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Theology Thursday: Spiritual Powers & Principalities

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August 13, 2020 1:38 pm

Theology Thursday: Spiritual Powers & Principalities

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 13, 2020 1:38 pm

Theology Thursday: Spiritual Powers & Principalities

Today a conversation with Pastor Chad Harvey of RFA Church about the spiritual forces of evil at work all around us:



False Religions



“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12


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Wake up, everyone. It's time for the Steve Noble show, where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God. And on his show, there's plenty of grace and lots of truth, but no sacred cows. Call Steve now at 866 34 Truth. That's eight six six thirty for truth or check him out online. And to Steve Noval show dot com. And now here's your host, Steve Noble.

OK. Welcome back. Hope you're doing well. We are going to be doing another theology Thursday.

Today, my buddy pastor said Harvey from our Faith Church here in Raleigh is with me in the studio.

And so we're going to spend most of the show today talking about powers and principalities, something he preached on just last Sunday, which was incredible and and mind boggling and but also incredibly helpful to understand what the spiritual realities are that are going on around the world geographically in different spheres of life. Government politics covered 19 BLM, all that kind of stuff. But before we do that, Pastor Rob McCoy, who's a good friend of mine, we went to Israel together last fall. He's out in California. Godspeed, Calvary Chapel Church out in Thousand Oaks, California. One of the few pastors on California that is standing up against the government orders out there to not meet Rob in his church have decided to meet, according to the word of the Lord, and they're dragging him into court. And all kinds of things are happening out there. Rob, on just a few weeks ago, we did a theology Thursday on dual citizenship, which was awesome. Charlie Kirk was able to calling for a few minutes there at the end. But Pastor Rob Maclay, welcome back, bro. How are you?

I'm well. Good to hear your voice.

You as well. Yes, I'm not. I'm not after you for anything, so I'm on the right side of the conversation. So give us a little update. What's going on there, what you guys decided to do. I know you were in court this week and a lot of news obviously getting a lot of interviews and talking about it. So just bring us up to date what's happened in church.

So we've been wide open as a church since May. Thirty first. No social distancing, no masks. And we decided to do that after Governor Newsome embraced the Black Lives Matter protests, hundreds of thousands of people shoulder to shoulder, no masks, and condoned it and supported it. And when we were looking at the numbers, we've done 133 livestream broadcasts, one every night at 7:00 p.m. We've had no less than seven doctors, two psychologists. We've gone through the county numbers and we didn't make this decision willy nilly. Our death rate in our county is one one hundredth of one percent. And we've tested we've tested 15 percent of our entire population of our county. So the numbers aren't going to change if you do polling or projected data. You know how that works. And even for those who've tested positive, 80 percent of them didn't even know they had it. They went in to have a colonoscopy and they had to be tested. They were told they had Kovik, but they had no symptoms. Most of the folks don't have symptoms. But of the 8000 that have tested positive. The death rate for those is less than one percent. And there there were three county supervisors that were upset that we were not abiding by the basket social distancing, even though we have ionization machines, SUV lights. They they wanted us shut down so that they knew they wouldn't get the support of the sheriff or the other supervisors. So they voted to acquire county farms to hire an attorney to seek an emergency temporary restraining order from a judge. And they found a judge who knew it and he granted it and we didn't comply with it. And I was set to I had a hearing this week to establish my contempt hearing. You're supposed to be Friday.

And they beat they beefed up the request to the new judge by saying, we want to want the judge to grant that armed officers would would be required to enforce this this restraining order.

And they had named not only me, but a thousand congregants or visitors, unnamed, and they wanted the contempt hearing to be Friday. Well, the judge shut down their request for officers to enforce it. And the judge shut down my consent hearing for this Friday. He postponed it to the 21st of this month. And just to let everyone know, we haven't had a single case encoded in our church. Not one. And our zip code where our church is located, nine one three two zero in California within the county. And this is the county numbers. You can see it on the Internet. We see emergency income. That's where they post all the numbers of all the residential regions in the last 14 days. Our zip code has the lowest number of positive cases in the county residential regions.

And so other then. Yeah. And so other than the math and the science and the facts, which apparently don't matter for you guys deciding to stay open to meet in person. What's the charge there? Because other people are saying, well, Romans 13, you know, you're not submitting the governing authority. So why do why open? Why stay open? Why? Why defy the government order? And then where does it go from here?

