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Communizing the USA?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 28, 2020 10:51 am

Communizing the USA?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 28, 2020 10:51 am

Communizing the USA?

What is the Democrat Dream World is it the America that is headed into the darkness?  Can you imagine Joe Biden and the Democrats getting a handle on the rising lawlessness?


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cow call Steve now at 86 866-34-TRUTH, or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your house noble last night after RNC convention finished up night never for one video, but I can't play on their AMI in the studio by myself something a little different on Facebook. Why would you want to join us there.

The Steve Noble show page on Facebook you can join us, right here in the studio today tonight because I don't have my my intern Seth is in here today so I switch to the camera and then switch cameras spoken Facebook live.

I mean I look I'm normally pretty pasty skin. I'm really pasty skin.

Today, I assure you from my Facebook live friends. I am healthy I feel great, but I look tasty because the lighting and everything good read on a good camera, not just me. So anyway that's the deal. But it's great to be with you last night after the RNC I put one of these videos up on my Instagram account and then on Facebook as well, where one of the RNC committee chairman and his wife are just leaving the White House grounds going to get their parked car in one of these is a young, I hate to use the word lady but a young female genital sounds trans phobic or something a young female and in wearing one of those masks right which takes all about this much courage, zero courage, I just badgering these two and Rand Paul got badgered and and almost attacked the that I think they definitely would've hurt him and then there'd be the African-American Democrat from Atlanta who spoke on Monday night was there last night at the White House and so people the course to meet the look, the liberal media is going ballistic about the gathering there on the grounds of the White House because first of all, you're not supposed to politicize the White House, which sounds ridiculous doesn't it. The White House's political, but they haven't had big political type events like this. The RNC and the DNC. The national conventions every four years. That's not a constitutional thing. Just so you know that's just the political thing right so they try to keep politics off the grounds of the White House because that's a sacred place, don't tell that to Bill Clinton and so we obviously it's political all the time that the White House so that and that's to me now you don't have a bunch of fundraisers and stuff going on all the time but do you really think Bill Clinton that there's no fundraising going on at the White House. The use of the Lincoln bedroom. All I can stuff it's ridiculous, but everybody complaining on the left last night and into today about all these unmask radical Republicans who obviously hate their neighbors hate themselves hate the world hate old people hate children hate her because they're just trying to be super spreaders for Comed but if you take the same group of people took him off the White House grounds put them in black mass gave them some Molotov cocktails and some bats and they started destroying things impending black lives matter and and F12 all over the place. Then all of a sudden we be celebrating their First Amendment rights and their their social justice endeavors, which went on the White House grounds sporting by Donald Trump and all. All of a sudden there Holocaust of people right so that's the madness going on and then that the abuse last night and I really think Rand Paul at the cops had not circled him and his wife and their holding their bikes up to hold the crowd back. I think that they update would've been harmed, even kill, and this just continues to escalate, think about this. We've had over 80 days in a row 80 nights in a row of civil unrest and violence literally violence, property destruction, mayhem, Portland and Seattle in the stop in Chicago and Washington DC and then Minneapolis the other night flares back up. I put a video out today. A little earlier today of a police officer was walking over to his police SUV. This is in downtown Minneapolis and somebody throws what looked like a big round top to a garbage can type thing.

It was pretty heavy hit him right at the base of the neck and the back of his head and down he goes and you got 2030 people all gather around always going to check on him.

Somebody Chuck that Adam and he's down on the ground trying to radio obviously hurt and people are laughing and making fun of him and enjoying the moment.

That's where were at.

And I've said this so many different times recently that six months ago when were talking about hate this that were moving towards a Civil War and Mike. That's hyperbole that that's the media driving that 670 months ago Mike, that's all hyperbole you know what I think today I think that's absolutely the track that were on then you look at what's going on in Kenosha and by the way, have you seen the five-minute press conference speech from his mom and she should be front and center all over the place grieving over the condition of her son grieving over the situation, but praying for the nation. Praying for people praying for law and order. Praying for book police challenging everybody to check your hearts with you the please EMT fire Department, regular citizens, protesters, rioters everybody to stop a checker of ladies opposite Christian and grieving. Obviously over the situation with her son was only the story but there's a woman of darker skin just like so many of you that are called in to the show that happen to be of darker color Have full of the Holy Spirit grieving over's over different aspects angry over different aspects seeing injustice where it actually exists, but because of the Holy Spirit.

