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Evangelicals at the Crossroads

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 24, 2020 12:02 pm

Evangelicals at the Crossroads

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 24, 2020 12:02 pm

Evangelicals at the Crossroads

Today Steve talks to Dr. Michael Brown about his book Will We Pass The Trump Test?  Also, he talks to Pastor Tim Thompson from CA talks about keeping his church open and David Fischer from Landmark Capital with a Money Monday Update.


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred down call Steve Brown at 86 34 through 866 34 truth or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your house noble okay. Whether you are high on Donald Trump are low on the evangelical Christian and you struggle with something. Maybe because you love Trump and yet have a hard time with your evangelical friends and again return, keeping this conversation.

First, excitement, inside the house inside the family when it comes to Donald Trump and so you have evangelical friends. I can't believe you both for Donald Trump and then it goes the exact opposite direction right so this is from a book that every evangelical because were all in this conversation.

Whether you like it or not this is a fantastic book. I do not have time today to get through all the things that I've highlighted in this book that my good friend Dr. Michael Brown has written the line of fire.

As Dr. Brown you guys all know him from radio and Facebook and 80+ years of ministry just reaches one little spot part.

This is most of the way through the book on page 232 beers. What many are missing. Trump's world may revolve around himself.

Maybe narcissistic and self-centered he may be petty and unforgiving help hold on everybody up to just relax. That doesn't mean that he doesn't care about others that he will not work tirelessly for the good of America or that is not willing to make major personal sacrifices to improve the lifestyle of millions of others.

To the contrary, it appears that he really does care for people and that he really does want to help America so the packaging may be offensive, but the contents over all are healthy and that's not right from Dr. Brown's book evangelicals at the crossroads and were happy to have them on the air today for a couple segments.Dr. Brown Michael, nice to hear from you. Thanks for calling buddy how are you always good to be an excellent, excellent, excellent book, like I just said I highlighted so much of it. We don't have time to get through all that. So I just want to work through several things that we got the links up on Facebook live for the Amazon link evangelicals at the crossroad. Will we pass the Trump test and so it's kind explain to us what is the trump test Michael and and how big of a deal is very, very big deal, probably three point tried to find the Trump goal. First, if we believe Trump is the best candidate for president. Careful 20 again in June 2020 of the of the candidates to contest the election. Can we vote for him without compromising art has commodious Christian because that's what we constantly hear.

I can't lose your message as you voted for companies, this, this and that.

Can we vote for Trump and support him without compromise your witness. That's one and two can we unite around Jesus. Even if we divide, overcome because that's the great test facing us and we've never had a president like him on the one hand he's done more for evangelical clauses than any president in memory. On the flipside, his behavior New Year's is then allowed to undermine the larger evangelical cause and to the extent we kind of proclaim his savior figure we heard or witnessed the extent we proclaim Jesus as our Savior and trumpets our president that we can maintain our witness yes really been amazing how much of a dividing presence. He has been really across the spectrum political spectrum religious spectrum and otherwise that's why early in the book, referring to Trump is both an enigma and a quandary and we've seen such a deep divide in evangelicalism over this one. It was bad in 2016. I don't know if it's worse today or is gotten any better. But why do you think we struggled so much inside the house inside the family. Michael with the issue of Trump so for years.

We proclaim morality matters, character counts with the values voters in our grievant issues with Bill Clinton's immorality in the White House and when I look to Trump as a candidate you kidding me narcissistic Playboy billionaires made his money on casinos in strip club and multiple marriages and boasting about his infidelities and vote for that guy and then the way he behaves. It meant what he said about Ted Cruz's wife and take cruises father was involved extremity Association, a psychic level, and for that guy.

And yet we end up voting from white evangelicals, 81% of us voted for him and I think the same percentage or maybe even more suitable trim again.

So how can we be the values voters. The ones that are shouting character counts and vote for somebody who behaves like trump you to say okay the past is the past in the Hollywood actress tape the horrible things he said was that the past when he treats people to this day throwing people under the bus: dogs and so on.

Christian how you go from Lisa hey look what about the slaughter. 60 million babies we think Trump will do a better job of stopping that this really Clint Virgil bought retirement religious liberty were talking about standing with Israel were talking about facing down communist China and so on. These are extensional issues. So he's the man that stands for many of the things that are most important to while this behavior is so different than what we been used to self went when our over major national leaders will then defend some of his conduct or, look the other way with it.

