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Stock Market Correction!

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September 8, 2020 11:09 am

Stock Market Correction!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 8, 2020 11:09 am

Stock Market Correction!

Today is a full Money Monday with David Fischer of Landmark Capital Gold. 


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Everyone is time for the mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of why in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred cow call Steve Brown at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble okay so in the health of a knife on Labor Day weekend will be a wonderful time of it was a laborious elbow rough.

Haven't checked your stock market holdings today. If you haven't checked your 401(k), your mutual funds. Odds are pretty good that you have not had a good day financially. The markets just close down 632 points 632.63 days in a realm major hit last Thursday which I think was down like seven or 800 and Friday and then today, so three major hits in a row looks like a stock market correction smells like a stock market correction but is it one another 10% drop, but it is a significant drop so a lot going on there. The fat of course continuing to monkey around with the machine. As always and out some so we want to talk about that yet he is getting better. Everything is getting worse. Of course, you should Artie know the answer that question when it comes to the debt here in the United States of America. It is only getting worse. But how does that factor into our decisions. What are we doing there and then, of course, how does precious metals fit into the sole conversation so yesterday being Labor Day was the first Monday of the month September. Can you believe that by the way, but it's September already that shocking to me. September October November December and were out of here and quite frankly, 20/20 can't and soon enough.

However, we don't know what's on the other side of this. We got a huge election coming up, which may or may not be decided in November 3. I'm beginning to think that it won't be that's not good for the nation. So how is the stock market going to react to all of this what's what's going on in the major indices what's going on with our investments and how does precious metals fit and all of these are very complicated situations and very complicated time. So our first Monday of the month was yesterday. It's obvious you can do it then, but will do a full money Monday today with our good friend David Fisher from La Marque M As always, David, how are you will hundred degrees going up your heart and it's not here so you will hundred degrees. I got a good day in Phoenix perspective.

Holy cow. Yeah, that's that that's pretty amazing so obviously and think I'll be a good restful weekend and obviously a lot going on in the financial world, and this is a pretty big hit over the last three days with the stock market again today.

I had looked at it all day I've been having a good day until now. No offense to you, but all of a sudden down 632 points and so what's going on to give us the kind of the year to date look in the let's talk about what happened over these last three days because it has been pretty good numbers Dell last week was the first time, no negative begin down 1.7%, S&P up 5.6% elbow down 2.78% today so I felt factored into beer today. This is a market close Friday mastic up 25% down for now percent to the 4.1% today again factored in the numbers gold 27% up beating the indexes like this that it would shoot over the shining star.

51% year to date.

So a lot of volatility going on if it was going to happen in we are here yeah this is a lot of volatility but at this point I would say it's perfectly normal for 20 to 20, the year of volunteer volatility in anything but clear vision that just 2020 and we haven't even gotten to the presidential election yet.

I will talk about that more as we get close to it because the markets will react. Everything is going to react to the presidential election. Those are big issues and will work towards that. But yeah, that's the year today, but these last three days have been brutal, David.

So what's going on now. Strict evaluations were beyond normal older very high should be around 17 and there are 27 before this correction happened and so it's official. S&P did hit an all-time high. Breaking the coal big crisis downturn, but the markets are having a hard time right now. It's really couple things to things. It's an overvaluation of the market and people are waking up to the fact that we were talking about this filter rich investor groups are panicking and saving money putting in cash. We talked about that before Tiger 21 is the master club name. But here's the big one Softbank okay were going through Softbank is a Japanese multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in Tokyo and Softbank own steak in many areas, technology, energy and financials and so what they did. It came out the news. They reportedly bought billions of dollars of individual stock options, not stock, but options betting on big tech companies over the past month which volumes into the market and drove prices contributing to a whoops many call it trading frenzy so that the news came out shortly after that Softbank unwound third what they called their well positions in the NASDAQ and that's what caused the grain to pull out in the water of the financial water to dissipate from the market here so Softbank caused the market to go up they sold because the market to go down the they took him $4 billion of profits and that's one thing you gotta be careful of the big-money search shifting that effect. A lot of companies Tesla got affected their to 21% year to date Apple totally got clobbered to and Goldman Sachs to seeing Apple that there it would be down another 30% plus is what they're projecting their already known about 20% less three days.

