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Chief Justice = Nightmare?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 29, 2020 11:41 am

Chief Justice = Nightmare?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 29, 2020 11:41 am

Chief Justice = Nightmare?

Today the Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts became the swing vote on important decisions on abortion in Louisiana.  Steve talks about the ramifications of him becoming a swing vote.   


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Everyone use time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred down call Steve now 8643 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble Casey had been panicked and justice John Roberts absolutely a nightmare. A massive disappointment just a nightmare and think you George W. Bush. 43 for nominating him and for everybody. I kinda bought into the notion that this guy is or was a conservative. Now you've got justice John Roberts is now basically Justice Kennedy. He's the swing vote you got for one way to the left got for one way to the right and in between at the fulcrum drunk on his power and his ability to affect all kinds of aspects of American life is John Roberts and and it is absolutely pathetic and disgusting to watch this. It's one thing after another with him and so I'm to spend some time on that and unpacking a couple stories here that they go over this ruling on 54 ruling that was a blow to the abortion movements as we continue to try to move forward but just a little reminder and a pastor friend of mine did this on Facebook earlier today was a reminder that hey if were all sitting around all his pro-life people sitting around thinking if we could just get the right justices in and will you know we got Cavanaugh. We got corsets and now all of a sudden it looks like were going to get this done order to overturn Roe versus Wade. But you don't do anything else you're wishful thinking you go out and vote your one issue voter like I am like my wife is and that's great but that's just not enough for us to sit around as the church and think having the right people in the Supreme Court is going to get it done. One day, were buying into.

Unfortunately, what's happened in the United States of America as we shredded yet another part of the U.S. Constitution. The fact that the Supreme Court of United States is this important and this powerful and this monumental to the present and future of this country is not what it was meant to be at all pretty much advise and consent that that was the deal get originalists on their men and women that understand the Constitution look at the laws that get challenged and go.

Is this in in in line with our U.S. Constitution as written. As stated, or is it not then that's it is just a ruling. That's all it will create laws at least these two. Not create laws but they do now what he think we have gay marriage by the weight go show me anybody go into the bowels of the US Congress and show me the statute show me the law that was written, proposed, debated, passed in one house gone to the other house. The Senate, or vice versa and then went to the president's desk for signature.

Somebody show me that law.

It's kind like your North Carolina and many other states around the country.

Show me the law that Gov. Cooper passed that makes it illegal for me to choose not to wear a mask out in public.

Show me the law because there isn't one. In that used to matter in this country, but it doesn't anymore. So now we have a US Supreme Court that we fight like cats and dogs over every nomination now because unfortunately it's just completely out of whack. Okay, it's completely out of whack and that's something that's just a shame, but now you gotta as my dad used to say you gotta dance with the date that Brunk right got a dance of the one to bring you in.

That's the deal. The US Supreme Court has massive implications and so we have to stay in that game, but for us as above for us as Christians if that's all you're doing in the pro-life movement. You say you're pro-life you vote pro-life and you hope we get the right justices that that's not you know it would change the abortion issue overnight in this country is that the pro-life crowd started to show up in mass and consistently like the black lives matter crop that would make a difference, but we don't. So I'll just leave that there this is from Fox news. You can find the story anywhere. So don't think I'm leaning to the righteous is a music box Supreme Court on Monday ruled that a Louisiana law requiring that individuals who perform abortions at clinics have admitting privileges in a nearby hospital is unconstitutional as it places an undue burden on women seeking abortions. That is not an undue burden on a woman that is a burden on the abortion clinic who by the way does botch abortions. There are botched abortions.

You can see my buddy Troy Newman and Operation Rescue there. They've got people out there moles all over the country and they're taking video and putting pictures up of the abortion clinics where abortions are botched and women sometimes die so that's just a ridiculous statement. Rather, the get go. The court ruled 54.

In the case with Chief Justice John Roberts. Once again, casting the deciding vote by siding with the court's liberal justices. The opinion written by Justice Stephen Breyer noted that the Louisiana laws almost word for word identical in a list that stay with us and him to come back to it.

