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"Fiery...But Mostly Peaceful"

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August 31, 2020 11:14 am

"Fiery...But Mostly Peaceful"

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 31, 2020 11:14 am

"Fiery...But Mostly Peaceful"

"Fiery...But Mostly Peaceful" was how CNN described the riots in Kenosha while they stood in front of what looked like a scene from an Apocolyiptic movie.  There was a church burning in the background with people fleeing from a cluster of burning cars.  Really?  Peaceful?  Definitely not. Things are bad and getting worse and I want to make sure you stay informed, vigilant, and prayerful.


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Wake up everyone it's time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of light in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cow call Steve now 8643 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble well I think at least in Charlotte last day. I'm even know what to call it, is that shocking new low.

I mean I just really don't know what to call. So today the title of the show today is fiery, but mostly peaceful protests going on around the country and I'll explain it to you why the radio came back up there fiery, but mostly peaceful protests were to get to that in the second and if you want to join us on Facebook live just go to my Facebook page. The Steve Noble show on Facebook to show a video of that that where that title came from fiery, but mostly peaceful is just a shocking example of this disconnect, mostly on the left because I think that they I think the liberals and the Democrats in charge have have thought and hoped, and perhaps even in some sick way have prayed over this violence, escalating violence around the country that that would help them. So just over the weekend you started that there is a tweet from Joe Biden just over the weekend where he is like all of a sudden you know this is got to stop because I think they're realizing that the polling numbers are showing them that being quiet on it not being tough on it is hurting them. Whereas Donald Trump being now what largely is the law and order candidate is benefiting from his disgust what's going on in our nation but there is a large disconnect and so I've been posting things I have made it up up a practice in the past and not post videos of a lot of vulgarity and stuff.

Okay, but over the last couple weeks I've been pulling stuff off of twitter and Instagram where it's it's raw. This is raw footage footage from these protests cortical protests all over the country. It's really at this level is satanic insurrection, but these protests are all over the country and I am not editing anything out of these and it's brutal and there's vulgarity flying and some violence because I noticed in something that happened over the weekend that I posted. Not everywhere. I posted it first on my personal Facebook page was a video about 15 seconds long. I posted on the radio page.

I left it there. I posted it on my Instagram and left it there and when I posted it I had a very godly friend of mine is that used like hey Steve, enough of this. Of all the vulgarity and stuff. We get it right we get it and I know he does but I don't know that that every thoughtful, caring, patriotic Christian in America really hasn't thorough grasp of just how dark and depraved and satiric and violent. This has become an is growing in its increasing end of Donald Trump doesn't win in a landslide. I think that it will continue to increase. I think he's gonna win.

But if it's tight, we're just going at this you think the Russia stop all that stuff over, it isn't.

It's going to continue. There's a lot more going on here than just politics. There is a spiritual reality. That is, that place was. I walked through all these stories with you today. I'm I'm I'm I am going to do my part because I feel I have a responsibility to to show you just how dark and depraved and satanic. This is to to show things and I can't do all that here on the radio show for obvious restrictions in terms of being on the air and even on Facebook live but but I will show videos when I can and I can't do that on the radio show because FCC restrictions, but all all show videos and in and it's a real mixed bag so so get this and I'm just trying to work through this.

I was absolutely shocked and dismayed by what I saw and heard okay because here's what happened on Saturday. Eddie was Saturday. Maybe it was Sunday. It right, I saw a video out of a protest in Charlotte North Carolina this week, literally within a couple of miles of the Billy Graham cesium or Billy Graham and and his wife Ruth are are buried okay literally just a couple miles away. Downtown Charlotte and there's a guy down there that I guess people in Charlotte. If you're from Charlotte, you're aware that there's guy down there named Sam. Sam is a believer is an African-American and he was down there when this protest was going on at night and he's walking around the sinuses. Jesus saves, and he's proclaiming that truth out over the crowd, so he eventually gets pelted with eggs and stuff in silly string and they made a mess up maybe seen a picture of shared on Facebook, but what that's what happened after that.

You think that's bad, it's what happened after that.

That just racked me and I didn't know what to do with what I was seeing and mostly what I was hearing because they begin a chance after that and I I'm not even okay baby begin to chant after that.

