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Is Capitalism Biblical?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 1, 2020 12:10 pm

Is Capitalism Biblical?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 1, 2020 12:10 pm

Is Capitalism Biblical?

Today Steve talks to Charles S. Mizrahi the Editor of Alpha Investor.  They cover the topic of capitalism and socialism in a biblical sense and how we should view it as Christians and Americans. 


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Wake up everyone gets time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred cow call Steve Bell at 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble good afternoon all, you selfish capitalist and great to be with you day here on the and that's kind of some of the monster that's been going on here in America. A growing movement toward Socialism away from the understanding that capitalism in and of its help is just a helpless, greedy don't love your neighbor take advantage of your neighbor. Don't be charitable. Just be greedy, be self-centered and capitalism in Wall Street and rich people in Donald Trump not stop and that is the bane of our existence is this capitalist system which has just unleashed the fury of the sinful nature, mankind, and so the only answer to that of course would be socialism so that everybody can be taken care of everybody will be good.

What a great standard of living across the board.

No problemo. And that will solve our problem.

So, obviously, most of us, those of us that are more mature Christian unbeliever Jewish. Whatever the case may be. Most people in the American contacts that are older and have been down this road for a while I kept free-market capitalism.

Okay, that's good. It makes sense. I see I've experienced the benefits of that for myself and I've been generous and we see America as the number one giving nation on the face of the planet's amazing what this engine of capitalism is done here in America but is not perfect we are and are not selfless people. So even though we have a lot of wealth we don't necessarily redistribute some of that on our own via generosity. So we got problems of capitalism.

I would say mostly because capitalism is made up of people and people are sinful but can you actually look into the Scriptures and start to make a case for a capitalistic free-market system versus another economic system or another type of engine or socialism itself a great articles from some friend of mine who is that we know each other for years Matthew for cheese out of the West Coast. Now the other day he saw an article prosperity and generosity. The biblical roots of capitalism. It wasn't real clear and in a fascinating article by Charles Mizrahi. Who's going to be with us today. For the full hour.

Hopefully he has the time for that, but he was like Steve, you gotta check this out in in the and the timing that were in and people throwing, capitalism, and in younger people, especially embracing socialism. I whipped understand this, not just as Americans but from a biblical perspective.

Can we dive into the Bible and find some support for a capitalistic free-market mindset. Charles Mizrahi has been at it for a while in Wall Street over 35 years, very, very successful broker and an manager there fund manager their founder and editor of alpha investor and excited to have you on today Charles, thank you so much for taking the time how are you man you're very welcome really excited about this and looking forward to it. In the end I one of the things.

Matthew said in our back and forth before we had a chance to get you scheduled is like Steve you got asked Charles about kind of his American story, because I know you grew up there in Brooklyn.

You did not grow up with a silver spoon in your mouth all the people to come to understand your own road of of growing up in America becoming successful Charles and then will dive into the Bible and see what the Scriptures have to say about it from our group where it all started your parents over the early 1920s.

Erin, my parents came over. Also would like to watch yourselves parents struggled reason for grown boys, Sherry terrible. Munching from double-digit inflation to dilute your employment with you. It was really really challenging and I want you to be somewhere find that there somewhere about where you could've been a million miles away knowing what started down Wall Street. Most auditors will trigger them. It was your assumption growing up Charles that that you could make it, or you could make it just a guy but grown up in Brooklyn. Tough times 70s were a nightmare. But what what was your thinking at the time growing up about just the opportunity to be successful in America. I can't believe you really put the question growing all on what blocker schoolteacher started workers earn drivers to drive your truck drivers were in the wrong business. Everyone we strive for better strike more their children work order expected handouts will people in my new book whatever started business to support successful work but that was never never never go to the land of opportunity.

That opportunity was all around us, and especially with New York. There was a tremendous run about three people here you just work hard and find a position somewhere you can be successful.

I think oftentimes Charles and you know this up as well not better than most of us know successes does not have like one clear-cut definition. I think a lot of times if you look at it from a biblical perspective. It's kind of trying to maximize the gifting and the abilities that God has placed in you. All of us being made in his image, and it's to be the best version of yourself that you can to work hard to be honest to work with integrity and to try to benefit other people by your own efforts in and that can be. Success is not always measured in dollars and cents. Yeah it is fascinating to me that today in America. Something happened over the last 30 years, where we just see kind of yeah no I don't think that's actually possible. I don't think most people can succeed and so it's just kind of the elite. The people that are already at the top that have that opportunity. The rest of us don't. When did you start working had a breaker in about a minute and half, Charles. But when did you first start thinking kind of hey let's look at the Bible in terms of capitalism wind that kinda become a part of your framework for thinking through this work morning for work.