You remain calm, you remain prayerful. You remain hopeful and you're not gonna blow up anything, tear anything down to crisp can of spray paint and input profanity all over the place you're not gonna wear a mask and go harass people because her on the other side of the political aisle, and God bless you for that. But what we see going on in this country is an absolute nightmare and let me just get really political. Do you really think, can you really see Joe Biden in the Democrat party handling that. Do you do because they're not talking about it. Hardly at all and I think they like the narrative they like the narrative.

I'm willing to say that because anything that could potentially harm Trump there down with so hundred 80,000 dead Americans could with coronavirus.

I think somewhere in the dark recess of their mind because it has something to do with Trump's reelection. If it were 280,000 it be better because that would be more. Another hundred thousand deaths of our fellow American citizens that we could throw on Donald Trump shoulders and blame them for this is madness beyond political vitriol.

This is madness its insanity is being out of touch treat with reality. And I said that's where I posted some of these videos today of these horrific horrific acts I solicit here to visit you really think all that were single is violence always vitriol. Do you really think that's about racial discrimination anymore. That's in there with you really think that's what this is about Kenosha Minneapolis Seattle people being accosted outside the White House last night. You think that's really about black lives matter anymore. Oh that's part of it.

But here's what I think. I think that the devil masquerades as an angel of light. The angel of light is racial reconciliation, racial justice, but the real truth that will show American burn the Democrat dreamworld is that what's happening here. It is until November 3 and if all of this leads to the downfall of Donald Trump's presidency, then I think there all four girl for and listen. II trying to come on here and be hyper partisan because there's a lot of things about the Trump administration and what they've accomplished that I like and I applaud and I cheer there's things about the way Donald Trump handles himself and deals with others that I'm uncomfortable with. I know we can. That's a whole other conversation.

They deserve it. That's what's required bubble butt. But if you bring a biblical thing into it.

You got all that stuff should make a little bit nervous. Yesterday we did the show on conflict resolution talking about the fact that were supposed to be peacemakers and sometimes yes you have to go through award to achieve peace. I get that all in trying to say is I'm not always a mega hat wearing shill for Donald Trump of the Republican Party, but this is becoming such an obvious debarkation line of debarkation demarcation on November 3 and existential threats of Charlie Kirk Monday night at the RNC convention runs turning point USA the largest group of conservative college students pretty much on the planet. Okay, so he says Monday night in his speech, he opened up the are the Republican national convention that he called Donald Trump. The bodyguard of Western civilization. Now I get really nervous about Trump derangement syndrome on the right which is like idolatry, pretty much on a pedestal right as it is not King Cyrus, who was a completely outside of God, the God use them anyway. But like he's King David K.

Some people are like that.

I'm not but I there are some Christians that are heavily down that road.

Okay, so the Charlie Kirk and saying that I'm like okay I'm not enough to take that position but is Donald Trump. The bodyguard in America of Western civilization.

At this point, I believe he is.

I believe he is for such a time as this. And again, I'm not you'll see anywhere mega hat here and I can see a mega hat earned a mega sticker on the back. My car okay but that but I support this president voted for in 2016, although forming a couple months. I think you should do.

But this is getting completely out of hand in between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

There is no question who's willing to enforce law and order and it's not Joe Biden. I don't think he has the mental emotional capacity to do it anymore.

He's a puppet and I usually said so want to take you through these three articles today try to figure out which one to start with a plea from Kenosha demand justice to stop destroying us all this is from Gary Schnee Berger, who grew up in Kenosha, lives there. Okay the something from that.

This was really scary from Free Press international.

This was written by Charles Sam fat as a former CIA operative with 30 years of experience and intelligence operations about calming icing the USA because this is absolutely what they're trying to do day calming icing the USA and then there's this one. The Democrats dreamworld keeps collapsing into a nightmare. This was on the stream website.

August 9 by John Barak, CMI, RA, K and I think I think to start with this one because this is educational hour. Okay, I'm just trying to get our minds going in the right direction and praise the Lord, by the way in Jesus Christ. If you're in Jesus Christ.

If you're born again your house is built on the rock. It ultimately really doesn't matter eternally.

