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Facemask = Patriot?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 22, 2020 4:30 pm

Facemask = Patriot?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 22, 2020 4:30 pm

Facemask = Patriot?

Today Steve accepts callers to talk about one of the biggest fights in America.  Does wearing your mask make you a Patriot or a follower?


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Everyone I know will show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble done went and that it Pres. Trump done went and set it so I am curious to see what you say about what he said so it actually wasn't verbal. It was a tweet which is as good as being verbal. So Pres. Trump the other day tweeted okay so he tweeted a picture of himself with this really kind of no is as far as facemasks go, I guess you could say it's kinda cool but he treated this tweet is picture of himself and wearing a facemask at the little presidential symbol on it and he tweeted it said many people say that it got to where facemask when you can't socially distance.

It's first time from seven tweeted a picture of himself in a mask. This is from axioms which he had not worn in public until he visited Walter Reed National military center earlier this month, Trump told Fox news Chris Wallace in an interview broadcast Sunday that he will not consider national mask mandate because he wants Americans to have a certain freedom quote unquote adding I don't agree with the statement that if everybody wears a mask, everything disappears present also told Access last month that he believes mascara double edge sword and appeared to mock the bone and Joe Biden for wearing a mask in public as recently as May. We are united. This is what is tweet said we are united in our effort to defeat the invisible China virus, and many people say that it is patriotic to where facemask when you can't socially distance is nobody more patriotic than me your favorite president. So he sent that picture out and is calling it patriotic to where facemask now. I did put the caveat in their about. Unless you can social distance so you know I deal at that one as well. If you can social distance. Do you need to where facemask and so we've got the facemask controversy going on and on and on but that Pres. Trump definitely struck a different tone in bringing up the facemask and tying it to patriotism. So my question for you today and yes were going to talk about facemask again. My question to you today is what you think about the president tying patriotism to wearing a facemask now again, there is little caveat, there about social distancing. Many people say that it is patriotic P to where facemask when you can't socially distance and so that's most of the time Walmart several different stores national chains now saying you absolutely you can't come in here as a matter fact without a facemask, so I'm just curious because I know a lot of you are Trump supporters, Trump supported a certain extent. I'm not an unlimited Trump support.

I'm certainly not a some people as I as we all know on the left have Trump derangement syndrome right.

I happen to think there's some people in the right that have it as well, which harkens back to something he said in 2016 which was a lesson I might my followers are so loyal. My people are so loyal I could shoot somebody in the middle of fifth Avenue.

In it I would lose a single person right murmur that typical trumpet. There was a kitten which newspaper said this a while ago that liberals take 10 to take Trump literally but not seriously. Conservatives take Trump seriously but not literally so you like. I take a lot of things he says with a grain of salt, but I am curious for you when when the president is now you know definitely kinda getting more on the mask bandwagon and tying patriotism to wearing a mask what you think about that what you think about Trump's positioning that there is something about wearing a mask that is in essence patriotic. I think you can drag probably connect the dots on that one easily enough that you care about your neighbor you care about the country you care about getting us back to work on my questions on that is if the facemasks work and if that's something that is going to help in this debacle of the coven 19 crisis. The why don't we just all where facemask and everything is open right course that's not the case but that's a good question.

I like that question I want to put that question you, but meet me.

Mainly I want to know what you think about Donald Trump are president now tying patriotism to wearing a facemask 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number has always 866-34-TRUTH 87884 as the facemask movement continues on, you know you got the president and there. I think getting behind and he said that I'm knocking to go for a national mandate. Although you gotta remember a lot of things that are driving Donald Trump are driving both people in the right and the left and that's politics, namely the November 3 election so that's a question I have for you.

What you gonna do what you think about Donald Trump are president tying the facemask to patriotism 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866 34 what you do it that not I would like to say I was surprised by it, but I was because right now listen, it's July 22 and the election is just a few months off, and this is massive. It's crazy. The fact that it's Joe Biden. I mean, it's all bizarre. I keep going back to the Star Wars prequel trilogy when Yoda says about the condition and the galaxies as the Darkside is clouding everything that's that's exactly what's going on today. There's confusion, misinformation, disinformation, whatever talking coven black lives matter protests on and on and on and all of that is just so bizarre right now and and that's just the season were in, but now you got the present United States kind of tying facemask wearing to patriotism.

