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Socialism: What is it?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 12, 2020 4:59 pm

Socialism: What is it?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 12, 2020 4:59 pm

Socialism: What is it?

Today Steve is joined by Bill Mann to discuss Socialism.  In an effort to understand why it is gaining ground in America they look at what it is and why the youth of America are supporting it? 


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Everyone gives time for those the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble okay to talk about something that I shows up a lot a lot not but unfortunately especially with younger people gently and millennial's pretty much everybody 45 and under in America which there are millions of millions of them. The issue of socialism is increasingly becoming a major problem not just in the here and the now. For example, on the heels of Bernie Sanders about 2016 and 2020 Alexandria Consul Cortez is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America organization, according to a news report from actually house over 40 socialists of one in primary elections this year and the membership of the Democrat Socialists of America has grown from 7000 members to 50,000 since 2016 and four years it's gone from 7000 members to 50,000 members. So it is quite popular and quite growing. You've got a recent you gobs all shows that close to 70% of millennial's favor.

Socialism would likely vote for a socialist candidate that's not a typo. The same poll says that 64 percentage NZ are similarly inclined, for many, millennial's it's the staggering staggering college debt which now totals around 1.5 trillion I had. Timing is always good. The Lord is always doing some things last night with my son Hayden who was on the show recently and we did the last episode of whose success will be podcast together because he's not nearly as conservative on a lot of things as his parents. So that was all point of that podcast with the who is this SOP is so if you struggle with that at any level with friends or family or your own kids or your parents or whatever the case may be, you want to go listen to that podcast episode. We sat here in the studio for an hour and 1/2 and then went through the history of him growing up in an uber conservative home going off to college, which was not a liberal arts college. But then he comes home after spending time with people that didn't really see the world the same way we did any had some different political opinions, even though he is a great strong follower of Jesus Christ is a solid biblical worldview, but plays that out differently. In some political realms, but with the his friend was over last night because Hayden Stucker and Alex was being San Francisco but broke his ankle about two weeks ago and so we really got their's and I stuck here for six weeks.


So it had a good friend over last night we been phrased in front of the family for years and we ended up getting into almost an hour long discussion about socialism versus capitalism Hayden's 25 his buddies about 25 and capitalism is downright evil and is led to massive income distribution problems in the abuse of power are all in bed with the government and so you chuck the whole system. Socialism will equal things out will take care of people and so I appreciate the heart behind it. But the heart behind it isn't dealing with the history behind it and not in the in the actual results of socialism around the world. So this is also subject to my buddy Bill Mann with mentor link is been writing about this a lot. He's always I love the fact that your kind of semi retired now because you become a great little researcher my daily dose of you till then yes it look at this yeah all yeah and it's just staggering in the world of mentoring which God is giving you hard for praise the Lord for that we need more of that socialism is a big big deal. It's growing. It's here in America builds a little bit older than me and so will we see it come to fruit total fruition here in our years left on this earth. I don't know about that, but it is deftly growing problem. Why is it something that's showing up on your radar screen. Well, you know, I write a blog which is mentoring the next generation. And so in the course of that would do this for five years and you know it kept popping up to pop it up as is socialism is an excellent fit will just tackle that issue and see and you side of the statistics were the next generation millennial 70% density, 64% are favorable toward socialism and it also and I realize there's a disconnect here.

Part of it is because of their education.

Part of it is they don't understand history yeah and and if they understood history, then that which is probably one of the purposes of this program that they might have a better understanding of what it is and what it's not. It is what will get into it but I look at all the countries that are sort of socialist yeah and I would put air quotes around that well ones are communist Youngstown versus China Russia allows Vietnam, North Korea yet so so who's who's basically saying I'm clean capitalist phenomena move there right nobody nobody it and so that's what the acid test thing will be if it was so good, why don't you go there and answers know the capital system is actually better. It has its flaws. Every system has its flaws but we need to talk about those flaws in short a point about ensure the historical background of hope why it is failed every time it's it's been tried. Yeah.

