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Republican Home-run?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 25, 2020 1:08 am

Republican Home-run?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 25, 2020 1:08 am

Republican Home-run?

Today Steve talks about the riots that have begun up in Wisconsin due to the recent hospitalization of Jacob Blake.  He also addresses the first night of the Republican National Convention. 


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or checking out Now here's your host noble. I almost want to let you really like a natural dimension last week was really quite lame I'm not saying that because I'm a conservative and I'm going to vote for Trump. I'm not saying that just one that wasn't well produced it with good people, male and in and from different places and different looks all over the place and so last night with Republican national convention. I was, I was curious about it, but I I wasn't excited about it on my renal disease later, late they just are so but of course in 2016. It wasn't lame it was. It was theater because it was Donald Trump and I we were just all you know kind of amazed that he was the nominee and very wise in your like what you gonna say Oz is going to go so bizarre, and in this your first with Comed and everything being flipped upside down and not be can have all these grounds in place and dealing with other party business, which by the way isn't that these national conventions are not a constitutional issue.

This is just party politics and so I was like you and I don't know I got a lot going on in my life and that you're busy to those things going on and I decide, okay. Alright let me just check it out and as soon as I saw the first video I came in after Charlie Kirk did the opening turning point USA was on the show a few weeks ago at an end. I was like well where are they doing this. It's as beautiful auditorium in Washington DC and it's just spectacular. I heard earlier today, why it looks so good because Doug present a drop brought his team and that did the apprentice, to do all the production values so that five different camera angles in the place just look beautiful.

The American flag.

The lighting this big stage of the red carpet in one lectern in the front, just about all the people speaking were there and they would come there. Okay, a couple of things are prerecorded but a lot of it was live and so I was just captivated by that and it blew me away. I was, I was shocked couple things about it. I didn't like and I know Kimberly Guilfoyle I thought was totally over-the-top she was when you're overpowering the microphone in a situation like that you're yelling and you got a problem, so I didn't like her and there were a couple of the little things here and there but overall I thought it was fantastic song to get to that and working to play some clips there. I'm in a play Maximo Alvarez whose families grandparents escaped socialism in Spain went to Cuba because communism is going to be so much better and eventually they escaped his family escape communist Cuba and came to America. He gave a seven minute speech that I think should be required watching and listening for every American citizen of every age was that good. Sort of play that in the last segment of the show. Couple of things I thought were excellent can place it was excellent.

Herschel Walker of and apply some of that because that's an interesting perspective from a guidance and a black eye that's known Pres. Trumper 37 years take personal offense when people say Donald Trump's racist.

I thought that was powerful sorting to do some of that but I want to start first by going up in the Midwest with Kenosha Kateri are unfortunately again the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Now there's a second video out. This was in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Sunday and then of course Sunday night and again Monday night last night you had riots break out empty file was their black lives matter their black people, white people and businesses getting torched and a lot of black the black business district.torched so here in the in the trying to have some kind of a protest, a statement about police brutality and black lives matter. A lot of black people end up being the recipients of the damage there and this black business district so that occurred. This is from a daily wire story. Protesters ended up torching many black-owned businesses when they went on a rampage of the week in Kenosha, Wisconsin. After police shot Jacob let Blake was black arsonists at buildings ablaze in torts.

Much of the black business district in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

During the second night of unrest. Local police who had support from National Guard troops fired tear gas, rubber bullets and smoke bombs to disperse the crowd which grew several hundred according to protester Portia Bennett, 31, of Kenosha graphic videos been making the rounds in social media, depicting Blake walking around the front of an SUV and getting into the driver side and the police opened fire, not as a second video Saul that's up in the air again, but you helped 78 shots in the back, but he had been fighting with them on the lawn somehow broke free got over the car.

That's the video.

Probably you've seen. I saw it and then as he's in the car where you got three kids in the car thinking why are you taking the police who for at least four of them had their guns drawn over to the car.

Your kids are. The whole thing's a mess.