On the other side of the the break because I want to make sure you understand what's going on here. The opinion written by Justice Stephen Breyer noted that the Louisiana laws almost word for word identical to a Texas law, the court ruled, was unconstitutional in 2016's whole woman's health versus Heller stat, a district court had rejected delete Louisiana law because of that precedent, but a Court of Appeals ruled otherwise.

Breyer noted that the district court found that the law offers no significant health benefit court" and that quote conditions on admitting privileges common to hospitals throughout the state have made and will continue to make it impossible for abortion providers to obtain conforming privileges for reasons that have nothing to do with the states asserted interest in promoting women's health and safety. I love that one women's health and safety, which by the way, women's health would include emotional health, physical health, mental health, and go do some work on the post-abortive life of a woman. Okay, tell me if that's not hurting her help in and safety which I just mentioned they have people regularly that get injured and some die as a result of getting abortion.

This case is similar to nearly identical with whole woman's health. Breyer wrote in the law must consequently reach a similar conclusion. Now listen, this is where it gets interesting and even more frustrating.

Roberts, Chief Justice John Roberts had dissented in the 2016 case and said in a concurring opinion that while you still believe that that past case was wrongly decided. He was ruling with the majority in the present case to the court precedent in other words, that last one we got wrong, but because we got it wrong that's now court precedents and I have to go with that even though I know it's wrong right the understand that what I wonder if I Chief Justice John Roberts would've had the same logic after the Dred Scott case. Well, I disagreed with the Dred Scott ruling. When we did it, but now that we did it go along with the next that keeps the slaves in slavery evenly goes north for you about that for there may come back and scripts to not only waiting for Supreme Court a massive disappointment become a nightmare and many people at Rush Limbaugh look back at Steve Noble by the way, if you want to join us here in the studio just me this week, braving it on my own. My new production assistant in turn is out of town this week and so I am on my own ways to do this on my own, so it should be fine.

We will survive and then I put out an email earlier today I mentioned it on Friday about to having to move to a new studio so we did find a new location, the Lord, it wasn't nearly as expensive as everything else I have.

I haven't looked at any kind of commercial like leasing because I haven't had the lease of studio before but all of a sudden something strange and so now we have to make the move.

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We are tax deductible 501(c)(3). Just like your church and so those are tax deductible donations and would appreciate any any intermittent so you can can do just a little. Some of you can do more but it's gonna cost us about $10,000 to pull this off and we need to get it done by the end of July so just go to the website popular link up on Facebook life and I get a sec, you can just go to the Steve Noble right there and help us out that we all keep talking about that until we hit the goal. I know my nervous yeah I always get nervous about this kind of stuff. It's gonna be a tough year fundraising in general. But God is always provided he always is provided in so I have to make my wife to we just have to rest on that go okay God provides who he provides room how he provides.

I don't know I don't. Our job is faithfulness is jobs fruitfulness but seriously, if you would consider that I would humbly request you help us out that there would be a huge blessing because we have to do it with non-Jewish weed on the money to sit there right now. Anyway, let's keep going back to this back to this horrific decision another one with John Roberts leading the charge and I think Rush Limbaugh is talk about an earlier date as John Roberts hate Trump maybe does. But who cares. That's an effect if that's not your job job is going there with a personal agenda. Some people say rush at this as well. Hey, maybe the Democrats have something on it so John Roberts comes to these types of cases that are in the sweet spot for the liberals he's laden to follow the other four, but you know you probably can't prove that I think it's his pride now that he's the swing vote.

He's the new Justice Kennedy in an entire mean just think that he's the one guy.

So in his mind and through his pride with agar fell back in 2014 thinking he's writing this terrible wrong that same-sex couples should be to get married and now for forever. I am the guy Chief Justice John Roberts who enshrined that right for people who just want to love each other and I could totally see that totally see that unfortunately this case is silencing early is met with fierce criticism from criticism from conservatives. As you might think, in dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote today a majority of the court perpetuates its ill-founded abortion jurisprudence by joining a perfectly legitimate state law.

