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Do Aliens Exist?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 27, 2020 12:29 pm

Do Aliens Exist?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 27, 2020 12:29 pm

Do Aliens Exist?

For as long as humanity has existed we have always been looking to space and wondering what is up there.  For centuries people have been trying to prove that aliens exist but until recently there has never been enough proof.  Today steve accepts callers to ask what should Christians believe? 


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Thank you and God Bless

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Everyone just time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of tree but no sacred calls 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve

Now here's your host Steve Noble today.

Hope you had a great weekend and that we are plowing forward here and I'm gonna step into a subject that I have never talked about on the air before is not funny in all these years. I started doing radio and in 2007 and we did Saturdays for three years and then lists were off the air for about three or four months and then they pulled me back in and started the daily show five days a week. That was back in I don't know February like I think it was February 2011 so in all that time three years on Saturdays and then will all that time since the and I've never touch the subject of aliens and sport and flying saucer second stuff never touched it and I was I've been itching in every once in a while but never really touched it and go down that road didn't tee it up and ask questions about it and and so here we are, and these stories keep popping up. And of course now that were in the year of anything but clear vision that so this one's New York Times just a few days ago and all the sudden notice talking about it right is not interesting because buried underneath everything else. So, pretty fascinating is no longer in the shadows Pentagon's UFO unit will make some findings public findings public like what findings for over a decade. The program now tucked inside the office of Naval intelligence has discussed mysterious events and classified briefings.

This came out on July 23. This is in the New York Times it's in a bunch other places rights at just a generic. I think there's no and then Fox News is been showing video they release a video of these encounters with different pilots mostly in the Navy and its and you gotta go out yet, but you know what this is kind of bizarre this kind of strange and I'm not really sure what to make of it. Especially if you have a biblical worldview. So here's the article. Despite Pentagon statements that it disbanded a once covert program to investigate on about unidentified flying objects. The effort remains underway rename the tucked inside the office of Naval intelligence where officials continue to study mystifying encounters between military pilots and unidentified aerial vehicles, and officials will not discuss the program, which is not classified but deals with classified matters yet appeared last month in a Senate committee report outlining spending on the nation's intelligence agencies for the coming year.

The report said the program. The unidentified aerial phenomenon tax force know it's not a new series on the Netflix. There is one called 's was to standardize collection and reporting of sightings of unexplained area be okay vehicles and was to reportedly some of its findings to the public within 180 days after passage of the intelligent authors intelligence authorization act so then you got the stuff Sen. Marco Rubio, the Florida Republican who is the acting chairman of the Senate select committee on intelligence ~CBS affiliate in Miami this month that he is primarily concerned about reports of unidentified aircraft over American military bases and that it was the government's interest to find out who was responsible. He expressed concern that China or Russia or some other adversary may have some technological leap that allows them to conduct this sort of activity that this is this is the witnesses in the Senate. Okay, so he's worried about that. Mr. Rubio said some of the on it, unidentified aerial vehicles of the US bases possibly exhibited technologies, not the American arsenal, but he also noted maybe there's completely sort of boring acclamation for but we need to find out so you go through this article and then it gets to some interesting points by some guys that have worked in this division, Eric W.

Davis and astrophysicists to work as a subcontractor and then a consultant for the Pentagon UFO program since 2007 said that in some cases examination the materials that they found it so far failed to determine their source and led him to conclude we couldn't make it ourselves like the constraints on discussing classified programs and the ambiguity of information cited in an unclassified slides from the briefings had put officials who have studied UFOs in the position of stating their views without presenting any hard evidence on Nayar's and the golden raisins migrants Mr. Davis, who now works for Aerospace Corporation, a defense contractor said he gave classified briefing to the Defense Department agencies recently as March about retrievals. You are the right word retrievals from off world vehicles not made on this earth.

Mr. Davis said he also gave classified briefings on retreat retrievals of and explain objects to staff members of the Senate armed services committee in October 21, 2019 and the staff members of the Senate intelligence committee. Two days later public fascination with the topic US those UFOs is drawn and Pres. Trumper told his son, Donald Trump Junior in the June interview that he knew very interesting things about Roswell city in New Mexico that is central to speculation about the existence of UFOs. The president demurred when asked if he would declassify the information Roz well I think you'll have all have to think about that one. He set either way, Mr. Reid said more should be made public to clarify what is known and what is not quote is extremely important information about the discovery of physical materials are retrieved craft come out.

