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Moving To San Francisco!

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July 29, 2020 4:09 pm

Moving To San Francisco!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 29, 2020 4:09 pm

Moving To San Francisco!

Today Steve is on the show with his son Hayden to talk about their differences in political views and Hayden’s journey in his faith and politics. 


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Everyone use time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred calls 666 34 true or checking out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble today son, your daughter, the form you that they want to know your your like me right words can it go without that your this very conservative Christian man, woman, father, mother, whatever the case may be, and you've raised your kids up in the way they should go and they've they've been raised in your conservative home. They have been raised around that conservative theology conservative philosophy conservative politics, and then one day they stop toeing the company line is at work and you don't know what to do at that and then fast forward a little bit and your son or your daughters tell you that they're moving to San Francisco and you laments and wonder where oh where oh Lord, as you rip open your shirt and you cover yourself in sackcloth and ashes and you wonder where oh where oh Lord, did we go wrong and why is our son or why is our daughter leaving falling off the bandwagon falling off the ship falling into the abyss and and all of a sudden don't hold all your views. Now that's not exactly the case today on the show with my son, Hayden Noble, who is said to be 25 this Saturday right. Come on in this Saturday 25 happy birthday. Speak up.

Thank you.

Halfway to 50 C can already tell it was that a personal shot. Halfway to 50 now you're older than 50.

Yes thank you I appreciate that.

So even turning 25 this Saturday moving to San Francisco on Monday. So next week I will not be live on the radio because I'll be driving all across the country all across the fruited plain with Hayden and he's moving to San Francisco. We'll talk about that we recorded earlier today. Who is this SOP episode eight and with the encouragement of my son here Hayden in mind. Our daughter Amelia. They wanted really want me to do some interviews as well. On the who is this SOP podcast so were doing most of the time were doing other regular SOP podcast when I'm engaging other podcasts that are super popular bring in kind of a conservative theological and political perspective to it.

Hopefully with the ones in this unattractiveness with the ultimate goal of putting people to Christ but do an interview every once in a while and we thought it actually before Hayden you you thought that you got an idea about podcasting before with you and I yelled, which was what like East Coast, West Coast, East Coast, West Coast, or should I say left coast right coat right you could do that to throw the raw meat out there already very good and what was what was your thought behind that well. I think that there's probably a lot of like disagreement.

Yes, across the bow and people have a lot of assumptions about each other and about people on the other side of the aisle or the other side of the country or whatever divide you happen to be choosing so the thought processes create a space where two people that know and care about each other that disagree strongly on a lot of issues can gonna come around some common ground and talk some stuff that one thing that that makes this pop. The one thing that makes it possible. More than anything else for us to because because when we recorded it was like an hour and 1/2 earlier today that we recorded the next episode of the who is this SOP podcast organ to drop that next week and you can listen to that because we kinda did it chronologically. We went back to what it was like for him to grow up in a very conservative home. He was telling the company line defending the same thing thinks thinking the same thing saying the same things as nothing goes off to college and then begins to think on his own and starts to take some positions or some nuances that are different than his parents and then how do we deal with that and so we talked about that.

That was kind of the second chapter of the podcast third chapter.

The podcast was the rub that that cause because we struggled for a couple years to have a constructive dialogue when we were getting into it. He's very intelligent. He's well read. He researches his things. He doesn't get is not coming to an emotional decision.

He's not a snowflake. If you want to use that phraseology and we would bat heads and it was harming our relationship and then over the last I'd say what a year and 1/2 maybe two years. Yep, right here, so things have gotten a lot better and I know of and him and ask you this question Hayden I know of a lot of parents who know that that you're not the same conservative that your parents are, and also art our daughter Millie is little younger than you.

She's 22 is also different politically in in in. I know a lot of parents that are dealing with that themselves there and some magic is a left the faith you have and left the page you love the Lord your pursuing God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength more than most people I know, but other people that their kids of left the faith or they just have this big divide because they don't see things the same way. Politically one votes for Trump. The other votes for Bernie or whatever but what about for your generation what you what you hearing out there in terms of the divide between parents and millennial's urgency or what Gen X well now whatever is limited. It's all these letters millennial's and Jen Z well, I think, for one, there's a lot of dismissiveness across the board that's happening me in my generation just sees like previous generations like why don't you understand or enter in his heart. I guess a lot of times to relate and process, and I know lots people that are just kind of kind of scared almost to engage in any of those sorts of conversations so they just are.