In doing so without jurisdiction, a minor issue.

Jurisdiction Thomas claim that those performing abortions do not have standing to challenge laws on the basis that they restrict the ability to get an abortion because it's not their rights that are an issue, but the potential patients.

Thomas went on flatly to state that abortion precedents are grievously wrong and should be overruled for such and Cavanaugh both oppose Monday's decision but with Robert siding with the liberal justices they had no effect on the outcome after the court's decision was handed down Schumer, Chuck Schumer tweeted on observation about how the court has been ruling as of late extreme courts entering Buffalo Springfield territory. He said there's something happening here.

He wrote exactly right. The court recently ruled in a five for decision penned by Roberts.

The president trumps reversal of former president Barack Obama's doctor order that shields immigrants who came to the country illegally.

As children was in violation of the administrative protective act, which sets out rulemaking procedures for federal agencies.

By the way the president has every right to deal with immigration issues okay. It was Robert Seuss by siding with the liberal wing and reinterpreting an individual mandate is a tax allowed Obama care to be found constitutional in 2012.

Last year he joined with the wing again and shutting down trumps efforts to add citizenship questions to the census. Yeah me. Why would we asked that question citizenship question in the sit census. Why do we need to know who's here legally. Thomas up in another article, Thomas tears into abortion precedents.

The sum of this or some great stuff. Right on the money. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas file the blistering opinion dissenting from a Monday decision to strike down a Louisiana law that required abortion doctors to obtain admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, which by the way, the effect would be. They have to up their game.

They have to be able to qualify for admitting privileges at at local hospital, and as the butcher that most of them are God help them, they have to strip they have to straighten up and fly right. They'd have to improve the conditions at their clinics at these mills. The pitch dissent make clear that Thomas is ready to tear down the courts protections for abortion completely is most explicit comments. Yet, the precedents all the way back to real versus wage default quote the plurality in Chief Justice John Roberts ultimately cast aside this jurisdictional barrier to conclude that Louisiana's laws unconstitutional under our precedents.

Justice Clarence Thomas wrote those decisions created the right to abortion out of whole cloth without a shred of support from the Constitution's text are abortion precedents are grievously wrong and should be overruled. And that's what I was saying earlier. That's what Tom at that Thomas understands that we understand that from Dred Scott and other decisions of the United States Supreme Court that needed to be changed just because you got it right. You don't need to ride that you need a ride that Titanic to the bottom of the ocean so Justice Roberts who said, who dissented last night disagreed with the liberal opinion of the court last a couple years ago. Justice Roberts was like yeah they should have been admitting they should have admitting relationship of a local hospital. These abortion clinics so he disagreed with the liberal courts decision but now his reasoning today is or a month. Yet, today was well. They Artie made the decision. It's a bad decision. I don't agree with decision, but since they made it.

Now I gotta go with it that what he would've said with Dred Scott, I think not. Back Clarence are back to justice.

Clarence Thomas, he headed lower in the opinion, the plurality and Roberts claim that the court's judgment as dictated by our precedents, particularly whole woman's health for the detailed reasons explained by Alito. This is not true, but today's decision is wrong for a far simpler reason some of this. The Constitution does not constrain the state's ability to regulate or even prohibit abortion, this court created the right to abortion based on an amorphous unwritten right to privacy, which are grounded in the legal fiction of substantive due process. Thomas further called Roe versus Wade. Farcical in the Supreme Court's abortion jurisprudence remains in a state of utter entropy and he said the court quote can reconcile neither row nor its progeny with the text of our Constitution, so those decisions should be overruled okay. The just like Dred Scott, they got it wrong. So you have to correct it Roe versus Wade and 73 when they came up with an arbitrary three trimesters they can look inside it and know what's going on there. So the whole argument that justice you can buy that and 73, but only today if your total absolute science denied Roberts is just weak and enamored with his new position as Justice Kennedy court. God help us all. Back to make it illegal to see Bill will show a few more stories and wanted to go over things that were just me.

I'm just trying to watch all the news and everything is happening from a 30,000 foot perspective from a biblical perspective and try not to. You should not.

