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A Strong Black Female Conservative

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June 17, 2020 3:51 pm

A Strong Black Female Conservative

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 17, 2020 3:51 pm

A Strong Black Female Conservative

When the protests started everyone rallied to the cry of “Justice For George Floyd” but it quickly changed to fit agendas as political rivals fed off of the fuel that kept growing.  In the weeks that have followed, lies have been spread and violence has been promoted.  Some people, however, have been trying to spread truth and the love of Jesus one of those people is Bevelyn Beatty the Co-Founder of At The Well Ministries.  Join us as we discuss the truth today. 


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Everyone who saw his noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred 634 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out

Now here's your house not for my white friends are brothers in Christ and otherwise you could choose your skin color when you were born at your to do it all over again got going to be a do over which we know of course, is a preposterous let's just go at it here for second and you could come would you come back into your life over as a Caucasian person or as an African-American, and I've been thinking recently if I had that opportunity. I think I would I would have a couple choices I one choice would be to come back like my brother slightly older brother from another mother Bishop Patrick a wooden senior of the upper and Church of God in Christ that would be cool but if I change my gender. I might want to come back as beveling baby so you guys are probably seen Babel and she showing up all over the place God is just using her in remarkable ways. About a week ago she had of a Facebook live where she was talking about hate white conservatives up to talking to you like me or white liberals and then talking African Americans and then we had a mutual connection to our friends at love life and was able to get connected with Babel and get this interview set up today and then she decides to God's gonna take her some of her friends up to Seattle to go visit Chad now known as chop and you probably saw that video as well.

And the thing I love about beveling is that the beveling you and I both. We can talk about politics. We can talk about race. We can talk about all this other stuff, but at the bottom line it were always going to go back to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Think, for being with us today how you doing at home doing great and life must be quite interesting for you in the last week or so as things of just taken off.

So what what's it what's it been like Babel and it is just I just praise the Lord that he's using you like this right now so grateful I got it going and I mean yeah right that's a roller coaster out in our and I guarantee you, but ended enough to go viral because it directly rang it going out and taking taking territory take the kingdom yeah that's really what we should all be about, which is one of the reasons I was excited to get a hold of you and thankful to our mutual friend Josh at love life that that we could get connected and so I want to talk about kind of these that the recent videos and in the one you did last week when you were talking white conservatives white liberals and and black folks as well as talking about your visit to Seattle but I want to make sure everybody understands your background because as a politically conservative African-American woman that you you you know this better than most that that's an oddity it's not it's not common. So how do you explain to people how you ended up kind of politically ideologically to the right out what you know as a follower Jesus Christ, whereas most of the time people would expect an African-American man or woman to be Democrat and liberal route foundation color foundation. It quite about certain things about not put a party at the port.

The portion I'm not a Porta party that the borscht belt community any platform and I'm not ready for me that I write is that you get out now at the Meeting.

The same Bible that anybody I don't know it, but it is cherry picking.

Are they getting something outside of it, but that's what the Bible teaches that I know the rate truly based off of what you are a go or a sheet actually read the right line device from the though when I decided to become a Christian named Billy walk in Christ.

I also wanted to align with the party that I have a voice after use it when align with the party that point, but the word of God. That's I would never in my life, a Democrat and just to be clear, even extended to the same party. What you keep slavery even to be part of the right people not associate myself with them because these are the thank you for what you keep lately a good thing.

We know they would have a big flick yet that's exactly right. And that's the one of the biggest problems we face in this country.

As you know all too well is the massive ignorance and some of that is ignorance coming to the the educational system. People just are taught that some of its chosen ignorance because this gets you into situations where it's much easier to be able to look at the past and blame the past and input all this weight on the past, as opposed to take 100% responsibility for your life and I am not by any means saying that as an African-American, you would have different challenges in this country than I do.