Like okay which got a hold it together clamp down so we can have a nice family vacation without talking about and write this and then hopefully we can get through it and move on.

So do you find that this divide because we see we talked about this on the podcast that we recorded earlier. It's it's especially prevalent in social media. Yes, what is prevalent do you think is prevalent in households that I guess that's what I was pointing to.

Do you know some people your age group through that are having this divide with their parents like outside a house divided, yeah. I mean I there's definitely some of it but again you know when I get into this, but if you're in if you're in relationship with people. It's definitely not the same as what you see in pots and around on on Facebook or whatever. It's really a horrible arena for people to be engaging in these conversations yet, but there is divide and a lot of it is generational for sure yeah and so working outward and unpacked us as we move through the show and will talk about his move to San Francisco. Why San Francisco what's going on with that because it's been funny when I tell people that he were our oldest sons moving to San Francisco because I role with mostly a very conservative Christian crowd. You mean that that there like what all why my guys Melinda fruits and nuts and all I can to stop and and and a lot of times a few times with some of my friends. The ones that I can do this with.

I said wow will you know you sound a lot like Jonah in their Jonah yeah Nineveh. We don't want to go anywhere near Nineveh forget the Ninevites.

What a bunch of dirtbags let them burn right. So over to talk about that why San Francisco what's going on there but were also going back a little bit like we did on the next episode of the success of the podcast we recorded earlier how you deal with this.

How have we gotten through it as a father and son who hold different this is Steve Noble will be right back to Steve Noble show or perhaps the only Christian radio show are your other providers are. I don't even know what to do. You know the foo fighters are irritating.

Our oldest son is 20 bucks turn 25 moving out to San Francisco on Monday, I'm in a be driving out there with them or to take our time and before and have five days but but but were talking about that move and why San Francisco just from his perspective. He's got like a said about me. 25 right there can the low-end of the millennial's high end of Jen Z and we have differences politically, Hayden had this will probably shock some of you, although I think I mentioned some of the stuff in the air before big Andrew Yang fan. Yes, pro-life US pro-life. Yeah, but a big anger Andrew Yang fan, you're not. I guess we as a you're not a one issue voter you know somebody like Andrew Yang can be wrong. Abortion right that's not the only thing you look at that is correct and so so we we you can imagine. For those of you have been a part of the show for a while that cynical. Wow, how did that happen right so now you're wondering in a house like mine with a father like me. How does that happen. So I want to touch on that a little. We don't have time to unpack it and we got podcast coming out next week. Episode eight of who is this SOP which is about an hour and 1/2, so we unpacked this whole chronology. This whole story between Hayden and his parents more me than my wife. But Hayden's parents and and as he's come on come on his own 2 feet and comes up with positions political positions largely that we disagree on. But how would you do somebody sizzle what your deal politically. How would you describe yourself. I would say I left of center, left of center, and I don't like to identify too much was if I were to say I'm Democrat or something. I just have such huge problems with the establishment all the way around. So I would rather identify first as a Christian and if you really want to prod me, then I'll tell you if I take a long quiz where it's gonna put me on a chart that oftentimes seems a little arbitrary well the charts knocking work very well for you know and it doesn't.

It hasn't because you hold to biblical moral and ethical standards.

A confessional Christian just for those of you. You may may have heard me say this on the air. I really don't know of anybody of any age right now that's pursuing God in knowledge and wisdom and understanding and spending time not only the word but leading Bible studies and listening to sound teaching.