F you while you Jesus. Okay I'm knocking to keep saying that but they said exactly what I just said you so the sun leading the protest to saying that first blank blank Jesus and then the crowd goes BLM empty file, black, white, mostly young, probably in her 20s and in blank blank Jesus in the crowd. The leader blank blank Jesus and then the crowd blank blank Jesus over and over and over again. When I first saw that video not some of my personal page, but I left it on my Facebook page. My radio show pays the Steve Noble show page if you want to.

If you want us soup subject yourself to it and actually I think you should. I know it's it's like blasphemous touching this thing and putting it out there but but we need to be awaken. And here's another point I was disgusted and shocked.

First, then my second reaction was these people are going to burn in hell and I didn't say that with a broken heart. I said that out of. I hope righteous indignation, but there was plenty of hatred and vitriol. There when I was thinking that it wasn't till this morning when I was doing another post on it on my personal Facebook page where I didn't share the video.

It wasn't till this morning when I was like you know what oh yeah I forgot to pray for these people. So that was what 24 hours or something where I encounter that I saw that I was shocked and I was outraged and I was like Barney DM. These people that's where I was at, and it wasn't suits were 24 hours.

I'm like I got is one of my doing Lord I need to pray for these people.

Could you imagine that because most of these people there. There Americans they grow up here around church. Some of them probably miniature maybe some of them were in church last Sunday in their social justice lawyers or whatever and in the next thing you know they're out there chanting that blank you Jesus literally that's what they're saying.

And in the season for apathy or well I'm knocking to get involved in politics or the stuff going to blow over. Know it isn't. Its increasing and we need to be more diligent and intense in our prayer and more consistent in our prayer, starting with more updates of reality.

When we come back back if Steve Noble to Steve Noble show so let's put our money where our mouth is very quick okay let's pray for all those people that were down in Charlotte that were chanting blank you Jesus. Just last week, down Charlotte and Sam this evangelist looks like this wonderful Afro-American guy that a lot of people have known about down there had a Jesus saves signs and he's proclaiming that truth out over the crowd and the crowd responds by abusing him and then they do this chant over and over again and it and it took me 24 are for.

I stop and pray for these people in and we need to be more fervent and more regular in our prayer for this nation and for the and for the piece that's possible, and for our leaders and for this existential threat that's on the ballot November 3. This is getting much bigger all the time and I and I fear that a lot of us just are not real, it's good to be okay. I know this is maybe it's not you will because you're listening to the show, you listen other shows your engager paying attention, but I think the vast majority people that call themselves Christians are still like oh gosh that's really a little handwringing right in and they go back to business. Paint the house sell the house by the house go on vacation. When can we go to Disney all the stuff as Rome burns and likes Ian and likes to say fiery, but mostly peaceful. So to show this to pray and assure this clip so you'll hear it on radio, but if you're out watching on Facebook live, you'll actually see the subscriber to you so you know what's going on and then you can get this up on radio. You can get's you can get this totally bizarre disjunctive picture in your head but let's pray for these people that were willing to say what they said the other night about a guy we just come to you grieving and broken and shocked. Talk about shock and awe Lord just shocked at the people that you created in your image and that you died for would turn around and get to such a point in their lives what they would say what they said that vulgarity, the hatred of you and your truth and anything having to do anything with you.

We pray for Sam who is there to proclaim the truth and it looks like Lord is been like that for years. We thank you for him.

Please protect him and continue to use them but we pray specifically for these souls who are so dark and who are so lost were so hardhearted who are so in the enemy's camp but they would be willing to let those words and use the ethically project them out of their mouth so we pray Lord that somehow someway they would come under deep and terrible conviction disrupt their dreams give them, night sweats, whatever it is Lord that they would come to their senses and realize that just like the Romans of older, literally crucifying you and hating you and spitting on you and you died for them so Lord, we pray, whatever it takes. You would wake up every single protester that was there that night that utter those words, and the Holy Spirit would deeply convict them and then in the face of your love that you see in your word that it's the kindness of God that leads people to repentance that they will see your kindness in the face of their vitriolic disgusting hatred of you and that they would be brought to their knees in repentance and then faith and then salvation and we ask that in Jesus name, amen. Okay, but little faith to our feet in her mouth right in prayer. Okay so here's the scene Kenosha the other night literally the backgrounds on fire, so it's a CNN reporter Kenosha is on fire behind him and then let's just play this clip I going to pull up the video so for those of you on Facebook live. You can see this, but you'll hear what he's talking about and then I'll come back and complete the picture for you on radio and and and and then complete the kind of joke that this was all right.