And I think one of the things that the millennial's and Jen's the younger people in general America in general as it becomes more and more secular. Despite the fact you still get about 70% of Americans that will self identify as Christian that that doesn't mean much to me doesn't mean much. Once you dig into that but with an increasingly secularized nation.

I think that a lot of these millennial's, and that came up in the conversation last night, although he is a biblical worldview so he understands the nature of sin. But most people don't and so they look at capitalism. They don't factor sin and as much. They look at socialism and think what that's going to take care of and equality is the buzzword for younger people now so like here is that this is from a study equality. So what is asking people what is this me what is socialism. And so in 1949 when they galloped in the first pole with American's views on that and the term socialism when it came to the question of equality, socialism stand for equality.

In 1949. 12% of the respondents said yes and 2018 that jumped up to 23% go back in time in 1949. Government ownership of or control government ownership of utilities everything controlled by the government, state control of business in 1949, 34% of respondents said he that socialism in 2018.

Only 17% said that socialism so there's this feeling about socialism. There's the notion of socialism equals equality in the near socialism is an economic engine and governmental engine and that that I think that's where we have the big bite agree with you know part of it. Again I been around for three quarters of a century and have seen this play out before and that's what's kind of interesting.

It goes back into what really night as I've sort of chronologic so I post what actually happened in World War II was a bunch of German philosophers came here and end up in the university system that came from what's called the Frankfurt school right and they basically they basically realized Karl Marx.

By the way, who died at age 1883 basically nothing happened on his watch, but he left foot print for them to follow in and his whole model was that Marxism socialism was going to end up being a capitalist economic right yet yeah I got something at one of the articles you shared with me the University. Marx's have been lying in wait for young Americans since World War II. If the bomb that was planted deep plans and effectively going off now and the shrapnel we see happening across the platform, known as the United States of America went to get up there. Talk about education talk about the ins and outs. Socialism is literally true about all the combat not only wait and see you here today talking about a very important ground.

Unfortunately, more more every day. The subject of socialism here, my good friend Bill Mann as part of mentor link with the national organization tell everybody real quick. Bill about mentioning the building on before we usually will talk about mentoring, but because he is mentoring, especially focusing on mentoring the next generation, the next generation here in America. Unfortunately, around the world seems to be just basically falling in love with the notion of socialism.

The problem is they don't really understand what it is they don't understand the historical context of it. I think they have some noble goals with it but don't understand exactly what can happen when you try to use that as a tool for equality get anything but real quick about mentor link mentor link actually is leadership of platform ministries and and we work with pastors around the world. I think I've got him the country. 50+ and we basically get pastors to really invert their leadership model from a top-down model to a bottoms up servant model and so what would generally happen soon.

Only in every country discouraged that word is most pastors don't get any biblical training in leadership there and the fact is not taught in the seminar so as a consequence when they come out of seminary or they end up being a pastor or church. They look around for a secular model to say what does it look like and in the pre-much the same one so in America that models the seat CEO bought the top down in Africa. It's the chief and Deschutes and strongman but it's all a power base yeah and so we have to go in and take them from the model which is top-down to the model, which is bottoms up, and if it's transformational. May 1.

I've done the trainings and about halfway through the training.

So come up to me and say we get it you get the lights go on Some are talking about socialism to buy the website for mentor link WW W mentor link.or mentor mentor were talking about socialism today and trying to understand why is that so popular today, especially with the millennial's and Jen's. He essentially people 45 and under. You mention Frankfurt and we empty love. People don't even know about the sun reading from an article you share with me and I've seen this in other places. This is a section called the eye ideology in its teacher. So this is how were looking back on the last 50, 60, 70 years in America and how do we end up in a place today where we have so many people young people embracing the notion of socialism recently cannot understand the contemporary culture were in America without understanding the invasive philosophy of cultural Marxism. This includes a cabal of constructs notice critical theory, multiculturalism, political correctness, intersection, malady, identity politics, white privilege, critical race theory, etc. fleeing Hitler's Germany was what Bill was talking about before and after were were to a group of German philosophers and educators planted the seeds of this ideology into our American university system. Men like George Lucas, Herbert Hughes and Theodore Adorno of the Frankfurt school in Germany were trained to translate the ideology of Marxism from economic terms in the practical cultural terms of this that all start ringing about for you guys this new revolution would not promote bullets, bombs and bloodshed in the beginning but seek to smash religion that would be Christianity, morals, authority and American patriotism.

