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What is Pentecostalism + Holy Spirit

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July 2, 2020 2:02 pm

What is Pentecostalism + Holy Spirit

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 2, 2020 2:02 pm

What is Pentecostalism + Holy Spirit

Today on Theology Thursday we are joined by Pastor Chad Harvey of RFA Church in Raleigh NC to discuss Pentecostalism as well as the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives.


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Everyone is time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now six more true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble well I could get a little day yet you got to evangelicals in here you have a southern Baptist. You have a former Southern Baptist you have one that's going to take a slightly different look at a little and on the Holy Spirit a little bit on salvation a little bit on speaking tongues and so today on theology Thursday were live from our pay church here in Raleigh actually a passage at Arby's with me chats.

Great to see you back great. Be back, and when people ask me and I got I got the summer church in Raleigh when people asked me for recommendations on churches, I give them to generally give the one I go to I give them your thoughts great man because for those of you that don't know maybe heard Chad before on on the trip. Radio network is on for a while there and then now on Fox 50 here locally in the Triangle area Sundays from 12 to 1 PM Eastern time. Box 50.he is an outstanding preacher grade teacher.

He is not not afraid. I think pretty much just God.

That's about the only thing I hopefully Chad fears, but a great preacher grade teachers a great church pastor Chris Connolly sits in for me every once in a while. This is the church that he that so our faces the wonderful church and it's great to be here and be back in the house/good good have your statement meant. Our friendship goes back after think how many years about 2005 or six long pretty early, it was before the harvest Crusade got to know each other we started doing called action on the political stuff, you are one of the few churches in town that was willing to step up on that and then and in the course of the harvest Crusade pastor Chris was really involved. You guys really involved. So we've known each other for a while will, and always under units is to covet student commandment, but most coverage or brain me I was just fast. What about a fast bankruptcy acumen today. Any thinker, though. If you're not a fast thing. Everything you would ever know that from from the pulpit. It's great to be here so I one of the interesting things about Pastor Chad. Is he actually went to a Southeastern Baptist illogical summary so did you grow up Southern Baptist groups of yeah my parents are still Southern Baptist group.

Groups of the Baptist remember my dad got saved, and so the Baptist Church. So while yeah the back room and so what happened well here your Assemblies of God your Pentecost. Long story short and long-term. Be sarcastic when people say not what did you read to become Pentecostal was in a binning handbook as it is estimated I read this great bestseller vessel of about 2000 book of acts, and I was my first pastorate 21 years old. Burning out relevant passion for six months of the actuary tables are not my favorite turnout and whatever. And Steve, I just started reading the book of acts, and I want to dig into this but multiple times in the book of acts. I see this phenomenon that we call the baptism of the Holy Spirit were people had a supernatural encounter with the third person of the Trinity.

And honestly I said Lord.

This is in the Bible. I think it's for me. I need this and I had this incredible counter call the baptism of the Spirit and later on when my Baptist deacons found out that I spoke in tongues. They were so nicely invited me to go past or somewhere else and so that's how it appeared that was that was it. So how how would you then describe as we are talking about this before we got on the air and is an okay there's there's evangelical churches and those evangelical churches that are Pentecostal, work, or charismatic.