Let's hire that up behind me is one of multiple locations Kenosha, Wisconsin. Over the course of a second night since Jacob wake scene shot in the back seven times by police officer and what you are sick okay you hear that okay there's there's an explosion or something in the background.

There's a massive fire behind this guy.

He sitting there with protective gear on and stop and and new overnight CNN live reporting from up there and here's what the but the banner is on the bottom of the screen right the lower third, here's what the banner says fiery, but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting yet that's what it says.

I'm looking at it fiery but mostly peaceful protests and the places on fire behind and you hear sirens and you hear an explosion fiery, but mostly peaceful. What's peaceful about that other than the fact that back I was alive at the time and still is, I presume. But What is that that's somebody that's that knows their being forced in the position like buying today who gave a speech. I just saw this break.

Biden condemns writing blast trumps response and fiery postconvention speech. Why is he doing that because he has to. Why does he have to because the polls are showing them to say nothing and to sit on the sidelines while Rome burns in the just point your finger at Trump ain't cutting it so he has to come out.

Now all of a sudden and decry the violence in the roof and the protesting.

I wonder if CNN will change anything about fiery, but mostly peaceful. This is not peaceful. It hasn't been a while and by the way, this isn't about black lives matter anymore either. So let me just give you some updates on some other stuff okay. Did you hear about this one dead in Portland after Pro Trump caravan classes of protesters now alert they executed this guy okay. Whereat people in Charlotte willing to say blank you, Jesus, and now we jump over to Portland Pro Trump caravan.

Another night a riots in Portland turned gently out to the letter from the mayor. There should be in jail. I want to present Trump supported wearing attire with the emblem of patriot prayer conservative group was fatally shot on Saturday. That's an understatement. He was executed. When you watch video this and I watch the video of it. There like yeah that guy and he goes this got yeah and and booby spires want to sound like twice right in the chest. The guy died there on the spot after the police and stuck in the shooting was document of the multiple video live streams that show small group of people yelling and scattering and this is going get worse because I want you to understand is how bad this is getting important police of Bureau reports that the man died of gunshot wound to the chest. This violence is completely unacceptable and we are working diligently to find and apprehend the individual or individuals responsible support and police chief Chuck level yeah this is after almost 90 days. Guys 90 days you've allowed this because you're not willing to do it takes, which is an overwhelming force you to keep getting more this and it's happening more around the country. This violence completely acceptable really antiphon black lives matter.

Protesters listen to this, rallied and cheered at the announcement of the victim's death, claiming that he was a blinking Nazi and that our community held its own I'm not said that that blinking fascist died tonight. Some said that's real that's happening. The man being investigated by police in the fatal shooting of a Trump supported in Portland identifies antiphon as an ardent black lives matter supporter Michael Forrest renal was can previously arrested an anti-pyrite it in July and charged with illegally possessing a loaded firearm another car other crimes, so it's no big deal so they do a he was let go and the charges were never pursued where's that happening Portland who is in charge of Portland that would be Mayor Ted Wheeler. So Trump comes out as he should. The president also condemned Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, with whom he is an ongoing conflict of the mayor's objections of federal involvement in stopping riots in the city. Despite months of unrest in the fatal shooting over the weekend quote. Portland is a mess and it's been for many years. If this joke of a mayor doesn't clean it up. We will going to do it for them. Trump said now actually think they should talk about that on the other side of the break so so then Wheeler had sent Trump a letter I've got a copy of the letter in front of me. Dear Pres. Trump, some of the sky, God help us yet again. You said you said you offered to a Portland by sending and federal law enforcement to our city on behalf of the city of Portland. No thanks, we don't need your police of divinity or politics of division and demagoguery Portlanders around you.

