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Is the American Dream Dead?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 2, 2020 10:38 am

Is the American Dream Dead?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 2, 2020 10:38 am

Is the American Dream Dead?

The current political crisis has begun to raise the question of whether or not the American Dream is dead.  Today Steve accepts callers to talk about the state of America. 


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble here and there is a lot of bad news beware. But the question remains, the American dream still alive. Do you think that the American dream is still a lot are you feeling optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the country. I we could be talking about the next 30, 60 days until the election.

We could be talking about the next year we can be talking of the next five years or 10 years. The next 50 years, but just in general, curious today to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We've come through a probably the strangest us in many ways most troubling year that I can remember in my lifetime.

I'm 54 here and 20 twentieths September 2 so September October November December right will have four months left in 2020. Then we rush headlong into 2021, but are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of this great land or is it once great land yesterday with Mr. Mizrahi who was on his very successful hedge fund manager observant Jew talking about the biblical case out of the Old Testament for capitalism. He was remarkably optimistic loves the countries I don't buy the narrative that you know that that were being fed that everything is falling apart.

The whole things on fire. Rome is burning.

He still optimistic is still the land of opportunity and freedom and liberty men.

He was he was mean, that was really convicting me because I usually don't feel that way.

Not lately.

Not not since I don't know February 1 so I'm curious from your perspective.

Do you feel optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the country. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the phone number here today. Would love to hear from you and have you chime in on that. And if you're somewhere in between are just one wax eloquent a little bit about that and I let's just share that. Let's work through this together. That's the whole point and and I listen to Rush Limbaugh the other day and he reminded me of something that that's really interesting. It's like 1/10 of 1% of talk radio listeners ever even think about picking up the phone calling it, so that's good of a reverse engineering way to come up with your audience size. But if you do phone calls all the time which I don't but when I do I do because I want to have this conversation with you.

I want to see what you think about something that I believe we should be discussing as a family of faith and as Americans in this case, the big question based on the things going on this year where were at politically where are at with coronavirus, the Wu hand virus. The China virus.

Whatever you want to call it. Are you feeling optimistic still about the future of our nation and for our children and our children's children, or are you feeling pessimistic so I want to spend that time with you today on the air 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is our number 866-34-TRUTH 877884 or 866 34 truth and again just generally politically the culture, the direction the country economically.

Do you feel optimistic or pessimistic about the future the nation. By the way, something that gets my first college on him to get into second. Today is you know today is what September 2 to know what it the 75th anniversary something to know what the 75th anniversary is well. It's the day Japan signed the surrender of effectively ending World War II. I haven't seen hardly anything about that today, although here in North Carolina moment is that the SS North Carolina Tigre battleship there in Wilmington and there there today to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, so that's a great praise.

That's awesome actually.VP Pentz will be here in Raleigh tomorrow for a pro-life event at a local Church of Christ Baptist Church and then there also to be a gateway, a great crisis pregnancy center resource Center down near NC State. Our friends Donna gateway been on the show many many times. So some cool things happening, but overall back to the question do you feel positive or negative, optimistic or pessimistic about the future of our country.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number or 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to John's gone and from my brown summit North Carolina John, thanks for calling Karen ahead today good how are you okay not really want remember me, but always remember the name. Amen. So I think Johnny good all a lot.