It makes us seem hypocritical and what we have to do is say hey look when it comes to these life-and-death issues this were voting for you if you need the best heart surgeon in your community you not finding out if you really nice guy.

Previous why what about his relationship with his kids know it's bad he saved my dad's life because my dad needs the best heart surgeon died and that's kind of what it's come down to America, but it's made us look hypocritical when we defend him at every turn and we can say hey look, the Mount Rushmore's speech was great writing. Great for civil rights but we wish you and go after bubble Wallace. At this point. The next day.

Why can't we do that, plus we got this always comes back a dozen circumspect to you. It's come back to me to as well as in. We were so outspoken about the moral feelings of President Clinton and then we pay essentially get in many ways a Republican version of a President Clinton in terms of some of his own personal proclivities and sin we call one out. We don't call the other out. So we look duplicitous and like were totally given over to the roof Republican party or to the process to the pups of the political process, but you talk about this in the book Michael it's one thing to vote for them. It's another thing to become like him. So you have that chapter about the blood test, which I think inside the house of God. We largely fail.

Yeah you go to the Scriptures and devastating writing a chapter preceptor verse I would conduct ourselves, and in some of us we were going enough on social media will serve a lot of the flesh and the attitudes and how freely we speak, but it's almost like trump has become our model.

I like the way he says it he says what he feels and I'm to do the same thing now know as believers we can't reach most of the filter over Were supposed to guard her words were supposed to only speak that which is helpful so you can disagree you can stand. You don't have to be a lamp but but there's a righteous and godly way to do it intends what is Jesus saying John 13 by this the whole world so that you are my disciples, if you love one another is the world for Gus's disciples. I don't think so you talking to Dr. Michael Brown, the name of the book evangelicals at the crossroads will we pass the trumped as you have got to read this book regardless of where you stand on from this it will equip you to have a conversation in a Christlike manner with great effect back and see no show for today's been a little bit of time with the great men of God, a great leader and evangelicalism and not just here in America but around the world. Dr. Michael Brown asked Dr. this website you can find my Facebook. Of course he's got his own radio show is been very very active in the kingdom. For decades now just a great blessing to all of us into the kingdom and really appreciate it's time evangelicals at the crossroad is the name of the book will we pass the Trump testing like a set of beginning the show whether your prototype anti-Trump are just struggling to have conversations about trump which is most of us. I highlighted like crazy all my way all the way through this book and there's just so many great things in there to assist you in the conversation. How do you deal with your friends and loved Trump how do you deal with your friends at hatred.

How do you deal to divide this in the church what's ultimately our goal.

What's our mission is all about trump know it's all about Jesus.

So there's all these things there. It's a great book that I really can't recommend strongly enough in my and Michael again, thank you so much for writing it, and did you just feel compelled after all this mess that we been in round surrounding trump for last five years. Michael was it just something that you had to do. I actually felt it had to do it. In fact, I had so many books going with some of the other publishers that the question was how can I get this out and I spoke with one publisher that you must, publishers, and interestingly, the, the editor that read it. Never trump or a committed Christian and never trump and when you read some of the chapters change my mind about trump that wasn't even the intent but he said there at the hands of millions of people like me, you've got to get this out so I just made arrangements with other publishers that we use our own publishing house equal time books that we put books out with before we could get out in time.

Just come out a couple weeks ago now get out plenty of time of the election season salt. I felt like there was so much in me to write Steve that I have to write like five articles a day and I thought Noah.

Gotta turn this into a major book to the research and then what what what I'm thrilled with hearing from readers.

This is just getting out now is there saying you clearly represented both sides, yet you clearly represented that the pro-trump argument. The anti-Trump argument they gave your response and then ultimately as you said, Jesus is the one that we proclaim. That's why end the book with a tenfold strategy of what we have to do to move forward. Yet, which I want to touch on before we finish our time and the segment but I was the things that I've seen about size and talked about this a lot in the air. I've heard you talk about it on his remind people because I think we have to invest in some humility in arts inside our house as we talk about trump, but I also tell people in the air. He listened trump derangement syndrome exists on both sides of the aisle in one chapter your talk about the cult of trump versus trumped arrangement syndrome.