Okay, so now we've got different goals and so like. Also, toward the end of this article, Amir Cantor Keener is the president you at McConnell University ejecting down is Georgia how to spot the Marxist at your college or seminary so as to the points I see this sounds familiar socialism over capitalism Jack censorship of thought over freedom of speech. Check any Americanism over American exceptionalism check check journalism over theism. Check equal outcome over equal opportunity. Yet legal conformity over free descent definitely parental government over limited government absolutely riveted revisionist history structural sends of a personal responsibility centralize globalism over patriotic nationalism that I miss anything that I think you get you nailed it, and so how do we people say okay billing yet you're mentoring somebody younger you say you did you does not understand socialism's office and how would you define soap socialism. What is it, it can be broadly defined base gets an economic construct whereby the state basically owns the means of production.

That means you have no rights to personal property that that's kind of yesterday. Actually, just so you know it actually does work in the probably the simplest illustration work here in the United States is the Amish community and not. I didn't even know this till lunch time today, but the Amish community. When you join the Amish community. The community owns all of the property and I'll give you a plot to for you to play but but your you don't know your house and what happens is is is your family grows and they actually shift around so it's a communal ownership and the edit works at that level. On a micro level it does not work in a wreck room right right and then the people will wrongly point to ask and say all of Jesus in the book of acts that was Marxism that was a socialism because they all took care of everybody according to their needs is asked to accept that was individuals following the Lord, who chose to sell their own stuff and make the volitional decision to give it to others. I'm going to sacrifice some of my stuff on, by the way how to get that stuff a lot, I earned it and I bought okay so I I have the stop I see people in need.

I sell my stuff I give the money to help them.

That is not socialism, that's actually capitalism with the spirit of the Lord driving your generosity but but Marxism and then of course socialism in terms of an engine economic engine is yet there is no private property ownership and the collective owns everything and but who's the collective. And then who's to control that so that your always can have a boss right near the new boss, same as the old the new boss about it and so here you get it in theory, what you end up with this is a eight majority rule model almost an Athenian democracy will that's fine in theory but in reality is, at some point time sub is going to make a decision right so what happens is that gets played into it top-down. The top-down model and somebody at the top is making the call for you because he's not can it keep he's not that I have executive votes on everything. Yeah, and so that's that's where it goes off to Cholla so so for me what's interesting is what would people talking about this marked my sort of suggestion is you need to talk to somebody who's lived through this you and you anybody. I gave the illustration of for my son Sunil my daughter to father-in-law. His family fled Nazi. By the way, the Nazi thing was originally a socialist Democrat horse that that was the, the sheep, wolf closing, which then got taken over by Hitler, so his family fled from Germany to etching in Germany to to a small town and Austrians were hunkered down and then came to the United States will, he became a Russian expert taught at the University and ended up in the mosque.

He became the interpreter for 10 years in Moscow industry just went to Perestroika and glasnost was happening under Gorbachev and so what was happening. There was that Gorbachev realized that basically the communist model doesn't work, so, so it is cut it short. This could be a sort of 30,000 point view but in Russia what Toyota the USSR happened was you had a change at the political level, but not at the economical array and in China. It's the reverse. Where you have no change of the political level, but there has been some capitalism right underneath it. So you have to sort of yet, because the engine will not last without capitalism to and so that's why with a conversation I had last night with my son's friend were talking what engine tapping into a millennial intensity who has a big heart. Very empathetic wants to help everybody.

What engine is going to give you the most resources by which you can help the most people and then halyard. I think what they want is capitalism with more of a heart socialism ripped the heart out of the Taco Bell man this is noble your effect today here in this video. It's these noble people will show talking about socialism today I were to queue up and they for you. A clip is about two minutes, Dennis Prager does great videos all kinds of subjects. One of the best out there in one of his younger guys without a college campus in California to get to that in the second but socialism. One of the things behind socialism and communism. Marxism is there is a spiritual darkness behind all that Satan masquerades as an angel of light.