You know, we were. I wasn't permitted to speak. But the current judge, Judge O'Neill, posed the question to my counselor, attorney Robert Tyler, and said, what about the second greatest commandment? And he invoked it, which was kind of cool. And everyone was tuning in and heard it. And, ah, my attorney didn't hear me, said, I'm sorry, Your Honor. And he said, Why don't you ask your pastor to help you understand the second greatest command. So it was an order, as far as I'm concerned, from the judge. So I took time to do it.

And any permission I'll read my response to the judge hopefully will be read on August 21st. Yeah. You got a little time. Go fast.

I'll be quick. Your Honor, thank you for invoking the second greatest commandment, giving me an opportunity to keep my counsel on its meanings and responsibilities, how to fulfill it, glow lower the words I instructed him according to order. Mr. Tyler, Judge O'Neil is correct that we are commanded to love our neighbor. Let me explain what that means. My heart breaks for those who have lost loved ones to this horrific virus. One life life lost to this virus is one too many. But to love your neighbor goes beyond feeling it requires action. We as a church administer to families who've lost loved ones to this virus, cared for them even though they didn't attend our church. This is to love your neighbor. When we realize a virus has a 99 percent survival rate in our county that disproportionately affects the elderly and those who call the we have continually brought groceries to those who need to be quarantined and run errands for them daily. This is to love your neighbor. But what I share now is the most difficult and costly example of what it means to love your neighbor in the immense challenge of government intrusion of our personal freedoms created by a virus that has the survival rate in our county. Many families now go hungry due to forced unemployment. Many neighbors die alone without family members advocating for them in the hospital. Many special needs children. Now, Mr. Therapies are neighbors with cancer and other diseases. Now Miss life-Saving treatments and surgeries are most vulnerable neighbors. The abused women and children now suffering quarantine with their abusers.

Our neighbors now have had to forfeit their businesses and livelihoods, of which 60 percent will never reopen in our county because our county government's unprecedented actions. I'll go quickly. I won't read it all. Just go down to this part of our neighbors now. Work from home while homeschooling their children while teachers get paid and parents do their jobs while still having to pay taxes from their deplete incomes. Our neighbors are demeaned by a government that would decide who is essential, who is not, and our neighbors are now faced with what they are calling a new normal.

But it's that it's by social distancing and forced mass, but is now an Orwellian dystopia. How do we love these neighbors? And this is how I conclude our churches choosing to stand for them.

We do. We love them and are willing to stand in their defense against a government that threatens to arrest us and close our church. We love our neighbors and are before the leave it. I hear the music, but it's all right.

Yeah, that's awesome. Rob, we're going to keep praying for you. We'll keep talking. God bless you, brother, for standing strong. We're all standing with you. We'll talk again real soon. Okay. Sorry about that. I see you, buddy, about I should talk to you later. Be right back.

Looking back at Stephen Noble, this will show great to be with you theology third day today after Chad Harvey, RFA church here in Raleigh, North Carolina, RFA church dot org.

And when you were asked me about this, you know, about Rob McCoy when he came in here, then we're gonna start talking about powers and principalities today.

But what do you think about that Bhasin grip? Oh, man, I loved his letter. Steve, I wish I had a more time to listen to the whole thing, because that's what I keep getting.

You know, Pastor Chan, if you loved your neighbor, you would shut your church down. Pastor Chan, if you loved your neighbor, you make everybody wear masks. So that's what's been thrown out. I love his I love his take. Yeah. Yeah. You know, if CDC is now saying there are more suicide deaths during this cold season than than covered deaths. And so I do think Rob is on to something, man. This is his way of loving his neighbor. I loved it.

Yeah. It was a really powerful way of putting that. It's funny that they asked and brought that up about the Second Amendment. Love your neighbor as yourself. But it comes down to that point where, like here in North Carolina, where there is a lawsuit, Pastor Ron Baynie out of the Winston-Salem area brought that lawsuit. Thank God one. So that put a stay on the governor's orders that churches couldn't gather. But if that had not happened at some point, what would you have done?

Well, I'm with Doug Wilson on this on if you permit Doug Wilson out west, but he calls this a test run for tyranny. Yeah, I really do believe that that's what's happening. And I do think that if we give the government an inch, I'll take a mile. So I do not judge other pastors what Jesus is telling them to do. Man, they've got to talk to the Lord and do it. The Holy Ghost tells them to do with me personally. Bragan seeking God's face. I would have to say, had this not happened. I love the governor. I honor him. I respect him. But my wife, McArthur, my higher allegiance is for Jesus. Yeah. And so we've got to open up.

