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When will the Madness End?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 20, 2020 3:59 pm

When will the Madness End?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 20, 2020 3:59 pm

When will the Madness End?

After months of protests fighting for Black Lives Matter, a new protest is happening.  It is a protest against the Black Lives Matter organization.  Today Steve talks about these protests and he also addresses the possible collaboration between the BLM movement and Antifa.  


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Everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of why in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now 8643 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host will I feel like I'm in car something solid.

I only don't have an new-car smell.

If I had a new car smell. It would just be perfect but it's kinda like a new car near because were in the brand-new studio set up which we been working fine like crazy for the past several weeks we got a couple more lighting things to do Republican a change out the video camera because it's a little limited but super excited about what God has allowed us to do in the ability to transition over here. So for all of you that were a part of this and were able to help that you donated and able to help because it was, it was not easy to find a place and then got a lot of to find a place way cheaper than the regular market rates out there so that was the first blessing and miracle that we encountered and then took to be able to have you be a part of this in our regular donors and some new donors and partners that all kind of stepped up to the plate because it is about a $10,000 move that we were not expecting. We are not looking for especially this year and the year of madness, and when will the madness ever end. That's the title of the show today, so just excited to be here and will continue to work on things and right okay so right now they're saying no audio on Facebook. Life is not interesting. So that's, that's, you know some interesting things that were work. No audio on Facebook like that's kind of funny so will work on that now.

But for those of you on the radio. You're fine I will just keep working no sound Steve about like everybody on the pages like no sound. Steve working on it so or cannot fill out let me know if you figured out that but I was going to keep plowing through yet we know no sound everybody on Facebook so were working on it anyway. The name of the show today when when will the madness in so this is going to be on a run through some stories out there and then before he gets on money Monday update at the end.

I'm in a get to a story that I just read over the weekend. That's called when will the madness and the American Institute for economic research on July 10 at and it was interesting because it was somebody that encountered a psychiatrist who specializes in anxiety disorders, paranoid delusions, irrational fear, all kinds of stuff like that so it's a fascinating look at what's going on here in the in the United States America and in fact around the world.

So were dealing with that and I will go through that will get to that story. Eventually it will do money Monday update at the end but did you see this found she had spoken up and don't know exactly what the deal is with hope found she but he did say this is in a Fox news article I could believe this when I saw it. Anthony found she praises. Guess what city guess what city guess what state that he's praising saying that it a great job of handling the coronavirus response of all the places you could pick which one would you pick would be New York. Probably not, but that's who. Anthony found she picks up Anthony found she praises New York's coronavirus response.

They did it correctly set. They had 40,000 cases a coronavirus this is your to date, including 28,000 deaths and they did it correctly Sears from the story many parts of the United States didn't do enough to combat the coronavirus but New York State did. Anthony found she said on Saturday. What we gotta do the things that they are very clear that we need to do in order to turn this around. Remember, we can do it.

We know that when you do it properly.

You bring down those cases we done it we done it in New York, New York. I hit worse than anyplace in the world thought you said and they did it correctly.

By doing the things that you're talking about at apology. That's an interesting statement about these comments came amid a broader debate about which states responded appropriately to the coronavirus New York recently defended its response with up with a poster that's funny out with a poster that credited its residents with mitigating the viruses impact because if you're a member. What a covenant.

Cuomo said God had nothing to do with this wasn't prayer wasn't supernatural wasn't God was us were taking all the credit. However, from the article many of criticize New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for forcing nursing homes to accept patients who tested positive for the coronavirus, thus placing them above the most vulnerable. So set that aside. Apparently that's when Anthony found she did.

He set that aside, get this, the May 25 order which, by the states on count ushered more than 6300 recovering virus patients into nursing homes at the height of the pandemic here that so this is under under Cuomo's direction.

They ushered 6300 recovering virus patients into the nursing homes at the height of the pandemic. To date, nearly 6500 deaths of their 28,000's about 1/4 nearly 6500 deaths have been linked to the coronavirus in the states nursing home in long-term care facilities, and that's what found she is now crediting New York with being the place that we should pattern ourselves after that. She told PS anchor Judy Woodruff that states might need to reset there.

