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America Burning

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June 19, 2020 11:53 am

America Burning

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 19, 2020 11:53 am

America Burning

For weeks America has been struggling with issues on personal, statewide, and countrywide issues from a pandemic to personal loss to protests in the name of change.  However, people with agendas have capitalized on the people in this time and now instead of a people united, we stand a people divided, and instead of America the beautiful we have America the burning. 


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cow call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble ever what you would see on the screen right now, so if you want to go if your Facebook person.

Odds are pretty good that you are go to the Steve Noble show page on Facebook and just jump in there to see me in the studio here during the show and see a couple other things on the is a couple of things here on the screen. To see a of what looks to be like the head of a statue of George Washington on fire which is in fact essentially what it is they wrap this is anti-file who knows who else was there. This is important. When I last night and they wrapped an American flag around his neck and set it on fire and then on them in the main part of the base. They wrote genocidal colonist a summit and the similar things and then they toppled it, you'll see a picture of the top of George Washington there.

And of course it's because he was a slave owner and obviously genocidal, so another things that they wrote on there when they defaced it, talk about that but maybe I should go here first from a police officer in Seattle absolute madness here can't even express it all the 14 for us in our Mayor and chief abandoned America major precinct and gave it to the anarchists unthinkable nine blocks of our city.

Under the complete control of these terrorists.

No joke. This is unreal, no police, no fire department no sanity aloud in layman armed force patrolling manning checkpoints and stopping cars and citizens at gunpoint. They are creating a currency and ID system a supply system that includes food, water, ammo and chemical weapons that access to the precinct and it made at their HQ, our clinical leaders are completely silent in the city councils completely complicit.

Yes, they have been on the front lines with the anarchists and yes the other night when councilmember let about 200 people into the City Hall warlord and charge the new capital Hill autonomous zone when they just drives a Tesla and has been arrested for drugs, guns, pimping and crimes against children and is on the federal child porn watchlist.

He carries an AK-47 and is Artie started abusing people inside what the blank from a police officer in Seattle.

I was on a Zoom call this morning with a bunch of brothers in the Lord and one of them has a friend that's a cop in Chicago happens to be an African-American and he's talking about what's happening to the cops.

In Chicago there being spit on and yelled at and called names any one thing he said was something in the crowds in these riots and stuff. Some people are our able to light and slip in MAD and between the best and the shirt of the cop in the Mesa MAD which is a serious explosive device okay is not firecracker was are illegal here in North Carolina, and all that kind of craziness going on crazy and then let's jump out of the mayhem in the fray of all that, let's go over to across the street from the U.S. Congress, the Supreme Court of United States. I did a video about this the other day, but a 10 minute video if you haven't seen it on my Facebook page go to watch that but I'm gonna do it here on the show to because it it's an important topic.

Obviously listen to this. This is this is on CNN day. Tuesday, June 16 in Siena to conservative justices joint decision expanding LGBT Q rights.

If you're not woken up yet. That's lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. Usually there's a + CNN five years after the US Supreme Court declared a fundamental right for same-sex couples to marry.

The justices produced another landmark for the gay rights movement by ruling that federal antibias laws cover millions of gay, lesbian and transgender workers. Monday's decision came at the hands of an unusual six Justice coalition on the nine-member bench cloaked in legalistic textual list reading of the statute, but nonetheless, reflecting a cultural transformation in America. Stop right there, which is not the job of the Supreme Court of the United States. They should not be doing anything to transform the culture them in America advise and consent. We think this is unconstitutional. We think this is fine.

End of story. But that's not what happened. Again, this is CNN I'm reading from the ruling joint and they muzzled those little emoji things and you do congratulations happy birthday a little confetti flies all over the page right really joins the annals of High Court decisions of last quarter century that of help drive gay progress on a myriad of fronts, including the 2003 decision striking down statutes that criminalize sodomy. In the 2013 action that invalidated a federal law that denied married same-sex couples, Social Security and other benefits given the opposite sex couples. Now when I come back from the break and I expand on this because I will finish in this first segment. This this isn't old primarily the reason I'm so upset. Here isn't because this is going to quote helping gay people and transgender people. My primary reason for being is ticked off about this as I am is because it's a complete just destruction of ignoring ignorant of ignoring of absolute giving over of the authority and the original intent of the U.S. Constitution because these guys and gals, six members of the US Supreme Court, including John Roberts, the Chief Justice, who was maybe a conservative in a former life, but he ain't on the court. How the heck that happened I don't know and then shocker of shockers who wrote the majority opinion.