So how do you how to. Let's make sure we get our terms right we save it's a Pentecostal church or charismatic church help us under soak it so you don't want to do from now on when you hear the word Pentecostal Pentecostal I don't think weird falling out crazy on what you think. Tongues from now on when you hear the word Pentecostal I want to think one word and that's harvest. Pentecost was actually an Old Testament Jewish festival 50 days after a Passover that celebrated the spring harvest in the New Testament. You have a group of people gathered together on that day of Pentecost and the church is born and I think what God was saying is I birthed the church on the day were you celebrate the harvest to say this. I want people who are supernaturally empowered to go into the world and to bring in the harvest so if you're a true Pentecostal urine to missions. If you are not the missions you're not a pinnacle. You can't be a Pentecostal is all about being supernaturally empowered by the Holy Spirit for the harvest for global missions and is that it that's honestly in a nutshell, that's what it is because weirdness is not flattering like a perch on the pier is all about supernatural empowerment of the Holy Spirit to empower us for the harvest, so it's really evangelistic international so when you when you look at kind of a non-Pentecostal. Now there are there are some Pentecostal churches and there are some charismatic churches where I would actually describe them as while you were just gets a little out of hand and in somebody in the middle of the service is going to stand up and say I have a word from the Lord and then start speaking in tongues and then somebody else may or may not stand up to interpret and then you kind out. I know for a lot of people and been around it private prayer language. A lot of things like that will start to freak people out so so I mean how do you look at the ask that question. Would you like most about Pentecostalism and what you not like about it yet so the core of the Pentecost as much of this is about the harvest. But Jesus of this, you will love the Lord your God with all your heart. Okay, stop right there so heart is the center of your emotions. There something about Pentecostalism is will this is, I'm a little not just my soul and my mind, you Baptist or great loving out of your mind. Sometimes I see a gap between the mind and the heart of the cost Meant. Let's worship the Lord, not just with our solar mind but man with a heart as well. So there's an emotional component that I like. Now sometimes emotions can get out of hand.

If you little bit crazy.

I'm not in the craziness it's it's interesting I'm too Pentecostal for the Baptist and I'm too Baptist for the Pentecostal psychos are things like this. What part of Pentecostalism is being slain in the spirit and writing out I'm not against falling is me and if you get overwhelmed with emotion font.

This would you do understand there is not one Scripture in the entire Bible that validates being slain in the spirit now again a month if you happens it happens, so there are some extraneous stuff. Sometimes Pentecostals add to the experience make me a little uncomfortable but fundamentally, fellow citizens will speak. There's a a miss understanding about the center. Pentecostalism on people so will the center of Pentecostalism is the Holy Spirit center of Pentecostalism is not the Holy Spirit better not be. Jesus says in John 1526 and the Holy Spirit comes Holy Spirit here what you is going to testify of me to the center of Pentecostalism.

It's still a Jesus centered movement. The Holy Spirit empowers us to lift up Jesus Christ to the nations three Stu Epperson Pentecostalism to answer your question. What makes me uncomfortable about some Pentecost churches is when you shift the center from Jesus to the Holy Spirit you get you get this awareness and that's where and I'm and encourage everybody because Pastor Chad and I've had these conversations before Pastor Chris Connellan. I've had these conversations before overall goodness each other in heaven. We love each other with unified we don't die on the cells that are important to talk about the things we can all learn but do not dare to add any more division where I was writing with the noble effect Right back Thursday now just hit the pause button per second. Okay, so I can remind you what's going on.

I'm broadcasting today from RFA church here in Raleigh. Pastor Chad Harvey Pastor Chris Connell sits in for me every once in a while and so my studio is not at the seminary anymore.

You heard that story the other day I we had to move that that Studios I'm in the process of doing that. That's why we sent out some emails and I mentioned this was not an expense.

