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Whiteness 101

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July 17, 2020 10:39 am

Whiteness 101

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 17, 2020 10:39 am

Whiteness 101

Steve takes us through a document produced by the National Museum of African American History & Culture (Smithsonian) entitled: “Aspects & Assumptions of Whiteness & White Culture in the United States”.  If this is “Whiteness,” then what does “Blackness” look like?  Additionally, Steve deals with the notions of White Guilt, White Supremacy, and White Privilege.  


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Everyone use time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred call Steve Bell 8643 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. Okay, it's Friday. Let's start with a little name that tune a little name that tune On that I do do do do do the good that it is good go to dinner to do.

Okay, that's a TV theme song. You know, so that's going to determine your age right here on my radio and on Facebook life yeah of course leave it to beaver right that's the be so the ultimate perhaps the ultimate show in whiteness and apropos.

I think today is something to type II and spend the hour on the third rail. Talking about whiteness whiteness on 01 aspects and assumptions of whiteness and white culture in the United States, courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of African-American history and culture. Welcome to the show. Happy Friday.

This is Steve Noble to Steve Noble show the Steve Noble

By the way that Everest everyday's podcast so you can get. Whether it's Apple, Google, Google place, modify iHeartRadio stitcher where you get your podcasts and if you like podcast. How do I get a podcast. Well, if you know anybody under the age of 30 asked them and they'll take care of you. Odds are if you have a smart phone you already have an app on their and perhaps again you need to have somebody come to the age of 30, but I assure you it's there, as well as the new podcast who is this SOP check that out.

Don't judge me until you listen to it. Who is SSO and also right here on Facebook distinguish on Facebook where you might be scrolling through your feet already. So whiteness 101. Okay I'm in a work my way through this and there's a lot here that I want to share. So there's this info graphic that they put up just of the last couple days and then as I went back to print off some more from the national Museum of African-American history and culture right there in DC.

It's really close to the to the Washington Monument.

I which needs to be blown up obviously and really cool building right so this is their webpage that they just went live on the other day talking about race in and then you slide down a little bit and in big letters, whiteness, whiteness at the national Museum of American history and culture. We believe that any productive conversation on race must start with honesty, respect for others and an openness to ideas and information that provide new perspectives and as part of that they put this big info graphic. Again, I share this yesterday on Facebook and I'll share it again when I get off the air today for those of you on Facebook live. You can kinda see it here in the studio.

If you guys want to join me that way. Just go to the Steve Noble show on Facebook so this big infographics to start their and work through this up because they're saying okay here's here's all the aspects and assumptions of white culture from the document it says this white dominant culture or whiteness refers to the ways white people and their traditions, attitudes and ways of life have been normalized over time and are now considered standard practice in the United States and since white people still hold most of the institutional power in America we have all internalized some aspects of white culture, including people of color. Okay, now working to break it down so this is from their perspective and by the way, this is the conversation that's going on, especially amongst your children and grandchildren.

This is partially what we are talking about the other day with Sloan about the black lives matter, racial diversity, racism curriculum that's made its way into a lot of school systems, including the one right here in Raleigh were I'm at wake County Public schools LA bunch other places in this all this kind of talking about race and white fragility, which is a really really popular book now in white supremacy and whiteness white guilt. All these things.

Okay this is what all are all the kill the people.

All the kids for us are the folks pretty much under 40. This is everywhere. Okay, so you need to be educated. I need to be educated and I'm in a come at this from a couple different directions primarily as a Christian, but also as a white, Christian, and also I'm in asked some tough questions here as we go through this white culture in the United States about what is it say about the African-American culture.

Perhaps, or the Latino culture. Perhaps so lets them see subheadings okay, here's the subheadings rugged individualism, family structure, emphasis on the scientific method history Protestant work ethic, religion, status, power and authority, future orientation, time, aesthetics, holidays, justice, competition, and communication.

