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Kids Aren't in Danger from COVID!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 7, 2020 9:29 am

Kids Aren't in Danger from COVID!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 7, 2020 9:29 am

Kids Aren't in Danger from COVID!

Once again Biden has said too much and whipped the internet into a frenzy once again.  Whereas Trump has formed a new pro-life committee to put an end to the trafficking of aborted babies’ organs and limbs.  In happier news, Swedens unorthodox methods have shown amazing results and they have not only flattened the curve but they have brought their COVID numbers to a surprising low.  Alas, the CDC hh as released the numbers of COVID death arranged by age, and although teen death from COVID is less than 0.01% this lockdown has had even worse effects.  Suicide rates have skyrocketed and with it, homicide rates have raised as well due to the riots and protests.  Arriving at the weekend Steve talk about some of the top stories of the week.


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Everyone use time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred calls now 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Now is your host Steve Noble. I almost decided today with the line but I decided not to trust me and hereby the studio by itself set on the other side of the glass socially distance, not on the other side of everything groovy there and on Facebook. Why hi everybody, now for some reason we don't sound anything is looking better lighting is getting better cameras getting better bigger like no sound, no sound, it's always something these days were to get to where it's not anything. So is it isn't something on the board.

There is something on wire cast.

So what is it I don't know I'm not can worry about it right now because I got a lot to do so.

All kinds of things going on out there and we are going to go through a bunch of different stories or so we got the University of Georgia students is amazing how much money you can pay to end up ignorant or stupid or dumb or uninformed or whatever adjective you like to throw in there. So that's that. I can't teach when I'm dead so they held a die in that funny yes and no. Perhaps what they held a Diane in in University of Georgia.

Some talk about that, but several come to think so.

Talk about a Diane because they go back to school or to die even though that has no basis in reality whatsoever, some to continue to talk about things that have a basis in reality things are true even though the mainstream media doesn't want you to know it's a lot of different sources don't want you to know it, but I want you to know it. So you look at that story to look at actual hard data.

Okay hard data shocking hard data and then some applications of that hard data in the talk about the things that actually are killing young people and will talk about things that are killing people in record numbers around the country and I will look like I can glossed over the see other day what was going on in Sweden but it's an amazing example will save it holds true because they could have a surge coming back right now. Sweden is looking awesome in their lives anything like we have a good thing the president trumpeted and then I'll finish with this yet. A gap number 4567, from Joe Biden. Towards the end of the show that's on the six got here to believe in is just getting sad.

I wonder what point I will point you to go okay let's let's actually get sober minded here and realize that we have a God senile old guy spending government since pretty much government was created in and then he's actually the Democrat nominee crazy right so we'll get to that case a lot to do today. I can't teach when I'm dead, University of Georgia.

Okay this isn't just them.

By the way this is happening University North Carolina little closer. I live let's look at this one doesn't the students, faculty and staff sprawled across the ceiling bullet picture up on the TV in here that sprawled across the University of Georgia campus Thursday afternoon playing dead to protest the University's reopening plans is the trek over 19 still looms large large and addendum schools first close during the spring semester cardboard and paper signs rested on their bodies, some depicting gravestones, others declaring, I can't teach when I'm dead, how many will view GA University of Georgia let die or when I said I was dying to get back to my classroom.

I didn't mean it literally in person classes are scheduled to resume August 20 at the Athens Georgia University. Praise the Lord.

Good for you guys, but many staff and students are at odds with the school and the University system of Georgia. According to an open letter mask are required on campus, but that's not enough. According to the United campus workers of Georgia. The group that organized the protest protester states a Diane over over face-to-face teaching at UNC Chapel Hill on Wednesday.

Earlier this week. Some express worry the return of UNC student could put the rest of the town at risk" of people are so afraid to be around the students than from coherent University how dear the County Commissioner Jerry Penny Brent Rich said that what a heartless person I know it's difficult in some instances, she said, but University is going open. The students are here so we have to move past the fight of trying to keep them not open. We have to move past that work with them to try to keep it safe transit educators demonstrated outside of the Little Rock Arkansas elementary school Tuesday. McClatchy news reported implanted foe gravestones. That's great, as if our little kids are freaked out and messed up enough to put some full gravestones out for another elementary school. Who are these idiots coming. God bless them, and God help them, but you are this is this is so irresponsible and so unloving that were doing this to our kids opening up schools and sending over 40,000 students in the buildings is absurd.

