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Theology Thursday: Unity

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 23, 2020 3:23 pm

Theology Thursday: Unity

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 23, 2020 3:23 pm

Theology Thursday: Unity

Today Steve is joined by Pastor Rodney Finch, of Calvary Chapel Cary, to discuss the unity of the church over the question of reopening the churches.


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred cows call Steve now 643 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host noble okay what backup you are doing well today. It is theology Thursday as it is the weekend so working to dive into that part of the pond the part of the pool today in the new studio with our very first in studio new studio guest pastor Rodney Finch from Calvary Chapel in Cary, North Carolina. Dude, you're the first. I guess whose idea. I feel like I'm the first it's nice and clean and well sad. It's ours, they just say you should be shaking your far they can call you. I hear that it and I were almost social this almost, almost, maybe just a foot to you all good. Good to see you is really good looking good at it.

Great to hear you make it even better looking, so I appreciate you being here.

We were talking of a few minutes on the talk about unity today because I Rodney and I were talking before the show started.

Neither one of us has seen this much distant unity in the church really since 2016, Trump caused it course and then on trial and then we get to this season. We got Cove Ed we got black lives matter. We got all kinds a disunity in the church were to talk about unity in the church today from a theological standpoint and it's a very, very important topic. We tend to shoot our own and not that were our goal is Kumbaya and is never any dissension and there's never anything to argue about. That's ridiculous hour after.

By the way, unity isn't the ultimate thing the gospel in the glory of God is the open thing sorted out working to unpack all that but before the show started, I was telling you about the first time I did radio with Bishop would and we got into the sky you want to read as it is got. I asked Bishop Wooten is okay since were to be brutally honest here. What how do you want me to refer to you.

If I want some of my friends or somebody to know that you're not white. Is it African-American because I would oftentimes think well how far back to have to go to actually find somebody that in your family that came from Africa knowing that probably genetically if we go back far enough. That's right that's on the or or black with black always sounded to me a little bit a little bit raw for short or not sensitive. I was worried about that and I told him I pretty sure that I should refute refer you as my Negro friend because the 1950s are over and that's just pase would be a good thing to do.

So how do you handle at one you know what I don't I be quite honestly I really don't. Who cares Pro reversal what why do you have to be what you have, what is anyone have to, you know qualify their relationship will identify it. We lived always this cultural identity politics yeah and it works a way that every brief thing that we say into this and I like with somebody say call me anything you don't call me late for dinner about that.

That's good.

I will call me late for Valencia Berg about it much but do you call me late for those salmon have a bad about what it what it what is it what you and again and again. I think for us in the church and I think the unity of the church. But Jesus said if you if you will know your mind. By the way you love one another.

That's right and right now and I just experiences last night on my Facebook page and into this morning with an issue with my own church and some decisions they made and people blew up and some of it was pretty some of it was ugly and there's a lot of disunity in the church right now in more so than I've seen since Trump's election when the church was split over that zone. How are things going at your church, Calvary Chapel carry relative to the issue of unity in this crazy season that were I that is a really good question and I think that it's a question that I think every pastor in this culture is reckoning with every day how things are going. How are the people in archers you will renew this with for those viewers we have a very multicultural church.

I would say our church is probably 40% black, 60%, maybe 40% white and you know whatever 20 you know them yeah yeah and quite pretty diverse, very diverse. Oh yeah so when when when Kovic Ito took his you begin you. You just had this real great divide and I quite honestly, Steve, can we can we can we talk we can. We like be honest it in those of you that a joint you know where you are. This is not this is not that show okay so if you want all the right answers. This is not that you want to be the condition. This is not that show okay so I think that people are dividing based on what sources of media. They tend to digest this on a regular basis and that that I see that that's quite unfortunate.

I think because we can get into this later, but we certainly want to have a biblical view that a worldview and and so II see that to be happening. Yeah so so how is it going on me. I think you know when I opened the church actually win the governor's order was overturned and by the judge and and I literally that was on a Saturday at 5 o'clock. I'll never forget it because I asked you text you can you give this to you, only allowed to meet tomorrow to Steve going to be Pro going interpret this for me go. You can technically enter to view what I literally went on Facebook, but we saw the video and said we have interest in our Nextel. So the very next morning I had like 20 guys in the church are sanitizing and wiping down the road they will whiten everything the floors. The toilets everything is all wiped out and and we had church that very next day in about 60 people showed up. And that was a blessing, but at the same time. It was really interesting because I'm then getting messages that that I don't care for the people that I am you know because I'm opening the doors of the church that I want grandma to die, and these kind of inflammatory things. Listen, I'm a pastor I was Shepherd.

I spent my life helping people to live right, not a leader you live eternally. But what I what life not just existence.

I want people to live so that could be further from the truth so and then I started to see people beginning to divide even more and then the social media platforms people being you talk about it disunity and get ahead of our conversation. Also, is it going I think is going quite honestly I think it's going pretty well. I mean our services are we about to go to services with thinking that social distance and is going well.

I'm hoping that he can even go better as we talk about children in the next coming to whatever but I think is going fairly well. I think most pastors would probably tell you school well great, great, means Kovic needs to go to go home. It needs to go start chanting that hashtag fast track to go, that brother talking to Pat around Calvary Chapel carry here in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area and this is the noble and the statement will show theology. Thursday, we keep talking about unity in the church, what your role, and that what's my role and that doesn't mean we should never argue talk about that when they come back right after this theology.

Thursday talking to my good friend Pastor Rodney Finch Carrie chapter Calvary Chapel carry and not here in the North Carolina area, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill. How long winded cover Chapel carry start, 1995. This is Calvary Chapel.

If you guys you guys know I'm I did some great glory for years.

That's the same Calvary Chapel which really came out of the Jesus movement and Chuck Smith another making a movie about that. I do know that so that's pretty exciting and just a dynamic church. You do in a diverse church and so covert obviously custom front.

You guys opened up as soon as you could. We were talking about that before, and that caused some disunity and then I'm sure the black lives matter. Has that been an issue that's cause some issues that you are turning yeah yeah gay you think it can bring that I didn't want to be better that you know it really has since Caldwell. I have to be honest and say I think it probably has. I haven't had to address it publicly. Okay will and will leave it there.

I haven't had to address it publicly, although I think the time may be at hand will see what the Lord says, but what but theologically speaking, what, how should we gear our minds as Christ followers in terms of unity within the body that that's a course unity within the local body of Christ. But unity in the larger body of Christ.

How should we approach unity theologically old man that's that's a big question, how should we approach unity will forceful. I think I think in order to either approach the topic of unity. You kinda have to understand that that that we are one that we are one unity you know. Yes, we have to we need to create unity by many things but first of all, we understand that we are one people that when Jesus died on the cross he made one new man that would be you.

That would be Christ followers Christians and I think we understand that we are one.

Then we then it's easier to strive endeavor for that unity. The Bible talks about yeah you know what we are already one. We are not striving to be one that's what I'm saying we are one.

That's what I'm saying is over theologically with understanding God by his son Jesus by the blood of Jesus has made us one John 17 you know the high priestly prayer as Jesus prayed for the unity that we could understand right right you will make me preach young man melt understand that we are one.

We don't have to create oneness if you will know what we do have to do is maintain unity.

That's good. We have to maintain the unity of the spirit and the spirit is was one of the most shocking things in the first century church.

As you had this cast of characters right that would never be the same part of the bus threat they would never be in the same building. They would name be the same ZIP Code. That's where we got we got Jews and Gentiles who got rich and poor, yes we got slave and free wheat we have men and we have women in incense and women of significant same women in places of leadership right me with was leadership. You have Blacks right and I think a lot of people don't oppress people don't know they were black people in the church in the early church about they don't know that so I think the people look at the church today and it held churches become so segregated, which is really unfortunate because throughout throughout our history church become segregated reservoirs and because the church is always been united.

The church is always been a diverse church. A church is always been a multicultural church. Just because people in the early church understood that they were one in Christ to become a Christian is to leave one and to go toward another to leave the world and to be placed in Christ, and were in Christ. The color of your skin absolutely does not matter. Write things up real quick right here so many years ago my pastor I go to Kauai with Jeff 30+ years ago. Now I come from the Pentecostal church Church of God in Christ, you know that each of okay cultures got we shall we dance, holiness, creaking, and you name it we did a church was also okay so then I leave Calvary Chapel.

I leave other cultures. I walk in my very first cover Chapel. It was all white with about 150 people is all white and it was a song called behold it was a joy joy joy joy joy all in the yeah I is a lot of white people were sitting there and he would do anything.

Nothing. They were clapping. They were joyous, so my wife and I with their first son. They all dressed up soon. I white hat and gloves. You know the whole not yet know what I'm talking about you, come Church of God in Christ, you better be dressed jolly okay cultures look like the Sunday finest. I love it love it love that my wife and I are here in his joyous songs.

We decided this church needs of Holy Spirit so that we so glad that I enjoy the present Lord have been the pastor deters only the pastor saw a wife and I stayed there all alone and dying, and he looked at the guardians and he said let's all stand and when he said that I would love you love you so pipe with you to go to this church.

I call him up on the phone as it was Bob Chapel is with the Lord. Right now, on the phone us about your nose.

I love the church is all white. You we hear, with the only black family in the first thing he said to me I'm not can you he said well man. He said he was gonna country yeah you he said is not about skin is about sin. I had never heard, and I loved him for that because he didn't say to me well hey will you know you get used to white people even say well you know I've got a black friend. You know, like a black friend like I was the bread home. I was late at night and come up like that he said is not about skin and it was at that point because I come from all black church now to a real Billy black couple in the church and I started learning in that church that the body of Christ is united and we are one in Christ and the color of your skin doesn't matter if you ever insert the color of a person's skin into the equation of a relationship of any kind that would be the definition of racism but not as notions on your caging and then based on something that's physical that scribbles to something that's in our case spirituals as the risen Christ. That's great.

And it wasn't like one of the questions going in on Facebook live as you. How do we be me try to maintain the unity of Christ in the church environment where we have where we can have very different opinions. Sometimes differences on theology speaking in tongues private prayer language. Second baptism whatever young sprinkle immersed in what whether that you got political issues. We saw this would trump. Now we see with masks and so we can have these deep differences. So how do we maintain despite that and and how much of that. Do we have to go. You know what because II plenty of concerted friends that I sent for this.

I don't know how you can vote for a pro-choice candidate and be a convictional Christian although I know plenty of born-again Christian, godly, loving don't come out that the same way I do think the wrong but I have to be willing to set that aside and say but you're still my brother or sister in Christ and working to be together forever and one of these days.

This is you abortion this case matter to me. On the other side of that means you kinda deal with no significant differences that we have. I think we talk about that I see this is a guy that knows radio. I think were going to talk about ideas that are learning on a Saturday night and I'm going to see why did you even ask that question coming up on a break and had nothing to do with the fact that were different pigmentation right.

That was just simply that he is clearly why just that everyone very much will be right back putting his salvation on the line you know this secularism really got out of the noise and time another man you got you got it you got it. No, no, no, no, I don't know the man is bunch me on Facebook live. Another sign of his people in radio and its Todo all love the noise and time.

You did a pretty good rendition their brother a little bit got it little gospel in a little yellow bit in there talking to Pastor Ronnie French Calvary Chapel carry here in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area and ask actually meeting in person doing. I don't think so.

If people want to get your people want to come experience that remind themselves what it's like my wife and I were made last week like that old saying you don't know how much you miss something and having did you first coalescing first time you owe and it was once it was awesome so people want to come join you this Sunday with a 10 AM today and just come were social distancing. We week we asked what this will quickly what this unit that you spray just walking spray like vacuum long one thing and it disinfects everything it touches and rising 50 minutes so you guys do all the cleaning and laid there very good that but were 10 AM we have praise and worship probably done by 1130 that would take a little more time. The priest will not cover Chapel Jerry Carey but carrying on the area you're actually right, downtown apex, we are we are yeah center Street, not quite downtown way downtown can find you on Facebook what's the website Facebook is Facebook is copy Chapel carry in the website is CC Carrie CAR that CC Carrie CAR got okay. You had me look up this quote from Augustine is a great quote as were talk about unity today on theology Thursday in essentials unity and nonessentials liberty in all things, charity okay, you guys probably heard them on the floor that's on that we should always write it down should be in your smart phone that's correct. And, essentially, in this culture, especially in this culture should in essentials unity and nonessentials liberty in all things, charity Melanie just set this up last night I put a post up my church here in town made a decision. Opening not opening, and then I shared that and then people just went ballistic.

It got kind of ugly. I engage that.

Mostly this morning in the cyclical. In essentials unity and nonessentials liberty in all things, charity. There was not a charity. I think whether you're opening or closing right now with your church on an individual church basis in terms of doctrine and salvation is nonessential. It doesn't affect salvation, and so and nonessentials liberty is not a lot of that right now in all things, charity.

There was a lot of that. Right now, but in essentials, so let's work backwards what what would you say pastor Rodney are the essentials to talk about unity. There are hills to die. So what what what do you think there will we always we we always go to guys believers and Christians or what what we call doctrine or what we call doctrine doctrine is that which we understand is the foundation of our faith it to remove one of those doctrinal blocks to remove one of those doctoral stones are Christianity falls apart. For example, the resurrection, you've probably heard it said that the Christian Christianity door Christianity swings hinges swing on the resurrection is the resurrection. There is no hope and our faith is in vain. The birth of Jesus. The virgin birth is doctrinal and the blood of Jesus. The efficiency of that blood is doctrinal salvation is doctrinal.

The inerrancy of the word of God is doctrinal and what born-again doctrinal. You must be what must integrate languages must must must write like all is all that is all mean right exactly right. So in essentials unity we should all be unified in that right. Let's go through some what you would consider to be nonessentials. I mentioned one about some people come back and say no to know Steve because the Bible says we must not dismiss meeting together. That's what it says about us is that that's not essential doctrine that is correct.

So that's a nonessential Solano get your opening you're not opening your close you're not close whatever lesson nonessential. What are some others was a nonessential well how about this, the exercise of the gifts of the spirit in the corporate environment. Since nonessential is a nonessential speaker whether you speak in tongues or not to speak in tongues.

That is the question that the nonessential what what I think church polity. How you manager tell you manager church you know I'm often told people I sure speak about these things absolutely were not sin but were not what we are saying that they not essential to your salvation right okay that's were talk about so is is believing in Jesus and sufficiency of the blood of Jesus essential to your salvation.

Absolutely. Whether you you know have a time of speaking in tongues and interpretation set aside in your church is that essential. It is not quite, quite honestly, meeting in the church or in a home is nonessential and I think there's a good argument. Quite honestly, meeting in homes yet is a great argument for meaning homes. I think there is also a great argument for meeting corporately in the sanctuary and in a large gathering. But what those were supposed to have some liberty, meaning you go the way you feel led to go.

Karen Saul go the way I feel led to go. I will condemn you. You don't condemn me and were still unified in Christ and screw the essentials. That is correct. That is great but now let's get to where it gets dicey politics black lives matter. Blackout your thing, that one Tuesday or don't block it out where the mask don't wear the mask and I'm not seeing a lot of liberty there and I'm not a lot of that we already know, let me close 1/4 oh my goodness, let me fall in my sword first.

Okay that I get upset and sometimes because I have a platform.

Sometimes I do things here on the show I'll do it online where I'm acting out of anger. Not truly my anger backing out of my anger and I just want to hit something somebody some organizational some churches on past knives you know it's a shocker and so III struggle what that myself and somebody email the other day talking pastor Rodney Finch from cover Chapel carry here in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area theology Thursday. Talk about unity some email me the other day there, going off on me about something and he said like I remember when you said if you vote voted for Hillary Clinton. Or if you're not pro life. You can't be a Christian. This is a message received from you or email.

I can go and I was like, I don't think I've actually ever said that I actually don't believe that I struggle with a person that claims Christ and then empowers by voting member pretty much Democrats but a few others, but mostly Democrats that that gives their vote, which I look at as a talent you're investing it to somebody that's not only okay with abortion but defends it promotes it and finds it not really struggle with that but I'm not to say therefore you're not a Christian.

That's were unfit and as difficult as that is pastor.

We have to have liberty like that we absolutely have to have liberty.

It is difficult.

I gotta be honest with you as well.

I find it difficult to accept a Christian being able to support abortion to support you know what what what people are calling a woman's right to choose. Yeah, I find as a pastor I don't know many pastors that don't take this position when honestly I find it very difficult at the same vein, you know, I think was so I said to me a long time ago that I don't have a heaven or hell to send you to, and therefore I really need to walk the walk in love and unity, walking, charity. Regardless, even if they are completely wrong.


And this is what this is the problem in the church. You can certainly make a good argument and a good and take a good position on on abortion and Scripture. I think the Bible is clear about that that that that God is not pleased with that.

I think the Bible is clear about that.

But that doesn't release me from exercising love toward you, even if in these areas of essentials that we just don't agree and even from a biblical standpoint you're wrong that, but we still had to walk in love toward each other.

So no matter what it is.

Whether it's mask where know mask wearing or you know, opening your church on how to bring your friends or whatever.

Merrimack a hat where mega hand truck or a trump. I think there's just a whole lot in I hope Christians to a different standard than I do the world. Amen. I don't expect the world to walk in love and expect the world to walk in liberty and allow me to have my position without you know the vitriol that comes from this agreement and our culture. I would expect that, but with Christians.

I also don't expect them to be ungracious and unloving. What anybody regarding anything you regarding anything that's good.

I don't think a Democrat look. The church is not political church is not political. The church, the Democratic Republic but Republican or Independent or libertarian. The church is the church of Jesus. Once you do that you lose your prophetic position, you lose it because I thought they had a really comfortable in any of these earthly mechanism correct, we should not be comfortable selling them a perfect and like several years ago I reregistered independent now for me because I have a little bit of a platform that was a message I was sending to the Republican Party here in North Carolina that's a lesson I'm not a member of either party.

I serve the King. He's not up for election. He doesn't need your vote.

Security runs the universe.

I'd rather be in that party. And then that allows me to speak prophetically early so it's easier to speak prophetically to not just the left which for me is very bright, but also to the right to speak prophetically so we should not be tied to a man system. We should be tied to gotta look I'm not about a man oh man system as you send out a limitary about Jesus all my buddies is all about his arrival had arrived back the truth is as good as it is today. Since I got pastor Rodney Finch in here for theology Thursday. Talk about unity in the church since the content is as good as it is today. That's why I don't open up the phone.

Oh sometimes I got just will bring gas or call whatever and I'm like this is really important. I just wants you who's listening or watching us want you to kind of just quiet your spirit quite down and listen to lean and do it and listen and be a part of it and engage in we don't do that often enough anyway. And so, but when I open up the phones itself, which I love doing, but oftentimes it can be a disruption think you can take you down the rabbit or whatever and that's what exactly what I wanted to but I don't do is not the type yeah I don't do every day. So when the content is really rich and I'm being blessed by it because Pastor Ron is in her helpless. I got a little I said it. Thank you for having the manager very walk. I love it. I'm honored to have you and and so I just lets her soak and what we can.

These opportunities all that much sort talk about unity today. We were out, bouncing off of the this was from Josh Augustine said this probably in the 300s for whatever it essentials, unity and nonessentials liberty and all things, charity so again, let's talk about the charity part.

I above buddy really good friend of mine very wise gentleman couple years older than us. Bill on Facebook. I brought this up. I thought this was a great.he said let's just all agreed to be un-defendable and offensive. The gospel's offensive truth is offensive to those who are perishing. We are the aroma of death.

I was at don't make it any worse by being a big jerk, but Bill just said, let's agree to be un-defendable. That would change the equation of our conversation, it would be an expression of grace in all situations but man we we live in this cancel culture, outrage, culture, offense culture, but us in the church. I think that's a great word.

Let let's strive to be un-defendable. I do like that. As you will say that I was actually time to think through is the first time I heard it and I do agree with that. Let's all strive to be un-of fundable. Now that quite honestly would be impossible are I should say it is best if you share the gospel, especially Steve, if you're speaking truth, you know sooner.

I understand the sentiment. I totally understand a heart. I totally agree with undependable but we are living in a culture. I think we we get the kind of chat about it.

You were even to speak truth is offensive. Truth is offensive, and I felt so what should we shut our mouth because that would make you defendable. I tell people at all as people anyone's last night was the last time your Christianity offended someone in a while and Essex that nobody's offended by your Christianity goes on wrong you're not doing it right for you a say is not that we run around and I'm going to go offend people in order to validate my unity. No, but if you even if you love wealthy or compassionate in the middle of this environment were now if you listen to somebody you say okay black lives matter. I agree all lowercase. I would like to talk about black lives matter organization and in people just, you know what happens yeah yeah so to me it's like hate Lydia you can be offensive by being self-controlled not losing your mind right not selling into the political environment for not getting all bent out of shape about it. And so even when it comes to politics. Yet Sean on Facebook. I like what what what about a pastor that says oh it's gonna trust God's will and Romans 13 and we should just submit the ball. Even if you disagree in a political issue which we can trace into the Scriptures we still need to show charity is going to have liberty that is great that's really hard as well of the cut that that quote from Augustine. I love all things, charity but but again to to our point you you cannot you cannot speak today without being offended. Whether it's the truth of the gospel or is the truth, relating to politics in Vista truth about let's just you know the truth about the black lives matter organization itself. I mean, truth is truth. Truth is unalterable by definition, so you know we don't have that liberty to the altar truth so yeah we we we had. We should strive to be defendable, but we are living in a culture where you will be canceled at end end end end and you and you wouldn't be up to speak at all because truth.

Truth is not accepted nowadays.

As you know, I think somebody that knows you on Facebook.

Why okay. Steve said ask Rodney about the gas station church is that even not germane to this conversation that one year buddies just ribbon your site. I don't Steve and I do not see his last name when well why are you EL hello Steve you all will you all okay Steve you'll see accents that shout out Florida shout out hello Florida is probably hot and sweaty and nasty down there right now times when he announced their deed is not germane to the we talk about that gas line I will talk about the epaulets on Facebook live will hear that right out of the show so it just kinda preach to us, teach us, lead us, help us to wrestle with all this division mask, no mask. Keep your church open. Don't keep your church open love trump hate trump Republican, Democrat, how do we pastor work through this live together and love each other well in essentials, unity and nonessentials liberty in all things, charity help us understand how we do that because even sometimes even in our own families all have political disagreements with Sharon to open in minutes is hard we are to grow up to grow up. People are quite honestly, like emotional babies. Now I don't know what happened people are emotional babies. We have got to learn number one that we are one in Christ approved the person that you have a disagreement with in the church is your brother and your sister we are family and somebody once said it. They said it best. You can't pick your family.

You are stuck with them right. So we are family. Number one, and families like any other nuclear family. We have disagreements and and that's okay we don't stop becoming family, because we have disagreements we have to understand that we are united in Christ and and and unity does not mean uniformity where where we don't have to think alike and act like a dressed like a look-alike and boat alike, nor where the same hat I like yes yes or ascribed to the same positions but yet we are still family. We have to learn to walk in love, and the problem is we are talking about the here we are in the last days. Steve you and I would agree with that and Jesus said in the last days love of many will wax cold wax: lawlessness will abound, so we have to understand that we are called to walk in love and the true believers you know are going to do just that you wouldn't walk in love and you going to accept the fact that you know the person you're worshiping God with a not agree with you politically.

And that's okay and they may disagree with mask wearing and those that feel that they need to know where mouse mass will have about this list must consider the weaker brother, you know, I know what people come to church was able even now and how I walk up to I'm a hugger anybody listening don't know me, I'm a hugger I love the hug people look you in your eyes and touch you, but I will ask you if I don't know you like that yeah yeah hey do you mind if I give you a hug or hey I'm good. I have an appointment this week. I had one earlier this week. Would you like for me to they walked in with a mass quote.

Would you like for me to put okay so if we walk in love, eat meat not eat meat I eat meat you know foursquare this guy out to eat meat when I'm not around you if it offends you, and that should apply to others mask or any other situation in our lives we need walk in love, why do you think that that yes get to it. Let let me put this in very frank language that some people are like you not to Frank why I think right now walking in love and unity and showing some charity towards one another.

When we disagree on these.

These are important issues and we disagree I think are.

I think we suck at can you say that you and I can say that I I I think we at at this unity charity thing and were so worked up there important issues, but they're not gospel issues, and I think we sometimes. I know I do. I forget how valuable our witness is to a watching world.

Always and how we deal with each other. We should our own right, I'm Jim just as guilty as the next guy she's locked and loaded. Sometimes I pull the trigger. Sometimes I load the gun.

Sometimes I hand out a bunch of guns but oh my goodness. We ready already firing yeah so why do you think were so bad. I think because people forget is I was like a guy today.

I think on Facebook or maybe even yesterday. He was talking about Donald Trump and that Donald Trump mentioned five years ago that he does not ask God for forgiveness) of your her mother in the room when it happened. Okay, just ask God for ever forget to give a reason.

And then he said that you know you look at this this guy doesn't ever think it is as God for forgiveness and this was five years ago about no means is this a defense of Donald Trump is the defense of the Scriptures that that when you know we have to be careful that we not so self-righteous or that was so heavenly minded with no earthly go to.

We forget that that what you say before you were Christian. I started doing drugs. I was nine years old and I did them always to junior high and high school and and I would not repeat the things that I have said about God toward God about Christian God says in Psalm 103 verse 12 is a good version. Listen up. Psalm 103 verse 12. As far as the east is from the West. So show you since we forget God does not bring up our sins to us and remind us of our sins. We should not do that to one another should always walk and not do that. That's not what we we tend to treat each other here at dog I have a dog now so I remember growing up because I married But I remember when we got ions growing that dog doing their business in the house. My parents would rub their nose in the business to get on the learn you don't do that. Unfortunately, I think. In the show.

How we tend to treat each other like little puppies so I could try to correct graduate like that pastor Ronnie French Calvary Chapel.

S brother thinking will do it again. Sexual love and I see no on the Steve Noble shell, God willing, I'll talk to you like my dad always used to say trust me always the same ever for

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