Okay, that's a lot, but you need to be educated is going on today show whiteness 101 so this is all what's going on out there that's been partying, bombarding a large segment of our population for years, which is why you're wondering why sometimes your kids, your grandkids are talking about race and racism in some ways that are absently foreign to you. This is why, because you have not been inculcated into this way of thinking okay and there are some truths in here. I'm not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I'll try to acknowledge that as we go through it and then another document that I pulled off their website, whiteness, and then will end today with a great article out of the Atlantic. Not exactly a bastion of conservative Christian thought written by John McWhorter contribute in writer at the Atlantic and a professor at Columbia University and an African-American and he takes some serious issue with this whole notion of white fragility, which is the super super popular book that's out there right now publishing 2018. It's all over the place. D'Angelo is the author so she's everywhere and a lot of her stuff showing up here and videos of hers on the Smithsonian website okay so let's let's get going rugged individualism whiteness 101.1, the individual is the primary unit self reliance.

Why, that's prom independent and autonomy highly valued and rewarded individuals assumed to be in control of their environment. You get what you deserve. Rugged individualism so that is a white thing so what's the black equivalent of that for the Latino equivalent of that not self-reliant, totally dependent, not autonomous, as individuals assumed to be in control their environment so you're not control of anything if you're black or Latino. Perhaps because if that's the opposite of this testing. This is whiteness, family structure, the nuclear family white father, mother, 2.3 children as the ideal social unit. I don't know said that, but a father and mother and children. The nuclear family that's white whiteness 101 so if you're black or Latino or Asian. That's not weak. So we see the nuclear family and I guess is that offensive, the husband of the breadwinner and the head of the household. Okay, that might sound old-fashioned to some, it might sound biblical to some it is necessarily true.

The wife can be working as well depends on how you deal with that. That's a different show wife is a homemaker and subordinate to the husband. That's a white thing children should have their own rooms and be independent well really. Our kids haven't had their own rooms and while they do now is only up to 1/4 home but they share rooms their whole lives and were white.

Does that mean black people should never work toward your kids. Having your own rooms such as the will. You can have your room because you're black and that's for white people see where I'm going here to keep doing this a lot more impact whiteness 101 okay listen up all you white people aspects and assumptions of whiteness and white culture in the United States.

Courtesy of the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American history on their new webpage called talking about race. Interestingly enough, when I pulled this up today I buy posted this thing for you on Facebook live.

You see this it's it's like a big infographics about whiteness and white culture which I'm at work my way through here in the move on and look at some other aspects of this, but when I went to the webpage earlier today, there talk about our goal in doing so is to contribute to a discussion of the smiley important subject that millions of Americans are grappling with since yesterday, certain content, that's this info graphic I have your and my hands certain content in the talking about race portal has been the subject of questions that we have taken seriously. We have listened to public sentiment and have removed a chart that does not contribute to the productive discussion we had intended. You think you know why they removed it. It's not because they don't believe it, it's probably because some donors somewhere said white donors and and hopefully some black donors said this is a problem, but this is largely inculcated, especially into millennial's antigens.

He okay people, but for the most part 40 and under K is a large part regular part of the thinking, because they been bombarded with this, you haven't could you not in twitter and Instagram and all that stuff you not listen to those podcasts which is why I'm doing the who is this SOP podcast to try to get in that stream a little bit but this is this is what they been inculcated with for years, including a public education so we talk about rugged individual peasant family structure. This is why cultural kids white stuff emphasis on the scientific method that this white objective, rational, linear thinking at the white thing why people cause and effect relationships white quantitative emphasis white. I thought the scientific method was just science. I'd like to talk to to an African-American or an Asian or Hispanic in any other person other than white. That's scientist and see what method you are using. That isn't the scientific method is apparently the scientific method is just white history based on northern Europe immigrants experience United States heavy focus on the British Empire primacy of Western Greek and Roman and Judeo-Christian tradition, which is what with the foundation of this country. By the way, nothing will that's good or bad him to sing.

That's reality swinging to teach history no one thing we should do in this country, just on a side note, we should deftly be teaching some more history. Did you see hidden figures those three brilliant African-American women working in the space program in the 1960s with Kevin Costner. That's an incredible story the first time I thought I might. Why did I never hear this story why I never heard this or Dora just mercy about the guy doing work down in the deep South incredible afternoon attorney went to Harvard decided him to go help out death row inmates that are black because a lot of them or get the shaft which is true, was that it was has been true, it's still true, especially the deep South and I'm like wow what an amazing story. What why did I know about this. Some people say because you are white and he didn't care to find out I was a well basically I wasn't taught brings us back to the point of education. What are you being taught.