So, Bill. Bill does a lot of mentoring work.

He writes on it. Blogs on it dozen himself and so one of the things with the younger generation. One of the things I love about them as I think they're very bighearted. They're looking for a way to impact the world. They have a soft heart. The very empathetic at laughing BLM in the George Floyd thing is there 9/11, they cannot get into something so what do we do after 9/11. We wrote checks what they do after George Floyd. They went to protest and you can feel good about yourself. You think you're helping society, but one of the things we have to remember is is you got have a relationship. Gotta get in a relationship and stay in relationship, which then leads to conversation bills and adjust an expert in does this so well where you said off the air.listening you have to list we go to mentor we think want to come in here in a motel you want for right but mentoring is really effectively is listening absolutely and you mentioned the two ears and one mouth, and we should probably do the math on that line and recall that, but this Jens the so this is from an article on no act on this this election. CNN but don't to me outdistancing Jack according to Guenther active shooter drills and classroom evacuation plans, but she is still shocked when one of the deadly school shootings in history took place in her own community that was Parkland, Florida okay in 2018. We are the generation the grub post 9/11 in a country filled with violence. She said is one of the founding members of March for our lives. I'm only telling you guys that so I'm reading this so that we can understand the heart of this generation. Okay, you got understand that then you can start to understand what is there fascination with socialism born between the years 1996 and 2010 Jens ears have grown up in a narrower gun violence is frequent. Immigration is a hotly debated topic in the deteriorating climate is acknowledged as a crisis.

They are now coming-of-age during a global pandemic that is disproportionately affecting black and brown communities and as protesters take to the streets, racism and police brutality. One intent eligible voters this November will be a member of Jens the Guillermo that they are a large group and they are growing and they're getting more more involved or digitally connected.

There's no longer distance doesn't matter.

Socioeconomic differences do not matter, they can all come together, which is why you can get a couple hundred people in downtown Chicago on Sunday night in the blink of an eye because of that well-connected, but what they think about socialism and capitalism.

Let's play up display this. This is a part of the video from Prager University on a campus talking to college students in California and finally don't dismiss it because of California. This is pretty normal across the country when they think about socialism and capitalism. What's up guys, this is what we would pray for you and 70% of millennial city would likely vote for socialist where here at Cal State LA asking people if they can even define what socialism is and seeing what they think about capitalism stood out. You find socialism. Socialism is in question. That is out on me.

I know what it is but I can't say enough patients socializing with others, and no yelling. No, like yeah the economic system.

I think it's equality for is and I like sharing like everything is evenly distributed throughout everybody helping everyone out you have enough to how would you define capitalism, fair enough. No, that's okay.

That's why I'm here I'm here to educate. How would you define capitalism. Capitalism is evil.

I think it gives make many sites. Most people have many frantic on think it's a really big bandage for people who are like Lake Placid middle-class capitalism is like imagine you have five dollars and I have a sandwich and you want that sandwich and I want five dollars. We then trade and now I have the five dollars and you the sandwich is like a voluntary exchange of goods and Ottoman business makes a product and then sells at some like voluntary no you choose your verses like the government should be like socialism, the government coming in and saying you need to give her phone because she doesn't have one redistributing the wealth okay.

Not now. Now beginning to ceiling fan like socialized medicine something like that free healthcare and numerical kinds of things you understand my diction is is a right not a privilege to trust the government's imagine if the government you don't trust was now running your healthcare and telling you what kind of services you had to get with your healthcare even to the DMV before like a terrible is awful.

Now imagine if the DMV if the people who worked in the DMV then did your healthcare. It would be horrible.

Just think it's not a good move. Not at all to think that would be very good healthcare is like with socialism were gonna be like when you put bureaucrats in charge of industry bureaucrats in government who are now running all the things in your life instead of you running it for yourself.

It's very easy to spend someone else's money when it's not yours. After that you think you would still want to support socialism in America. What happens is when you talk about it when you work through it.