Olympia Goldman is why W 50% holdback, but the fix is really wrong. It's the indicator of how much volatility in the fear factor out there but Vic's became high, not all-time high, but became higher than normal and went over 36 and Norma should be around 1314 2007 think the number is 81 or 84 show put you in the perspective were wrapped became high. There is a selloff and the were deftly seeing people come out of the woodwork a new one. Byron wine he's black stones guy saying that this is not over, and the were still going to continue to see some choppy water and maybe some more pull back usual religion in Asia saying that the risk of correction is high still, and this can be really bumpy. Between now and the presidential election.

Yeah so are you ready for the sloppiness that's exactly the point today were talking is Are full money Monday here in the Steve Noble self is efficient with La Marque M David put on hold and pick it up there we come back a lot contact is a Tesla. Just like David said last week, down 30% when the world's going on. Diversification is important thing attention to the headline for selling and for a really great focus and a little bit different. On the other side to pray for our friends here on Facebook. I put up on the TV over my shoulder. The US debt clock okay.

I'm just paying attention Dalrymple David Fisher back in this conversation.

Second, just the US debt clock okay if it's in real time. So, at 4:18 PM Eastern time.

It was a 26,736,136,000,000 and change okay at 4:18 PM Eastern time. That was a minute nap ago. We've Artie rolled up 241 million so is 26,736,141,000,000. We've gone up $5 million in our debt. In the last minute and 1/2 so I'll tell you before you finish the show where were at. Like basically it or 50 9 PM Eastern time. I'll show you where okay that's the deal. Let's or dealing with that's reality that's what's happening out there and that's why we talk to David on a regular basis because we need to be paying attention to these things. It will allow what he did the financial thing every week because the Bible and Jesus. The old and the New Testament talked about money and possessions. Pretty much, more than anything else in terms of actual numbers of Scripture because God knows our heart, he knows what our challenges are to be when it comes to money and possessions unit.

We don't think about it enough which hurts your stewardship or you think about it too much.

What church or stewardship.

All of that has a big impact on our sanctification and inlets, but are all hands in the air. If you struggle with this topic at some level in all of us do, and they were just trying to be wise were called to be wise stewards of what God gives us. Which is why we talk to David regularly in the very first month the very first Monday of the month we do a full money Monday show course yesterday was Labor Day summer doing it on a Tuesday. David, thanks again for being here.

I should thank you for helping me Steve obviously appreciate. I said something that was incorrect. It should flow stock is down 20.21% to 33.7% adjusted the numbers.

It was for 98 at the high witches about a week and half ago and now 330 so you will just be careful having all your eggs in one basket paper right now, which is why we continue to say, diversify, diversify, diversify, which is stop stock market stopped and you cast in your real estate and then passes metals and David not on here, nor am I having him on here to say all you sell everything by some gold by some land in Wyoming is got there and raise chicken house and just wait for Jesus to come back. No, that's hours they were talking about being diversified and having yourself spread out instead of spread thin and that's an important topic. So let's talk about the Fed because there always monkeying with everything underneath the engine underneath the hood and the engine so that's a major fundamental change. We talked about this, but let's remind everybody something that happened earlier this year in the what's going on with the fat. The engine overhaul in 2012. They create a policy that says remake keep inflation low under 2% and they do that Troy. Then she gold rising. In fact, gold, silver corrected, which is what was caused by the feds policy. So as the tide goes out the tide always comes in and the policy got reversed here a couple weeks ago, a major policy change. Probably one of the biggest.

I will say that will affect the most significant may be in our lifetime and it's now going to let inflation one third they call it the average inflation targeting and so roughly interpreted the Fed is saying real and inflation run moderately above the stated goal 2% for some time I left the verbiage of vague statement. Like I said before, the questions on how much inflation is going to be accessible.

3% 8% 10% for some time.

It's not in the term of months it's been a term of years, they have no real target. Therefore, they can be held accountable in any way this came out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming is their annual meeting, but the Fed did completely made up its mind. There's been this question. What will the Fed do the overhaul of the engine is now happened. Inflation is going to, it's going to be a part of our environment and the ultimate outcome for printing of money that has started way back. Prior to 2009. In the quantitative easing.

