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Black Lives Matter = Cash Cow

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 15, 2020 3:25 pm

Black Lives Matter = Cash Cow

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 15, 2020 3:25 pm

Black Lives Matter = Cash Cow

Black Lives Matter is a movement that has swept the nation and brought attention to the BlackLivesMatter organization with all of the protests that have gone on donations have come in by the millions but what is the money really going to?


Here at The Steve Noble Show, we wish to spread the good news of the Gospel to all nations through the airwaves. This mission, like other missions, requires funding. The main funding of the show and this mission is from donations of listeners. So, we prayerfully and humbly ask to donate if you are so convicted to -

Thank you and God Bless

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The Steve Noble Show
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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble

Everyone use time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth sacred down 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your house noble black lives matter cash cow. The duration of cash cow this time, money, June 2, the collective action day that was known as blackout Tuesday act blue with them and explain her in a minute doubled what had been before. This month it's one-day record raising $41 million in 24 hours, $41 million in 24 hours, say good afternoon this is Steve Noble to Steve Noble show bail funds alone have received 90 million.

Do you think with the relatively small number of arrests as a result of the protest looting and riding around the country.

Do you think that the bail money required in places like New York where you no longer have to post bail to get out of jail because you know that's a stupid $90 million. So we got a bunch of information out there a bunch of money flying around where's it going.

What's it being used for who's making the money. How are they getting it and this is kind of like 9/11. So let's go back to September 2001 when 9/11 occurred, and then literally within days.

One of the things that happened. There's a lot of similarities here so stick with me. One of the things that happen. Do you remember was what can I do. We were just attacked by Muslim extremists. I would call a Muslim fundamentalist weirdest attack.

Leave about 3000 people. We thought it was more than that. The twin towers are down the pentagons been attacked. They were trying to fly another plane into DC to hit the capital the White House who knows what and so I have to do something I have to be a part of this I have to do something. And that's that's essentially what's going on right now in the black lives matter movement around the country and so there's a lot of us. I of course believe that black lives matter, but I won't hashtag black lives matter. I don't know that I after what I'm learning. I don't know that all I'll even utter it much EE anymore, which I know is like cancel culture.

Now I'm a pretty small fish. But maybe the shop knocking on my door because there's things going on here.

There's a big sale to try to explain all this so everybody understands me tell you the reason I'm doing this I was sent as I am every day and for those of you that are sending me stuff on Facebook. I don't please don't take this as a knock I pretty much look at everything that I get sent in. When you do something like I do you get sent a lot of things a lot of videos a lot of articles this then you think. So one thing that I saw today which I've seen before, is what's the deal with black lives matter because when you go to the black lives matter website which I'm I'm there right now. Okay, go to the black lives matter website black lives I'm not suggesting you go there because you need to know what they stand for which I'll tell you in a minute. Then you click on the donate button. I got several videos about this. Okay you click on the donate button and then you notice that it takes to do a Doni page still says black lives matter, but when you look up above in the address panel it says secure.act so what is act blue now because I been in the nonprofit world for a while myself. I know there's all kinds of ways out there that that you you could say working to raise money for the radio show and we need to do that. By the way, but I'm knocking to talk about that right now we do have some needs that are kinda imminent that all share. Probably later this week or next week, but you find out okay. We want to raise money great.

How do we do that how do we collect payments.

People can mail a check. Of course, but most of us don't do that anymore. We do it online so you have to find different sources online different vendors online that can receive payments for you in the process it for you. Make sure if you're a 501(c)(3) like your churches, and those are tax deductible that that stuff being accounted for. That's what you're supposed to do. Okay so that's what acts act blue does. That's what they do. That's what that website is okay act blue so people are acting like you go check out the act.

Blue information you dive in there and you get to their website and you can find different ways to get this information you look at their expenditures for the 2020 election cycle.

Okay expenditures in Houston are going well. These are really big numbers. For example, contributions to federal candidates. Just this year that it flowed through act blue $1 billion, with a be contribution to committees hundred and 73 million contributions to national parties hundred and 18 million contributions to joint fundraising committees, contributions, state, local parties, 21 million center go well, so people have a because everybody's a journalist, not everybody's a reporter and everybody's got you know access to the Internet. People are said all the locales money that's coming in. It's actually going to ask blue and ask blue spending all the black lives matter money like $1 billion. Okay, hold on a second black lives matter. Matter is not raising $1 billion. Yet okay so act blue is kinda like PayPal act. Blue is a platform they work with. This is for.