We've already seen your reckless disregard for human life and your bumbling response to the COBIT pandemic and we know you've reached the conclusion that images of violence or vandalism are your only tickets a reelection is no place for looting, arson, or vandalism in our city. 90 almost 90 days really set that there's no room here for racist violence are those who wish to bring their ideology of hate and our community is this guy on drugs for what what is this dark and succinic hope you thoroughly come back and more breaking news is Rome burns, sometimes all I got to be snarky and have a bad sense of humor sometimes because it's just shocking but I'm sharing all the shocking stories today because we need to be more fervent in our understanding of the reality of what's happening about the about the consequences of this boat coming up a number November 3 because all the stuff on the ballot.

That's only give Joe Biden speech in Creedence is that this is on the ballot that's on the ballot this hate Western civilization is on the ballot and accidental existential threat to the American way of life is on the ballot. Chaos and mayhem in Marxism and communism and socialism on the ballot unlimited killing of pre-born children on the ballot. Who cares about the elderly people in our elderly population in rest homes via COBIT. 19. Good job Andy Cuomo that's on the ballot. Western civilization generally is on the ballot on November 3, and so the polling I was going to play this from Indy note NGO in the know on Twitter has been following anti-file for several years. They beat the tar out of them a couple times, but he's courageous and he's out there. He wears black block so we block some supporters on the black stuff right in the mask over his face like honest up so they can't recognize him, but he was talking about. He was interviewed and I can play this clip he was interviewed the other day on a British show in the in the guide to British guy I heard this earlier today and some other media sources that in Wisconsin support for black lives matter was that +25 in June and now it's at zero and that with those numbers came out right before Kenosha okay so it's only worse. So what you have is this."

Silent majority, who is stewing and growing their people that believe in law and order. I still think I still hope and believe that that's most Americans, and that that group is is stewing in this mayhem that we see happening around the country is stewing and it'll go out and protest. They don't gonna burn things down.

They don't vandalize, they don't go out and beat people up. You know they do they wait.

I wish all of them prayed, but right now they're just waiting.

What are they waiting for their waiting for November 3 because that's how they can hit back will see is 2020. After all servings on the table for this crazy letter from Ted Wheeler. The marriages just lecturing Donald Trump why you come in here to make it worse worse worse than what it's crazy and then Trump same is going to go to Kenosha my present Trump on Monday doubled down his plan to go to Kenosha, Wisconsin Tuesday despise Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers asking him to stay away.

This is all political vote there all political in the middle of our country burning down, which sounds like hyperbole, but I think were moving in that direction. Evers, a Democrat, made the request of Trump on Sunday saying the present will only delay our work to overcome division by appearing in Kenosha. Trump's campaign is highlighted writing in several large cities in recent months as a reason to vote for him to restore law and order. Biden insist on having the National Guard activate and go to Kenosha, Wisconsin. There would be no Kenosha right now Trump tweeted Monday. Also, there would have been great, death and injury want to think law enforcement in the National Guard. I will see you on Tuesday. So you still planning to go will see what happens. Let's go to some other parts of the country so you know just how bad this is and are you registered to vote if you're not, get your self registered and don't think primarily about yourself. Think about your children and their children and their children Charlie, Kirk said this Monday night a week ago turning point USA all the other college students approach from people. He said that Donald Trump first on my got something hyperbole. He said Donald trumps the bodyguard of Western civilization and I'm actually agreeing with that. Not because I think Trump is you know date.

King David reincarnated, but because I think that's just the reality of the situation.

He doesn't have to be as pure as the wind driven snow to be the bodyguard of Western civilization based on where were at this country.

So if you're not registered, registered if you register but you don't usually vote.

You have to vote and you guys we all need to be asking friends and other people in social media wherever you can get attention. Are you registered. Are you voting if you want to have some fun asking who they're voting for right Oakland hunters came on the plan protest in Oakland Wednesday. Did you hear about this course not to show solidarity with pro sports boycott for Jacob Lake most the protesters marched peacefully.

Listen, but group agitator smashed windows towards trash cans and ignited small fireworks. According to the police run 11 PM.

Protesters briefly stopped traffic on I5 80, and walked down the grand Avenue offramp. I'm angry. I'm angry. One protester said I here to talk about workers mantle the crowd.

