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Hunting Human Traffickers

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 26, 2020 1:30 am

Hunting Human Traffickers

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 26, 2020 1:30 am

Hunting Human Traffickers

Today Steve welcomes “Mark”, founding member of the Counter Human Trafficking Joint Task Force to talk about his work hunting human traffickers abroad...and we are also joined by Jeff Tiegs of All Things Possible, a former member of Delta Force who is working stateside to capture traffickers and pedophiles. Two men of God called to attack one of our world’s darkest practices: Child Sex Trafficking. 


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Everyone is noble to meet everyday life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your house I think a little bit different, since they are talking about reality that's out there rolling around for a while. All I hear about human trafficking and child sex trafficking and I think most of us are aware of it. How bad it is what's actually happening in the world is anything that can be done and I was telling him I guess.

Today Mark, who was with the counter human trafficking joint task force and when I can I tell you a whole lot about that and if you're on Facebook live architecture in the studio with me, but you're not gonna see and hear him and in the last 6 to 8 weeks. I would say I've gotten a consistent kind of ongoing amount of messages mostly through Facebook of people saying hey Steve, you need to talk about sex trafficking and child sex trafficking and we gotta talk about this in the states, so some warmer people been saying that we've done shows on in the past but obviously we need to do more often so today that'll work focusing on working to start with marker to start, generally with the problem what's going on were to be a kind of an international level in the markets is based here in America this season mostly the things that he's doing international friends talk about that first in the morning to talk to Jeff is going to join the conversation. Jeff and Mark know each other just with all things possible which is Victor Marx. Victor Marx is been on the show before and does a lot of work with orphans and refugees done a lot of stuff in the Middle East and ask ethic the last time that we had Victor on the show. He called in from the sat phone.

They were about 30 minutes outside of moldable and I just rescued a little girl off the streets there when Isis was tearing up the country so we got a lot of a lot of ground to cover.

Today marks accident on the show before but it's been a while. Mark, how are you good to see you doing great thanks to you for having welcome okay counter human trafficking joint task force sounds kind of intense.

It sounds dangerous.

It sounds official to give us the 10101 on what it is and what you guys are doing in the will get into more specifics. Sure we really were founded to meet the demand from other countries outside of our borders who needed assistance and help fighting trafficking within their country and know so we are small team books.

We utilize a great deal past experience and resources of those venturing past law enforcement special forces intelligence and we focus in going into a country working at the highest levels of government that we can within the country to create understandings and agreements to help them and then we get busy and you know that's not that sounds easy, but that takes a lot of groundwork, a lot of time and a lot of effort, but is a faith-based show to say that God is given as much favor doing yeah it certainly is true and this is by the way Molly been involved with this now and I took too much in your background, but will focus solely on human trafficking for a good for years just so I got a bunch of former special forces. This is, I know it sounds counter human trafficking joint task force sounds a bunch of bureaucrats a distance because you could you guys actually down on the level right in and give us just cannot what you guys do as your encountering and going after the people involved in specially child sex trafficking around the world, take us through the whole nuts and bolts of how action is there is a lot of good work being done, obviously both an American offshore. I think what we do is is quite unique and special because of our team and who we are and that is as I mentioned working with that nation's government will going rogue were not going in just to your rescue couple kids and raise a lot of money or something that that's not at all. Our objective our objective is to put something in place that is long-term and so to do that you have to connect the dots within the good people of every government.

If there is a good attorney general was put them in the post plug-in.

If there is a bad Mr. interior avoid him if there's you don't weep those people in place together with us and then we get busy, meaning we we have to train, equip and and put together trafficking unit now. Some countries have that already available but they are not working or not. They're not effective you know and so with address that why countries don't have it, but what we look for is to create a unit that has fed.

I would say jurisdiction over the whole country not just the local police group, you know, so we we done this effectively now and countries and that is to train to eliminate those who don't make the training over a period of time and then bring it down to five or six individuals who we can advise assistant company and we can work based on their intelligence in different projects to rescue children and we stay active with them and you know my team are great. Their servants mandate that they have missionary hearts with you know one with tactical background yeah okay you know and we spend hours and days of our lives just pouring into these individuals. Because long-term is that we have to have them operating working with good intelligence. Hopefully, eventually, have been funded through their own government so that when were not there. They're getting the job done, but we don't ever leave that that far yet it were never too far from them. Obscene organizations kinda summer show up, throw some money at something not really do the proper training and then they wonder why your later they been exploited in the report yet are all made up and you and and this is this is this is so you mentioned intelligent several times obsolete. There has to be a bunch of intelligent, but this is frontline grades going in the places where child sex trafficking is happening you're right you're going after the bad guys are trying to rescue kids all the stuff this like for a lot of people this unit.