I think we understand trumped arrangement syndrome quite well on the left throughout the left media that's obvious there's no concern there. I do get concerned you call the call to Trump I just call it trumped arrangements and on the right, but speak to that for a minute because I think we have to take a look in the mirror and make sure were not making the president into something that is not yet so culture trump the way some have put it in cult specialist whole books audit and and I quote basically say that look remember what Trump said during the campaign.

It's unreal I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue. Your broad daylight.

Both are there, you and I would lose any any supporters and there are some that have that then it may comfort to the man and and I their Christian friends of mine.

Sometimes my wife Nancy look at this poster think what happened to you. I remember when used to be into the word and proclaiming Jesus and now you can't say negative negative sellable about trump it to get this incredible reaction and negativity attack on you, and I think what happened is this that we finally had someone who fights back.

We finally have someone who's fighting for our cause was openly defending our liberties and what that does is it creates a sense of loyalty to that person and then when we see him being lied about. Yes he makes his own mistakes.

Then we see the media lying about himself. We now feel we have to defend them and we have to speak up for him and it almost becomes that they seize our message and then he four more years and that's with make America great note was to make America great is his church on its knees. Massive repentance of the nation must follow the great commission bringing awakening to the country that's with make America great America can't be great without being good.

America can't be good without God. And that's the bottom line, but sometimes we we are more sensitive about criticism of Donald Trump that we are sensitive about criticism about Jesus and what I what I see on both sides.

I see people known for years, acting completely irrational and their attacks against trump to get you you believe everything that the left-wing media says you believe every report every statement that you lost your mind against trump the other side will recover lost her mind for trucks.

One of those things to pass the trump test regarded you better and look I do believe God raised him up in a unique way II don't see a natural explanation for impeding all the Republican candidates and then Hillary Clinton the day of the election. Some polls gave me a 1% chance of being reelected and then people feeling that he was Cyrus can't figure it out even before he was running for office that someone that didn't know the Lord but would be used by God for good purposes, but in God raising up prompt. A lot has been revealed the erratic calorie of the left erratic how the Democratic Party the bias of the media but also some hypocrisy and flesh in the evangelical church and you mentioned this in the book uses phrases same as a listener.

John, our prophetic witness to the world is to call balls and strikes based on the word of God, and it should not matter who standing at the plate. So while we put Bill Clinton under a microscope I were not willing to do that with Donald Trump and we compromise our witness when we do that we have to apply the word of God equally to everyone that's our prophetic role and I think often times we miss that often. I mean you you quote something.

This is a difficult quote from your 1993 book, it's time to rock the boat. When we look to Donald Trump who is fighting existential threats. There are no question of the stakes are enormously high higher than I've ever seen in my lifetime, but we have to rim of the real hope of Americas and Donald Trump of the Republican Party or conservatism.

It's up it's the gospel you wrote this back in 1993. Michael you know that the church of America must come to a difficult conclusion. We must face the cold hard facts. It's too late for our nation. It's too late for moral reform truly for social transformation too late for return of the good old days unless masses of sinners get saved. Otherwise there is no hope, and often times I think that we we look to Washington DC to be our help when our hope really is only in Jesus Christ.

We have put too much trust in the White House in the courts in the Congress or we look to them too much, or we expect too much of that. Yes, the president can do a lot of good. A lot of bad.

Yes, the courts and Congress can do a lot of good. A lot of bad but that ultimately the changes going to come from the grassroots up the changes that come through us and and that's why have been proclaiming as loudly as I can, especially to those on the left into the secular media Jesus died for me, he's my Lord, my Savior. He is my heart my devotion, my all and all I live for him trump gets my vote yes, let's not put the two in the same category and and what bothers me is sometimes will be quick to her political hat critical political sign in our yard sticker political bumper sticker on our cars but were ashamed of Jesus. That doesn't make sense.