Yeah. We got open up. Yeah. We'll see as this continues to unfold because they did bring him into court and they are still threatening to arrest him and cite every member of his church. Wow. What happens? I'll talk to him again early next week. We'll see what happens. So this past Sunday, you were preaching out of First Corinthians and you jumped over to Deuteronomy. And we're talking about powers and principalities. It was a riveting sermon. It was awesome. And by the way, if you're here and the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area and you're ready to get back to a church, RFA is one of the churches that's open. OK. So RFA church dot org is the Web site. But that was that was an awesome message. And it's great teaching for a lot of people, I think. We're not used to thinking in terms of the spiritual realities that are behind pretty much everything. So just talk about how how you ended up there, because you went from First Corinthians to Deuteronomy talking about powers and principalities and the sons of God. You just unpack.

That's a bigger picture here, not commodity's. He was a Jewish scholar that lived in the 13 hundreds. He said his study of Genesis showed him that there were 10 dimensions, only four of which can be known by human beings. And it's interesting. Physicists like Max Tegmark and Brian Greene are starting to see that there are multiple dimensions out here.

I do believe there's a spiritual dimension that is bigger, more powerful than we could ever imagine. And so, Paul, in First Drink Things 10 is warning Christians he's a look, don't go be part of pagan ceremonies, because when you go to pagan ceremonies, he says they're sacrificing to demons, not the God it doing that, Paul is a Hebrew is actually quoting Deuteronomy 32. And in Deuteronomy 32, it says this, that at the Tower of Babble, God divided the nations according to the number of what he calls Beneš Elohim, the sons of God. That term Sons of God is used multiple times in the Old Testament to talk about high level spiritual principalities, demons, angels, Beny, Elohim. So what do you think about this poem? First Corinthians 10 says to the people, Corne, don't set. Go to a pagan temple because you are sacrificing to demons, not to God. He's taken a back to Deuteronomy 32 and says these are the principalities that when God divided the nations at the tower babble, he put these Behney Elohim one over each nation. I believe there's one over heaver city. Whenever principalities and in geographical areas. And so Paul is giving us just a peek into the unseen realm. Yes. Saying there is in our geographical areas principalities powers who've been assigned over every one of these nations, c.D. Geographical areas. Yeah. Yeah. It does make sense. Kind of a Securitas deal. But if you understand Paulist talking as a Hebrew scholar, he's taken us back to Deuteronomy 32. God divided the nations and he put at Behney Elohim. He put his supernatural principality over every one of these.

Yeah. And so as you look at how you look at the Old Testament and New Testament, I think the and I think this might be more of a challenge in the Western church that I think we gloss over a little bit. We've been numb to it. It hasn't been preached that much. Kind of the spiritual realities pull the veil back and the Old Testament and the New Testament showing Jesus's engaging demonic spirits all the time. That's a big part of his ministry. We see it all throughout the Old Testament. I think that we've lost sight of that. So when we look around, we go, oh, there's communist China. There's things going on in India. There's Islam, there's Hinduism, there's Mormonism, there's Christianity. We see what's going on with BLM. We see what's going on in Cauvin. We see that the great reset, which I did a show on the other day, which is all about a global as a move.

To completely reset the way that the world operates, both structurally, societally, governmentally, even loans like resetting the whole thing. And behind all that is sit there, go. Wow, this is crazy. But behind all that, there's actually order. I think we could say no, there is. And Steve, here's our challenge. We don't realize that we are children of the naturalistic David Hume, those guys, a worldview that really started developing in a strong way in the seventeen hundreds. Actually, a bit earlier in the Enlightenment, David Hume comes along, talked about naturalism. And so now reality is what can be seen, touched or tested in a test tube, you know, measured in a laboratory. We Christians, we don't realize we in the West have that mentality. The Bible does not have a naturalistic mentality. The Bible is supernatural in origin. And is kind of interesting. Members of my church, RFA, who come from Nigeria and I have doctors from Nigeria, I've got lawyers from from East Africa. I've got people in my church who are brilliant people, earned degrees, but have a natural above premise, supernatural mentality. They understand the real, you know, what we can see touch, but they are also open to the supernatural here in the West. We don't seem to have that combination. But in the east, there is an understanding that what we can see a measure is real. But there's also an unseen realm that is just as real. I wish we as followers of Jesus Christ in the Western world. Whereas open to followers of Christ, more African in the East Room. I wish we were as open to it as the Bible is as the by. Yes. I don't want to go any farther than the Bible. But I don't want to draw short of what the Bible teaches.

Yeah. And so as we look around, you know, like socialism, I did the show yesterday on socialism socialism's anti Christian. It's an atheistic mindset. There's all kinds of things about socialism. And we look at that and tend to think, OK, well, that's that's a an earthly system. It's Karl Marx and Lenin. It's communism. It's it's Russia. It's India. Used to be socialist. It's Venezuela. But I look at these things now and go, OK. There are there are spiritual forces behind those thing. Absolutely. Especially when we talk about fallen angels, dogma, demons. But I see that all over the place.