This think movies okay when you see this kind of stuff going on in the Boston in the places that's essentially what's happening how you sensationalize no but you know it. It in foreign countries.

It is very good is very aggressive.

Whether it's a you know and at one thing we focus on is the direct route to the states. Okay, so how we do that is after that training a gathering of intelligence. If there is not strong intelligence. We begin to work heavily in the nightclubs. Maybe the capital of the country, you know that's a 3:50 AM job and you will quickly learn what nationalities of girls being trapped in that country. Age all that you know and so that's a quick way to gather a great deal of intelligence from the local trafficking rings were also always typically a source for the international trafficking rates you know to feed them depending on the country were working in. This is basically a worldwide network is a lot. Is there a lot of interconnectedness there is an regions amine internationally notes they say 7/10 victims in slavery or trafficking earth through Asia Pacific region I and I've worked there as well and that is a place where there are some massive trafficking ring somewhere one right now that goes into the Middle East that we helped interrupt recently. We only were able rescue six but out of what we gathered is estimated over 20,000 are being in that ring yeah, where, when we come back talking to Mark counter human trafficking joint task force down there on the level we come back to take us into some of their recent incursions things that they been involved in this is activity easy to hear there's some very young age is some remarkably dark things going on but you need to know what's going on out there so be fully aware of what the market seems As well as a lot of the hours are sustainable will be right back counter human trafficking website is a general enough name because that marks here in the studio but is not on camera for Facebook live up your wonder why am looking off to the side talking to somebody it's not my shadow.

It's actually marks in the studio with me so were just kind of understanding human trafficking what's happening around the world, marked as Lottie was just out of a country recently. Abby had not of the country again in the near future. Writer had not. Again, these are our brothers in Christ.

These are Americans.

These are experience people a lot of former special forces peoples asses nitty-gritty down on the level. Working with foreign governments that are cooperative to owner in order to enable them and train their own people but then they going with them. Actually frontline things are happening so Mark again, thanks for being here today and I just take us into your world a little bit so we can kinda understand what you're saying and and then as a believer I have always asked this question, how you deal with what you see but give us some examples of some things that you've run into recently so we understand just how dark this is some of the darkest environments that we work on or the is the nightwork we also participate in border operations we participated in some undercover work listing type operations. Right now we've got enormous list of orphanages posing as orphanage, but being utilized for trafficking or sexual exportation of the girls there I let that's what I was doing last week I was undercover note in the inner place to understand is this week's staff member participating and then is disconnected to America. Is this an isolated issue of the staff members exploiting children on cam videos you all that history and those take time, but some of the worse situations by four that our team sees is the nightclub so when after we train the unit as described earlier, and equip them when I want a system to hit the nail on the head and for us.

In most countries there will countries it's it's in that what we call sleazy environment and nighttime brothels and clubs and you know we work with that team. We get a judge on hand. We do everything this necessary to do what has to be done in our memory or MOU emplaced to do this so those of our Misty really is like song more.

I mean typically you're going to an area where it seems like a restaurant you pass through another door and it becomes a little bit you know dirtier, and tickling the back there's often strip club type environment beds and the like that.

So our unit along with the unit we train their there's about 10 of us will go in and we determine how inner that facility. What the judge would like us to do. That's no put everybody down if that's turn lights on officials quickly moved out the team into the deepest section of the buildings and in those environments. Some of those countries, there might be 200 million might be hundred to 200 men, and those environments are heavily armed and some of those countries because with trafficking comes drugs and narcotics are so you and gun so we try to get in quickly, we train that team scenario-based how to know hold the door how to secure the building how to get to the back remove the girls the victims average age we see in a lot of countries now rescue down to infants okay Asia Pacific, but the truck up to the states tend to be about 13 right that age. And so we secure the girl an extractor at that point you know and moving back out almost all girls but not exclusively in our schools.