Now listen, this is very pregnant language. Okay, very, very pregnant language or that we need to pay attention to.

Thought you told PBS anchor Judy Woodruff that states might need to reset there phases of reopening in order to see the number of cases decline universal mask wearing closing bars and avoiding crowds were all part of the efforts. He recommended for states. I think we do that for a couple weeks in a row. Judy is astrology speaking I think were going to see a turnaround because we know that's that's what works. Woodruff pushback arguing that Americans of Artie been hearing that message but it's not working.she responded by claiming that the efforts have been pretty or are a bit spotty now listen, this is really important.

It hasn't been uniform algae added where everybody in that region says wait a minute were having a serious problem.

We've got to reboot this reboot. This one is that me going back to phase 1. For most states in most cities.

I think that's probably what he means. While the administration back to the article advocated for states and localities to tailor solutions to their own needs, rather than taking direction from White House found she appeared to favor a more unified approach. Quote and if this is in an and it isn't like some people say where mass others say not.

Some people say bars are closed. Others not. We've got to do it across the board in those areas yet so what found she is angling for here is universality found she wants universality. He wants the states to do the same thing to reset to uses language.

We've got to reboot this pouch. He said so what is he wants to do.

Go back to the beginning reset and do like New York to because that's not working so well, is it that didn't work very well at all. So that's algae.

When will his madness. Since I have no idea when we come back from the break and for those of you that attended and on the radio from Facebook live were working on it so will try to get that figured out during the break couple under house arrest after refusing to sign October 1914 agreement and you won't believe what else the cops did to this couple in Kentucky under house arrest but actually worse than that, not only way that good thing on Facebook live or live on the radio but we didn't have the audio on the Facebook feed, so we have that back now gay Sorg in there. One thing at a time little little tweaks here and there but were way better than we were in this than the studios looking good and trying some white stuff get different things going on, but will get there. So, thankfully, were back okay so listen to this in the name of the show. Today is when will the madness and that a prayer request of yours and certainly prayer request of mine subject this one out couple under house arrest after refusing to sign Kovic 19 quarantine agreement what I Kentucky couple is under house arrest after one of them tested positive for coronavirus and refused to sign a self quarantine paper Elizabeth Linscott got tested for Cova 19 because she was planning to go visit her parents quote Mike my grand friends wanted to see me to sell just to make sure that you know if I tested negative that they would be okay. Everything would be fine. She said after testing positive, but without showing any symptoms. Linscott told wave TV there in Kentucky.

The health department contacted her requesting she sign documents show us your papers right doesn't it's because I like that quote. I agree to comply to call the health department if I was to go I was to call the health department advised to leave my house for any reason low, but she chose not to sign the little document. The government document the papers do not sign your papers okay I got a message from them a text message that stated because of your refusal to sign this is going to be escalated in law enforcement will be involved later that week, the County Sheriff. This is in Kentucky later that week, the County Sheriff greeted Linscott's husband Isaiah at their front door. So imagine this happening to you. Okay you test positive. They tell you you should quarantine for couple weeks are asymptomatic. You say that's fine and they say will be happy to go to sign this paper you signed this with all these different think agreements between you and us.

The government, and if you don't sign it, that's gonna be trouble. So she said lets him get a self quarantine on the ticket is not signing your stinking paper because I had some problems with some of the things that were said or listed out in the paper, but they told her law enforcement will be involved. So later that we County Sheriff shows up. I open up the door quote I open up the door and there's like eight different people five different cars and I'm like what the heck's going on this guys in a suit with a mask. It's the health department guy. They have three papers for us for me.

Her and my daughter reset. This is Isaiah her husband but get this, the couple was ordered to wear ankle monitors if they travel more than 200 feet law enforcement will be notified quote we can rob a store. We didn't steal something. We didn't hit-and-run.

We didn't do anything wrong. Linscott set the couple said they'd never denied self quarantine.