Yeah, no. And Jesus said this way. He said, let me help you out. If you're not for me, you're against me. If this is not of the Kingdom of God, then it's of the kingdom of darkness. And Steve, if you if you look historically at what demons did we see this in the Old Testament? We see this in the New Testament, demons and these principalities would tempt people to do three things. Number one, slaughter their babies. We see that in the Old Testament were demonic principalities standing behind the God bale of ashara, these demonic principalities with no wanted people to slaughter their babies. Number two, to mutilate harm their own bodies. We see that even two days ago. Absolutely. Yep. And then, number three, engage in deviant, rampant sexuality. I mean, this has gone back for thousands of years. America is not immune to that. What are the demons telling us to do today? Number one, slaughter our babies. Number two, harm ourselves. Check. Suicide. Self mutilation is huge today. And the number three, engage in rampant deviant sexuality. We like to think that we have moved beyond our caveman ancestors. It's the same here, same pattern that we see. Generation after generation.

Yeah. And I think we look at that and just go, oh, it's human sin, it's autonomy. But there's more to it than that.

And so as when we come back from the break, I want to look at where do we see this kind of manifesting itself around the world in the modern context? We'll look at different religions because you think that was the angel Moroni that met with Joseph Smith out in the woods somewhere in the hills of Pennsylvania. It wasn't a power and a principality. People say Allah met with Mohammed in a cave. I say no. That was safe to get talked about. When we come back right after this.

The markets don't want to stay out the algae. Thursday back today is our good friend, Pastor Chad Harvey, RFA Church here in Raleigh, North Carolina, after church dot org.

By the way, if you go to RFA or if you want to go check out R.F.. Be sure to say hello. I've run until a lot of people there in the last four or five weeks, which has been Gina and I. But Gina was was fighting back tears the first time we went that we came to RFA about five weeks ago, Chad, because neither one of us. It's one of those things that you don't really know what you're missing until you get it back.

So that that first Sunday back at RFA and we we don't normally Gadhafi, but we were both amazed of the impact of corporate worship. I don't think either one of us realize just how powerful it was until he didn't have it.

And even then, we got used to doing everything online. But above Ababa, when we came back and Gina said throughout the service, she was struggling with tears the whole way because we're just so powerful now. We didn't freak you guys out. I thought, oh, boy, here they go. Oh, boy, you didn't bring out any snake animal sacrifice. Nothing crazy like that. Anyway, it's been awesome. So if you got R.F. a church and join us there, please say hello if you happen to see me. But we are talking about powers and principalities today, which we see throughout the old and the New Testament. So I want to do that. I want to make sure about Anstead. Who are the players? Yeah. So when you're talking about powers and principalities and the Elohim and the Sons of God, who are these. Yeah. Forces who like literally. Who are they.

Yep, yep. Yep. So basically we have the unseen realm. Your way, Elohim only. God, we don't believe in Henno theism. No theism says there are multiple equal gods. We just have no worship your way. No, there's one true and living God your way. We do believe that he did create other supernatural entities, according to Psalm 82, when he assigned these entities over nations and cities and principalities. He rebukes them because they begin to abuse the people under their charge. We talked about that, kill their babies, mutilate their bodies, engage in deviant sexuality. And so now we actually have these. Some are higher level than others. Some are lower levels. But we do have demonic supernatural entities interfering with the with the the history of mankind. Let me give some examples of what they'll do. So we have entities that will interfere with mankind and bring on new religions. We have this with Joseph Smith. He saw it's interesting. Have you read this in Galatians one? Paul says, if a human being or even an angel, an angel presents a gospel other than the one I presented, he said, let me go to hell. Really is what he says. Let it be a curse them go to hell. And so it's interesting how many false religions were started by Angel adding an interesting SAPOL says Watch out for angels with other messages. You have Moroni coming to Joseph Smith. And that's how Mormonism gets dark.

Yeah, we said we're talking about fallen angels, demonic activity, which is not a very user friendly thing to say. Yeah, that up Mohammed in the desert was not visited by the Angel Gabriel, you know, who started Islam. Satan. Right. Right. You want to know who started Mormonism? Satan. Did you want to know who started Hinduism? Satan did. All the false religions are all demon.