We are expecting to have this year especially with over 19 and all the other crazy stuff. So if you do feel so led, we still would we have to raise about $10,000 to pull this off. I was in there. I didn't get full of the spirit earlier today when I was in our new studio space because I was using this here at Pastor Chad Harvey. I was using this spray on adhesive to put up all the sound baffling snow and I was getting lightheaded, but I wasn't slain in the spirit that was just the adhesive man I could do some prosperity some help you raise an oil like huts all night long the hell is very hot man seller talking to the basket edited were common to keep doing theology Thursday. There's lots of great theologians out there and others give us a chance to work with some other folks which I'm excited about that and I can sit down with the pastors that are very capable and I can bring a lot to the show so never fear theology. Thursday isn't going anywhere. And so that's why you're here today with Pastor Chad talking about Pentecostalism and in it as well as and will get into this kind of for all of us. The role of the Holy Spirit in our lives but we are talking about that a little bit and you think is is the second baptism would you think that if working to pick up all the things that make people uncomfortable between Pentecostalism and non-Pentecostal evangelical churches deep. I think that's probably the number you that that Stephen tongues in your signature quickly writes in the Fama logic. Your Romans 89 makes very clear. If you're born again you have the Holy Spirit right your message. Your born-again spirit, Catholic boarding Holy Spirit. What name you if you're born again you have Holy Spirit sleep five times in the book of acts five times people who are clearly already born again because it says there born-again is living in them already knows. Right five times. These people were already born again have Holy Spirit in them have a second encounter with the Holy Spirit. I mean you see in John 2021 Jesus says to the disciples is as he goes on and says receive the Holy Spirit. The same people. A few weeks later have a second encounter the Holy Spirit the dip in the cost of the Samaritans. It says that the Samaritans receive the word of God are baptized there born-again Jews living in Holy Spirit. A few days later the apostles come down lay hands on them and they have another encounter arrangement and they're asking hey have you received those hourly acts 19 a group of believers who are already born again. So the Holy Spirit already living in them pulses look little in the hands on you and they have the second encounter. So what do you do with that.

Honestly you can't tell me it's not in the Bible that born-again believers you already have the Holy Spirit living in them can't have a second supernatural encounter, the spirit that we call the baptism the spirit. It's all over you and so that's that's the challenge and in a lot of people Pentecostalism one would you say was the birth Pentecostalism will modern Pentecostalism was in 1906, so there's a beautiful store behind that, but obviously the first gospel will thousand 34, 32 A.D., but modern cannot Pentecost 1906 yeah so does that go back to Azusa Azusa Street revival yeah and so what you think happened in between art.

You can follow a thread of the supernatural Holy Spirit for the 2000 years of church history. People say will look, I don't believe in modern Pentecostalism, because any new modern phenomenon. You're implying that the church lost something for 2000 years was a Reformation 1570 so does that mean for 1500 years.

The church really had kind of file losses sing of salvation by grace alone through faith alone, but you have people like the 2 trillion you have origin. Ignatius, the D.K, which is in the hundreds. 80 you actually have all kinds of file of supernatural encounters throughout 2000 years of church history. I've read about this. Was this the American colonies. This is in the 1700s. A lady named Mary Wheeler had been bedridden for 17 years. She felt the power of God, "speak in gibberish and this lame man, a lady began to walk. This is in the 1700s. You know, 200 years before Azusa Street.

So it's not that the church did not have any supernatural activity for 2000 years. We actually have you follow John Wesley, you look at some of Wesley's outdoor meeting to people falling out. The Holy Spirit people speak in tongues.

Yet modern cost was started in 1906, but you can see this 33 2000 churches a day.

Would you tie this to the, the and we met you mention the soft air, but the whole notion of sensationalism right so what just because we find in the book of acts doesn't mean working to find it in 2020, although apparently refining everything else in 20 yeah right right right right yet successor secessionism base uses this the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit ceased with the death of the last apostle or ceased with the advent of Scripture that we had to get the church up and running so there were more, while noticeable things going and then after that, once all the apostles died were done in one of my favorite preachers that use every week I listen to Maverick. I love him.

He is a rabid secessionist peers. Props John MacArthur and Satan, and I look I love I talked about that before and their partners wrong on this thing because you asked me Chad how did you become a Pentecostal I was taught this was jealous of everything you believe must come from the Bible absolutely believe that you have decided to start this the miraculous gifts of the spirit ceased with the first entry is okay were that in the Bible. Well, it's really not the Bible you have to will will will write everything I believe must come from the Bible. Now your teaching that will people say is what first Corinthians 13 says when the perfect comes, prophecy, tongues, all that will cease in the Bible is perfect.

That's not what Paul talked about the language for scripting 13 is the second coming race. Second, when Jesus comes back I will need prophecy because Jesus will be here to speak to me face-to-face for scripting 13 is not about not tub the Bible being perfect, so we don't need prophecy, tongues. I will say again, there is no Scripture at all, but says one quarter of the New Testament.