None other than Neil course which the first Supreme Court judge replacement nominated and confirmed from the Donald Trump administration.

Here's the big rub is.

They went back to the 1964. Title VII landmark decision came dealing with discrimination can't discriminate based on age, sacs raise okay all those things to which all of us should say amen in 1964 okay here's here's a here's a little quiz for you friends here in the class is a quiz for you. In 1964 I would say 8064 BC 5020 20.

But let's just stick to the case.

In 1964 in the United States of America will we said you cannot discriminate based on sex. What did we mean last week can't discriminate based on sex.

What did we mean here in the good old US of a in 1964 we meant gender, sex, male and female any Audi. End of story. That's what it meant. In 1964. That's the original intent of the law and that law had no issues with the Constitution United States and it's fine.

That was the ruling it's fine that sweet should be don't scream in a based on sex now in post Christian postmodern America. You just get to redefine words and now are Supreme Court with to quote unquote conservatives.

One came up in the front, but the description decided to redefine the word sex apparently is just friendly enough. We got there we come back as nobles America birth only way that I have robust burning modern-day Rome court hearing on six of American Idol.

It said that sounds like. Of course I'm being figurative somewhat, although if you're joining us here on Facebook.

Live your to see the whole hour. Your to see this little video of the George Washington statue in Portland with George's head on fire. It's not his head on fire. Actually, it's the American flag that they wrapped around his neck and set on fire and then wrote genocidal colonist on the side of the column on that he standing on and eventually toppled it and they wrote genocidal colonist which doesn't make any sense because usually when they say genocidal they're going back to the American Indians and George Washington have much to do with that genocidal colonist nut 1619, which was the year by the way up. Remember your history so important.

We had to we had the religious separatists known as the Puritans known as the pilgrims came to Plymouth right they fled for religious liberty. They were godly people. They had a great relationship with the local Indians. That's awesome. Got in Jamestown.

They were like America today like super just given over scumbags they brought the first slaves over in 1619. That's the relevance of that being on the statute 1619. Another when you're on native lands is what they paid spray-painted on their you can see the pictures on Facebook. Life right now for the Steve Noble show your native lands BLM murder big Floyd referencing George Floyd and F cops they spell that out so that's that's that's in Portland last night. That's what I'm saying.

America's burning is figuratively. It is so all happen in six months. No question about that are Christian and you know much about eschatology and in times you know that that this was inevitable. It's one thing to know it and to see it and read about it and understand it. It's another thing to actually be living in it. The figuratively spiritually in many ways literally America's burning right back to this because I want to stay on this back to what this Supreme Court did the other day. So here's the problem. They took the 1964. Title VII law that says you can't discriminate based on sex and they decided in their black robe sitting up on high that they were just redefine it. You want to redefine the word sex in the United States of America, in law, you know how you do that class than anybody in civics class how you do that you pass a law right or you change a lot where you do that you do that in the Congress of the United States why the Congress.

Steve, I'm so glad you asked because that's where we have actually direct elected representatives in the house and in the Senate house every two years that we can get to them faster. They're more susceptible to the will of the people the Senate to be a moderating force every six years. Superstate evens out has nothing to do with population in the house we populate the house based on the population of each state. That's where you decide what the laws and if you can't get a law passed review can't get a law change. You don't have enough will of the people to do it. Therefore, nice try. Give it a shot. Next time do a better job in the elections win more seats and then you can pass your stuff. That's how it works. That's a natural check and balance.

That's great. But now the Supreme Court, which is way out of its lane and has been for decades just to sides because they're smarter than the rest of us because they set up iron wear black robes.