None of us should be selling our peace down the river over what were seeing happening in the news. Whether it's the Supreme Court decisions things going on with Tromp with Congress, black lives matter to protest the looting of violence beach as chop zones. The autonomous zones. The pulling down of monuments both Confederate and non-Confederate the COBIT 19 situation the mandatory mask law and air quotes that's done, it's right. Believe me, I'm with you.

I am frustrated I am angry. I am incensed I am disgusted and often times I just I just rest down into that instead of going hold on a second. Steve still have going on in my life. Well, yeah, that's right, the gospel of Jesus Christ my salvation, the fruit of the spirit indwelling of the Holy Ghost heaven.

My future is secure.

All these things. I know the truth. The truth set me free and we walk around and act like none of that stuff is true sometimes. I mean, at least I did I really struggle with that because I use some toys I talked to some of the stories and will talk to David Fisher and the four segment is always crazy things going on financial world and we want to talk about those what's going on with the markets the rallies the ups and downs.

Quantitative easing is the cut at the government just continues to print and pump more money into the system at such a house of cards, and no thing can sustain itself and eventually units can be set up nicely for when Jesus comes back tribulation. All I can stop so just remember that Come in at This Their Slouchy Coronavirus Vaccine Unlikely to Achieve Herd Immunity Because of You and T Factors out There. Dr. Anthony Found She This Is in the Daily Wire Director. The National Institute of Allergy Bubble Bubble Bath Is Warning That Creating an Effective Coronavirus Vaccine May Not Be Enough to Achieve Herd Immunity against the Virus. By the Way We Achieve Herd Immunity without a Vaccine Going Away Saying That While She Sat for an Interview with CNN's Elizabeth Cohen Streamed at the Aspen Ideas Festival on Sunday Night Quote There Is a General Antiscience Is so Condescending, Antiscience, Anti-Authority, Antique Vaccine Feeling among Some People in This Country and Alarmingly Large Percentage of People, Relatively Speaking about. She Said United States on Track to Have 100 Million Doses of a Viable Vaccine by the End of the Year As Long As the Candidate Can Pass the Clinical Trials. It Is Currently Going through Pouches Complained in Recent Weeks of American Skepticism about Experts in Authority Suggests What an Authoritative Time to Time and Sets That Can Stop a June 17 Episode of the Department of Health And Human Services Podcast Learning Curve. He Said That Some People's Unwillingness to Heed the Advice of Himself and Others Is Inexplicable, Thus Says Pope Ouchi What One of the Problems We Face in the United States Is That Unfortunately Is the Condescension Again Is a Combination of an Antiscience Bias That People Are for Reasons That Are Sometimes Inconceivable and Not Understandable.

I Just Don't Believe Science Will Believe Authority When They See Someone up in the White House, Which Is an Air of Authority to Adduce Talking about Science. There Are Some People Just Don't Believe That That's Unfortunate Toys.

We Want to Achieve Herd Immunity Because of All You Anti-Baxter Antiauthority Homeschooling Christian Bible Thumping Gun Owning Types Essentially so That's Ouchi's Been in the System up There for about I Don't Know 50 Years or Is Been in Five Different Administrations.

Okay, so That's Ouchi Just Completely Talking down to Any of a Viewer Us That Are Anti-Baxter Antiauthority and Don't Just Trust Them Whole Cloth. Yet, If You Trust the Government.

Tromp or Anybody Else. If You Trust Ouchi and Burks Whole Cloth. See Me after Class. Now This Is Kind of Scary.

Check This One out. Protesters Set. This Is like the French Revolution. This Is Where I Think Were Going Because We Can Talk about Black Lives Matter and All the Stuff underneath All of That Is Is the Economy, the Economic System Has the Have-Nots in the Divides Getting Bigger and Deeper Day underneath All of That in the World's Economy Money, Possessions, Net Worth All That Can Stop Which the Booze While in the Proletariat to Go Back and Use Marxist Terminology Rich People in the and the Workers Essentially Okay Solicitous.