So anyway that's that was Sunday, and then by Sunday night. Of course the cities on fire. Again there torching all kinds of things just brutal but there's one thing to play one video report real real quick for you.

Let's play that video of Seth of the guy in the street talking about a 70-year-old man who is just trying to put out the fire at the mattress place where he was working and he got the tire beat out of them. Can we play that one.

Right click on or help Robert are the fire and he started put it out and started attacking him and he got assaulted in the hospital without noun is going fine injuries and jaw is black gaze was 77-year-old broke his jaw for trying to put out fires on store while what street is this. This is Kenosha well very sorry to hear this man might approach me and I'm violent looting, as was my understanding that on. You see, that's that's that's the point that I understand the injustice. I understand the protests, even for the protests. But he doesn't understand this and is looking down the street at the store that's been completely torched to the ground, a 70-year-old man who works at the store.

Not even the owner only works at the store was there trying to put the fire out, and they beat the tar out of them broke as John lacerations went to the hospital got out the next day.

Think God but it's just insane what's going on here and then you wonder and then you see the so many places.

You wonder what what this just unleashes this rage. So there's this obvious theirs and it was one thing, but the black lives matter side of it in this rage, that's just simmering there, but then gets unleashed where then all of a sudden any injustice you want to point to becomes a rationalization for whatever injustice you want to perpetrate in the name of the other injustice.

That's madness in spiritual darkness and that is factoring into the Republican national convention this week and the fact that they had great ratings. They had like ups, I think, five, six, seven times the rate six times more viewers on C-SPAN's lifestream than the Democrats did last week, last week's 2020 Democratic national convention tanked in the Nielsen ratings compared to the 2016 opening festivities with Clinton viewership was down as much is 42%.

I think were in a sea viewership on the Republican convention is not only probably stronger is obviously stronger than the DNC convention last week and might even be stronger than the Republican convention four years ago and why because the country is on fire and pick it up there we come back right up to this lad I was in right now. I'm glad you and of course last night I was I was supremely happy that I tuned in the Republican national convention. I thought might be a yonder because last week certainly was a goner.

The Democrats and was a good production last night, my buddy Jay McMichael is one of the top camera men with CNN is believer great great guy good friend of mine and he was like, man, the production quality of the Republican convention is just really fairly good to couple little things here and there but overall that's you guys been doing this for 30 years. He he said the production quality is really good and I thought was excellent look great. Sounded great, except for Kimberly Guilfoyle just overpowered the system and she just went got a hard-core angry which I whatever. I'm not a big Guilfoyle fan, I will. I was in last night at.that was bad. Overall, but the other speakers.

It was just really amazing and then to Sen. Tim Scott at the end, just an amazing speech but I want to make sure you're gonna hear a few of these.

Okay, some to get these are in her virtual lockers with just a few minutes Kimberly Clay sick the gal from Baltimore right we played her video couple times a week and 1/2 ago when she says, slamming the Democrats for what happened to her city there in Baltimore. She had a recorded bit last night. That was great to minutes will watch that one.

So if you want to watch him instead of just hear me just join us here on Facebook.

Life just go to the Steve Noble page on Facebook which looks all wonky today because they updated it again, but you know the old one. If you like the old one. I like the old one but I will play that and then Maximo Alvarez got here that I think that should be required listening for every American citizen, the younger the better because of the history and his family fleeing Spain and socialism then fleeing Cuba and communism and coming to America. It was very emotional. I was choked up watching it's working to finish the show at that because it's just such a powerful powerful testimony so the ratings way down for Democrats last week way up for the Republicans compared to the Democrats will get the Nielsen ratings later today or tomorrow. Poster Lee Carter dial show independence in lockstep with GOP during the first night group of independent voters were in lockstep with Republicans during the first night in public and convention poster Lee Carter told Fox and friends on Tuesday during her appearance. She said she thinks overall you signed up and it's really really resonating with the messages that they heard because there were a lot of messages that just kind of regular people.