This is for liberal leaning organizations. Okay, you're knocking to go find Focus on the Family or family research Council of the Steve Noble show in their these guys cater to the left so they raise huge money huge money for the left. So it's all these different left organizations partner with act blue and that's the path through the get the money back to the organization as they take donations okay so act. So this money isn't black lives matter money. A portion of it is, but not all of it. Okay so that's I appreciate the zeal I appreciate the work and people are tracking down on the Internet and are going from one site to the next and looking up information that's all good. Everybody should be doing okay.

Maybe some you guys got the same exact emailer or videos of different people doing this what looks to be a good investigative journalism except it's not it's partially good, but then the conclusions are wrong so black lives matter is not distributing $1 billion to Democratic candidates at the federal level, $1 billion is being distributed through act blue is not black lives matter, so we have to take a broad approach and then we have to go down and drill down and look at what's going on. The black lives matter in the movement so pastors are talking black lives matter, the president of Southern Baptist convention's talking black lives matter all kinds of people are talking black lives matter in right now are in a situation in America where if you refuse to say black lives matter. You're obviously member the KKK which would by definition make you a Democrat, but that's history and we don't necessarily need to go there because we want to pay any attention, history right. I prefer ignorance. At least that's way it looks is the national motto these days, ignorance and ignorance. We trust so you just stick with me here. Okay, so when we say this back this big sale, take three segments to this were to talk to David Fisher because we have to do money Monday update at the end of the show, but these three segments, unpack all this feel you'll understand why I'm knocking to be other than my job here on the error in trying to communicate and educate and get away from ignorance.

For as many people as I can wipe why we should be very careful to be pushing the phrase black lives matter because that is a big sale that's catching a lot of wind in that window also includes benefiting the black lives matter organization we write back to Steve Noble show good to be with you today.

Just trying to educate all of us as to what's going on. The money that's going around. As a result, the black lives matter movement in general. The black lives matter organization which I'll tell you some of their beliefs are in second. The bail bail bonds movement is as the protest started an arrest started.

They raise $90 million bail funds alone of raise $90 million. Do you actually think like a New Yorker that you proposed bill to get out anymore. You really think they've spent $90 million on pale cross-country. Of course they haven't sources money going and that's just that's just in bail funds alone since George Floyd murder $90 million of money flying all over the place.

So what I'm trying to do today is unpack for you when we say black or white, Asian, Hispanic, whatever you happen to be when you say black lives matter you're blowing a little bit of wind into the sales of the movement, some of which some of the movement where it's pure in biblical and out of love and justice and concern events. Micah 68 then okay. There's a whole lot in here that is not but is godless that wants what you see in Seattle little autonomous zone to be the norm.

They want to get rid of the police there very pro transgender pro-homosexual there's that's in there and when we joined up the chorus saying black lives matter. It continues to pump wind into that sale. One of the organizations that's benefiting from that is the black lives matter organization itself. That's the one with the black and the red and the yellow and the white under under homepage black lives severe like hey man I need to get to something like 9/11. I want to help get rid of racism. I want to deal with up police brutality. I want to help him to give someone a $30 will get $100 or whatever word I go you black lives matter of a go there and then you get a black lives matter and right on the homepage readings, yellow and white except this one little button in the parenthesis donate to click that you donate okay so do you see my point that the overall sale like a sailboat black lives matter, catching all this wind from the movement and what's going on in our country right now is then benefiting every organization that's attached that sale in the number one organization that's attached to that sale shares the same name, black lives matter, which is why I like Katie Greer is the president of the Southern Baptist convention, said listen, of course, black lives matter. I believe black lives matter.

However, I don't support your organization which is radical leftist anti-biblical in many many ways anti-American in many many ways. So you have to parse the two. What I'm saying is you can't do that when you're chanting black lives matter, you are unwittingly and most in most cases, unknowingly blowing wind into a sale. That's also attached to the boat known as the black lives matter organization which believes some of these things.

This is right up your website.

We are guided by the fact that all black lives matter, regardless of actual or perceived sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression: what likewise matter is leading with gender issues as are three women that started two of which I think are lesbians, sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression, that that's leading the pack and then economic status, ability, disability, religious beliefs or disbelief, immigration status or location. We make space next point for transgender brothers and sisters to participate in lead so doesn't sound like it's about racially quality or transgender is him and homosexuality. We are self reflexive and do the work required to dismantle cysts gender privilege will wait at those white privilege. No.