Do you want the DMV and charge your healthcare and because they dealt with the DMV. These young people college students like no that would be horrible so they can get it working again.

But one of things and this goes way back when I started doing studying really trends of millennial's in Genesee is there's nurse's uniform distrust of all institution right. This preceded any of all institution policy for church, church, government, education, business, so you had that that distrust to begin with. Then you sort of fast-forward in and you quite frank of the millennial space you've got the double whammy because I got 9/11 and now they get this just just as they're getting on their feet to 2008.

Write the 2008 right with the bailout, which led to occupy Wall Street so just getting on the feet are charged to families also negative.

Literally the rug pulled out from underneath him and who gets the help in the United States of America at the time it was big business and the ultra-wealthy and if you try to dismiss that you're being intellectually dishonest. Okay you have to own the fact that we have problems with our free market system based on sin and its real okay and so you can't say when I know you have to acknowledge that and if you do acknowledge it with millennial's in Genesee that's gonna help you. You absolutely sin factor also goes into socialism right because if you're relying on the flawed person to basically do the right thing every time you can is just not work. Now that's and then you end up with the French Revolution or the French Constitution, which lasted for three years because they thought people are basically good and they're not. And so this socialism again no point to this happens a lot. You know this, and most of most the people listening us right now notice a go well, let's look at let's look at Switzerland.

Let's look at Denmark. Let's look at the Netherlands look up there in about socialist countries and the people have a higher standard of living. Everything is going well there and I was dealing this last night with my son's friend and I said okay so they have a lot of social programs, socialized medicine, lot of things that they may pay high taxes, but when those dollars come from to provide all that stuff. So I'm trying to get back to in this conversation what's going to be the best engine that's going to unleash human flourishing based on the image of God that will then provide enough resources so that we can actually then try to have an opportunity for everybody to have a decent standard of living. We Denmark and the Netherlands gets what those are free-market capitalistic society absolutely with a lot of social programs are but they're not socialistic, not socialistic, but I'm actually Swedish and so I've sort of studied sweet by the way toward goes with the covert out of you know this, but in their Constitution.

They have the right of personal movement that's a guaranteed right when I was one of the reasons their reaction to the virus was not to lock down everybody still different than what you and the other countries but but here's what happens. Even in the Swedish model. This is kind of interesting.

One of the things that happened the covert, 19 this is how the you think it's great. Socialized medicine is great until it happens to you. They basically admitted to the bad job that they did was treated the people that were older than those with one so it turns out that two thirds of the deaths of the people in Sweden were over 80 and 97% of those never received intensive care treatment. While even though their hospitals were not overwhelmed and that's because their system said you're too old. You don't get treatment notes). Your funeral yeah have a nice day. Yeah, like that panel that we are talking about Obama care if that was the ACA model code that tells it all.

That'll never happen. Will it does happen yeah exactly right. And so when you look out there again. You understand that Genesee millennial's people, 45, mostly 40 and under our empathetic strength think I keep taking you back to this city understand how this is playing out why the thinking this way.

It's empathetic, they're empathetic they care about the little guy they see 2008 AC big business.