There was ready to work through your stray schools. You should put their schools where we learned Bible word also commentaries the column would not hold scope of Jewish law, and it was just natural to understand that will covered responsibility responsibility was to help others. It was only for my friend work at my DNA yeah and it's interesting what were talking from a Jewish context or even from it from a Christian kind of a New Testament context so many so many people come to divorce to these two things they don't think biblically when it comes to matters of economic systems and capitalism. I think too many people that that claim faith are sitting there going yeah I think the whole capitalism thing because it can equate to some wealth. Maybe that's not something that the Bible is going to endorse, however, and that's the great thing about your article. Working a dive and that when we come back.

The more you look into scripture the more you look in the Bible, the more you find support for this type of system, and especially what you're saying Charles to our call to be generous to help those people that help that have less than us were talking to Charles Mizrahi.

Great topic today.

Capitalism in the Bible. He's got over 35 years Wall Street fund manager in the editor about the invest. So that's why anyway it's great to be back here on the radio with everybody. We appreciate you guys being in there today and be a part of the show we are talking to Charles Mizrahi's radio up in their talking to Charles Mizrahi who's got 35 years on Wall Street as a fund manager in this article that I just saw the other day, prosperity and generosity.

The biblical roots of capitalism.

It was that real clear a good friend of both Charles and myself met the threats he made me aware of it and start something that's once again politicians are bemoaning our system of capitalism, claiming that the solution economic woes is further expansion of a government driven social welfare system that should sound familiar to all of you. Our collective strength is exercises.

Gov. Cuomo through government is in effect our immune system to ridiculous quote government matters and leadership matters. It determines whether we thrive and grow, or whether we live or die. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that about government back. The distance from the article that I Charles wrote history has yet to record a successful instance of government programs and bailouts, creating wealth for its citizens, or bringing people more freedom.

The proponents of this approach of identify the right problem. People desperately need help right now but they're selling the wrong solution so Charles again, thank you so much for being with us today on the show. I really appreciate it.

So what's so what kind of led to the point that he of writing this.

This of the article that you wrote for work real clear religion. It's a great article I've linked to it on our Facebook live post today during the show.

But what kinda set that off for you getting really tired of hearing people remote capitalism and saying that because of all Orioles because of all misfortune there. Capitalism solution goes a call.

The more I think about it, especially with what you read a book, regional universities and colleges to those who were political liberals left and we look to colleges below and produce outstanding students who grew up knowing that communism is one of the best governmental just another form of government. Socialism works in a whole bunch of other things in the real world just colossal failures and close to somebody close to 100 million people in the 20th century from communist.

So how forms of government forms of economy Central University seven because that's what the real world yet.

It's really interesting from from referencing the Bible is really interesting and I mentioned this during the break on Facebook live is a lot of people whether you whether you're an Orthodox Jew or Christian that kinda stay away from this notion of the Bible endorsing any kind of a governmental system, or any kind of an economic system. But when we look into the pages of the Bible you you mention this in your article going all the way back to Abraham we see all kinds of stories of wealth and prosperity as well as generosity. So help us to kinda take us into the book Charles and help us understand how we make a biblical case for capitalism is an economic system will perfect people and people moved to their own greed and self-interest, but the market corrects you old store coastal waters showing Weight Watchers marketplace will come to your story more so we don't need government to put up to get a license. Or you could show watchers. Honestly, marketplace will eventually put you out of business. Conversely, it will help you keep doing good and offering value so we should capitalism works. However, almost slightly different on the well was about the Jewish Bible Christian the Christian Bible level social Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob Solomon will wealth is a blessing I will with wealth comes responsibility of the Bible was an amazing form that changed the world will thinking for our current present also. Most of the human character shall be strictly consciousness that there will always be poor people of the land to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites look for your letter.