I'm here to talk about black people getting killed in the blinking Street, which is hyperbole. Earlier, police urged call city Bochum release a statement blah blah blah. Here is not what's reported in all over the place and some video that I saw. Guess what they were chanting in Charlotte. They were chanting blank you Jesus in Oakland. They were chanting death to America know where you heard that before death to America just to limit where beard. That's right, I ran. I ran now my thing into my black lives matter are Muslim extremists are in bed with Muslim extremists are not Muslim extremists. Are they in bed with them and do not yet, but that seems like a pretty cozy relationship.

Why, because they all want the same thing.

The destruction of America but you not hear and then on the mainstream media that there chanting death to America same thing as Iran likes it death to America. Here's another one coming to a neighborhood near you.

Maybe your neighborhood DC protesters march sign lights in the homes chant.

Are you home, get into the street protest. Continue to Washington DC late Sunday with videos emerging online showing a group of protesters marching in the street.

I watch the videos shining lights in the homes enchanting are you home get to the street like what would you go would you do as they did this in DC and New York much black lives matter." Protesters are coming by your outside at a restaurant socially distance you want your mask on praise Lord eating your meal and then they're all over you saying you need to put your hand up, put your fist up and say black lives matter because white silence is white violence.

What you do.

They're not even giving you a choice and would you fear for your life at that point, I think you probably what Washington Post reported that the area around black lives matter Plaza hey let's make that a bigger target doesn't even area, which the mayor of Washington DC did call it black lives matter Plaza rename the street black lives matter that's really painted black lives matter in the street, and they're throwing more gas on the fire that's in DC this is happening more and more around the country and do you hear it.

Are you seeing it enough. Are you praying about it. Are you fearful I'm not talking about sinful fearfulness. We haven't been given the spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind. I had the love of the Lord ME I the power the Holy Spirit and I deftly have a sound mind. So I I know that this is a temporary glitch in the system full of sin. One day it won't be like this. Heaven will come to earth and all the stuff will be a small thing on the radar screen will learn from it. God will be glorified by it, but it will be gone okay one day justice will prevail. Peace will flow like a river okay but in the meantime that's not the deal in our countries and very very bad shape and I've gotten some emails recently when I talked about some of the story saying hey like one guy talk about sent me an email said hate.

By the way that the federal government chosen my house and says I have to get vaccinated for COBIT which I don't think that happened yet. Then I'm going unleash until about a let I'm like, what, why would you send me that email as I come on here talk about stuff like that because I'm not.

But what why Simi that and then I've gotten a couple emails that were violent, overtly saying that this happens.

Here's what I'm going to do. They come here is what I'm going to do and it always involves gunfire and there's a whole lot more people that want to preserve our Western civilization way of life in America that are armed, then the people out there in the streets protesting in writing and so is going to come to that is the Civil War thing hyperbole. I don't think so anymore in and we need to you need to and I need to we need to be deep in prayer over all this stuff, especially between now and November 3 and praying for the peace of Jerusalem in this case, praying for the priest about the piece of our own nation is this is bad and getting worse if you just join the show. I started the show, talking about a protest in a big group of people last week in Charlotte. I'm just reminding you because you need to hear this, that there out there is a guy name Sam is an evangelist believer happens to be African-American people in Charlotte. I guess no one some Dale sent me a video of his, his testimonies out of the street.

A street preacher is out there with his Jesus save signs and he saying that over the crowd and they pelt him with eggs in silly string and stopping abuse him and then they start chanting blank you Jesus and the first word starts with.E, but the one after that. Okay.

And they're saying it robustly is not like oh we just say that they kept saying and then in the other city. I just read that there chanting death to America that was in Oakland at the MBA have others NBA games this week. You don't watch this is a fascinating story in on time go through it and the radio money Monday update the four segment walk away from the stuff but a fascinating study in article the trap the Democrats walk right into finally happen. We have legal battles in the streets between the two tribes of our polarized politics this week, a 17-year-old man Kyle Rittenhouse brought a rifle to Kenosha, Wisconsin. He lived about 20 minutes late and ordered in order to peers to protect the businesses that were being burned down or ransacked by writers at the police shooting of alleged rapist Jacob Lake and series of skirmishes between Rittenhouse and BLM in active any five activists on the streets of Kenosha. Three men pursuing Rittenhouse were shot to kill no excuse for vigilante is in the sky, writes intercell doesn't. No excuse for looting, writing, and arson.