What happens in the here and the now because your eternal destination is secure. Your joy is secure. Your salvation is secure. That's awesome, but we live in the here and the now and we should be grieving over and engaging because this involves human beings made in the image of God.

Jesus died for so is talking about the Democrats dreamworld keeps collapsing into a nightmare. This push towards socialism and ultimately it's cousin communism was my readers are building busy building things, making things or selling useful services that make the neighbor's lives easier. That's what a market economy makes possible.

I want to grow my own potatoes raise my own hogs are before my own prostate exams economics that is the science of human cooperation causes happy fact, the division of labor and it's something the left objects to Marxist Final Fantasy the heaven on earth he promised.

After decades of worldwide conflict, the destruction of all religions and hundreds of millions dead sinners on one promise perfect equality and no more division of labor, somehow by history's magic. Once no one owns anything in the state. Distribute all wealth that all-powerful state will magically wither away. Sure mankind will no longer need to specialize in things everyone will be a dilettante will happily dabble in things would still be amazingly good at them, your neighbor, who farms and writes novels but also tinkers in dentistry will fix up your lower right molar. You'll switch back and forth between the designing airplane engines and translating lesbian memoirs from Portuguese and the Swahili is a sound like I'm making this up. Well, let's go read what Mark said himself. This is an article in the stream by Johnson rack. This is what Marx wrote okay pay attention in class is in session.

Quote in communist society were nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity, but each one can become accomplished in any branch he wishes society regulates the general production and thus makes it possible for me to do one thing one today and another tomorrow to hunt the morning fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening criticized after dinner, just as I have a mind without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, Shepherd or critic because that would totally happen right back to the author. This article doesn't sound at all like some adolescent fantasy prepared over by clunky jargon and relabeled scientific socialism. Not a bit. Trust us were reporters at CNN are lit professors at Hollywood or at Harvard.

Sorry so perfect equality, true freedom the superpower specialize in nothing but be good enough and everything all these things will rain from the skies like manna from heaven. This is good to get spiritual here in a minute okay so stick with me working to carry on to this and the other side of the break.

I'm trying to educate us all today okay I have to do is get his to get it is turnover absolute power, of every aspect of life and culture to a tiny elite of ideologues sounds familiar, doesn't it, they will run the dictatorship of the proletariat, though manage everything for you though. Decide when you're ready to waltz down the yellow brick road in the communist land of now it's time for me to practice my specialty.

For your sake. The author writes, it's my job to read complicated books and some them up in clear common sense language so you can get the gist of them without taking too much time away from what you specialize in, which is probably more urgent. I love this guy. One of most useful books of the 20th century science, politics in Gnosticism by Eric Vogler, a refugee from the Nazis detested by the communist Vogel and specialize in something quite distinctive and a little bit abstruse but really important. He traced in a long series of quite complex books. The connection between listen mankind through religious impulses in our civilizations and our governments anything he wrote is tough going, but really worth reading because there everything is spiritual Kenosha Portland Seattle the RNC convention, civil unrest, black lives matter.

Donald Trump November 3 coronavirus, you name it. Everything is ultimately spiritual, which is what this is going to take us to our right and is one of the book I mention, however, Vogel and tries to understand why sophisticated people in complex society succumb to simplistic fantasy politics such as the Nazis in communist practice.

Why do I merely professors pretend the anti-pause hooded thugs and body armor peaceful protesters. What makes teachers unions embrace accrued conspiracy theory like the 1619 project why smoke sums people smart enough to make it Manhattan vote for mayors like de Blasio who shut their cities toward chaos. Vogel and theorized that modern people without religion still see the fallenness of the world. The wickedness that exists they have to because God made it plain right. Romans one, but they've been taught that the Christian explanation for evil human sin does not allow it's off the table. Embrace it will be labeled a roof. I don't wear a dangerous fundamentalist, so you must grasp for an alternate theory. What else explains human suffering, you must find a scapegoat to blame and the movement that promises to hunt it down and killing the latest target is to get up there when we come back to Mac and Steve Noble to sleep little children to be with you.

Put some shocking videos up earlier today on my Facebook page off my personal page as well as here in the radio page that's noble show page on Facebook. You'll find those videos just shocking some things that have gone on in the last couple of days.

