christian is just broken one of the most successful artists" artists out there and her party be the big song that's even playing on the radio called WAP wet blank blank I Kenny I can't tell you which of four Imad looked it up and that lyrics on my display on the radio. How's that possible, you have to do you have to literally take out about 70% of the content just to get past the FCC, but it's out there and that's other cultures consuming which is why Netflix will get away with cuties and why cuties can make the money. This kind of demon only comes out by prayer and fasting have said several times which we need to be doing more of friends, prayer and fasting.

We would get mad. Watch Tucker Carlson you listen to Rush Limbaugh you to me and or whatever and we get mad, but do we get busy and we get busy and not talk about canceling your Netflix thing people called to do that dock yourself out.

I think that's a noble thing to do. Now I'm talking about prayer and fasting as we do. Much of that are weak.

Let's be honest, and so you really think you're going to see things change these types of demonic things only come out. Jesus said, by prayer and fasting democrats might not accept election results of Trump when street battles could ensue when Atlantic writer was saying think liberals were upset when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton 2016. Just wait to see what happens. If he beats Joe Biden the progressive publication warned readers on Sunday. The Democrats might not be able to conceive the present. Trump wins reelection, especially if he loses the popular vote, but gets to remain in the White House Atlantic attribute ridership shoddy home and wrote I find myself truly worried about what only one scenario that Trump will win reelection in Democrats and others on the left will be unwilling even unable to accept the result. You think Portland's bad now lost by Joe Biden.

He rights under these circumstances, the worst case not because Trump will destroy America can, but because it is the outcome most likely to undermine faith in democracy, resulting in more the social unrest and street battles that cities including Portland, Oregon and Seattle have seen in recent months, many American cities of been overwhelmed since George Floyd now they limits, contributing writer says Republicans should root for a Biden victory to avoid more pathos. For this reason he rights strictly law and order. Republicans who have responded in dismay. The scenes of writing and looting have an interest in Biden winning even if they could never bring themselves to vote for him.

Trump 2020 Deputy communications Dir. Matt walking saw the column and wrote they're not even hiding in a more if you don't let us Democrats win our writers will burn down your cities will consented yet 50 days from today. Friends, prayer and fasting because no matter which way it goes. I think were going to see more civil unrest, but especially of Trump went then there's this Biden campaign lawyers up for election related court battles. This one Biden campaign is been quietly building a massive cortical election protection program, including former Atty. Gen. Eric Holder and hundreds of other lawyers in preparation for a legal battle in the event of a contested election. This Republican Democrat this Democratic Republic we have friends is beginning to slip away literally prayer and fasting. Got it. The former vice president's campaign told Fox News money that over the past several months they have created the largest election protection program in presidential campaign history involving integrated legal communications and political strategies for what they anticipate to be an unprecedented election campaign, said Bob about Bauer assigned on full time as a senior campaign advisories on leave from the faculty of NYU Law school, and he served as the General Counsel of the Biden campaign a Biden how Obama applied Obama Biden campaigns in 08 2012 with her ego.

The source also stressed that while the legal program is brought on hundreds of lawyers thousands of lawyers and volunteers are involved in the broader voter protection program. Think the 20/20 version of the American Revolution. That's what you should be thinking in 12 months ago. I never would've bought any of the stuff out is that it's all conspiracy theory. It's all hyperbole, but I'll say it and say that anymore meanwhile present Trump's reelection campaign, also bracing for the possibility of a protracted legal battle for what it's called lawyers for Trump coalition to protect the integrity of Novembers vote. Welcome back to Bush Gore 2000.

That's where were headed. I will be stunned, shocked completely freaked out that that isn't what happens will be totally freaked up. I really come back and talk to David Fisher read a little money Monday update step away from this craziness plug this in the coming days. The coming coup Democrats are laying the groundwork for revolution rent for the Verizon for Michael Hansen at the American mind just wet your appetite a little bit and then remember tomorrow for uncle houses on the self only convective efficient will be right back, alright, everybody see the breath of God fill on the throne and he still rules the universe with his feet okay so even though I spent unfortunately way too many days talking about the difficulties facing us in America. The degradation of our society.

What's going on in our government. What's going on in the electoral process. Whatever talking about COBIT or fires or hurricanes. All that stuff happening. Everything is on the table in 2020. Whatever talk about any of that stuff.

Just remember God is still in control, that what Satan intends for evil God will use for good and that he still rules universe the providence of God, which were to talk about on theology Thursday this week with pastor Chad Hurley from RFA church in Raleigh, North Carolina, God still rules universe with his feet up. He's not pulling his hair out going on like this.

I can't wear that into the cuties income and from work that I can't believe Netflix. No.

And remember, if you're born again Christian, that's your father were talking about in your covered under his wings like a hen with her checks and you're perfectly safe. So fear not, friends, fear not, let's talk. Our good friend David Fisher from La Marque, M. Our Lynn

Their phone number is always 844-879-8882 with the money Monday update David how are you I witness my soul exactly him to agree the Lord. Praise the Lord, even for that than the sum because there my words.

It's because of the word not only real authority I haven't been on that every time great to hear your voice. Thanks for calling and I know we have a lot to talk about today, real quickly and are update pledge money Monday updates with David Fisher. We always start with passage of Scripture is not one of my favorite books over the long devotional series of the book of James, let's start there. Chapter 1 verse 27 pure religion and undefiled before God in the father is orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world. The NIV talks about being undefiled when version Pure and faultless like a chose the cultural strong member felt the strong report about a passage hope it's something about the I mumble something like it was a little cynical of it, shall be thinking about in adopting or taking some to tell you that I am a product of being an orphan lost both my parents when I was young oak tree. My dad died, my mom died in mine cancer and heart attack and so I know what it's like to be an orphan.