It's all out of the bacchanal of the cubic Of the Day, and Here We Are 12 Years Later in an Inflationary Storm Is Going to Come Because of a Greater Degree of Debt You Create and the More Money You Create Out Of Thin Air, Which Is What the Government of the Fed Is Done. Remember, This Is Were Talking about the Fed Not a Gold Bug Saying This Is the Fed That It Is Suggesting That Were Going to Have a Much Higher Inflation, Saying Higher Interest Rates Higher Cost of Goods They Maintain That by Running up the Range Oven of the Interest Rate but the Fed's Family Said It's Okay with Rates Interest in Inflation Running Hot That's like an Engineer Saying I'm Okay If There's A Few Leaks in the Dam Just to Bring Them Where They Are Still Stealing.

As a Result of This Lumber Is Gone up Coppers Gone up Gold's Gonna Allow a Quality Silver Gone up and This Is an Important Perspective.

$3 Trillion Was Created in 2008. We Did That Last Six Months and They're Continuing to Create Another $1.8 Trillion of New Money. So the Market Is Dependent upon Government Stimulus and Subsidies with the Fed and This Is the Survival Mode so That Means If They Ever Stop This Action. The Economy Is Going to Recede and Perhaps Were Going to Another Recession Again You Look at That's the Said Generally David, I Think Everybody Knows How I Said I Trust Him As Far As I Can Throw Him Which Is in Anything and in Their Monkeying in There There's A Lot Of Political Pressure. They're Trying to Make It.

It's like the Emperor Has No Clothes. That's Exactly What's Going on in There Trying to Convince Everybody That the Emperor's Fine and Everything to Be Fine and He Looks Good but Is Buck Naked. But How Do You How Do You Look at the Fed Generally Is Somebody That's Involved with the Market, Especially from a Precious Metals Perspective to Give Credence to Your Dear Friend TJ the Financial Scholar That the Fed Is the Arsonists and the Fire Department and They Were Both out in Their Creating the Spirit of the Fire Department Now Supporting the Market Supporting Economy but It's Going to Turn into the Biggest Fire We've Ever Seen Because You Can't Create All This Money without Have Inflation. I Said That for You Know, Decades, and I've Been Saying It Passionately for Six Months and Now They Finally Admit to Have Inflation Still Working out a Big Problem and That Is the Role of the Fed. So Here's What I Think Going up a Long Term Is Think the Feds Not to Go Away or Be Replaced, but I Think Morgan Is She Competition from Other Central Banks with the US Dollar As the World Has Ever Been. Gold Going to Play a Vital Role.

That's Why Central Banks Are Buying Gold so You Gotta Get Some Gold in Your Portfolio Silver Because the Fed's Action Goes from Brush to Boom to Bust a Boom Fire Department to Arsonists and She Got up, I Will before the Market Start Big, Make Big Moves MS Were Going, Written Action, Gold, Silver, and so You Know We I We Touched on This and I've Asked. He Put the US Debt Clock up on the Screen on My Feet Just so I Can Make Sure People Are Sick to the Stomach Than Perhaps They Arty Are, but We Talk Greatly about the Debt. So What's the Latest News on That Were to Come up against the Breaker about a Minute, but Just Let's Just Start the Conversation and That They Will Continue Talking about Her Ballooning Dad on the Other Side. The What's Kinda Generally What's Going so Yesterday Trying It Was off. We Were off Celebrating Our Country but They and Elsewhere to Start Dumping Treasuries and Vicious Reuters with Mainstream Media. I This Was Announced through Beijing through Their Their State Back Newspaper Called the Global Times and They Cited the Expert, Which Is Name Is Machines You Want and He's a Professor at the Shanghai University of Financial Economics Saying That China Is Going to Decrease His Holding of US Debt to $800 Billion. So That's Coming up That's Coming out Dollars Talk to Them As a Gentle David Talking to David Fisher Landmark Capital Is so Much to Discuss Today so Much Happening in the Financial World That We Need to Pay Attention to Will Be Right Back after This Put You Back in Steve Noble to See Little Show for Those of You and Facebook like Scrolling through a Little Bit Right Now the World Debt Clock Which Is by Country. If You're Thinking America Is Meant with the Rest the World Doing This Is a Big As Us, Not the USA at 26,000,000,000,026.7 Trillion Climbing on Paying Attention That so We Can See How Much More Debt We Going to over the Course of Today's Full Money Monday Show with Her Good Friend David Fisher from La Marque Capital Then China Is in There Right after Us, but Simply 3 Trillion Think You Can Believe That Number Not of Excel Japan 12 Trillion Germany 2.9 Trillion.