This Is Crazy. This Just Happened. Protesters Have Set up a Guillotine Mock a Guillotine outside Washington DC Complex Were Amazon CEO Jeff B's Ellis Purportedly Resides Several Video Circulated on Social Media, Showing What Resembled the Apparatus Known for Beheading Executions during the French Revolution in a Residential Area of the Nation's Capital Assignment Support Are Poor Communities, Not Our Wealthy Men.

One Video Showed a Female Protester in DC with Her Face Covered Call out over a Megaphone. When They Become Threatened and We Have No Choice. The Knives Come out. That's Just the French Revolution 101 or One of the More Recent Batman Movies. When Bane Takes over Gotham City I.E. New York and Then They Just Start Throwing the Rich People on the Street Because People That Don't Have What What People That Have Have They Covet Are Not Satisfied. They're Not Content I'm Not Saying There Aren't Inequalities and Injustice, of Course, There's but That'll Just Drive People Crazy and Out Of Their Resentment and Their Covetousness Will Just Kill People.

You Think That's Not Possible. Take a Look around at What We See Happening Innocent People That Get Caught up in These Protests and Also the Protest Goes Southwards Driving Your Car the Next Thing You Know People Are Bashing in Your Windows I Mean It's Crazy. A Digital Flyer Circulated Online, Titled Abolish the Present Reconstruct Our Future Name Businesses DC Complex in Advertising Event There Sunday for EPM. Amazon Works Directly with Police to Surveilled Us Stoking Racist Fears in the Name of Profit Doubling down on Their Unionbusting and Mistreatment of Workers. Amazon Fired and Racially Slandered Labor Organizer Chris Smalls Going Us to Tell Jeff B's Ellis Enough Is Enough and the Abuse and Profiteering. Abolish the Police.

The Prisons and Amazon. It Concludes Wow and Be Those in Amazon. By the Way Came out Fullbore for Black Lives Matter. He Said He Was Happy to Lose Customers Who Did Not Support Black Lives Matter. Amazon's Position on It in the Days Following Floyd Death. The Company Post Announcing Apart. We Believe Black Lives Matter. We Stand in Solidarity with Their Black Employees, Customers and Partners and Are Committed to Helping Build the Country in a World Where Week. Everyone Can Live with Dignity and Free from Fear. Okay, I'm with You There but That's Not Enough. Jeff Because You're Rich and People That Don't Have A Lot or Just Have a Little Bit Have for Thousands of Years Had It in for People That Have A Lot Have A Lot for Thousands of Years of Largely Discounted or Dehumanize Arm Paid Any Attention or Have Been Generous Towards Us at Very Little Is Not a New Problem. New News Is Old News Happening to New People.

Solomon Was Right. There's Nothing New under the Sun.

He Got a Remember That There's This. The UN Says the World Cannot Return to Previous Normal after Coronavirus. This Is Just Somebody at Zombie Asked Me the Other Day on Our Sidewalk Counselors down the Abortion Clinic Asked on Saturday. Steve, I Just like in My Bones File Jesus Is Coming Back Soon. Do You Feel That Way and I'm like I Feel It More Now Than I Ever Have and I'm Very Cynical, Which Is a Sometimes a Faith Issue for Me and Mike's.

I Don't Know, but This Is so Bizarre There's so Much Darkness There so Much Confusion at This Stuff Just Starts Smelling More and More like Every Prophetic Thing We See in the New Testament in the Book of Revelation United Nations Deputy Secretary-General: International Forum Friday That Society Cannot Return to the Previous Normal As He Laid out Socioeconomic Responses amid the Coronavirus Pandemic.