He said so here's my question for you. What do you do with this information that that we that they're talking about in the Senate they're talking about on the selects committee. They have people on astrophysicists and he didn't do some things here that we can make it ourselves. He said, and as recently as March about retrievals from off world vehicles not made on this earth that came from a defense contractor they gave classified briefing to Defense Department agencies.

So would you do it that my fellow Christian brothers and sisters. How do you handle the existence of aliens or alien technology or spaceships as a Christian, so I want to ask that question today and see what you think.

What have you handle that how you handle the notion that our government might actually have some things that they can explain the material they can explain what it is and they're talking about vehicles that were obviously not made on this earth now now before you jump at it and say bunch of hogwash single freaky people that have always played the UFO games in the Roswell games and they were watching too much or too many movies about it. But now it's in the Senate and I don't know if you've seen even on Fox news. They've shown some video encounters taken from cockpits of military planes where there like a discussed moving faster than it should. Their move in a direction that it should. So how do you handle aliens as a Christian, 866-34-TRUTH, eight, 784 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Just curious, just curious to see how you handle you totally dismiss it. Or maybe you believe and if you do believe that there is aliens widely believe that and I could reach up to the worry about: 866-34-TRUTH created this one for cashing in your tip with a Christian if you aliens the Bible I was. He doesn't say anything about it doesn't give us any indication that there's anything other than special human life that God created here on this planet. Nothing else the rest of the cosmos is beautiful. God created it does serve a purpose in terms of how things operate here in the Milky Way and the rest of the universe, but the Bible says nothing about aliens and and if there are alien races you would sit there and think, well, that's a problem theologically because then according according to that then we would be God special creation, mankind wouldn't be okay. Does mankind then there's another kind and there's another kind. And then there's another kind and so what do you do and so did Jesus hop from planet to planet CC work.

It's kind of ridiculous right to think about that but then you have these things and this is happened increasingly over the last few months and over the last year really and even on Fox news, weather showing footage video footage from cockpit footage and maybe a jet fighters and things. Whether seeing things up in the sky that they don't so they can explain the movement rights moves too fast change directions too fast does things that just kinda defy the law of physics. I'm just curious where you're at on this one. We are to do a Monday Monday update at the end of the show and I would. I did want to talk a little about Seattle. If we want to switch topics bonus if you want to call in and and just talk about this one. When you hear about this, and they're talking about these woods people that have been on the staff working in the Pentagon working in the armed services committee and reports and everything in there talking about what they've retrieved actually use that word retrieved retrieval talk about things that that we could make it ourselves. When astrophysicists set of materials that allegedly they have collected and then one other person, Mr. Davis, who works for Aerospace Corporation, a defense contractor said he gave classified briefing to Defense Department agencies recently as March of this year about retrievals from off world vehicles not made on this earth and this is being handled in the mainstream. Nobody's really talk about this little thing here and there, but I think is a fascinating subject, but maybe it's just me maybe that's my Star Wars thing get the best of me and the and I'm just a dork. Whatever. I'm just curious to see what you think about that. How do you handle the issue of aliens alien spacecraft etc. etc. as a Christian, so please give me call it love to find out what you think and don't be embarrassed if you believe in aliens.

If you think that's a possibility I'm not to be jump on the air.

I may disagree with you. It's a fascinating thing to ponder, but the Bible would give you no indication zero that there's anything going on anywhere else other than earth because then earth would be quite special creation that we like to think it is Norwood mankind that's me. What say you, 8663 for 8784 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH where you come down on the issue of aliens and some of these reports are coming out some of the videos that are there and they're not shown up on goofy you know YouTube only this stuff showing up on Fox news and some other places but the story just came out New York Times last week with those quotes. I just read you and that's pretty you know pretty aggressive statements. Talk about retrieval and things that could not be made on this earth. So what you think about that 866-34-TRUTH, eight, 784 is the number or 866 34 truth, one of the thing want to throw another question that you okay so last night marks marked 60 nights in a row of violence protesting quote unquote in Seattle 60 nights in a row and I saw video over the weekend of Jerry Nadler is much shorter and in stranger in stature than I expected him to be when you see them during the impeachment proceedings reset by the desk but some conservative guys caught up with them in DC and were asking him about what's going on in Seattle and antifog being out there and he's like the anti-pot stuff.