We know I mean I member a little, well never forgot he was two years ago I was on the couch men are being perpetrated so the second story of the nightclub policy nine years old nine just repeatedly raped and sodomized over and over most of you know the word for crisis nine countries create an environment where you know so hard to create a trafficking you know situation so they can pick up boys girls from some different things there.

Slavery hand labor slavery that are useful for and in their use at night, but that the other young man still far better now. How to how are they getting these little children literally clear talk about this earlier before the show and know it we are having a cup of coffee somewhere.

I think it's it. To me it sounds like it's kinda like the SPCA system here, the pound in America. We got stray dogs and cats. They get picked up by the pound and some people come in and you go get up cat or a dog from the SPCA. It sounds like it's kind of the same thing with these little children and trafficking that the right because on the legs of the orphan crisis is a real problem in a lot of countries and the poverty level.

And so, whether suit of full orphanages is living on the street that is picked up his inventory for you know club or trafficker or the issue at hand is also poverty.

A mama single mom can afford, so she's promised that your eight-year-old were we have a job for her or she does outright sells the girl you know or puts the girl out to that position since what we need money, go do this and it's so sad because their country.

Steve where you know in America we like sensationalized all driving shirt with a history is over $10,000 on Internet away for everybody's talking about Heath again what I when I brought it there is such a volume of inventory available. The tiny tip of the iceberg. You're looking at an ant when the elephants are coming over the walls.

Yes, it doesn't matter. Course right it is a matter in the Army, but attractors not going to the extravagant sea of building a website putting up furniture selling for $10,000 when he go to Santa Domingo or some other country nearby and pay three dollars for getting you on the level and have as many as he wants from multiple countries.

You need to play any games right and so it is such a sad environment to know that a mom sold a child and is pimping her out or letting her sell yourself for some time to block a dollars she lost 50 people with the economical situation. The country is and where you're at your arms.

The more developed countries. Inventories were the whole, how much is America part of the system and part of the engine. Well, you know, I think Jeff will talk a lot about that, but it is is definitely the large consumer child pornography and it creates a great demand on me. We've worked with, you know some caseloads in south of us here where the perpetrators in American whose requesting images and pictures on the Internet he's he's in the child pornography, but he's taking another level mean he's going to that country. Yeah, you know, and he is going to abuse that the actual children, but he's connected.through somebody in Europe somebody or in a we've seen that you worked those those cases well were both fathers or both followers of Christ.

How do you how you manage this emotionally, mentally, spiritually mean that that doesn't really get any darker than this on the planet right.

My wife asked Yoshi she does a good job helping me with that.

It is a it is something I would say that the reason God in his sovereignty has my involvement now in this issues because I'm a little older and wiser, and your life can be carp it could be handled better. Yeah, I think if I was younger you would not more foolish for will not sit well because the images we see in these clubs are there to know beyond X-rated and you can't his heart and we are trying idea girl who's who's being abuse in you know you're trying to make a determination real quick to move a perpetrator off and then determines this girl 13 and she's got a wig on to make her look 18 what's going on here you know it takes time and you know Janita often stumble on my words. But I'm stumbling on this one.

How the kids act yet 30 structure depending on the situation where they promised a job some kids when he's mad at the border. Is there an environment like a club or some of her drug use in Arkansas to get out the door will be rest.

There are some who are in the system there and that involvement their 1617. I think there is no hope like this let me do this is that we have wonderful after four. Talking to Mark counter human trafficking task force to talk to Jeff and we come back in and a child. I've he's here in the studio. He's off camera for obvious reasons.

These guys are on the ground in other countries, and this is very sensitive stuff that they're doing so you have to be careful at that.

I would counter human trafficking joint task force and Jeff is joining us, Jeff, with all things possible.

Victor Marx is been on the show before and Jeff is a is a good friend of marks. But tell us about Jeff, you introduce Jeff and then offering them a little. I Jeff I know has quite the bio if you get all things possible you. You'll see. His background was 25 years and use Larkin's got a great deal of experience in counterterrorism and insurgency expert you do a lot of training and in all that now is devoting that all too trafficking well when I first met Jeff. It was overseas and despite all of your amazing background.

Jeff Ullman tell you why you stayed in my mind. By the way Jeff and what Michelle and I been waiting for Mark to tell me all day like Ellis great experiences.

