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Will these investments go CRAZY?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 10, 2020 10:31 am

Will these investments go CRAZY?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 10, 2020 10:31 am

Will these investments go CRAZY?

To match the insanity of the days the stock market has been going down due to the lockdown.  Today Steve is joined by David Fischer to discuss investment in a full Money Monday.  


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The Steve Noble Show
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Everyone is time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host noble hello. Have a good weekend. I look back show and last week, if you recall, last week we were originally going to be.

I was going to be well not here I was going to be in San Francisco last week. Driving our oldest son out there and he was getting ready to move out there and relocate and start his career and then Sunday night were a little family walk in.

The next thing you know he falls off the skateboard and breaks his ankle so I was here last week, so we were going to do. Normally we would do a full money Monday on the very first Monday of the month, but in this case.

Obviously that didn't work out so we push that off at a good friend, David Fisher and although schedule got kinda messed up but now were here were were rely were in the studio and trying to get back at it.

So, if you will want to look for something to pray for, I would just ask you to pray for our son Hayden is anxious to get out there. Mom and dad not quite as anxious, but he definitely is. So were excited to see what God does thereby pray for him a quick healing and his transition had not out to San Francisco definitely as a missionary in a very dark place and going into a fascinating industries in the game. Our world so gaming is a lot of that out there in the San Francisco area Silicon Valley so were excited for that and welcome to the show again like I said I'll be a good weekend. Sort of dutiful money Monday today with a good friend, David Fisher a lot of things going in different directions.

Sometimes the Dow Jones industrial today. For example, up about 358 points and is climbing climbing climbing again but the gay economy based on coronavirus and the shutdowns and everything else going on. You just have a lot of mixed signals their sword and work our way through this. Plus some really astonishing numbers and potential growth and some things that could happen with precious metals and and we both David and I are hesitant to do what a lot of people other people do different programs, radio podcasts, whatever. But I don't think in its skyrocket here skyrocket there. The kind of talk and hyperbole and go to the extreme. So working to avoid doing that today, but some things that we need to look at and take very seriously. David, how are you good to have you back on great great father great things happening in my life. But most importantly the Lord no matter what is still on the throne and left the important thing.

Yes no matter what's going on in our crazy culture. We can certainly rest assured that we were talking little bit earlier today about that and super excited for that reality, because I've seen God still rules the universe with his feet up even when were freaking out the governments freaking out that things are going on. Crazy stuff out there in the in the marketplace. God is on the throne with his feet up and we all need to run to that so great to have Jan as always and thanks for your patience and flexibility not been able to go last week but let us take a look at the markets and see what they've done. Year to date in the will look at some major economic headline some things going on a big announcement by the Fed last week, which seems to be a about a weekly thing what those guys these dates what the markets in general year-to-date will start out with the leaders performing out the Dell down 4.2% year-to-date. Finally up in the green of 3.26%. The NASDAQ of the three indexes go in paper lead the charge up 21.8%, but the winners of the said in January it would be. Metals will perform stocks this your gold up 34.2% while in silver lazing through the ranks 59.2% on most of the last couple of weeks of the reason is itself so much. I'm gold to is the year-to-date numbers were money is flowing $39 million were implosion the bonds and commodities over 200 billion $200 billion were inflows over commodities outflows of equities was 39 billion so 39 billion came out of equities. Year-to-date implosion bonds were historical levels at 200 billion in a whopping 1.15 trillion women in the cash value money markets so people normally in nursing chores going up. I don't all help my money in the stock market with the cash everything up and saying get some caskets should never diversify don't have 100% of your money in the market and if you're hear my voice, and you have 100% of your money are close to instruction equities. Be very careful.

You should this should today. Hopefully this program is not as they move more money to go to. That's not my intention or Steve's or anybody's who we are affiliated with what you got a diversify into some cash and get some metals because your inner wish you would've done both a year from now or two years and I want to look back. So many things going on and that's why we continue to have these conversations, and sometimes people like you what, why do you do money Monday stuff every week well because Jesus and the Scriptures talk a lot about money and possessions. We all tend to struggle with it one way or another, and especially in these crazy times. It's hard to understand exactly what's going to be happening. That's why we have to continue to have this conversation.