Think about my mother and dad and a relationship with the young lady and all them all like to reach out to the entire world right now live there here in my direction and all I don't understand things going on in life. Now that this child might mail you one parent from one area one parent for another area, but from what Jesus now and when I need answered. I can't give you coming from John, and I appreciate you calling and asking that and then I'll make sure that we say a prayer for you, generally not enough. You heard the question of beginning of the show, but how you feel about is your personal situation and I appreciate you sharing that with us. In general, John, how you feel about the future of our country. The way things are going right now to feel good or bad about that more in the middle more about what went up all the goat from here on right yeah you know more about God you will know before John would know what all thing you don't have an alcoholic drug problem that, but I do have a problem like you know better job and sure yeah I don't mind things like orientation, drug screen like that been trying to fit with what I'm doing right now to try to come out, all while trying to person. I can't, but there is so much that learning about God trying to understand about God, nobody ever told me about God and understand hundred big picture. I can look out man can't do that. There is no way man do that when you look at a tree man can't make a lot of things that we can make that John mother gets a break. But I appreciate you calling in and sharing that with us today. Interesting phone call what you think about the future of this country right now. Are you optimistic or are you pessimistic you think like the president said recently that I like a lot of politicians like to say our best days are ahead of us already behind 866 34 truth will be right back 7884 that everything going on. It's been a tough year obviously is just September 2. Four months left eight under our belts and probably seven of those eight are the most disturbing, challenging, troubling, strange, pseudo-apocalyptic months that we've seen in American history, but are you feeling optimistic now about our nations future. Are you pessimistic I'm fighting pessimism a lot personally about the nation and I did event a few years ago and Graham Watts was there speaking Billy Graham's daughter and I asked her if she had much hope for America anymore. She asked Jeff he said that I know I don't. I have hope for Americans to the gospel, but live a lot over the country itself and that was a very sobering moment I appreciated your candor and a lot of people like really. Gosh. But I'm I'm kind of their not all the time yesterday talking to Charles Mizrahi that great hedge fund manager. Talk about a biblical case for capitalism boy. He was optimistic and that was really convicting to me, but I'm not my head, not sand, so obviously there's a lot of bad stuff going on.

I'm just wondering for you. Are you feeling generally optimistic or generally pessimistic about the future of the nation. Where were at what's been going on in and the election process and what's happening in the streets with COBIT and what are you looking at Seattle or Kenosha or Portland crime and in Chicago what's happening in Washington DC, politically and otherwise.

I mean this is this is a really bad year in our nation's history. On a number of fronts, so I'm curious for you pop pessimistic or optimistic. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you call and I'd love to hear your opinion on that. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH optimistic or pessimistic about the future the nation and some my friends on Facebook live or chiming into you could look right here in the awesome new studio that ran which is painstaking and expensive and wasn't on the radar screen, but God has brought us through this and so were going to need your help to get to the rest of your I'll start talking about that next week but if you want to join us there. The Steve Noble show on Facebook and Facebook live right here in the studio 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Victoria thanks for calling and go right ahead.

You know, really all I November.

I'm looking brown. You know, without looking at it. I think Albert don't die magically hello or whether Democratic or Republican public and I think one more spell you know about grill and and vitality for the nation and keeping the name can you know a free capitalistic auction really drive. Courtney needs down and out changes that everyone and not yet the majority that minorities will also share in that a greater but I don't believe we need a nanny or social and I'm looking at it. I know that in control of what we hear what judgment really looks like hand out, you know, there is a great call Victorian some great points. God bless you think so much for calling and ensure that in in that hey guys, I don't America now again like Victoria said Steve days was on a while back.

He was on the blaze. We would text back and forth in he's got a lot of great information brilliant guy but you know we were talking about it off-line in his like what this is. This is a real really effective dry run for the man of lawlessness and when you want to see a little bit about when you take the restraint of the Holy Spirit out here and were knocking on the eschatology lane right now but end times theology but you start considering a guy just kind of abandons the nation to its own devices.

What's gonna look like. Take a look around you. Got government taking advantage of a situation to grow rapidly in its power and its control. In most people just kind of said okay they took advantage of the good-natured, good-natured, most Americans and we were okay were down for the 15 days to plan the curve in 30 days to knock this thing over in 45 days and then next night, about five months and now people are. We passed that line the San a while ago and now it's just government overreaching government to government tearing tyranny in government control and largely because people just kind of sat around and let it happen and then you get the civil unrest of writing the protesting and I'm all for peaceful protests that's that's kinda how this nation got started, but once you get going.