But boy it sure is convenient for our flesh and for the sinful nature of mankind want to take an excuse as opposed to owning what happens to us in putting our faith in Jesus Christ and these are things Babel and that a lot of folks even on the right don't want to talk about that stuff. Write to straight because you got a number Democratic credit party was found on any party right but as they started to push more against the black court bravery the Republican Party with birth and I think I would be for that I could be wrong that the reason why the Republican Party with birth because they wanted to fight for the righteousness of God in the 24 black now 19 think the London game, Johnston, we are no longer focused on even the Republican Party is really no longer focused on fighting for the black because the black and went straight when it comes to the party like that you try to hold onto whatever leverage they have and they blocked their way to not attorney my note but the reality is the foundation was about fighting French and uniting them both both color thank you know what righteousness and true help.

That's exactly what it's about. That's like going back to your comment about sheep and goats listen I went and when you are at chess will talk about that when we come back after the break when you're out there you're encountering literally one lost person after another and I am never shocked anymore about the way you want a boss person's gonna look at the world the way they're going to look at gender the way you can look at sexual orientation. I am definitely not surprised by the way they handle their politics. So ultimately that's why we have to have a gospel mindset. First, and then we take that in the political and the political world, but they do line up. I say the exact same thing is you that how can I possibly ever. But as a biblical Christian of all or Jesus Christ. How can you actually try to explain that you vote for any member of the Democrat party that flies underneath the flag that soaked in the blood of the unborn. I don't know how you that you that I don't never understand that how you support the organization that supports abortion and the number one killer of African-American to the bushing in predicting hypocrisy of the Army you know what you said about you know black having their issues and other recent deliberate their hardship there what they been through the Baltic to stuff yes all we all were born is all have our inches on that color right absolutely puts on hold or talking to Babel and Sadie at the well ministries go look that one up, you'll understand why she called to ministry that recent visit to Chad some messages she has for white conservatives white liberal and African Americans is noble here.

I bet noble show talking about one baby today at the well minister you will be a good chance question on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Laura Ingram pretty much at this rate. Every large conservative platform that exists you're going to see Babel and Engadget shoes and earn an awesome way right now and her videos are excellent outspoken all about Jesus ultimately end the gospel intertwines all these political conversations and things we could talk about, which is why it's so excited to have you on today by women. Thank you so much for your time. I can't imagine how slammed you are right now. But God will take care of you. He will take you through all is well and give you all the energy that you need to multiply time and all that cool cool stuff. So tell us let's let's go over to the recent visit to Seattle.

So what were you expecting before you walked around in there and then tell us what you actually experienced and what you found. Well that mom, like that with cargo people throwing water on our now and I was expecting you know, no police could be there, though I do know how to go now I knew I needed to be there so I mean I think there will be an opportunity for good ground in conversation and hung your heart. I thought of just a reprobate mind could be on you but I'm like you know why we have to go there because after David got kicked out going down like that right so when I can't bear you all of my following can't act and pray on the behalf instead.

In the Rest.

But I was really important. Grateful that they are totally different on the ground. Even in one of the videos you see a guy yelling at me because he felt like we should then be about Jesus. It's about black lives matter is not about so he kind out of that with that. But later on in life and you know and it was just like wow like the Berkeley open up and effectively talk to people breakdown true good ground no debate because we got to get debate all day and all night.

You can do that but the word you bring the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Shopper what is going on now is interesting with the one gentleman that you ran into you as he talked to him or you know he sounded like he was gonna slurring his words and stuff. And as you talk to Maury's dogma, well, you know, last night it was done this and he just woke up but then to see that guy and God moving in the midst of that and the next thing you know he's like a and all pray stars of the Lord's prayer and he goes from there that that's the thing we look at that beveling and we just go wow that's amazing. Look at that God is moving right there that looks so amazing to us because I think we settle for so much less were like that kind of stuff doesn't really happen. Well, that's because you don't really try, but when you get out there and wait until crowd like that you start talking about Jesus. I would imagine the atmosphere every single time changes you know your authority on the back. It does at the moment you you know and true balance. Been thinking hard to turn if that happened, how would you describe the average person that you ran into their HS may not like I can say what I'm perceiving from afar, but you're actually in there walking amongst them, and how would you describe most of the people that you met there. Well, most of them will Homer be good, whatever you hang around here and in the one coming in during day with the old cricket openly privileged under educated kid come in ready to stand for because that need with black lives matter is that one go down and I was like good luck bro man I'm thinking that you home. People that critically openly under educated case with the people caught on and out of the majority of the people there now is interesting. I wanted to get a reaction. Because when I was watching a rape for the gentleman that ended up praying.