Looking at the headlines. David's always spending so much of his time doing this and then kind enough to come on here and help us to try to understand that every week so in terms of big economic headlines recently. What are some of the highlights Quicksilver Goldman Sachs is been talking thing a bunch of things for what they said here recently is that the market is, stuck in the fact and flat range which is characterized by weaker returns to sought out in an earnings. There also are saying, but the market really is being fueled rather on inflation optimism.

People believe of inflation is coming. We have this job report switching gears here last week that 1.8 million jobs were added to July's unemployment even though there might be a great thing were still 10 10 million jobs out those people unemployed and people like Jim Cramer says she's not too confident about this report because a lot of the areas that are still being affected were people unemployed. Like restaurants and bars and things like that are ours might even help for more headwinds against them and Goldman Sachs chief economist said very similar things left the big news headlines the coronavirus a package continues to grow the US that is bursting out.

It seems as the Fed balance sheet and now the news is coming out in Yahoo finance that the US is taking on too much debt in mice because they hold another problem with paying Social Security so Stanley is saying that it's one Goldman Sachs warning that the dollar reserve currency might be something to enhance yellow dots. I was talking to David Fisher for money Monday. David A lot of talk about these big headlines what's going on with gold and silver what's going on diversification very important to fill a full money Monday today is wearing a lot of different things to me in the markets ended up talking little bit more about gold and silver precious metal as as part of a diversified portfolio, and again when if you've been part of the show for a while, you know that we don't beat a dog Abita drama go crazy about precious metals that's that's that central part of what David does with his but it that it's not the central part of what we talk about. We look at the whole picture we look at the whole economic picture what's going on Natalie here in America but around the world. All these things are interconnected at this point and then talking about diversification.

What's the Fed doing what's the market doing versus what the economy doing and and a lot of times. Everything is going in a slightly different direction.

So it's very hard to kind of tell in and have your feet on the ground as a consumer, and as an investor. For most of us it's very very complicated it still is for me. I been talking about money Monday stuff with David for coming up on four years before years I think this fall late this fall and and still sometimes I'm still scratching my head on what the world's going on because just look back and looking at the Dow Jones industrial for the year. Let's just do a little pre-COBIT on February 19 is not that long ago. It's August 10 sore dog and what that six months ago, seven months ago on February 19. Dow Jones industrial is at 39 348 then just fast-forward just a little bit a month later on March 23. It was all the way down 18,000 591 rights over a 10,000 point drop. Now it's back up to 27 791 and you see a lot of ebb and flow up and down, up and down and up and down as we move up from that low back in March but it's still very unpredictable. We have unemployment issues is all kinds of stuff going on out there, which is why we continue to have this conversation so that we all can learn and get educated.

I seek the Lord's phase of relying the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth and help guide our steps and end up meant men and women perish for lack of wisdom and knowledge. And so that's why we continue to kinda beat this drum and have this conversation David again thank you for taking the time to be with us. You're very welcome. We are really in really particular markets and have been for really three years now. But yeah, you're right, Steve, you do a lot of analysis and sometimes it just doesn't make sense and were some things don't make sense right now with what's going on but that's why you have to go to prayer in an have the Holy Spirit tell you what you ought to do to be a good steward of the funds entrusted you with exactly right as it is a part of our stewardship life, which is why we should be involving the Holy Spirit, seeking his face and doing your homework as I would never tell anybody discuss it in your prayer closet. Come on out, open the Yahoo finance and then pick something that would be ridiculous in the Lord is in cost of that so we have to make sure were getting smart, getting educated and then seeking the Lord's face. You combine all that you can live on a life of wisdom you are mentioning some of the major economic headlines we we just cannot click through those real quick up on the break, but let's go back through those let's talk about that the major announcement from the Fed last week and then I have a potential headline on ask about let's go to the biggies of Greece, one in my opinion is Goldman Sachs warned that the Bloomberg news mainstream. You can gain more mainstream this the Tolley article, Goldman warns the dollars grip on global markets might be over.