And you're as interesting as well. So those are high macro levels. They're actually smart. Look, you will laugh at me. And I love Carlos Santana. I think he's great. But, you know, Carlos Santana has said he gets a lot of his inspiration by sitting at the fire and listening to an angel that visits him. They Metatron. You can look this up in 88. We are in. And so do I think the guy's gifted and talented. Absolutely. But when I hear Carlos Santana song, it gives me a little bit of the wind. Exactly. OK. Was he inspired by this angel Metatron that he talks about? So in Malibu, you sing about a black magic woman. Perhaps you were absolutely man. No, seriously. So it's Varya. Is it very interesting. But we do believe now. I'll say this, Steve. And this is not popular, but do Black Lives matter? Absolutely. And I'm not going to qualify that with. All lives matter. Black lives matter. Period. The organization Black Lives Matter. You go to the Web site. Jesus said, if you're not for me, you're against me. That is demonic in origin. That's why we're here. We're elevating transgenderism.

We're elevating homosexuality, destroying their damn boy pay, trying to get the man out of there you don't need. And all the things that really are causing that. The epicenter of a lot of the challenges for the African-American community are the very things that there, again, absolutely absent.

So get them out of the home. Don't have that nuclear family, don't need that. So if people say, well, you're Pentecostalism, you see a demon behind every tree. No, I see two demons behind every tree, man. I just believe that the enemy is interfering through his emissaries. A lot more than we realize. And in Second Corinthians, Paul goes so far as to call Satan the God little g of this world. That's right. You think about that man. Jesus calls him the prince of the power there. So we we are we're not coming against flesh and blood. And Paul's makes it very clear in the book of Ephesians. He says, look, you get mad at Trump and get mad at Pelosi. You get mad at humor. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. And there's a guy named William Guerneville. He was a Puritan rider. And I love what girl said. He said, if you're in battle and a cavalry enemy comes against you, he said, you don't get mad at the horse. You get mad at the person who's writing that horse. That's right. And he says, we're in a spiritual warfare. He said, don't get mad at humans. Get mad at the demonic entities who are using the humans to advance the. Calls of the evil one, and that actually helps me a lot of times and I get mad at me out of it. I get mad at Pelosi. How can somebody be for the. But it's just the enemy that's using. Yeah. Why get mad at her? Is the enemy. Now I don't remove. Neither does Jesus remove personal response. Absolutely. Absolutely. He's not a puppet. Yeah. So she's a co collaborator. So let me give you an analogy on that. Some people are more puppet. Yeah. She she's a willful. I give you an analogy because people so we're now so we're not responsible. It's Satan is behind everything. His bad analogy, but don't use it. So let every time a man abuses his wife, physically abused his wife. If you ask him, why did you do this? He'll say something like this. Well, she was nagging me. She won't let it go. She kept going on and on and on. And so I hit her. Now, we don't say to a guy like that. Okay, well, that that makes sense. I understand you had. No, no. She may have nagged you. She may have pushed you. But you're the one that did this. That's right. And so Satan may be nagging folks like this. He may be pushing people like Pelosi or whoever. Trump is just I'm an equal. The new founder, whoever it is he may be pushing, but at some point, a human being makes a decision. That's right. And so you can't absolve people of Yemen responsibility because of the. I can put a gun in your hand, but you're going to have to pull the troops. Yeah, that's a great point. So so we see him in it because I'm comfortable saying every false religion, which is all of them biblical Christian. Absolutely. Are all demonically inspired and demonically managed, if you will. Yeah. Because they have limited power. But they have power. Yeah. And the earth. OK. That's just the deal. Didn't you have the angelic side, non fallen angels. So. So what's their role in all of this. Because we know the demonic side. Then we're gonna talk about politics and social systems and geographically as well, which I hadn't thought about before. But what's the role of the angels in this whole mess?

Yeah, you know, it's very the word Angel Angelus means messenger. It takes maybe a physical messages from the Lord. It made, you know, Jesus is in the wilderness being tinta by Satan. When the temptation is over, it says angels came and ministered him. I look at angels not as being internal.

Give me message. Yeah, whatever. Yeah, I believe the more external maybe holding back demonic forces. We see this in Daniel Chapter 10 where there's a wrestling match going on. An angel in what. Him come to you sooner. Absolutely. I had a little problem, I think so they can minister to us, they comfort us. But here's the interesting thing. We never turn our attention to these good angels and honor the good angel. Right. If a good angel is doing their job, they're pointing people to Jesus. It would be like my wife getting a and package and falling in love. The Amazon delivery guy, the guy. My job is just to give the package and then to leave angels. Jobs are to provide whatever it is the Lord wants us to provide and or provide for us. And then the focus is still on Jesus Christ. But I do believe in angelic principalities as well.