So there's a lot of things we should deftly add to those of this the Protestant work ethic white whiteness 101 artworks keeps its success totally white work before play white people. If you if you can meet your goals. You can work hard enough yet white people so let me go to the opposite side of this that this is whiteness. What is blackness on these hard work is the key to success.

So a black person would say what that's what this is so strange and bizarre and I think condescending and by the way out to wrap this up here little bit because ultimately, this isn't really an attack of whiteness. It's an attack on something much bigger and something even bigger than that. So there's the problem work present work ethic, religion, Christianity is the norm while Jan Hammer in America. Yeah whiteness anything other than Judeo-Christian tradition is foreign in this country.

True no tolerance for deviation from single God concept well. Most African-Americans in America are Christian and they do believe in a J Judeo-Christian tradition and they do believe in one God says that his power and authority wealth equals worth your job is who you are. Respect authority is whiteness. By the way heavy valuing ownership of good space property, future orientation plan for the future. That's white delayed gratification.

That's whiteness so soon I'm inferring here like this are they saying that blackness is you don't plan for the future and you don't believe in delayed gratification. White white people progress is always best to black people is not. They don't agree with that sealed crazy and dangerous as is. Tomorrow will be better at the white attitude time follow rigid time schedule. So what does that say blackness is you don't follow, time schedules, time viewed as a commodity. What's with blackness that it isn't a aesthetics steak and potatoes.

Plan is best. What women's beauty based on blonde thin Barbie cake and blame social media for that man's attractiveness based on economic status, power and intellect. A lot of the stuff is is the brokenness of man holidays. Justice based on the English common law and the problem with that is now snotty. Always equally applied. But the common law, in and of itself, which is beautiful because it was for everybody different than feudal law protect property and entitlements that not only white people believe in that and the intent counts competition be number 11 at all cost. Winter loser dichotomy action oriented master control nature must always do something about a situation decision-making. What that's that's whiteness communication the King's English written tradition, avoid conflict and intimacy don't show emotion don't discuss personal life. Be polite, I don't really know many white people that are like that at all. But this is on the Smithsonian's and this is the thing that they just pulled down today. They pulled this down is getting some grief and they should but they didn't pull it down because they think it's wrong. It just pulled it down to the agree for you to keep digging into their other stop your some more okay I'm just telling you this is what's out there.

Okay you need to hear this, you need to understand what you're dealing with need to understand what all these assumptions are okay telecine on Facebook live S Bishop Bishop wouldn't respond.

I'll do that. I want to talk to him and come up with one of these called the L aspects and assumptions of blackness and black culture in the United States and will compare and contrast with this list. Okay, by the way, I just saw Bishop wooden earlier today. A prime barbecue, which is why am fighting to stay alive because I think I'm in a bit of a carbohydrate, so if you like to like barbecue best barbecue in the plant on your center before Emma paid to say it I'm saying it because it's great and I want help on my brothers that own and operate the place of their fellow Christians, with most of us an ideal outside of Raleigh so prime barbecue check that whiteness I whiteness a white rash written racialized identity.

Refer to the way the white people, their customs, culture and beliefs operate as the standard by which all other groups are of our compared whiteness is also at the core of understanding race in America whiteness and the normalization of white racial identity throughout America's history of created a culture were nonwhite persons are seen as inferior or abnormal really.

By the way this is being taught is the prevailing cultural theme here. How in the world you ever expect to see any kind of unity or even peace. When this is what you're throwing on the fire. This white dominant culture also and I'm not saying there are some aspects here and there there true because there are but most of its just incredibly condescending junket to an article from the Atlantic before he finished today by an African-American dieters all the stuff apart. God bless them for this white dominant culture also operates as a social mechanism that grants advantages white people since they can navigate society both by feeling normal in being viewed as normal person to identifies white really have to think about the racial identity because they live in a culture where whiteness has been normalized. We are in a white majority culture there is such a thing as white culture.

We need to remember that if you're white like I am okay, you're in a white majority culture.

You don't think about it that much because you're not a minority when you're the majority culture you not thinking about you look at other things and those are different, you're looking around the white people. American go all the white culture more white culture. Look at all be what Chick-fil-A white culture. So some things here that we need to be sensitive to and compassionate about unwilling to discuss as white people. If you're white like me but there's a lot more here think your temperature is high right now. Come back with me after the break. Digging the s'more start talking about how this manifests itself the destruction of America and Western civilization.