This was II kinda read it is like I too busy and I'm like moved on and like all of sudden I got away from my work and we'll talk about that the program matures out here and I went back and reread this. Goldman Sachs said they put us spotlight on the suddenly growing concerns over inflation by the US by issuing a bold warning. This is a week ago Tuesday that the dollar is now in danger of losing its status as the world reserve currency. Think about that for second Goldman Sachs within center. Do they have in the spirit of fine gold behind the scenes. That's the only incentive I can take this is not a good warning statement. I don't think they're flying off the seat of the pants in this statement is not shoot from the hip. Goldman Sachs doesn't do that. So this is should be just would have surely wake up calls with this is a big wake-up call. I think why they said it is because what the Fed said in the Fed made a major announcement alluded to it.

Then there singing to make a bigger one and distributed and still be around the bush. What they said that the make a commitment to get inflation higher in pledging not to raise rates intelligence at least 2% and all the analyst came out like a Jordanian. Every thing this is really bullish for gold for silver before he saw these rises because what the Fed is saying and what you Goldman is saying here's a quote on what the Fed said in its first long run term goals and policy strategies statement the US bank should inflation rate of 2%. Best align with his congressionally mandated goals of price stability and full employment. That announcement by the Fed was not Jerome Powell November 19, 2012 there playing the same tune again.

What happened in 2012 till now just print a lot of money is going to death, but this time I think they're serious about it.

I think we are going to see her right inflation because Goldman Sachs didn't see anything like this of the dollar losing its world reserve currency in 2012, nor ever that I know of in Morgan Stanley and all these billionaires are coming out of the woodwork week after week, month after month and saying there is a major financial problem getting ready to happen in Bethel gold silver is this just a sign that something big is get rating up while the once these these these announcements come out of the Fed because most people don't even notice it.

It doesn't really get a lot of play mainstream media come out and they go and then an image is all go about our business.

But these things are kind of shocking to hear about and contemplate especially when we consider our past and and consider what were going and that in the Fed's involvement. The federal government's involvement plus the Fed and really kind of underwriting and monkeying with the whole system. George Washington warned our founding forefathers warned unsecured paper money would bring commerce oppress the honest and open the door to every species of fraud and injustice. I'm not saying that is the of the devil. What I am saying is this whole ideology or printing money and continue to printed and not pay for the ramifications of it is just complete insanity I mean, let's look at if that was the case in that work.

We all would be speaking Latin because the Roman empire would still be in control works.

If not to work now in a skillet greater the degree of the printing. With this low interest rate environment, the greater the crash.

On the other side and I'm not at chicken Little.

The doomsday kinda guy, but when everybody was highly respectable in the supermarkets billionaire henchmen management Goldman Sachs are putting out these warnings we have to wake up there, something that they might know yet that we need to learn about what's being said because of anyone knows the inside. I think Goldman's criminal law before you and I so they're saying something something in writing up that's right so that's what they know that we believe in monitoring the stuff talking about it for a few years, but the but the hole just keeps getting bigger and deeper as we continue to print more more money. The economy gets more unstable with the situation dealing with COBIT and the shutdowns and everything else going on, the politicization of it with the lapse of obvious obsession with Trump and all things from and so you just don't know what's coming.

But none of this stuff adds up to anything good which is why were talking to David Fisher today and when we come back for you moving on.

Ask about one headline that wraps. I hope it doesn't happen, but it might happen in November. What would happen if that headline in the world is going on with goals will be right in my little argument about Samantha Nester, the New Testament, tithing, & by the way, is that 10% of my gross or that 10% of my net and so we struggle at that right. You struggle with saving versus spending you struggle with investment you struggle with college constant struggle log and you know you should buy a budget bite anyway. Some people are just not that generous towards anything or anybody. We spend about 5% of our income nationally.