Carter broadcaster voter dials which assess the real-time reactions to the debate from voters across the political spectrum reading candidate statements from Ada F appointed Scott's powerful speech images before he talked about his story about the American dream he headed out of the park. The poster said, you can see that Republicans gave this an A+. Tim Scott independence gave it in a and even Democrats came in to see even a seat.

Democrats gave it a C.

How much of that is guilt because Tim Scott black. I have no idea, but the fact that they were willing to give it a C is pretty strong so those are big moments, said Kim Clay sick.

He had representative Jim Jordan did a whole thing about Trump's accomplishments. Nikki Haley did a great job. She was slant Obama and Biden let North Korea threaten America president Trump rejected that weakness.

We pass the toughest sanctions on North Korean history.

Obama and Biden let Iran get away with murder and literally sent them a plane full a cash as Nikki Haley president Trump to the right thing and ripped up a Iran nuclear deal, Obama and Biden led the United Nations to denounce our friend and ally Israel.

Haley recalled president Trump moved our embassy to Jerusalem. And when you and try to condemn us. I was proud to cast the American veto Cuban immigrant Maximo Alvarez you hear from intense got. I want to hear this. Let's do the Herschel Walker clip this just couple minutes Herschel Walker 37 year relationship with Trump. This is very very important, very smart because I think Trump and the Republicans maybe for the first time ever, are serious about going after the African-American vote and I think this a video these comments from somebody like Herschel Walker will probably help.

Let's run that clip. I'm not an act, a senior all politician Herschel Walker. Most of you know me as a football player but am also a father man of faith and a very good judge of character known Donald Trump for 37 years and I don't mean just casual ran into him from time to time. I'm talking bout of deep personal friendship. I watched him as all the professional football team that the ball team set out to learn.

You learn about the history of the team. The players, the coaches every detail maybe use what you learn to make the team better.

I watched them in the board room. He can be in the middle of the meeting, one of the key is was on the phone.

He dropped everything to take the call.

He told me that the family should be your top priority. I watch him treat janitors, security guards, and waiters the same way retreat of ERP you made them feel special because he knew they were. He understands that the people who make this country wrong. They clean cook the meal they draw they deliver.

He told me Herschel make an effort to get to know people.

Remember the names that so with me one time. I plan to take his kids to Disney World with my family at the last minute. Donald say you like to join us. So they walks in a business suit home is a small world.

That was something to see.

It just shows you what a caring, loving father. He hurt my soul repeated terrible names that people called all check this out. The worst one is races. I take another person is so the people think I'll have a 37 year friendship with the races. People think that I don't know that talking about growing up in the deep South, obscene racism upholds I know what it is and it isn't Donald Trump just call someone loves in respect of flying our national anthem in our country doesn't mean they don't care about social justice. I care about all those things.

So does Donald Trump shows how much he cares about social justice in the black community through his actions and his action speaks louder than stickers or slogans on jurors.

He keeps right on fighting to improve the lives of black Americans and all Americans you worked night and day. He never stopped you leave nothing on the fee. Some people like his style way nonstop school to get in the way of his goal. People in opposing team to live and I ran over them, either, but that's how you get a job done. I pray every night that God gives you more time given four more years he has accomplished so much. Almost all by himself on a constant attack, but there's still more work to be done. If you love America won't make it better.

Donald Trump is your president. He's not president and a blister: friend that's pretty powerful testimony from Herschel Walker and 37 year relationship. So you've got what people say about John Donald Trump and then you have what Trump does. We talked about this yesterday with Dr. Michael Brown and in his excellent book that I would commend to you if you want to do. Get some good prep on handling the Donald Trump conversation evangelicals at a crossroads. We passed the Trump test and Michael does a great job in this book is fantastic and get it on Amazon. We did the showing yesterday about people that you know how can you love the Lord and and hold of the biblical standard yet support somebody like Donald Trump and Ann but on the other end of it. Some people just like deify the guy and there's a little bit of a Trump derangement syndrome on the right and it's it's an excellent book, but also Michael Dr. Brown pushes over and over again and I see the same thing.