It just shows you are pushing more more. I believe towards an actual civil war. Will it be nationwide out. It's certainly happening on a local level in certain cities and like you got Seattle port or talking 80 nights in a row coming up on three months literally daily, and you think that can spread. I think in certain cities that can spread, but if it starts pushing into some areas where there's like these: quote silent majority who are kind of well armed and then I'd sooner or later there's many more shots fired, don't you think and you got the anti-file pokes the radical elements of BLM and their attacking cops and going after cops there get more brazen all the time, mostly because there hasn't been much of a consequence for them just hasn't been in a little lawlessness begets more lawlessness, so I'm reading from this one article them a push to a couple others. The Democrats, dreamworld kids, clapping and collapsing in a nightmares on the stream by Johnson rack earlier this month and is talking about this book by Vogel and talk about modern people without religion seemed still see the fallenness of the world.

The wickedness that exist, but they've been taught that the Christian explanation for human sin is not allowed. So what you do about that but really doesn't matter back to this article. What made up villain gets blamed. You could just as easily choose the Jews are capitalism what's really powerful about this new secular form of politicized religion is that it offers a simple black-and-white answer to complicated questions and locates the source of evil" out there and not in your own heart and soul. That's why saying of the gospel is the answer.

By the way, seems trite to most people and I let you pilot virtue points by bashing other people.

Does this sound familiar. In other words, it's almost the opposite of Christianity, but it taps into much of its power, it hijacks the Scriptures even if they come in handy even promises a new Jerusalem. I'll be at one built by human hands and piles of corpses, and no sign of Christ Vogel and said that believers in these new artificial religions.

Don't mentally dwell in the real world. That's why they're just getting more and more radical and crazy out there right they inhabit. Instead, a secondary reality, their ideology filters out conflicting information and helps them ignore basic laws of logic, such as cause and effect, highly intelligent people can make themselves seem stupid with their filters when their filters block out too much and then they do crazy things like spoiling posh neighborhoods whose taxes keep the subways running by dumping hundreds of druggies and fancy hotels where thousand other policies which a rational person living in the real world could tell them would prove disastrous for not dealing and logic your people. This is the end the article were dealing with a religion and a false one supported by principalities and powers. Like I keep saying this is all spiritual expect the same blank denial from hardline Democrats today as you have as you have found in Jonestown Guiana that socialist atheist enclave link to the big California Democrats tried out on a small scale went what the left has in mind for us on a grand one. Then will live in one big homeless shelter and squabble among the ruins, but only if we drink the Kool-Aid in November, pointing to what Charlie Kirk from turning point USA set on Monday night at the RNC he called Donald Trump. The bodyguard of Western civilization which at first I thought men that's in is not an overstatement is that hyperbole, the politics, no I actually think at this point that's true. I really think it's that existential this election in November. Some limit before I go on coming icing the USA next phase is Artie begun from Free Press international.

Let me just challenge you are you praying for those in authority over us. Number two. Are you praying regularly for the United States of America number three. Are you registered to vote number four. If you are registered, are you planning on voting or do you get an absentee ballot. Whatever you need to do okay. Number five if you regularly voting if your regular registered dependent voter like me are you talking to other people about it. Are you talking to like-minded people and asked asked the point-blank awkward question. Are you registered to vote. Are you voting in November. Who are you voting for.

Go ahead and get into it. I don't really care about your awkwardness or my awkwardness I care about the future of the nation.

Because my kids live live here in your kids and other people's kids. This is an about us. Primarily, this is about our posterity.

You know, we used to think like that.

We don't anymore, racking up, what are we almost set $27 trillion in debt were passed and all that junk that we taken credit cards out in our children's name their children's name and their children's name and we are racking them up and I dying go to heaven were to dump all the stuff on coming icing the USA next phase is Artie begun from Free Press international. This is from a guy named Charles Sam Fattah's, a former CIA operative 30 years of experience in intelligent operation so not an idiot. Okay is what he's saying we are watching an insurrection in Prague progress, one which uses incidences of the police use of force as pretax, but which has its goal the destruction of the existing social economic and political order in the United States get that in mind I said before, it's kinda controversial. I don't believe this stuff is about racial justice anymore. I think that's just Satan masquerading as an angel of light. So you you get out there and you protest in your part of the movement for racial justice which we should be and that looks great and it feels great and it makes it self-righteous and all it stop it.