I also know what it's like to be taken in by Christian family and being raised in Christian principles and being given the opportunity to show Christ in my life at the time you at age 16 when he made it really apparent. He the Lord and so shall application any other thing for all believers that talk about you know keeping yourself on unstained to reveal of field diversions cold polluted you know the will showing all kinds of stuff others in every situation you can fathom.

That is the work of the world.

The work of the devil.

All those things they want to water down the gospel influenced Christians do everything we can right now to do not just abstain, but to put up the filter so that nothing filters through that we remain pure and and faultless before the Lord and that is the witness of the world really needs name and that's exactly right. In the end, and that so important for us and I think we all struggle that one way or another to keep ourselves unstained unpolluted separated from the world because we can be very worldly. But the more worldly we are, the more we partake in what the world offers us the more that grieve the Holy Spirit compromises the Holy Spirit's power within us and compromises our witness and we also back I'll be a little bit in terms of how we speak up publicly because we notice certain extent David that were hypocrites and so we are to shelter ourselves we cannot shut ourselves down by being too much in the world and it's so important for us to remember that were called to be holy which is called the pundits called out ones removed from the world, not like the world. We strive for more for moral perfection.

Of course, through the through the Holy Spirit's power and through Jesus calling us if you let me obey my commands, but we have to remember we compromise a lot of our authority in witness when we compromise and dance with the devil on known as the world so we great word. Thank you for that updates on the markets a little bit of a turnaround.

So what's going on there down here today for about 3.4% down all the other indexes are up. S&P is up 2.9%, NASDAQ 20%, down from last week. Obviously gold and silver still the number one asset gold, up 27.9% and silver up over 50% and so today we had a big pull back the other week and things were tumbling quickly and a lot of corrections there, especially in the tech side.

Some wild things going on the Tesla and Apple and everything but they're starting to rebound today from last week's pullback.

So what should we expect between now and the elections 50 days from today. David is the election and the ring more and more to malt I think on November 4, regardless of who wins. But I think especially of Trumbull and so what's what can we expect in terms of market is also a market numbered 50 day moving average. So obviously we talked about this last week required Softbank big Jack companies multiply national conglomerate holding billions of dollars funeral around the market up the shoulder. Big whale hedge fund positions and in the tech in the market found that out. They came tumbling down.

But technically, stocks went down to the 50 day moving average, which is just common sense or claimant's term is it's a support level. If trying to bounce off the bench doing that today, however, that doesn't mean that were ahead of the woods blaming means that technical damage was done with last week's selloff.

It was significant stocks or not back into a definitive uptrend with leaning toward the fundamental side, though, is leading the charge reserves creating the most amount of cheap money ever in history, and this benefits the stock market, but stocks are still drastically overbought and overvalued should just be careful when this was happening in the marketplace yet so wild to watch the stock side of it because I got several other friends that are in the stocks of Trident trading side of it and you can have a company that comes out with killer earnings. They beat Wall Street, but then their stock price still tumbles because we got so many other factors besides hate you know economic reality and economic benchmarks for an individual company just aren't enough of the stock market anymore and so whether the company is growing and is profitable and beats expectations.

You can still the stock price it could speed up socials while the pay attention to and see it happening. You mentioned gold and silver still out outperforming the major stock indexes what what's gonna been the major force behind that this year the government spending rated sermon history deficit. We do it last week. $3.3 trillion by courting the Congressional Budget Office, which simply says were spending $3.3 trillion and is coming in and revenue.

Now that number we overspent $1 trillion of budget deficit before coded social covert intelligence is implemented in thinking. The system already about the other thing is that happening is there creating the most amount of money I should mention that China, the second largest non-US holder of treasuries is now saying their initial 25% of treasuries. This is a huge problem. This is how the system works to keep the drip system work with the world.

The buyer did so for the second largest non-US holder is showing treasuries. You know, the largest US holders the Fed the second largest non-US is right behind Japan, China. They said the reason is clear see a potential of the hole in the United States. This is never been said by any country ever in the history of our country so you might be political, and though there's a lot of risk fighting between China and us. There is when you do the simple math and take away the political most of the week to tutor talkers to feel the direction you cannot mathematically pay this debt off. At this point it's impossible without a miracle of the Lord shall work for facing some reality and big decisions need to be happening and unfortunately nobody in Congress reminiscing the decision between male and female elections and we might not for next year, but something needs to give and hopefully come up with the whole and was the last time Congress made a good financial decision to leave government might shutdown them always I thank you Lord shut down and the less they do, the better. But back to gold, silver is buying gold and why in an earlier today. I mean I listen to Glenn Beck for number of different reasons and and he's I wouldn't say he's begging people to look at gold, but he's coming pretty close to that because he's talking about the increased debt he's talking about the federal budget deficit relative to the GDP he's talking about the devaluing of the US dollar and going back and describes and has described himself as a catastrophe rest so I always take plenty of salt with the things that he says but I'm hearing this, clarion call more and more about getting in the precious metals.

Justin just going to head yourself against the craziness going on in the markets and what the debt situation.

So who is buying gold right now and why will warm up and making up big open the floodgates for gold and silver to be embraced on a whole bunch of different levels before he made that announcement billionaires several billionaires are never heard so many people that are billionaires buying gold or recommending gold hedge fund managers even pensions that we mention them before the Ohio police and fire pension so catastrophe is just like bull market. You gotta get prepared now about diversification.

People want to find out more about how to utilize precious metals, just that 844-8988 82 or landmark excellent David thinks the college and is always God bless you brother have a greatly thinks is David this or landmark is always tomorrow for Americans who happens to be very conservative, still kind of hopeful time say because that's what people call him especially little after American lot of Blacks become concerned. This is God willing I thought

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