We Must Keep in Sight. The Gravity of the Situation. I Returned to Normal Normality in Some Regions Must Not Lull Us into a False and Security Mom and Said That for Many Countries, This Is Mina Mohammed's Deputy Secretary-General Unit. The Worse the Pandemic Is yet to Come in the International Labeler in the Labor Organization Estimates That 300 Million Jobs Could Be Lost. A Fact That Is 15 Times Higher Than the Job Losses in the 2008 Financial Crisis the Sun All the Stuff Simply Judgment Me the Date the Coronavirus Has Infected over 9 Million People and Killed More Than Four and 72,000 Globally Ordered 72,000 Globally Just Assume That the Numbers Accurate Even Though We Know It's Not Lisa Here in the States Were Going Ballistic about That Were Un-Employing Ourselves or Destroying Economies around the World Were Pushing Twice As Many People like 100 and 3040 More Million People into Extreme Poverty in Food Security, like Famine over Foreign and 72,000 Deaths Worldwide. While Most People on the Planet Are Completely Unaware of the Fact That so Far in 2020 through Today about an Hour Ago. Worldwide, We Have Aborted over 21 Million.

No, I Didn't Get That Wrong. That Wasn't a Joe Biden Gaffe When He Said Hundred 20 Million People Die from Covert That Wasn't Gaffe That Was a Real Number. It's Just over 21 Million Abortions Worldwide. Year to Date Were Turning Everything Upside down and inside out for the Coronavirus Death Count 472,000 Destroying Economies 300 Million Job Losses. That's What They're Estimating. You've Got 70 200 Million People Could Be Pushed into Extreme Property United Nations World Food Program Is Further Warned That 260 Million People Could Face Acute Food Insecurity for Years and Doubling the Number of Risk before the Crisis over Forton Seven 2000 Which Are Tragic, Not a Stretch of 21 Million People That Have Placed 98% of the Time, Personal Be the Judge Will Be Right Back Let Him Know Michelle Does These Noble

Also, the Show's Podcast of the Plug Is to Be Date the Show Comes out within 24 Hours so You Can Go. Whatever Podcast Platform Use of ITunes, Apple, Google Spot If I Whatever, Where, Were in All of Those the New Podcast Is As Well, Which You Know the Title It's a Little Edgy. Who Is This SOP. That's Not Me Starting to Talk like a Sailor or What Have You. That's Just the Assumed Reaction of These Millennial's and Jen's E Horde Gobbling up the Top 20 Top 30 Podcasts That Are out There. Millions and Millions and Millions and Millions of Downloads and Listens Okay They're Not Coming to Church Numbers All Bear This out. They Don't Come to Church. They're Not Listening to Christian Media They're Not Listening to the Show. They're Not on My Facebook Page and Not on Your Facebook Page. You Probably Know Some of Them They're Just Not Interested. Sobbing to Get Their Attention. Steering Our Car.

Another Traffic Oncoming Traffic so I Go Listen to Some of These. I'm Only Looking at the Top 20 Podcasts at Any Given Time.

I Look for Interesting Effective Areas of Engagement Where I Can Bring up a Winsome Biblical Christian Christian Worldview into the Conversation. And so That's What I Do I in the Podcast to His Success Will Be. I I Play Clips from These Podcasts and Then I Offer a Conservative Biblical Responses Winsome As I Can with the Hopes That Working to Get Their Attention, As We Keep Doing It and We May Be Could Even Share the Gospel with Them. Give Them Something Else to Think That Think of Give Him Another Perspective.

But We Have To Go to Them. They're Not Coming to Us.

That's the Whole Purpose of That Podcast.

That's Also Available on Wherever Podcasts Are Available.

You Can Just Go to Who Is This You Can Find It on Facebook with the New Episode Comes out Wednesday. That's Can Be Number Six, Three Different Huge Podcast That I Deal with One on a Couple One up Bench Girl in the Racial Issue Joe Rogan and His Guest on the on the Kind of the Riots in the Protests. And Then, of All Places Stuff You Should Know Which Is a Huge Podcast Actually Enough, but They Did. They Did One on Ultrasound and in Doing a Podcast.