That's a myth. Are you kidding me Sir that's a myth know it isn't so 60 nights in a row of violence in Seattle so I'm to go the phones on the alien issue which I've never talked about in all my years been on the radio never done a show in aliens.

I'm just curious to see bid because these reports are coming out now and some video now.

If you have seen the video I watch the videos been on Fox news and I'm like yeah that's got a strange you got pilot you know what they're talking about saying. Yet these things are moving at rates of speed that we don't have the technology for and their changing direction at rates of speed that we don't have the technology for so just kinda curious about that what you think about that. How do you deal with the issue of aliens alien life flying saucers. All I can stuff which I know sounds ridiculous but I also want to take a break from everything else. So when I take a break on the show from the news of the day and all I can stuff. Guess what you you have to take a break with me or just change the channel.

You can go listen to all the breaking news about coed and tromp and a black lives matter and everything else that's going on and nausea nonstop.

So everyone's Isaac is just healthy for us to take a pushback from the table. Let's jump to out William is calling in from Greensboro, North Carolina William real estate. Thanks for: what you think about this book, you appreciate the work you do a nuclear think you think about your big yeah I got you okay very good job.

UFO you read about that one. Okay, better fairly good celebration actually below the ocean. About 30,000 feet and about what you report quicker than that. That's crazy back out of exhilaration that you go with the GeForce will absolutely brush the craft and impossible, but maybe it's filed that on to Berkshire reduction Google it.

So we there is a patent filed they'll all theoretical. Supposedly right right if this could be foldable if I could report that internal it would allow persons. You still so do you think in all of that and I just pulled that out that's there's it's actually out there just sounded like you said, and that is out there US 10144532 B2 craft using an inertial mass reduction device. So consider that when you when you hear these reports and see some of this stuff out there. Do you think at first William that he there's just technology that obviously is not public and so that's not alien is nothing off the earth and stuff on the earth. We just don't want to admit we have it or do you get some credence to some of these claims that it's otherworldly, so to speak, otherworldly.

You want not reveal what supersecret problem or are you little look over look over your yeah all our stuff that area 51's ago at parties out there and go park and not In the place yet exactly right way and those are fascinating.

I really appreciate you calling and ensuring today. God bless you, but will so good yes or one crucifixion, one dog may God Almighty God brought we were created in the image is singularly special about boo not believe anywhere else anywhere else.

William thanks so much. God bless your brother appreciate you calling up with you. Thanks, take care yourself and and I would argue that there's maybe not as much intelligent life on earth as we like to think there is. But this is Steve Noble on the Steve Noble shell were talking about alien life will do one more segment on this subject, Keith.

I've got Carl. I got Marvin on the hold so you guys if you'd be so kind as way to the break and only take a couple minutes for four minutes and will be back to live what you think you dismiss it or do you say maybe it is troubling from a theological perspective but talk about anyway. 866-34-TRUTH will be right back Noble so what is that maybe confirm objects guys are saying hello got it, the pilot yelled who the other guy goes wow what is that man in the Navy saying this was leaked footage but there said yeah that's ours. That's our footage and they been discussing ongoing investigation into sightings by pilots of what it describes as an unidentified aerial phenomena or you APs when I can to try to characterize anything that may have been seen out there Navy spokesman Joe Joseph Greta sure said, but the number of sightings has increased since about 2014. With the advent of new technologies such as drones, etc. lawmakers account based on pilot accounts encounters with these you APs often involve complex like patterns and advanced maneuvering which demand extreme advances in quantum mechanics, nuclear science, electromagnetics and thermodynamics, North Carolina Congressman Mark Walker wrote in a letter to Navy Sec. Richard Spencer in July of last year. Pretty interesting to see what you think. 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Do you dismiss the whole notion of alien life spacecraft or do you say well maybe, maybe there is 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 878843 Keith is gone and from Raleigh Starkey got hold Keith go ahead and be on your great having you might think I have a theory is not completely formed.

But how would I go to the Bible as you do or are all these things.