There was another guy there and he was say look at all these buildings. All these buildings should be ours because this country obviously was built on the backs of black slaves and so everything that we enjoy today you have to trace it back to the the efforts of black slaves in American history but that that was that was real open I moment I think for a lot of people to see that somebody this African American gentleman happen to think that's he really seemed like you really believe that all this stuff should be ours. Where does that come from how you claim that help me out okay not God by, okay with that one back you know what that asking you guys what you really think we don't hear practically only free to do with it but it looks like well you didn't exactly like I don't know if you heard about what happened when will God. He became president give them the rain fell like people in public people you ran well but no. No well on the multiply now will write no happening now about underground walking out with you know how many young man had luckily they were crazy enough to put in the ready all out quality, but I can't do. You have no clue how to manage it. How to make money and how to capitalize off weight, though it demanded number you get nothing we can do so more about because we keep going around wanting to give up your house right Lord. Yeah that's ultimately where this all goes when you look at the whole movement in black lives matter which will talk about because you know the truth about BLM just as well as I do. And when you look at all is really want to go. This all takes you down the road literally to Marxism and socialism and communism. And there's so there is so much coveting going on here.

Which of obviously most people are going to see that they're knocking to realize that there's all this coveting goes going on. You talked about this in the other video which will get you on the other side of the break is hey hey hey white conservatives tell me the truth. If something is true, then you have the backbone to say it now you don't take the truth and beat people up with it because that's fine, but you if you love God and you love your neighbor you have to tell the truth, so that the guy like that was totally messed up and I would agree.

I don't think I would spend much time either. I don't want to throw my pearls to swine. This is not good stewardship of your time but goodness gracious, I want something for nothing, which is exactly how we treated the gospel of Jesus Christ. For a lot of people that my mom put on hold her up against the break were talking the prevalent baby you don't know her or get to know her now and you're probably gonna start seeing around a lot more.

She's just doing some incredible work having some tough conversations speaking the truth is always getting the gospel on the table see no noblest ignoble shelving for being here talking to a new friend.

But now, and it eternal friend cooker both followers of Jesus Christ.

So you're stuck with me beveling. I we got beveling baby on the phone today and we probably see her videos are blown up all over the place doing a great job engaging the issues of the day, especially for talk about black lives matter what's going on in our nation with the protests of the writing in the looting and racism in police, but also what's happening in Chad's shop now I will see what they call it next week out in Seattle and I know how busy you are but praise the Lord thank you for spending time with us today and think about your very welcome. Okay let's I'm in a kind of intermingle. Some things here. Let's go back to the video that I saw last week that I shared that a lot of people were getting excited about that. People were just thrilled that you're to be on the show today, so based on what we're just talking about a few minutes ago in ignorance of people not understanding things and not being willing to tell the truth or have a hard conversation.

I one of the things that you talked about at that video is about 18 minutes.

We got up to NARA by the way, I never think I've seen that salad and that everything around her looks were okay so you were there at that Pinero which was great but you had a message for white conservatives and the people and it was it was funny beveling because a lot of people that watch the first few minutes had no clue where you are going like what what is she talking about, because now are all worried about. Especially white people you're worried about anything you say in the race issue, so a lot of people say nothing, but you are saying hey white conservatives tell me the truth so explain everybody what you meant by that, because this is super super important for us, especially as followers of Jesus Christ. We love the Lord and we love our neighbor.

We better be willing to tell the truth what what did you mean by that. Well white conservative. You know the true you know the discrepancy acknowledgment they get. I would have to talk about that hi I don't bother going to your little ballot box in the boat conservative because you know the true you not willing to have this dialectic. Call it out on me personally after like that and ingested to your neighbor because I you know people have been led astray. You need to tell the truth, and even if they don't agree with you, truth and hope that light of Christ. You are in high but in under a bad and I believe that's what a lot of white conservative and you know you somewhere. Conservatives don't come out and talk about it because it only caught a cold, but at this point you want to be condemned. If you do a lot to be condemned. If you don't, so you might as well go that's exactly right until we bought our job.