And then it rioting, looting, violence, lawlessness, defund the police get rid of the police get to the government. Burn it all down to the ground. Now you're taking a pretty good luck what it's gonna look like on the man of lawlessness in boy that's sobering. From that perspective, like yeah, things don't look so hot of the American future. But like like Victoria said a lot of this what you like to hear this or not this is actually going to hinge on what happens in November with the presidential election. It's that big of a deal or talk about existential differences between these two candidates and that's that's can have a huge impact. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. How do you feel about the future of our nation, positive or negative.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH optimistic or pessimistic.

Deanna, thanks for calling and go right ahead right away.

Now from our world, not where my client now. Right now believers are in walking and talking now actually I think you know apathy over time. Turns into exactly what we see here and you allow things to go and go and go.

It's like the frog in the pot that old example and then once he once you understand what's happening it's too late. I like it's too late because with God. It's never too late, but for the nation and have shorted some awakening and some revival and some sanity in Washington DC. It's very troubling but I think as Christians and I appreciate you saying that Deanna we need to remain faithful and I think we need to remain optimistic because our trust is in the Lord is not in man like now.

You actually hear what going on right now. That's right here.

There should be my fear for this great point.

We have been given a spirit of fear right. We've been given. Love power to sell my and when you this is a great opportunity despite the darkness and how broken it is in the lament that we should all be experiencing it as a great opportunity for us as Christians to put a different testimony if you will out into the public, despite the dark times that hey it doesn't have to be dark and it certainly doesn't have to be dark forever through Christ. That's a great point Deanna thinks Ronan thanks for sharing that snake?

Catch you later, and that that was great to hear from her to go to Connie here in a minute Connie him up against the brakes. I don't want to give you 15 seconds to talk in the commercial something to keep Connie on hold if you like to call and share just generally feeling optimistic about our nation's future or pessimistic thumbs-up or thumbs down. Are you concerning somewhere in the middle. Give us a call about the hear what you have to say what you're thinking what you're feeling on this particular subject. Today here in the Steve Noble show 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 866-34-TRUTH 784 866-34-TRUTH the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II back in Steve Noble to show John Collins is the executive pastor harvest Christian Fellowship all the way out there in Southern California with pastor Greg Laurie I work with those guys for number of years. That was one of the greatest seasons of my life and writable evangelistic ministry and church pastor Greg Laurie obviously gifted evangelist. They've got something starting this Friday called a rush of hope, which is where calling it a cinematic crusade.all Labor Day weekend. They pivoted very well because they're excellent in the digital space social media, Instagram, Facebook, twitter, all of that in their online presence is awesome. They do a lot of great work on Facebook and Greg's obviously a gifted evangelist and so when the COBIT thing hit and things got shut down men. They started doing this harvest at home with the harvest Crusade and then actually do you remember back Good Friday and Easter Sunday, Trump tweeted out about harvest Christian Fellowship, and they had so many people tuning in and correct the great evangelist and they've literally had tens of thousands of people making a profession of faith since all way back in like February. It's really been amazing. So working with the digital realm, and the technology that's available. A rush of hope is good be all this week and Serena talk pastor John Collins about that in the final segment of the show that we should be optimistic about that as a move of God. That is the gospel that is a great tool that we can all take advantage of and share Facebook live in and to put it out there. You do not know what God can do with your little mustard seed in your mom a little mustard seed could simply be sharing this.

A rush of hope on your Facebook page or just tweet tweeting it out or sending a text to somebody that I somebody that you know that you might be having some gospel conversations are they seem it's the time when it's gotta be anybody but you right they want to hear from somebody other than you and Greg's gifted is a gifted evangelist so will talk to John Collins in the four segment so excited about that. Let's jump back over here to Connie has been kind enough to hold for a while. Connie thanks for calling and how you feeling about our nation and praying for and I agree with you what now that what I was going to say that for me at what happening and if you read Jeremiah 5 and Matthew package.

