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The Divided States of Disturbia

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 12, 2020 2:40 pm

The Divided States of Disturbia

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 12, 2020 2:40 pm

The Divided States of Disturbia

Today steve accepts callers to talk about the protests and the concerns that the protests are changing the government on issues like the funding of the police.


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Everyone views Tybalt is the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host noble okay well I divided states of disturbing because I don't know if you go back to normal.

That's my question for you. Do you think America is going to return back to some state of normalcy.

Something like we experience prior to coalbed or has COBIT change this nation forever or has now that were into other reaction to George Floyd's murder and the protests in the writing and the looting and then we have Chad's did you get your tickets to go visit Chad's yet out in Seattle that for the Capitol Hill autonomous zone now known as Chad CH, AZ select taken over six block area of Seattle.

The head of the police. There is like to look at me. I didn't do it. It wasn't my idea.

It's the mayor there is completely off the rocker and city Council member who is also part of it and they've literally taken over six block area of Seattle and you've got a funny because it got a bunch of these get any file types. There antigovernment insights from anti-order anti-law and order anti-police yet they have armed guards. That's kind of funny looking at a picture right here got volunteer work security at an entrance to the so-called Capitol Hill autonomous zone.

Chad's just a couple days ago you got an AR 15 in a bulletproof vest on and of course he's a he's cut his mask on because you got. You can't be too careful these days with coronavirus right and so they put a blockade. They put up walls they have armed guards sounds a lot like the government doesn't. And now there's some reports that there asking businesses to pay fees in order to continue to do businesses to do business there in the Chad's in the Capitol Hill autonomous zone that sounds like a government because if you don't have governance people have laws of the law enforcement you don't have a society you just have anarchy and don't call a chess caught Mogadishu caught Somalia because that's what you get and get to takes over warlords takeover might makes right. So maybe it's the situation in Seattle that's got you most concerned and I'm just curious today will open up the phones do you do you think America as we know it is is over or going into a new normal. Were trying to find our way into a new normal.

So that's my question for you.

Are you concerned that were knocking up, go back to court and quote the way we were, which now sounds sentimental. Do you think will recover from COBIT.

19. Do you think that will get to someplace where other people that are protesting and concerned about the police and you got movements like in Minneapolis which there to pull off and a dismantle replace the police with what it will see the whole of civil unrest around the country based on you issues with the police here and there in terms of unarmed black men that have been killed, which the number the shears for last year was nine and but they know that were not talking about stops and just general challenges in the African-American community. When it comes to law enforcement, which we talked to several people of the last couple weeks about that.

It's real.

How widespread is it that's debatable if you're if you're willing to look at the facts.

So are we gonna recover from that from civil unrest from the protesting is got a lot of people that would normally be an addict.

He got out of school does allow young people in these protests and then back in summer jobs because we've lost 42, 43 million jobs.

And even if we got back to 1/2 million jobs every month like we did in May it's gonna take 18 months to get all that back. Are you worried are you concerned that America as we have known her is gone. What are you most concerned about is an American citizen right now and again is the COBIT thing is the civil unrest. Maybe it's your concern about the racial strife the racial division. That's only going to get worse.

Maybe you're concerned about the police situation much.

My question for you.

866-34-TRUTH 8784 is the number today 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I would love to hear from you and and how are you feeling about the state of our nation. How are you feeling about the United States of America. Are you concerned do you think that maybe were just not go back and we gotta find a new normal. And it's just and what's what's upsetting you the most were the most concerned about.

If the election in November. I just wanted open up the phones. Do you have had a lot of guest on a lot of talking and want to do some more listening as well.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth. Do you think America as we have known her is over now or in the divided states of disturbing we can go back to the way we were maybe you say we should never go back to the way we were was that was lousy. If you want to call in and say that make that case, that's fine as well.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH let's go to our poly call and then from North Carolina poly honesty.

Thanks so much for calling, go right ahead and not how a complex statement of all I don't mind that we need to have America become back like it was, I think we need to take a break and step back and look at what things will work good when you're in America and have a second chance to build a better country. The second thing I have to say is to lock her wherever he is either in Seattle.

I think that Diane need to understand that if they don't have a police force that they're going to be able to be free for shalom to pull the military are going to be a step in and take a there have been concerns about keep in the neighborhood had me take a look at managing what needs to be done and not look back. Yes, and contain no want to continue.