So that's my question for you. Just curious where you land on that zone. Open up the phones for you today on that one.

I'd love to hear from you.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. I do have a couple other stories and something I mentioned the other day article called when will the madness and the American Institute for economic research which is not where you would think a psychological type analysis would come from, but it's a great article, very thought-provoking on to do that so many the other day Carol Swain brilliant Prince former Princeton professor, Democrats are using black people and destroying the nation. She was on with Mark within the other day when you get to that as well as I thought this was great when my board member sent this to me a letter from an alumni alumna alumnus alumni whatever at Washington and Lee University. So if every university was dying to have its name changed in cancer culture descend upon it. It would be Washington and Lee that would be leave from the Confederacy. Okay Washington and Lee. This is an excellent letter pushing back on the University because they're going down the cancer culture Road maybe thinking about changing their own name. I doubt that it's going to be the University of Redskins this is Steve Noble Steve Noble shall 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Trump said you're a patriot if you wear mask will be right back. Noble show Donald Trump tweeted it so it it's real. It happened two days ago Donald Trump treated a picture of himself to get this going to cool black White House presidential seal addition of a facemask. We are united in our effort to defeat the invisible China virus. Many people say it is patriotic to where facemask when you can't socially distance. There is nobody more patriotic than me your favorite president so there he is basically saying that it's patriotic to wear mask the opposite then must be true. If you don't wear mask is not patriotic. He did have a little caveat in an interview on Sunday saying you know if you can't socially distance but now that's kinda been thrown out the door and it doesn't matter what the social distance or not it's it's all mass all the time. So that's my question for you today on the show and then we might move to some other things 866-34-TRUTH 87884. What you think about the president tying patriotism to wearing a mask 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866 34 truth would love to hear from you. Let's go to Jacqueline's call in and from Charlotte, North Carolina Jaclyn, thanks so much for calling, go right ahead. How to program and on the road a lot and come to the door guy right and wrong, not Kenyon or anybody else bring out my 180 so very young, 80-year-old and got it last enter character guiding Charlotte and I am a born-again Christian I do love the Lord black memorable way I can time cancer survivor and I'm going might create by the collar. I'm on my route right now to grab my related email you try, you shelter. Okay, I want loud and unbelievable and tormented every body part of my friend Mel, Frank, not thinking clearly and I gotta look great. Wearing a mask drop and and and and making like to look out your thinking like an autobiography on all only like what hot young man with where he was going to criticize people telling me time to get your all this happen you know everything you have. Sure, I believe political bearing because he actually cracked United States America right now. I really believe that we had when I think just doing what all have our own personalities. Lori is surprised that he did this.

We surprised that he kinda took the stance because he had worn a mask until just a couple weeks ago the house. It will not rain. Ali Christianity abort out all the things that God truly without my heart got in there and I know that God is giving him the strength to be that the right powerful missionary.

I mean ministers everything up in the president trots or shrinking G and prayer. He prayed every air complied openly crying God the credit keep the credit way that I could not help more than we need to remember that the Lord tells the income from their lovely peer and a good report I'm good report, and we are hearing anywhere that is tragic. Yeah, that's it. You ask what the Lord done good in your life lately and a lot of times people will struggle to answer that question. Well, that will be quick with a prayer request. No payment of all this craziness will Jaclyn I really appreciate: and I get a jump to another color like his great points and thank you for your time.

Your help with the good work.

Payment. God bless you think we so great thanks bye-bye that was lovely.

What a nice call from Jaclyn this jump over to Bianca Cullinan from the Charlotte area, Bianchi Irma, Steve, go right ahead. All sorry okay Blanche I think you do not agree wearing that you will not where I'm totally wrong.

I believe that he had been no no bullet, no long. I don't really know where my going on world really know.