Yeah. And I think if if if that veil were pulled back and we were to see all of the activity. Yeah. All of the darkness activity, the spiritual activity, I think we would be paralyzed. Just like you see when anybody has any kind of interaction with an angel. Yeah. The first thing the angel has to say is fear not. Yeah, exactly.

Everybody flips, but you don't see it as interesting if you look at the second Kings six. Eli. Delysia. Yeah. Now, it's interesting on the electromagnetic scale, I show this to the church every now and then I put up a picture, the electromagnetic scale. It is wide, visible light, which you can see is just a teeny, tiny little washin on the electromagnetic scale. I happen to believe that a lot of these forces and a lot of the stuff that we're talking about is happening out here. Yeah. Electromagnets. Well, Globalstar. But he's getting excited. I guess we can see that much. But what's going on is that. Yeah. Yeah. So powerful in its output. I remember that. And you brought this up earlier, which is I think it's such an important application. Point is I can get way more mad than the next person on political issues.

Pelosi, Kamala Harris Kamela. If you're the current Democrat Party nominee, you can mispronounce her name even sometimes with Trump, with Foushee, with all kinds of things. And I have to remember that there are other things going on, other motivating factors under other powerful factors. And we really only have one enemy. And my enemy isn't a Democrat. My enemy isn't Nancy Pelosi. My enemy isn't Pope Foushee. My enemy is safe. Yeah. And his forces. That's it. That's my only real enemy.

Yeah. Yeah. But, Steve, I believe this. As we get closer and closer to the end times, Satan can read the times better than we can. I wonder if it's almost like an animal that's getting cornered. If he started his lash out at waste, he's not lash up before. You know, CNN, UK Telegraph. A lot of mainstream outlets did stories a little while back on a prominent New York psychiatrist being Dr. Richard Gallagher. He's on the staff at Columbia University, New York Medical School. Yale, Yale guy. Princeton guy. Oxford got brilliant man. And he said, as a psychiatrist, I'm starting to deal with things more and more in an on an increasing level that I can only check. Chalk up to demons and supernatural. And he said, I didn't see this years ago. No clinical earthly explanation. Absolutely. And this has got let's say I got his stuff down here. Yeah, he is a Yale University, Princeton, P.H. HD. He's a bona fide psychiatrist. And he says, I'm seeing things like people coming in. I start asking them questions. And he said, I've seen people start talking in ancient Greek, which I studied. I know they've never studied before. He said, I've seen a lady who was 90 pounds through a 200 man Pål man across the room. He said that's not natural. And so it's interesting how even skipped.

Yeah. You don't come from a Christian world. You are seeing a rise in this demonic. Yeah, because if it ain't natural for the Harvard PHC, then they only have one other option. And that would be supernatural, which is exactly what we're talking about today on theology. Thursday, Pastor Chad Harvey, RFA Church here in Raleigh. This is Steve Mobile. We'll be right back.

Welcome back. Steve Noble to Save Novosel theology Thursday with Pastor Chad Harvey, RFA Church here in Raleigh, R.F., a church dot org.

And if you've ever wondered if there's anybody louder on the air than me, it's you, Steve. And I'm not making this up. I'm actually trying to scale back a little bit, man. Like, I can't be too loud. And you're saying I'm dropping it down. Well, OK. Anyway, I appreciate Chad and I been friends since about 2005 or 2006. We've known each other for a long time. He's the one that at one point called me, Oh, trouble of Israel. I will. I'll carry my. I'll let you guys in on a little secret. So this was one of the first times I heard you preach at RFA back at the old location. You were doing a series on David. And that Sunday morning you were preaching on David and Bathsheba and you got in the pulpit. See if you remember this. And you said, OK, I've already put my email on forward because I know I'm going to get all kinds of Dundrum. Now I'm going to make sure I'm just gonna redefine just so everybody understands what adultry is, especially if you Clinton voters. Do you remember saying that? I never said that. I deny that. I don't remember that you're making that up. But the thing I love about Pastor Chad. And if you've ever been to his church, you know, this Chad is not fearful of man. He's not even fearful of his church. He's only fearful of the Lord. And so he preaches that way, which I appreciate and read out the scriptures. But it's a Tadzhik guy that's not afraid of his congregation. He fears the Lord and. Well, we need more of that in America and the American church, not less. So thank you for that and for your boldness. And I certainly appreciate that. But the last message was talking about principalities and powers. Hello, Heem, the sons of God. So we've been working through that on today's show and we want to finish on a positive point point. All right. So we'll get there before we finish this segment. Finish the show, because it can be overwhelming and a little bit scary and intimidating. But what about just kind of world systems like governmentally socialism? You mentioned geographically before, so it kind of help us understand that.