The truth is even a few minutes of chaos and violence can contain a University of confusing events, motors and dynamics that are extremely hard to parse immediately. The current K not chaos. I've come to appreciate Marcus Aurelius's maxim, listen to this that quote the object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. While that's whereas insanity out of touch with reality. What's reality that which is truth. Jesus says drip back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble show great to be with you today.

Turning the corner walking away from that wake-up call up and giving you for the last minutes.

As we continue to see our nation to send in the chaos and just the tannic evil broken this unbelievable darkness out there and that's not going away anytime soon with the election coming up and on top of that we have to deal with financial issues in the markets and what's going on in the world and you got the realities of our balance sheet, which are horrific versus the stock market which lies acting like totally disassociated from reality. So is just a bizarre world that we live in which is why because Jesus and the Scriptures talk so much about money and possessions. That's why we do it as a regular part of the show here in the Steve Noble show with our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital landmark is the website is always Lynn and David God's just giving you the right Scriptures to come to pull me back from the ledge every time Monday now so I appreciate his calling in our area and my brother you way more for me than I've been for you LOL that's that's why none of us should try to go through this stuff alone, but this is a great passage, especially in the book of Genesis, which is just packed with so much wisdom and just up just a remarkable book, but this particular spot. Talk about autos up and seeing so much evil and having evil things done to him. Yet this type of perspective is so important for us today. So let's start there. David and I will get into some money Monday stuff the backdrop was sold by his brothers in slavery and the flipside of that, but you also said of them do not be afraid, for I am in God's place. What it stands for. You human evil against me, but God meant it for good. In order to bring about the present results to preserve many people I know sometimes we if we chose could see the environment through college classes. Everything looked wholly different for us as we we look at it through our human nature demolishing our spiritual life. But you know what we think is just amazingly wrong doing and you know so Joseph told shows us with great Mall here in the midst of he was sold into slavery. He says I am in God's place.

So God have supply having so much bigger than we all know and even though there's things that might be helping evil in the land or in your life.

The Lamb can be your life, your family, your marriage are huge. You're speaking to United States. The government, you fill in the blank. They can be everywhere.

We also can signal God is on the throne using control and limit yield and I'm in Tempe at a minimum do nothing but rest in his arms. Yes, such a powerful message such a great reminder when you dream that. That's why we have the dark as these days are David you know this and I hope he also understands this. What an incredible opportunity.

It is for us to be brokenhearted and concerned as we should. But at the same time, there's the strange ability to come to detach from their present darkness because our house is built on the rock.

It's not built on the sand. And we know just like we see here in Genesis 50 that that hate you meant it evil, but God meant it for good. And so he's getting is he's getting more glory from all this were all gonna grow in our faith more people will be added to the kingdom and them and then we see through the glass dimly.

Right now, but one day face-to-face. He'll reveal all this stuff to us to glorify him all the more we need to remember that so we can it's our face were downtrodden were kicking the dirt in the sand around with our feet, but man, we have to rumor that were more than conquerors. What a great reminder.

Thanks so much for that darkness. Can be of the brightest week to shine his light really messed up so well, that's a let's get an update on the markets what they're doing because I think the last time we talked, the market that day was like wow hey it's up 300 points, and then today it's like down to 20 down flat your elite finally not in the negative number read anymore.

S&P is up 8.1% no stick it up 29.4%.

Gold still open form in the mouse or just girly 29.5% and shall relieve the charge 54.7% of gold and silver but lead the charge this year and it's doing that I stole the belief system is that you said this last week that we all have to remember on the NASDAQ. It's like a menu where you've got 50 items that are all like a buck 20 and then you have four different choice pieces of meat that are like hundred $80 apiece.