You Should Know on Ultrasound. They Took a Rather Obvious Pro-Life Position That I'm Sure A Lot Of People That Listen to That Podcast Would Never See It That Way but It Was Really Obvious to Me so I Engaged All Three of Those. So That's Coming out on Wednesday. You Can Check That out, but Right Now It Is Is Every Monday Were to Talk to Her Good Friend David Fisher from Landmark Capital Landmark As Always, Landmark Plenty of Updates We Have To Do Is the Financial World Is a Strange and Hot These Days Is Most the Rest of the World. The David Good to Hear from You. How Are You Doing Good and Safe in This Strange Environment Yes Sure in the Financial and Shirley Gospel. Amen. That's Such a Good Way of Putting It Really Start on These the Money Monday Updates Which I so Appreciate You Doing This David with Passage of Scripture. In This Case Is so Important for Us Especially Right Now in the Body of Christ. We Look at Romans 1210 Because I Haven't Seen This Much Division inside the Body.

Since Donald Trump Ran in 2016. Now with Mask and All That Stuff. This Is so Important Passage. Let's Start There. Thanks for Bringing This One up. Talk about You Devoted to One Another in Brotherly Love.

Good Reference One Another in Honor but Lagging behind in Diligence, Fervent in Spirit, Serving the Lord. I Brought This up Specifically Because the Mouse Knew Others. There's This Spiritual Dichotomy Going on There. In the End of the Body of Christ.

I'm Seeing Someone Talk about for Second Let Me Surf That You Were in a Mass You Don't Have This High Level of Trust Towards the Lord Okay and That You Know He's Going to Protect You Best like Me Saying What I Have My Heart Issues Should Go the Doctor Should Trust the Lord of That Was the Case I Would Be Here so God Uses Modern Medicine.

We Also Use Practicality in the Flipside out. If You're Not Wearing the Master Not Being a Good Servant of the Environment in Your Body and Other Bodies around You so I Think the Key Here. Those Look. Honor One Another.

Some People Don't Believe in Whereabouts of the Purgatory Was Not Put Them down and Belittled Them While Others Who Do Where Mass Should Not Be Put down for Wearing Them after the Menu Don't Support Prison Trump Are You Doing to Me about This. What You Believe What You Should Do As You Follow the Lord a Good Thing.

I've Always Learned All People Really Don't Care How Much You Know or What You Believe Are You Know about Worry, Master. Not until You Show Compassion Towards Them and You. You Can't Bring Them into Your World. Whatever Your World Is One Form of the Gospel Now Intuiting Get into Their World and Show Them How Much You Care about Them and Their World yet so Important. And Then Again What Jesus Himself Said Don't Know Your Mind Meeting His Disciples, His Children, by the Way You Love One Another and It's Amazing What Will Allow to Come between Us and the Body of Christ and People Are Watching Whether We Know It or Not and Then It's Amazing in This One. I've Struggled with It Myself. David Just over the Weekend Because Now We Have This Mass Mandate North Carolina and I'm like Kicking and Screaming and I Realize Either Saturday or Sunday When I Was Wearing When These Dang Mass in the in the Grocery Store. Unlike I Have Such a Spirit of Independence and Rebellion in Me and and I like You Know What That That's Not That the Fact That I Can Make a Case for My Lack of Willingness to Submit to Give the Benefit of the Doubt and I Can Make a Good Case How It's All Just Garbage. I Can Make a Medical Case Asked All That Stuff but There's a Spirit in Me That Just Just like I Clench My Fists and I Say I'm Not Gonna Do What You Tell Me. And That's That's a Spirit of Rebellion. That's the Old Man That Supposed to Be Dead and It's Just an Important Reminder and Then We Turn around and Divide for Each Other Horribly over These Things.

It's Just Lisette but a Great Reminder for All of Us. I Really Appreciate You Bringing Bring That up. David Unity Goes a Long Ways of Power and Unity That We Need More Than Ever Now Meant Exactly Right.

So Let's Look at the Market Share to Dates. Never a Dull Moment There As Well. Us Out Of Us Understand What's Going on down Here Today.