This Is All the Red, the UK, 3.5 Trillion France 3 Trillion India 2.2 Trillion Italy 3 Trillion Italy Small Country 3 Trillion in Debt Brazil 1.7 Trillion Canada 1.9 Trillion Argentina over There Only the Billion 385 Billion Australia 651 Billion Seater Doing Pretty Good Right It's Ridiculous. But Then You Go Look at the GDP to Debt to GDP Gross Domestic Product Is How Much Product How Much Sales If You Want to Call It That, That America Is Producing in a Year Versus Our Debt a Case of the Gross Domestic Product to GT Our External Debt to Gross Domestic Product Ratio Okay so America Right Now Hundred 28% That's Gross Domestic Product Versus National Debt. Meeting Our National Debts Hundred 28% of Gross Domestic Product, or about 29% Higher Right and You Look at China Beginning to Believe That Japan, 91% There. Below Germany Now Hundred and 66% or 66% over the Gross Domestic Product in Their Debt, the UK, 284% 284% of the Gross Domestic Product in Debt. These Numbers Are Outlandish Their Ultimately Unsustainable and Something That Praise the Lord As Eddie Is Reminding Us on Facebook like the Lord Owns It All. This Is All Temporary and in the End, We Don't Worry about It for Right Now We Do Because It Affects Us and We Have To Pay Attention to It, Which Is Why We Talked Our Good Friend David Fisher from La Marque Capital Each Week Landmark Is the Website La Marque Don't and before You Move on. David Kind of Is the Big Announcement for China so Remind Us of That Again and Then Let's Ask the Big Question Why Did They Make the Announcement. What Are They up to China Announced through Their Agency How They Let News out That the Organist Fell in the near Future. Gradually's $800 Billion of US Debt Which Is about 25% of Their Holdings More Considering They Already Sold a Whole Bunch of Dead over the Last Two Years. The Part of This Is Political.

The Headbutting between China in the United States, Both Leaders and Trying to Get a Create Healthy Trade Globally That Some of It the Other Reason Is Cited in the Paper Came As a Result of Whether Congressional Budget Office Announced the Projection of Her Debt Exploding in 2023. There Saying If I Go Just to These under Enormous Numbers and If You Look on the Billion US Debt Clock into the Future on 2024.

It Shows $46 Trillion of This Our Government and the CBO Says the Desk and Hit a Record Pace and Then Explode from There.

So on the Coattails of That US Government Announcement China Said This, the State News Tape Paper Cited Was the Potential Risk of Default in the United States on Its Debt As the World's Largest Economy Has Surged Sharply so Showing That Maybe This Is Political. I Think Some of It Is, but When You Start Looking at the Numbers of Our Debt Escalating in the World Looking at Our Debt Dishes Were Formed. The Same When We Lost the World Reserve Currency. The Pound so This Is Why There's All These Warnings Assuage Funeral Dollars Are Going to Crash and Go Away Tomorrow or You Lose Our Status. It Will Get Our Financial House in Order. I Said That in Now. The Rest of the World Is Doing Something about the World's Been Selling Our Dead through Countries Have Been Buying It but the Biggest Holders Are Becoming, Not the Biggest Holders Anymore Ever Debt, and That's What Keeps This Whole Debt System Perpetuating Silk Where Coming Were the Cheek, As You Stated, Peter Taught Her Analogy Is Chipping the Other Direction, We Gotta Get the World to Buyer Debt for the Debt to Be Sustained and Now Barks Our Largest Holder That Was Our Largest Holder Now the Second Largest Holder Is Selling More Debt. The Fed Is Become the Number One Largest Holder and That You Can Keep That up Doing That Forever so This Is Going to Come to a Base Hit the Wall Here in the Future. Yeah I Really Is.