She will just post the job of the will and accumulated wealth storehouses to store all of your well it was supposed to be driven help society become a better place and there are many inventions contracted intergroup society where the Bible had a social system of making sure that the unfortunate forecourt and installed the look terrible like for example just like you know I the will of quarters the corners of your field crop that most people experiment for the quarter order the building of society, the widow and the stranger was no social work around them. Once we can be taken gleanings of her example, when one is reaping ears of grain and the reapers had cervical custom proposal.

Once again, those are for the poor, the unfortunate soul about the right route goes to Bollinger's field and she goes behind and she will be gleanings that was the social system.

There was a perpetual one people to get back on their stall and the gold was projected to be dignity to get them working back into society. And I love that were dignity Charles because it's so important whether were looking into the Jewish Scriptures, or even if you jump over the New Testament that were dignity is so important to this conversation because when you look at that salsa night when you look at cleaning when you leave in the corners of your crop so that people can come along and harvest them for themselves. It still giving them the opportunity to do some work there putting some effort, and that God made us all in his image.

We were made to be not only creative but productive and when you remove that ability from people. That's why it's so sad. If you spend time around folks that have been on the government dole for years. It tends to just gonna pull some of the mirror out of their bones because we were made to be productive and to a certain extent, to be self-sufficient and so that's the beauty of the Scriptures that dignity of the human soul and the human person, but to give them an opportunity to be a part of that provision. Also, us being generous at such an important point know you like was your circle of the seventh year was your fellow sabbatical year.

The land was probably old Dutch were canceled.

You, your field became ownerless, so anyone could come and pick from your from your crop for Medicare group you can't plant that that was another system of basically making sure that everyone had their share was able to observe and come your number eight back to the original schedule were able to make more because you start this against human nature that I should work 80 hours a week before the morning and go to bed at midnight and produce become successful and you decide to take vacations and spend all your money's work and obstacles to give you my money work world is there yeah yeah it's really amazing and again I think that one of the challenges we have, as people of the book is were afraid to use the book when it comes to discussing these financial matters because we only consider the wealth side like it's by definition hoarding. We don't remember the generosity siding capitalism marries both of those things and then a soft styles that you made that point over and over again to be generous him to pick it up there want to talk about our founding fathers little bit more smarter contact Charles on a put on hold or talking to Charles Mizrachi 35 year Wall Street fund manager veteran about the biblical case will be right back back is noble to say hello so great to be with you today talking Mr. Charles in a row. He's the founder and editor of alpha investor but over 35 years of Wall Street successful fund manager and grub Orthodox Jew well studied in the Jewish Bible in the mission in and it just came up with that worldview and looking at capitalism and an economic system which, as Charles said earlier and I mentioned earlier as well. Anything that's utilizing human beings.

You can have problems with because we tend to be stingy were supposed to be generous, but were not get all kinds of sin mixed in there, but then he also brought up human dignity. And so I was just describing on on the commercial break and Facebook live one of my problems with the social welfare system in America is, is it kinda combines it's it's a perfect storm. It combines our tendency as human beings because of our sin.

We can be entitled. We can be lazy. We can have those issues right then you get a government welfare system that's just going to continue to support you no matter what, and you'll get hooked on that system. Not everybody but a lot of people and as you do that starts to kinda break down the amount the day the image of God that's in you to be productive to be creative to work with the team to provide for yourself. I mean the Bible even says that somebody that doesn't provide for their own families worse than a believer. So there's some pretty strong language in the Bible about that but it's like taking a racehorse that's designed and meant designed by God with the ability to run and instead you stick it in a 10 x 10 cage and to use Charles word from earlier you you rape it of its dignity. You steal its dignity away from it and that's what can happen in the system when were not generous, which is one of the biggest problems we face when we deal with capitalism is are we generous with the fruits of our labor.

Charles, thanks so much again for being with us today.

I really appreciate it. Sure Mark will one of the things that let's let's only get back in his generosity think I think it's a challenge we all need to hear because I'm a conversation long conversation a couple weeks ago without God at a 25-year-old really good friend of my son.

And like many young people.

He sees capitalism's, inherently evil firm for some reason he sees socialism as a way to kinda provide us safety net that this is because I in about an hour conversation, Charles will you took a while to go. Okay, what's your goal here is goal was. I just want to see a good standard of living for everybody and I said the same standard of living for everybody. Do you want equal outcomes. No no no I don't want that, but I want to base the.