Now my neighbors will know that I'm a mega hat wearing supporter, but they don't know my father, Jesus Christ. With about 45 seconds, 30 seconds left. What what your advice to all of us just in the season between now and November 3. What should we be doing. Dr. Brown don't get caught up with election fever to cross before the flag spiritual activity before political activity. Concentrate on being the church, especially during this time of crisis in the society and then vote wisdom vote accordingly. But put it in its right perspective such an important point. Dr. Michael Brown God bless you brother that set such a great pleasure to have you on in a great message for all of us evangelicals at the crossroads will we pass the trump test I'll change it to us personally will you pass it will I pass it read this book and you'll help pass that says Dr. Michael Brown thank you brother to bless you.

Thank you.

I will talk and since this is Steve Noble and signal to show me come back.

We talked to pastor Rob McCoy from California on Friday, next minute Dr. Pastor Tim Thompson.

Another pastor standing strong in California back in Steve Noble to see Bilbo so good to be with you is great talking to Dr. Michael Brown evangelicals at the crossroads last Friday we had to be human here Tony Beam.

Another route brother in Christ, and radio guy down and South Carolina and we were talking about that religious liberty or talk about churches standing up and pastor standing up and and pastor Rob McCoy became a friend last year when we did a trip to Israel together. I called and left right is called in several times in the last couple months standing strong for the cause of liberty, religious freedom and telling the government.

Sorry you're not can keep us from gathering together and often times you hear about Rob McCoy because the Shelby tear about John MacArthur but another pastor out there who's just standing up equally as strong those those guys and is standing up, not just for our rights. In California, but for our rights nationwide is Pastor Tim Thompson, founder and lead pastor for 12 church in Marietta California, president of our watch with Tim Thompson. What you can find on Facebook and good friends of the Renville.

Some friends of mine out there.

Pastor Tim, how are you man thinks the Cullinan grab me on your welcome.

Okay, give us that just the update on what you're experiencing up there what you and your church are doing and what's happened as a result of all our church and open the entire time we've been open with full ministry.

Everything don't you know math and I'm happy and cautious day.

Not one person is done that's been great. Yet, which is a huge phrase. Rob seen the same thing on Friday.

They have anybody get sick but you know we cheer you. I think the Lord is cheering you on.

Obviously. But what's been the reaction from your local government in California. In general, will California in general. We know that there again.they want to shut down. Of course, living in Riverside County at night because we have a sheriff that national news is going to get the governors orders and that he will not force any of the restriction in not give anybody violation of of that or any sort of citation and then same thing with our attorney thing think you won't enforce it so that what area were having trouble with is not on the law enforcement by the moronic County where we have County legal representation that wants to go around finding everybody and what's what led you to take the stand in the first place in my me when everybody's arguing about Romans 13 and submitting to the governing authorities and loving your neighbor.

And although we've all heard that can add nausea now over the last couple months but you guys to stay open from the start which I congratulate you for thank you for what what kind of led you to take that position and what was the church's reaction to that we've always taken a position of elevating the Scriptures to the highest level possible and try to appear to it as close as we can you work humans we make the baked but as far as our attention how we want to move over going to be very very strict and living out what God is commanded in one of those things that you know chapter 10,000 not neglect coming together right up brought up with, it wasn't even a question with yellow start to shut down and not have people assembled together. We knew right away that that was something Orton got old do what we want to back down from what was the reaction of some of the other in some of the other folks in the evangelical church is people that are actually in the body of Christ, not in a floppy social organizations with a steeple on top of what's been the reaction from other pastors that you dealt with Tim, will you believe it makes we have some factors that are totally static that were taken that we are of course it gives them encouragement that they can take similar stand and then we got other factors that you chose to close and the other very of that because I'm a very vocal about my position on this. Your closing down and you're committing to the government without actually taking into consideration the totality of Scripture and using Romans 13 is the reason to close every thing down and your really not engage in what you should is a faster number one and number two is not leading the people the way that people need to be led. Let's face it were limited time for people are looking for leaders and we've been preaching for years the word of God and now especially America work for the first time, a real need for the pastors to truly out in faith and lead people and stand it. You know a lot of the people who call themselves pastors.

They are so un-discerning of the times that were living and delight you got some factors affect as I've just that if you're if you're so want to start back on the church and the persecution of the church then that undiscerning you should probably find a different career that I think there's been a kind of a Shangri-La mentality that settled in the American church because we had things so good for so long and I think a lot of us quite frankly Tim, you know, that's that what you know we read Revelation, we read Scripture we know eschatology no enzymes and other stuff coming.