Here it's sis gender privilege. Do you know it says genders may help you may bring you out of your ignorance so you can get woke sis gender means that you still identify with the sex of your birth. Any Audi if you're an Audi and which makes you mail and you still consider yourself to be a male your cysts, gender day you identify with the sex of your birth.

If you're in any female you still identifies a female your cysts gender as well.

They we are self reflexive and do the work required to dismantle cysts gender privilege and uplift black trance folk, especially black trans women who continue to be disproportionately impacted by trans antagonistic violence. Does this sound like an organization that's primary purpose is dealing with racism is another one we build a space that affirms black women and it's free from sexism and misogyny in environments in which men are centered. We make our spaces family-friendly, like a gay pride parade and enable parents to fully participate with their children. Listen to this, we dismantle the patriarchal practice that requires mothers to work double shifts so that they can mother in private. Even as they participate in public justice work. We disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure requirements by supporting each other as extended families and villages think you Hillary that collectively care for one another, especially our children to the degree that mothers parents and children are comfortable is another point we foster a queer affirming network when we gather we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking. It's your heteronormative thinking Audis a man and his woman okay or rather the belief that all in the world are heterosexual unless he or she or they disclose otherwise what. And then, by the way likewise matter totally down with the abortion industry, which is why Planned Parenthood sports black lives matter black lives matter cooperates and associates with all these different abortion it industry groups okay so when you're saying black lives matter you're blowing wind into that sale and that sale is partially attached to the ship that is black lives okay see the problem there. So the negative stuff like this cape ever heard of him. Of course you have this a South Korean boy band okay okay pop really bit so there's an artisan article K pops BTS. That's the organization donated 1 million a black lives matter expands Army matched it in a day. Now John scene is on board. Wow, great. When news came out Saturday at BTS and their record label big hit entertainment at donated 1 million to support the black lives matter campaign amid worldwide protests against racism and police brutality.

Their fans decided to match it and match it. They did just over a day. BTS tweeted its support for black lives matter to its 26.3 million followers a day prior in a post that said in both Korean and English. We stand together against racial discrimination we condemn violence. You I and we all have the right to be respected. We will stand together hashtag black lives matter donations were tracked via the BTS fan base charity fundraising group one in an army which organize several prior fan events they had Artie begun fundraising for black lives matter in early June and its donation platform via acts blue charities there they are again allows contributions to be split between 14 different African-American and social justice organizations, including the listen to million dollars.

These guys raise the boy band puts a million and their fans put another million and they raise $2 million like that snap oh 2 million. Where is that going while it flows through act blue charities and goes to these affiliated black lives matter organizations but primarily black lives matter, global network, which is the group Artie told you which they lead with gender and homosexual's homosexuality and most of their points on their about page was what we are his. What we believe is he got them.

The NAACP, the ACLU, the national police accountability Project color change. The Marshall fund and several others and over and over and over because, which I come back there's more money flowing people getting rich like Al Sharpton who jumps on his private jet. I pay for that stuff. I've no idea since Rev. money flowing in everything we see black lives matter we drive your back is noble to see a noble show trying to make the case which I've apparently I'm I'm obviously racist because I'm trying to make the case that I think it's very dangerous for us right now for Americans right now to be chanting black lives matter hosting it. Even though hate hate Steve two black lives matter now.

My answers to become a follower of Jesus Christ.

What you think my answers yes of course.

Why would you say it because the black lives matter sale is giant is pulling in all kinds of money and one of the abodes that it's attached to is the actual black lives matter organization which is about as godless and anti-biblical that can be really when you keep reading through the black lives matter website and you keep looking at these points. All all black lives matter, regardless of actual or perceived sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression, we make space for transgender brothers and sisters, we want to dismantle sis gender privilegethat affirms black women and is free from sexism, misogyny in environments in which men are centered black women black men have a much bigger issue because they're not in the homes is a huge problem. It's heartbreaking by the way we talk to Walter Strickland from the seminary last Thursday and both of us in one way or another got to the point that as you see these things watch what's happening in Seattle protest looting. Whatever our first reaction should be the limit broken heartedness. Jesus wept. Okay we go to space that affirms black women okay what about black men, we state may make our spaces family-friendly and enable parents to fully participate.

We dismantle the patriarchal practice men centered again we disrupt the Western present prescribed nuclear family. We foster a queer affirming network that's black lives matter of ELM, the organization, so when we say black lives matter I can.

I'm trying to make this point. I hope this makes sense to you that were blowing wind into that sale.