A class is now back in session. Welcome to whiteness 101 as we work our way through some of this information from the national Museum of African-American history and culture of the Smithsonian right up there in DC) Washington Monument, which by the way we use opposite have to rename it or tear it down, so I'll let you know when there's a fund for that you can help pay for that.

Anyway trying to work our way through this because this is this is dominant thinking amongst younger people. This is been taught to them tweeted that them Instagram to them to talk to them YouTube to them podcast it into their brains over and over and over again which is why you can find a lot of young people of you noticed that under the age of 40, many of which are going to be your own kids in your own grandchildren who have a different approach. This whole notion of whiteness and race and racism.

I appreciate the heart behind a lot of it but without wisdom, the people perish for lack of knowledge for neck of wisdom, so this is just you need to know what's out there. Okay now this document which I was just saying on Facebook live so if you're on the radio listening to commercials you can join us on Facebook live at the Steve Noble show page and we do some additional content during the commercial breaks but this document which I was just going through this aspects and assumptions of whiteness of white culture in the United States predominantly what this is is a lot of this is just the backbone of Western civilization and a lot of this flows out a solid biblical worldview self-reliance meeting you have autonomy over your actions.

You need to be responsible. You need to provide is why the Bible says Amanda doesn't provide for his family is worth an unbeliever, and if a man is is too lazy if it won't work. You shall not eat. That's all Western civilization thinking, which is what's radicalized the world in terms of technology and advances in medicine and technology in education, alleviating world hunger. All of that's flown out of Western civilization.

Hey Steve, not where did Western civilization flow out of where did that come out of all the facts right.

A biblical worldview. So that's what's behind this Western civilization's attack on white culture and whiteness is really in many ways an attack on Western civilization, which is really an attack on God because you gotta kill God now I've been writing about this in the new daily dose series I'm doing a Monday to Friday comes out every morning at about 11 AM and were in the book of John going to the whole Gospel of John. We just finished John 319, 319, 320, where John the Baptist he must increase, I must decrease in you see this type of thinking all throughout the Scriptures, but that's where the Western civilization flowed out of so a lot of things in this white culture that there saying this is whiteness. This is bad a lot of the stuff I can trace directly to Western civilization and then underneath that Judeo-Christian ethic to get kill God because nobody wants that their dark deeds to be exposed. That's why they reject the gospel. That's why they hate anything that represents God. I don't want that judge me and I don't want my deeds judge unwanted condemnation, not me. Just leave me alone. So in their lostness in their fallenness. They tend to be very aggressive and attack anything that represents the standard's Western civilization in many ways represents a Judeo-Christian ethic or God standard. If you hate God because you don't want to be condemned then you want to get rid of all of that right like a little kid stick fingers and years and 11 that I notice you don't have to hear anything or you just stop it. You just kick it out. You shut the windows. Whatever. So this is largely an attack on Western civilization, which is an attack and got himself whiteness and its accepted normality.

This is from that website also exist as everyday microglia aggressions towards people of color. So just living on any of these things of the white person is a micro-aggression, whether intentional or not these attitudes can indicate hostile, derogatory or harmful messages your whiteness. So if your self-reliant believe in the nuclear family. If your objective and believe in the scientific method. If you think hard work as it is key to success in that you work for you play and let's see what else you should respect authority whiteness plan for the future. Delayed gratification time is viewed as a commodity. It's all whiteness and that's all micro-aggression towards black people are people of color in general in this country. American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate what I can be true sometimes, but most of us realize that America is the great what melting pot that yes this nation indeed was built by immigrants because there was nobody here except the Native Americans, but the predominant culture of the American culture. Then came in from all different parts of the world. By the way, if this is such a hateful terrible place. Why are there people of color from all over the world that would literally risk not only their lies but their children's lives to get here.

They just didn't get the memo right white privilege since white people in America hold most of the political institutional economic power they receive advantages that nonwhite groups do not these benefits and advantages of varying degrees are known as white privilege for many white people. This can be hard to hear or understand or accept what it's true. If you are white in America you been you benefited from the color of your skin. Now here's what happens. A lot of people white people that hear this I can find plenty of white people to hear this and go. I don't feel very privileged. My parents died when I was young. They were they were divorced I was abused I was sexually abused. I grew up in Appalachia. I had no money.