They just didn't agree with the wording of documents in that's exactly what the director the public health department told the judge that I was refusing to self quarantine. Because of this and I'm like that's not the case at all. I never said that. She said Linscott said even without the ankle monitor she had planned to be cautious and if she had needed medical care. She will let the healthcare workers know she was infected with the virus. So check that out your thinking maybe you're thinking, hey it's Kentucky is in Kentucky.

Kinda like borderline in the South and as of the south more conservative as a Kentucky more conservative hey I think when it comes to the Kovic 19 panic. Porn is debased likes to call it. I think conservative is is largely becoming a worthless ideology for a lot of people. For a lot of our government officials when it comes to Kovic and so they put theirs up actually picturing the look it up. They put ankle bracelets on so they would know if they went anywhere more than 200 feet from their house law enforcement would be notified. Now I don't know what country you think you're living in, but that is not the United States of America or maybe it is.

Maybe it is United States of America. Maybe, maybe, just maybe, just maybe, this is going to be the new norm here in the United States because were not capable of taking care of ourselves or each other. We need the government to do okay so that's Kentucky that's shocking right so I have a I have a friend that I met on a movie set last year down in Mobile, Alabama for the latest release of the Irwin brothers that was about Jeremy Camp. I still believe in a course that whole release got crashed because the court coronavirus and everything which was said but he texted me on Saturday morning literally right after eight. Message me on Facebook literally right after I saw this video. This video is about five minutes long and once we finish get all the tech stuff done figured out here in the new studio will be will to play the video for you on the screen but right now I'm just gonna take you through something so this was a video that was live streamed between two black lives matter. Protesters/organizers okay one was in San Francisco and the other one was in Portland. Okay, the guy in Portland. Older African American. I would guess he was probably under no. 35-ish and the other guy in San Francisco was very maybe 25 okay so this is a video them.

Somebody was live streaming them to Instagram or twitter or Facebook.

Who knows, but they were lying, streaming the face time between these two guys are looking at to the cell phones right and these two guys are talking to each other so I'm in a share with you some of things that they said in the right to compare and contrast that to the news that just can't happen again over the weekend in Seattle in the protesters and the violence in the property damage and the destruction so here's what these guys are talking this is the young guy in San Francisco. He was speaking first is that these are direct quotes. It's not fun when you start hurting them directly whose them. That's the government that's white people non-BLM people. It's not fun when you start hurting them directly. Meaning is not fun for a bit but maybe you disrupt where most of their money comes it. He suggested shut down a major highway where their commerce comes in a shut down a major intersection where their commerce comes in.

This is what they're planning on how to take literally take over a city disrupt the flow and then institute their new normal in how they wanted to be Seattle, but this is a guy, a young African Americans speaking from San Francisco to Portland guy the older guy says those locations need to be hit every night every night he repeats meaning major thoroughfares were commerce trucks things coming into a city. We need to hit those every night every night.

He says emphatically. Portland guy goes on to say what you guys demanding right now like what you actually trying to get out of all this good question right the San Francisco guy, the younger guys is defined as FPD by 50% and we need to recall her mirror right now and we have the signatures already stored in a recall Army air working to define the SS FPD sepsis completes work by 50%. The Portland guy responses we have to get all of them out of their and get a whole new system in place. Okay, so if you thought this was now directly is obviously talking about the police system went to get them all out of their and get a new a whole new system in place, policing will see what happens in Minneapolis with area of the votes to absolutely just get rid of the police you happens there a trend that Seattle and obviously to try to do it. San Francisco only system. Do you think friend you think their only talking about the police. I think they're talking about a whole new system of governance based on what what's gonna be there founding document something there right on the street. A hashtag BLM what is that we know the BLM organization. What is there political philosophy.

It's Marxism, which is just the first cousin of communist Eagle from Marxism to communism that you can't really get one without the other. So that's perhaps a whole new system in place. They want to do some more of this chilling conversation between a black lives matter leader in San Francisco and a black lives letter matter leader in Portland and then I'll share with you what they actually did over the weekend and it's connected to Mac and Steve Noble to Steve Noble showed great to be with you today.