The worst level to still be a good sustainable thing I said okay, so maybe that's gonna take a lot of resources let's use the country of America. Charles three a and 30 million people that's gonna take a lot of resources, so what's the best engine in order to provide the resources required to do that and that's where the conversation change because there's no engine light capitalism free-market capitalism that can provide that. But where it gets stuck in the system is when we lack generosity. Isn't that basically the problem for 25-year-old Shapiro worker should very were born on third base and from the triple you just don't get it. I just don't go to work opportunity. It's already here when I was watching the Republican national convention and Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina got all holy smokes.

The American dream. He's telling us the story here is regarding his brothers were worried by a single mother. They live with relatives look good. Got an education when business ran for Congress overwhelmingly white district (Charleston field including the following of the former editor from thermic yeah and here's a go, who a black man who started the author and how to do that because of the evolution of the southern male.

The most diction shows up and down my spine when his grandfather who was 99 speech is grandson Stephen the first African-American elected U.S. House and our family were from cotton Congress in one lifetime. I challenge you will build in the world. Does this happen then that's exactly right. And there are still literally millions of people. Charles, you know this. I think most of us know this. Millions of people every year who have either bought the biggest lie perpetrated on the earth in the last 5000 years in and are willing to risk their lives and wait in line for couple years or risk their lives and come over illegally to get to this country that so many people unfortunately think is is one of the problems on the earth but yet we still of millions of people every year that literally will risk their lives to get here. It's not because America is broken. It's because the system works. It doesn't work perfectly but the system works in free-market capitalism provides unbelievable opportunity. It's not easy for everybody. Nothing is but me when it comes to generosity me. Charles Ibis got I teach ethics to to biblical ethics to high school age homeschoolers and I teach a two semester civics and Constitution class and I talked to them about generosity. We do what we do a whole chapter on poverty and wealth ICDD why do you think there's people in the world that are starving to death and up most of the time they well you know we don't have enough food. Actually we do we market capitalism is provided.

We made unbelievable strides in food production. We have enough food to feed the world. We just don't. Why don't we not generous enough, but free-market capitalism is provided all those opportunities for us to bless the world we see that that's the history the nation provide word reading, you know that I was asking if we have the production, the ability to free-market capitalism to make that much food, why do you think we still have some people around the world that are starving and it's mostly because were not generous enough for not finding a way to get to get its own origin from care how absurd.

How absurd the problem, especially to countries in Africa is taken by the warlords and they reported before to get the people globally generous people on the face of your shoulders were not generous with our our resource of food is just talk. We know how many I can help would you North Korea during their their terrible family room 20. The government was rejected problem of all-black resources like food distribution problem on their side, yeah, that's a great point. So, as in the legal back and this is great.

I really appreciated that you included this in your article to name the articles prosperity and generosity. The biblical roots of capitalism I did I link to it on Facebook a couple times a day and it's during our Facebook live right now during the radio show. This is near the end of the article, the founders of our country understood this.

George Washington, on more than one occasion quoted the prophet Micah when speaking of peace and prosperity.

He, along with the other founding fathers grasped the weight of what God was communicating in the holy Scriptures, their desire for a free and prosperous people wasn't sought merely for personal gain was an acknowledgment that prosperous individuals created communities that prospered and thrived. Indeed, the responsibility of generosity. Charles wrote, was deeply interwoven into our founding fathers vision for this nation and I think a lot of people miss that we don't know history, which is one of the reasons I teach it, but other people don't understand that they had such a solid Judeo-Christian worldview. They knew the Scriptures they understood the Old Testament. They knew what God's word said about this system of government and how we are to treat not only ourselves but our neighbors and a lot of people Charles. I think just don't even know that stuff anymore will look quick and dirty 40s younger founding fathers were farmers there were merchants businessmen rotors positions ministers manager from wealthy families lost their fortunes during the revolution with every project away from a government that controlled them from our they wanted to have opportunity in the colonies and get away from the joke of the Pharaoh and Benjamin Franklin wanted to be the Israelites crossing through the Red Sea into freedom. So the motive of freedom and opportunity. It was in their DNA is what aquifers George Washington was work was a very vertical thing a little bit you what keeps stepped away from government and went back to being a fall they realized that government was there to help people to be used sparingly.