24%. Not bad. It's just for feel and may when I say that I'm Jeremiah faith they have that they can't years and I don't hear that people was warned by Jeremiah Benedict army was marching to an estate. What happened you can read on what happened to that there pray for the nation.

I pray for our leaders and now it is on everybody because you know Scripture for feeling yeah and that he thanked me how you look at it.

That's right.

And God tells us not to get pay scales are what to do and what not doing it comes down to either band are not obeying thanked are you not say yeah and we just need to pray. We need fast joy know when you want me to have to speak as always your hand. That's right your hands and praise God preacher girl rejoice always.

I say again, rejoice. And that's not on what's going on in the world or on the news or in the wax.

That's the thing that's right, but again he pointed Connie thanks so much for gone and God bless you, thinks the banking like a great point right there. There you are. So rejoice LC again rejoice right that's not situational rejoicing. Joy is in the Lord doesn't change the same yesterday today and forever.

Hebrews right so we have to remember that. And so you got this everyone so you slap yourself in the face. Go oh yeah that's right I been saved from my own deserves condemnation by the blood of Jesus Christ.

I'm a child of God through Jesus. I have an eternal security right now in an eternal home in heaven in heaven eventually comes to earth and all that stuff mind that's a done deal though. Why okay, that's right, I should be rejoicing about that while you lament or the say the nation adjust the tension of the Christian life. Okay, but what a great opportunity for all of us is going to Jean is gone and from Charlotte Jean thinks for calling the Red Hat height. I feel a couple months ago I read your program very little where you are finding your fellow about country I'm from the island makeup originally united neighbor country of the I felt like the land where you can come in all kinds of opportunity for all kind of dark here for a lot of people come here from different countries. When Colby And I'm afraid I was not afraid at all. I immediately before something good enough to be fearful of the believer I did you get that, but when defiling the rioting and killing. I thought people were supposed to be our protector, not doing anything until two encouragement rate like your 39. Read about possible for people did not encourage what you get your quality help that we people with people we have to fight evil with no weird feeling with my time with all and don't always know what God our believer. I kind of fun time.

A little bit afraid that we are not aware of correctable evil connotation that is behind all of all of that fear. I think Mike my baby behind a wreck with you that the body of Christ just taken it on perfect level. Naturally, I'm not virtual thing go that behind all of on here I am, but I'm very up about God's chosen time, so bring back and write countries that one God for third and I am praying all thought that there all but three real passionate for Looking for feeling all of amen so well said Jean. God bless you, thank you for your input.

Thank you for listening to the show and to have your perspective is somebody that wasn't born here so helpful for all of us got bless you. Thanks for calling today. You're welcome. Thank you. You're welcome. Will talk again. I hope let's jump to a great point.

You may write not set perspective, she has something that most Americans don't have which is perspective because she wasn't born here and much still optimistic but concerned. Yes, we need to remember we think trumps reelections important but is it the ultimate answer no and all of the stuff we're looking at the outside skin like Elisha serving you look at one thing and the natural, but the real reality, the real truth is underneath that it's in the spiritual we need to remember that, and several callers keep reminding us of prayer and we need to be major-league people of prayer in this major league dark season in our nation's history. That's the that's the strongest tool that we have. We tend to leave in the tool bag. Let's go to Amy's call in and from Julia North Carolina anything for calling, go right ahead. How I collar back you now know what hell I try not even want to really encourage me with all the lady now all you had with a great day at the believer. Every day you know the Bible belt day and not worry about our and wanted to thank you not look at all of the I'm going to live in today because I have no United and my future is being cry because I am a believer not just one day. Thank you for the lady for their encouragement was great. I'm right there with you such a wonderful point and it's been that's been that's been a message that's come through each and every call and it's been so awesome and a great challenge all of us anything. So much for calling today.

Got bless you. You're welcome, good afternoon. And so that the just reminds me all of that just reminds me him to go to King James Bible and this will usually use the King James but Luke 2128 okay remote you know this one. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift your heads for your read gumption draw nigh so as things get darker. We know were getting closer.