I Mean It's Very Very Alarming How Much of Our Debt. Does That China Own. Currently David, You Mentioned It Earlier. I Didn't Write It down. Want One Point of the Actual Number Is $1.074 Trillion in June, Which Is down from the Month before You and People Often the People and Some People on Facebook Lives in a You Know Is One of Our Problems Is Is China Own so Much of Our Debt Was Not Relative to the Total Because the Total Is 26.7 Trillion of Which They Own 1 Trillion.

So It Is Significant for One Player, Obviously, but They Don't Hold Even a Lion Share of at the That the Bigger Issue Is the Fact That We Have That Much and Just in Four Years.

Like You Said. I'm Looking at It As Well. The Debt the US Debt Clock As a Time Machine Seek and Jump Forward Based on CBO Numbers and Some Other Thing We Go from 26 Trillion to 46 Trillion in the Next Four Years.

On This Day in 2024 Is Projecting $46 Trillion in Debt, Which at Some Point It Becomes Unsustainable.

We Don't Make Enough Money in This Country to Even Pay the Interest on the Debt. That's the Direction We're Going to and It's Really Alarming so Factoring into What Did You Want to Say Some Else about That You Know Something That Keep Your Mind You're on the Debt to GDP Ratio Which I'm Looking at. Also Is 120% Which Means Were Spending More Money Than Taking It Brazenly over Hundred That Is Not Even the Real Number Is Eight. What They Don't Factor in His Social Security Which Is Been Robbed Blind Money into Our Social Security Slush Fund All That Money. Everybody's Been Paying into That Is Not There, and the More the Government Has Borrowed Involved in Borrowed Him Bottled from It.

There Is No Money in Unfunded Liability Centers.

Other Major Unfunded Liabilities. So When You Put It Distinct Test to a New Shape Looks the Real Number. It's Much Higher Than 128% and When You Factor in That Were Probably Realistically over Hundred and 50% Entered Debt to GDP. So That's You Know Closer to the Real Number so It's Not As If Bad, It's Worse Than We What We Are. The Government Is Telling Us What That Which Is the Norm. Unfortunately the Weather Is 2020 or Not. So A Lot Of Analysts Are Saying Much Higher Prices in Gold and Silver.

Obviously There Outpacing Everything Else and Start to Tighten up and Then We Have This Little Correction of the Last Three Days, but How Much of This Is Factor like What's Going on behind This Incredible Running Gold and Silver Right Now This Year Kabobi Cities Debt. Here, There's the Stock Market. There's A Lot Of Things in Play While Never in 26 Years of My Current and Precious Metals Showing the Analyst Saying Were Buying Gold so Many Your Hedge Funds so Many Billionaires Saying Were Buying Gold United You Leaving up the Pension Fund Came out Here Last Week I Mentioned This Week Ago the Ohio Police and Fire Department Pension Fund Are Proving a 5% Allocation Goal Is the First Step in the 20, 25% of the Second Step, Silk, and Even Warren Buffett. Bought Some Gold to the Unknown and Physical for the Paper Because You Can't Store That Any Coding We Get That Type of Purchase in Physicals Right Now so the World Is Buying Gold Central Banks Are Buying Gold Pensions Are Buying Gold Hedge Funds Are Buying Gold Billionaires Are Saying Get into Gold. There's Your There's Some People Are Saying Stay Way from and I Get All That Is like Somebody Was Saying, Stay Away from Stocks While You Know It's Good to Have Some Representation There. So the World Is Is Waking up to the Fact That This Structure Is Not Going Away and It's Only Going to Get Worse and It's Probably Gonna Ramp up from Here and This Is Were Gold Is the Hedge, Not against a Crash of the US Dollar, but against Either a Massive Default Which Is What China Says We Might Go into, and Others Are Saying This or a Massive Inflationary Environment Which the Fed Is Saying, What Were You Going to Show What Have You Play the Cards on the Table They Have To Suffice Managing the Debt, Either by Defaulting on It or Inflating on It in Gold Is the Hedge against All That. So This Is Why You Never Analyst Another One Just Came out. Bloomberg Intelligence Picked up Their Seat of the Senior Commodity Strategist Mike McGlone Said You Know $3000 Gold in the near Future, Shall Cease. Central Bankers Are Now Coming out the Previous Central Banker Out Of Finland. He Was the Head of the Banking Operations of the Central Bank There Is Name Is Penn Teddy Security Anion Oliver Pronounces Less Than Right but You Came out Publicly and Says the World Is Moving Towards a Reserve System Away from the Dollar Unless the Dollar Goals Gets Backed by Gold and This Could Be Considered Consistent with Other Currencies Moving Towards a Goal Back Currency but Weird Moving Towards a Multi Reserve Currency System Which Is Backed by Gold so This Lines up with Scripture Talking about You Know Technologies above in the Lord or Not but If This Is What the Previous Former Central Banker Is Saying.