There's good elements to it. Obviously. But Satan can masquerade as an angel of light and take you down the path to steal, kill and destroy. Which is exactly what we see happening which started as an angel of light and fighting for racial injustice fighting against racial justice right. Do you see that I hope you see the fat as noted that the Maoist theory of Revolutionary war holds that there are three phases to the struggle for the establishment of a communist state in the first stage status wrote the revolutionaries organize and consolidate and base areas may establish a platform from which to launch follow-on operations in some senses phase of the revolution is already well underway and has been for many years all across America, Marxist of gain control of colleges, universities, mass media, and even the corporate board rooms of work woke corporations.

The numbers of young college-educated white Americans participating in the ongoing destruction of our city shows just how effective and far-reaching.

This penetration is bent next time you watch some of these videos look try to figure out the average age is definitely in the 20s. The second phase that is noted involves the progressive expansion of the use of terror in the initiation of attacks in isolated enemy targets. The goals in this phase are to obtain arms, acquire supplies and gain political support. Symbols of regime authority like police stations and government facilities are typical targets for Maoist during this phase will really fat is continued and I know and listen. I'm listening to myself going.

Do I sound like a lunatic. I made 1218 months ago I would've said yeah, kinda today. No I think I'm actually woke not that woke woke to the spiritual reality, existential threat that's going on here. Okay, I don't think we can overstate this anymore. That is, continue, Artie well in the second phase of this revolution when the third precinct building in Minneapolis was sacked in the early phases of this insurrection. That was not a random action. It was a deliberate attack on the authority of the existing government is likewise no accident that much of the violence important is been centered on the federal courthouse or that BLM and any file actions in recent weeks have expanded to attacks on the residence. The mayor's Chiefs of police and police union officials. This will continue. It will expand all levels of government at the local, state and federal will be targeted officials will be intimidated. Government authority will be challenged and then replaced areas will begin the move under the control of the Maoist. This process is already underway. Rights elicit again. I try not to be a partisan hack here okay is my ultimate allegiance is not the party us to Christ. The guy I serve doesn't need your vote because he's already the king right so that's my first priority, but do you really can you really just think just set aside your spirit partisan politics were second just think Joe Biden, Harris, Democrat party, do you really think that there like you can come see this no, they aren't they can't. They won't energy have on the other side of that well. Love him or hate him Donald Trump is willing pretty much do anything. Not that that's always great but does Donald Trump want to enforce law and order.

Yes, we sent federal troops. And yes, sometimes you need overwhelming force. The only answer to lawlessness is a stronger power.

Unfortunately, I don't take any pleasure in that you think I enjoy seeing what's happening in our country.

I do not. It's heartbreaking. The mayors of Portland, Seattle and other cities have been intimidated by the power the insurrectionist status wrote again this 30 year CIA guy and have shifted to supporting them and turning them against their own police forces.

The mayor Portland is gone into the street and stood side-by-side with individuals attacking the federal building. The mayor New York City. De Blasio famously participated in painting a black lives matter tribute banner on the C Street weeks ago as their power grows black lives matter, any file another anarchist quote will expand the scope of their challenge to the authority of the existing governmental structure unquote is a dangerous thing I think about Biden and Kemal Harrison, Nancy Pelosi, and all that for them.

This is just all useful tool is just a useful tool to try to dethrone Donald Trump. That's how extreme their idolatry of the presidency is for them. I think this is just all convenient base of a day heartbroken at some level to see violence to see dad to see destruction of property. A lot of black small businesses absolutely destroyed that the impact of COBIT 19 and the shutdown is there some part of them that goes in hand. This is you know what I don't know that actually unfortunately I think for a large number of them, especially the ones in power.

