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Marxist our schools!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 15, 2020 3:41 pm

Marxist our schools!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 15, 2020 3:41 pm

Marxist our schools!

Today Steve talks about the fact that BLM curriculum could be arriving in schools across America and the repercussions of teaching our kids Marxism in our Schools.  Steve is also joined in the second half of the show by Sloan Rachmuth a reporter for Pen & Shield Media. 


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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble

Everyone views time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred down call Steve now at 8643 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble coven, natch, a local school system this fall I'm laughing because it's better than screaming and throwing something through the window here breaking something here in the studio but it's good to be sorry about that. And it's good be with you, and I wanted to go down this road with you.

Sorry I'm having a little technical thing there. I want to get on this road with you and I continue what we're doing yesterday because yesterday I was playing for you. Dr. Scott Atlas from the Hoover institution is one of the few people think goodness he starting to get more and more screen time, but what a few people out there actually using facts to deal with this whole question about our kids going back to school.

But when our kids go back to school in the fall.

What's gonna happen. Well, one of the thing is going to happen is black lives matter is infiltrating public schools and in terms of curriculum which is going to turn kids into little marks. This is in that great so maybe we shouldn't be letting them go to school anyway so to do that.

The second half of the shower to talk to Sloan rack letters with 10 inch shield media and she had a story the other day in the Federalist. That's kinda gone viral and silver to talk to Sloan in the second half of the show, but I want to go right back to these clips. I was playing yesterday for you this is that Dr. Atlas with Glenn back talking about some reality some truth when it comes to our schools open with any constraints whatsoever, and I can go through the data line for pediatric girl expected pediatric journal published including North America" indicate the children are at greater risk of critical got them from Kohlberg, 19 children are extraordinarily low near zero.

Yes, every, every child died tragically apparent. But the point is that those exceptions don't welding we have in the numbers of lucky for some children who have died in the United this year: 19 people heard The last one got from children was about 600. Even with the vaccine with anything we know about decades of England computer going to close schools the children must close schools every year from November to April because that way killed 50 90,000 Americans per year. You know, okay. So stop that right. You catching that. So close it for children for school-age children. So were talking about 18 and below. Okay, that's pretty much high school all the way down elementary, middle school, high school 18 and below.

I'm not including okay so coven is less dangerous to them then influence of the flu flu season so I think I have always percussion shut things down or open them up with mass and social dissing and all that stuff when it comes to the flu season. We should be shutting down schools nationwide because it's actually far more dangerous I get the ID understand that the reason I'm sharing this with you and with myself is because whether you're in public school, private school or home school, you need to understand truth in and where you're being commanded forced to do things that are contrary to the truth we say we want to follow signs we say we believe in the statistics and then we don't act on them. We have to push back most of the time were just okay what can I I'm just one voice we have to push back so here's some numbers okay this is from the CDC 30 children under 15 have died from pelvic 1930 children all year here in the United States have died from culminating all 30 is a tragedy, but 30 okay 39 of them were under 17 of them were between 1 to 4. So take them out of the school numbers okay or not.

Talk. They're not even down elementary school yet from 5 to 14 there were 14 of them now. 15 to 18 is where you then get the whole number up to 30 okay then, but if you go from 15 to 18 that's pretty much high school. So now are looking to Johnny kids. There are an elementary through high school in America 56.6 million students elementary through high school.

Let's throw college in their there's 20 million college students, so when we look at the 5 to 14 age group 14/50 6.6 million have died if we look at the 15 to 18 age group 52. An additional 52 out of that 56 million have died. And then if we look at college, which is ages 19 to 2260/20,000,000 have died 60 on a 20 million college and 60 6/50 6.6 million.

If we go all the way from five to age 18, but only 30 under the age of 50 nationwide for the entire covert season that we Bennett and so why are we freaking out and shutting everything down because there's been an agenda behind this. It's not about science. Always people that are driving this narrative to stay home and freak out and everybody's gonna die special in the school situation.

The drive in that narrative has nothing to do assignments. There's covert, 19 is our friend Steve days likes to say.