Currently We Are Moving Towards a Currency That Will Be Backed by Gold As a Solution to This Debt Problem so That's Where Were Headed to the Head of the Curve. Get Some Gold and Back Your Own Currency by Gold Because the Government Structurally That Right Now. I Remember Higher Prices That Keep Talking about That and A Few Other Things Dealing with a Little Sale in 101.

It's Happened in Other Places to Possibly Happen Here a Little Bit More about How You Place Gold and Silver into Your As You Look at Trying to Be a Good Steward of Whatever God Is Giving You This Is Steve Nobles My Good Friend David Fisher Landmark Dear Unseasonable Shoulder Exact Same Magazine Normal to See Filled with Shelves Full of Money Monday Today First Monday of the Month Was Yesterday Is Labor Day so We Switched over to Tuesday.

Here We Are in Still Rock 'n' Roll and through the Shelves so the Stock Market Correction! Today Is the Title and Were Talking to Dave Fisher, Just a Little Update.

We Started Looking at the US National Debt Clock at 4:18 PM Eastern Time Here on the Live Radio Show We Are at Seven 26,736,136,000,000 and Change That Was at 4:18 PM Eastern Time. It Is Now 4:48 PM Eastern Time. So We've 30 Minutes of Gone by. Okay. And Now Are at 26,736,219,000,000 Soil and from 136 Million to 219 Million Coming up 100 Million in Additional Debt within the Confines of the Ship and and Were Only That's That's 30 Minutes Editing That Started at the Top of the Hour, the Beginning of the Show. I Started a Little Late at 4:18 PM Eastern Time. So Riddle from 4:18 PM to 4:58 PM and All Type Filling 40 Minutes, You'll See How Many How Many Millions and Millions and Millions of Dollars That We've Increased the National Debt Just Sitting Here Having a Normal Afternoon Talking with Our Good Friend David Fisher from La Marque M David, Are We Having Fun yet Talk about the National Debt Clock My Good It's Just Staggering and Shocking. I Found an Article Because Nina on Facebook Lives like Close All This Debt, Which Is a Great Question. And so I Posted an Article Who Owns the US National Debt and Actually Japan Owns a Little Bit More Than China and Most of Its Own by Guess Who the US Taxpayer in Is Really Just Shocking to Look at That. So I Put I Put That up on Facebook Lives of Your Listen on the Radio Get over to My Facebook Page. The Steve Nobles Shall, You Can Join Us Here in the Studio during the Show, or You Can Just Look at That Later and You'll See That You'll See the National Debt Clock We've Had That on the Screen and and Just Trying to Make Sure World Dealing with Reality and so As We As We Can.

Can Finish up Our Conversation Dated David Again Thank You for Spending All His Time with Us and We Look at What's Happening the Gold and Silver.

Let's Just Gonna Reexplain and I Want to Talk about Valence for Little Bit Let's Let's Just Get 101 Gold and Silver.

How Do You Place That into Your Portfolio. What Purpose Does It Serve in and There's There's Kinda Investing in Gold and Silver like Warren Buffett Did with Some Funds in and Buying Some Stock Things of That Nature. Then There's Actual Physical Possessions Help Us Understand Those Two Things in the Will Talk about the Palin so the Dollar Is Devaluing a $20 Bill or $20 Gold Piece of the 1920s Were at the Same Purchasing Power and I Could've Bought a Brand-New Suit and Tie in Shoes the Whole Government for $20 and Pay with a Gold Piece. 1 Ounce or a $20 Bill Nixon Lincoln so No One Took Us off the Gold Standard, the Country Started Going into Debt and Perpetuated Where These Levels Are Just Astronomical.