So maybe, maybe not. But I do believe that if we keep going down the road one world government and future and I agree with what I don't believe it barely speak with people you think we need to be lovely and good in art where one get harder because of what my partner for people who are really do not want to. You block in terms of the mask is what you think it what what bugs you the most about it that that would drive you to say okay I know everybody else because you know most people are wearing a mask now and that's kind of the common thing and people are trying to put your shoulder the same plow care about your neighbor.

What what is it about the mass thing block of that is brought you to that position you like, forget it. I'm not wearing well all know you are getting about all that okay to me like I'm everyone equal on and I really believe that I'm day time down the whittling away at our freedom whittling away from me. I would love for God. You know their kind. One world and one world government.

We know it could be tomorrow at 200 years from now, Lord, that me even though I hope it would be horrible on more. The other thing you understand that blog think so much for calling today.

I appreciate it was good to hear from you end up long God, not beyond that were listening to that what you think about that. So what you think about the mass thing I struggle with it myself and I know we talked about this ad nausea but from a Christian perspective in patriot perspective and neighborly perspective. Maybe we need to think about it differently is a lot of issues on the table. 866-34-TRUTH will be right back. Noble showed from tweets photo open the facemask and calls it patriotic what he actually said to be just me to do this in Arctic waters act sales Fox news, Forbes, CNN, MSNBC, whoever does everybody's in the game. Again, remember that all these media outlets are in the game. The game is to make money. Yes, they have their positions. Yes, it's becoming more more commentary, but ultimately the bottom line is money, and so there are always going to play against each other. Try to have good click. They try to have good article titles that get your attention, but you need to always go beyond so this one on axial strong tweets of photo of himself in the facemask and calls it patriotic is not entirely accurate is usually set a picture of himself got the black facemask thing on the presidential seal on it. We are united in our effort to defeat the invisible China virus, and many people say that it is patriotic to wear facemask when you can't socially distance. There's nobody more patriotic than me your favorite present and he's wearing a facemask so did he actually say in his tweet you me present on states. I'm telling you is patriotic to wear facemask do you actually say that he didn't okay now obviously Donald Trump is not of other people. Writing is tweets is all hundred percent him. We are not in our effort to defeat the invisible China virus, and many people say that is patriotic to wear facemask when you can't socially distance what you given at that point nothing. He's just telling you that there are people that say it's patriotic. There's no more patriotic to me your favorite present so by association. Some people say patriotic to wear facemask was nobody more patriotic than me your favorite president and there's a picture of me wearing a facemask implication not very subtle is that it is patriotic to wear facemask so that was my question for you is how you react to that coming from our president.

Whether you like him or not. Some you might be saying it's about time Mr. Pres. about time you endorse that that's going to help us. By the way, a facemask been working what you been pretty aggressive for several weeks now. Why are the cases of coronavirus going up nothing on that and I'll get back to your calls. Nothing on that when they see the 6000 new cases 50,000 new cases.

The first question you should ask which they never give you an answer for is how many of those are serious.

How many of those are. Are there really ill versus asymptomatic and how many of those results and hospitalizations okay so just because somebody has tested positive for Cove and now we know even in Florida.

There's a story recently that they were testing. They were coming up with 100% positive rate 300 location know that that was wrong. Okay, so again, this water is not clear.

It's very muddy. But what you think of what Donald Trump, the president said tying patriotism to wearing a mask of Angela Cullinan from Charlotte today.

Angela, thanks for calling the redhead now that patriotic versus not patriotic like preventive measures and why we where out. I don't know how it become politicized or are not like a poor thing that this is an airborne element. What in the smart thing to do is to try to figure out ways to mitigate that risk that you lock your doors, debiting that you're not a tracker to get me taking the extra caution to be with me I don't understand what the big invite comments that try all the magic you can mitigate the risk and that he has been on board thing it patriotic. I'm fine with that because they which I'm not part of faith agreed with that band. Do what you gotta do because he realized that this is affecting his number that we have to do that to do it to get the president before another term United States of America in 2020. I can think of something Angela that isn't politicized so we have literally everything and so there's calculation going on is pulling going on all the time and research and try to figure out well as you should I wear matching I know they're all doing, whether it's Biden or Trump the right to laugh and care who it is right there on the political realm.