We never envisioned ourselves actually being in there at all. And so, all of a sudden, in the matter of six, seven, eight months we see this entire near not just in your state of California but around the country.

This concerted effort with the forces of darkness, and the flesh of mankind in the end that and the depravity of the left, especially a but it's been on the right a little bit too all of a sudden were in the midst of things that I think we never assumed we would have to face, but were there now and it couldn't be any more real than the nose and appear in their face. My concern Tim is that there's too many pastor's assistant ready for that kind of heat are ready for that kind of fight are not part of the reason or not they haven't engaged politically for her decades after I heard people and as a Christian before a pastor ever after, say, why don't get involved in politics, you know, I just preach the word while we been over the course of the last several decades we've been seeing the politicization of biblical moral issue and what you politicize biblical moral issues.

Now you have to as a pastor you have to address the but what happens pastors have disengaged from the political arena and they've allowed the public square to be taken over by the radical left and you have engaged so because they haven't engaged and now we find themselves having to engage they don't know how to engage there.

They haven't exercised they haven't been working in the theory. They have no they have no relationship with their elected official and because they've been engaged for so long, yet it's amazing whether it's you Tim there with 412 church. A myriad California, our mutual friend Rob McCoy up in Thousand Oaks when pastors engage and do it with conviction and strengthen the body of Christ gets behind them and the reason the word of God but also with compassion and patience because you have to have that in this crazy world that wherein God has blessed that every single time and given people, not just favor with their own church but favor with God and man. We've seen that time and time again where people will end up respecting you because you stood up. Even people that don't agree with you but what's been kind of the reaction from the nonchurch crowd in your neck of the woods walk because best reactions that had gone the nonchurch man. So many people specially who are still happy that were taken were taking a look church is viewed primarily with that debate.

They look at us as a corporation because they put a 501(c)(3) corporation and that's how they look at us both. We are a corporation as a first amendment behind you know were we don't take the stand have a job or cement behind how is the small business ever going to be able to pick so so many small businesses have actually been stuck to me, thanking me for the stay at the staying open urging them to continue on with their family, but we had the same situation with the American Revolution.

We could just sit back and be abused or we could stand up and it took a very small number of people who started to push back and take a stand that then let other people have so great to hear so encouraging to hear that small business people are necessarily in the church are thinking. The church were standing up because as liberty goes, it all goes so were talking religious liberty but liberty. It's going to affect everybody and in everybody ends up going down with the ship that so encouraging to hear that what you're encouragement we had about a minute and 1/2 left a pastor to my talking to pastor Tim Thompson is the founder and lead pastor for 12 church out Marietta California. Also you can find him on Facebook.

There as well as our watch with Tim Thompson.

What's your challenge and encouragement confrontation.

Quite frankly with the pastors that are out there that are really struggling with fear and in and not not willing to step up to the plate on this wall monitors are to them would be to remember what they teach their own congregation but we rub, but flesh and blood right spiritual battle. God is not given us the spirit of fear but don't walk around in the spirit of peer understand the times you living it. We know that the Lord wants you coming back again and so we have to know are we close to that return.

I would think you both that return we need to do a few things, along with the holy we have to have our live wholly apart for God as much as they can be. And then we need to reach out and get people to understand. Find the time.

That way they can have that same conviction, but I know one of two things to happen real soon here in America you see the rapture of the church are working with great revival yeah that's something that we need to continue to play on that that field in terms of looking at the spiritual realities of this I'm just talking to Dr. Michael Brown in the first two segments of the show and remembering to keep our priorities straight.

We think we just see politics we see culture, yes, but their spiritual realities above inside below and all around that and we have to make sure were playing on the right field and were playing for a commonality rippling for human souls, not just political advantage.

Pastor Tim Thompson 412 church there Marietta California. God bless you brother thank you so much for being with us today in challenging us and encouraging us were praying for you and I we thank you for your leadership will make sure we talk again real soon.

Thanks so much.

God bless you.

Thanks man.

We'll talk soon. That was pastor Tim Thompson, founder and lead pastor for 12 church Marietta California one of the few and they stayed open the whole time. Other people have clothes and then they open back up again.