The $20 Bill Will Not Buy a Tie, a Nice One Give a $20 Gold Coin Is Worth $2000 in Those Worst-Case Condition and You Can Convert That the Cash and Buying a Brand-New Suit Tie Assured Shoes and Still Have Money Left over. The Moral of the Story Is Paper Money Will Continue Duty Value and the Faster We Go into Debt, the Faster It Devalues. That's Why Gold Is Running Now Faster Because the Debt Is Running Faster so You Had Yourself Unless You Think Somebody's Going to Back up by Gold While They Do That Then Goes out Run up to These High Numbers I Talked about before between Five to $10,000 If You Heard Me Right for Some Ever Said This about a Month Ago in 26 Years Were Going out Five to $10,000 Gold. It's Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme You Can Buy Gold Indirectly by Owning Stock, but That's Not Buying Gold Displaying Gold in the Stock Company or a Mining Company, Which Is Still Good Asset to Hold. Yep, It's Not the Physical Product. Because If They Do a Single Target on the Second Call, the Balance Does Not Save You from That and It. The Company Has To Have Good Dividends and Profitability, and the Board Has To Make Good Executive Decision, so You're Relying on the Wall of Things Has Nothing to Do a Gold Issue Is the Management Side so Physical Gold Is What We Do It La Marque G Very Important to Have Some Physical Gold in the Portfolio. Just like Us Are Really Important to Have Cash in Your Portfolio Just like It's Really Important of Real Estate and Not Have All Your Eggs in One Basket, Called Stocks Showed Diversification Is Really the Key Element Here Diversities in the Key Element We Seen Every Week in Any Smart Advisor, Broker Seen the Same Thing. Thinking Logically Is Okay. You Don't Want to Have All Your Eggs in One Basket All Use OLD Things and You Don't and Especially in This Environment. Gotta Be Very Very Careful Let's Let's Let's Revisit the Bail and As You Balk Actually Got on YouTube. You Got a Series of Videos of You Just Go to YouTube and Is Put into the Search Box, Landmark Capital Elion DMA RK La Marque Capital You'll Find a Series of Videos There That David Is Done, but Let's Just Remind Everybody What a Bail and Is Where It's Happened before and Could That Possibly Happen Here in the US Tax Way of Taking Care Of the Dead and Looking at the National Debt Clock $214,844 Is the Liability per Taxpayer of Debt in the United States. So All This Own That Amount, Then We Would Wipe Away the Debt. So One Way of Doing That Is Either Inflating It or She Is Your Money Going in Your Bank Account Your Stock Account Your Brokerage Account Your 401(k) Your IRA Fox News to the Big Segment on the Same Vision or Government Is Headed and the International Monetary Fund's Additional Work. All the Countries Need to Head They've Done It Already. 8 Million Countries Have Done It Already. I Wrote a White Paper on It so and There's a Legal Law That It's Been Set up in 2010 Called the Dodd Frank Act That Allows Them to Do. If You Have a Government Website As of This Many Times. If of the FBI. She Wrote a White Paper Saying This Is How the Billing Works in United States so It's Not That None of This Insurance Money Really Get Away from the Fallacy That There's All This Insurance Money That the FDIC Gaps to Fix All This from the Bed Be the Case, the FDA, She Would've Gone before the Government 2008 to Ask for Money to Cover What I Must Not Have Money so This Is Work One Way of Wiping out the Dead Is Putting on the Back of the Taxpayer Seizing a Portion of the Money in the Wall Street Journal so That Proportion Is 56 to 71% Called the Coming Global Will Tax You Diversify Your IRA Your 401(k) into and You Have a Gold IRA That Holds Gold Physically or Silver, Physically, and You Can Take Possession of It without Tax Liability.

We Have the White Paper on That You Can Learn about That yet Educated Yeah That's All in Regularly to Have a Bail and That's All Happened Electronically Okay so It's Not like the Feds or Someone up Your Front Door to Give Me All Your Cash like an Old Bank, Bank Robbers, Movie Notes, All Done Electronically.