Not like that was some lady came out years ago called on escape from New York and took on to Alan and blocked it off and let people think they are) were prisoners, but they let him stay there and just run them child and that maybe what they think will want to be in our oneness with no strings not darting out. Yeah, that's a very interesting point and probably appreciate your call and ensure that's if you want to follow up with that what you most concerned about you think we should go back the way we were what's bad about the way we were were talking about six months ago about January and and and just, is it even possible can we can return to any sense of normalcy in this country. Whether it's COBIT 19 what's gonna happen this summer at states, you know that some of the states losing some numbers creep back up the federal governments like it's okay.

The head of the other Surgeon General said don't freak out a little bit here and there, but generally as a nation were doing better, but here in North Carolina. They just said the other day.

He was then the press conference yesterday. Sandy Collins like well we might start thinking about going back to stay at home, order do you feel hopeful that America be able to recover 866-34-TRUTH 87884 young positive or negative.

866-34-TRUTH will be right back back is noble, the noble show. Hope you're having a great day and I let's make sure if you're a follower of Jesus Christ. We need to be praying about all these things date of our nation leadership for the police for protesters for everybody involved. Americans in general because this is this is so beyond any of us to really completely understand and control. There's a spirit of the age that's going on it so there's a lot of darkness out there a lot of confusion and chaos.

There's anarchy there's anti-fathers, the black lives matter organization which is completely radical anti-biblical Marxist and is the situation in Seattle. You've got a lady antebellum.

The country-western group just change their name to lady a because antebellum means career prior to the Civil War, and they're worried about. By calling themselves lady antebellum what's I say lady eight what's what they stand for.

I can't really tell you, like the cats out of the bag you guys it's kit it's cancel culture and eyes I saw that article, the, that's all this happened just the other day as protest of the horrific police killing a George Floyd developed in the living vandalism and arson across America showing black lives and livelihoods writers targeted Civil War monument, specifically those honoring figures from the Confederacy like Robert E Lee in Boston. However, because nobody knows her history anymore. Writers vandalize a memorial to black patriots who risk their lives to fight for the union and against race-based slavery hoops article on PJ writers vandalize the Robert Gould Shaw 54th Regiment monument, which celebrates the first all volunteer black regimen of the Union Army during the Civil War thousand men signed up just after Pres. Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Just think about that Liz visit Executive Director friends, the public garden told ABC affiliate. These are men who, if they were captured in the South would be enslaved, or murdered.

This cause was so important to them. They signed up to go fight for their freedom.

So the thing that they're supposed to be protesting about in terms of racism, black lives matter and all the like, which I think is pretty well represented by this Robert Gould Shaw 54th Regiment monument and then they deface it because they don't understand history. They don't know history is just rage and it's out of control in its godlessness ultimately take the issues out of it. It's godlessness that kinda behaviors godlessness when you are is chaos, which is exactly what Satan is all about Martin Luther King and Walter Strickland yesterday on the show mentioned, you know that the quote that a lot of people abuse in the last couple weeks that writing is the language of the unheard but then you gonna read the rest of the quote where Martin Luther King Jr. completely to cry violence and rioting and looting, saying that assaulting I can solve anything. So are you hopeful or not about the United States of America we get rid of the police shows a sum at least on Facebook live no lie PD copse is gone. Paul patrol about for little kids and in animals that are out there doing good that you can't have that guy get rid of that let's us all horrible, terrible stuff. The renaming streets in certain cities. Truly remarkable. So do you feel like we can get back to something that your that your excited about do you think America can bounce back from this or do you think were forever changed 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 8788. For this, but Irene Connor from North Carolina. Irene, thanks for calling Karen ahead hi you know I believe with God all things are possible, and there is that prompt second Chronicles 714, but I think it would take every Christian fasting and praying because the spiritual battle and repenting because I've been a believer involved in church laugh 40 years and I think the church change from being a church that had prayer meeting to being churches that get away many of them with prayer meeting and then the emphasis was on the bank of churches and our churches turn into businesses and I was raking in the money everybody wanted to be a TV preacher and you know we have also strayed and not all others, but many have strayed and and the culture has influence the church more than a church has influence the culture. I mean I consider we have more Christian books than Christian entertainers and Christian movie but yet nation keep slouching toward clock Sodom and Gomorrah. One thing that I didn't want to point out with so there Irene.

I lost it. Oh no, I am sorry I thought you were saying 98 study came out was published last year by Michigan State University and the truth behind racial parity and fatal police shooting and what they concluded that they found race of the officers didn't matter when it came to predicting whether black or white shot known it was published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. I believe that the race issue is being you know that the left doesn't want it to go away and so they keep jerking the change.