I look at book is that's where we see that the angel came down and some sort of form and will and you know had relations with women we like. We also see like in the book of Enoch, where the beat on angels revealed secrets to men. So what if it, like some sort of pseudo-spiritual terrestrial being Mike that might have material that what I know about nature and I think this is seen can masquerade as an angel of light, and if there is are visible in any way and their bright and they're moving around an incredible sweet and supernatural, obsolete, knocking to be held in check by the laws of gravity leonine Jesus appearing through walls and just showing up in the room that all kinds of things become possible in the supernatural realm and we get to see it everyone's all. Just like Elisha's servant when when Elisha prayed that God would open his servant's eyes and his servant all of a sudden saw the hills around them covered with flaming chariots when he was worried about that. The forces that were there to capture or kill them, but also he saw all that stuff around them. So it could just be that that were seeing supernatural activity that I know a lot of people keep that would say that and that's certainly something to consider. Yeah, I think about like even revelation that think they are got me leading up like thing that can be given the breath of life, and you know it.

What is it you know it is right, like a fire and I've got about that, like kind of like it is all this kind of part of that leading into this perception for us to become more familiar with the spiritual world. Fascinating talk. He thinks for calling today appreciate your welcome to have a good afternoon. Let's jump over to Carl's also conifer, North Carolina. Carl Jung was Steve. Thanks for waiting.

Go right ahead, Carl bold Carl good to hear from you bro. Paul I don't believe in UFOs, but I but black people talk about the Bible you think about the third heaven. Why, albeit little green man, but Florida yeah 40 years ago that all will be the world one night of the rat say well I come and talk all weekly right though. Get out the other but Dan got there yet. I think could be our US military. They got I don't need to know. I don't know. I just want him to do what they have to do to protect. I'm sure that you dictate what we thank Zachary right is the funny thing about Roswell, like the other culture, said Carl, is that you know everybody looks at Roswell goes old area 51. That's it. Well listen if they have this kind of Advanced Technology were knocking to know where it is and and probably probably should know where it is and if it's that advance. That's the last thing you want that happening is that information to get out but it is interesting to contemplate God. We don't talk about this very often. Like I said earlier Carl. I've given you been radio for years afford broadcasting which is some of the stations are running North Carolina. Carl's above one of our representatives are North Carolina. I've never talked about it.

You don't hear it talked about much but in the Bible you can find some things in there that are kind of odd and from the natural proactive. We have to give some credence to that it third heaven. God, we know the why you are telling you to phone home. Just think about it, that's great, Carl, God bless you. Thanks for your service to BSA by the way, and thanks for your partnership on the radio yet you got God bless you too.

Thanks for calling and I was.

Carl Ford is a great guy.

Marvin is gone and from Kernersville, perhaps with a little bit of a different take on this Marvin Dick's work on and started keep you waiting so long. Go ahead and agree with all the referring rubric for the rural women literally happy.

All work and all all you believe in demonic born or fallen Angels, but were all key words that you know where and how more more prevalent yellow yellow and white light. Carl want explanation put out there for the rapture got a big bump in general we could pretty much grew or were. I watched all I watched a couple great bird program documentaries on all portable postcards or current before getting Dr. and what is interesting about it babe in a reenactment, but they are of the people who were all being all all you know being treated for their condition. They all have 300 billion.

Like all a lot like a night all white, all why God I'm sure you I think one of our challenges. Marvin is that, especially in the Western part of the world and in and is Christianity you know we did. We don't we have a hard time with the supernatural, the church in America doesn't think it is.

That's supernatural is the church does in other parts of the world. So whether it's miraculous things going on healings demonic activity in America. I think we we tend to go think of a movie or something on Netflix about the supernatural realm is so far beyond our imagination, and I think the Bible gives us enough that we should. It's okay to have a little bit of a sanctified imagination. You just can't go without outside the confines of what we learned in Scripture. God created very powerful. What level are all sure sure I am sure what point of you know they're talking about energy source. You know, renewable energy crop. The Purdue but you know the big money in the company no name Dave brought the whole world. Sure, if that works to be you would be strong. That's right some good points Marvin. Thanks for calling and I really appreciate is good hear from think you're welcome.