And here's what's resulting from that racial justice groups flooded with millions in donations and way in the wake of Floyd progressive and racial justice groups have Bennett have seen a cascade of donations and short-sleeved staff and the ensuing protest bail funds alone have received $90 million. So I'm asking the same questions that Bill O'Reilly asked after 9/11, when hundreds of millions of dollars are flowing and because we want to help I want to be a part of this. I want to be a part of solution whether that's virtue signaling is between you and your creator virtue signaling being hey I just want to look back and a virtuous person.

Some initial but protest not really a change my life and not in this long term but I must say some post something sweet something I look like I care that's virtue signal and so money to slow it could be like yeah this is terrible eight minutes and 46 seconds.

The guy had his knee on George legs, neck, or choice dies killed. I got to do something about it, like 9/11 money is coming so fast from this article and so unexpectedly that some groups even began to turn away empty and redirect owners elsewhere. Other said they still could not yet account for how much it arrived well at dealers of online donations is washed over organizations big and small, from the legacy civil rights groups to self-declared abolitionist seeking to defund the police act blue. The leading site process online donations for democratic causes and campaigns has experienced its busiest.

Since its founding in 2004, far surpassing even the highest peaks of the 2020 presidential primary season sites for big estates ever listen to this came consecutively this month as it process more than $250 million to various progressive causes and candidates in 2+ weeks according to New York Times analysis. The sites donation tracker and on June 2, the collective action date it was known as blackout Tuesday act blue doubled what had been before the month and one day it's one-day record raising $41 million in 24 hours. Is it a moment or is it a movement and feeling like it's a movement, said Mark Mori, all present in the national urban league. It's organic and spontaneous and global at the forefront of the giving wave were bail funds as millions of Americans spontaneously gave money to ensure that any protesters who were arrested in clashes with the police got out of jail quickly leaders at two national networks that bail funds had received a combined 90 million over two weeks and astonishingly large sum for a cause that is operated at the periphery of politics until only recently where is that 90 million going you really think they spent $90 million bailing protesters out of jail. That's ridiculous. Where's the money going to is it going to some of the leading black and racial justice groups declined to comment on the scope of their windfalls, including the NAACP legal Defense and educational fund, and being being being the black lives matter global network whose name became a national rallying cry quote.

This is a watershed moment for all black led organization, said Kaylee scales, managing director of the black lives matter global network did reveal that one of her groups online petitions alone had raised 5 million quote. It is the moment when our allies and individuals have joined our call for justice is also she added a time of mixed emotions. After the killing of Mr. Floyd and other black Americans that quote brought people around the globe to their knees. Another person familiar with the groups fundraising said it, it had raised 10 million just on blackout Tuesday. The scales declined to comment on that figure mis-scaled by the way is one of the founders of black lives matter total radical pro-LGBT Q agenda approach transgender is him anti-biblical family anti-men. How can a black lives matter organization be anti-men. When what we need to see in the African-American community. God willing is a resurgence of the black man in the family, leaving his family being at home. That's what we need to see and pray for a resurgence of the resurgence of the black male leader in the home in the neighborhood and the community in Brooklyn New York a bail fund receive 1.8 million for 50,000 contributors in only 24 hours crowd source memorial funds for the families of Mr. Floyd Amat artery was gunned down this year in Georgia and Breanna Taylor, who was killed by the police inside her home in Louisville Kentucky have amassed more than $23 million. Afford more. The Floyd Memorial broke a funnies record for most contributions, with nearly 500,000 individual contributions versus money: how's our people managing this Minnesota freedom fun a cash bail fund raised a stunning 20 million in four days at the end of May before redirecting donors elsewhere. 30 million total haul is nearly 3 and at times what it raised in previous full year tax file and some of this money tens of millions of dollars is going to the black lives matter organization and its affiliate groups. Almost all are radical and are very pro-abortion. So whenever we cry out, black lives matter which my soul agrees with because everybody's made in the image of God. And so what you say instead of that, this is now massive social pressure. Massive you if you don't say it.

You're obviously racist. Hey why did you do blackout Tuesday. What's your problem why don't you get on board because I don't want to blow any wind into a sale that gets filtered down into radical anti-biblical anti-family anti-gender anti-biblical anti-God organizations like black lives matter itself. It's kinda like this is the challenge we had.

This is a little bit different. Is it then why you don't shop at the Starbucks in the market. Starbucks some of their money they spend on the homosexual agenda on advancing a gay causes. So you say I'm not going to. I'm not going to buy my coffee at Starbucks anymore. Okay, this is different.