Apparently, that were just going to flat out stink and redefine the word sex to include sexual orientation, and transgender is him. Therefore, you cannot discriminate based on sex, which includes homosexuality lesbianism transgender is they just oilcloth. Six members not directly elected, including to quote unquote conservatives. I knew John Roberts was given over a while ago but Neil course which were confusion, more chaos, more upside down America burns and they just flat out said well sex includes the snow and Cavanaugh, to his credit was like this is a problem. This is not what the courts meant to do this is legislating from the bench. This is judicial activism at its worst and all they did was punch on the elephant in the room which is religious liberty. So I hire Mary come work at the other little lambs of preschool at church XYZ that believes the Bible and his evangelical end and Mary decide she's going to be Bill and I'm just going to become a man, and the whole gender thing the Bible all yeah I'm not with that anymore. I'm done with that we no longer can subscribe to the statement of faith you can no longer uphold the ideals of this organization. In this case, a church which has a right a constitutionally protected First Amendment right to practice its religion and and has a right to hire and fire based on that.

If you're not if you're if you want to come work at the front office of the church in Europe. Pro-choice lesbian. Now there's some denominations were. You can go be the pastor for that matter.

But in conservative evangelical denominations. You can't, and before the court would say you have a right to express your opinion religiously run your religious organization with protection from government interference. Now though, they just took that away.

On this particular front.

They said you can't violate chapter title VII from 1964 that sex now includes homosexuality and transgender is so now Christian college church itself ministry. Whatever now government power. The Supreme Court saying the federal government can force you to hire or not fire somebody that all the sudden or over the history of their lives say like I can't.

I don't agree with that thing from the Bible. I don't agree with the statement of faith.

I don't agree with your position on this but you will me a job or you can't fire me because I change my mind. No, that's a total violation of First Amendment protection for churches and religious organizations be a Christian and Muslim Hindu Buddhist Jew Jewish whatever, but these guys just because their cart cultural Marxists now and they just want to redefine everything Neil course. It's what in the world do what is that it's a horrifically unconstitutional maneuver way over the top, just unbelievable. And then they did the same thing with Doc, I know they left a little wiggle room in the docket decision in Trump because he such a narcissist as well. Obviously, the Supreme Court hates people and like to believe or not.

Not everything is about you. A lot of things are but not everything but the docket thing to the left that open a little bit ago of the trauma ministries can handle this in a certain way that it can get around it, but still, guess who has control over the immigration policies of the United States of America, according to the U.S. Constitution of Betty old ragged matters anymore. That would be the executive branch run by Donald Trump. Love him or leave. That's where the authority resides, and he should be able to dump Doc out tomorrow if he wants to. Elections have consequences. Okay, so that's all this constitutional stuff, by the way, today is June 19. I will end up talking about that it's Juneteenth now before you get all bent out of shape, thinking that is just some some crazy liberal anti-BLM, a maneuver June 19 and what it represents Juneteenth as it is an incredibly important day in US history. I agree with Ben Shapiro on this.

It should be a national holiday. It's a state holiday in gosh how many states at the state holiday and 47 states. I'll explain it to you when we get to the last segment of the show and also read to you what I wrote this morning about America burning relative to what we see going on relative to the pictures you see on Facebook live at the George Washington statue on fire and eventually toppled because there's messages in there that you need to hear some to get there and explain about Juneteenth and Shapiro thinks it's be a national holiday.

I agree that's not pandering pandering in Congress because they have been a little fast before I guarantee you the path now is all kinds of pandering going on but that's not true. My allegiance as a follower of Jesus Christ as to the truth best as I can grab it and use it. I don't care, particularly what people think of me will be right back Mac and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show trying to keep it all together. As America burns figuratively, literally, spiritually, all kinds of stuff. So that's why if you're on Facebook live today. You see this charming little video that's repeating about George Washington statue in Portland where they wrapped an American flag around his neck that on fire road genocidal colonists on one side of the column. We can see that in the video and then they eventually toppled it and wrote a bunch of other things on there like 1619, which is all about when slaves first came to America. That was Jamestown world psycho scumbags were versus Plymouth were the separatist where the actual Puritans your native lands BLM murder Pink Floyd which is a reference to George Floyd and F cops speaking, a cop started just from a great brother this morning is a Chicago policeman who was sharing things that were just a really alarming and heartbreaking.