Let's jump over to Kevin is gone here in the Raleigh, Kevin, your honesty, thanks for calling. Go right ahead. Good man, how are you yeah well thank where they might find that dirty. If I so what you think on this note in the tops of the subject. Yeah, I actually I believe in unidentified flying object in in some kind of late Ron however on date wrote a book back your writing that big white about mankind in one capital back dedicated alien man about it member who do you want but you know that alien angel that it came down and it did not get redirected etc. and it got me what I figure it out And the impact that you look for and find out we ought not get our butts off the belt identified think I like the others, God is devil's finals against debris. Kevin I know as I keep talking that you have the Dell comes to this is to see and that certainly would be a deceiving first force Kevin, thanks much for going by the way, if you wonder about the book of Enoch that wants it's a fascinating read, but is not.

The Bible will be right back, the second with her good friend David Fisher from Lynn Mark E and we just started and I'm get ready to switch this out on the radio show so you might hear this radio commercial talk about the book of James. We finished that now started. I've never done the book of John before the entire Gospel of John, we are in chapter 4. Working your way through the woman at the well, which is one of my favorite stories I want to think among my favorite encounters that we find in the Gospels and so were right there at the middle of chapter 4 Working Her Way through that. So if you want to get on that. That's called the daily dose.

I've been writing those for years and does come out Monday to Friday they release right before 11 AM each day actually write them each morning. So this morning when I get up each day I start my day with a little prayer in a little coffee and diving into the word in writing the daily dose of that said John chapter 4, which we just are working her way through right now if you want to get on that email list. All you need to do is text the word dose to 66866 that the OSC like the daily dose DLSE just text that word dose to 66866 and then you'll get a quick reply. Put your email address and boom, you'll start getting the daily dose devotional by email. I also put it up on Facebook each day so you can check it out there. The Steve Noble show page right on Facebook and that's posted each day as well. In those are that I write like I speak. So when you read a daily dose you like all this this sounds like Steve. That's because I read I can speak not of her, but he does that my case I do so I hope you check that out, but were going to dive into a passage of Scripture as well, which is our rock where we should be basing all of our thoughts on in all of her opinions with her good friend David Fisher, David, how are you going to hear from you. He papers 13. Five. Some good, some kind words. Here's present on the topic that were on each Monday with you. But let's start there in the will dive into some updates your lives free from the love of money. What you have gone. It never will I leave you never will I forsake you. So all basically and then usually you say all these things others more scriptural money than there is salvation you of the numbers. So when we talk about money Monday, so you'll want people to hear my heart. This is not so the money becomes your focal point. It shows how to be a bit better steward of the funds of the Lord is entrusted to us because the Scriptures's funeral don't have the love for money and learn to be content. Contentment is a very powerful thing in the Christian walk in whatever subject, were talking about, but especially when it comes our finances and so I think God would really help us be a better steward. But most importantly not to live for the dollar or you'll end up enlarging our wealth.

That's not what it's about. For our purposes, but for the kingdom of God's word and there I did a study in the several years ago. David actually when ice when I took myself off the radio when I was doing Saturdays for three years and didn't quite have a grasp on what I thought the Lord wanted me to do and I realize I was struggling with contentment. I had not learned how to be content.

That's a Paul said he learned how to be content so it doesn't just happen because you're a follower of Christ, but for I just want to encourage everybody that's a word study that's worth doing ice and I ended up leaving an adult Sunday school class in it for about six weeks into the lesson on a series on contentment and it's a challenging thing but once you really spend the time in the word on that one way can really change your life and bring a lot of peace in your life is not content with such things that you have that we see in Hebrews 13 fiber to struggle with a whole lot of decisions you make in your life.

So thanks so much for bringing that scripture and it's always good to get our compass oriented to true North before we start talking about this stuff will give us a little update on the markets what they're doing. Year to date. I know the Dow was up a little bit today about 115 points. Year to date. What are we looking at store down 7.6% down almost the percent .93 and the vote-getter up your today 14.6. Both of us because the 34% of the index that represents the mouse. There is these three stalks, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. Those three stalks of average.

The three of them 60% up your today so that's twice influencing the domestic most of the mouseclick over stalks are not even close to those numbers in summer significantly down still gold always should recently almost every week this year, leaving the charge is not leading the charge anymore, but it took 25.4% and silver. Now is the shining star, 28.1%.