Isn't that great and we need to remember that I'm to go real quick to Rachel's gone and from Oxford, North Carolina Rachel, you've got about 45 seconds. Go ahead okay all you know one thing America is not time something or else so we got my thing is fasting and prayer. The founders as you know, the black lines that are very proud by the constant talk level is 1 g.

I got bless you think that reminders of the powerful truth was open sending.

How are you today in your brain a little bit about optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the country and most letter calling and God bless you for your optimism. We can separate come of the physical reality what we see going on from what we know the Lord is doing and what the Lord is continuing to do and so we live in that tension of the Christian life were kind surrounded by things that caught should cause us to lament and we should weep over the state of a lot of things, but like I just said look look up when these things are happening our salvation draw if not Jesus is coming back in the darker tends to be the closer we are to that and so we need to be taking advantage and I know that might sound bad but you know what I mean would be eternally aggressive for lostness because I think for a lot of us, we struggle where a lot of Christians I know care more about saving America than seeing Americans saved in America's not eternal, but every single American is CS Lewis once said you never met a mere mortal everybody you meet either an everlasting splendor earn eternal horror you go to heaven or you go to hell. And so I've had the privilege over the years to work with pastor Greg Laurie in the harvest Crusade team and pastor John Collins as executive pastor at Harvard Christian Harbor Christian Fellowship out in Southern California and put people I harvest Harbor service harvest Crusade Greg Laurie all over the place. They have been for decades and it's really been awesome to see how God's been using them.

You pivoted so well. John throughout the whole covert situation. It's great to hear from you.

Thanks for calling Buddy how are you yeah thanks Dave, good to hear from you you as well.

Lewis also said that Christians never say goodbye and it destroys reminds me that it was not always that reason to be optimistic. We are going to be together in eternity. And so you are focus needs to be on that crew even while we go through this pandemic and all of these issues of unrest there is hope. There's always hope so wanted to talk about two things mostly want to talk about what a rush of hope is the cinematic crusade, but I also wanted to let people know John because it's been so rewarding and enjoyable, and flat-out fun to watch what God's been doing with you guys since the covert thing happened and when you guys pivoted to harvest at home so tell us what happened there. What's been going on because it's been amazing to watch God move yeah well it actually was ongoing even before covert, you know, John Irwin, who we partnered with in this endeavor done some masterful films already. You really had the idea of the belief that the next wave of evangelism could come in the cinema to the movies and and so that it been the topic of discussion for really several years and then when covert head pastor Greg was looking for ways to to pivot the natural thought was how can we can we use what John does and in cinema and create some kind of a crusade type of environment where we can invite people to Christ. And so that's what that's what came of it. We took three of John's most recent films video most recent being, I still believe life story of Jeremy Camp with and of course the Woodlawn, which told of the story of unrest in the Jesus movement in the early 70s late 60s and then of course I can only imagine telling the story of quote part of the Lord relationship the rocky relationship he had with his father and got redeemed and so Greg just use all three of those movies is ways of illustrating how the gospel changes lives and that is the rush of hope that we have.

Yes, it tells how this is going to come to play out all weekend so this is you can watch it on Facebook you go to it's good to be across all the platforms in harvest is much as all the ones that were all on all the time anyway but a rush of hope described as a cinematic crusade. So, tell us a little preview John of what what were to see this. We can and how we can use it you want an hour-long film so artfully done it done in a way that is very moving and people will be touched by the stories and and then pastor Greg with his gift to the evangelists you to weave them together with the gospel.

And so it's designed not so much for the believer as much as it is for believers to gather their friends and to their living rooms or homes for any place where they can watch church, if that's possible to bring their friends to hear a presentation of the gospel which will be given multiple times through the course of the of the film can go so work towards encouraging people to will put together watch parties that can pull it holy.