I don't really know anybody right now this consuming as much content as you are so were not talking about somebody that strayed from the faith. Okay, that's enough for some of you that is your situation and that's actually a different show although I'd I will ask Hayden about that because I'm sure he's got plenty of friends and plenty of stories that is encountered, but not talking politically because that that makes you a bit of a an oddball because you lean left and some policies but you're very right and other policies is to use the common terminology that's out there. So when we talk about politics to share little bit about what it was like growing up in our house ultraconservative obviously and going to college and then as we scan struggled in the last couple years, but things are much better now.

Praise the Lord for sure that common abbreviated version sure yeah so I grew up with all of these skills and toolsets for defending the faith both in the Lord and in our glorious red states. So I spent a lot of time learning about factional. I mean the ethics that kinda drives you and how you have gathered your information and argued your policies and everything I was right there along with it when you got into the culture war stuff at the beginning of your political Chicago political career.

Whatever you actively activism whatever is right there with you.

I was going into RadioShack it we determine what you have a role in years of age walking and asking if they're allowed to say Merry Christmas war on Christmas 2004 2000 by all that joyous stuff so that was my experience growing up all the way and I learned I think the best arguments for why I believe what I believed, but I think what happened was I had, specific categories for what it looks like to be a Christian or whatever and I wasn't really running into people that were Christian that were outside of that political ideology and so when I started to run into those people that kinda broke all of my all my ways of processing the world in my ways of processing what it means to be a Christian and all these things in the environment you grew up in homeschooling Southern Baptist Church. Yup, you didn't really meet a lot of people know that had differing political opinions work on philosophical or religious opinions but dominantly political yet if I did meet them. They were just crazy and they were a quick person to dismiss right so we talked about this in the podcast which I mentioned will come out next week. That episode eight of who is this SOP so that we categorize one another and there's the left and there's the right there's the believer there's the unbeliever, which makes the divide deeper and wider and we act out of that so we should allow these people are such idiots or snowflakes whatever and then we just write one another off.

Yup, and we don't have a relationship but your relational guy. Yes, I am first and foremost, and so that talk about that a little bit because that there's a big lesson here about being relational because a lot of times we especially don't we don't invest in a lot of relationships with people that don't agree with us but talk about that that the relational part of your life right well so if you if you exist in bubble where people are all saying the same thing that it's easy to just kind of continue to enforce a certain way of viewing the world but I mean I have never been one to kinda weed through whose okay enough to be my friend or whatever. So when I when I went off to college and started interact with more people. I started to run into people either from minorities or from different political scopes or whatever and I would talk to them in the more that I talked to them and heard their opinions in the way that they thought about the world again within the context and confines of the relationship I had with them. Me being a really empathetic like person.

A lot of it really resonated with me and I started to put myself into other people's shoes beyond the shoes that I had worn down from feeling in them for so long and at the school you want to go to Florida. Would you say because that was a media arts school silicon attack up artsy dyed hair tattoo. Chris got skateboards. Whatever work where they were. Your classmates were there a lot of political discussions or how would you describe that environments a lot of people like one friend on Facebook idea where to go to college. Curious how liberal the environment was yeah that's one of the things that parents think we send you off to college you go to a liberal secular university right indoctrinated and you come back and we don't know. You are what I was my assumption going in was that that was the threat I found something very different, but generally so people in my school kinda broke down into two categories. There people that were really serious about this school because it was a hard hard school to go through and then there people that were just there to party and have fun and that if you are too extreme on any one of those categories, you probably were engaging in these conversations but I mean this was 2014 two 2016. It was a two-year program your bachelors and the people that work on in the middle of those categories, especially leading into 2016, when all that nightmare was only a very conversations were definitely starting to increase and it wasn't there is a fair balance. I mean it wasn't just a giant liberal echo chamber or whatever. And on top of that, you know, still connected with everybody on Facebook back in Raleigh and I definitely had a good night pot to pull from and then and they were coming up on a break, but I want to talk about on the other side of the break.

Kinda some your positions that she so here's what I want to jot down some notes during the break come back and name three or four policy positions that are gonna really ruffle everybody's feathers because most of my audience is very conservative politically. So do that will talk about when I can go acknowledge him in all that is made on time, but some of those positions will talk about when you came home and we started to get into it and will eventually talk about how God is going to work in our relationship and our family. How things are much better in the finish by talking about your move to San Francisco will be right back and he's known as the noble show what you do in your kids go off to college and they come back in the think there a liberal now for some of you they left the faith and if if they were kind of in your house and politically conservative because that's what the family was in the name they they believe the faith or lose their faith and then the liberalism, politically speaking, kinda goes hand-in-hand with that. That's one thing.