But in this case Pastor Tim and his congregation is an open old-time gum (the Noble will be right back Noble to save Noble show great to be with you having a great conversation for a great cast and talking political things things we need to pay attention to things we need to be engaged in an odd thing that's been filed.

Not really.

Ever since, but Pres. Trump took office, but but the market itself in our finances. I mean look at the doubt today just skyrocketing up three and in 70 points. Gold is doing crazy things. This year, and a beating the markets all the markets across the board and it's just been wild.

So were trying to talk about wisdom and discernment. How do we live out our lives in the political realm the cultural realm and families and relationships. All those things are on the table all the time in the show.

People sometimes lazy but your radio show.

I'm like everything radio shows about everything because our faith, our relationship with Jesus Christ should be overlaid under every nook and cranny of life and one of those big areas that the Bible speaks to allot his money and possessions, which is why every Monday we do a Monday Monday update with our good friend David Fisher and the first Monday of the month which will be coming up on Labor Day will do that on Tuesday after Labor Day. Great to hear from you David thanks much for Colin and how are you I am doing great so excited with the environment we are in others there's a lot of opportunity out there in a lot of different realms.

And so we gotta make sure were not gonna down the dogs and I love the fact that you pick this passage at a Matthew to today David because you don't know this, but my last past my last guest of the pastor and Mike Dr. Michael Brown, brilliant, PhD before that for the first two segments in this all came up about what's up ahead of us what's going on with chooses coming back to all the prophetic things that we can see today in that we need to take rest and that so I love the fact gotchas are busy working here that were to start today with Matthew 25 to go there and will jump into the business at hand form, answering the answer to your question why I'm doing great Scripture 2531 through 231 to understand. You said, but when the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit on his glorious throne, and all the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate them from one another as this shepherd separates the sheep from the goats and others. There's a lot of uncertainty out there.

I'm certainly back over 19 and certainly Realty economy. Uncertainties can be president and certain other markets.

Why because uncertainty money can be uncertain, but one thing we know for sure that is certain. Those of us that no cry as Savior we have that certainty that we know we have eternal I will wait for that day. I challenge you. My voice is Steve is my witness, you can know for sure that you have eternal life. You have to be uncertain. All these other certainties that may throw our way. There's one thing that you can know for sure you want to wait till that very hour that you die to know you have eternal life.

You know right now these things are written so that you may know, you have nothing. So I hope so. At first John not not not while still awaiting seal plea to go looking at the pearly gates. No you get that dealt with right now. That's why Jesus died not to give you a warm fuzzy feeling a little hope but to secure your salvation, it says real right now as the nose on your face.

Just remember all that passage. Thank you for that uplift today David so awesome give us an update on the markets and not how they're performing right now in your to date, but now still down 2.5%. All the other two indexes are up S&P up 4.7 per percent NASDAQ leading the charge of the paper indexed 25%, golden 28% up in silver leading the charge of 51%. Nice said that would begin the year. But here's the thing that you know the future's short sword on the announcement from Pres. Trump moved up the US FDA issuing emergency authorization of the convalescent plasma treatment of the offer: 19 but it's still up today but the markets are little bit, skewed obviously still young. That's just the way that we are right now to see environment for pretty much everything, not just the markets but I know we talked a lot about Warren Buffett last week. Any updates on that one tells us that there is some uncertainty out there and I want talk a little bit about that uncertainty Apple short or $500 today market Email $65 billion, and some of this is happening because of the announcement that happened on July 30. Others reported one split but there are some fundamental Dr. they're just still longer sold not matching up one Buffett bought gold the S&P 500 when you look at that 35% of that movement of fuming five stocks of average 35%.

The top five stocks can be of a 495 Steve declined on an average of 5%.

But if you take away all the repurchasing of the shares is been going on they be you'll just flat, so we should really call the S&P 500, the S&P 500, so the financial drama.

The big problem.