Because yet Amazon you have that you have these big massive appellee of the big mass of players, so just remind everybody about house, skewed the NASDAQ is right now to 500 stocks of this would be 500 and a lot of those same stocks are as a mirror image in the computer 505 stocks are performing the top-five good: the thing stock, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google thing it'll put Microsoft in here put a few others but those are all the big stock so if you look misleading index because 495 of them only in summer down 5%. The NASDAQ is not much difference. You have Apple leading the charge in Apple today. By the way you did afford one split wine so the Tesla fired one split wine because the shirt got too expensive for the common investor and so another thing if we just split the stock value stock. It just means you bought a cheaper rate you get lush shearers hooks will be called afford one split so you get more shares actually put their quarterly value basically doesn't change the value the company just makes the stock mentally more affordable. Yes, it's a $41,000 on Friday.

It's now $250 today. All okay.

I can afford that. So yeah be fascinating to watch. And obviously they're expecting it to continue to climb, and that's a good move for them any major market news headlines that we should be aware of right now. David Lord talk about the master computer hello start work at Dell Dell stork thing, but also indexes getting shaken up, the biggest in years sales force is replacing Exxon Mobil M agendas replacing Pfizer and Honeywell's repletion Raytheon technologies. This is a massive shift that reflects economic and technology changes in dominance. That's what they're saying in the news release. The reality, although stocks are being taken out of the Dell are the one of the three starches left for five years and the other two are down 40% plus every being replaced by three stocks that are up 50% or greater.

The last five years. Shortly it's a financial move.

It's not a indicative of the environment.

There's no stocks in the original original Dell component anymore. That was the original Dell 30 wine because they take out the losers would put in winters, against Wall Street, you just have to understand how the index is constantly changing to make the index look good. That's all this. We do this if we do the same thing in precious metals market look the index in precious metals before normal computer reports that shows these numbers are just as well to deliver markets and metals against Wall Street just you have to understand what's really going on behind the scenes. That's why we talk about this. I know TJ just was on Facebook lives in the other, less smokestacks industrial days hard technology and service basin so they have to change the Dell in order to reflect that a good way of looking at DTD's always got the funny little liners and there is something that I like that makes sense.

So in terms of all that translating the economic news again. I'll always mention this am always amazed at kinda how the stock market is one thing with the economic realities of not just the federal government, but corporate debt structure and stuff tends to be a different picture. So anything translation there that we need to understand the will talk a little about gold and silver accents are still doing rock 'n' roll layoffs coming in cocoa American airlines MGM big companies shoot 9000 workers from American Airlines to United Airlines 3000 workers sales force on March 25. They got this big amount of money from the government 90 days to keep people employed for 90 days 91 days later they announced through the massive layoffs, so I so there's going be layoffs going to bed and bath the oncoming 2800 jobs MGM 18,084% of seal CFOs, chief financial officer say the stocks are overvalued only 2% saying the market should be bought at this level goes with the report shows older CFOs from these big companies were buying back their stock profits. Again he bought $6 billion in Japan's largest trading firms bought 5% stake you go to the max of 9.9% 10% lived a lot of things are coming up to his field big bar of gold and the way just slip that in there but Buffett has been a big buyer of gold, but now he was a huge move recently so you when you when you want these billionaires and hedge fund managers making big news that's not because they're stupid. So you gotta pay attention to that stuff and see what's happening.

What about gold and silver that the markets there so yeah door for gold and silver $16 billion Ohio police and fire pension approved 5% no allocation for gold first round of family money move to 25%. So Buffett open the door for gold nursing at the store's this new trend could see you trillions of dollars going into the gold market from Wall Street now. Buffett is no billing.

There's can be inflation anything a liberal gold in the company stock why because the Fed came out last week and said were revising our policy of mill inflation running, which means that's really good for gold short hedge fund manager. Blindfold bundle billionaires were buying gold pensions are buying gold now is the time you should be buying gold and silver get some education so that you can make an informed decision that to you but you need education. What's the best way for people to get that old fashion eight 479-8880 284-479-8882 or landmark My buddy thanks much. The call in and we appreciate your expertise and help us understand these things.

It's great to hear from you will talk to you, not next Monday Labor Day but next Tuesday will do for money Monday. Looking forward to my brother. Awesome. Have a great week God bless out.

Thank you Michael talked again real soon. I really go another crazy day in prayer is not to pray about this and sees nobleness easily. So, God willing. I talked again real soon. My dad always used to say ever for


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