What what about your own friends like what your own friend group doing the FDC some division there in terms of the man's eyes.

She totally me that it literally, but Kristin were anti-wearing them at birth. Not that here I am a Christian and yes, I believe that whatever but I gave it the brain in common grade-point things.

I really appreciate you calling in today. Thanks so much, yet are you two. Thanks, let's jump over to Jaclyn Jackson Cullinan from Charlotte Jaclyn llama Steve, go right ahead early, oh yes ma'am yes you might want to hear about 25 years ago and I work for a lady who went her corporation.

We were invited me to come to a cocktail party on Mr. Croft got in Charleston, which was parked there, and yacht kind of gotten political all kinds of everything that we go this ticket for gold everything right. Yeah.

Okay. We actually went to this cocktail party. We all met we drive down there and cars. It was a big cocktail party. We regret he had hors d'oeuvres everything blowing everywhere.

You can only stay on one floor. They had security everywhere but to get to the point we never saw him he was not aboard beautiful actually feel it was well well I'm sure wonderful by Mike one line at the West resort manager. One of my hairdressers. We were so to hang out together, we we needed to catch wind of writing the back going well.

She called back and course we had to take turns. Well when she came in she had taken my caliphate had his initials on better wanting to get a black bag. You know what can I do I can't thank you note patient she may okay when we were coming out of security with line that they had to blow through it about right when you came out it was fine like I that we were lined up trying to get off but you had to wait for a couple of them were communicate and I was feeling guilty because I knew what she had done it made me feel that an act, she got on the dock security man leaned over his yacht and he has a microphone and hollered her truck she enjoyed how you took this really happened. That's crazy thing sure now everything is interesting thank you Jaclyn. I appreciate it.

You too bye-bye let's jump over to our clays. Cullinan here in Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina Clay, thanks for calling Buddy go right ahead and talk to you talk to one of my favorite brothers in the Lord is with you what I've been able talk board was worked out where you got to talk to brother Michael yesterday talking to wonderful and easy to easy okay so what you think about, well, you know, I want to brother think it's a message I really feel it's a message to say you know what people need to be able to see Woody's door in the Army. There are there are times when most the time I were one don't know what what okay you know going to look into the kitchen warmer and the family members of the like that thing of bringing forth a positive note would be understand you know what this is more work you know but hearing a person not doing it I'm hearing people say they are, but you know what you looking at it and people were saying that it's it, like somewhat of a mandate. All I just want to give thanks for you doing this up close, also would like to give thanks to the Lord for you talk about what you don't about last week would close a motel you would just to hear what you talk about in the blood 12 motor thank you brother have been able to meet some wonderful people like that. I have worn shirts like there's a shirt that I have that I got one ozone book face book to look to go on the back of the church where I would just I will stand with God George about the world rather than stay with the world about God or Jesus with the real part and I wear those where the quote a bit and people see that they sell what your sure to what you were would like to see where you go out there why I love Jesus told you the situation. I'm up against. Frankly, but I appreciate your call and it's good to hear from our brother God bless you Greg.

I was there with their whereabouts. If you know where I'll talk to you later, Tom will be right back. 20. More on that couple of the stories was so good to be with you. We are getting the next soda. Who is this SOP ready to come out with this SOP. It means what you think it means it's a play on words of people that were trying to get their attention. People that are younger, 40 and under there.