Then there's the COBIT 19 agenda. Okay, that's what were the sentence, let's listen to little bit more about Dr. Atlas on Glenn Beck show the other day. Torturing Donald school and the risk to children in the United States, a fraction of 1241 years old not have a high risk reality is from all over the top of all the children only rarely leave data from Switzerland, and Canada, the Netherlands plant I cling to, UK, Australia, Ireland, all over the world. We don't we go and ignore all the cracks are for people to talk about the time there is no significant risk anyone in the school and become more loosely and so the reality is, people were sending close schools. They don't care about the children. The question is this question a Facebook like this.

The question about what about the teachers what the science shows in the stats show the reality shows that kids are not very effective at all of passing COBIT under the adults, not even their own family so teachers are at risk either another high risk people stuff like that were to switch to a Fox News interview or somebody push back on the Dr. Atlas secular answers for all that will be right back normal show, talking some more about the COBIT and kids and socialism is when you send your kids back to school when you're wearing a mask all day and being compliant and keeping social distancing, and all the other garbage will the other thing the other thing to get that we found out about actually saw some the stuff about a month ago was black lives matter in those public schools and their working hard to turn all our little kids in the little Marxist is not great, so that's from a article and put pen and shield media written by Sloan Rachman and Katie Jensen Sloan is gonna be on the show at me for the second half of the show to walk us through that. This is actual black lives matter inspired things that are inside the school system.

If you're here like here. I'm in wake County, North Carolina. I've got the website I can look at it. I can look at.

I'm looking at it.

Wake County Public school system racial equity resources for wake County Public school system. Educators and staff and you come down here just a little bit way down the page and who you see. Well, who's this nice looking black woman with the black lives matter T-shirt on." To feel is the most fundamental human desire. Yet we are consistently punished for expressing our feelings and desires, but trees, colors, activists, artist activists, cofounder of black lives matter, a distinctly godless Satanic Marxist organization and right now inside and this is just wake on about school. This is in New York this is a bunch other places right so working to talk to Sloan in the second half of the show and learn some more about that because you know I just want you to be a little more upset than you arty are want you to join me in my enraged misery. Okay, so not to play this and so then Dr. Atlas was on Fox News with Sunder Smith the other day and she decides to push back on. She's she's taking the whole, public narrative, everybody's got a sacrifice. What about the kids.

What about the teachers out, she's taking it so she pushes back on Dr. Atlas. But she's not in his game. Okay chic sheet but it's great. I really appreciate that she did it because it gave gave Dr. Alice a chance to deal with a bunch of these questions, that the society is dealing with and that the mainstream media is pushing okay so this is from box the other day, Sunder Smith and Dr. Atlas from the Hoover Institute hearing clear while you are saying how important it is to get back to school safely. You are encouraging that CDC guidance be followed that there is swearing social distancing all of the precautions that the recommending CFC lien and that you are following CDC recommendations aren't you I mean you are American that cares about people right. That's how she puts the question for children. It would be irrational children.

It doesn't matter if children get the disease they don't get sick from this data shows that they do not significantly transmit to adults in this is the side while Xiao is wearing. Stop the spread she's referencing science but people are being honest about the science don't we have a collective duty in this country to stop the spread there's no rational reason for science to say that children transmit the disease significantly.

In fact, there is data to either believe in the science or you say you believe in the science and contrary to science. The science says and this is data from Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands, France, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, everywhere in North Germany everywhere in the Western world has shown that children do not transmit significantly to adults, even their own parents and teachers are not not in how your risk of getting eight disease like this disease from children either believe the science or not. You can't insist you believe in the science and contrary to science and by the way, like I said we are the only country not opening schools. This is absurd. But remember were the only country with a presidential election this November. And one guy in the race name trump okay and and I'm you know this. I'm not a mega hat wearing guy right not trump apologists.