It's absurd. Veronica McLean said no ma'am. What is absurd is your fear. So let me turn the corner from fear and media hype and government overreach and just an overall spirit of fear over the country to actual facts and figures okay so I'm sorry if this offends you, but like Ben Shapiro says facts don't care about your feelings.

I do the most part, but facts don't so the CDC actually putting some information out here okay so I'm to take you through some of these numbers and all can coalesce them and do an overview and the will do some application okay were looking at reality. The CDC if we want to bow down before that's all all great, powerful, all-knowing force known as the CDC, then let's use their numbers so this is nationwide through August 1 COBIT. Okay, these are people that have died with COBIT, not necessarily of COBIT. Remember that caveat is out there so you get into a car crash and you die and they test you your body and your code positive than the account that is called member that so-called death numbers are at the very maximum because they're inflated by some of this craziness so under one year of age at death's with COBIT 15 out of the.

The population nationwide is 4.128 million. Okay, that's 1.2% of the entire population. 1 to 4 years of age 10. That's all set right but 10/16,000,005 to 14 years of age.

There's 20 of those that have died. Out of 41 million, 15 to 24 years of age 225 of died out a 43 million so that's 245, 255, 270 between one year of age and 24 years of age 270 out of the entire population nationwide of that same age group, which is about 80 404 million people are 24 and under and United States, of which 270 have died. Okay so that comes up with like .000003% chance of death to move up on the comebacker to talk about 25 to 54 on the top part of that. Then you get into the danger zone 55 to 74 and in the real danger zone 74 to 85+ will get back to apply those reality so that I can tell you kids aren't dying from COBIT is back in school.

The noble only way some facts even from the seating that CDC graphic that we can throw up these overgrown right to the source right everything that we all believe the CDC out so we were going through these numbers and out of about 100 million people age 24 and under. In America, 270 of them died with COBIT.

Okay, not necessarily of Colby, but with Cove. Then we have the next age range 25 to 54 okay 25 to 34. A little over thousand deaths. That's horrible right at said out of 46 x 47,000,000 from 35 to 44 years of age at 20 200-2700 and died.

That's horrible, but out of 42 million Sonata really high percentage chance and in 45 to 54 about 7300 have died. That's horrible but it's out of 40.8 million. Okay now we get into an organist circuit and the more the danger zone, you're seriously because when you look at the graphs and you look at the numbers, it goes like this. It's like 0 to 24 years of age and then it starts come up a little bit and then when you get to the 55 and especially the 75 minute hockey sticks and goes up okay because this is highly concentrated in our older population, 55 to 64 there's 17,583 deaths as of August 1. That's terrible heartbreaking. Obviously out of 43,000,065 to 74. 29,000 deaths out of 33 million in that age group 75 to 8438 almost 38,000 deaths out of 16 million. So the percentages are going up radically here in 85 years and over 45,845 of our hundred 42,000 deaths are with people 85 years of age and over.

Out of a population of just 6.7 million so you have this huge scale that changes as you get to the okay so just get a breakdown in general.

54 and younger 70% of US population, but only a percent of COBIT 19 deaths 8% before and under in their 70% of US population and they make up only a percent of COBIT deaths, okay 75 and older are just 7% of US population, but 59% of the COBIT deaths 85 and older are just 2% of the population but one third of all COBIT 19 deaths, so it skews to the upper age, big time, and heartbreakingly okay the medium age of COBIT death Knight, 19 death right now in America is about 78 which happens to be about the average US life expectancy. Keep in mind these are all coded as death with not from COBIT doesn't even deal with comorbidity which means like so many with heart disease that tested positive for cobra 19 could be counted. Some of the died in a motor vehicle accident that was positive for covert Cove 19 could be counted so let's do some practical application we looked I saw some pictures. I put some pictures up on Facebook earlier so if you follow the Facebook page. The Steve Noble show you'll see the status of the somebody to these in the graphic Caesar from the Centers for Disease Control and the industrial information Association K sorry insurance information Association. So are you between the ages of 20 and 40, your chances of dying COBIT 19 of the same as dying while playing football. These are based on actual hard numbers okay if you're between the ages of 15 and 24 you have a better chance of dying from falling down the stairs than dying of COBIT, 19 user from CDC numbers and the insurance information it Association okay kids under 15.