He could be with me on the show today, but he's gonna call in next week so we'll talk to somebody that's on the front line happens to be an African-American's ear to hear that perspective and I will talk to him next week and you can hear from the front lines without any span from any media just from the source itself. That's what we used to call journalism next week. Okay so that's can be awesome though it's look at let's continue to look at some these things is as America burns. This was so Trump's rally tomorrow in Tulsa. So originally was scheduled for today. I think it was wise for him to move it off of Juneteenth, which I'll take it on the Juneteenth road which if if you're if you're hearing Juneteenth and are getting triggered about that thinking black lives matter and anarchism of the blood hold on all non-because it is an incredibly important day in US history. I agree with Ben Shapiro on this one. Like I said before, that it should be a national holiday and along with that bench bills like in and besides that, I think we should put Frederick Douglass on up on some of our currency art agree that as well. An incredible American now a lot of black lives matter, people won't like put Frederick Douglass on there because he was in all, like a Republican of old and conservative in many ways and just an American hero. They would like.

That's pushing a black ice matter. Why play this for my Facebook live friends but let me play it for you on the air gets gotta hear this. So this is out one of the gals is one of the three cofounders black lives matter and just so everybody's senses are nobody's confused black ice matter organization is being interviewed on some called real news and she just comes right out of that solicitous. I also think that it might a lot of things. First thing I think is that we actually do have ideological frame. I myself really see in particular train organizer is on. We are trained Marxists a week with what was that trained Marxists appreciate the honesty this free Marxists okay I can play them over time for the Lolo observed enough time to load it up on the computer. I just want to put up against the mic again. I'll try to make it a little louder. Okay then. Check it out on.

I also think that it might a lot of things I think is that we actually do have ideological frame. I myself really see in particular train organizer is we are trained Marxists and we are okay, so clear that she's a similar train organizer's meeting Solomon ski radicalism 101 probably funded by George Soros and were trained Marxists were trained Marxists okay so that's that's why have a problem with chanting along with everybody else. Black lives matter because they are the recipient of some of that energy, and some of those literally tens of millions in the hundreds of millions of dollars in cash so that are the anarchists know their Marxists which want to control everything.

Anarchists want to cut loose everything because why because they trust in the good-natured pin coming right so we've got the Tulsa thing tomorrow for Trump Jimmy massive drums organization, said that they've had like a million request for tickets. Who knows the place holds 20,000 people to get all kind of things going on there.

Try to deal with that. But let's make sure between now and then the skins tomorrow in Tulsa. This would be something will pray about. After the show was over today and Facebook live will pray about this because this could go south fast is it to get all these some BLM people. If you get the anti-five people showing up and they go at it with a strong crowd with a mega crowd that's like a go well for them. The insurgents are can win their enemy. Then we many cops around that it'll just be a mob attack from supporters on whoever shows up in the more violent the people that show up if there any file whatever the more violent the trunk out in the system to be a matter of of mass swarming over the and I don't want to see that you should want to see either. Should we should desire peace peace at all costs.

But we should desire that our country especially right now so Trump warns us of from Fox News anarchists not to disrupt Tulsa rally after threat prompts emergency order. President Trump issued a warning to groups maybe looking to disrupt his campaign rally in Tulsa Oklahoma. This is tomorrow. Trump tweeted that there would be a huge price to pay, of writing or leading breakout Oklahoma City while he's in town. I pointedly worn anarchists and other agitators." Not to disrupt his campaign rally in Tulsa Oklahoma this weekend after the parent threat that outside groups maybe planning to cause unrest at the scene.

Quote any protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters are lowlifes who are going to Oklahoma.

Please understand you will not be treated like you have been in New York, Seattle or Minneapolis. Trump treated Friday it will be a much different scene. You can probably understand that the president suite comes after Tulsa Mayor GT buying a Republican, declared a civil emergency and announced a curfew near the arena were Trump plans to hold campaign rally and Saturday Heineman's order said in the interest of national security, he would establish a federal exclusion zone in the vicinity of the rally, Bynum cited recent civil unrest expected crowds in excess of 100,000 in the vicinity the rally and opposition protest in his decision to place a federal exclusion zone for a six block radius near the arena.

Due to the threat and related factors. Bynum imposed a curfew in the vicinity of the rally from late Thursday night to 6 AM on Saturday, day of the rally, and from the conclusion of the rally Saturday night till 6 AM on Sunday.