It was the body of the work of each individual that was greatness of this country that any person could have led any person could control the soil and make a list that we speak the parts of themselves handouts with ductwork and religious organizations of the church is writing or cylindrical box when they still continue to do what Greenpoint and unfortunately there's a lot of people Charles that I look at that whether Christians are Jewish or otherwise, will look at and say okay what our government takes care of the poor people which is ridiculous. They don't do very well at all and so I pay my taxes and therefore I'm a part of helping poor people and people in need.

I pay my taxes therefore I don't need to be generous, but really, that should be falling on us as religious people, people of the book, not the government. The government supposed to protect our borders and provide an opportunity for us to go out and do the best that we can and now the governments become a nanny state. I wanted to turn this a little bit in the selection because I don't know about. If you see it in your lifetime Charles, but I've never seen just our system of of living here in America on the chopping block as much as it is right now.

I that what we are hearing is very very vocal minority. This is not the American or cars else of people who were just missing form.

People special form get out of touch for Charlie such as a refill for universities is a short list of professors in their sports grateful for the HRC have time for one more segment that you gotta go with tight great John Holland talking to Charles Mizrahi about capitalism and the Bible will be right back is noble to see Noble show is a fascinating conversation very helpful very informative and when we all need to get better at talking about our system system here in America and much of the world really not all of it, but most of it which is free-market capitalism and the ability to generate wealth, which then unlocks generosity.

Now you want to be wealthy, to be generous. If you make 50 grand a year, you should be generous person. If you make 100 grand should be generous, you make $1 million year should be generous generosity just like the widow's mite. She gave more than everybody else because she gave everything said she gave more than the rich guy because she gave everything and the guy was stingy.

Okay, generosity is a big deal. That's the complement to capitalism said okay what's going to generate a lot of resources, so that we can build wealth, but then wealth in the Bible was never meant to be hoarded and so that's like not just with your money, but with your land with your fields with your crops. Your generous you care for your fellow man.

So capitalism without a biblical mindset is where you run into all kinds of problems and we dropped the ball and many in many ways, but in terms of the system itself, capitalism, free-market capitalism has done more for the world than any other system in terms of providing opportunity and providing wealth that then we turn around and try to help other people. That's why today were talking to Charles Mizrahi over 35 years Wall Street fund manager founder and editor of alpha investor in as you look across the sea here today Charles and in the United states of America.

We touched on this a little bit before the break.

What are some of your biggest concerns about where at as a nation in the conversation were having and then help us to to get some tools in our belt that we can be more effective in having this conversation, especially the younger people will where we are not many people are very optimistic for America, especially the next several years course and go. All of these cards with forks of socialism democratic socialism herbivore: the it doesn't work against human nature. It doesn't make sense and those who think that it such a great system. I challenge them to farm your place on planet Earth word works and works well and I don't know where we will be in five years but no one has ever made money shorting America stage arose in front of us never behind us in this nation is able to overcome their tremendous tremendous diversity not only do we supply we explored so I take away their talk melt socialism, which is just plain silly because if you challenge What is your plan.

How does it actually work usually get silent work.

I make more than you, so you Need more and therefore we stand there so I take my money and I leave to go someplace else. Money like will go to the place where it attracted the most return the to standard formal government right now Spencer's time to Hampton knocking on doors, begging people not totally were having a mass exodus out of New York City because we have a socially progressive mentor believed that the wealthy are the bane of the existence of New York City what's happening now is U-Haul trucks winding up of the upper West side arm going out that 1% to 40% of the taxes in New York City. When this 1% lead. Pick up the balance right. That's really shocking because there's no there's no support for it. In reality, and why they tend to stay with that. I have no idea why white", says the things that he says government matters and leadership matters.

It determines whether we thrive and grow, or whether we live or die.

That's in Charles this article in real real clear religion, prosperity and generosity. The fact that that can even come out of the guy's mouth and he believes so then he said that before. Hey when we we started to turn the corner and coalbed God didn't do that. We did that, I mean this is like golden Idolatry level. Stop here and it's just remarkable that he can rise up to that level. But I really appreciate people on Facebook live are noticing this to Charles. Your optimism is so need it today because a lot of because I think we by the narrative that the left media is selling us we see what's going on in cities like Kenosha and Portland, Seattle and Chicago into a certain extent there in New York and in those are real problems but nationwide. Most people just want to work. They want to provide for their families.