The people that deal get them franchise the people that believe that everything that happened bad in their life is because the white privilege, though you donated their fat forces out there that do want to caulk division and, in that it thing you mentioned. Oh, she'll still steal and destroy, is now overseeing all over the place, kill, steal and destroy. Yeah, because we are one of the nation find on our law, we bring more missionaries around the world.

We have been alike to the dark world and how many white doctors have left the comfort of this country to go to Africa and placed us in fighting full and find somebody sure that we definitely you as a nation. And then I appreciate you calling in today and share in all that, Irene.

That's really great perspective and great information and in that's so true.

And there's hasn't been another country in the history of the world post-Christ that's been used of God like we have now. We got all kinds of sin on our ledger just like we do as individuals, but in terms of impacting the culture impacting the gospel with with the gospel. Missionaries charitable work at both at home and around the world intervening and what happened in Europe in World War I and World War II, especially World War II and how much of our own blood.

We've shed to help other people, including the Civil War and is just we have a target on her back. But we've also largely as a nation turned away from God. We expect godlessness rises up on the people turn away from the Lord. That's is no have you ever read the Old Testament time and time and time again. Meredith is gone and Meredith, thanks for calling. Sorry to keep you waiting. Go ahead now I hear all day long that year, whether it black lives matter or already. You know people who had it out now like those on.

I really feel like we are at a turning point here. I would love to hear more people talking about Kate, and of all people, young countries in bad shape right now and it that when I hear anybody talk about either side the other side we work words that heal yeah and that's a great point and I think that's something I really appreciate: America.

Thanks for sharing that will get to Cassie from Florida set a break, but if you want to call in and share on, then I want to speak to what she just said 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and what is the ultimate unifier will look at history what's been the ultimate unifier money isn't the job it isn't family no not even that there's plenty of families destroys is one of our problems in America, the ultimate unifier is the gospel of Barna research over the last 15 years, says the average American evangelical 95% of us never share the gospel with anybody we stop evangelizing the country gets further and further away from God becomes more more secular. What's the fruit off battery learning about it every single day will be right back and would like United Erica alike are less colors talk about we talk about this is Ron that's Ron the side of the aisle.

That's on the but let's not forget that there actually is reconciliation available first between man and his creator with the gospel and then between man and him and each other.

By the way, that covers the entire 10 Commandments are for commitments. Our relationship with the Lord and the rest of our relationship with one another. The vertical and the horizontal you want to deal with. Everything is happening in the country in a family relationship in the business and friendship. If the gospel write the gospel reconciliation. Then when we when we show up together on opposite sides of a protest or whatever big okay what we have in common. One Lord, one baptism, one spirit word of God. Okay, okay Right one.

People neither Greek or Jew slave nor free, rich, poor, white, black, otherwise male-female, young, old gospel evens all that out and we begin to love each other.

That's why you see in some of these protest when you see actual Christians stepping up and taken a need not to one another, but to the Lord not bowing down to any man bow down only to the Lord okay I can ask your forgiveness.

If I feel like I need to ask you for your goodness. I don't need to get on my knees to do it. I need to look you in the eye and asking tell you I've sinned against you. Please forgive me. Let's reconcile. I want to take a needed money to get any Lord we got all the stuff going on in our country so you positive you negative you think we can go back to some great glory in this country or you think would have to find a new normal and for us as Christians that should add a whole another element to it for all of us going to chime in on that 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Would love to hear from you today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Cassie's call and it only down to Florida. Cassie, thanks for calling.

Go ahead, that's awesome. So good to hear from you what, how did we know each other. My that's right. Okay, got it all right with you Mr. Dan right there with you all. That's so cool. Great to hear from you. Go ahead, I'm glad to call you more. What that redneck all blackline looking more and more and more scary. It is scary and is very sobering and people don't understand history, and so they haven't and they don't understand. Go take some things from history that might drive their personal agenda or board or hopefully for them for a lot of people will explain some of the trials and tribulations that they've had in their life or will he raise any personal responsibility.

In some cases, and so but if you don't know history you don't know the truth and if you don't know any truth you're hopeless. This is going nowhere because if it's all run by emotions and got you know this Cassie as well as I do, God is emotional but were not controlled by our emotions and our motions can go south fast because of our sin, but yet most just don't know history.

Otherwise, why would they be destroying that monument of something like Abraham Lincoln and somebody recently.

I just heard this earlier today. There's some people going around now they're saying we need to tear down the Washington Monument because Washington owned slaves really, really, that that's it's just remarkable.