These are all her students that were freaking out about right.

Kids under 15 have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than dying of COBIT. 19.

So when we have thunderstorms. Why don't we cancel school. By late thunderstorms chance of fun chance of lightning today so all kids must stay home because you might die. Even though we know the odds of dying from lightning strike are incredibly small's almost statistically 04 kids under 15 with COBIT dying of COBIT almost statistically zero 15 and under there been 55 deaths or 45 deaths out of a total population of 61 million. Okay, that's reality. Okay that's not hype. That's not Tromp, that's not the CDC. That's reality and work losing her mind and doing Diane's in front of college campuses. I put this on Facebook earlier today as well is an amazing how much money you can spend on a college education and still end up ignorant because these college students just have next to 0% chance of dying. Could they get sick. Yes, good. Some of them get seriously ill, yes, have a few died, yes, but out of a total student population between kindergarten and the end of college of about 76 million. There were 270 270 deaths associated with COBIT 19 in the US. Okay so that's the COBIT isn't the problem. The problem for our youth work were missing all the real problem here is another story. This is just heartbreaking.

More youths are dying of super's suicide and overdosing COBIT 19 during the pandemic. Also, from the CDC. Okay suicide and drug overdoses is from the Christian Post suicide and drug overdoses are killing more young people in COBIT 19 as the two pre-existing epidemics have been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Robert Redfield wants to go all way back in Tromp was right. Our solution, our response to COBIT can't be worse than COBIT itself and it is in terms of real human cost, and I got a couple of the stories talk about on this one, but for our kids for young people were seeing Sally far greater suicides now than we are. Deaths from COBIT Redfield explains the head of the CDC were seeing far greater deaths from drug overdoses that are above the dinner but the excess we had had had his background and were seeing the deaths from COBIT 19 June survey from the addiction policy form, reported a 20% increase in substance abuse, with 34% of respondents experiencing a change in the treatment and recovery due to the pandemic. The American Medical Association also voiced concern in a July 20 report stating that over 35 states have reported increases in opioid -related mortality as well as ongoing concerns for those with a mental illness or substance use disorder, suicide is the second leading cause of death among people ages 10 to 34 in the United States, second only to unintentional injury, according to the CDC suicide took the lives of nearly 15,000 people within that age bracket in 2018, alone. Last year the public health Institute reported that the suicide rate for cans kids 10 to 14. This is God help us. Suicide rates for now were freaking out about everything. Can't go to school where the mask it out to just gorgeous scared him even more news. This is loving this is good biblical parenting. This is sowing fear into them, sowing distrust reported that the suicide rates for kids 10 to 14 is nearly tripled in the last decade. While the suicide rates among older teenagers is increased by 76% then you take that was bad enough as it is and then we do the COBIT 19 shut down and so we got teachers and teachers unions and people like I don't know school boards in wake County commissioners and other County commissions and stuff like, and governors like Cooper here in North Carolina that are saying were trying to protect the kids were trying think the kids know you're not near politicization of this whole process is killing kids.

But why would I expect any different from a lot of these people because they look the other way. They don't care they protect, and they find abortion though Steve Corsica to bring up abortion Bubba but yes of course I am. Morality applies across the board. Truth applies across the board you lecture me about protecting kids in school like protect Planned Parenthood for killing kids because that's an essential business down the street and you want to protect originally been doing that killing them to killing more of this.

Let's sacrifice more Imola and you wonder why America is in the tank. Do you really think just because we put God bless America on our currency that he can build patient to take a break and I'll be right back. Steve Noble showed great to be with you there on your radio missing device. Whatever the case may be, if you don't happen to get the show can't be with us live every day Monday Friday 40 5 PM Eastern time radio network, and in several other pastors and brothers in Christ around the state. Here, North Carolina and a few other states carry the show and we we praise the Lord for that but also you could be right here in the studio with me. Just go to Facebook and jump went in on Facebook live the Steve Noble show there.