Yeah. So, you know, Jesus said my kingdom is not of this world. There's another kingdom at work in the. The Bible calls that the cosmos. And so the cosmos or world, the world system, there is an underground dark system, a spiritual system that is antithetical to the kingdom, God, to really you have to kingdoms in this world. You have the kingdom of God and you have what the Bible calls the cosmos, the world, the system. And Satan is the God little G of this cosmos system. And so Satan is as highly organized. I believe what he has said is, OK, this demonic entity is gonna be over San Francisco someplace in this entity over New Orleans, but this entity over India. And actually we see this in nothing is marked Chapter five, where Jesus goes to cast the demons out of a man that has multiple demons. And, you know, they say to him, Jesus, don't make us leave this territory. This area. I wonder if what they're saying is we have been assigned this territory. And so I just believe that there is a super naturally precise system that Satan is operating. Look, he's a lot of things, but he's not sloppy. Yeah. And so he certainly is the God great g of this world. I think he has the system in place. And in fact, as you look at what Paul says to the efficient church, an efficient six when he talks about principalities powers, some scholars has looked at this and they've said what he's talking about is higher level to lower level exact positions and saley organize. We want to be careful, though, because I don't want us to get so fixated with that that we lose our side of Jesus. That's right. Jesus. Yes, he meant. But the reality is there is a highly organized, highly precise system that is antithetical to the things of God, and it's manifesting in things like antifa. And again, I hate to keep bashing the Black Lives Matter thing. Look, I have had to fight the race battle myself. I've been fired from two churches because I stood up for African-Americans to churches I've been fired from. So I'm just saying I know that that that stuff is real. But antifa, for example, what are they doing? They're committing acts of lawlessness. Do you know that the coming world leader is is called multiple times in the Bible, the man of lawlessness. So Satan's coming world represent. Representative is called the man of lawlessness. We're seeing that. Yeah. Oh yeah. Antifa.

Yeah. And they and they don't they're not shy about dressing up in black as well. They got black. And you see when you think about geographically, that's why you see something different in San Francisco or in this case, Portland and Seattle. Yeah. Than you do in other parts of the country. Hey, in Chicago, it's violence. Yep. It's black on black violence mostly. But in San Francisco, it's a different thing. In Portland, it's a different thing. DDL, Washington, D.C., which probably has got 20 or 30000 demons. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I know. I know. I do. But it's not.

So look, when I say San Francisco, the average person thinks homosexuality because I think that there's some type of demonic entity that that's his deal. When I say Las Vegas, what do you think? Oh, darling. Sex and gambling and game. So I just think that there is a a different demonic principality over that city. I'll never get one, Dorna. And I love history. If you're part of the New Orleans City of Commerce, I'm sorry, but we. Years ago, we were driving into New Orleans, doctorate's into the Southern Baptist Convention. And when we drove through the city limits. Now, this is. I went to the Pentecostal while I was still Baptist, but we drove through. And my wife, who is very levelheaded, look at me. And she said, Did you feel that? And I looked at her and I said, Yeah, I did. We we could feel a change in the spirit atmosphere when we entered the city limits of that city, clearly.

Yeah. And then. Then. And so we're talking about America. But this is around the world. Absolutely. You see this in Russia. You see in India. You see it in China. You see it in Cuba. You know, this is obviously happening all around, all around the world.

And in fact, we support missionaries in. I want to be very careful here. We support missionaries in Islamic majority countries in the Middle East. Okay. Can I say that every time Ramadan comes around, our missionaries and they said this is not just Assemblies of God Pentecostal. We've found this with Baptist Methodist missionaries. When Ramadan comes around and you are a missionary in one of these countries, inevitably you will wake up at least once, sometimes multiple times. And Romita feeling that somebody is choking. You know, I had this missionary say I just woke up and I couldn't catch my breath. And he said all I did is just say the name Jesus. And when I did whatever was Chota, he went away later in. It's something. Yeah.

Really amazing. Super powerful. And that that's why when we look at that, like globalism. I did the show the other day in the Great Reset, Davos, the World Economic Forum. And they're talking about resetting everything. Yes. And a one world government and all that.

You remember when Barack Obama, 2007, 2008 went to Germany. This is during the general election. He went to Germany and 200000 people came out to see him. He hadn't won the presidency yet. We are scrambling, desiring a one person solution. Who's going to come in? Absolutely. Hey, we're geared for work. Yes. When the COBRA thing first started hitting, you know, Gord Gordon Brown, former prime minister of the U.K., Gordon Brown, said what we need right now is a temporary world leader to help us through this crisis. In that interesting.