That's an individual organization is just coffee choice. This is a national and now international movement. By the way, has spawned lawlessness with the writing the looting the vandalizing now are the Confederate statues of Poland on statues that actually for black heroes from the Civil War because they don't only better because they're ignorant and and they're saying a week working to do the six blocks here in Seattle any old way we want lawlessness what's happening in Paris, London, other parts around the world. Lawlessness wheel, what's that guys name that comes back with part of the end times. What's his name.

That's right, the man of lawlessness so K look at all the stuff I'm not saying for one second that this is in a cause that needs to be dealt with because obviously this but just like Jesus said the poor you will have with you always.

Racism we will have with us always on and it on unjust practices. We will have with us always. Until he comes back and settles every account and establishes his kingdom on earth, then, injustice will be eliminated, but that doesn't mean we sit around and she said do you think the Bible would actually agree with you if you said what Jesus said the poor you have with you always. Don't really worry about it. Don't worry about it, to be here until he comes back. So it only to worry about it.

Yes we do is every single person on the planet's main the image of God. They all have inestimable worth whatever their skin color. Whatever their level intelligence. Whatever they have or don't have everybody's got equal worth in the face of God.

We have to get involved with all that we have to care for our neighbor but you but I am not going to add my shoulder to something that then is it funnels down benefits. These radical, radical anti-God anti-family anti-gender organizations is not so if I want shift black lives matter you want to call me a racist lead you don't know my heart out of universe does not have to worry about worry about your worry about hit the judge me by my actions the way I treat people, but I try to do the health okay when they come back to money money of Steve Noble of Europe back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble show we are talking about all the literally at this point hundreds of millions coming in is the ultimate going on since murder and black lives matter movement in your organization and a lot of radical godless organizations that are reaping all kinds of windfalls it's over. Talk about money, there will continue to talk. By the way, just like with some friends on Facebook like listen if you think you can really solve a significant chunk of all of this whether you want to talk about the plea situation.

What you want to talk about cortical systemic racism you want to talk about racism in general you want to talk about police brutality and you think the right hashtag the right Facebook live the right video the right meme the right thing on YouTube is going to solve it. You can hit a homerun you're not. I said this before mislaid again, just like Jesus said the poor you will have with you always.

Racism will exist in equity will exist.

Injustice will exist until he comes back and sets it all right but that doesn't give get any of us off the hook because we should cry out for justice and mercy. Micah 6 think it's all over the Scriptures. Injustice is anti-God. When justice is based on and in alignment with his work, but know that this is a conversation.

It goes on the fight goes on.

Just like the fight over your center. My sent work out your salvation with fear and trembling, so you fight knowing that only the author and perfected and finisher of our faith will actually solve all this is like peace in the Middle East. A stay in the conversation stay prayerful, stay diligent and and read don't just react. Don't be ruled by your emotions year door to move from that and continue talk about one of the thing with being affected special back over 19 always other situations in a rocky rocky world little money Monday update with our good friend David Fisher from Lynn Mark M As always, David, how are you doing really good day.

You should really start to go. How can I change you know all those things with the things that I hear financially that are happening of enthronement off of it that we feel with Teresa Shoemaker people on the news alone throw stones at people saying we don't have those who chooses not to say that generally multimillionaire like people saying we don't have a racist early success story, but it was a person representing Pres. Philip of his economic team and he couldn't quite get his arms around why there is this big gap between Blacks and whites in the income this. You don't run away from it like it doesn't exist as just the other end of the dial I've received and that let's start where we always start this is something for us Christians, especially now, whether were talking over 19 what's going on with the economy and the markets which will spend a little time with David.

Now what's going on with the George Floyd situation plea situation. Let's make sure were staying in God's word and staying in prayer. That is the rock you want to build your house on Fox news or CNN or some other personality go ahead, but that's sand so let's start with the rock of our salvation, which is the warden versus the words let's go there for second Corinthians 12 nine take away here, here, but you said to me by grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me sometimes will have a blue data. Micah had one of those today ability to spiritually, mentally, psychologically, all of the most physically lock myself up, and wake up you publish. Ultimately the leader in whatever shortly slow things are thrown at me today, her mom, complaining of just being transparent so that maybe I can help someone else with you going to simply metal myself, you know, a lot of things going on your plate, but whatever that is God's grace is sufficient in my ability to juggle all the balls and later in the impurity report that I just mentioned earlier that takes me is the place where you inside it just makes me upset with what's going on in the country.