There's a lot of things about the present and I like and things that he's done that I like. There's several things about him that I dislike consistently so not like just throwing down all the time for trump. You want to hear that go listen to Sean Hannity but that's that's what's different than in this country so out-of-control and I'm so glad that Dr. Scott Atlas from the Hoover Institute is out there so I just that's I'm playing this for you so you can hear truth be armed with the truth since were supposed to be people of truth and politics are at play for clocks and other harsh restrictions that were seen across the country and I believe that there is zero reason. In fact, zero. Excuse to not have schools open in person sick kids in Toronto, the world's best hospitals just delineated this schools must meet in person. No mastsbecause children are not at risk. If you believe that there should be some kind of restriction schools you're not talking about children. Kids who fall into the high risk categories. There are kids with you.

Of course okay. There is a small minority of children that are at high risk and those kids need to be protected.

That's always true me put it this way seasonal influenza is more risky for children more then calls at 19 seasonal influenza is transmitted from children to high risk adults who are teachers every year. Seasonal influenza in California, the percent of deaths in children was 5.4% zero kids have died from covert, 19 if teachers think that they can't work during this they absolutely must say we have to close schools from November through April. I will say that now is that still didn't follow the numbers easier to clean, science, and influenza is way more dangerous both ways from kids. The parent from kids. The teachers and the danger to kids and the death of kids right way more dangerous influences then covert, 19, so all the stuff are doing for covert we should do it by a factor of about 54 influenza. So basically we should have school at all because the only way you're going to get everything that zero is just to sit at home, but even then natural disasters will get you right, but now are in this totally wimped out society were nobody's willing to take a risk for anything. Okay so we've gone from the greatest generation to the Wimpy's generation and this is a political weapon over and over and over again and and I hate to sound like like a catastrophe historic conspiracy theory person, but this is a political weapon.

Everything everything is politicizing United States of America. Absolutely everything in the culture because of the digital warfare. We have social media. We do not. Some guy pulled a gun the other day I just saw the story in a store somewhere over an argument over him not wearing a mask and he went to his head up. Are you kidding me, and people just and all of a sudden you don't have to share the gospel.

You have to talk to anybody about Christ. You don't have to do anything along those lines.

Just wear a mask and you're a good Christian boy that's nice, gets us right off the hook right. Hey, I did my Christian duty today. I wore my mascot inward where T-shirt that I'm a Christian. I didn't discern I didn't tell anybody that, as a Christian I didn't share the gospel in any way, but I did wear a mask so you know, like a saint print Francis of a sissy used to say at all times use a share the gospel and when absolutely necessary use words well. I share the gospel because I chose to wear a mask about that for cynical, okay setting that aside when we come back will move from covert in the schools to black lives matter. Marxism in the schools with flow directly from Penn and Shield media to be on the show with me when we come back. This is Steve Noble. This is the Steve Noble show trying to hold it all together and speak the truth will ripen back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show so we don't want to send their kids. We do want to send their kids back to school because the covert, 1930 children under the age of 15 have died nationwide. We were just figuring out over the break. If we look at the 86.6 million students that's elementary all the way through college. We've had 163 of them died during the whole covert incidents which is which means your percentage point, your chance of death as a student between elementary and college is .00000189 that your percentage chance of death.

And that's how our government and our local government and our state government reacting, but if we send our kids back to school. What else could be dangerous side covert, which isn't what you want to know something that actually is black lives matter in their Marxist agenda the other day I saw an article several days ago in the Federalist black lives matter in public schools is turning kids in the little Marxist and it starts off in New York City that Mike will, of course, and then says new North Carolina's largest school system in wake County, which is where I live here in Raleigh, North Carolina, launched a website that provides black lives matter lessons for teachers using classrooms and for parents to use at home and not that comes ring a bell and then I went look at the wake County public school system. And lo and behold there is and I remembered seeing that and then the training that's involved.

This is all very Orwellian. It's very much driven driving the Marxist agenda to your kids in the public school system's loan. Reckless junk joins us.

Penn and Shield media is her as her organization's loan.

Thanks so much for being with us today. How are you going great you're very welcome and this was I'd like to say, and this this the first time you been on the show and you not you and I don't know each other and in I like to say all the time. Hey that you know what a shock but nothing really surprises me anymore.