As Americans we spent about 5% are of our income and entertainment. While these two anyway 5% of our income and income entertainment, gross income, and only about 2.3% on church and charity so that's why the Bible and Christ himself speaks so much so many parables so much teaching about money and possessions because most of us struggle with it in one way or another and we know that the love of money right is the problem is that money itself can a Christian be wealthy. Absolutely we got again we look at the outside, God looks at the intent of the heart and soul are we are we worshiping there is an idol for us. How much is it control lest we control our money. It is a control last. These are very big issues and then off of flows out of a biblical worldview, which is why we take the time to talk. Our good friend David Fisher every week here on the shell once a week once a month. I mean we do a full money Monday the other Mondays of the month.

We just do an update the last segment of the show on Mondays and really appreciate you being with us. As always David, thanks for calling and being with us know absolutely thank you my honor my privilege, absolutely. We both feel the same way about that and praise God for the working to talk a little about this and then I want you to talk about, what the Lord laid on your heart as you had a chance to get away which is nice and rare.

But before we do that I didn't want to float in a buddy my Bill Mann on Facebook. Life was asking the question. I think a lot of us are starting to bat this around. I hope I don't have to learn the answer to this question firsthand, but could you imagine a little bit monetarily economically from a market perspective from an economy's perspective.

What if bite by bite some strange move of God's hand. Joe Biden actually were to win in November.

I mean II can have a hard time fattening that, but what you think. From an economic perspective would happen. We had the trunk bump when he got elected big businessman billionaire most likely answer. Everybody's like this can be really good for the economy and wise until COBIT was only like like Joe Biden I would think it would have the opposite effect.

What you think you and somebody must be looking over my shoulder Bill. After hearing you must been reading my my mail as they say, we had time after a talk about what happened your reason and actually talk about this. I'm able to answer this also dips I have the whole ideology. What will happen to the economy to metals stocks if present, trunk gets reelected and what would happen if VP Biden got elected stocks go down if bite get selected.

My prediction is why cookies wants to wait raise taxes immediately. Significantly, we will be stuck in a conundrum of moving sideways, quivering the selected word and have a financial problem is the money system is been ballooned. I'm it's not about Pres. Trumper Biden at that point. There's a bigger problem that both of them is you can't face was there some major my massive change so I believe that I need to get selected. He's going little rout of Pres. Obama and talks about future wealth. The bail in. That's how they're going to deal with the big bubble of the debt structure and the Fed balance sheet to present trunk get selected and I think this can be like forced into doing this is not like they're choosing a thing that we forced the environment before supply just like the environment forced the Fed to lower rates and yields are down to present trunk get selected. You can see a huge running goal. Why, because using the gold advocate.

I think he wants to make us the biggest splash and is any present history want to go down Nixon took us off the gold standard. I present Trumper's talked about this publicly, and C-SPAN, a speech he's nominated controversial person to the Fed board, Judy, Sheldon, and she uses this list to do with the fabless Becker currency by gold.

This is present Trump's choice.

So we were going to be forced into backing the currency by gold to keep the world reserve that works gold and silver to lose or entity that gold enough to shoot up a whole bunch of the dollars going up to go down all bunch. In summary, meet in the middle or present Trump default on the debt which is done. I personally five times in bankruptcy. It works personally. It does not work governmentally but you three months ago. You talk about renegotiating the debt that is the default, but if we wipe away the debt, it would be very painful, but it would reset the country of America, the greatest it's ever been.