The big podcast consumers. I'm only dealing with the top I look at the top 20 podcast episodes in America. At any given time and now in picking one of them and it's good to be about a 30 to 40 minute episode. I picked one podcast that super popular, and then having a dialogue with that audience trying to get their attention and and just bringing a kind of Christian perspective to that particular podcast of that topic. And so were trying to get the attention of that crowd, and once they figure out this is some Southern Baptist Bible thumper uber conservative Christian talk radio show host, the assumption could be when they find out I'm talking about their favorite podcast like you is this SOP right and that's where the title came from. That's not me getting on a podcast and a swearing like a truck driver or maybe person right it's not what it is. The plan words and to get the attention of that crowd and they're not listening to the show. They're not listening to Christian media are not going to church so were trying to go to them, which requires a little bit more of an aggressive approach, but the next episode is based on a very popular podcast series that just dropped a couple weeks ago. It's called Guru it's about this nut job that got big on Oprah Winfrey he was part of the secret memo that book the secret that was five different self-help gurus in this guy. Eventually some people at his retreat. Three people ended up dying but but why would they go. Why would they stay why are people so interested in self-help movement and that to me with some fertile ground for conversation. As a Christian. So, episode seven of who is this SOP will be out of it's not out today. I'll be out tomorrow and that's where you get your podcast so it could be Apple could be Google Google play stitcher iHeartRadio whatever you get a pretty much anywhere just go to the website who is this one last comment.

My own journey on the face, messing them will move on here in the last segment. I know part of me and I've been this way my whole life that I am I have a rebel nature like I think beyond the normal I'm the last of four kids. My brother played football so I played soccer. They all took piano lessons, so I played the trumpet. I do not want to.

You tell me the best way to go is that way. My inclination is to go the other way to find my own way and so there's a rebel nature me. I hate complying. I hate following the rules. That's probably why have been essentially self-employed since I was about 36 and that's just who I am okay and part of that's okay.

And what I do as part of the kingdom and part of it that it's my flesh. It's the old man, so I know my problem with the mask and they drive me nuts and I wear one now when I go to the store and the places that in the whole time I'm like gritting my teeth and I want to punch somebody. It drives me nuts but I know part of that is just my rebel nature, and I don't want to conform to pretty much anything you tell me what to do.

You want to influence me.

Don't lean on me. Hey Stevie, I really think you need. I'm telling you my first reaction is no think you are pushing back Mama do my own thing so I know that's part of it, but I also know is is is that Hilda Dayan is a Christian, especially in social media and you heard are the caller from some from Charlotte.

She said she not been trumpet and she said hey listen, might pretty much all my Christian friends are. Screw that. I'm not wearing a mask and all her non-Christian friends are like people should wear a mask while you Christians acting that way so the question is, what's more important is freedom. I'm just telling you internally check your spirit. Check your thinking and if you're anything like me. Part of this is just the rebel nature, and I don't want to comply and I have to deal with that with the Lord cannot talk about efficacy. I'm not talking about the. The actual health aspects of the mask. I think the really bad for us to wear personally for ourselves. I do think that the most of the evidence shows that they can help with the spread in terms of if you have it in your where mask you're knocking your droplets are going to travel as much other people. There's other reports they will know the droplets of the wrong size Bulova I can find it listen I can find any article I want to support my position because that's all you don't know who to trust. You don't know where the truth is, can I get an amen.

That's just the norm now. I just felt like I needed to say that okay this is from to follow-up on our interview yesterday. Beverly Beatty was on a couple weeks ago and she's the really strong-willed say the least black Christian woman that was there in New York City and putting the black paint smearing it all over the yellow black lives matter meetings on the streets, former Princeton coat Prof. Carol Swain at some skating words for the newly empowered black lives matter movement and Democrat party bring in Fox News. This is an article from a late June. Life, liberty and live-in last week Swain and after American was taught about Princeton and Vanderbilt describe the black lives matter movement as part of the cultural Marxist agenda against America. According to Swain, Democrats are using black people to advance a radical agenda that will be destructive to our nation that will hurt all of us and turning us right now. Okay.

She explained the black lives matter in the in the left believe that advancing a narrative, a systemic racism will help them achieve that goal.