At this rate, and was so when you started to investigate. First of all kinda what led to your investigation to find this black lives matter curriculum inside the school system how that could started while I harbor all you know I bearing our community.

Obviously our children number one I area either old iMac cover like Muslim brother had coming to our public school at her far in finding it. Obviously I'm kind of tight ended at doing that for about four year cabin right now and national generalist file I thought well here we nearly everywhere on so you know, I know the group went black nightmare very well. I've been getting a lot of recording honey. While finding out they are coming actually arrowroot line really ran for trouble when I saw the wet I we are talking about it day, John met me and you go to the wake County public school system to go right to the website, which in the article that was in the Federalists and were talking to Sloan reckless from Penn and Shield media. By the way, I just put the links up for pen and Shield sheet. She's doing great work there and the website is 10 and Shield but when you pull it up and go right to the Lee County public school system. You go just a little bit down the page's loan and their staring you in the face is Patrice colors wearing her black lives matter shirt and this is somebody that is an avowed Marxist, and when you start to understand the black lives matter organization. There's the the notion small case, black lives matter which everybody should agree with. Then there's the organization just how dangerous are they in terms of bringing this curriculum into the schools. Children can incriminate ridiculing white or Christian or Jewish children and teaching other children her hair color. The program we looking at programming. Moreover, it first thing that it said that white children my bow them out there and felt that the original of their skin color and fell asleep. We can't just that dealt unlawful taking a quick timeout segregation. A terrible time for this country on all. I mean, we haven't done each all American children that if they can work hard American dream. The goal fail at you through this program for nuclear is not giving it very troubling you are in a market now, you know what I have marked to go after Lake and United Jewish BLM curriculum right deeply economic, Patrice colors herself is the poster girl for you. Sorry. You know, and white. I think that we carry out right now. Christians all felt on teaching that every child of God should be honored. Teaching that currently children should be on for equality. That's right, admirable, and a discriminatory movement so absolutely you got in the article from from the Federalist. The site lays out a cultlike recruiting process for students to follow. Step one recognize your white privilege step to learn the do's and don'ts of being an ally.

Step three recruit more members to learn steps one and two step three. The recruitment process posits racial equity accountability must be tied to specific outcomes.

Now that's work it's really scary. That's where you're right in the Marxism and communism were there trying to have equality of outcome as opposed to equality of opportunity and that's that's just breeding more and more of this type of thinking, which we already see in the millennial engines.

The levels it's it's growing all the time but you mentioned something I want to go back to this loan.

You mention anti-Semitism inside black lives matter and I think a lot of people aren't aware of that. You have to look at the people that started you have to look at the things that they've said and done up but that's something that I think is largely flying under the radar screen right now Setauket you mentioned a little bit but I want to make sure we unpack that a bit.

Well theology founded on all our back Rick Eric hi Rev. Jeremiah Wright from a bomber carriage Green ports America clear but very toward you need thinking a that we are evil and everything that goes wrong attributed to affect their political point of view on paralytic planet called and got an email written replacing I used as guides to go if you well read African-American on for like the real political work out a faded very dangerous, very dangerous ideology that is virtually every single leader in black nightmare. You will see a bunch ally of Farrakhan yeah when you get another about page when you dive in their acceptance.

I think the number one thing that comes across on this page's loan is that it would appear that the number one issue is homosexuality and transgender is on that because that shows up in one paragraph after another, but there they're all for getting rid of the regular nuclear family there. All four dealing with the abortion.

The very pro-abortion.

There we foster queer affirming network energetic and intergenerational communal network free from AG is him there's all kinds of language and here now a lot of people are gonna wonder Sloan. How does this translate into what's actually happening. Like with the way, in this case we County both your backyard in my backyard. The actual curriculum and the things that work that they're teaching in there because I'm looking at their their webpage and when you first look at it if you're ignorant, you just look at it you go oh okay well how to root out antiblack racism from your school.