They want to save money and invest most people just are living a normal American life and week are being sold at the whole thing is collapsing and we need to change it, but I really appreciate your optimism we don't have enough of that will appreciate that your preacher are basically history bears out everything I'm telling you we were look where else are people trying to get into a country where where else in the world you have Microsoft and Apple and Amazon or Google collectively $1 trillion company to trillion dollar companies. Where else you mentioned before about a person going to business and making money just for a moment to breakeven on every business person whether courage and the cops that took the risk to open up a shoe store and harder to people about those two people to jobs to that's right.

What about the guy next door that sold coffee with these two people, now able to rise up person and the customers and just a cycle that creates an amazing echo system so to get the fact of making let's assume that they just wanted to business a little probable.

The fact that the harder people you hire your next-door neighbor, so the person to the track. I think I was never unemployed when I have friends will between the corporate suite opportunities like a cloud over the nurse said. Books to fuel insufficient. They feel that they did something wrong and ensuring that it people who run employee into a funk to get out of the trunk and start being productive members because if you're not a productive part of society feel terrible terrible for the average person, and I just don't get how people want to pursue the home just collecting government sharks and not working enough be productive members of society. How does that make sense to everyone to Strickland country's will and I think Charles that that's a lot of behind what we see with a lot of anti-bus stop at a certain portion. The black lives matter movement. What we see in this writing writing eluding is people that want something for nothing and there stuck at home.

They're not working there not being productive and like you said, and I have said that that then all that stuff that wells up on the inside. The shame there's anger and that now.

The thing gets on just absolutely unleashed on the streets, and I think it's a big thing behind what were seeing out there with all the violence and the destruction or unwanted of respect, we disagree with.

Go ahead.

Being unemployed, not having a job does not.

Did you watch and sprinkle structure exposure under the people in the streets. What they're doing. I was still (or family scrap steel to pillage for Dr. if we give license to people who feel that they don't have their due. To walk to the street and shouted people to get out of the house because work and it trickled forward to what what what did you the right computer, did you see the sacrifice of that person one through for the summer vacations that they didn't want you to forgo the effect of the first work to work through drawers to call so they don't have that that's that's unfair. It's certainly unfair if the furniture should anything. Those people that's a great point Charles. I really appreciate you making a point just couple minutes left.

What what would you suggest as much encouragement us in terms of having this conversation with the younger generation millennial's and Jen's. He would give us some pointers.

Report number one look around, went up every morning for lunch or if you're religious about God. You don't trust it. Creditor would be in a culture where your rights protected which is a truck system which is fair and equitable that you have a land of opportunity that tomorrow morning. Know what you shall do the trick you into just about your business, you could start looking at the you want education is no longer your computer.

So put all things that you think are so first world problems put double start their people to clean water when I went to the Soviet Union in 1990 work permit to Russia. I wanted to a supermarket image still urgently referred to in my groin.

There was nothing on the shelves benefit can back on the hook was one piece of meat with a whole bunch of flaws and every time I woke up at Cosco water whiteness supermarket. I show your prayer the contributor 47 different varieties of mustard on the show where else do you spell what a great point Sam prayer, okay. What else but the I consciously was only there.

I want to do that is really the purpose of this we are starting the ultra burst report Wall Street research that are important. Basically commensurate so mom and pop look at the stock market, which is meant to create a verbal that you could be partners with corners with Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, or just find sure you become a partner in the all pulling for 30 days free on the type in your email address. No critical you might newsletter nothing, no strings attached. Dr. without work.

I agree in the main focuses of ministry to Americans about their financial future victims. This is opportunity right in front of you, especially during these trying times to show them some of the American dream is there. That's awesome what that website again. Over time, Charles consistent got it. Charles Mizrahi 35 years plus Wall Street fund manager founder and editor output investor help investor, alpha investor for that great resource and help taking advantage of the animal opportunities in this country that still incredible the best on the face of the planet Charles, thank you so much for your time today and know how busy you are an assessment awesome.

Thank you so much else we can do it again, thank you and welcome God bless you what talk again soon. Great conversation. I love his optimism we don't hear back to them anymore.

I mean that's conflicting to me like chicken. The dirt my head down in the dumps. Be optimistic. This is no longer signal. God willing talk again real soon and like my dad always ever for

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