The film down on online as you said through any of our digital mediums and it will be being played multiple times throughout the entire weekend starting at 4 o'clock West Coast time on Friday and feared four times on Friday in the world. Five times I believe on Saturday another six or seven times on Sunday and then on Monday, another four or five times so there's no anytime it's going to be convenient to have a watch party or you can have multiple watch parties and invite friends over.

Yet such a great idea and I'm really looking forward to read a couple reasons one guy read just yesterday said it was the most powerful evangelistic movie any type of movie that is ever seen in an obviously so John and Andy were involved in the production of this is that right yeah yeah kingdom productions, which is their company. Basically put put it together with with our team. Our video crew here know all the things that you've done over all these years. The harvest Crusades harvest at home and and like I said before Johnny harvest is been so blessed with the type of talent that you guys have out there. Have you does anything you guys have done is compared to this or is this truly a unique offering, not a harvest that's just kind of an extra moment and just for such a time as this is that if you don't legs the tracks for for a new wave of evangelism, a new way of reaching people, you know, it should a lot of great things I think will come out of the covert crisis that were in no people able to communicate in different ways you are using zoom using the technologies to bring us together. Obviously there are other things that we don't like about it. We do want to fellowship as Christians and being each other's presence and have meetings we can gather, but at the same time you don't we have these opportunities in the gospel cuts across all of the technical obstacles that we might face or not obstacles or maybe you know more obstacles with me. An advantage to be able to reach into somebody's life through their cell phone or through through one of the digital platforms that they like to stumble across. Facebook or whatever they happen to be on whatever they happen to be on it and right now I mean I did still freeze that the night is darkest just before the dawn keeps coming to my mind as I consider this and how we can use this evangelistic tool and I just read a story yesterday John that that over and over last year 2019.

In the summertime months versus 2020.

In the summertime months divorces across the nation are up 34%. We got nightmares out there with what it's doing to our kids, and anxiety and school shutdowns, depression, anxiety, drug abuse, sexual abuse, spousal abuse, I mean it really is so dark right now but the gospel can be so bright what that so I know that Greg will present the gospel give people a chance to respond. How would how should we follow up and interact with what God can be doing through a rush of hope at that imitation is given.

How can we follow up and be a part of that process with the people that we share this with what I think most importantly, you know we want to hear your individual bring somebody to watch this film you know whether the you bring them to their home, or you just make them aware of it through Facebook or whatever you know and encourage them to get involved in the local church some way and to help them to find ways of being discipled. That may be the one to downside of being able to present the gospel on these mediums, but somewhere along the line we still need to have these folks surrounded by believers in a church that teaches the Scriptures so that they can grow in their faith and will have tools available for them online, but nothing like the encouragement of the believer coming alongside these bespoke so we believe there could be the largest to weekend of elevations we overseen will certainly have reach to accomplish that.

So you know were looking for the church to come alongside pickup Lisa folks that need Jesus to come alongside and help discipled that's exactly right and were excited to watch that happen and be a part of this is a legal hey everybody that's really cool. I really appreciate that harvest doing that.

That's a great thing know now with knowledge comes responsibility. So you know about it.

The tool will be available all weekend A rush of hope and now you use it in the better the better way to do is have some people over have dinner have lunch. Whatever the case may be, but be there for it and then follow-up had that conversation. Let's use this to the glory of God and for the good of our lost friends and neighbors. John, great to hear from you. I'm so glad you had a chance to call and really appreciate you taking the time. God bless you brother look for to talking again soon. Thanks Dave okay pal thanks so much, starts Friday okay a rush of hope.

Mercy means involved for King and country Jeremy Camp. Plus, it's a cinematic experience, beautifully shot by John and Andy Irwin been on the show many many times just looks beautiful there and some beautiful locations. I'm pretty sure none of us have ever seen in evangelistic kind of cinematic experience like this harvest remains on the cutting edge of that great opportunity to get all weekend starting Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, and even in the Monday on Labor Day. What a great opportunity. Let's make sure in this darkness that were shining the light. The truth of Jesus Christ.

This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble. So, God willing.

I talked again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for

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