The Steve Noble if you want to check out the new new podcast working feverishly tomorrow is the day that work on that in and hopefully will have the next episode of who is this SLB Google website if you want to understand what's behind that rather noxious title. The point is to be obnoxious. The point is to try to get noticed by people that are listening to this program.

They're not listening to Christian radio.

They're not checking out Christian media they're not going to church subtle point. That's a different a different methodology but don't worry it's not me get on a podcast and then talking like I'm on HPL, but people are guessing about HBO on Facebook life because we have a reference to Max Headroom Noah's MTV everybody MTV Max Headroom MTB for all of you children in the 80s and so out working. All I can stuff so I appreciate your patience and were just going to continue to improve. Here in the studio but I was going through this video that came out on Saturday morning. It was a leaked video somebody somebody carried it live on their personal page between a Portland BLM organizer in the San Francisco BLM organizer never going back and forth in the Portland organizer. The older one asked the younger guy in San Francisco. You know what you guys demanding right now The Simpsons go guide to fund the San Francisco Police Department by 50%.

We want to recall her mirror. Right now we have we have the signatures for at the Portland guys like we have to get all of them out of their and get only system in place now is he just referring to the police will certainly that, but I think there referring to a whole new system of governance know what would that be well if you go to BLM website that's coming Marxism.

They come right out themselves and said were train Marxists so that would be the new system, but how they gonna take over having to do that is good to be another Civil War type situation. We have some cities first, and in some states and say sorry were done with the American experiment I were to go the BLM way to do Marxism socialism, which will eventually be communism. That which is just a dictatorship. Essentially, it's tyranny guy so the San Francisco guy says quit trying to tear up their federal buildings, you're not gonna win the fight with the feds not stop for second. Why does he know that one is you know you're not gonna win the fight terror in a federal buildings international in the fight with the feds. How does he know that well whether you like him or hate him.

That's because Donald Trump for the most part is the president right now. I think that's the big thing they know Trump in a Pres. Trump.

I will send in the federal troops, National Guard, whatever to deal with federal sites. But what about state sites. What about state things localities city. Thanks that's what they're saying.

That's a forget the federal buildings and I can win the fight is the kind San Francisco younger guy says go after your local blank tear up your local blank, tear up the big businesses tear up Nordstrom's tear up the high-end blank look up local PD has to deal with that tearing up things in Seattle for two days did get them to listen.

After all, see tear it up tear it up tear it up. What the high-end stuff Nordstrom science to tear it up that that way because we did that for two days in Seattle and they started listening and then he said this. This was chilling. I am Martin Luther King all over again. Just a new generation which goes to show you a BC doesn't know much about Martin Luther King not early on with the protests erupted after George Floyd. People weren't were taking a Martin Luther King quote out of context, as Martin Luther King did say that rioting is the language of the unheard writing is the language or the speech of the unheard. Then in the same speech Mark MLK went on to say, however, it's not to be effective, you may get some short-term gains but it's not to be effective you to lose the overall cause and violence is not the answer C Martin Luther King Jr. and a lot of our founding fathers were not a founding fathers, but some of the. The African-American leaders throughout the years, including Martin K Junior understood that America to use MLK's language had written a promissory note that it had yet to keep all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that's multiplied everybody equally and it didn't. Yet the only when you talk about Israel this nation okay yet on that. So that's the promissory note in the most effective civil rights leaders of the last 200 years would merely say we need to live up to our own stated philosophy because the philosophy of the founding fathers in the foundation. This country is solid sound it's secure.

It's effective and it works.

Of course only for religious and moral people. You have to remember that founding father of the founding fathers said our form of government.

Self-government, which gives a lot of liberty and a lot of freedom. The only way this works is if you have a fundamentally religious and moral people. What religion were they talking about class right Judeo-Christian Christianity K. That's the only time it works. So these guys are talking about turn the whole thing upside down and this young guy young BLM organizer from San Francisco. I am Martin Luther King all over again. Just a new generation, and then what SEC almost. Here's one demand we can all agree to nationwide deep on the pump. Please by 50% or abolish them will and then he says will finish with this penalty. The news from over the weekend in these areas. Seattle of the Northeast.