How do we remove myself this question. How do I move from word that feeling gets generated two resting in the Lord and being not just resting and doing nothing being active and in the gospel of Jesus Christ and being active and not focuses on me, but what is going on the other person's life that I'm either talking to on the phone or whose hearing my voice right now, or so my office meeting. Funeral maybe some errors that they're going through a big trial in the morning just mumbling. So today I was just kind of brought back to the raw that his grace is sufficient matter what it is what yeah and in and from our lofty perch as successful Caucasians to the lowest perch, lowest rung on the ladder in struggles because of your skin color were you were ground where you were raised in where you were born God's grace is sufficient for all of that and we all need to remember that and show some grace for each other to as well such a great point, the markets, wow.

I mean, again you look at the charts and this looks like a great ride and amusement park but down what like 1800 on Friday and up, all but 157 today. Just crazy. So give us an update on that and down 9000 point swing today being down 700 email up the numbers word. It is a roller coaster ride. Steve year to date of these are Friday's numbers closer Friday of the Dow is down still 7.1%, even though it's gone up 36% S&P down 6.3%, NASDAQ is up 6% in gold is the winter of 14.1% of those who were down 1.7% showed Joseph roller coaster ride is skillfully and it is going to be more of them probably I would think so.

With these major swings like that be just the last two days of training today and then on Friday is that why is that happening because it looks like COBIT.

19. Even though were not talking about it much and and you can you you can't go to church with 50 people or go somewhere else with 100 people to go March with 10,000 people that she is fine but the COBIT 19 situation that seems to have a direct impact because there is a scare on Friday about COBIT.

19 cases are going up organa organa had over peeking again.

So, what's what's is is that the explanation behind it or is there more to it or to another 760 point being down of the open and have been on the swing upward today.

The Calvary came in. The food came to the rescue by not only buying what they were buying before bonds in ETS but today the amounts written by individual corporate bonds.

So we continue to see when the market is down, the behavior of the food being the Calvary confirms funeral obviously don't have free markets but we feel kinds of economies happening were missing you people are saying are missing LOL I missed out on and I go jump in. You'd only been there for the flipside of the rally is extended is overvalued and they were to pull back and there's this push me pull you thing going on the markets or strange and unpredictable.

Even the best analysts are saying it's very strange and unpredictable. We take courage, did you hear the news about her trip.

I've been following Bill over the not heard this church went into bankruptcy are allowable a few weeks ago. Last week they asked the judge, bankruptcy, use court bankruptcy judge in Bill over if they could show $500 million in stocks to raise money in bankruptcy. The stock source 50% since the day's slower days consecutively works up total of 230% in four days. Then on Friday they were have received approval by the bankruptcy judge not just $500 million. But $1 billion in stock they can release and hurts analysis today that their equity shareholders when I get anything further stock in the stocks falls 19% in gold.

This is bankruptcy in their doing these kind of behavior we live in a very strange financial environment. I've never seen anything close resembling yeah that's why we we can beat the drum on this often, and pretty much every week that we talk together is diversification that so so important you're not completely expose one way so it's it's stocks, its precious metals, it's real estate its cash and a lot of people are like cash, but we need to be diversified.

Otherwise, your your putting up a huge I was talk about sales for most of the problem was the show today to put up a huge sale. That's way too susceptible to this kind of crazy market fluctuation.

You gotta have some ballast.

You gotta have a keel underneath the boat up shortly and here we have Friday Scott Minard talk about that talk so that the S&P could pull the head is the billionaire who supported many times he said the S&P could go back to $1600 level. By the end of the year. He also told investors. You gotta buy gold, silver in this environment to protect yourself against this expansion of the dead, the monetary system and today Lee Cooperman another billionaire on CNBC said human interest, the real underlying problem of that which is the major one.

He says are dead.

Here's his number and I was born waving thing was so shy he says there's $1 trillion budget deficit before COBIT is now worth 4 trillion is going to get worse and you gotta get protected if some gold and silver people get more information because it takes a little bit some work to do some research.

Gotta have a conversation using a portfolio but how do they do that education is imperative because 844-7988 82 or go to our website landmark receives brother God bless you.

Thanks for singing so much today. I was going to talk likewise my friend up a shoe in America.

Real soon back tomorrow to walk away from all the news the day good friend of mine, Dr. Bob records be here tomorrow. The whole show ads and wounds visas. This fathering is that no one show God willing

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