Only 5% of the New Testament, the supernatural or origin. 25% of the New Testament no longer applies strength. Sorry that that cessation stocking is not there. Why do you think we have so much division over and I want to talk about. Once saved always saved, because I think that once more of a legitimate concern, but but I'm speaking in tongues private prayer language. Second baptism. Why do you think we get so ballistic.

I think for eight for evangelicals that are not Pentecostal you and I joked about this forms a part in youth you carried this earlier and I don't know that people notice you're not saying that I'm not a Christian, absolutely not. So, once when what is the second baptism in terms of good. I say listen, there's times when I think I'm more for the Holy Spirit than others because I'm walking more closely with the Lord.

I You know, when you look at first John 19 why do I have to confess my sins and be forgiven again. Yet, just like hey when Gina and I have an argument and I mess up rhinitis in the time were not unmarried exactly what we have a broken relationship that needs reconciliation and to be healed again so there are times and I'm deftly more sensitive the Holy Spirit more fully Holy Spirit. That's my own sin and I'm grieving the Holy Spirit. But in terms of the second baptism in the difference between non-Pentecostals and Pentecostals. How do you kinda work through the warehouse of this.

I don't believe the baptism of the Spirit. I believe in baptism's of the spirit.

I look this man needs a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit. Every single event not I do believe that the entry way to this beautiful spiritual life is what we call the cortical baptism spirit. I personally believe that the initial evidence is speaking in tongues praising God in languages you don't know but at any rate, that's the doorway, but after that, every day. I need a fresh infilling fresh and Desperate look we got this. Second, God has used me to do things to the power of the Holy Spirit that I could have never done had I left it open. You talk about taxes. You mentioned that earlier automation come back around.

Then we'll talk about once saved always saved and they were just and abroad. The more general talking about the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It is theology Thursday. This is the noble life of our church around the building is after that liberty I forgot, you're right.

And then what, that's really strange so I'm just going go ahead now because the crowds of Monday and we are talking about is this is the noble were back Liber and RFA church here in Raleigh and by the way, if you're in Raleigh and you're in the Triangle area and you want to find a good church is one of the few that I recommend. There's a lot of decent churches around the there's only a few that I get really excited about. I love Pastor Chad's teaching and preaching is the great church is a great community RFA church that work live there today with Pastor Chad on theology Thursday after talk about Pentecostalism and were talking about the Holy Spirit which working to get to, but we were having a very frank conversation because I go to a non-Pentecostal evangelical churches is a Pentecostal evangelical church and so one of the things that is important is there aren't in terms of this conversation aren't that many hills to die there some hills to debate and there's some things to challenge each other on your say something about that earlier. What was that about you and see the basketball players during the week and then they plan to give you great analogies about you and see during the week, Monday through Friday.

Those players you see players are going at each other hard to make each other better. But when Saturday comes round they understand and are enemies Duke University in the body Christ malice go at each other. Let's make each other better, with the understanding that ultimately the enemy Satan is one were going right yet so important to remember that and so were talking about these differences so we can understand more about Pentecostal Pentecostalism. If you're Pentecostal you yeah we Artie knew that but I'm I'm not a Pentecostal, although I'm not a sensation as if I can find it in the Bible. I'm not gonna throw it out just because it's 2020. But you are you shared something earlier about something.

A lot of people might not have an easy time believe they all fear you are dumb, but this is a given to the supernatural gifts are still here darling I'm a wife were in Ethiopia. But, on the border Somalia several years ago there was that I called hospitals and nasty hospital and the children's ward was about Steve's big as this room cinderblock filthy mold over the sink and we are praying for a child who was there.

It was a friend of a friend and a a Muslim lady starts pulling my arm and she starts to speak and possibly working with language that the park and our folks translated. They said she want to pray for baby and a look in. There's a boy he's naked.

He's filthy. His genitals are swollen up flies all over and he just looks, smells nasty and there like leprosy.

That's why he's here, and I shall pray for the baby, but I will pray in Jesus name and let me go ahead solely my hands up baby and is pray in Jesus name.