I post a lot of stuff on Facebook because with our age group were there, only 20% of Americans even deal with Twitter so I not doing a lot of stuff on Twitter our age group and stuff is pretty much on Facebook so I do a lot of posting on Facebook a lot interaction there. I gather a lot of information on Facebook all has provocative questions on Facebook, but if you really want to know what I think that's this is my venue for that is Monday through Friday 40 5 PM Eastern, but also the show's podcast didn't catch the show any of the past shows we been doing I've been doing radio since 2007 so we got theirs podcast of going back. Probably five in six years so you can do that you can actually search those on our website the Steve Noble or just wherever you are, podcast, and if you missed the show want you to check out. He what was the show about what's the title what some of the content and listen to it when you can. Most of us don't live based on live schedules anymore. I get what I want when I want it from where I want. That's how we live now so you can check all that out bless you as is SOP the brand-new podcast we started that's to reach people that aren't definitely we are listening to Christian radio and I was just saying on Facebook live did a hour and 1/2 episode with my our oldest son, Hayden is 25, a group in a very conservative home. Obviously, but is kinda left of center, and a lot of his politics. Not all of it, but some of it and some of the things we like, but heads on big times we had struggles and I'm sure a lot of you can relate to that in if you'd like to be blessed and encouraged may be equipped a little on how to deal with that in your own context. Go listen to that okay who is this are all the different major podcast platforms. You can find it there. Back to this thing talk about more youth are dying a suicide and overdosing COBIT 19.

This is all coming off of these college students and teachers starting University of Georgia and others better like playing dead out in front of the ministration buildings because the entities in the spec score on a die. Although the numbers and the facts and reality will match that again to two or as of right now 270 Americans between the ages of one and 24 have died from COBIT 19 that's out of a student population of about 76 million that's rising to get a better chance of falling down the stairs and dying than dying from COBIT if you're below. Beneath age of 50. Right. So we started talk about. Here's the real problem and in all of our liberal leaders that are keeping kids away from school all suffer adding to it. So this is again the head of the CDC you know a lot of kids get their mental health services. Over 7 million in school. What assumes that there a lot of people get food nutrition and school schools are really important in terms of mandatory reporting of sexual and child abuse. Obviously socialization is important read, but said that the cost to our nation and continuing to keep the schools closed is substantial. That doesn't matter to most Democrat governors like ours are North Carolina Gov. Cooper doesn't care about the kids obviously's pro-abortion see it. So it's totally consistent here, you're stuck in an elderly care place and when we like Gov. Cuomo.

We light the city up in pink. Literally lit the World Trade Center were one World Trade Center up in pink when they sign in abortion law a year ago saying you can abort your child right up to the moment of delivery.

Okay that is satanic to the core and they cheered and they lit the town up pink the same people the same leadership then sent COBIT sick people back into nursing homes. So if you're incapable of defending yourself.

If you don't have a voice you can't come out in March.

If you can't protest then will just let you die or will kill you. That's how we operate.

Nine states of America. That's just the facts and again so part of me looks it in God we trust on her coinage and stuff and I go are you kidding me we think because we throw his name on her coins. You can expect his blessings. Good luck with that is, can't. Here's another one some more things coming at a COBIT because the way our government is handling homicide spike it's most large US cities. Sharpness is Wall Street Journal the other day a sharp rise in homicides this year's hitting US large US cities during the coronavirus pandemic in the mid-recession international backlash against police tactics, the murder rate is still low compared to previous decades in the types of serious crimes dropped, but researchers, police, and some residents fear the homicide spike team could threaten urban Renaissance.

No kidding. Wall Street Journal analysis of crime statistics among the nation's 50 largest cities found that reported homicides were up 24% so far this year, 24%, police researchers, mayors and community leaders see a confluence of forces at work in the homicide spike institutions that listen to this institutions that keep city community safe have been destabilized by lockdown and protests against police lockdowns and recession also means tensions are running high and streets have been emptied of eyes and ears on their community. Some attributes attribute the rise to an increase in gang violence. Some cities, a long-running crime problem solver numbers rise including Philly, Detroit, Memphis, Tennessee, Chicago, the worse it is telling more than one of every eight homicides, less violent places that been struck as well such as Omaha, Nebraska and Phoenix and all 36 of the 50 cities studied show saw homicide rates at double digit rates representing all regions of the country go back towards the end of this article and there's this from New York, New York, Detroit, Fresno officers all said the easing of bill requirements in their states likely return some dangerous criminals to the street so you can go ballistic in New York City downtown break stop throw stuff at the cops, they throw you in jail. There is no bill you get out right back on the streets to do what more terrorism. So Mayor de Blasio has acknowledged police concerns about the new restrictions on police tactics, but in July said, I believe we can make it work. God help you sir, you're an idiot.