Your job beveling.

My job as a follower Jesus Christ. If you have an opportunity to speak personally or in public is to call balls and strikes based on the word of God, then it doesn't matter standing at the plate. So whether it's Nancy Pelosi or Donald Trump or a black man or a white woman. It does not change the truth and we'll have to be willing to just call balls and strikes. I would imagine some of the things that I think a lot of my Caucasian conservative friends are afraid to bring up you know you're going to get castigated if you want to have a conversation about black on black crime.

Your to get castigated if you want to have a conversation about personal responsibility, you're going to have get castigated if you want have a conversation about a fatherlessness and in taking advantage of the welfare system which you eat.

Take the government system you add in human depravity, throw little laziness in their Internet have all kinds of problem was people, not because they're black because their people. But is that what you're talking about these types of truths and conversations that white conservative Jack Ray to go there that that over the ball. You can come true okay and true color because the person is watching another black that it can't be that that okay with qualitative faith.

The reality is you're going what you're going through because you have a father in the home you allow government to your daddy and this is why all of the children coming out of this funk going to jail don't have interest but the good fight but yeah, that's the challenge that I think it ultimately sphere is is born out of selfishness which is born out of pride you're thinking about yourself. Houses can affect me. How are people going to perceive me. What are they going to say about me and you just repeated the word me like four or five times so if you know and you said it earlier with that one guy you encountered. There are times when you walk away that it's not worth your time.

We have to be were not just stewards of our gifting of our talents of our money were stewards of our time as well is why Jesus is saying hey listen, don't throw your pearls to swine, shake the dust off your feet and move on.

But we have to be willing to go fishing constantly number one for the gospel but number two to have these conversations about the way the world actually works in action should work which also incorporates a biblical worldview. So what kind of reaction do you get from African-Americans to your communication well.

Talking about online that already are on the type of thing that I'm on trucking agree that don't like what I say online that you know how to grow your they say that without cattle boy. The following I don't even have gestural the follower exactly got free reign that someone will click for the most part I don't bother, but now comes the face-to-face when I tell you, the game changes so quick because when you come to me that it become a lift back to become and defeat you going to get a home okay looking talk and look like a full thought a lot of people when they come face to face me and NA understand where I'm coming from I heart overfilled in the act that if I Given the truth and bring the back. Now unless they say, although I don't believe I will be believe that okay love you Lord but I could tell you that is blood you left the dock black, but the most part online troll, but when I think the people they get that changes everything. Listen, every person on the planet that's got access to a smart phone or computer has keyboard courage. Everybody can do this you will not say most people will not have the backbone or be so obnoxious that they're going to say the things that they would type. There's no way most of the time they would ever say it to your face because most people just aren't that tough then they don't want the awkward moment they don't want to have to be like you doing like I do. I didn't want to ask somebody that's going to ask him questions and talk about facts because when you were talking of the one white cow there. The white liberal and I want to go there next. What's thing about why liberals she she couldn't go anywhere and she had to listen. I did appreciate that about her. She seemed to be listening and then she's realizing is your knocking all the legs out from underneath her chair figuratively that she sent you, then she's you send them home and hopefully you pray to the Lord, that those little nuggets of truth will take root.

So I think that that's up white liberals are incredibly condescending. I asked Bishop when this recently, and if you never met him, you need to. I asked him recently got you know why the Democrats need a permanent underclass.

That's how they keep stay in power. And here's why Democrats don't want to see the inner cities in the black communities thrive because if they start driving, they won't be Democrats anymore will start voting for granted and still be Republican, so I think white liberals mostly are incredibly condescending on the shoot issue.

So what you say to them why liberals are under now." Offering. I believe that they are taught at active thinking. You will repair order because if the later item found selfishness and it felt great racism at its height in the video for you to think that your privilege yeah basically telling me that and I you feel sorry for me. I don't have what you have. If you don't get away from me.

Okay I want to talk. I thank you sorry for you.