Guys just remarkable to think about all the stop light switch five years ago six days ago we were thinking about this, we are paying attention to the deadly radical war coming up on 20 trillion 30 trillion that happened in the last six month test is mind-boggling, were such a bizarre world. But one thing I you you text me the other day we had a chance to get away. We don't get David. Neither David nor myself are sensationalist people were not hyperbole people. You can get plenty of that out there but but grounded in Scripture and and controlled as much is that we lend ourselves to it by the leading of the Holy Spirit. We try not to talk about sensational headlines and try not to look at things like that go on to be the greatest of the biggest allies of the lowest but you didn't eat you kind of been struggling with the realities of some things on the ground and what you're seeing happened in the markets out there.

So, take us into what what's going on here lately.

I call the market so I think I see them Armenian 2017 generation stocks will be the number one performing asset. I got a lot of flak from people who bought gold for me and so they didn't believe my product to yell at people's lack of my industry and it's like I'm just saying what I think is right. Couple years later in September 2019. I said there's be a correction in stocks but in the year and the Dow went down 10% in December. I've said a lot of things that I in January this year should gold silver will be the number one performing asset class and it is completely your today also talked about a big correction helping in January.

I said this in January happen this year a bigger one than what we experienced the just a month earlier that happened yet was a COBIT 19 bushel correction. I've said recently.

She gold a $2000 here real hard last Tuesday broker that that number I said were to exceed $2500 gold leaving $3000 goal this year I'm saying today. Explain why I'm saying this, you're going to see five to $10,000 goal in the next 10 years before you turn me off that you speak with people that are listening saying he's not his workboots David where is David now okay I get that when you went when you get away from your daily routine because I probably been labeled as a workaholic mission times I took couple days off is. She takes a few weeks but COBIT 19 said you're not going to fly to Hawaii or anyway. Now they realize for short. I started reading this article better about Goldman warning this court. The worldly ever say some like this start researching like what Rita Gallo said was the largest hedge fund manager when gold was at 1500. He says going to 2000, and he was right also said you just can't print your way that she can't continue to rent deficits and print money. He was right. I'm reading articles today and in distribution last three or four months. Gold is rising to $4000 an ounce years in Oakland. If history is any guide, will see $4000 goal. Here's another one today. Gold likely to double and triple.

Here's another one $15,000 price of gold are you going to skewer same 25 30,000 so I I've always talked against this delete you and I both would see that and go to sensationalism. It's hyperbole people are selling products, whatever. It's usually little doubt that stuff exactly and let me just put it out there.

I'm not hurting from Smith is not one thing that is not the case. Just the opposite. Gold is the thermometer and silver. The thermometer is is the red light touch flashing that says there is a big problem coming. It when goal has always risen these big levels hundred percent of the time something major happened financially over period of time that says we should have been prepared, but this time, as I said before the next major downturn is going to be at the core of the financial system because I said that this whole problem of fixing the problem is not by printing and issuing money out of thin air, but that is the plan by the Fed so this time the next meltdown is going to be at the core of the financial system.

I'm not a chicken little boat tell me why great PLO why Jeffrey John Locke Paul Tudor Jones like Scott Minard I'm just mention the handful billionaire Jim Rogers said just recently.

The next meltdowns can be the biggest in his lifetime. They're all saying you gotta get some gold and silver in the portfolio and this is what's getting ready to happen. I hope I'm completely wrong, but so far my track record hundred percent right, but don't shy of it and I'm not tooting my own horn. I hope I am so wrong in this. The Fed has backed himself in the corner.

They have a big aircraft. We either gotta tighten monetary policy and crash the markets by unwinding the tops of Christine's inflation is an ankle while there is always enough with the beginning of this yacht since Genesis is just madness and hard to track John holes David were talking to David Fisher landmark capital trying to understand what's going on financially in the world around us and are we prepared our thinking ahead, I was thinking you know experimentally will be right back talking about some crazy things going on out there in the world of economics and our investments in market and obviously it's been a crazy year as I was saying earlier just go back to mid-February. The markets in like 29,000, and it dropped a little below 19,000 in March and now it's back up is reclaimed a lot of app of the market still down Dow still down about 4% of the year about gold and silver are up in their up big.