I believe we can make it work. No, you can't obviously you want to go on Fifth Avenue paint black lives matter on the street while people are getting shot and killed all over the place you took 600 cops out of the violent crimes division. The undercover cops, and you're going to have more and more blood in your hands.

But what does he care he's in New York where they butchered kids right and left at Planned Parenthood clinics see their perfectly consistent. Do you see it. Do you see it please, Lord, save de Blasio and other people like that are so lost and confused darkened in their sin and their like puppets of Satan himself.

While some of them claim Catholicism like Cuomo. The next time he walks into a Catholic Church to receive communion should probably spontaneously combust. It's okay to abort up until the moment of delivery. God bless America that's no shock earlier this year. He said it when that there COBIT numbers are coming out AA got into this person do this.

We did this we did it autonomy, idolatry, lostness, what happened and where they didn't act like this well is a good sweep after six months without lockdown icon glossed over the sale today. Sweden's COBIT 19 deaths, infections, bottom out well wow that happen. I thought they were just hated everybody in suite is so irresponsible. After months without lockdown school closures and other mitigation measures widely imposed across the world. Sweden's coronavirus cases and deaths have fallen to such minimal levels as to revive the debate over so-called herd immunity strategy. Imagine that. That's the way Cott signed should a dramatic drop in new cases and deaths in that country pointed to a rapidly improving situation there in defiance of many earlier predictions, the so-called Swedish model has for months drawn alarm and derision from countless world help with authorities.

Many of insisted that sweeping open-ended restrictions on social and economic activity, including lockdown strict social distancing measures and mandatory facemask orders are the only practical methods by which the coronavirus can be halted. So why is it so successful we though there is relatively little evidence to support such measures. Many governments typically those in Western Europe and the US have for several months impose such orders on their respective citizens with numerous European heads of state, US governors, indicating that these measures may remain in place until an effective vaccine is developed because ultimately the people on the left that the trunk arrangement syndrome folks, of which there's many, they don't really care about people they don't care about the economy they don't care about children they don't really care about the elderly to care about one thing, getting rid of Trump.

It's crazy.

That's why there's just spiritual darkness everywhere for justice. We largely issued such policies.

According to the World Health Organization, Sweden's daily deaths peaked in late April at 185 and a been declining ever sense on some recent days. The countries recorded as few as nine deaths suite tech now, and others have argued that Locke is the head epidemiologist of their have argued that lockdown countries have significantly lower immunity levels in Sweden's and those in that those countries may have the lockdown again in the fall. If and when the disease returns. Many experts have claimed COBIT 19, like some other respiratory diseases will only be subject to the effects of herd immunity when anywhere from 60 to 80% of the population recovers from reaching those levels. It is argued, would require unacceptable levels of death.

Well, not if we didn't bring an atom bomb to a knife fight gang if we had been focusing on the vulnerable. But we don't care about the vulnerable in America have you figure that out yet. You can also take that into the urban centers and the poor. We don't really care about them either. All you go after their vote. You can promise all that stuff Democrats and Savior for the little guy for the black on this manic guy, but results speak way bigger than your platitude when, on today. Yet there are indications that the herd immunity threshold for the coronavirus may be much lower than that, you know, which could explain what's going on in Sweden.

As your body was made to encounter all kinds of things. If you're decently healthy and then you beat it.