Curfew prohibits people from walking, running, loitering, standing or motoring upon any alley Valley height Highway public property sidewalk or beacon premises. The city covered by the perfect but the curfew so another can handle all social distancing all the stuff I've no idea. But you know what's happening. Already the liberals going ballistic that this Trump rally is so dangerous. It's endangering people. Joy Behar said on Tuesdays. ABC the view. Trump doesn't care about his supporters.

Health and safety because he is willing to hold a rally amid the pandemic and that is rally is more risky than the protest because it will be indoors whereas the protesters, mostly outdoors.

Okay of course everybody all over the place, including mayors, including my Mayor here in Raleigh, North Carolina, and then then governors are all IK. You know this is the black lives rally buckeyes matter rallies and that's good for public health but anything else.

Nope church services. Nope restaurants. Nope. Exactly. The experts lost their credibility.

This is from article in the Federalist claiming the protests were quote vital to the national public health and to be threatened.

Help and into the threatened health, specifically black people United States the low corporate press scrambled to assure us this wasn't hypocritical at all and that health is about more than simply remaining free of coronavirus infection is a peer epidemiologist put in the Atlantic, the curious argument, this author writes from the Federalist to make after force business closures and lockdowns order destroyed tens of millions of American jobs ruined countless businesses in livelihoods and caused a sharp uptick in suicides, drug overdoses and domestic abuse.

Never mind the compelling research showing that lockdowns are overall much worse for public health and the coronavirus, but a public health experts cared more about more than just steering clear of the coronavirus at any cost, you would have known it based on their pandemic policies.

That is until the George Floyd protests in black lives matter rallies came along here at last was something more important than stopping the virus right.

That's what's going on.

Which brings me back your hometown little bit North Carolina so I'm in Russia I'm in Raleigh now the Raleigh Mayor who really can't enforce this in it's kind of a suggestion even though it reads like an order like okay if you can't social distance get awareness Gov. Roy Cooper. Comrade Cooper discussed Thursday the release of a coronavirus proposal next week, including a possible statewide mandate for basement statewide at a Christian sister on Facebook this morning is like likening a facemask to buy and sell where we are that before that I'd like the market to be straight. I'm not saying that's what this is, but it's a good little foreshadow of it is wearing the garment over your nose and mouth is a low cost way to slow the spread of the coronavirus without hurting the economy.

Cooper said quote we don't want to have to impose the restrictions unless it's important to further the public health is the guy that is okay to kill babies and by the way, if you're born alive from a botched abortion. We should pass a lot of force that you save same guy see the problem there. We know that evidence is continuing to pile up how important it is to wear these Cooper said what the evidence is piling up that it's so important to win where the mass no sir evidence has not piled up. There you can find a different opinion around every corner, but I thought this one was important. This is from an OSHA 10 and 30 certified person. But in 95 mass surgical masks and filter cloth mass of this is very popular right there several things you want to get through limited the break in about 30 seconds on just getting it started in 95 message of the big gnarly ones right are designed for contaminated environments. That means when you exhale through and 95. The design that is that you are exhaling into contamination. The exhale from a 95 mass are vented to breathe straight out of without filtration filter the air on the way out. You don't need to conclusion. A store and the guy with Kovic 19 is an and 95 masked his Kovic breath is unfiltered being.

Exhale all of the place of your sick anywhere in a 95 masked your accomplishing up is nothing for yourself or anybody else surgical mask. The plot map about that will be right back to normal show jumping right back and finish up the little mask thing that I was reading you, there were to talk about Juneteenth and will finish with thing I wrote this morning and shared on social media America burning so that in 95 mass of the system somebody that's OSHA certified and 95 mass of the big gnarly one that only works if you're in a contaminant contaminated situation. If you have coated and you are in a 95 mass. It's not blocking it as it goes out so that it's it's for use in a contaminated environment.

Okay, so if you have anywhere in a 95 mass. It doesn't matter surgical mass. These mass were designed and approved for sterile environments, nanoparticles and contaminants in the outside and indoor environments where people are art will clog these mass very quickly. Moisture from your breath, combined with the clog mass will render it essentially useless if you come into contact with COBIT in your mass transit you become a walking virus dispenser. Every time you put your mask on your breathing.