And when we got back home the missionaries. It sent us an email and said the that evening after we left the doctors came in and crazies that baby was totally healed and they released him. That day is it everybody in the hospital was talking about and so funny were watching the recent move the TV show the chosen Jesus So that I'm the actor was when Jesus was healing somebody had leprosy of Sadat's technique is all wrong. What meet was the supernatural power that is you react to that. When you find out about it was honestly I give got almost all the glory. Give all the glory. It's all about God is not about Jed but my point is the Holy Spirit is still moving supernaturally today with argon staff who was a naval officer went to while mom bossa Kenya is a born-again believer baptized in the spirit went to an Episcopal and Anglican church that Sunday morning part of the pastor, but his testimony just got baptized in the spirit pastors. I believe any of that stuff.

He says find what he he stood by the pastor during worship just kinda lifted his hands and begin to praise the Lord in tongues pastor stared at him and after he said I thought you said was your first time in in Kenya. He said it is he so where did you learn SWAT Swahili.

He said I don't know Swahili suggest you did during worship. You had your hands racing Jesus. I bless you. You're the living son of God, so these thing rights are real, they still happen. There are's probably stuck about that at the day of Pentecost is like was that a miracle of speaking or hearing the miracle here and right and and for me.

Now I know there's going to be some evangelicals that they want to get Oliver my case because I'm I refuse to die on these hills. But I so they got that that is a fascinating conversation.

Yeah, I think it's fascinating to contemplate and look into it in and to read about these things and study, especially if you're like yeah I don't know about the second baptism stop get in there and learn end and see what both sides face buddy the Scriptures asked for the leading of the Holy Spirit to lead you in the truth, but we can live with them with some a disagreement absolutely does an absolute we we we are so easily divided because we live, especially now in the social media world division is just the name of the game. That's the norm. You which we should capitalize on seeing on the entire nation on entire world splitting itself into more and more all the time that we can in the body of Christ, whether Pentecostal or not make the decision that I'm not gonna die until I'm not going to divide over this issue. I'm to show some charity and I'm in a be patient and him and to assume that I don't know if you think you and maintain the unity of Christ through the spirit we sell that down the river way to ease their five fundamentals of the faith and I will divide the fundamentals, but right extraneous stuff.

I'm up and about knocking to do. I once saved always saved take us so that's the non-Pentecostal evangelical position, your position, I would say probably not yet. So there's a guy look this Philip you cannot hurt.

You probably have heard of your will read his name is Michael Heiser 80 hi SER Michael Heiser's great. I'm assuming he still has this, a stance on once saved always saved. I believe what he says I love this.

What cannot be gained by moral perfection cannot be lost by moral imperfect file. I believe that there you go, what cannot be gained by moral perfection work/salvation yes and you can't use works based D salvation that now Heiser does say this.

And this writer agrees him and you will disagree with him. He says however you can't get away from passages in Romans, Hebrews, and Jude that if you stop believing in Jesus, you can walk away from faith. Now what you baptism say as well. They were never saved in the first) Hebrews 6 of Tabor sequela cry.

I would look good to Jude's gratitude is in Outlook. Let's get the idea of faith.

Faith means to trust and cling to rely on so I'm now I've believe in Jesus. I'm not clinging to Jesus I can stop clinging to Jesus because here's the thing in Jude. Jude is writing to the church and he says this. Be careful. There were Israelites who believed in God and stop believing, and they were destroyed. There were angels who believed in the living God, right, and they stop live date of L and they fill if it happened to them. It can happen to you that if you say when know it. It's a theoretical possibility. It really could happen to take Jude out of the Bible. Jude was written to warn Christians Israelites stop believing in God. There were some angels who stop believing in God and some of y'all are on the verge of of no longer believing in God, so I don't believe was Steve, you look at porn.

Today she lost her salvation.

I believe that Steve used a bad word with a radar movie divorce. I do believe it. I do believe that if you started a podcast called who is it sets out the that I got really lost that actually did make a baby.

I don't really talk about that we out of knowledge.