In the case of our oldest son is with me today in the studio Hayden who will be 25 and Saturday moving to San Francisco on Monday, which really talk about eventually that wasn't the case.

He's actually gone deeper into his faith is a great student of the Bible great a Bible study leader, but he's also changed some of his policy positions.

He's centrist, left of center. He doesn't fit neatly in either box.

He's not a conservative Republican.

He's not a liberal Democrat a something season amalgam in the middle, which I think is makes you dangerous and challenging and and I think I think from a Christian perspective, we should be rocking the boat on both sides. Yeah I hope both those things to be helpful absolutely so simple, I asked you to jot down a few policy things that might now get were talking about our son okays our oldest will be 25 on Saturday, but I know I'm not the only one I know there's a lot of parents out there or grandparents where you get your kids are grown up, especially to go to college and stuff. Or all of a sudden they're not towing the company line and how do you deal with that which were to talk on the second just some examples of where you and I would differ on policy becomes politics sure so for one yeah I definitely took the libertarian approach to marriage sexual ethics side of things get government out of it. Yeah for sure which. Yeah, I that whole thing really bothers me. If you go back and look at the history of marriage licenses.

They were very much intentional, like intended to be restrictive of biracial couples right yeah it's the whole thing and you know I just I was just like this is pretty ridiculous that were trying to do that because so much division.

I mean I remember all of the hate filled vitriolic things that I said towards people back during during that whole. That whole fight thing that was happening in the US and feeling like the world was just collapsing on us in all our Christian values were going away in our Christian nation is falling apart and I think that the root of that whole thing was that I was I was buying into this idea that America is our condos Western Jerusalem. If you will, in our Western promised land. And I think that's a huge problem which I would call political idolatry and downtimes on the show I say I think a lot of us care more about America than we do. Americans yeah so the political state of the country operationally. Anyway, it seems to be more important to us than the spiritual state of our neighbor right or people on the other side of the aisle or anti-fire or BLM protest or whatever right, and I think that you know you can look back through history, but any time that Christians get a bunch of power and are in control. Bunch of things it can really cause some serious thought. I mean that you know Jesus who I think was meekness and mildness and tenderness in all these things and I said at the end of our podcast is recorded earlier like Jesus more than anything shows that true powers and humility and in service and will we know were supposed to be like our charges. Christians in the post-resurrection world is to be people that recognize that were not in the new creation that were not in Israel but rather were in Babylon and weeds can't get in bed with the Babylonian leadership we can be there. Be involved, but ultimately our government is not God's kingdom on earth right young and that so that was something I got over, and with that can okay why am I trying to make it look, I mean why my trying to force these people to behave a certain way or whatever. I just realized that holding two positions on marriage or whatever was causing far more division and causing far more hurt and a lot of marginalization and ignorance than any help that you happens on both sides Or know you are sure both sides are guilty of this. We are being manipulated into division all the time and then we choose to play a lot yes so a lot of times were suckers media right media left media mainstream media Fox news whatever social media is just driving this division thing and that that really I think is been a huge problem in the church and the conservative political side of the church that there's a lot of political idolatry there on the left as well. And so we buy into it and then we think of these people stink liberal bubble bubble of the big and let them burn and I don't care and I'm knocking to do will be people there lunatics are going to destroy the country and and I can hear Jesus out there saying something about what he did about their soul. Yup somebody I died for so do you ever think about them and that and that light and I think we struggle with that. Okay so that was like you got some other policy things that will move on immigration.

Okay, this one came into sharp and painful focus that we've argued about immigration hi wanted probably not okay what about it. I just I think we can all agree that the immigration system is messed up in this country that the way that people get citizenship. I mean it's essentially when a lottery and then you're entered into another lottery and then you might be good so the system is massively inefficient. Yeah, I think we I think we can.