Great guy but does all is great stuff but there's one reason I really like him but I'm not entirely on the end and why I followed him in his fight against human trafficking because he was he was fighting there when I met him and was doing states that workers are doing summer sees them.

But the thing is is that I was talking to him and I know it was. I knew we would say you know if your one guy and a great guy but he told me when he worked out that he would listen to J. Vernon McGee wow that's so that her brow were like somewhere like Kurdistan, Iraq, and he tells me that I was late I saw this guy I think he's the real deal. I call you as you follow J. Vernon McGee as J.

Vernon McGee walks literally right next to Moses right so I listen to only worked out everything on Johnson snuggly Jeff.

That's why I've got a fall demand on your your previous efforts in fight. Now I'm so glad to hear the new COO of ATV right all things possible. Victor Marx Jeff talking to Michelle Mark. Looking forward yeah I think that is a guy like Tabor and Vicki.

When you hear the first time you need time with the voice is unforgettable when he was with me for many years. Many rotation out of the rock kind of stable place for me to relax and work out and run and just the Lord was saying it was just grass or listening to Metallica and euros and hide so gently wanted to concentrate with your your sideshow here a little more what's happening on the domestic human trafficking here on the on the stateside of it all Amber on Facebook lie was asking a question about what you what's going on with the best questions ask our local politicians in reference to human trafficking and what did they do to combat this industry in her backyard, so help us understand what's actually happening here in the states. Sure well what about market talking about. There are a lot of and then there are there are different couple of different things. What interesting is when Mark goes into the other nation.

He's trying to work at the highest level possible and the answer in America is not at the highest level possible. It was okay because we have community churches without local government that are all in power to affect change, so you know where I'm coming from. I was with five years old and guarding a group followed this model, like we did oversee that guy and I did meet with cars I meet with Malik E know I was meeting with warlords and tribal leaders and village elders and that we were affecting the change in NY. The war had a happy bowl put upon them. Could we just didn't connect the lowest level successes one Valley and one village at a time with that with the federal level, and I think that is the model United States.

We are so decentralized and people out there have more power and influence that they realize not focusing it all to Washington DC and have you trickle But right and wrong that such an important point because we tend to think federal that's what we can set all the time. Were talking about Trenton Pelosi and Biden and all that but there's still a lot of action on the local level.

How bad is the human trafficking in the United States, Jeff, and especially when it comes to children, we are unfortunately incredible what you were talking about with Mark but a lot of the Western nation are traveling internationally. What they called back towards him.

We don't quite have the open market like you see overseas. The commercial sex industry in the United States is out.

You live in private. There are over 150,000 ads a day are posted.

So when you think about what I'm talking about is the commercial where women and girls predominantly are being sold online, you can order them up like a pizza and that is just running in every city, every city in America. Every town in America. You can order a girl and how you and just take a little bit extra work by law enforcement to try to figure out if that victim is a minor or an adult and the US is really hyper focused on the minors and and I get it you got it you know you have yet to interdict that cycle as early as possible. And that's one of the reasons why we built an incredible apparatus identifying victims online looking at a question of law enforcement and ATP were really going to try to tackle the file, the man that are diction prepubescent children really talk space to work and impossible for me to even tell you what the dollar amount you much more close but you can extrapolate from what we can see in the open economy.

United States, what is the country out there anymore underground economy. Yeah, it's really remarkable you know we I think on a national level. We hear about it when the Super Bowl comes around and I told Marcus earlier before the show even started and when we started the show I I'm getting an increasing traffic from people asking me to talk about this more on the air is obviously an uptick in its continuing to grow, but what successes are we seeing here obviously the problem is growing. The demand is huge. The depravity of America as we continue to cut a spiral down in our lack of morality are we actually winning anything here in America we just kind of fighting back the tide, you know, I think we would talk year ago I would've been much more competent in the fact that we were waiting.

A combination of the cold 19 virus how that bankrupted across America caught because the budget and courage and unrest with defunding the police or even if it is in and of being more like reallocate funds from the police.