You need to have will be happening sorry you had it got it so demonic it still is filthy and the big white count you why you're not and how you need to be more because the right people are talking about when I got it right now to rally most of the condo. Why manager of another way. And when I cover my don't agree with it all is not crazy yeah it's just amazing there's there's a whole lot of virtue signaling board, Caucasian, millennial's, who also can feel good about themselves. We been on shutdown for three months with COBIT. 19. That's all in their nose, virtue, signaling, and you know this as well as hopefully a lot of other people babbling in another couple of months.

They're all going to go back to their regular lives in their caring about their neighbors is going to be over there, they feel good about themselves. Now there board. It looks good it feels good, they think they're doing the right thing. It's a great social justice because from their perspective, but they're all going to go back because the only thing that changes anybody is going to be the gospel after election.

Correcting one correcting your goal of that) I can come back out for another four years in the meantime asked Baghdad. They'll be supported right now, so ask for whatever reason right now. Also sent less I have to fill out for your phone. You got time for one more segment that will be done. Love to hold you are right ready to put on hold talking a babbling baby black lives matter go crush some of those sacred cows that come back to seasonal show talking about all the things that well were not supposed to talk about, especially in today's climate. When read God protest going on, George, Floyd, what's happening preceptors after his murder, the protest which turned riots which turn to looting and now we've got Chad/chop whatever it's called now in Seattle we got renaming streets were to answer my mind. If you like, and Jemima syrup Juergen have to recognize it by different name in a different logo because they're changing that there are literally changing the names of streets all kinds of money is flowing what the world's going on here in this age of chaos and misinformation, disinformation, lack of information somebody that's just doing an awesome job of waiting and all that babbling baby here on the show with us today at the well ministries you can follow babbling on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter.

It's pretty Juergen have to work hard to avoid her.

At this point, but babbling is great to have you with us today so I wanted to talk about black lives matter in. You have so many people that are white conservatives white evangelicals who feel compelled that they have to go okay black lives matter.

Yes, don't say anything else to say black lives matter.

I made the case the other day and I wanted to ask you about this. Okay black lives matter the movement the thoughts which is Christians, of course, we agree with that and then spread that out every single human being on the planet. But that creates this huge moment this huge movement that we see right now this giant sailing in one of the boats that that giant sale is attached to is the black lives matter organization which is the tannic to its core. So help us understand how we should be approaching the notion of black lives matter the slogan a black lives matter as well as the organization black lives matter well for me personally, I found that not a black Nike matter for any life can matter in your life matter though.

I tell people all the time. The fact that hashtag she's this matter because that's what Matt and if you contact that you've already shown your true color and if all of these liberal and conservative out there that they have to acknowledge that their balance look at doing. We are basically being challenged to bow to the statue which is ungodly and demonic, and you going to bow me personally as a Christian woman in a African-American that will one day die, but the local keeping ahead of you. I know I will never back to black lives matter.

I am going to profess that Jesus matter. All that is not a book that you need all the black back I combat you and people need to understand that organization legal look at their about page and I unpacked us the other day because just in Minneapolis. There's one fun there that was established to raise money for bail. They raise $30 million Dell bailout people that were arrested during the protests ride.

Whatever only spent 200,000 of that of that 30,000,007 got 20.20 9.8 million left and I every time I think every time people are saying that the president of the Southern Baptist convention. Whoever is saying black lives matter. Alyssa and I appreciate the heart behind that but you have to understand how Satan is using that because every time we say that we put more wind in that sale in this organization and its affiliate organizations and its partner organizations, not the least of which people like Planned Parenthood are then profiting and being propped up and funded by our well-meaning words and I think that's incredibly dangerous. Am I just being paranoid or over-the-top or what you think of that is 100% true bigger all Kirk and that people are asking you to support money is going right and of Democrat who are supporting Planned Parenthood in the LGBT cute anti-family agenda antiwar question family agenda all over anti-guy they hate you think people and what I felt.

Even Christian you got going, your church is you have a sermon about black lives matter, but you gotta put people you mentioned in Jesus right now you can about your e-book about yeah because you can you can pretty much get away with dropping the bomb anywhere.

But when you drop the J Bob it always changes the atmosphere is there's power in the name of Jesus. And that always and people listen what fellowship does darkness have with light and to those who are perishing. We are the aroma of death. Now I say don't make it any worse by being a jerk but it's going to happen. You can't avoid that. The thing that so sad about black lives matter organization.