I do believe though.

In Hebrews the same way.

Hebrews was written to Jewish Christians with left Judaism and come to the faith guys you believed in Jesus. Don't stop believing in him and go backwards. And so again I got my my conscience is going to be yoked to the Bible. I do believe people who believed in Jesus and I've seen it. Mr. world that were never saved in the first frame. Sorry There are some that were never simply give you that you cheat you choose to believe that they were and they lie absolute.

I choose to believe that they were, what would you do would you this, not from the pink unicorn. I'm just well I mean I would go back to the quote that you used. If we can't earn our salvation by works, how can we lose it by what this network is believing right faith and then I'll also go to the parable of the four soils go what happened there because it gives the appearance of faith gives the appearance of believing in you can if you keep pushing through. I found a great article by John Piper that I mentioned Hebrews 6426, which is it's impossible. Those who were once enlightened and it tasted the heavenly gift, and become partakers of the Holy Spirit in a taste of the good word of God and the powers needs to come if they follow way to renew them again to repentance, meaning it's over. Since they crucified again for themselves the son of God and put them to open shame. This passage begs the question, how can one be enlightened and follow way.

It does seem to be speaking of someone losing their salvation.

He goes on this as I am seen anybody do this before he goes on to use only the bookkeepers to come to come back on that which again made a great case when we have to look at the Scriptures that you'll never be Jesus will never lose you.

How do you do that how do you cut because you can bring up the book of Jude that we can look at Romans and other places look okay where some of its done yet pushes I got out reconciled you so but pushes it. So if Jude was written. Christians and saying don't stop believing in Jesus, could you be like those angels, writers, Jews, what you do, then forget about the ovens. What you do, what would be mean.

Perhaps others professing Christian Christians right and there's actual Christians get people in this church on Sunday, a people my church on Sunday that profess come to church see God move read the Bible study the Bible even who were not to see in heaven is a never been born again. That's where I get very nervous when I'm the one deciding whether somebody was saved or not, is how do you do that we can look at worksite like is one of the recent ones of Josh Harris, the guy that yeah yeah and I never saw that when can you come today getting a guy showing that with one of the guys from Southeast to go with the ever Christian he preached people got saved made professions of faith and also the says job all the things that make you a Christian. I'm not so if you have hot state what the world happened there with Jared and I do want to talk about the role of the Holy Spirit. This is Steve Noble talking to Patrick at Harvey ability Thursday will be right back. Noble show just trying to divide the Pentecostals from the evangelicals today, but that it can happen. Here are just tolerant were at RFA church here in Raleigh's theology Thursdays RFA is the website fantastic church at Harvey and I been friends for years, probably about 15 years of his employer.

He grew up Southern Baptist went to Southeastern Baptist theological seminary salvation got baptized with the Holy Spirit, blew it off and became a bank is not all right. That's a good summation my life so I just told this to the pastor Chad on the brakes, only those of you on Facebook live heard that I don't do a whole lot of really strenuous long-term debating on the show with fellow believers, because I think it's so's division and I think were dying on hills that we don't need to die.

Now if you came in here and one denied one of the tenants of the faith okay but then if you deny one of the tenets of the faith. Guess what show you wouldn't be on right you would be on this one.

And so I'm a lot of people like that. It's bloodsport would love to see Hagans get the that's for the Pentecostal non-Pentecostal going at each other, not on my time.

I think I happen here so we study these things we can debate these things. This is one area that we disagree on. And that's fine and my concern.

I just mention this is will use anything to bludgeon one another so if I'm as pastor and I believe that you commission salvation.

I think there's a temptation to try to corral your people and push them towards righteousness by threatening hey if you don't do this we know that if you don't have too much. Hey, if you vote for Barack Obama resolved for abortion you might lose your salvation up. I might actually change my mind. But you know I mean yeah and I think you had a story God is great sure about this. I think it's in perspective for me. Steve in the 1700s.

You had two celebrity preachers, John Wesley, whose Armenian leaves you lose your salvation.