I agree with them hundred percent there's what the guy says there's how he acts and then there's what he does, and when I voted form in 2016. I was like okay I don't like pretty much how he communicates this was just going to my gospel softhearted and is unlikely communicates on the likely demeans and degrades people above about, and I don't know that I can trust is going to do all these things. He's throwing all kinds of red meat at B as a conservative is a Christian and a biblical Christian all kinds of red meat but he didn't exactly have a history of doing will now he does. And then on the and the charge of racism. Most people don't even know what the deal that so we just go to cartridges and throw things across the digital highlight each other but Herschel Walker what testimony 37 years of a close friendship and you think I would be friends friends love racist and I wasn't the only black person seeking out last night. It was powerful. This is Steve Noble hear from him place. She knocked it out of the park to come back to back is normal just reflecting on some of the big moments from last night for public and national convention which at least on C-SPAN, as did the Democrats last week by about seven times and last week that the their viewership on the DNC for the mean networks ABC, NBC, CBS, all at stuff via the Nielsen ratings with down like 42, 43% will see what happens.

Those this was come out for the first night of the Republican convention today. This afternoon, maybe tomorrow and will see that. But last night like I said I don't know about you, did you see it. Did you like it. For those of you on Facebook. Why did you guys watch that because I was I was shocked. It was way better-than-expected. It wasn't cheesy. It was regal and it was powerful and one of the reasons it was powerful because there were so many really powerful, compelling people of colors sharing maximal Alvarez you hear from in the last segment. His family fled Spain because of socialism.

They went to Cuba, hoping for a communist utopia. Then of course that doesn't happen because it can't because it's communism and Castro and then they fled to America and he's been very successful. He gave this. It's it's powerful and emotional and should be required listening and viewing for every American citizen.

It's that powerful because what we don't have is people that were born and raised here is much perspective we've always had a pretty good relative to a lot of parts of the world you don't know because you want perspective, but he does. He's got generational perspective is on a play that for you in the last segment and then Kimberly Clay sick was back.

It was amazing and she was bashing away at at at Baltimore again, but the Democrat party agenda. Let's let's play that one South Anna played a Kimberly Clay sick sheep have recorded this one member. She was that the black Allen red in the red dress in Baltimore. She did another one and it came out last night at the RNC convention natural that one Maryland district will actually block and unboxed and you control this part Baltimore city for over 50 place right into the ground. Slickest was in every corner makes guns on the street lights, taxpayers, and getting a hold since our taxes are out of control pain for decades of incompetence and corruption in many of America's Democrat rent city will take us for granted were sick of it were not, they take it anymore, supporting the Democrats are coming to black Republican.

She went for opposites election cycle sounds thanks to political views anymore. She's far too long we will opportunity right now in West Baltimore jobs and more business opportunity will safely what school choice promised and delivered. Okay that's not going to be an example so she was just knocking it out of the park.

I know I got a echo going through. I think on the Facebook lies will work on, but that was just amazing that she just stepped up to the plate again did the exact same thing she did a week and half ago, which was calling out the Democrats to talk while they have a record number of African-American Republicans running for office in in Baltimore and that's just amazing right just totally amazing. So as one story after another. The other one that was huge and I can place when I got the transcript in front of me was Tim Scott.

He kinda filled finished out the night. Tim Scott speech from last night just so many powerful points moments to read through some of these for because while this Tim Scott center but while the selection is between Donald Trump or Joe Biden is not solely about Donald Trump Joe Biden it's about the promise of America. It's about you and me out our challenges and heartbreaks, hopes and dreams.

It's about how we respond when tackling critical issues like police reform. We want a society to breed success or culture that cancels everything it even slightly disagrees with. I know where I stand. Because you see I'm living. I am living my mother's American dream system Scott after Marek my parents divorced when I was seven years old we lived in a two-bedroom house with my grandparents.

My mom worked 16 hours a day to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. She knew that if we could find the opportunity bigger things would come.

I thought I had used football to succeed in life.