I know I have a friend that's a sport of the show very successful. He groped her poor abused. I have another friend that grew up in when he was rescued out of the foster system. He had sores all over his body because he was residing in his own feces. Okay, so the problem with the phrase white privilege is. It just implies and offends immediately because it seems like your denigrating every challenge any white person is ever faced, whereas the only way you can really deal with this responsibly and lovingly is to say, of all the challenges and this is a young black man that taught me this one. He said Steve I think a better definition of white privilege is this of all the challenges and setbacks and nightmares you faced in your life. One the one that you haven't faced is your skin color and I and first time I heard that I was like okay I can live with that of all the challenges I face and I have not faced many relative to a lot of people, but of all the challenges I have faced one of them has not been my skin color. Okay, I'm with you there, but they take it a lot further than white people can possess other marginalized parts of their identity, but the race is not one of these right so could beer have you ever been marginalized by the way, mistreated, based on things like I don't await looks and elect education, mental illness your handicap. Maybe, like me, have red hair little red with fired head.

Oh yeah, carrot top all that crap when I was little kid that's not I'm not I'm not. No, I'm not comparing that black but are acting like white people are never marginalized some of more being white does not mean you have extreme hardships. This is one little line here they are to get it right and white privilege unpacking the invisible knapsack scholar Peggy McIntosh writes white privileges like an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions, maps, passports, codebooks, visas, close tools and blank checks that the July felt that way like you had old backpack full of blank checks.

I hear some examples she gives a what white privilege looks like an in day-to-day living. If I can't if I can if I wish, arrange to be in the company of people of my race most of the time I can avoid spending time with people whom I was trained to mistrust trained and have learned to mistrust me on my kinder me if I should need to move. I can pretty much be sure of renting or purchasing housing in an area which I can afford, in which I would not I would want to live to be pretty sure that my neighbors in such a location will be neutral or pleasant to me. So on and so forth. I can be sure that my children will be given curricular materials that testify to the existence of the race. What so does that mean that the curricular the curricular materials given to black kids in America do not testify to the existence of the race is that they don't exist then there's this one white dominant culture white dominant culture describes how white people and their practices, beliefs and culture have been normalized over time and are now considered standard in the United States. That's true.

By the way, as a result, all Americans have all adopted various aspects of white culture, including people of color the belief of white superiority. This is white supremacy has been part of United States since its inception. Listen to this. This is why so many young people will say this whole country was born out of racism. It was built out of racism.

First, we stole everything and killed the Indians, then we enslaved the plaques and we did the whole thing, you wave the flag or waving a flag of racism is no nuance, there's no education. There is no conversation.

There's no discernment. There is no wisdom okay just rolled all thing out the white you.

This is this is tax dollars to the Smithsonian. This is what they wrote the white euro. You are European imperialists who settled here believe they were inherently superior to nonwhite groups. These beliefs justified atrocities like the genocide of Native Americans in nearly 250 years of effort of of African slavery Sue. They just sit here.

They just said every single white American. Every single one of every single one of you is an imperialist who settled here and you believe your inherently superior nonwhite groups every single white American.

That's what they're saying here yet. From the beginning there were good Christian people in America who hated slavery who hated what happened to the American Indians and fought for truly quality in the eyes of God. They were here from the beginning, there still here.

And by the way, chattel slavery in America if it weren't for those people abolitionist, some of which were black, most of which were white in the north.

Slavery would've been defeated so you can never say that all totally racist. No, it wasn't in many of the founding father struggle with that I taught you this before and you need to remember this the longest paragraph in the declaration of an declaration of independence which was actually removed written by Thomas Jefferson was about the scourge of slavery. Most of them know what was wrong. They did, they just hate working to try to get this new thing off the ground.

Should we try to deal with slavery at the same time and they punted because they knew they working to get 9/13 colonies to ratify the Constitution would fall apart to be anarchy blood in the streets so they knew they couldn't get both things done. So they punted on and unfortunately they waited until the 1860s and we had to shed the blood of 750,000 Americans to deal with that put all this kind of stuff. It's all over the place so we come back, turn the corner. John McWhorter, African-American Columbia University who fester in the Atlantic about dehumanizing black hole.