George Whitfield was a Calvinist who doesn't believe you can lose your salvation so it's like the Billy Graham and John MacArthur had ever and it really their followers started to really go at each other really answers like reporter asked Wesley is a lot of just nasty bad blood between your followers and whittled followers ask you this. You ever think you will see George Whitfield in heaven and a John Wesley said no I will not see George Whitfield reports will pray to use this and Wesley said let me finish.

We get to heaven, he said, I think George Whitfield will be so close to the throne of Jesus Christ and I want to be so far back of the crowd. I don't think I will ever see George whittled heaven, and that pretty much stop the argument and so I do like that. There has to be a certain amount of humility as we approach these things and were students. Each of the event is not so important to remember that and that's what Jesus himself said they'll know your mind.

By the way you love on an absolute so we messed that up when we choose to die on the sales. None of these things that were talked about speaking in tongues losing your salvation as serious as that is that is not one of the tenets of the faith.

I know some people want to go there and make it that, but you and I both. We used to joke about this enemy like well you know. Hey Steve, I like to be there when you get the second baptism because you're already crazy to be like then on I probably missed it because I got saved back in 1994 I got full of the Holy Ghost.

I'm not only to go but but we walk away from that eventually we both love Jesus. One. Lord, one Savior, one baptism you know to me by one word and one understanding of Scripture. And that's it. And other stuff find will will chew the fat will go back and forth, but I'm not can it destroy my relationships over the Christ, the role of the Holy Spirit in general. The sky set aside the just Pentecostals and help us understand how should we be relating to Holy Spirit Pentecostal or not. What should my daily relationship with the Holy Spirit look like. So I was. I look at this with the father planned out this whole thing. He planned out salvation. The sun purchased the salvation and of the Holy Spirit helps us to live out salvation, and so I just leave on a practical day-to-day basis with you. Looking Amanda, if I am trying to live the Christian life to my own effort my own flesh my own power. I will fail miserably and I serve the church all the time.

Look, y'all might be able to follow Jesus back in the 1950s here in America were by saluting the flag on. They all watch Andy Griffith that everything is great. We are now in crazy days supernaturally dark days without the supernatural empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Forget about the baptism, the spirit talks okay without the Holy Spirit supernatural power to stand for Jesus and so your Galatians makes it very clear that the fruit of the spirit is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit's work in our life. There are passages in Scripture the talk about praying in the Holy Spirit. I just believe practically day by day, moment by moment, the Holy Spirit in them enables us to live out the Christian life and he is a person he is not in it. He's a person, third person of the Trinity hypostatic union father-son spirit. There was never the barn study a few years ago that showed a bunch of people that would qualify as born-again looked at both the Holy Spirit and Satan as a symbol of something rather in an amazing yeah now because that Mormonism action warming is something all right being of power so so when I look at the Holy Spirit.

I think a lot of times the challenges it's so ethereal it's this cloud just like hovering over the D pillar back in Genesis as opposed to a person who is personal in a part of my life and I walking with me and enabling with me and insult life for something else. Let's do you ever pray to the Holy Spirit and here's what I do, Steve. I used to use as illustrations. Been a while since I use go on the platform have a jacket.

My jacket I redeemed this jacket out of bondage to Cabela's automatic on it now belongs to me jacket to show this church and what you let me lift up your right hand because of you lifting will do anything this jacket is useless until the owner of the jacket and put it on gets into the jacket.

Now with your right hand lifted left hand spin around and the Christian life is really the owner of this Christian Jesus coming into this Christian to the power of the Holy Spirit and doing through me what I can do myself and that's the spiritual life. So how do we, what are some ways out practical ways that we can tap into that gift from a daily basis. How do I walk with the power the Holy Spirit yeah I will say that you know I Jesus says in Luke 11 how much more the father give the spirit of him that what ask it's not you.