My focus on neck academics state faded away failed freshman year of high school for subjects.

Trust me, after spending seven years in the Senate and I know I'm not the only one in Congress who build civics, that's a good one. But even while I was feeling the ninth grade. My mother always said when you shoot for the moon even if you miss you will be among the stars never lost faith in me, but when I lost faith in myself because of her encouragement.

I went to summer school and caught up system Scott C.

Close it out last night. The next year I met my mentor Jim Mont is a Chick-fil-A operator. John saw something John Mona John saw something in me.

I could not see myself started teaching me valuable lessons in life to give a head nod to my buddy Bill meant that's why we need to mentor people older to younger everyone. Men and women. He planted the seeds of what would become opportunity zones. This initiative, the present and I worked together on is bringing over $75 billion of private sector investment into distressed communities. I took those lessons start Tim Scott sent and started putting the pieces of my life together. I realized a quality education is the closest thing we have to magic in America. That's why I fight to this day for school choice to make sure every child in every neighborhood as a quality education. I don't care if it's public, private, charter, virtual Earlham school.

Amen to that later in life. I started my own successful small business white.

That's why I know it's critical for us to have a tax code that encourages growth after starting my business and spending time in local government.

I ran for Congress in 2010 is just an amazing story, you may be asking yourself.

Tim Scott said last night out of the poor black kid from a single-parent household run and won a race in a crowded Republican primary against Strom Thurmond because of the evolution of the heart and overwhelmingly white district.

The voters judge me on the content of my character. Not the color of my skin live in a world that only wants you to believe in the bad news, racially, economically, and culturally polarizing news.

The truth is truth is our nation's arc always bends back towards fairness where not fully or fully where we want to be, but we think God.

We are not where we used to be very important point. There again, this is Tim Scott speaking last night. We have work to do but I believe in the goodness of America.

The promise that all men and all women are created equal. And if you're watching tonight. I'm betting you due to over the past four years we made tremendous progress towards that promise, skipping down a little bit something to ask you, the American people not to look simply at what the candidates say, but to look back at what they've done.

Was this this election is about your future and it's critical to paint a full picture of the records of Donald Trump and Joe Biden Joe Biden set up a black man didn't vote for him. He wasn't truly black.

Joe Biden said black people are a monolithic community. Joe Biden said poor kids can be just as smart as white kids while his words are one thing's actions take it to a whole new level. In 1994, Biden led the charge in a crime bill.

The put millions of black Americans behind bars. President trumps criminal justice reform law fix many of the disparities Biden created and made the system more fair and just for all Americans. Joe Biden's failed our nation's historically black colleges and universities helping blame on them being blame on them as they fought to ensure our young folks had access to higher education. Once again Tim Scott last night to clean up Joe Biden's mess.

Resident Trump signed into law historically high funding for HBCUs. Historically black colleges and universities as well as ability given permanent funding for the first time ever. Now Joe Biden wants to come back for your pocketbooks.

Unless you're a blue state millionaire. I'm serious. That's one of the solutions for the pandemic they want more money for your more money out of your pocket going to help Manhattan elites in Hollywood moguls get a tax break. So when it comes to what Joe Biden says he'll do look at his actions. Look at his policies.

Look at what he already did, and not do while he's been doing in Washington for 47 acres.

Ladies and gentlemen, people don't always see those failures because they think were having a policy debate on two sides of an issue. Listen, this is Tim Scott last night. He closed out the night at the Republican national convention that is not what's happening. He said make no mistake, Joe Biden, Harris wants a cultural revolution of fundamentally different America see that's Pause. That's why I think the Democrats really are saying much at all about the violence in Seattle and Portland, Chicago and now Kenosha because I think they see that as an accelerant to changing the American culture back to Tim Scott's comments instead we must focus on the promise of the American journey.

I know that journey well. My grandfather's 99th birthday would've been.

Tomorrow, growing up he had to cross the street up the white person was coming. He suffered the indignity of being forced out of school as 1/3 grader to pick cotton never learn to read or write yet.