Thank you Lord, then you become immune thank you Lord and then more more people get there and then sooner or later the virus has nowhere to go, wow, it's almost like it was designed to work the vulnerable. But we don't care about them will be right back is everything with you today feeling a little exercise, frustrated, angry, passionate, broken, will listen if you're newer to the show or watch and Facebook live and you don't know me very well. I listen this is one thing, like when I'm in here doing the show and it's mostly my log some days I take phone calls and all the time but it's mostly monologue and I'm very anti-apathy. We had a lot of apathy in the Christian church and we just had to take it in and that you know will wait till Jesus comes back, but we should be heartbroken and engaged in the here and the now because Jesus was all about the kingdom and he was all about your eternal future. But he was also ministering to people where they were at at the time. Thus the healing which was also showing people's power, but he also made a very big point, like I just started on and that the end of chapter 4 in the book of John, so if you want to get my daily devotionals which I'm writing every morning now so Monday through Friday. Then they go out at about 10:55 AM Eastern time were in the book of John all spent at a probably right hundred 50, 260 devotionals in the book of John right at the end of chapter 4, so if you go to the website, the Steve Noble, you'll see that the top you can sign up for the daily dose is what it's called.

Or if you're using your cell phone.

Just text the word dose DLSE to 66866 now we shall know what that means. By now, right if you don't ask a child or grandchild, but text the word dose like that's the message DLSE to study your friend your husband your wife your buddy whatever to 66866 and if you text the word dose to 66866 you'll get on the email list, you'll start getting the daily dose. So at the end of the book of John chapter 4 where Jesus is it that you had a nobleman come from another city walk about 20 miles asked Jesus to heal his son and she's like you guys are always looking for a sign within the guy asked again and you said you know basically gone out your sons heal and the guy who hightailed it up there.

Took his time going home because he asked his servants when he got there, there like a your sons fine.

He's like wool what one that happened yesterday. So we got there fast but he took his time he ran to get to Jesus. He walked home because of his fate because he believed what Jesus said he didn't need to see the miracles he walked home in faith and so that that's what we have to have with F8 but you also engage with Jesus.

Yes, he would heal people. He fed people.

Their current needs which were surrounded by so Catherine on Facebook. Why was like hey listen what what we do about this stuff to. I mean if I get on the radio.

I suppose or jump on Facebook live social media is what we do to get on there and you whine and you moaning and complaining get angry and we throw bumper stickers across the aisle at each other. But what we do about it will number one you pray number two you engage could be local politics homeschooling you don't like the public school system and by the way, if you don't even have kids in the school system you engage anyway why because you're supposed to love your neighbor as yourself. Maybe it's just calling a principal or writing or showing up at a school board meeting do something, but not the least of which would be pray pray for those in authority over us, pray without ceasing.

We did a theology Thursday yesterday and pray we need to be pray. I think of more of us were on her knees crying out with Seymour happened to her so broken about stuff will help broken broken enough to pray about and how concerned are you about the government about the country about trump about anything bullets go home and how much time do we have on her knees in prayer that probably the weakest part of my walk I have a little sign in here might my bookcase.

This is talk less, pray more, that's a joke that's kind of a joke to me because I kinda talk for a living man if I prayed as much as I talked look out man I would see the power of God falling all over my life and Steve, why don't you what, that's a great question that's commit, perhaps because maybe I really don't believe in the power prayer do you should try to much about that.

So I engage, not the least of which is pray have conversations challenge people get information but watch your witness the worlds the country doesn't last forever. Politics don't last forever trump doesn't last forever. Human souls do that should be our ultimate concern and as the world darkens and we lose the moral compass the. The gospel is a moral solution to a moral problem so you live in a country where morality goes out the door. People stop worrying about moral things, which means they don't think they're in bad shape because whole place is a slimeball fast so I'm I'm not that bad. I went to a protest. I care about black life. I took an EM a good person.

What I need the gospel for see that see what happens to the darker goods who's going to be the salt, who's going to be the light that's okay so positive trump thing. So ultimately the most important thing we can do share the gospel one pray number two.

Engage be salt and light. Number three and be a good representative of Christ in your spirit. Do what you can with the spear that you have. You don't mind a little of years. I can't reach her spear. You can't reach my you have your place on the wall. I have my place in the wall, God's only got a hold you responsible for the people that you connection get to love them well engage slow to speak, quick to listen, slow to anger, president trump names pro-life leaders to panel investigating aborted baby parts.