Lord help us. Matter fact Let's start a final segment here with prayer and in all dive into this article to dehumanizing condescension of white fragility. The popular book aims to combat racism but talks down to black people. This is by John McWhorter, writing in the Atlantic just couple days ago July 15. He's a contributor writer, the Atlantic and a professor at Columbia University African-American. The Atlantic Odyssey. Not a very not much of a bastion of conservative Christian thought, but he sure does handle this well sewn and finished by reading your support parts of his article consists really powerful from African-Americans perspective. Okay. Father God we just come to you and throw our hands up not knowing exactly how to deal with this we know we have problems in our nation we now have racial problems with strife way of coveting we have personal integrity problems with family problems. We have sexual ethics problems. Lord we we have a lack of love we've rejected you know your son, your gospel, your word, your spirit, we are reaping as a people. What we've sown in Lord, I know many of fellow believers just don't know what to do so, Lord. Right now we do what you call us to do and that's to pray and to lift up all of this to you, we lift up all of our African-American neighbors. All of our people of color, neighbors, everybody that feels oppressed and left out lift them all up to people and then in there with their white people to feel a way to in Lord we we pray that you send your word justice will flow down like a river in Lord were we see injustice, we should not only be grieved, but we should be angry in our sin, we should in our anger, we should not sin. But if were not angry about injustice. Whether it's abortion or things happening because of somebody's skin color or of their level of economic success or lack thereof. Injustice should not only break our hearts at shoulds upset us, and because Matt so Lord help us to have your heart your ears your eyes your compassion, your touch, your words and your gospel about our lives.

Help us to be that peculiar outside influence the prophetic voice speaking to a nation that broken and and just flushing itself down the toilet. Lord help us to have wisdom to know how we can be good ambassadors for the gospel and of your word of your truth into this dark and dying world. We have sent Christ name, amen.

Okay, so he's responding to overall this big thing but white fragility. Robin D'Angelo should she put this book out.

She spent years doing this white woman in and this is all the rage now New York Times bestseller white fragility. This is like must reading for most millennial's intensity, and this is super popular so he finally gets around to reading the book. He's not excited about right.

So here this is from his article white fragility was published in 2018 would jump to the top New York Times best-selling list. I'm at the protest following the death of George Floyd D'Angelo is convinced University administrators corporate human resource offices, no small mark part of the reading public that white Americans must embark on a self-critical project of looking inward to examine and work against racist biases that many have barely known they had sound familiar. She's like the Godfather of this movement right, she's the Guru of this movement right now this white fragility issue. I'm not convinced he sets. Rather, I learned that one of America's favorite advice books of the moment is actually a racist tract despite the sincere intentions of its author. The book diminishes black people in the name of dignifying us. This is unintentional. Of course, like the racism D'Angelo sees in all whites. Still, the book is pernicious because of the authority that its author is been granted over the way innocent readers. Thank you. Ask your average millennial urgency they are eating this stuff this book up like Nana she operates from the now familiar concern with white privilege aware of the unintentional racism ever lurking inside of her that was inculcated from birth by the white supremacy in which America was founded to atone for this original sin she is devoted to endlessly exploring acknowledging and seeking to undo whites. What quote complicity with an investment in racism to D'Angelo.

Any failure to do this cortical work as adherents of this paradigm often put it renders one racist.

So if you're not shown up. If you're not saying things you are an active racist and especially weird packages about passages where D'Angelo breezily decries the American higher education system in which she says no one ever talks about racism. What quote I can get through graduate school without ever discussing racism. She writes I can graduate from Moscow without ever discussing racism. I can get through a teacher education program without ever discussing racism. He writes I am mystified that D'Angelo thinks this laughably antique depiction reflects any. After roughly 1985, for example, in education, school curriculum, neglecting racism in our times would be about as common as a home unwired for electricity, so true, what is she talking about racism. Conversations are inculcated into everything from corporate America to college America to high school, middle school and elementary school. She argues in chapter 111. He writes that white people do not see themselves in racial terms. Therefore they must be taught by experts like her of their whiteness, but for individuals who harbor so little sense of themselves as a group. The white people whom D'Angelo describes her oddly tribalist when it suits her narrative white solidarity. She writes in chapter 4 requires both silence about anything that exposes the advantages of the white population and tacit agreement to remain racially united in the protection of white supremacy. But if these people don't even know whiteness is a category just what are they now suddenly defending the rights what a great point, is a John McWhorter in the Atlantic just couple days ago, we must consider what is required to pass muster as a non-fragile white person referred a phone call bad neighborhood you're using code for black color black neighborhood in your racist by D'Angelo's logic, you are not to describe such neighborhoods at all, even in your own head, you must not asked black people about their experiences and feelings because it isn't their responsibility to educate you. Instead you must consult books and websites nevermind.