He lived to see his grandson become the first African-American to be elected to both the United States House and Senate.

Our family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime and that's why I believe the next American century can be better than the last. There are millions of families like mine across this nation full potential, seeking to live the American dream. I'm here tonight to tell you this is Tim Scott that supporting the Republican ticket gives you the best chance of making that dream a reality. God bless you and may God continue to bless the United States of America that was a homerun from an amazing man these men of God by the ways Christian born-again Christian who want one set one generation goes from cotton to Congress.

What a powerful statement and he was the last one to speak last night. I think he's got a lovely tone he self-controlled, gentle but strong.

I mean, 20, 24, maybe we'll see the second African-American elected to the White House.

Tim Scott simply on that track really, really powerful real work on our little echo problem that we had here in the studio and hopefully will hear from this amazing American didn't start out that way. Met Maximo Alvarez to the story.

We all need to hear this is Steve Noble here at the back of the beholder to be with you talking about some of the things that happened last night national convention.

I think the best moment all night.

Huntington, Scott, I was reading from his transcript.

The last segment really really good. Go watch that if you have the time. It's about eight or nine minutes is not superlong. None of these were very long, but one that was pitifully powerful and very emotional at several pump moments was for Maximo Alvarez, no. Maximo Alvarez of just listening, reading some of his bio information online as parents escaped escaped Spain was born he was born in Havana, Cuba 1948, the son of Spanish immigrants in 1961 at the age of 13 he came to America as part of operation Pedro Pan stated children's welfare home with Msgr. Brian Walsh was also the Catholic priest responsible for 14,000 children under the age of 18 were given a refuge from communist Cuba high school. They went to college. Finished up at Florida State University.

Then he started working in the oils industries city services oil company where he worked for a few years and eventually a few years later he bought for gas stations. Those are the cornerstone of sunshine gasoline distributors for barely 200,000 gallons per month and ring from his bio sunshine gasoline grew to over half a billion gallons sold per year as of today sunshine operates over 300 locations and supplies another 250 branded retail facilities. Sunshine gasoline is on the largest independent branded suppliers for all other represented brands in the southeastern United States. One thing after another because of his humble beginnings. This is his bio at the Florida State University Board of Trustees. Maximo is always believed in helping the community as well as the industry which you spent most of his career. So we've got a multigenerational testimony and perspective which the point is got a multigenerational perspective on America. So now he sees our younger generation which involves a deeper conversation flirting with socialism. He sees the socialistic, not even below the surface anymore full blown out in the open for everyone to see the radicalization far more than we ever seen before of the Democrat party in the candidate's degree new deal to apportion all the way up to the point of delivery. All of that stuff. So his family flees Spain and socialism.

They flee Cuba and communism and then now you got people in America mostly on the left pretty much exclusively on the left that want to take his family, your family, my family, the entire country back to Cuba and what back to Spain to that's what he's talking about. Sorry to play this for it seven minutes long.

Think we fix the echo for our Facebook life rent so just listen to this.

Listen carefully because he got a pretty good accent is a little thing here and there that's hard to understand but just listen and then listen for his emotion very, very important. Then I got an assignment for you which to go guy put this on my Facebook page. My personal page. My radio page will share it you want as many people to hear. This is possible to suffer from this clip Maximo Alvarez lotteries Miami, Florida not far from the state of Florida which is just a 90 mile wide blue Street lot for me. The device freedom from figure device the past from the press from the future. I know all about the past.

I'll never forget my own.

My family has fled without Dario needs him.

Communism more than once. For some I got from Spain than from Cuba, but my families don't burn the way by the grace of God and live the American dream.

The greatest blessing Ira hot my God, we had to situate each patient told me she space you will never be as well. Guess me, I'm speaking to you today because my families don't abundant mean we rightfully earned. There's no place to hide speaking to you today because Pres. from may not always be politically correct is in fact successful businessmen.

Your average career petition person is just another family man, a friend most important right. Sorry about that.