People can agree with that across the board and across the aisle there. What I don't support is all that the deportation that's happening as I I think honestly people that I know that are immigrants are here for a short time like they tend to be more hyped about the United States that a lot of my angry leftist friends are is not said it is sad. It's unfortunate, but it just goes to show you what a great place this is and how easy it is to like totally forgot that I got taken for granted. Yeah. Totally not, would you say you're an open borders person so I'm not an open borders person but I think that we need to fix the immigration process. I think that we can absolutely compensate funny because I like one of the big complaints of people have is like while they're on welfare. They using our systems or whatever cycle if we could make them citizens faster than I would be paying into our system because of the problem is because I would sit there and go, and I've had this conversation with somebody I did business with who was legal but a bunch of this person's employees were not and we talked about okay so what would they be will be willing to do to become citizens to personal do they want to become citizens. Yes, most of them do you what would they be willing to do and then we talked doing literally were haggling over price so you so I said okay so would they be willing to let say that we cut the deal this way to admit that I came in here legally. I broke the law is knocking to be a felony. Might be a misdemeanor and to pay a fine and then I want to have a quick process to be a citizen will talk about voting rights and stuff later.

But would they pay $5000 in a fine and she got, you know I'm talking about that she was like absolutely I would they pay more.

Oh surely what how much more she said I like time grant Tuesday. I think most of them would probably pay $10,000 to become a citizen, they would be willing to admit that they came in illegally and then you clean it up and you move on and then and she was like yeah I most most the ones that she knows so broken immigration system. We need fix it.

Give me know.

Just for the second time is three sure. Well, issue three was that the single issue voting thing is just, I mean is that what I what is this call I love this idea actually avoids this was a talking ring choice Gonzaga right choice what you talking about how I'm talking about life. But what about I'm talking about the fact right right right or not a wonderfully voter. I'm willing to vote for a pro-choice Okay so so real quick.

Why is it explained okay will first of all, if someone if that's someone's primary platform and that's what they're running on the no I'm not going to be voting for that but what I have noticed is that there's a lot of discussions around this and how it you know if we just ban all abortions and it's going to hurt women, and so I'm like okay it will let's just undercut these arguments. If we can get someone in who's going to be able to provide the social safety nets that these women need and that's going to fix the adoption system and that's gonna come in and actually start enforcing child support in a more meaningful way. Then all of a sudden there's a little bit more room for discussion because I think the problem is that a lot of us aren't in that situation and again I don't think that there's an excuse right worship. And I think a lot of us are not in that situation. And so it's easy to say what you should just deal with it. It was your mistake, you responsible for it and to a degree. I understand that but I think it's really tone deaf to the fact that these people, a lot of times, like their lives are upended and nearly destroyed yet so we don't have the safety net for that is a will protest but we won't come alongside and right now there are plenty of Christians that do his ministries. I work with that do, but largely correct something that we talk about. We have the orthodoxy down but the ortho proxy. What we do doesn't match our orthodoxy to make sense. Yup. Okay, anything else just examples. So like this is this is been a big Rob in our house but me and Hayden and his mom so work is work. We start with that issue. The one issue voter in and we're like okay if they can get life right we don't trust him the compasses off and we just cannot throw the whole thing out and you don't.

So let's talk about how we've come to work through that, because for a couple years. It was bad we would argue, and it was angry and it wasn't pretty. Yelp. So what was that like how that make you feel not great. I mean, I definitely felt like unheard or whatever is like you if you're like when I was growing up the way that I responded to people was a lot of marginalizing and sidelining just saying like you. You don't understand. Whatever you just emotional and alone. All of a sudden, like the stuff that I was dishing out all the sudden I'm on we were dishing that unseal you're on the receiving end. Yes, that was a very difficult part of our conversation that we reported earlier today that that'll be a episode eight of who is excessively that's going on next week when we title that some of that soapy SOS will be a little edgy there. This is the noble of his son will vary back noble deceive noble show here today with Hayden noble relation yes is related obviously not obvious.

I hope so.