Once you get the city behind you. The feds will matter will guess what, I think if Joe Biden becomes an ex-president.

He's probably right. Joe Biden is just going to go along with the main presiding liberal mantra, which is completely captivated by the BLM movement right now and again would BLM small case letters black lives matter, absolutely. I'm offended that you would asked me as a Christian.

Of course they did hashtag BLM the organization's a tannic antifamily anti-Christian sexual anarchy, destruction of family and Marxist so you have to distinguish those okay so here's what and so that them talking just couple days ago. But here's what they're doing.

You probably saw this is about the only place in the country with us consistently happening because they have the leadership up there to drive it.

This is from Fox News Seattle writers seem damaging looting stores to arrest 12 cops injured at least two people arrested in Seattle in a dozen police officers were injured including one who was hospitalized on Sunday after March through downtown devolved into property damage and looting. Police said I don't know that I would agree with the word default based on what these young leaders are saying.

That's exactly what they wanted to go. Please said the demonstrators had broken out several windows of East precinct and through a device into the lobby that ignited a small fire case that's warlike action. The demonstration started between 2 and 3 PM near the intersection of 3rd Ave., Pine Street. This is in Seattle around 230 Seattle journalist Katie Deb escort tweeted a video of a crowd building outside and Amazon go building. Several people were seen spray painting the building while others tried to smash the windows anted by militants in black lives matter. Writers are breaking and Amazon go downtown Seattle Deb escort tweeted this protests is turned into a riot, but obviously based on the conversation with these two young black lives matter leaders once efforts: Portland.

That's what they wanted to be in order to get attention or to wrestle away control and institute their own government, including getting rid of the police. Please said demonstrators thrown rocks, bottles and other items officers a dozen police officers were injured including one who was hospitalized with neck and jaw injuries a video clip posted on Twitter shows the smashed doors to Walgreens and Pine before Broadway and on and on and on it goes. And that's the plan because destruction in fear now becomes the motivator to change society and their expectation is local, city officials, especially in places like Portland and Seattle and San Francisco Democrat run cities. We Artie see that account account telling to that until gets bad enough, and they shut down Chaz and shop but this stuff happening again and I just heard a story that something like this might be happening right here in North Carolina and Durham. I got some information earlier today I had a chance to look into it yet where it's Artie been going on for maybe a couple weeks with setting up an autonomous autonomous own friends that that is sedition. That's treason. It's trying to overturn the government first at a local level but ultimately don't you know that some people in this movement one overthrow the whole thing burn the whole thing to the ground just like Satan comes does kill, steal and destroy.

That's what's going on here.

Not all of them. I appreciate all the people that are on the streets and protesting and being involved trying to push back on police brutality where it occurs.

Trying to push back and in advance the cause of of racial equality, trying to deal with those things.

Some aftereffects of racism and Jim Crow laws and slavery aftereffects I think is a good term that Ben Shapiro uses. I applaud all of that. I agree with all that, but there is an there is an underbelly to that movement that is fascist to its core, including anti-pot. Another big question right now is his auntie fought in black lives matter, are they colluding.

They have a common enemy, but they have a common goal. Black lives matter, the organization hashtag BLM and anti-fa and and it sure looks like they're starting to be some collusion because the, the enemy of my enemy is my friend right so they both hate the federal government. They both hate the system, they both hate the police department they want to do away with it all now.

Ultimately you really think they're going to cooperate. No so working to do up working until Monday. Monday update the last segment of the show, but there's this article.

So please come back tomorrow them to share this article with you.

It's called when will the madness and from the American Institute for economic research. But this is an economic article.

So this is one of their guys was in a Manhattan teat television studio for TV appearance and before he went in another gentleman comes out. I'm just gonna set this up. That will do the will do that. The story tomorrow. A thin wise looking bearded man with Freud style glasses sat down across from me. Having just left the studio.