Yeah we we are at an all-time high vulnerability and exploitation the children out there in the United States. The American boys and girls vulnerable are lonely, isolated and much work dockable to the creditors because they're living their life become much more online. So while we have made progress over the years we have taken an incredible hit over the last year and I don't see it coming out of it anytime soon is specially not with the Americans raising their voice and saying I need to see something done and or reallocating funds investing in the company like like what what Mark is doing and what were doing at all possible, guarding, investing in these private nonprofits that were law-enforcement and fight crime from another. Yeah, that's just what I've been talking about this for months. Jeff and in and Mark that there's so many dominoes that are lining up behind the coronavirus itself is so much weight.

We are not even her leasing the tip of the iceberg right now in terms of all the dominoes that are starting to fall will continue to fall as a result of how we reacted to coronavirus where we brought an atom bomb to a knife fight Henry and thought about that angle that we are all way more online people are isolated, the CDC for goodness sakes the other day came out and set about 25% of 18-24 of contemplated suicide in the last 90 days and so this that, but that really just tills the soil for more and more of trafficking is that basically what you're saying is exactly what I'm saying you know when I don't know if you if you have any still in school. My voice on college right now but you know when I was growing up coronavirus and we had to leave school like yeah yeah all you know that's right but that's because we came from healthy families. When you think of these children that are now being locked in a room with their abuser back back when they heard that you're not going to school for the rest of the year they thought oh my goodness, I am now in this department with my mom's boyfriend who was sexually abusing me on a daily basis like I cannot even get into that young person's mind and and and there is a lot of instruction to come. There's a lot of these vulnerable young women that have been exported again you don't stop biology not the average age of entry into the next greatest number between 13 to 15 years old. That's where their exploitable that's where they can easily target every chapter.

So that's our up in a break when talking to Jeff from all things possible. Victor is the website their MAR X and then we got Mark here in the studio counter human trafficking joint task force and incredibly important topic that was covering today. Not easy to hear that you got a hearing.

That's why you share this over and tell other people will be right back. So talking about trafficking today child sex trap all the methods involved all the darkness marks here in the studio counter human traffic joint task forces friend Jeff is on the phone is also with Victor marks all things possible and that website is Victor We have some people on Facebook live checking that out right now and ask him some questions. Jeff, five similar questions for you. Thanks for joining us today? In the studio.

I think Mark had a question for you Jeff Sammarco had commented on air. The similarities of what he described, occurring here in the states is all happening overseas so the vacancy of NGOs in certain countries that we work and where there is typical bustling about, of Americans helping those who are need is not there, and so the desperation of the economy to eat to whatever is is turning many families to selling their children or into false hopes of a job at country X nearby, and that were seeing that just is just out of control control even though borders are supposedly close, or I can take you to Borders where I've went for 200 pesos. Your good man you're going to hear LARP were looking the other way. So it is such a problem. What they want us Jeff was. I know that ATP and in his expertise making a focus for those in those pedophiles is that nationwide Jeff what you tell me where you guys are really going to be hitting the nail on the head. We hope we can in the United States that talked not to crack you're talking about you so term I want. I want to present their quality child pornography that actually changed the term now to child sexual abuse material which I really like because pornography has much of a notion that people are attracted to me like there's something there some normalcy to it. So when you call it child betrayal.

That is exactly what what were dealing with.

And there isn't a place in our nonprofit to the active that is the sole propriety of the government, you know. And the Lord in figuring out what files are up to be a top space trying to figure it out in one of those things are looking out over the years. It really made to figure out how we can like I said the these special victims unit crimes unit.

They are being were talking big city like LA New York City were talking small like the suburbs in Kansas.

You know they are going to need our help so long after Mark to really try to figure this out. United States and other obviously ATP still has to work with David doing in Cambodia in Iraq and Syria will continue work out as well, but I think this is the under resourced focus right now is online sexual abuse by the files that ultimately too often leads to Amazon we run into some of the deceased and the I question how much of it is in your experience here in the states. It is American children being exploited direction versus its international pedophilia from you know other countries so that I have benefited to the states.

You will let imagery now works you're going to accept more and more if you're good at all material you got a becoming more and more, so there's much more production United States.

But again, it is literally underground basement work or not.

Also, the exchange production coming out of the boat when you're talking about hands-on there aren't a lot of children coming across borders and be physically abused. All that does happen to him.

It is probably somewhere less than 10% are American kids that are being abused and you already touched upon it to hire talking with things overseas.

As we talk about the opioid crisis, and people that are unemployed.