I hope so yeah a good retort. There were talking today about political differences and he grew up obviously in our home very conservative, theologically, politically, goes off to college.

He went to a couple college that I guess environmentally we would would we say was liberal but because I mean yards yet liberal of the student body. What about teachers like you guys are doing Western civilization of wasabi and yeah there wasn't too much political conversation when we are discussing how to set up a material node net exactly so and then in that he was out of, the echo chamber of his home and is in the Southern Baptist Church Becker in Raleigh and then began to consider other positions on political things he hasn't walked away from the Scriptures. Like I said he's deeper into his faith now than he ever has been, and holds two scriptural opinions on things like life and things like marriage and how does that work out as a libertarian to the government out of marriage. Things like that how you do with taxes universal basic income that kind of stuff where we disagree.

But it was really painful because like I said before the break, that the that the marginalization that you had used against people that didn't agree with the environment you grew up in.

All of a sudden, as were arguing mom and dad and you all the sudden your you become the marginalized one. Yes, all the sudden I'm on the other end of the yes you're on the other end of that and that felt terrible. Not great. You and somebody Tate Cockrell has been on the show for great Christian counselor asked me recently are talking through the stop and he said do you get that upset when you get a listener's only on Facebook or social media that disagrees with you might know I was going to walk away from it.

No big deal and he goes why do you think it's it's so difficult what you can get so angry when it's your own son or daughter and I to we talked about the survey and I said well it kind of feels like a betrayal and you take it personally. And so you it's it's highly charged emotionally.

But what would you say kinda started to turn the corner for us what what was God doing in your heart may be what was he doing in my heart that we still butt heads, but we can do it with love, we can stay in the conversation. I'm a little bit better than I was a few years ago and it's a little bit calmer.

I still struggle with that. But what what's happened to kinda improve things for us. Why think stuff is really tough for me post 2016 because it was just a lot of like all my gosh like I'm waking up and I'm starting to realize all this compromise is going on and that I was really agitating compromise compromise between Christian ethics and the people that were making excuses for so you saw that as of a Bible believing Christian waving a trump flag is contradictory yes because of his character the way he treats people's that was correct okay got so that's pretty that's pretty normal position for the Christian jury yeah yeah okay so so that is how that started and I just it was just a lot of angry like emotional response that like why can't you just see why can't you just understand what you're doing and what you're giving off by saying this. I think a lot of that kind of stereotyping. I mean even mean knowing you, it was still like a caricature that I was creating that was making it really hard for me to I like.

I just wanted to beat it into you or something. Wish I was trained well, but apparently it's hard to you, as opposed to some snowflake person but yes it and I think the thing that turned the corner, is I started to realize that I had to change up my tactics and all that I see in Jesus character a lot of respect for other people and a lot of willingness to let people just kind of go off and continue to do what they're doing and to approach those conversations with truth, but with a lot of humility and so for me on my end. I think the thing that changed was that I stopped taking it so much onto myself to force you to change you really quickly him but the thing that was really the kind of the catalyst for the whole thing was when you and I are having a conversation one day and I just broke down and I just told you like. I'm not feeling respected, or like that you value my opinion, is a person I just feel shot down and for whatever reason. That was that was the right time for you to be receptive of it and you just kind owned up to it. At that point and obviously that was it was an instantaneous conversion if you will, but it's been of really great journey like beyond then to just continue to grow and learn.

Okay, we can have these conversations a healthy way.

Let's be self-aware of what were bringing into it.

That may be really cluttering everything out and just continue to develop that relationship and I think one of the things for your mom and I is that we do it we had to go down this road with your sister was we have to we have to choose. We gonna die in the hill of of our political differences. Or we can choose the relationship over our political differences and in mom and I talked about this in deftly decided we need to change. We need to prioritize our relationship and and then you said it earlier in the podcast that we need to Eugene you decided we need to play the long game here. We can listen we go back and forth because me. Our conversations challenge me a year and half ago. Two years ago I had an intern for the summer who was waiting to left of you and and that was a big challenge and he pushed back very intelligent.