The germs from everywhere you went should be changed or thrown out every 20 to 30 minutes in a non-sterile environment think that's happening right cloth mass.

This is all the rage now like Birkenstocks from the 60s cloth mass today. Three people pointed to their mass as they walked by me entering Lowe's.

They said you got over your mass bro. I said very clearly those mass don't work bro. In fact, they make you sicker us again this is a OSHA certified person readiness and I looked at the OSHA's website. By the way earlier and confirms this information by now.

Hopefully, you all know cloth mass do not filter anything you mean the American flag one up that Miami up one with sunflowers that look so cute yet the bandanna the cut up T-shirt the scar. All of them offer no filtering whatsoever.

As you exhale your reading your lungs contaminants in carbon dioxide cloth mass trap is carbon dioxide. The best actually risks your health moisture cotton. These mass can become mildew written overnight dry coughing, enhanced allergy sore throat are all symptoms of a micro mold in your mask ultimate answer and 95 blows the virus in the air from a contaminated person protects you if there's to many people around you. That's why it's used in contaminated environments, but suck and protect anybody else surgical mask is not designed for the outside world and will not filter the virus, but inhaling through it. It's filtration works on the exhale like a vacuum bag and only works one way.

By the way, when you get into the OSHA site it says that because it's loosefitting and every thing is I can works like a protect you from COBIT.

If you have COBIT is knocking to protect the people around you because it's loosefitting work, cloth, mass, or worse than not they say well how about that the CBC wants us to keep wearing mass, the masterwork interesting. So, North Carolina, whether it's the mayor, the governor my answer to you is no some people say hey render unto Caesar what is Caesar's got to a point. Caesar's also in forcing you to do something that's against Scripture you know like love your neighbor as yourself, then you have a biblical right to not obey okay Juneteenth. Today's Juneteenth 19th to 19th commemorates the effective end of slavery in the United States, Juneteenth, Sherpa, June 19 marks the day when federal troops arrived in Galveston Texas in 1865 to take control of the state and ensure that all enslaved people be freed the troops arrival came a full 2 1/2 years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation Juneteenth honors the end of slavery in the United States and is considered the longest running African American holiday. Confederate Gen. Robert E Lee had surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse two months earlier in Virginia, but slavery had remain relatively unaffected in Texas until US Gen. Gordon Granger stood on Texas oil and red Gen. order number three which states the people of Texas are informed that in accordance with a proclamation from the executive of the United States. All slaves are free Emancipation Proclamation issued by Pres. Abraham Lincoln on June 1, 1863 had established that all enslaved people in Confederate states and rebellion against the union shall be then there thenceforward, and forever free. But in reality the Emancipation Proclamation didn't instantly free any sleep enslaved people proclamation only applied to places under Confederate control and not the slaveholding border states or rebel areas already under unit control however is northern troops advanced in the Confederate South many enslaved people fled behind the union lines in Texas slavery had continued as the state experienced no large-scale fighting or significant presence of union troops many enslavers from outside the Lone Star State had moved there as they viewed it as safe a safe haven for slavery were talk about Juneteenth, which is today, June 19 after the war came to a close in the spring of 1865 Gen. Granger's arrival in Galveston that June. Signaled freedom for Texas is 250,000 enslaved people.

Although emancipation didn't happen overnight for everyone. In some cases enslavers withheld the information until the harvest season celebrations broke out among newly freed black people in Juneteenth was born that December. Slavery in America was formally abolished with the adoption of the 13th amendment year following 1865 freed men in Texas organize the first of what became the annual celebration of Jubilee day on June 19.

In the ensuing decades Juneteenth commemorations future music, barbecues, prayer services and other activities and is black people migrated from Texas to other parts the country.

Juneteenth tradition spread. In 1979, Texas became the first state to make Juneteenth an official holiday today 47 states recognize Juneteenth estate holiday. While efforts to make it a national holiday is so far stalled in Congress. You can bet that's over now. Virtue signaling demands it. But I think history demands it. I think this should've been a national holiday a while ago Ben Shapiro thinks that, I think that sound reasoning is a huge issue in America's past. We need to own our past just like you and I as Christians own your junk facet repent of it, but you gotta own it and I think that's helpful for the national conscience two.