She contended contended that this false narrative is being pushed this year because the election I am an American success story. She said systemic racism against African Americans and I think she rejects that after growing up in poverty dropping out of school in the eighth grade and having three small children by the age of 20. Swain attended community college, eventually becoming successful university professor who earned early tenure, Princeton, Swain informed the audience that she had one national prizes and have been cited by the US Supreme Court before probably declaring I love America is clear that this movement to tear down monuments is really to divide the country. She said so were all suffering as a result of this political agenda will not bring us closer together and Evelyn brought this up just about the pandering of much of the black lives matter movement in Weigle paint that on the ground. We put that the yard sign in front of your house and you know you can pack yourself on the back your now part of the solution you care about African Americans and people of color your against racism and and that's really that's it that's it that's what you think. That's actually an assault.

We got get in there and do the hard work, especially when it comes to economic issues in the inner-city and those are realities that we need to do it is bench bill call that I appreciate this. The after effects of slavery, Jim Crow laws and civil rights abuses can't be after effects but yet terminus and bevel and braid up brought up a great point yesterday from the BLM organization there actually anti-black man because they're all for the disintegration of the family there, all for sexual anarchy. Transgender is a homosexuality there all for killing babies in their against the nuclear family so they actually don't want to see a solution to perhaps one of the biggest challenges in the African-American community and around the rest of the country regardless of your skin color which is fatherlessness in black lives. Matters like girl about fatherlessness man we don't think that the nuclear family should even exist so BLM is actually against black men is really important understand that and hopefully you can communicate that not just me here and there. I mentioned this article the other day. I want to finish with this. When will the madness end's from the American Institute for economic research.

The guy writing the article was talking about. He was at a place for a TV interview and a thin wise looking. Mama Freud style glasses sat down across from me.

Having just left the studio. He was there to catch his breath following his interview but he looked deeply troubled this fear in the air. I said breaking the silence madness is all around us. The man said the public is adopting a personality disorder I've been treating my whole career was it that you do. I asked, I'm a practicing psychiatrist who specializes listen this. These are all the dominoes that are lining up behind the cove issue specializes in anxiety disorders, paranoid delusions and irrational fear which is our training our kids, especially the way were not handling opening schools get in a few weeks I been treating this an individual as a specialist. He writes this talk about the psychiatrist. It's hard enough to contain these problems in normal times what's happening now is a spread of the serious medical condition to the whole population, it can Evelyn anything but here we see a primal fear of disease turning in the mass panic.

It seems almost deliberate.

It is tragic once it starts it could take years to repair the psychological damage well and the masking thing. As part of that is you go back a little while in America what it said guess what people get sick and people.we minimize it we do some logical things but the whole country and fear when the numbers don't bear that out. Except for a very small portion of the people and people that we can protect and isolate. I sent her a bit stunned.

The author says, partially because speaking in such apocalyptic, apocalyptic terms was new in those days, and because of the certitude of his opinion underlying his brief comments was a presumption that there was nothing particularly unusual about the virus we've evolved with them and learn to treat them with calm and professionalism. What distinguish the current moment. He was suggesting was not the virus, but the unleashing of a kind of public madness. I was an early skeptic of the we are all going to die narrative, but even I was unsure if he was correct that the real problem is not physical but mental.

In those days. Even I was cautious about shaking hands, caring around sanitizer. I learned later. Of course the 20 medical professors, professionals have been been trying to calm people down for weeks urging the normal functioning of society rather than panic. It took weeks. However, for me to realize that he was right. The main threat society faced with a psychological condition and this is going to be going on and on and on.

When the numbers come down to people. If I were to be dealing with the psychological aftereffects for years. I should have going back to the article should've immediately turned a book that captivated me in high school.

It's extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds by Charles McKay Mackey 1841 I like reading it because while it highlighted human folly also seem to indicate that we are a civilization are over that period of history allow me to laugh at how ridiculous people were in the past. The name is Florida.

After 2005 when the Internet developed into a series serious repository for human knowledge and it became accessible via smart phones, but add is that we would enter into a new age of which mass frenzy. I don't. You can see evidence of my navet on and on and on.

Season cove right. Eventually people do come to their senses, but it is as Mackey were set people go mad in herds while only recover senses slowly one by one. That's what's going on, but there is darkness. Don't forget the spiritual aspect of quality leads all of us. Don't forget this is no more noble show, God willing. Talk ever for

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