That sounds noble. That sounds like something we should do so. So have you found enough yet inside of there to come to see where where of the injected the really dangerous aspects of this into the actual curriculum that's available on our local school board's website while you are correct economic umbrella right everything is marked and correct part you you being the parent teacher greater Ghana row everything I like the part when you're right though there right off here on court quality on again without superiority and inferiority of right to think I gender out if think sexual preference, though there's been a backhoe walking out different funders, etc. you included that aspect that really what were talking about here is on all of the Trojan war under under equality and if you would just you will be a race right by definition Of the John Holder Coming up in the Commercial Break, Talking to Sloan Rack Met from This Is Just a Great Is a Great Article in Federalists the Other Day, Pen and Shield Media. You Can Check That when we come back some more about this black lives matter, curriculum, black lives matter. In general, I will unpack some more about this Trojan horse because that's what the whole movement really has become will be right back noble show we turn the corner from what's going on in schools with covert where it's not much of a threat at all. Statistically basically zero to talking about the infiltration of our public school system, by black lives matter in their Marxist agenda. This is based on an article that came out the other day in the Federalist black lives matter in public schools is turning kids in the little Marxists by Sloan rack with and Katie Jensen from Penn and Shield media. We got Sloan on hold Sloan them to get right to you in just a second. I pulled up so this is through the wake County but is one of the about largest school systems in the country and it's right here in Raleigh North Carolina right so somebody on Facebook live basketball what's in the actual curriculum. Okay where is it actually dangerous because he got the black lives matter. One of the cofounders and here she's an anti-Semite Marxist. Okay, that's a fact.

That's not me as some conservative white guy just says, speaking hatred right.

She is a self-avowed Marxist trained in it and then also by her own comment so she associates with what they've said in the past totally anti-Semitic as well, so I followed from the wake County Public school system during the break. I followed one of their curriculum guides here, which took me over to educational to an article called how to root out antiblack racism from your school know it's good on the point number three little show in this couple weeks ago.

Stop challenging black lives matter, all in bold point or three efforts to minimize, dismiss or ignore the pain and suffering of black people is one of the central tenets of anti-blackness. To that end, challenging black lives matter or stating all lives matter is an attempt to minimize, ignore or dismiss the types of structural inequality, political disenfranchisement, police violence and educational economic marginalization of black people efforts to complete black people's experiences with other people struggles while appearing benevolent robs black people of an unapologetic and intentional spotlight and the crucial analysis of their experiences. What I said on a full show two weeks ago was I'm not can run around and say black lives matter because that phrase in and of itself is an enormous sale okay and all of the money and all of the hot air blowing into that one of the ships that that sale is connected to is the black lives matter organization when you start following the money were talking about tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars are flowing to black lives matter. So whenever you say black lives matter.

As part of this public discourse right now your blowing air into that sale and one of the ships that you're helping without really knowing you're helping.

It is the actual black lives matter organization which wants to destroy the country, the family, the church, the synagogue, that's all part of it and you cannot dismiss one from the other, which is why this article that Sloan rack myth and Katie Jensen from Penn and Shield media so important so that were all dealing with the realities of what's going on out there, so Sloan and I mean thanks again for being with us today and for writing this great article in the work that you're doing it pen and Shield media and and just you have to dig a little but I think that's one of our problems today as most of us just to look at a headline we look at a thing. We all okay, I agree.

I don't agree. I share if I like it but most people aren't looking so when you go to the wake County school system's website. You said this earlier. These are common noble things that they're trying to do here. There's good conversation starters. But when you dig into it I found the thing like I just found that I just read a minute ago it gets dangerous. Best Creighton Proctor felt right there problematic recruitment. Proctor felt no way out in color you marked or cracked for your income or recruit other. That down arrival right there that looking at curriculum accurately when you're looking at picture of an American anti-old way that it all still a problem with anything to carry out, and here's why. If we were to put the grace gave the Duke on the cover of any material going to parent greater children that would wipe away the river get that would be fired and only one parent defiantly and yet we see the here and I get back expectable.