Upon doing this you will be accused of holding actual black people at a remove reading the wrong sources are drawing the wrong lessons from the must never cry black people's presence as you explore racism, not even in sympathy because then all the attention goes to you instead of black people.

If you object to any of the feedback that D'Angelo offers you about your racism, you are engaging in typo bullying quote whose function is to obscure racism, protect white dominance and rain quite equilibrium. So you're buying in the stuff you know how you feel about yourself.

Pretty crappy man I never knew I such a scumbag such a racist. My parents, my school, my church, everybody's a racist. This country is a nightmare. I hate this place blame on the founding fathers, and especially God so called Christianity right see that's what happens. That's pretty strong church. He writes to make against people who, according to D'Angelo don't even conceive of their own whiteness. But if you're white.

Make no mistake, you will never succeed in the work she demands of you. It is lifelong and you will die a racist. Just as you will die a sinner. Remember also that your not to express yourself, except to say amen.

Mainly, thou shalt not utter. I know people of color. I marched in the 60s you're judging me, you don't know me you are generalizing.

I disagree can say that the real Impressionist class deftly can say that I just said one little innocent thing. Some people find offense when there is not. You hurt my feelings. I can't say anything right you can't see any that you racist in here and is the problem white fragility.

He writes D'Angelo does not see fit to address why all this agonizing soul-searching is necessary to foreign change in to forging change in society. One night I asked just how up a people can be poise for making change when they have been taught that pretty much anything they say or think is racism.

Thus, antithetical to the good one and does all of this self mortification serve PS impatient with such questions.

D'Angelo insists that quote wanting to jump over the hard personal working to get to solutions is a foundation of white fragility. What, in other words, for D'Angelo, the whole point is the suffering and note that scare quotes around the word solutions as if wanting such a thing were somehow ridiculous. Again, this is an African-American writing this. A corollary question is why black people need to be treated the way D'Angelo assumes we do. Amen.

The very assumption is deeply condescending to all proud black people in my life. You writes is the black eye and my life.

Racism is affected me now and then at the margins and very occasional social ways, but it had no effect on my access to societal resources.

If anything is made them more available to me than they would've been otherwise. Nor should anyone dismiss me as a room, a rare office not smart enough to know that means being middle-class, upwardly mobile in black is been quite common during my existence since the mid-1960s and tonight to deny this is to assert that affirmative action for black people did not work in 2020, as opposed to 1920. I neither need nor want anyone to muse on how whiteness privileges them over me, nor do I need wider society to undergo teachings, and how to be exquisitely sensitive about my feelings. I see no connection between D'Angelo's brand of REIT reeducation and vigorous constructive activism in the real world on issues of import to the black community and I cannot imagine that any black readers could willingly submit themselves to deviate to D'Angelo's ideals while considering themselves adults of ordinary self regard and strength few books about race have been more open openly and Fanta lies black people than the supposedly authoritative tone, white fragility is in the end, a book about how to make certain educated white readers feel better about themselves. D'Angelo out D'Angelo's outlook rests upon a depiction of black people as endlessly delicate poster children within this self gratifying fantasy about how white America needs to think or better stop thinking her answer to white fragility. In other words, entails an elaborate and pitilessly dehumanizing condescension toward black people.

The sad truth is that anyone falling under the sway of this blinkered self-satisfied punitive stunt of a primer has been taught by a well-intentioned but tragically misguided pastor how to be racist in a whole new way. Wow, that is awesome.

He hits the nail on the head. It's so, oh poor black people you need us to weep over our racism so that you can feel better. Oh poor black people, white people need to come to your rescue again till as a Christian I need to look out for my brother and sister and my neighbor if I see injustice.

I need to engage in any to pray for you. I need to know you.

I need to try to help you any share with hopefully you'll share with me. We have all kinds of problems. Yes, we have all kinds of fallout from the racism of our past.

We need to deal with it all. But, all of a sudden, to think that we need to coddle every single black person is to say that every single black person needs coddling. They don't need an opportunity to be the Lord just like restaurants to see no one the Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk to you real soon. My dad always ever for

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