So it's made a big move in the last week and but in reference to the market. Steve you know what unfortunately what's happening right now is the markets and the indexes and paper failing to hold your breakout. There is a show off last week the market. Some headwinds technical headwinds and remained in consolidation range since mid June is really not moving. And furthermore, here's a number about the index of the S&P it's technically trapped last week through the selloff. Many stalks are now even more so underperforming.

We look at S&P 500. The percentage of stocks trailing on the left than the index treatment is negative. There even more -48% of them or doing 10% more negative than the negative index of the S&P 500 index is substantially lower. So this code diversifies real important yet very important.

What was the last time you saw gold 25% in one year, 2011 and we broke the previous hike today on your show. Gold is at all-time highs, and all the analyst Montral, but the majority immersing much much higher prices to come in gold and silver, yet fascinating, as we see the struggling economy and everything going on there not.

And remember, everybody. The stock market is one thing the economy is another. They do intermingle. But when you say the cyclic is doing great the economy can be doing all kinds of horrible things in the stock market can still do okay. That's why you need to study the stuff of the dollar index. I know it's moving down and how is that factoring into the economy's ability to even recover dollars only down 2.9% year to date might seem a small percentage but for currency is fairly large 1% help last Friday, down another half a percent today. In the last seven consecutive trading days. It's been down with the significance of this is all the assets you will trade dollar denominated and we put into perspective for the reserve currency the world over 46% 46% of global debt is male-dominated and dollar so central bank doesn't like losing there, money is a big thing to them and so that's why they diversify into gold.

It's also affecting world trade. The report came out of the Netherlands brutal for Bureau for economic policy and plunging 12.2% is world trade gone down in just April. They're saying it's going to be year-over-year down 18% this year, which is a big hit and obviously is affecting our retail market. There is a stunning problem for code 19 Steve Goodenow are seeing a lot of brick-and-mortar stores shifts in the retail industry just basically saying we can continue this way in around 20 to 25,000 stores. Whether they're going to go bankrupt or closing this year for post-COBIT 19, continues on to talk about uniform third stores of Starbucks $9500 and 9500 stores Pier 1 America going out of business and all the other ones are major household like GNC, JCPenney, Macy's, etc. 24-hour fitness Office Depot I can keep going on the list is miles long and so it's affecting. Obviously what's going on.

Yeah that's so sobering to think about that and obviously cultic 19 and can you hear me say this letter talking to David Fisher from La Marque M is the website for David and his team but but those dominoes keep lining up and we can look at the stock market and its Katina moving back up and but you still there's all kinds dominoes that haven't fallen yet as we see them the ongoing disruption to regular economic life and activity in one business after another. I just don't think we have any ability at this point David to kinda understand what life could look like a year from today.

It will rain fellow who recorded many times a billionaire should just last day, he says, quote there's a trade war technology war, geopolitical war, and there couldn't even now be a capital war. What is referring to is trying to United States in the capital war and just the ideology of you know what capitalism might turn out to be with the Fed injecting trillions of dollars in the government going and the debt trillions of dollars it would be obvious who's US the last week on Wednesday ordered the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston then then you know they responded. Two days later on Fridays and okay tit for tat working to make you shut down the consul and shouldn't do. Today, the Lord, the American flag and the ambition to consulate Chinese agents did so wrinkles on the says you just can't run deficits filled the print money rather than be productive and sustain this this uptick over a period of time. That's why we're having this huge demand for gold just hundred and 70 times. This was bought by McCormick's market last month. I may put in perspective. 1015 times would be the norm. So this all came out on the coattails what we talked about with the Fed mounts this banks don't need any reserves or within 34 days the comics market liked in their purchases, so get involved in gold bull market soon learn that and understand what role does we always talk about diversification. There's a lot of issues we talk about when we do moneylending updates that they want to go.

Okay, I just want to begin to understand how I utilize gold folio.

What would be the best white paper.

What's the best thing for them to start that conversation will call and ask questions and have an interactive conversation.

There's no obligation of pressure around nine by calling our company is 844-7988 82 or landmark and then they can get some information also sent to them. Get educated. David from my Always good to hear from you when he has received.

Likewise, my brother got what you think this is always used to say ever for

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