Really, what were talking back here, hoping for people based on religion should never be allowed to think we can operate getting more children are getting recognition so why we think are because it brought their on the fact that it is something that the whole Trojan horse notion about this and people need to remember that's that's that's why you can't eat. Everybody needs to be a whole lot more skeptical than they are right now we look at this angle, especially in the context of what the country is going to right now with with respect to black lives matter, and that movement in the greater movement the part of the conversation that's valid, the part of the conversation.

That isn't whenever you see this especially showing up in the wake County Public school system, OR any school system run the country up in New York and if you think it's only these two places you're crazy. It's going to be all over the place because the art art school system largely nationwide is extremely liberal but the fact that Patrice colors picture is on here just baptizes it. All of a sudden that's the way County public school system in the normal school system with 150+ schools. All the kids parents on here going oh well. We love our schools. We we appreciate the school system they put a picture Patrice colors appear, she must be a good person and all the kids see this and go will you obviously why would they put a picture.

It's not like they put a picture up of Adolf Hitler, but they kinda did because you have to understand who you're looking at here, but people I think are just massively ignorant while you read one) about your Jewish know our preponderant Jewish parent on without eating very.

Setting I really make you late hour anywhere in New York where they are. I feel very trapped that they say something again very and it will also go to prove that he used to run widely etc. really you know another thing that a minority taking on a minority picture large. I look at curriculum speak you. You.

What have you had a chance to reach out to anybody the way County public school system. Any engagement there.

That's number one number two. What would you suggest just from your research and your investigative journalism Sloan that that parents listening to us right now, whether here in Raleigh or somewhere else in North Carolina are in another state. What would you suggest they do to start to arm themselves with the truth here of what's going on important area where you years ago when I actually private goal private. Your goal they tried to bring type of curriculum. She's that problem. There liberal or LEL comments right here recommend parent number one on. Prepare yourself, prepare yourself to be called Ralph if you can't compare it right being punched one doctors I say you're good to go. Just as part of all prepare yourself for that organ. Immediately organized immediately.

You need 10 or 15 other like-minded parent that are willing to stand up when a crime is needed in each and every school you and you understand that the other believes that we are at war KR Patty for it to understand that you have got my backpack appearing. Prepare yourself for attack organized now and living very very clearly every we will not route our school. They want to argue or stated it is fair that is not true.

We need to win on very one, we will not teach it. If you going to that material you will find incrimination point at the discrimination point quality fighting for equality really very important fighting for.

Our congregation about her wrong yet is such an important point that the other side is certainly at war. This is an exit stencil threat to the United States of America to the future of our children and as parents if we sit on the sideline. If we don't engage it reminds me of the watchmen on the wall from the Old Testament who if he doesn't say anything. The blood of the people is on him and even if an and for years I've been an active it started back in 2004 Sloan and we we homeschool all of our kids in the news cycle because we used to go after the way County public school system would ask me while Mr. Noble you know aren't your kids homeschooled. So what are you doing talking about the boy County public school system. Your kids are in a minute and I would say what you want.

My constitutional answer or my Christian answer, here's my Christian answer my biblical answer is to love my neighbor as myself. So whether my kids are in there are not really as a relevant. I need to act like all those kids that are in their are my kids and my constitutional mandate is there spending my tax dollars. So I have a right to say about what the government's doing of my tax dollars are locally and so you have to engage, but I'm so glad you said that the other side is that war and if we don't understand were at war. In this case a culture war and exit stencil threat to our way of life here in America in defending religious liberty. Whether you're Jewish or Christian or Muslim or whatever if you don't understand your war you're destined to lose. And we need to wake up and get involved Sloan, it's so great to have you on and so glad I got to read your article and Sharon and I hope we can have Jan again. Thanks much for your time. Welcome. God bless you will talk to you later. That was Sloan Radcliffe from Penn Shield tenant Shield so grateful for the work that she is doing their investigative journalism. That's the way County public school system here you can get to it through the website. The question is what are you gonna do about to get on the phone start calling start emailing way County public school system but go in and look at it for yourself but the links up on Facebook like to check that out.

We are at war. Unfortunately, that's just a reality.

This is Steve Noble the Steve Noble showed God willing I'll talk you again real soon. My dad always used to say ever for

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