And it's got to be that difficult. I mean, I my appreciation of the man of lawlessness and the tribulation is growing by the day because you think you go back. Twelve months ago, one of my students, when I started teaching a couple of classes today and one of my students said, could you imagine maybe it was Seth that said this? Could you imagine what it what we would have thought if we had seen a picture of this class today, twelve months ago? I've got the shield on my face. Everybody else is wearing masks. It's just crazy. Preposterous. But but the absolute majority of Americans at first kindhearted, neighborly, OK, but now it's just fear. Yes. Fear of castigation. Like we talked to Pastor Rob McCoy earlier and just bowed down and go along with it. Yeah. And there there are spiritual forces involved with that to drive us all to the preparation for the man, the lawlessness. I think it's obvious. Absolutely. Absolutely not. A Southern Baptist. Right. Right. Right. Right. Yeah. All right. Let's see the positive side, because this can be very intimidating. It's scary. I mean, it should I think it was C.S. Lewis that was talking about the problem that we have a Satan is either you think too little uphill or you think too much about it. Right. So you've got to keep him in his place. He is limited and greater, is he? That is in us than he that is in the world. But what's the positive side of this? How do we remember that we're more than just conquer?

OK. So this is theology Thursday. So let me throw away the theology out. There are several theories as to what exactly happened at the cross of Jesus Christ. The one that we're most familiar with is the penal substitutionary, told me that Jesus died for our sins. And that is true. He did die for our sins. One of the oldest theories of the atonement is something called Christmas Victor, that at the cross, Jesus destroyed the works of Satan. He defeated Satan. And in fact, the most quoted passage from the Old Testament in the New Testament is Saul. One tin is. Most of you don't realize that when we say, OK, what did the New Testament writers, what did they quote from the Old Testament the most is Psalm 110 and Psalm 110. One says this. Listen to this. So I'm wondering when the Lord shall we say to my Lord Jesus, sit at my right hand till I make your enemies your footstool over and over and over. The writers of the New Testament are obsessed with that verse. That's that Christmas Victor thing. Did Jesus diverse in the cross? Absolutely. But they also said something significant happened. Jesus defeated Satan at the cross. And so palsies this innovations one. He says God made Jesus to sit at his right hand and placed all of his enemies under his feet. And then in chapter two houses and you're sitting right next to the Lord Jesus Christ. So implication his enemies, Satan, demons, principalities, are now under our feet as well. Now I go along with what Jud says and Jude one. I'm very careful when I deal with satanic stuff. I don't like to be cavalier. But you also have to have this inner sense of of graters, he who is in me, the values in this world.

Yeah. And then and then again, as you watch the news, like several people that am Facebook Live have mentioned, are you gonna say anything about the peace accord? So here's the headline. Netanyahu hails Israel, United Arab Emirates deal, his greatest advancement toward peace in two decades. And is it they go, OK, well, we're dealing with Israel. And we're dealing with the Middle East. United Arab Emirates not as hardcore Muslim in its governance as other countries, but it's still Muslim in Israel. OK, what's going on there? Is that the Lord that's behind that? Or are those are those dark spiritual forces? And so, again, I'm not going to dove into that cause I haven't studied it enough. But we have to realize that that's happening all over the place. Even in individual things. Here's another one. Like I just saw this. This is so typical MASC mandate. Biden calls. Listen to this.

For requiring all Americans to wear masks outdoors for at least the next three month. Wow. See, that's what we're talking about. And we're talking about. Yeah. And so in the old days, will one day the government will require us to take chips or take a more. We're like, that's crazy. That's not going to happen. Manda's just a precursor. I've got to say this role. Yeah. Irwin man has had a son that was scared. He had fear issues.

Went to church camp, came back more fearful because he said now it my son learned about demons, Suza before I took him in. And tonight he's a dad. Please pray that God will make me safe. And he said, I'm not pray to God to make you say, I'm afraid I'm gonna make him dangerous. So dangerous. When you walk into a room, the demons run away. And that's my prayer for the body. I make it so dangerous that you're citing the demons. Yeah, that's right and left. A little reminder, if you're not on Satan's radar screen, you're not doing it right. I mean, you got to be on screen because you're working to advance the kingdom of God. Best. Chad Harvey, always great to have you. Thanks so much. I appreciate it. You're welcome. This is Steve Dobelle on the Steve Noble show. We'll be back tomorrow. Plenty to talk about. God willing, I'll talk to you. Then I'd like my dad always used to say ever forward.

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