Should total all you right great. That's right, I think there's more to underlining a lot of definitely big from Cassie so great to hear from you. Thank you so much for calling, walking, thanks so much. God bless you, if you want to call in and chime in on any of this.

I'm just going like an open line Friday thing. If you want to chime it but keep it to the current situation in the country. If you want to talk about covert that's fine. We did that for a few months and isn't it interesting how cold it's pretty much disappeared to resolve it is healed of course not. But the new cycle is just voracious. So things come and they go so quickly.

But if you want to call in and chime and do you feel hopeful about the future of the country or are you really concerned were altering our future here in America is knocking to be the America that we've known really up until this I mean look at this.

It's June 12 on January 12. None of this stuff was going on. Not to say that some things did need to be dealt with largely the lowest unemployment rate we've seen in decades, including in the African-American community. The country just humming along all kinds of good things happening and then whammo covert and then whammo George Floyd and then the protest the looting and everything else and now we have six blocks in Seattle and renamed it Chad's Capitol Hill autonomous zone. We have entire cities like Minneapolis and working to get rid of our police and that we have other city sand like an LA insured in New York. Massive some the biggest cities in the country Danielle were to pull funding away from the police and put it into some programs that we think will make people feel that this is the really insidious part of the Democrat party and people don't like to hear this kind of stuff is true and it just messes up so much of the political conversation and Trump was doing this, you know, in his goofy sloppy way, but he did this in 2016 is like hey African Americans that vote for Democrats. How have they improved your lives in the last 20 or 30 years, especially in your city is the 1020 most violent cities in America are all run, except for one in Texas that all run by Democrats in poverty in joblessness and crime when they all have in common. Democrats have been in charge for decades now to say that a Republican going in, and Republicans coming in and taking over the cities is going to turn around all of a sudden. Don't be that nave but you have to believe in people and want a free people. I had that conversation with the bishop wouldn't last Friday we did the show from his office. My slightly older brother from another mother. I said you know it would be the problem. You know why the Democrats don't want to see a big city improve and this is all under the radar stuff they wouldn't they could be can never say this publicly, but they need a permanent underclass because that's their power base if all of a sudden we started to make a good investments in the inner-city. Economically, economic development zones started to get some money and there was a bunch that's gonna flee now because of all the looting and the vandalizing but if we were actually to go in there and begin to have some proper investment and try to figure out a way to help the educational system there and start to build people up and see people become successful. You want to know what happens to people generally that become somewhat successful economically. How do they vote.

A lot of times I start voting conservatively. So if the Democrat party starts to really see some success in a city that might cost them votes which would cost them power and the number one reason for the existence of either political party is to obtain power Republicans and Democrats both you know the saying, I don't win. I can't help so I get to do anything I can do to win. I gotta get in there.

If I'm not in there.

I can't help so the Democrats absolutely need to have a permanent underclass which is wider so for open borders and a really lax immigration policy as people come in they need government help you you I need government help to help me. The Democrats who are the spenders that's what liberalism is. You look to the government to solve problems.

You don't look to the individual because they don't nothing and I can hear the public they don't believe in individuals.

The government is your God in a godless society. Nature abhors a vacuum. You get got out there what's going to replace it.

This case and exits America for a lot of people who's going to take care of me. His gonna bail me out. Who's gonna be my rock and my salvation. I don't know who can I vote for this going to hit help me write. These are all problems.

By the way of the heart and the mind of the Lord thy heart, soul, mind and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself, wow, that sounds like a prescription to change the whole thing around exactly no kidding.

There's nothing new under the sun, which is like incumbent upon us as Christians to continue to preach a prophetic biblical message, way more than we preach the political message of you get into the political realm I'd like my buddy Fred Voncannon here is running the risk on house Fred Voncannon you should vote for him or the support him as a brother in Christ when you're in the political realm you operate in the political realm you work with those tools but as a Christian, so I knock it like I said I'm not I'm not bound down anybody.

I'm only bound down to the Lord you going to the political realm you bring the truth of God's word with you. You have to be shrewd as a viper in general as a dove, and you can be successful but you never stop to separate my Christianity for my politics know you don't.

That's why I don't understand people that can vote for pro-choice Democrats or any pro-choice candidate in claim allegiance to the God of the Bible. I don't get that not your judge asked him how you do it. I sleep tonight and another's other issues will get the problem. Sorry only come back. I share this on Facebook the other day for Evelyn Sadie is rather outspoken African-American woman. Her videos gone viral. She's very tough.

She's addressing white conservative white liberals and black people come to play just the clip and will be right back like attention white liberals and attention after Americans.