We've got some issues in here that which is continuing to struggle with where learning is were growing.

We've got new technology coming in here because were doing much more video stuff for the show and out and by the way just just a cards on the table.

This is still kind of a we have been for years. Okay, it's kind of a garage band operation to a certain extent. Okay, meaning we want a ton of money I can't hire a bunch of staff and all that kind of stuff.

So were doing the best that we can it's it's maddening and frustrating and embarrassing. We got some technical issues and bugs here and there. So were trying to work through that. But I want to make sure you understand his point anything imagine the context here. He's got literally generational perspective, fleeing Spain and socialism coming to Cuba, thinking it's going to be a communist. Shangri-La and then under Cuba under Castro. Obviously it's a train wreck as it always is, and then they escape and come to America. He fights his way through the system gets a good education gets a job and starts to build his his dreams. Okay and it it just continues to grow. He's got that work ethic and he's got something that dear say 95% of us don't have which is a very healthy perspective on what it means to be an American because he goes on in his speech and talks about freedom and liberty and that he doesn't want anybody. His dad taught on this. Nobody should control your destiny, other than you. You control your destiny for good or for ill, so you don't look at the system. You don't look at other people you don't blame the government, you know, it's up to you now again he had access to an education and this is a much but you don't to say hate to because Maximo Alvarez did it.

Everybody can do it. That's just not true. I think ultimately a lot of people I would say everybody has the ability the God-given ability usually to do more than we think were capable of. But then you got a pile and all that family background I'm sure some of you have a parent or parents that beat you down may be physically certainly emotionally they didn't build into you, they tore you down and so you begin to believe that you believe that you're no good. You can't do anything. You're such an idiot you are stupid, all those kinds of things appear apparent.

I am apparent. Those words matter and they stick which is why in the book of Matthew Jesus said we will be held accountable for every careless word we ever spoke every one of them. So remember that so obviously Maximo Alvarez had some advantages that a lot of people don't have. He was able to get an education. He had a father that poured into him and taught him. True North. He had a strong faith, so he was able to do that education is a key to unlocking human potential. Not that you have to go to college in order to be successful, but it does make a difference but you always have to have a cursory education, a decent education. We've got that problem okay and so this story from an multigenerational perspective about the thing the number one thing about America, which is why we still have people willing to dying to get here. You have to remember that if this is such a terrible place. Why does anybody want to move here, why do we have people risking their lives coming up through South America, risking their children's lives, risking their own lives willing to pay human traffickers together. Why, why do we have people that wait in a line for years to emigrate from Europe or the Pacific rim or the Soviet bloc. Why, why do people do that. I think you know you know the answer because as broken as America can be and immediately my first thought is not racism. My first thought is abortion is racism in America hasn't racked up a 60 million body count.

It hasn't, but second I would say is racism in our racial past, but we shed 750,000 men's some women worth of blood over that one. And we tended to move in the right direction now are moving a little bit in the right direction on the pro-life issue we've moved in the right direction on the racial issue, economic injustice, education things, there is still a heart of America that desires to live up to our founding creed that all men are created equal and just wheel these truths to be self-evident, right, that all men are created equal, that we all have a right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is a philosophical statement, the Declaration of Independence, the philosophical statement. The Constitution is a document of governance, but the Declaration of Independence is a philosophical statement and do you know the largest paragraph in the Declaration of Independence got removed and it was about slavery.

So yes, we were born with sin that should sound familiar to you and then you work through it and you try to improve and we done that as a country still on way to go but relative to the rest of the world.

This is still the greatest country on the planet and that's why people still risk their lives to come here and that's why Maximo Alvarez and speech you should go watch the whole thing only about seven minutes. As soon as you can and share have other people watch.

No telling what the thing asking what they think they disguised perspective than most of us think about what is and yes is a strong supporter, but ultimately Americans ultimately let's freedom and liberty which the God-given right for all.

This is the noble very important show tomorrow about human trafficking and sex trafficking, child sex trafficking people that are actually hunting me down and arrest tomorrow got willing

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