10.3% or down 1/2 a Percent from Last Week but Keep in Mind with 40% of the Rally Today in the Doubt Was Caused by Home Depot Apple but Mostly Blowing since It Closed up 14.36% for the Normal Movement in Them Only Because of the Federal Aviation Commission Should the Beginner Do Test Flights on the 737 Max Chip Which Are Supposed to Start Today and They Did All Other Indexes S&P down 5.8% Year to Date Almost 1.3% Lower Than Last Week's of the Bell in the Us Appear Lower Mastic Is up Here to Date 9.1%, but down the Percent from Last Week and Gold Is the Winter of 16.8% of Percent from Last Week. So Less Than the Numbers Market Is Not to Be Open on Friday Because All the Day in the Light Volume Is Expected on Thursday Our Heavens from Jobless Claims Came out and There We Have 12 Consecutive Weeks Were We've Had Unemployment Third. Initial Jobless Claims of Fallen but We Sold 20 Million Americans of Employee of the Big News of Skin Abuse Coming out Tomorrow When Jerome Powell Took Sherman's Image Speak before the House Financial Services Committee and His Remarks Were Just Released like 10 Minutes Ago and Here's the Big Ones He Will Say Big Questions Remain over the Outlook of the Economy, Particularly in Light of Ongoing Efforts to Contain the Coronavirus Pandemic Output and Unemployment Remained Far below Their Pre-Pandemic Levels in the Passport for the Economy Is Extraordinary Uncertain in a Full Recovery Is Unlikely until People Are Confident That This Safe Bet Is Safe to Reengage in Broad Activities That Were Used To Doing so A Lot Of Uncertainty Still All yet. Well We Go Back to March 23 Which Is the Bottom of What's Happened This Year and Then Just Last Thursday and Friday Bloom down Boom down and Today Ended up 580 Points.

So You've Got Kind Is Choppy Back-And-Forth up and down. Is There Any Way to Kinda Tell Where the Markets Heading at This Point Will Dichotomy Still Is Going on of the That Injection of Capital in on This Balance Have Happened since March 23. Of the Bottom but Slowing down Definitely and Elders Had Little Bit Headwinds with the Uncertainty but It's Acting According to Bank Of America's Michael Harnett Strategist Thing Is Just Acting like a Typical Bear Market Rally. Be Careful Use of English Verse Three Been the Are. This Is Following in the Footsteps of and Vision We Could Be Some More Pain with Lower Levels, Which Is Very Normal in a Bear Market Rally so Just Be Careful and Still Overvalued at 22.180 PNA Ratio and It Should Be around 70, You Mentioned That the Said so How Long They Can Continue on Their Quest to Buy Assets and Continue to Prop up Everything As Long As They Need to, but Drupal Does See a Movie Called the Punch Bowl to Deploy the Punch Bowl When Things Go Back to Normal Hours Move Backwards but That's What He Means, but I Will Say This, the Fed Is Doing Extraordinary Things They've Never Been Done before. You Know, This Whole Bond Market Thing That They Been Buying for Been Buying Individual Corporate Bonds of Pursuit Only to Buy ETO's Eligible Ones. Then They Moved to Buying Individual Corporate Bonds and Then the Are Making a Blonde Index Eligible Broad Market Index Bond Which Is 1/3 Category That They Announced on June 15 and Yesterday We Got the Results from It and Shamed the Number One Asset. They Are Buying Toyota Number Two Volkswagen and Number Three Delmer Tell Me How Those Three Bonds Have Anything to Do with Americans Being in a Better Place Because Warren Comes Companies Doing Trade-In in Other Reside in America so I'm Perplexed. Yes. Well, That Seems to Be the New Normal Is Perplexed Unfortunately and You Know You Mentioned This and We Talked about This Every Week and Overwrite It in the Show, but Diversification Such a Big Deal All in Stock That's Not a Great Place to Be. You Never Want to Be All in One Place Stocks, Precious Metals, Real Estate, Even Cash, Which for A Lot Of People As This Is a Dirty Word. But How Can People Get More Information, Understand They Can Call It the Old-Fashioned Way 844-879-8882 or Go to Our Website.

Landmark Landmark Gold. Ellie Indeed Landmark David, As Always, Thanks Much. Thank You. I Bless You Too Will Talk Again Real Soon and like TJ in the Market Is so Fickle and so This Is Steve Noble and the Seasonal Michelle God Willing Always Used To Say Ever for

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