All that he parent caregivers selling their children to feed their habit.

While we don't have the level of poverty that does exist in another country. We do have criminality issues that are absolutely at one other thing again work more on the phase here of just making people angry. We don't have a lot of problems.

We have a lot of foster care is one of if not the biggest recruitment place for pedophiles and child, and it is absolutely no it just the devil in the room that we have to because how how do you know how do you know when you're trying to provide a child with the state play just like you're talking about Mark with an orphanage release over these places were making them.

How do you know that Dr. Wolf in sheep's clothing. So right. These are all things that we got you where you know it's a safe place in the first place were talking to Jeff from all things possible. That's Victor marks MAR and the markets here in the studio counter human trafficking joint task force.

Jeff I get messages from various people talking a pizza gate and special language in out in Hollywood and some elected officials that have been busted in some of these child sex trafficking and sex sexual abuse things, but it is that should we be focusing on.

That is the bigger part of the problem. Deftly like local and and kind of behind the scenes versus the sensational thing of going after Hollywood what what's kind of the epicenter. What's the bigger problem here in America where should we focus much more simple so you gotta think of it out in economy right they call it underground.

I and okay I will call me a fabric right but Coca-Cola everybody drinks Coca-Cola right rich people drink Coca-Cola but the ones that are on the commercial with a Coke but that that how industry is there are billions of people participating in the spec industry across the state, but were overly focused on the rich and the payment the rich and famous art are knocking to keep the economy going back to guys like XP and you remember Jared from Subway backing a few years ago. You guys never touched the commercial sex economy because they didn't need to battle well that they could create their own kind of private little beverage company, any so what is beating the United States is every socio-social class, every demographic call no difference between people that are making hundred thousand dollars a year to those that are on on welfare. There you cannot run the gamut know what we can see is there is a slight overrepresentation of African-American girls and Latino Hispanic girls that are that are the victim so that's that's another one of those things. When we talk about trying to help trying to say why this had raised.

He felt this level of inequality. Jeff and some of these old scars on America is troublesome is a lot of ignorance there so much photography. A lot of people don't feel like waving a flag when when there become in that world themselves. I did a lot of people asking during whole shells present Facebook Jeff and Mark but Jeff specifically were aware were engaged, we care what we do what we do to help.

What God is doing through you every bad all things possible and of course we talking Mark earlier but how can we help will obviously want to my new profession]. All I do. All I all I do you know so supporting the organization that are representing you and your passion please. Nonprofit is a really good one. The other one is at your local level.

Make your voice heard. Okay, I heard Mark you were saying that there was, I think it was a minister of tourism or something who said extracting my country luck man we got DA the town I live in the town I live in the DAs best extracting of six okay and the only way he is going to address it is when the people the community demand is either elected officials and one of the reasons people sometimes think that extracting is not decreasing because it left the street the other art therapist street walkers out there at the right levels are used to be all online now when you have a woman being sold on the recorder people calling say clean it up unless they start the call in and demand that there are some allocations allocated resources addressing this issue. It's just going to call and I can't blame long working. We got a lot when they have a budget cut and they have to list out what is there are other critical tasks counter pedophiles encounters extracting it is hard to stack up against murder burglaries stressed out and all these other things that the community that they deal with our boys have to be unified and any to any chance to get any counsel, state representatives, district reasons, they what are you doing to address this problem in our area and the moral voices are heard more dollars will be allocated just make them see the light or make him feel the heat amelia two options there, but in terms of supporting you, Jeff and everything going on at all things possible ATP.

If you give parents that phrase Victor how can we help you guys directly number one prayer that's not the biggie you know.dollars will get you so far Air support you need any anytime I want on an objective in my career.

It sure felt good down there, barely hear it or see it, but I knew there you know and needed Bill know that that prayer is always required and then again everything is safe dollars is or how to really combat about you. I would have to build so get over to your Victor marks MAR with all things, possibly about that marking on the show today as well. Do you want to find out more about getting involved there helping them out financially. Just message me personally or email me at Steve.

Steve Noble or find me on Facebook and I'll get you connected.

Either way, jumping so much for your work things from what's been on the show and let's make sure we do this again real soon. Okay.

The positive thoughts and thanks bro Mark, thanks for being a man. This is Steve Noble and Michelle God willing will talk again real soon and like my dad always

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