I don't think they feel that it's really sad. We need this is Steve Noble to Steve Noble shall wrap it up visiting with you today. The Democrat dreamworld that that will receive your I think at this point, but really for the radicalized Democrats and it can be very interesting to see come November 3 just how much of the African-American vote. Donald Trump gets it's gonna be fascinating to see what happens to be the independence remember in this country it's 30 3040. I was just teaching my new civics classes high school age homeschoolers this the other day, 30, 30, 40 member that 30% registered Republican 30% registered Democrat 40% independent. Now most independents are voting one or the other but they they want to be registered as okay so it's going to be fascinating to see what happens and we talk about the silent majority, and they're deftly out there and they don't protest they don't burn stuff down some of them are starting to show up and protect property and stuff but most of them I'm not the silent majority because I'm not silent but most of them are just doing their stewing and when you see what happened last night after the Republican national convention ended with Rand Paul and other officials and elected officials getting harassed even threatened on the street and that they and the cops hadn't stopped that. I think we would've seen elected officials in the hospital or the morgue because I put a video on my Facebook page. Earlier today and on Instagram that you need to see it's only about 11 or 12 seconds long. Somebody chucks a pig looks like the top of a big, waste container at the box back of a cop as he's walking over to his SUV.

This was in Minneapolis just the other night clips them had some right square in the back of the neck of the basement, said down he goes.

He's kind arriving there in the crown around its cheering their love and it is like where's Nero brought another Christian to the lions. This is absolute madness like this is crazy man okay stop for a second finish of this article stop for second. This hasty, this is crazy yeah I agree what's the definition of crazy.

By the way crazy as being out of touch with reality. What's reality. Reality is that which is true while what's true nice. Only Pontius Pilate what's true true true is that which the creator of all things, says is true. It's it's reality you die without Christ to go to hell you die with Christ, your sins can be forgiven. The Holy Spirit can guide your life man is naturally driven because of our fallenness toward sin.

That's why Madison set of men were angels they would have no need of government. One founding father after another set our form of government alone is only gonna work because there's so much liberty there so much freedom it's only gonna work from fundamentally religious and immoral people. But the more that religion and morality comes down.

That means restraint from the inside and the more you have to have restraint from the outside.

So, in a nation that's cast God off and we are very much a secular nation. Okay, you can still have 70% of Americans say that there Christians but just because you go to church is a mean your Christian any more than being in a garage makes you a car just because you say your Christian is and I'm in studying the stopper 15 years now. I would say based on all the research I've looked at for 15 years that the born-again population of the United States America is probably 9 to 12% somewhere in there so 80% 80% 90% Americans consider Christian all they want but if you're not born-again you're not a Christian you don't have the Holy Spirit you can't really discern spiritual truth and so you throw all that stuff out what you get.

No restraint inside and the only thing restrains it on the outside is a stronger and stronger power which eventually can become a tyranny because that's the only thing that's going to restrain that the human sin nature unbridled can only be put down by a tyrant and so the government has to naturally get bigger and stronger. You see where this goes. That's why communism and socialism and Marxism always leads to massive bloodshed when I see massive bloodshed in the 20 century loan. I'm talking like 100+ million people back to this article fattest 30 year CIA veteran as the power grows back lives matter anti-file another anarchist will expand the scope of their challenge to the authority of existing governmental structure then phase 3 begins at the level of as the level of violence expense.

We will see a shift from vandalism, burning and beatings to the use of Molotov cocktails firearms and car bombs.

Bettis wrote this happens we are well past the point where this movement could be snuffed out easily. The Maoists will begin to challenge communists will begin to challenge federal anarchist will begin to challenge the federal government directly in control by this point of urban centers National Guard on reason, fielding their own police forces. The revolutionaries will move to threaten the very existence of the Republic could get that big could it not yet they don't have enough of him and is a whole lot of Americans that are well armed and ready to rock 'n' roll. Would they be willing to pull the trigger. I don't know.

I've got some emails lately. After a few my shows were people I hate Steve just to let you know I'm locked and loaded in it like like the one guy sent me an email said that they show up on my property and try to force a vaccine on us for COBIT.

I'm in a tournament Swiss cheese I'm to go until the lead runs out.

I'm like oh my, what is that really what you really do that you got to state officials, local officials, County officials, federal officials would come to that. Could it come that I think so.

This is crazy talk.

People crazy talk. The Marxist Maoist takeover can be crushed. Bettis wrote the type can be turned right now. The first step in doing so, however, is to acknowledge what is happening. A revolution is underway. The first phase is largely complete. The next phase is already begun. We need to stop it and stop it now calming arising the USA's name of that article next phase is already begun. Free Press international featuring Charles Sam fattest.