He could make an argument and that was good for me. It was good for my mind to sharpen how I deal with my own positions, but it was also good for my heart to to be more compassionate, more patient and choose the relationship and it's and it's a long game and worry and we both benefit from it. Yes, I think we both benefit from it politically. We both benefit from it. Policy wise.

One of the things that I bring up a lot in our conversations is when we can both generalize we overgeneralize everybody in this, the camper, but we start using that kind of language a lot easier. Oh my goodness that way all you got all of them in a millisecond will have all knowledge and can say that but I think now that we choose the relationship over our differences and we hash through it. And ultimately it's good for both of us to work through Abbott.

Surprise, surprise relationships is where actual productive congregation half a surprise surprise, and that's the network where can be really heartbreaking and family. Okay, I'm going to turn the page. Just because, for the sake of time, tell us about why San Francisco is a ready. Oh my goodness he was moving San Franciscans have been indoctrinated and I want to be with my people.

That's hilarious. No, I mean San Francisco is quite simply one of the primary places where culture is created in the world now looking values there.

The whole better.

I mean, we're talking earlier about how social media. Do you know kind of drives all of this debate and all that I mean that. That's people that make those decisions that write those algorithms and code all that and it's it it's a big cultural setter, and so I'd initially is very much like a all I want to go for work. But then I got connected with my church out there.

Reality SF which when I found that it was just kind of like okay I just need to find like a healthy church that I have someone to kind of be my cushion when I'm entering this young different environment. But as I connected with them went back.

Listen through their early years as a church in their sermons and all this I started here about, what they were dealing with and what life was like and I really felt God kinda shifting my heart away from okay go here. This is a good place for your career and towards like no this is a city where God is doing a lot there's been an evangelical explosion over the last 10 years in the city and I just see now looking back tracing through everything how so many traits of mind and experiences of mine have all led up to yeah like I'm being prepared to go and be here and I'm not gonna call it a mission trip, but it's very much a national mindset and contexts in which I'm approaching the city and I love it very dearly and I see that God's doing big things there and I really feel like I'm specifically being called to be a part yeah you have you have a heart for the city.

Pray for the welfare of the city technologically and industry wise contains a game artist to lead the does 3D design and the game environment and so there's a lot going on out there. If my prayers are answered in the affirmative, sooner or later be working in the Star Wars universe and all finally get to tour Skywalker Ranch and stuff like that.

I hope the Lord allows me to live long enough and you and that that dream of yours come true. It will seek but businesswise careerwise. It's a great place for you, but but your mom and I know that God's just given your heart for the city yes and you were willing to walk away from your life in Orlando and move out there without a job yet, but God provided for your mom's family, a place for you to live rent free. That's is that the most extensive sitting on the planet.

The limit is the most expensive city in the planet and a lot of people Christians a lot of us to sit there and go, it's it's like Nineveh and we just right in the land of fruits and nuts California and there's a lot of things about California, like, but there's people there yes and there's people there's lots people there people that are don't know the Lord and to be able to go in their love that well be a great listener be an empathetic person like you way better you than me. Although I I think part of me would enjoy going in there and insert now get the chance to do that with you but will give you a little more training before what are you excited about most San Francisco. We had out so I will be on the radio all next week for driving up she's I think just knowing that I'm where I got it be enough for I think for a really long time.

It was just kind of the long term pipedream. It was kind of, well, maybe before I turn 30 or something like that and the fact that the doors open now, and knowing that this is been on my heart for so many years just being in that space, and knowing no I'm not in the belly of the fish headed the wrong direction but I'm actually walking towards writing to you that knows what's on the other side that you are all I know is that I'm supposed to be there.

What happens next. Maybe there's gonna be a sequel to the show at some point will buy I'm just excited to see what God has and does so is your dad and so is your mom and so is your family and I hope the rest of your family in crisis equally as excited hey thanks for doing this. I appreciate the opportunity great pleasure great honor. Great blessing. Hey by the way, for those of the long term is used to produce a show for years. You are not okay anyway somehow somehow, by some people's metrology bro thinks that everybody for being here this is Steve Noble the Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon.

Like my dad and grandfather always used to say

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