They see the government and in bed with big business 2008 was a perfect example of that. Who gets bailed out all the big businesses Wall Street the guys that that really in many ways constructed the pyramid that then fell over and are the ones that get all the help and all the little guys get shafted and so and that sounds like. I know some people out there right now. Bill or San got Steve. I do know your liberal lawyer that they think liberal when you don't, that's only we do know that I would vote for John Kennedy to say because he had it right. That's not what your country can do for you actually right. That's exactly as opposed to from each according to their ability, to each according to the but you throw human sin factor in their socialism literally noble and currently everything hold my new job shows that close to 70% millennial favor. Socialism would likely vote for persons with samples is that 64 percentage in the are similarly inclined, by the way there about one out of every 10 eligible voters this year they are growing in size. They are coming together because the social media this is that this is a generation that's ripe for revolution and for them to deal with all the social ills whether the BLM in income distribution lack thereof, then there they see the Bates to the great White horse for them is socialism because it's all about equality and that's can help everybody were to lift everybody out of poverty because they don't understand history, they don't really understand what socialism is all about your thinking and operating emotionally but are not thinking historically in the not looking at the actual facts. That's the part that's the big problem that's a big problem there week on history and say they read headlines and read the story you and if we just come out and say to them you know this is a mentor. You guys just don't know history you you been indoctrinated. All were telling him and silly words is you're an idiot and if you start a conversation with your an idiot you're going nowhere what what I suggest is, here's something you might want to read, read, and then we'll talk about it. We'll talk about what you think. Ask a lot of questions. Anyway, let's let's look at kind of the plan. What going on right underneath her and just so actually I got this from Terry church was an FBI agent back in the 60s and 70s and is written a book called in their own words and he basically chronicled. Basically, the weatherman was a Weather Underground which is part of STS suits for democratic society, which is a campus movement with the weatherman became the violent part of it.

So they split in the late 60s and early 70s they they did massive violence kill people meet with Scott and and the FBI infiltrate designated them as a domestic terrorist organization infiltrated them and end up arresting a number of the leaders and well here it goes through spot so they left behind. So basically, by 1980, most of the weatherman had disappeared back into the academia. Yep, that's where were sort of pain right that's were paying the price and the price, but they left behind a book by the way, you can get this on Amazon this amazing. It's called Prairie fire, and it gives a six-point strategy on how to basically have a revolution to overturn capitalism. So the six points of these are just think aloud as to what you're seen in the world. Number one of the plan is to destroy capitalism number to use their weapon of choice. This is written 50 years ago.

Their weapon of choice is systemic racism and police reform. This is a plan that was written and distributed 50 years ago.

50 years ago. Number three is identified the victim classes intersection alley per section out number four.

Organize the victim classes BLM yet BLM number five. Engage in the international solidarity with the global movement which is socialism in communist and white so I we saw BLM protests showing up throughout Europe London.

Violence everywhere.

What what what one of their keywords is and you can see it on their website is a call our week we have to join together with our comrades right perfect for trick BLM leaders. They set themselves in a video couple years ago retrain Marxists for the Christian. The last point is to attack and dethrone God. You have to you have to. And so what I was telling from the history standpoint is we think all the stuff is new, but look look at what's going on around the country and realize that the Black Panthers was one of the other organizations and that that same timeframe, 60s, 70s, they demanded that the Oakland police police be eliminated yet.

Sounds familiar to you or did we get together on police yeah is nothing new under the sun. This is not a new game new news just old news happening to new people so so that that's what you got you got a look at history and say how did we get here so so where I would like to go with this is to say, let's talk to the people basically have lived this yet and so one of them is a guy by the name of Gary Kasparov. You may or may not remember him, but he was the world Soviet world chess champion is become a humans rights activists.

It's well accredited with socialism." He says. At chuckle when I at the irony of Bernie Sanders supporters lecturing me a former Soviet citizen on the glories of socialism and what it really means in practice it corrodes not only the economy but the human spirit itself in the ambition and achievement, but it also corrodes the ambition and achievement of a moderate capitalism possible and brought billions of people out of poverty.

It is change or dangerously absurd.

That's just yeah from somebody that lived lived and that happens time and time again occasionally on shows like Sean Hannity or whatever. Glenn Beck you'll you'll occasionally hear and Fox News you'll see that she never seen a mainstream media you'll you'll know interview people people call in the get on camera whatever that grew up in socialistic communistic areas of the world, Russia, Cuba. Wherever and and they're never saying hey guys you and America. I came here because I have the good news. The good news is, socialism will really save America, they never say that they because there wise because they've experienced it an interesting history because they lived it there and waiting a soft all-time. This this country is moving toward socialism, you're going to destroy yourselves yet so I just follow up on Kasparov's recent polling shows a dip in popularity for free-market system and it's easy to be swayed by philosophy. The promises free stuff you got caught sure you got college. That sounds good to get biscuit free college education with Kasparov, who lived through social system understood the true cost and he said if you want to tell me about the glories of socialism. Go say it from a Food Lion in Venezuela, not from Hollywood, not from per month while there you go see that that's and that's our problem because this socialistic agenda. Sadly underneath our own noses invaded the educational system started in the colleges and I find it a lot. BLM's doing this through some agenda and and some curriculum that they're getting in the public schools, including here in wake County were were sitting today in North Carolina and this is been going on for decades. This is nothing new under the assignment and this is up from that article is referencing and deconstructing America from a capitalist free market economy and Judeo-Christian moral foundation, the virtues and values that made America strong must be attacked, eroded, shamed, and destroy. Thus, the canceled culture.