He was there to catch his breath following his interview but he looked deeply disturbed their sphere in the air. I said breaking the silence madness is all around us, the public is adopting a personality disorder I've been treating my whole career. The other guys what is it that you do.

I asked, I'm a practicing psychiatrist who specializes in anxiety disorders, paranoid delusions and irrational fear seeing that nationwide to do that story tomorrow when we come back Monday Monday update back if he is noble to see Noble show changing years here at the end of the show on a Monday Monday Monday update because it's always a lot of things going on in the news.

It got cold. We've got the Trump reelection.

We got all kinds of things going on black lives matter. We are talking about a bunch of things there, but that that the sun doesn't go down on our financial situation. The foots of sun doesn't go down on the markets and and how do we respond that. How do we come to deal with that. How do we be effective managers of the money that God has given us that where are stewards of whether you have a little medium amount or lot. God calls us to stewardship so Jesus talked a lot about money and possessions. Actually, the Bible, both the old and the New Testament in terms of individual subjects money possession shows that more than anything else, even more than faith and even more than prayer. Why is that because hate put your hand up if you've struggled with money and possessions in one way or another.

As a Christian, yes that should be all of us and so that's why every Monday we do a little money Monday update with our good friend David Fisher from La Marque capital. Take a look at these complex issues so that we can all be better us stewards of whatever God has given us. David, how are you, to their road trip important time and from school may struggle him thanks for having me on your program to talk about how we get past the struggle into victory payment is always and you were concerned, the passage of Scripture here which should be at the epicenter of all of our understandings of the gospel, and we share the gospel. This is one of those things. It's kind of good news bad news is the bad news side, but also the good news side right out of the book of Romans Romans 623 so let's start there go wages but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. I feel like work, talk, talk about the road of Romans one of Scripture's on how you lead a person to salvation.

We all were born sinners and Paul writes in the dichotomy of the contrast between sin and grace and deaf in life and obviously I knew it was like to be found in sin and then Jesus freed me of that when I invited them in my life at age 16 of the crusade, and little did I know thought at the point, whatever be on national radio by the blood of the Lamb course have been a pastor and done a lot of things in ministry, but the key is about its action of what Jesus did of the cross and I want to make sure that is the focal point of the Scripture. This what he did his love for us while we did not know him.

He showed his blood and died for our sins so that we would have eternal life by accepting him as Lord and Savior and I challenge anybody who is hearing my voice is not done that yield to the Lord, bow your head and ask the Lord for forgiveness and make you white as snow and ask him to come into your life and be your Lord and Savior and live for him. It's really important until somebody absolutely in my Romans 623. When you look at that, the cross, gets inserted in the middle of that. So it's the wages of sin is death, but then you want to get to eternal life.

What stands between the wages of sin is death and eternal life is Jesus Christ on the cross he died the death we should have died, live the life we should've lived in the only way. And I remind people, David and so clever. Starting with this if you got any of your eggs in your own basket when it comes to going to have.

I'd I do the right thing. I go to church. I try to get some money.

I don't cheat on my taxes bubble bubble blah if you're if you're looking to yourself for anything to get yourself to have. And you don't understand the gospel.

It's not you, plus Jesus, it's just Jesus and what he did on the cross and that's what Romans 623 is all about.

You must be born again.

I'm writing in a devotional series and John through the whole book of John right now and we just went through chapter 3, you must be born again at such a such an important reminder. So thanks for put that one front and center today. David so it let's just look at the an update on the markets year to date and what are we expected here this week that could have another effect on market all year to date down 6.9% S&P down .6% and the NASDAQ only index of 316.2% up while gold still is leading the charge at 19.3% up here today. Children bring a big run recently. Here are up 8.8% in almost 3% today afternoon these numbers from whose members of the market" of last Friday and what we have happening this week is really simple reports on economic earnings. Corporate earnings are coming out so we could see some major challenges coming out this week and when we get things like this only we know in advance which companies get to be releasing the earnings right so are there any big ones that are on your radar screen that you like. Okay, these could be game changes depending on what they release. There's a whole bunch being released this week but look back of the second quarter of the second wave of the first wave was not very good but here's what we can see is all of it this way. If the market was overvalued in January. Fundamentally, the light of corporate earnings. Back then, when we a lot more than I was saying there overvalued. I say this prequel with 19 say were going to go through correction. There were highly overvalued. They should be run 16 to 17 PV ratios use with the index should be in order. 24 now back at the level or slightly under, but corporate earnings are severely low.