Evelyn Beatty is an activist very strongly involved in pro-life group in Charlotte North Carolina and she moved north up in the Northeast was, and I think she ran for office out there, but recently she she puts up a lot of video stills on Facebook live very outspoken and she had one recently talking to white conservative white liberals and black people about 18 minutes long. Look to me like she was having lunch outside of a Panera and and and she gets when I first started watching him like she talking white conservatives person like where is this going to gotta stick with it. So this first clip is about a minute 15 seconds and and and all all follow it up to make sure we all understand this, but I thought it was really healthy in a good challenge. Okay so this is Devlin baby is going to be on the show with me next Wednesday hopefully will probably end up doing the whole show together shall be on the show with me next Wednesday by phone, but this is what she said in her almost a million views. Now Facebook live why is it okay how can a white conservative size can't just tell people the truth. Why is it that you know the truth, but you are so bound by color that you can't tell the truth I have a question are you scared of telling me the truth because I'm black. If I'm wrong, are you scared to tell me because I'm black. Shouldn't you just tell me that I'm wrong if you know that what I'm saying in the things I believe and have discrepancies do you feel down by your own skin color that you can't tell me the truth. I like to know that I don't understand why we are not waking up and I'm addressing the conservatives first because I feel like you guys have already kind of took an conservative stance to really stand and shoot and now saying I'm seeing the value back and now I'm seeing a lot of people think now that is skin color to any can't tell the truth because they have a certain color understanding why do you know this isn't just justice ties. Do you know that you're helping you just as bad as the white liberal you feel intimidated to tell the truth. Just because you're right, I did get her point. I hope to get her point so she seeing you if you're white conservative in your free distance speak some truth in these situations which are very difficult, very awkward yet to be very careful.

But if you're afraid to speak the truth. I mean she's insulted by that and she's I think the case she's making is it's actually unloving. Are you afraid to tell me the truth, afraid to speak the truth because you're white and you're worried about how to come across but the truth is the truth.

And if you don't know the truth, you can't be set free right to get back to them to get to the scholar a quick pause, then only on Oregon Paul out in Oregon. Are you an online because I'm deftly not on the radio and org you're all I go ahead. Glad you called Colette your broker cargo were you calling for Michael Brown. I think that's I'm thinking that's what he was calling for Michael Brown. The last show so I'm not getting. I want to get back to this so that was in and I appreciate them calling.

Of course I want to get back to this is also Devlin was getting in and do you feel that pressure of your white conservative and you want to say some things because you can't talk about fatherlessness you can't talk about what were talking about racial issues what's going on you can't talk about fatherlessness.

You can talk about personal responsibility you can talk about crime rates, you can't talk about any of that stuff you just can't because all of a sudden you don't care about all the other stuff you don't care about racial injustice and the challenges of growing up in America being black. By the way, for all my white friends if you had the choice to go back in God's good, it's a give you the choice do over.

Would you prefer to be born white or black in America 20 2022 over white or black. What would you choose okay that should be enough understand, but when we don't speak the full truth or not deal with some of these issues. That's the Democrats are so yes you're oppressed. Yes to me. People hate you. The Republicans hate you. Your permanent underclass. The whole passing everything we totally hold you over and so the governments can be your answer but no personal risk we don't ever talk about personal responsibility, it's like you can't but Evelyn Beatty's point was why are you not telling the truth love meal tell me if I'm wrong tell me, especially inside the body of Christ right then she talked to white liberals show why okay I got a question Sharon case. Do I look like I'm a charity case. Do I look like I mean people to go out with black lives matter signs in protest because I being discriminated against it, are you more privileged to me in my listing you and I just another descendent of a slave sweetie. This way I pay for my meal. Just like everybody else to pay for the mail I'm drinking my water just like everybody else is drinking a lot is people of different races here. What I'm trying to drive a car just like every other receptacle I have a nice grant. I got a good job of making decent money I got. I know whatever kind of phone Internet I got everything does that any other person of any of the race would have every opportunity any other person of any race would have sold.

Where does the inequality, and my question to you is this.

If you feel like black people so discriminated against and if you feel that we are not treating.

My question is this civil rights actually work was a failure was the failure was civil rights movement of failure because technically when you stand outside of your night suburban neighborhood with black lives matter signs putting me on black because I'm black.

Okay you basically insinuating that civil rights did not get basically insinuating that the king didn't matter basically saying that the abolishment of slavery didn't matter.

It didn't work. So Frederick Douglas and Booker T. