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Losing my mind over COVID.

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 14, 2020 11:08 am

Losing my mind over COVID.

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 14, 2020 11:08 am

Losing my mind over COVID.

For months the headlines have been filled with updates on COVID-19 and the political scramble that’s happening behind it all. 


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Everyone is time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cow call Steve now six 866-34-TRUTH, or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host noble okay what are the odds that your kindergartners are your first grader your second-grader your third-grader your fourth-grader probably fifth-grader sixth-grader middle school boys, really. I mean middle school boys seriously what I are they really going to leave their mask on. From the minute they get to school to the minute they leave because that's the deal today here in the great state of North Carolina. After listening outside a North Carolina unnoticed like in your statement is probably a little bit of lunacy like it is here under Conrad Cooper got Gov. Cooper, who did his press recount conference today at 3 PM and extending phase to another three weeks so those of you that are adversely affected.

Too bad, because we need to keep things apparently as train racked as possible to get us up to November so that we can get you know who out of the White House and end at this point I'm is anybody else sick of everything revolving around Donald Trump because it seems that everything pretty much of the political world. Now, here in America revolves around Donald Trump. So that's what a lot of this is its everything is politicized. I mean it's unbelievable how politicized literally everything is in and you can't get away from it. It's just the deal, it's just what's happening there. There is no way around it. It is the deal in and that's just what's happening so I'm I'm kind of losing my mind today because you've got that situation. So across the state of North Carolina school systems are now just flailing about trying to figure out what they're going to do and their freaking out about masks on children where we haven't had many children seriously ill in this nation at all in the number of deaths in the number of serious illness amongst children. I'm talking 18 and under. There are a few here and there and they are horrible most those stories are horrible. The heartbreaking but the vast majority of people around the country, the vast majority of 18-year-olds down. This is not a big deal for them. Lot of them asymptomatic and the ones that get it. No big deal.

In less than 100 have died. You got a better chance we had about 500 deaths last year due to flu due to influenza for school-age kilt kits 500 less than 100 for coronavirus and now were just changing all of society.

Hey listen, this is a little bit personal for me today because I'm having all kinds of problems with my homeschool classes that I teach here in Raleigh, North Carolina, from the number of people that are signing up, which is down about probably about 75% from last year to places they in IL and I can allow any outside groups anymore can use classroom here this location. That location, fear like I've never seen it before, over what is statistically basically zero in terms of the death rate for kids nationwide in the will and of the ones I look at something, our report is about a month old of 48 children that had been hospitalized. Two of them had died, but of the 48.

The vast majority of them had another condition, asthma, what have you, but here North Carolina that this is what our governor said at 3 PM today in his press conference that one of their suggestions is all children in kindergarten through 12th grade masked all day masked all day and and that's insanity and then if that that's not enough.

He extends phase 2 here in North Carolina another three weeks so who cares about your business. Who cares about your school. Who cares about the fact that they're going to do like your wake County where I live in North Carolina, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, area two weeks off one week at school, but only Monday through Thursday.

So what about all you parents out there that you know you have a job and yes I met so you're going to hear that in me, all our EE so you have a job and all of a sudden they expect your first grader to wear a facemask all day at school like that's gonna happen and then how are you going to go back to work when all of a sudden your kids are home to two out of every three weeks.

What what what is going on here okay. We talked about this for months ad nausea him what is going on in this country where we are so afraid of of COBIT.

19 were so afraid of protests were just fearful people. A friend stopped by here in the new studio location earlier to help us out in a gift card to help get stuff for the for the studio which is awesome. Thank you. Praise the Lord for that, but we have a spirit of fear in this nation that I've never seen before and again if I'm to give you a disclaimer one more time fine.

I am not downgrading the seriousness of COBIT 19 I'm not downgrading it because, listen that there are a lot of people that have died 43% of which are in nursing homes, retirement centers, over the age of 70.

43% of all of our deaths highly concentrated in these retirement arenas okay. Older folks and by the way, one third still here we are in the middle of July.

One third of all the deaths in America have occurred in New York. Fully one third, one out of four deaths in America. I mean it's crazy. Actually it's one fourth, one out of four deaths in America's New York and then right now there's than the sum of recently. This was up. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who's on MSNBC and CBS so that tells you little bit about him. He's talking about how hate states where they they decided to crush the coronavirus that was the word used crush it, what states did they decide to do that. New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut versus the states that only decided to manage know they only barely sought to manage it.

Those scumbags run by scumbag Republicans that would be Texas, Florida and Arizona daily sought to manage New York and New Jersey and Massachusetts and Connecticut. They sought to crush it outside of that workout how to Deco. Let's look at deaths per million, so in New York City in your test per million 1663 deaths per million, New Jersey 1748 COBIT deaths per million, Massachusetts 1200 per million, Connecticut 1200 per million. That's where according to this liberal doctor. They were to crush one of those crazy states is decided to do something naughty and just manage Texas 105 deaths per million, Florida 187 deaths per million in Arizona 280,000 management is the key not fear what is going on in this country will be right back and help me out here to help me understand because you know that I'm not understanding well what's going on in this nation right now somebody said to me the other day. Is this still the United States of America. I don't know that it is I it's not the United States of America of I don't know 12 months ago and it's shocking how much has changed since February 1 February March April May June July were halfway through July about six months and the whole thing has come unglued flipped upside down, turned inside out and you have a little ultraliberal Comrade Cooper governor of North Carolina came out earlier today and said his suggestion and Mandy: is a Health and Human Services whatever came out and said hey you know here's one of our suggestions kindergarten through 12th grade masks all day long at school all day long all day long at school so so God bless you, teachers. If you're a kindergarten teacher first grade 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade 6th, seventh, and it ate like middle schoolers middle school boys. Keep your masks on all day.

What about the ones that have asthma and have all kinds of different issues. There and what about the fact that your cutting down oxygen intake by about 15% with the Jeep a little surgical mask. What about that, what about the reality that the death rate for people under 18 across the nation is statistically zero.

What about that and since when did we become a nation that we will come hell or high water. I don't want any sickness whatsoever.

I don't want to feel bad I don't want to have a bad week in bed again. I'm not saying I'm not saying this is in serious because we have had a lot of people die. 43% of which are older elderly situations, rest homes, retirement centers places like that where 6/10 of 1% of the population lives but 43% of all our deaths, and in America from COBIT have been of that age group in that environment because let's face it, listen, I'm just ranting. Okay so stick with me. Let's face it, in a nation where were pretty much legally and morally air quotes and societally okay with the taking of 16 million unborn lives in the womb since 1973 were okay with that. Why would we think we would be any different towards our elderly who are right in the crosshairs of something like over 90. Why would we expect anything different than to see 43% of our deaths be in that population who are pretty much voiceless kick him out in the streets campaign stop on the street in front of Donald Trump's building can't can't knock anything down can't burn anything down or just stuck there just stuck in these rest homes in these retirement homes.

They basically have no voice, just like a baby in the womb. So if you're like that in America, not knocking her not to go well for you right now some of you help me understand and him and open up the phones. What he things going on your everything's political, which means everything's revolving around Donald Trump's election reelection defeat in November 3. Everything's revolving around that.

Is it politics. Is it just fear is fear is a nation gripped by fear and self-interest and so were willing to do anything to not get sick. And if you know the statistics even then, you still got about a 98 to 99% chance of surviving COBIT 19 and so what is it. Is it just godlessness because we've turned away, 80, 85% of Americans are not born-again Christians by most statistical studies and what they say and so fear takes over and then what love is fear of course, Satan does but socialism, communism, big government, the people are fearful they will have a God that on the God of the Bible to follow that will believe the Bible that will follow Jesus Christ in all day. Not really their functional atheists, and so what are they need. They need somebody to lead the way, who's going to take me to the promised land.

That's why we fight so aggressively over government control because whoever's going to ascend to the throne. That's apparently sovereign over all aspects of life in America, you bet your bottom dollar you're in a fight for that position.

That control right if you don't look to God to be your sovereign you look, the government, which most people do. They may not be aware of it but they do then you're in a fight like heck to control that right, which is why everything is politicized, so the fears of politics is godlessness what you think he things behind this madness.

That's going around her and if you want to split it up and throw a little bit of this a little bit about that casserole of that cacophony of a nightmare that were living in the go-ahead. That's fine but don't hear from you today. I can do this all day. I keep going but I really I wanted.

I want us to share in one another's burden and share in one another's outrage and fear.

Whatever it is what you think is behind all this. How do you explain this madness that's going on in the country, 866-348-7884, maybe just have questions. I will out answers but when you walk through this together.

If you're my brother or sister in Christ, I'm your brother in Christ, we need to walk through this together. We need to vocalize. We need to talk through it and then maybe at let me ask you this question. What should we be doing as Christians.

What eat what you feel like God is calling you to do right now in the midst of all this stand in the middle of sprouts and tell him that could sprouts are pretty aggressive. I hear if you going there a lot of mask there and harass you so maybe it's a state of their state, thus saith the Lord, knowing what would you think, what's going on here around the country and if you want to be specific to North Carolina Gov. Cooper and all the madness there that's fine as well. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 true that if you want to join us on Facebook. I'll live you can do that.

There's a lot of people in their and up people chiming in. Shirley asked a question on Facebook live hey Steve, if you think Trump is not leaving right now.

What exactly would you suggest you do. I think he needs to get other people in there like him to play for you, Scott Atlas, Dr. Scott, Atlas and get some other people in there that have not been doing studies and are just as knowledgeable if not more so than people like biology and start to shut look at let's look at the facts here, people. Let's look at the numbers. Let's talk about our kids going to school. Let's look at some studies here. Let's look at the death rates. Let's look at the serious illness rates, dual whiteboard thing you can have all kinds of people put the stuff together form and just school the country on this and Shawn. If we don't get our kids back in the school and if we don't quit succumbing to fear. We are fearful society our country is going to implode.

That's what I mean by getting in front of it and leading us to just react go back on TV. I said this months ago.

At first he said okay pal G Burks okay thanks thanks appreciate it. Now get my get my staff I want in my in the Oval Office tomorrow. I'll give you 24 hours, find the 10 smartest virologists people that deal with infectious diseases.

The 10 smartest people in this country that disagree with Dr. Fouts Ouchi and Dr. Brooks get them in here working to close the doors were to have at it is I'm not gonna lead the shutdown of the entire nation over the opinion of a couple of people who been working for the federal government for decades. So where's the other side of the story where the other voices because they are only getting out of conservative media. The president should be doing that more price on a comeback tray if you can hold through the breakout appreciate that they've it's gonna from Greensboro. I want you guys to call in.

Tell me what you think. What's going on here. What's behind this madness. Is it fear godlessness is all politics 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Let's have this conversation.

866-34-TRUTH noble trying to be my cool today here on the show, the Steve Noble is the website podcast always available where you get your podcast, whether it's Apple or Google or stitchers modify wherever if you want to check out the new podcast who is this as it will be. Don't lose your mind over the title it's their design.

Working on it to try to reach people that are never to listen to Christian media probably are going to come to church anytime soon so were engaging the podcast. They are listening to and in trying to engage that as a Christian, with hopefully a winsome approach of working on that. That's not that easy. And so I would love it if you would check that out again wherever you get your podcast you go to the website who is this and check that out. Judge me after you listen to it.

Don't just don't just judge the book by its cover okay because is a gospel centered purpose behind that so check that out and if you want to join us.) Facebook the Steve Noble show Facebook pages where were live pretty much Monday through Friday when redoing show to get to our collars right quick. I just trying to decipher what in the world's going on here in America and how are handling all this stuff will go first to train Winston-Salem tray things are gone and man I appreciate it, go right ahead. I got a right to be Holly Osler cold water on top of nowhere and unfortunately we have not had a true Constitution was being offered by your own personal liberties and rights for children be required to work covering generator place as much what anybody else to choose not to borrowers for not give anybody any right liberties, or anything else to overrule the cost of certain liberties and rights will be largely you were going in all quiet financial agenda by.

It is all all part of this new world order client to work at this moment many things like I sure agenda for meeting warm and all overcrowding when you look at all engage in guided our friend Warren's nocturne banquet, and spiritually. Actually Warren won't allow a lot of Mockingbird repairs would be sleep for about one out there is a great point that you bring up tray and people are not there pretty much as consuming most of our mainstream media. And they're not doing your own homework.

We consume headlines like crazy. We consume tweets we consume Facebook posts, Instagram pictures, but we don't dig much, and so you have a very apathetic very ignorant populace who are now easily led around by the nose a little fear of getting sick in a very very small percentage even have a chance of dying but it doesn't take much to upset the apple cart in a godless society like ours occurred in Europe about people. From one article where lack of knowledge, it is very important for people not to be ignorant and informed her, not just repeat all of you on the site size if you're going tray. Thanks much for calling in today appreciate it. Thank you so much you like to welcome you to what talk you later. Let's jump over to David Cullinan from Greensboro, North Carolina. David on the Steve, sorry for the hold, go right ahead. Oh, I'm wondering if civil disorder is gotten to the level of being having the effects of being in a war and if were in the war would be on charitable to advance the idea that in war there are casualties and death, and I wonder if in order to preserve our constitutional government. We need to accept that there will be casualties and deaths and try to get back to some kind of real normal yet so are you are you referring David to civil unrest and how the government chooses to deal with it.

I'm actually thinking of right exactly what that's one of the interesting things and I appreciate you Cullinan David all talk about that let you go but talk about that because I want to respond that I think you so much and and that's one of things now watch this. Everybody have you noticed this. I'm definitely notices we are not seeing protest video and city violence video all the time now. Every notice that were not seeing that as much that's dropped off now probably six weeks ago. I said listen by September 1 October sometime this fall. All that's going to go away because these mostly younger people who don't have summer jobs and are out of school to go back to school largely online but but come the middle of August, or to be back in school. The stuffs going to die down everybody's doing their virtual signaling right now are canceling this changing that tearing down the other thing and everybody's gonna throw in their little little trinkets there at the at the actual problems of racism and in that historical fact in our country and in the after affects of racism that are still going on so all of a sudden that stuff were not seen as much that's going to die down, but there could be a reality going on there was some internal polling somewhere that says you know what the silent majority, which is my think. Still the majority of people in this country are just simmering in their steaming and they're getting angrier and angrier and angrier and that funny enough, is exactly what Carrie Donald Trump in the office in 2016 was that under the radar nonmainstream media nonliberal flyover country as Rush Limbaugh likes to say normal Americans who love the flag love the country for the most part are not racists will own the history of our nation. The good the bad and the ugly and they care about the national anthem they care when people kneel during the national anthem and all those types of things they think masks the ridiculous. Not that they might not help help somebody, but that the government mandate and governors telling you put your kindergartner in a mask all day long.

Thank you, Gov. Cooper. There are millions and millions and millions of those people around the country who are just getting madder and madder and madder and how they got hit back.

The only way they can hit back is on in early November.

If they go vote and you might see a situation we might see a situation where all of a sudden the exact same reason Trump won the first time is going to be the exact same reason Trump wins the second time because it's the swamp it's the mainstream media its liberalism in general which obviously is trying to absolutely reshape this country make it in its own image because God is out okay forget, we are for the most part post-Christian America, we still say were Christians 70+ percent got churches all over the place okay and the and there is a church here that is strong think you very much know what percentage of the country as it matter no 15%, maybe 20%. The rest of the country they can say whatever they want, but their functional atheists pretty much godless and what you do with that. Hey, what did you expect was to look like when the on time started to come out of gonna be easy, or maybe we thought we were going to miss it. Maybe that's an easy thing to do right and time stuff. Revelation the tribulation the great tribulation.

Jesus coming back, the rapture, that your particular eschatology, and on that summer done. I can see that happening anytime soon will. Maybe it's a little sooner than we thought. Right if it is and were speeding up the clock.

How do you think that's going to look. I think it's going to come across.

I'll tell you how it's going to be fear laden. It's good to be chaos can be confusion. This can be Tierney. There's got to be all kinds of things that don't make any sense and are going to sit there go the world is upside down. The world's crazy.

The world lost its is out of touch with reality which the definition of crazy. By the way, yeah particular ground is that whereat so I wanted to do this in the sound quality is good be awesome because we still have the studio completely up and running, but I think I can as I did at one of the time a Glenn Beck on the other day on his show at Scott.

Dr. Scott Atlas is a Robert Weston senior fellow with the Hoover institution.

Okay MD background brilliant guy and he was saying something that I really appreciated because he was just talking about facts and figures. Reality, as opposed to feelings and I want to plumb and start playing this interview.

Now the will finish up in the last segment because I really want you here.

I want you to hear some crystal-clear scientifically-based thinking that you're not hearing the mainstream media and you're probably not hearing from your friends so this is him talking to Glenn Beck the other day on Glenn Beck show and I just thought it was really important for us to hear this, let me sleep I get this working little easier said than done X Glenn Beck truth on Glenn Beck show and I just got everything should be done.

Of course, by looking at the data models are even allowing fear to go into the stranger looking data theater class. You are increasing in many states and her perfume burritos number one of these present and wonders more social mingling going to be more cases and of course will meet more going to contact more cases of people in the street protesting in screening and sharing microphone going to have more cases. The only question really is the case is and how we can handle these okay and leave it there, I'll pick it up there and we come back, that's Dr. Scott Atlas with the Hoover institution talking facts and actual studies in reality about coping 19 is going to talk specifically about students and stuff on the heels of Gov. Cooper Sand K-12 go to school you where mask is working to get back to the table will be right back backwards is noble to see Noble show left to you are our best at not selling our joy down the river okay let's not sell our joy down the river. I was just asking on Facebook live if you want to join us there. The Steve Noble show on Facebook. Now you may be browsing to your Facebook feed right now so it's easy to join as their life here in the studio studio is looking cooler all the time, or get their praise the Lord and hopefully a pray for us this Saturday. By the way is are trying to get the actual mixing board in all the official regular computer system and everything set up in here with the rest of the lights never built a studio before from scratch but but were doing it and God is providing. It's not an easy year for me or for this ministry or for anybody right and so I just pray for us to Saturday because were trying to get everything wrapped up and that'll be a big day and hopefully on Monday, not things look even better.

Here in the studio. For those of you on Facebook live you like a well this is getting better all the time and it is we've never had lighting like this before and were getting better. We got its anyway, it's that I'm looking forward to seeing what the Lord does in this next season for the show but I was playing for you and asking people in Facebook live on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being you're about to lose your your mind, your gaskets about the blow all the time and what we see going on around the country and most people are coming in 789-1010 plus a very few people are less than five so most people are very upset about this, which is why I was so happy to hear the other day and I think Glenn Beck largely does a good job does other things about Qubec. I don't like but he's got some great guests on any can get some great talent some very wise people so the other day. He had Dr. Scott Atlas on from the Hoover institution and Dr. Atlas was just going through actual data not politics, not the left not the right just data okay.

Reliable data and so that's what I was like okay I gotta play this and normally you would play somebody else's radio show on your radio show. But there's good content and my job is to glorify God number one and to try to bless you and help you number two.

So when I hear good stop which I monitoring all the time to bring it in your own cares radio shows on even in this case a Glenn Beck uniform so that's another subject. So we were listening to this. This is us got Dr. Scott Atlas from the Hoover institution.

So I just want to make sure were giving him the time that he needs to come to listen to these facts because it's super important that were paying attention to these things and try to bring this up because I'm I'm kind of doing it a goofy way here in the studio and it's not that easy to pull it off: second just trying to get this working. Come on everybody. Happening everywhere and it's it's no deal. This is all about politics. What's the truth about everything should be our dog.

Of course, by looking at the data models or even allowing fear to go into the exchangers talk looking at data theater class. You are increasing in many states and be expected. Her perfume read number one we have a contagious disease present and wonders more social mingling going to be more cases and of course when we catch more going to contact more cases of people in your street protesting in screening and sharing microphone going to have the only question really is what I can. Of these cases and how we can handle the majority of people that are getting our younger, healthier people.

These are people from the evidence from all over the world including the United States, significant risk, generally from function. In fact, the overwhelming majority of people work hopefully for manufacturing really the issue. In fact, the issue is only really cool. One we want to do our best to affect the people who are at high risk actually die from this and we are not doing that. We of course were better at it. I know better because we help we don't see the explosion and we would've expected.

What we have seen the beginning of and you know we we we have learned so we know that we need to contact the elderly. Hybrid fuel critically in nursing homes not we as a nation have failed at doing coast-to-coast as most countries won't fail, but the second part of the policy and the only thing that really is the focus of any so-called flattening of the curve of the hospital from being overcrowded.

The point of the policy.

The policy one can never stop all cases of cold. We would never stop all from Colbert because we have a case I would eat here with Horton County rate greater than 20 single disease with hourly rate greater than zero but fairly there are people that are going to die were going to minimize that we do our best to minimize that and that he should be global because we protect whelming majority of people die over 70 and in some cases over 80 coming upon the analyses two thirds with reports of people over 70, whereas younger, healthier people have extremely low risk and in fact the infection totality rate for people under 70.04 (or equal to seasonal okay so really should have never been instructed people. And frankly, one of the agreed failures here of the policy.

People did not allow fear to infiltrate their own thinking and in lockdown, which are severely harmful and I can articulate but secondly they have failed to reassure the public about the facts about the risk of very serious danger.

Disease for a group of people you know those people are, they are high risks early people with comorbidities everybody else.

It's high risk right exactly. So why is it when I see you know that the governor of Texas was done at home and when he says you know what I'm thinking of where we may have to do a significant lockdown of the state. If these numbers continue to wait a minute, why are you walking down the entire state. Why aren't we just protecting those people in that category right. Why have we gone off the rails on this again like I tried to peer including a public official, but I don't guard would be ignorant from the lack of ability to critical thinking on the data by the people talking and again we want to protect the hybrid people.

We also need to protect the hospital to some extent because we absolutely want killing people by locking out regular medical care and we have data that you don't talking people would counter ABOUT Mr. chemotherapy and I could go on and on. Factually true.

In fact, alone. By the way the extra expected baseline from last year almost heard in cold, good people week people with the lockdown, particularly the lockdown of medical care, not to mention the lockdown causing increased suicide increase. Don't be like document altered comfortably okay so not arguable reality that I want to really make sure the situation and is going through a little getting crowded in hospitals in Florida, but I just looked at the data, we see that all okay the hospital contractors are 80 to 90% occupied. When you look at what percent open patient will want for dinner Colbert patient in Arizona.

15 to 20% filling these articles.

Of course we honor Nicole good fit really feeling guilty after more Colbert hospitalization and when you are overwhelmed, although I just looked down from Florida and they still have about 20% that occupancy and about 20% ICU occupancy but there are some hospital isolated hospitals with very crowded getting nervous levels. I see okay well here's the policy issue we need to do what we did for New York and supply extra hospital capacity. You're not going to stop the infection itself. You just need to be able to take care of the people who need care switch to schools actually just the other side you order Dr. Scott Ellis over and got to be open they have got to be open we are, we are harming our children the pediatric Association has has come out and said this as well. There is real harm being done to our society by keeping everything closed. There is hard really bad things happening to our economy as well, which will have ramifications, but the schools should schools be open or not. Two euros backup people claiming the school should be closed or open with any constraints whatsoever go through the data fact is the bottom line. For instance, chairman pediatric the girl expected pediatric journal published study, including 46 hospitals in North America and a following quote, our data indicate that children are at far greater risk of critical illness from one got them from Colbert 19 children are extraordinarily lower to near zero dying patient yet. Every child died round-the-clock, parent I can't stop it right there to pick that up. There's about another six minutes.

In that interview and I'm in a play that tomorrow okay because I want you to hear the rest of that interview tomorrow to bring that back. That was Dr. Scott Atlas from the Hoover institution and Glenn Beck show the other day speaking a Glenn Beck got another guest on second half the show tomorrow.

Sloan Rachman is the Executive Director pendant shield to put out an article recently about black lives matter lessons and curriculum infiltrating the school including the schools right here in wake County where I live, you do not want to miss that Glenn Beck talked about read the whole article the other day on their super important topic. This is Steve Noble on the Steve Noble show, God willing. I talked again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for

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