Good job, Mr. Pres., the trumpet ministration establish National Institutes of Health human fetal tissue research ethics advisory board earlier this year made called and the unethical practice of using aborted baby body parts and taxpayer-funded research which include some vaccines by way scientists reported present down trump appointed the 15 board members in at least 10 of them are pro-life. The board met the first time July 31. So, for whatever reason, they also had some people on there that are pro-life, which I personally have a problem with the new ethics board is made up of 15 nongovernment employees, including Dr. scientists, ethicists, attorneys and theologians, Mallory Quigley, a spokesperson for the Susan B.

Anthony list told the magazine that they expect the board is properly balanced. She pointed past expert panels on similar topics that have learned that have leaned heavily toward people in favor of abortion on demand and research that destroys embryos so this is turning and so that's good.

We things can happen if Joe Biden wins all men fly a flag for the abortion mill protection funding enthusiasm. The whole night. That's what you get.

The trumpet ministration is been listening to pro-life advocates. Please stop using talk taxpayer funding for research using a bait aborted baby body parts to the NA to the NIH.

They made some progress there. I think God for people like my friend Troy Newman David to Leiden. They were the ones with the Center for medical progress.

Member the undercover videos Troy Newman got big when after big time California went after him, they lost a federal lawsuit on California Planned Parenthood and those guys are trying to collect like 1.2 1.6 million Troy is a good friend of mine said, come try to collect.

Praise the Lord for people like them. Remember all those Planned Parenthood to expose videos to watch him again. Okay, let's play this clip from Joe Biden cupolas upright quick.

I want to play this clip from Joe Biden with his whole African Americans, no diversity, Hispanics, lots of diversity here about this one you're ready for that one, please click right-click a quick comment that will be done and we can have hopefully a nice peaceful week.

Great what you all know most people don't know. Unlike African-American community were notable exceptions. Latino community is incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things so will all meet by getting this right. Poor guy.

I mean, part of me laughs. Part of me goes. This is total insanity and part of me is just broken like going holy cow will what's he thinking what's is white thinking.

One of the Democrats thinking he's obviously losing it. He's like what 76. He should be hanging on Boca Raton. He should be done should not be in this game and by the way, this will be the most consequential vice president will pick in our lifetime because they're going to be the president. If Joe Biden wins whoever the vice president is as good to be the president because the man is not fit for duty is fit for duty. Theologically, I don't think he's fit for duty.

Philosophically, I certainly don't think is fit for duty politically. But he is also not fit for duty, emotionally, mentally and physically. But but but did you mean think about that essentially what he said is all all Blacks are the same there homogeneous think the same act the same. No variation Hispanic community there. There were a lot of differences in their community. Now there also now in my putting a spin on that. I don't think so and Joe Biden has a history which is so bizarre he's got a history with some really racially insensitive statements going all the way back to his defense of segregation he's got decades of this okay but yeah I know trump the race, but but how does he get away with that because there's there's such a stranglehold by the Democrat party on 93% of the African-American vote because it doesn't matter what the party does 93% of African-Americans on average 94% vote for the Democrat. Why not nobody, nobody should be that Allied with another human being or a party or human philosophy. Nobody.

So the question always comes to okay you guys guys talk about Karen for us a whole lot of what you doing for us what was actually happened. You guys been you Democrats been pumping up the African-American community the minority community for the last 50 years.

Let's let's let's set the dialogue aside and let's Axley talk about what you've accomplished you look at the dump different demographics you look at the economic data, you look at the crime data in all these places where Democrats have been been in charge for decades in the whole thing is broken, my buddy Pastor Pastor wooden Bishop would my slightly older brother brother from another mother couple years ago said, I think that every African-American in the country should reregister as an independent little sign in her front door that says open for business, earn our vote, which is what Donald Trump said in 2016 member that he said hey all my African-American friends is what the heck do you have to lose. Tell me what the Democrats eventually done for you in the last 40 or 50 is only gotten worse.

By the way they support Planned Parenthood, which disproportionately glittering black babies and Americans make up about 13% of the population you make a 35 to 36% of all abortions, which is kinda what Margaret Singer was at the time and the number one protector of that practice, the party that 93 or 96 hardly this is the noblest email Michelle to make sure were praying and engaging. Witness yearly juggling a

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