By the way that we should nationally celebrate the day effectively. Slavery ended now I'm looking at a Google trends chart since 2004 and on June 19 every year since 2004. It's a small blip on the radar screen small blip a but doubled a little bit on in 2018 2019. Now it's at the top the highest rankings for for Google trending in terms of searches it's above everything's number one search right now on Google out of 10 billion searches a month. Number one search right now Juneteenth a go. It's important, but now it's got all kinds of energy behind it.

So then you have to discern is what's pandering. What is while you know it when I say things when I do things not to pander that needs to be done. Should've been done already so in El Paso now and then the wall jump on the bandwagon to pander because of politicians to okay so I put these images up Portland last night. George Washington, the statue they wrap up their flag around his neck, set it on fire right all kinds of horrible things on it and then toppled over this when I wrote this morning. This is where we are on June 19, 2020 in America, Juneteenth six months ago. Everything seemed to be normal and moving in the right direction on many fronts. Then a virus shows up on our shores and we rush to judgment act largely out of fear and politics and topple our economy and state of mind. We did that to ourselves, then the murder of George Floyd unlocks and gives voice to important heartbreaking issue, but also provides the key to unlock a level of civil unrest, disobedience and lawlessness. We've never seen in this nation. I just showed my wife these images and she said what are they going to do next. Burned down the Jefferson Memorial. In fact, if they could they would. But who are they anyway they are lost they are consumed with rage and bitterness.

They are haters of God, and haters of law and order there without PCs. These and other peaceful protesters there without purpose there without meaning they are children of the devil. There, consumers of violent video games, violent movies and violent music.

They are haters of truth, haters of liberty haters of history, they are covetous, jealous and bitter. They are us in a way they are, what we are all of us without Christ without hope and without meaning and you talk to the believers now and you were dead in the trespasses and sins in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power to hear Satan, the spirit that is now at work at the and the sons of disobedience. Obviously missing that now, among whom we all once lived in the passions of our flesh, carrying out the desires of the body and the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, like the rest of mankind. Ephesians 2123 that's what you're seeing on the news with the violence that anti-fa looting. Most of them are this white black and otherwise this is what unbridled lostness looks like when it takes to the streets.

This is what the man of lawlessness looks like. This is what the entire world is headed for about Christ. George Washington was a great man, but like the rest of mankind also deeply flawed.

One your profound faith and knowledge of God gets stumbled in many ways, like the rest of us is been a national hero for 250 years despite the desire of some to see his memory wipe from view.

Those who are so set a statue ablaze defaced at top of that he represents everything they hate about America, but mostly he represents the God of the Bible. He tried to follow behind this violent mob's hatred of America is really their hatred of God in many ways America is a good representation of every imperfect Christ follower were capable of so much good yet are good is stained by our sin. We choose to focus on one aspect rather than being sober minded about both. We become idolaters worshiping with the music of either hatred or pride. June 19, 2020 we have been given a glimpse of hell we've been given a glimpse of what life looks like without God we been given a glimpse of what the man of lawlessness wants to see from sea to shining sea.

We been given a glimpse of the true fallen nature of mankind. And it ain't pretty. Apparently 43 years of killing babies wasn't enough because it happened behind closed doors and under the cover of American soap, so-called law now that depravity is spilled on the streets for everyone to see the same level of confusion and chaos and disorder that happens in the abortionist table is happening on Main Street. Our founding fathers after one after another said that our form of government.

Self-government would only work for religious and moral people that truth is never been more obvious than it is on June 19, 2020.

They is known as Juneteenth and marks the day when the Emancipation Proclamation reached the last slaves in the Confederacy. Many will celebrate the end of slavery today and they should without realizing that the vast majority of Americans are still enslaved. Most Americans are enslaved by their sin, and is only Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the king of Toppled in the reins of the kingdom that will never end. The ultimate authority in his long boarded or ignored. One day, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess the truth about his Lordship that the rock so we encourage my brothers and sisters day the Lord draws nine. The drive to heaven and remember your king.

Praise God for your salvation will share this good news boldly and with compassion, knowing that only help your Americans finally be a good fierce fight evil and brokenness

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