But whether they going to do in the future, and gold and silver. Listen to me just go back in time a little bit because when I first went into syndication which was back in the summer of 2015 for the radio show and in the company that I syndicated with originally.

David Fisher was doing segments on a lot of different radio shows around the country talking about precious metals and the use of gold and silver in a diversified portfolio on a Mike & Glenn Beck talks about that annexing some other crazy things online and that just seems like you know, go buy some land in Wyoming or Montana dig a pit get a lot of guns and get a lot of ammo and get a lot of gas and get a lot of water and get a lot a golden so I I was kinda dismissive at first. So Dave and I literally spent hours on the phone going back and forth because my job is to be educated myself so that I can turn around and protect the airspace that we have that God's given us and then we started doing the show together. So we've never been given to hyperbole were not hocking a bunch of stuff and you make your decision to get your information, you make your decision. If anybody ever and sometimes people call me or text me of the semi-about a note on Facebook or whatever will see what would you do that don't ask me that question that's between you and the Lord and whatever advice you're getting. But we try to have these conversations try to be levelheaded, but David's dealing with the writing that's on the wall what's going on in the markets out there.

What had billionaire hedge fund managers are doing and this points to a future that's kinda hard to swallow and kinda hard to imagine but look on January 1.

None of us were thinking we would be anywhere near the world that were in right now with COBIT black lives matter in the protest what was going on in Chicago last night. It's insanity all over the place and I think that that can happen in the financial realm when we've been down that road before.

Just bullish. So were trying to understand these things.

And again David, thanks for being with us and in sharing this with us today.

The Arabs were driving the thing out Russell with the most of summer like a chicken little-bought any water storage food around them but I don't even own a gun.

I'm writing these crazy should have a gun. I don't believe in the end of the world.

Financially I believe will really go through big financial problem, so it should be clear interlocking is your gold and silver to go to grocery store just to hedge against other other asset classes. You know, never we talk about.

We never thought we'd be here. You know year and 1/2 ago year ago we never thought we'd have a $3.7 trillion budget deficit that the Congressional budget office announced were going to be by the end of fiscal year in September were currently at 2.7 trillion budget deficit. I mean, I put in perspective the trillion. We had before COBIT 19 in January, 440 billion was like the 650 billion was the norm were way beyond those numbers and when you log in and gold for a long time 26 years when goal was in $2300 you could make convincing me who's going to go to 1900 and 2012 why because they print a lot of money they paid q. week. In fact, if you compare the Dow and the anti-stock either. I own stock of money in the market don't have lots of it right now.

I know I'm not a big risk taker show and I'm not advocating sell of the stock someone just think it do what you feel is right for you. But when you compare the numbers. Gold went up 6.5653% from 1999 to 2012, while the doll and up 19.6%, and some people say, will you not factoring in the big downturn in the rise. Okay, let's take a look at 2009 Colby Haynes bottom one is 65 and change into the peak of gold at 2012, the down up 87% goal went up on 24% so P course.

You know, wondering were you getting those numbers. So here's the math. Not that past markets are indicative of future markets. There's no guarantees. We have to start with something soon as a format so if the bottom of gold recently was 1040 something always really 1225 when we broke to the technical resistance resistance and I said one true breakthrough that can arise. The 1500 create a new level and some people say the bottom was 1500, make it the worst case, the ugliest looking for gold assays for thousand 40 gold rose during this QT time and government high debt and low interest rate from 2001 telnet till then. That's 6.5 times movement on the thousand $40 at 67, $66,760 the price of gold. If we use the inflationary numbers in the Dow went up 9% in that decade of the inflation of the 70s high interest rate and gold. One of 2185% from $35.08 50 the number staggering. It's 22,000 thousand dollars Conseco so steak there's people out there saying, 25 to 50,000. I'm not saying that I don't think you're going to hear me say that unless we have just something insanely happen, but it's going to make a big move because there's no major deposits out there.

There's no major supply supplies have been dried up.