So is more overvalued now than before not what no sir I'm saying JPMorgan Chase came out, the head of the asset strategy team came out and said this.

Her name is Osama Renova from pronouncing her name right so I apologize, but you should quote were collectively hallucinating with the central banks around the world.

Evaluations are what they mean. That is the lack of desire to acknowledge the fact that market valuations aren't entirely fabricated, synthetically generated by such things. So this is the head of J.P. Morgan saying this is not the real environment do not reflect on that report on the fundamentals of the securities that they represent. Ultimately fundamentals will prevail. So you are saying the Fed go to stop the nonsense. I don't think they're going to stop or pull the plug on the markets going to be pulled the plug on the valuations coming down, which is exactly what Mark Cuban said today. This is just a tech billionaire Dallas Maverick guy, but he made his money through tech and he said this is exactly similar to bubble, so investors be very careful.

Quit making dangerous assumptions. The stock market will ride with these big moves on forever. The market is being held together with this glue called central-bank stimulus in the matter how much you slobber over there the financial structure of the fundamentals is the key and don't look at the glue. Be careful because despite all the liquidity of the central banks have been soaring in the system to see corporate defaults because of the in the day they got to pay their bills with the debt that they created so there is this narrative that we got pay attention to and also the flipside is also happening.

The other narrative that's, misleading, both wages of sin is death, financially speaking, is if you show your going you'll produce what you reap. We have the Fed come on so that the banking system is fully capitalized well. Just recently, Walmart 26, the Fed announced the banks will help them any money to me.

We talked about this and then that same day the FBI she came out with this. You know, soothing music, and so don't pull your money out of the bank and there was some video and it's the same thing that the chairmanship in 2007, the whole US economy is going to expand into thousand eight strengthening within months. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, collapse, keep in mind this is the cheerleaders lift DOC of the and everything is not okay.

Just can't throw money into the system and expect all markets derived it does not work that way. The upper right on corporate earnings.

You gotta be like taking things in the Scriptures out of context. If you're only looking at the stock market, numbers, and you're not paying attention. The fundamentals are only getting half the picture in your getting the half the picture. That's kind of on drugs so yeah I remember that these fundamentals are super important. Well, tell us about the US budget report to the big US budget board with the chemo. Last week I was really really disgusting that's misleading. Again, the wages of sin is death, the government spending like a drunken sailor.

Here's the number mournfully monthly budget deficit annual monthly budget deficit came out for June $864 billion cease monthly in the month before in April in MA 738 billion on the floor at one point almost 1.6 billion trillion right now is the what we set new records.

So far actual year-to-date from January terminals 1.4 trillion or 232.742 him. But when you factor in the whole year from October of last year to October this year September September.

Excuse me if commercial budget, saying, $3.7 trillion is what the budget deficit is going to be the largest by far. Blind by far in the history of our country is to be at least 2 trillion I was 50% right. Three and I heard this ability to read the last three years Gauley back to the beginning of the term presidency and were at about 9 trillion 9 trillion through the end of this year with a Republican president is done all kinds of things to try to jumpstart the economy yet were still in with Cove and everything else is spending ourselves so obviously we have to diversify we have to get more information.

We have to look at precious metals this year.

Obviously gold and silver outperforming the market. So how can people get more information old-fashioned way, by calling 844-879-8882 information for sure website landmark excellent David Fisher got bless you brother. Thanks much for being a part of the show is always my friend will talk again real soon. This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show, God willing will talk again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for

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