That's the Thing about Having Some Gold and Silver in Your Possession Is You're Not in the Electronic Stream Which I Know Crowns Crazy, but This Has Happened in Other Countries around the World. It Is Crazy, but There's a Big Movement and More Articles Are Coming out. The Wall Taxes Recurring Topic Now 400 Democrat Presidential Nominee Joseph Warner. Bernie Sanders Suggests That This Is a Way to Fix It. Even Joe Biden Is Wanting to Raise Taxes. California Democrats Just Raise Two Proposals on Bill 1230, 1253 and 2088 Bill That Would Raise a Wealth Tax in California, so It Is a Movement It's Noncritical Way It's Going to Talk More about I'm Reading Articles from People like Who I've Been Quoting on What the Future Will Be When I Talk about Financial Things. What I Say Is Going up and I Got a Camp Company Money in the Phoenix Capital Is Talking about a Wall Tax They Been Talking about It for Less 45 Match. I Was Away When I Saw a Stock Investment Newsletter Talking about a Wealth Tax.

It Is Coming Is One of the Viable Solutions.

I Must Say Is the Only One or and They Will Implement It, but There's Certainly Talking about It yet and I Just Here to Watch Dallas Is Coming January. I Just Shared. I Did Also on This Recently and Put the Link up on Facebook Live Called the Great Reset Looking at Coping 19 Crisis, Political, Economic, Social Disruptions As an Opportunity to Literally Reset the Entire Global Economy, and of Course Get a Bunch of Socialism, Marxism and Godless People for the Most Part, That Are Running That, but That's Real, It's Happening. These Conversations Are Happening La Marque Is the Website Where like I Said You Go to YouTube Just Put Landmark Capital in the Search Box and Find Those Videos That You Can Educate Yourself Not Only Gold and Silver, but Also on the Had the Great the Bail and in All the Different Things That Are at Play and Could Be Happening in the Days to Come, Which We Need to Pay Great Attention to, and I Really Appreciate Your Time. As Always David, Thanks so Much for Being Here Were Coming up on the in the Shell but God Bless You and Again How Should People Get a Hold of You Think You so Much for a Publisher to 844-879-8882 844-879-8882 or La Marque Awesome Things, but He Will Look out Look for to Talking to You Next Monday. Got Blessed God Bless You to. I Felt Thought That Was David Fisher and One of the Things on Remind You about in I Just Put This Link up There. We Just Got about a Minute Have To Go of the Great Reset. Okay, I Used To Read the Stuff but 12 Months Ago. 18 Months Ago I'd Read Some of the Stuff People or Send Me Things All the Time I Be like This Is Kooky This Is Crazy, the Great Reset, Letting It Die Avalos What Is Davo's Was Good but When You Get into It and Now That Were You Know Most of the Way through 2020. Everything Is on the Table Now, so Let's Not Have.

I Often Say This Don't Have a Pre-9/11 Mindset in a Post-9/11 World. We All Need to Be Much More Imaginative and I Think What Were Getting a Taste of Now Look at 20/20 and Go Okay Is This Just a Good Dry Run for the Man of Lawlessness. We See That Happening All over the Place and Yeah I Mean This Is These Are Some of the Most Powerful People in the World. The World Economic Forum and This Is from the Website WE Forum.Work. The Great Reset so I Put That Link There. Go Look at Yourself. One Person Actually Plugged in the Some of the Things Happening, Especially the Middle East Is a New York Times Best-Selling Author Joel Rosenberg.

I Spent about 35 Minutes on the Phone with Him Earlier Today He Is in Jerusalem. So We Reported That Interview Him in a Play All of That Tomorrow That'll Take the Free Segments of the Show Tomorrow. I'll Be Here in the Studio to Start Doing a Special Feature.

The Last Segments of the Show on Wednesdays between Now and November 3. Now the Election Will Spend the Last Segment Every Wednesday with North Carolina Lieut. Gov. Dan Parsons Running for Governor Talking about What's Going on Here in North Carolina Where Most of Your Listening Really, Really Important Election, Not Just Presidential Level, the Governor Level Great Men of God, a Great Friend of the Show Great Friend of Mine Personally Submitted for to Having Dan on the Fourth Segment Every Wednesday Start Tomorrow between Now and November. This Is the Note on the Seasonal Michelle Gobbling up Toxic and My Dad Always Used To Say Ever for

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