This is there's a black lives matter course for championing LGBT Q but the other thing they champion is women." Women's reproductive rights and women's reproductive health, whereas African-Americans make up 13% of the population you make up 3536% of all the abortions.

Margaret Sanger's laughing in her grave in hell because she sees her plans coming to fruition as legal Democrats say they care about black people.

Unless you're in the womb. The most dangerous place for a black person in America isn't in the possession of a bad cop. It's in the will just numbers wise it's it's I mean it's unbelievable and how people don't see this.

How do you explain that babbling is not just spiritual darkness.

What is that, again.

The dark day have convenient how your platform and the high end of life that they can no longer play have to take accountability and black and I don't care who don't like it and it is one of the community focal black caliphate issue and you are you don't want to take accountability you don't want multiple people you don't have a point only focus white. So disregard the number one killer of African-American green, black lives matter talk about it.the point because we talk about it, you have to acknowledge that you are in the murder of your people and now what you going to do. They don't want you to get it all comes back to like follow the money. But even more important in this. You gotta follow the spiritual line here to either darkness or night. And so when you start and you know this but when it does you been out there at abortion clinics and you been preaching the truth for years now.

People no matter what the truth is that you're talking about. They have to deny it. This is Romans one, who suppress the truth you replace it with a lie because if you start to acknowledge that there is ultimate metanarrative objective truth.

You know that there has to be a truth giver and so if you're going to reject God and reject Jesus Christ and his offer of salvation you have to reject the notion of truth. Because everything that you do talk about truth what's going on with black eyes matter with Democrat policies. Whatever always brings you back to this this platform of truth, which then screams God, which then screams sin and judgment and reconciliation only through Jesus Christ. So people have to spiritually dark, people generally just like gender babbling any outing that's two genders. That's why God made it no no no no no to Facebook says are 72, so there must be 72. Then they have to reject any notion of truth, and I think that's what we keep running up against the latter, or the word of God shepherded any government store and going to crack and until we do that bow brother Barry Grant talk about the gory yes-man Graham no matter what. Whether it was you about Jesus Christ and gave the gospel okay we need to get like Billy Graham. Getting them But we don't care who they all we don't get them what where they started but they start to question but that it didn't do any where we need to get to buyer by him and let him check back and that's why that man will be no he had the memorial, with the gospel and until we get there that he takes not and that's exactly right. And that's that such an important words babbling and I try to bring that up on the show and on Facebook. I think ultimately, he lets rumor our place in this world, which this isn't our world. This is were not were in it were not of it. So we need to as followers of Jesus Christ babbling you are doing this. I'm trying to do this, keep that prophetic edge stay.

Yes, we get a deal of politics. Yes, I vote Republican. All that stuff but ultimately my citizenship is not in the United States of America.

It's in the kingdom of God and so we have to maintain that prophetic edge to point people to that all the time all ultimately about the gospel and so you can go beat your head up against the wall. Talk about politics, but if you're not doing the gospel you're not really going to make any kind of what lasting change in and every single person you encountered in Seattle is going to live forever there either that CS Lewis said this, you're either an eternal horror or an everlasting splendor, a sheep or goat. And so I'd like. I caution people don't worship at the altar of politics. Let's maintain our prophetic edge because it really is all about the gospel 60 seconds were almost done what you're just word of admonishment and an encouragement to Christians are listening. You know what I'm called action. Normal words of encouragement you got cardiac open your mouth with them okay that's what I'm asking for a night so good babbling. We are on Facebook live and pray for you after the radio show is over. Always pray with them face with my friends so will pray for you after the show is over. You and I seem to have you back on my mi Casa Su Casa whenever you want to be on God bless you sister thank you for your boldness, I just received with the Lord's doing.

Thanks much Douglas will talk again later. I was traveling baby talk about a whirlwind. So on Facebook live that you jump on Facebook now to put together you're already there scrolling through your feet just go to see nobles on Facebook live and pray with us when were going to do that. I am Steve Noble. This show does the, God willing talk again real soon. Always is

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