We hit we call peak gold long time ago in the 70s 80s and 90s were the decades were the industry found at least one 50 million ounce supply of gold. They found several 30 million ounce deposits and countless 5 to 10 million ounce deposits in the 70s these nice little gold out there, but in the last decade, we have not had any 50 million ounce deposits will not have any 30 million ounce deposits and only a handful of 5 to 10 million ounce deposits. According to big CEOs in the gold industry who are the minors show the physical shortage is here.

It's been here for some time, but since COBIT 19 the actual physical shortage has just increased significantly premiums the roast I work with the largest wholesaler in the world.

The vice president should tell you little something about my company. Not bragging or anything at this. I'm in the sense of the heart the heartbeat of it. About a month ago there sending out emails things were buying every product just about every product support couple areas is getting a major squeeze on the market which means prices will move up faster than indicative of what they would normally do. This is one of the flipside is not a get-rich-quick scheme but it's an indication that something is brewing. I'll say most Americans, though, are not in the gold market or silver market, but they should be should be because this is were going where he also goes for saying this review do with Mike my company.

I think of where they were business or do or somebody do it for yourself because that's what this is all about. Get some diversification, get the money in cash money and gold's money in real estate diversify because if the printing of money is any indicative this of war redheaded were headed for a major financial meltdown we can avoid this. I don't know how what that would be, but this is why the bail and this is very clear now sees your money or inflating or defaulting or backing the currency by gold very seldom go all roads lead to gold but get some gold and some silver silver.

The group inflationary edge yet again. William glad use the word hedge because this is a matter of no smart investors to be looking at okay one thing I mean is castles. A lot of them are like in a cast, and the reason people know like Ashley's people in the business as will make money when you're in cash. They're not making money. Okay, so there's no incentive there for a broker to desert try to push the client in the cash but cash pulls you out of the maelstrom of the market when the market does something crazy but real estate and then you've got things like precious metals and that's that diversification. I often say David in terms of word picture got big sale under ship near on the ocean and the big ones are coming but what's underneath your ship to give you some counterbalance. That's called the keel and an and of sale, but without a keel is in big trouble. Just like I let's go back to our childhood days in a teeter totter. He got one person on the end and you jump off the other and that there's no balance go crashing down and so that's why diversification is such a big deal and we have to be thinking ahead watching what's happening out there in the market but also listening to the people that are work. None of us are billionaires is a billionaire hedge fund people and year and we talked about this before major banks buying in countries buying gold you have to pay attention to anything.

So in terms of just getting educated for a lot of people. They just don't know that much about it, which I understand.

I was in the same boat four years ago. What are some of the best ways that we can get educated David how how can you help us with that will we have a whole bunch of literature not too much to overwhelm you, but enough to give you a well-rounded education they can get that idea also go to watch her YouTube video series is for adding more as time goes on all the feel of the Internet and look there, but we find it the old-fashioned way is picking up the phone and have an interactive conversation.

Let me give you a guarantee. I guarantee you will not ever be pressured by my company or my representatives never affect us in the morning that people like working with us, you will never be told what to do or what dollar amount to invest. That's all your choice if you choose to do so. So those are few guarantees and I guarantee you that you'll learn a lot where you do something that's right choice right so there's no pressure so but get some education unity can rollover your 401(k) or IRA in the gold portions of that we never advocate putting 100% in one asset class but just diversify. You got a diversify and spread yourself out because of the winds, and their common no one have your sale up and nothing underneath your boat to balance you out, then is the website. As always land mark or the old-fashioned way to have a conversation. Imagine that 844-879-8882 844-879-8882. Can't remember that you write it down to Simeon on Facebook or send me an email Steve at the Steve normal, so that, and it's connected with David.

David, as always, thank you so much for being on things for Sharon thank you for your honesty and thanks for helping us in my pleasure. I honor to serve you amen think that he will talk again and God bless you Mrs. Steve Noble on the seasonal sale generally begin as soon as my dad always said

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