In this case, a former CIA operative with 30 years of experience and intelligence operations. Not an idiot. Okay. Let's finish with this not you own. Second, let's just let's put arm on this put her money where her mouth is in the chest. We pray with me, please visit keep your eyes open. If you drive in whatever you pray for God wow this is so alarming and so dark and so sad and so real and so present and it's it's a real threat. Father, I think you that our security is not wrapped up in what's happening in this world around us.

That's not wrapped up in the flag is not wrapped up in the White House is not wrapped up in the election in November that we are safe and secure in you, through Christ who will never leave us and forsake us.

He is our rock.

Our fortress in an ever present help in times of need.

And Lord, we are in need. We are in desperate need were in need. As your children through Christ for the power the Holy Spirit to represent you well to speak truth with grace and more than anything else to share the gospel because that is the only power on earth that changes a hateful, depraved heart is the gospel. So help us Lord first and foremost be gospel people, but were also dealing with the threat here is you know father that's just going to mow people over just like we've seen in the past, communism, Marxism, Cain kills Abel. We just that her human heart is mow people over and those are people made in your image who have inestimable worth who Jesus died for the father.

We just pray for a miracle. We pray for out awakening. We pray for revival. We pray for the president.

We pray for elected officials on both sides of the aisle for sanity Lord, we pray for peace were supposed to be peacemakers. Blessed are the peacemakers, Lord, we we many of us, myself included, feel powerless, I got come on here and talk about it but I ultimately kind of feel powerless to help us to rest and you hope is not the seller joy down the river based on what were seeing online and social media.

Lord help us to be a great aroma to you a beautiful fragrance for you because of our faithfulness, Lord help us to be an oasis in this dark and depraved world and I must be ready to give an answer for the hope that we have. We do pray because of the human cost for our nation what's going on right now yes in Jesus name, amen. Right. This last thing a plea from Kenosha. This is a guy named Gary Schnee Berger Griffin Kenosha situated Lake Michigan.

But hundred thousand people. My city looks like Beirut today.

He tells one news.

Now it's unfathomable to me to Dana Martin Tuesday night marked the third night straight night a protest writing, alluding after Kenosha police officer shot and killed Jacob Blake, a black man Sunday afternoon. The shooting set the city on fire. This is real friends. This is America, so the city on fire and the sunset on Sunday, the Great Lakes city that is proud of its Lakeshore Park's historic lighthouses and harbor market witnessed the mobs hit the undefended streets and begin their destruction. This is not protesting. This is criminal, the owner of a jewelry store told Fox six news after looters fled with approximately $200,000 in jewelry. After destroying the store, the owner of a car dealership reported more than 50 automobiles were torched during the first night called what happened was business domestic terrorism in his right on the second night of writing Fox six reported the fire department responded the 37 fires in the city watch more homes and more businesses in the Department of Corrections go up in flames on the third night of Kenosha riots. The writers hit the streets and came face-to-face with armed vigilantes.

Another: after Gov. Tony Evers ignored pleas for more Washington National Guard troops.

He doubled their numbers from hundred 25 to 250. That's not enough. When County leaders were pleading for 1500 troops to control the public streets that sounds about right and breaking his Wednesday morning, Pres. Donald Trump announced via Twitter, the governor Evers had agreed to federal assistance for the hard-hit city follow-up tweeted clarified the federal law enforcement more National Guard troops were headed to the city. Thank God. Last night was not nearly as bad. By the way, because you need superior force to deal with this stuff. According to Gary Schnee Berger, the guy from Kenosha. Other commotions have spoken with understand with understanding the anger and frustration over the shooting, but nobody's condoning night after night of violence. Quote there's a lot of discussion about the shooting that is led to the protests and riots. They are apples and oranges. He insists even if they are apples and oranges.

The shooting and the response to it.

The violent response to it are apples and oranges, hoping someone can find a voice to speak to both sides of the findings seeing both in the community and the nation at large. Like so much of the discussion. She said we had in our country today is people not listening to other people talking about warns is a lot going on in the white wake up all the that's that briefing scrapping dying begging for an answer, but an answer that the world you know and I know the only answer all of this is Jesus Christ. That is only speak truth with grace and we stand firm is the only hope anybody or any nation on this email will show God willing I thought father always is ever forward

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