There's this big disparity between mainstream Wall Street and this is why Warren Buffett is still buying gold financials or are in stock and nonbanks clobbered there down 32% year-to-date through the 52-week low, and the IRS is projecting massive amounts still of job losses for years through the year 2027 and the forecasting 30.37 .2 million less jobs from revenue sources this year compared to what they got last year. So were heaven, not of the recovery, but possibly a W which is a columnist or a double causing same. We might have a double dip recession 80% of survey was done 80%. Economists are saying there's now 25% chance of a recession. So as we look at the rising gold and silver. The serial letters go up and up and up that they don't go up forever so but but when you look at market fundamentals you start talking about those kind of job losses. The IRS talking about that the baby will have a double dip recession. Do you think this this kind of pretty amazing rising gold and silver will continue If so for how long and then out how we can a look at that in terms of the long-term balancing of our own portfolios and trying to be properly diversified because of debt, government debt $27 trillion you would if you show me the magazine last week of forward but just go the national debt clock. I did it.

I forgot they are going to punch in the future. 2024 and that's $45 trillion, our government, saying that that is so gold can arise were taken little bit of a breather. Markets have to pull back. I got overheated. But you know that's the corporate that the Fed that is just ballooned out of this world go around $12 trillion probably next year corporate that is just insane right now.

$2.5 trillion annualized being issue and bankruptcies are soaring to levels higher than 2009, according to financial times show key events are coming up for that is talking this week. Their whole concern is this is the Jackson Hole one to your navigating the decade ahead. Implications of monetary policy, another as they know that this monetary policy is going to turn into a mess.

You cannot get out of debt by creating more debt and that's what's going to blow up in the bond market that's going to blow up in other areas of the economy. Unfortunately, I'm not a doomsday or we can get around this that we will reap what we sow. The sheep shall be separated from the goats. Financially speaking, make sure you get some gold and silver in your portfolio simple by calling our company learning and get some cash to put some money on the sidelines.

Yeah, that's right. And a lot of people don't like to hear that a lot of brokers don't make money when you're in cash and if you going to sell precious metals, they don't. So there's a lot of stress out there on a lot of different people. You always need to know that half the people that are consulting me make money.

How do they profit off of what I'm doing with my cash. You have to understand that you have to be quite frankly, you need to be a little bit skeptical about all that need ask a lot of questions. But again, you cannot be which I reduce this to simplistic language in a pretty regular basis which tends to be my natural language but anyway like when you got so much focus in your portfolio on the on the sale of the sail ship got asked the question what's underneath. Do you have in that sailboat.

Do you have a keel on the bottom or one side of the theater daughter you put everything there and you know what happens when you jump off the other end you get a big problem. Do you think people really are paying attention to fundamentals are they just kinda reacting to the market as it moves up and down each day. The reaction is a growing sentiment up. He reports feeling sense in their spirit. Something is not quite right. We just can't keep going on this road that were on and some ramifications will be paid and that's why it's imperative you feel that if someone in cash. Get the money and metals don't have all your eggs in one basket, yet it's okay to be patient. It's okay to step out of this for a little bit at least part of my portfolio and take a safer position on tells about YouTube videos because I want people. This is all about education and everybody were not beating you up to do this or do that but we are beating you up to get yourself educated to talk a little about the YouTube videos if you just go to YouTube and type in landmark L AMD MARK MR U will be able to check these videos out the wedding to be seen.

David children, several of them there. I just a short short version of AL Balin and then there's too long versions. Part one and part two of a balance of it will learn about valence how it happened worldwide and also limit set up for America. There's lots of information there were there's information honored debt and shall see pictures and you'll be blown away when I actually dived into on the depth of our country and especially old news because that was when it was $24 trillion seller just a little bit ago to three months ritual so that we a lot of education working outcome some more video signed up for them a landmark you can see their organ go to YouTube and type in landmark capital and you can sign up and fold the videos and get educator and call my company get some material to write 844-879-8882 you want to talk to David Seaman didn't just educate, educate, educate, that's overall about educate praise the Lord asked for wisdom and discernment and then make your decisions 844-879-8082 is David's team or landmark David got bless you brother thinks, and toxic and publish you. Okay pal talk to you later and I just link up here for US debt clock because I want you to be sick here stomach. I want you to lose sleep. I want you to pay attention to reality. So it's US debt clock that work is the link up on Facebook live go look at it.

26.678 trillion when I was teaching my ethics. My specific students a year ago we had just passed 20 trucks when you're this Steve Noble signal so badly that always is never for

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