Write the new storytellers of change must lift high the oppressed and decry the oppressors. That's BLM and anti-fa the willing media must help make examples of hypocrites races homophobes as llama funds to talk about us.

Bill and undercurrent of fear prevents many patriotic, religious, and traditionally minded people from speaking out and standing up and that's that brings us at the end of the show to what we do because we we are responsible. It's happened on our watch. I'm not responsible for changing the entire country. But I am responsible for my spirit influence and that's where I think we all need to be challenged yet so you know when I do my blogs.

I always come up. I tried say all right what did I want to communicate what's my take away and always have a mentor take away because I'm my it's Margie my blog somewhat addressed to the mentor generation and site try to teach you what these folks are the these this next generation thinking about, but the one point I made in in one of my takeaways was they may have a very distorted view of history.

That's right.

And so one of the things that you can do is to help them with that to basically say let's go through history and let's see how it has repeated itself because the lessons of history if ignored leads to better results over time well and that's where in the conversation. I must night with my son's friend is a dear friend of ours of our family. We love him smart young man loves the Lord is you know it's always a lot of times they come back to well has been done correctly, yet but it will work once it's done correctly, you know that that's that's the sort of soft sell, say, well, working to get right to strike. This time the problem is, it has never worked and never will work a minute you get it can work in a sort of mini because some of the kid puts right sample I write basically the same model and or the Amish community, but it can't do the country that sort has it just doesn't work. It never has to just never going to and that's why we have to take the time to engage not denigrate not insulting you guys are stupid you don't know your history you been brainwashed if you're if that's part of your regular approach to the millennial generation under 45 to the Jens E generation basically 22 and under. If that's your approach if that's your social media voice and I make that mistake myself all the time and you can even get the conversation started. Start with an insult. It's all over.

You've you've absolutely fit the pattern of who they expect you to be so you'll get nowhere. But you still have to speak truth right but you still have to do that and pit and so again it's a it's interactive you you know you just you can't lecture them about affect they don't want but lecture the road by collaborating it up so that's the that's their model of learning it and you gotta walk them through and get them to understand and talk to one of things I try to do is get them to read genital.

Take my will get him take my word from sometimes anybody but me is what they need to hear from and against all go back to this conversation from last negative minute nap left. He's a young Christian man, dear friend of our sons good friend of ours. We love and care for him and and that's about 45 or 50 minutes and it was tense.

Every once in a while businesses and it's kinda edgy but trying to understand ultimately he he wants to. And I think this is true most millennial's in Jens E. How can we help the most number people. The biggest number people we want.

We want to see people when we want to see people carefully what the average standard of living to be as high as it can be.

So I got I was able to we were able to get the conversation around to cut okay which engine is going to best provide what we both really desire as Christians, but even at one point I talked about the software and I said in I think God wants human flourishing. We want to maximize when he hears a word like maximize yet he he. But as he looks at maximizing to him.

I think that's like American exceptionalism and taking advantage.

I will write I when you live in. They don't think like that.

Once you get into a long-term conversation.

45 minutes and hours.

My question for you guys is how much time are you willing to put in the conversation. Younger people you say you care about the nation bent out of shape about how ill-informed they are going to do is spend five or 10 or 20 seconds of social media to see all wish to engage in Belgrade seen it is always and will be back tomorrow. The other side of this.

Another side of this darkness tomorrow. Theology Thursday with Pastor Chad are you talking about powers maladies also played that in southern California tomorrow got willing

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