I always I read somewhere well before the Holy Spirit will inhabit you and empower you. You gotta get clean to get clean in the hose. I can't get clean, well Holy Spirit right on the lysing takeoff was muddy close before you come and clean the fish and then catch exactly and so I singable one every day. I have to say father feel me fresh and anew the power of the Holy Spirit in an cycle here is on finding you go back to John 1526. I focus on the baptizer Jesus and let him take care of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and what I'm finding is when I worship Jesus.

In that context of worship filled the Holy Spirit.

In fact if you look at acts chapter 2. What were they doing when Pentecost came in the spirit feel that they were all speak young wonderful works of God to Steve. I would say we ask the father for this beautiful gift of the Holy Spirit. I said we live a life of worship and adoration. The Lord Jesus Christ and then that mean you allow the spirit of God to do through you what you can do you think one of our challenges and especially the Western church and in my my experience of the Holy Spirit changed back and I think it was about 2007 or eight, I was driving somewhere. I was just enjoying some praise and worship music and for some reason I just I went back to the cross. I was revisiting my own salvation and for about 90 seconds. I all I could do. I went into this spontaneous, hilarious laughter, which was overwhelming to me because I was laughing and then I was kind of tearing up and crying a little bit all at the same time in and when I put on that ended I'm like okay I think there's a whole another level of my interaction with the whole square absolute that if I don't even believe it can happen. Maybe I'm I'm clinching the spirit and it's like, hey, if you don't ass you have not because you don't ask for yeah yeah don't even believe in it. We don't do miracles. It's like Paul seeing that the man had the faith to be healed. Then he said, so I think we kinda don't expect much from the Holy Spirit that we don't experience but absolutely in the get that look I pray in tongues every single day because as I pray in tongues in the context worship. I just received supernatural power, but I don't want to get to the point where it while been baptized in the spirit I speak in tongues every day.

That's all there is to it. You know in our marriage. I a good marriage just anything you can't love your wife any fine man I love her more and more and more and there's a deeper deeper deeper relationship and marriage, and I think the Lord Jesus Christ and his his Holy Spirit. There's always more water never spoke in tongues you speak in tongues.

Well, I've never prayed in faith and samadhi is healed, pray and cease about you while I'm there. I just think as long as were walking Jesus there still dips that we've not gotten to and that's the beautiful counseling about fall and what about every day being led by circuits again.

I'll just be perfectly honest here in my Western Christianity, which is very limited.

When people say what the Lord told me to go to this in the Lord told me to talk to that person.

I'm always like such a cynic which is one of the reasons on the radio was like how do you know that was the Lord and number two unlike because of the level of the divine intervention and play that out by saying well as an investor, Jesus Christ and the gospel, shouldn't every interaction I have be a divine appointment. You yeah but you know I mean I don't go in and out a little later Roger said one time he said the Lord spoke to me and said such and such and somebody asked me did he speak you audibly in age. Roger said no it was louder than that great and I think somebody's inner promptings we have the Holy Spirit is even louder then an audible sound of the Holy Spirit and little interesting trivia thing in the Old Testament, we always said that God said Solomon ask anything I'll give it to you and we always had Solomon asked for what with wisdom general in Hebrew is little he asked for a live Shema. He asked for a heart listens in that beautiful head as we said wisdom is little lips of a heart that listens and I think part of being led by the Holy Spirit is to have a heart that listens to God, you know, the spirit of God speaking to our spirit through his Holy Spirit.

And so sometimes you get weird. Will God to do this in such sometimes just the inner promptings you understand will be valuable to see it October thus in such a loss personals that when sickness got psycho. He thinks gotta speak right right exactly. I just believe that sometimes these promptings of the Holy Spirit is really God's spirit speaking to us by his Spirit and found another one of the things it's really important. There just real quick is not the natural language of God of the Bible is yeah so if you don't know absolute odd thing were you're not going to hear him speak that song Artie continues to work through them. We got a great help find your name Smith with works of God speak to me all the time by imagine that something is just a first you notice Cummings of you don't think God perhaps you write will jet Re: RFA church great heaven because you're a man good euros 90. Again, you're welcome.

This is Steve. No one seen the whole show. I will be back tomorrow. God willing about my dad always

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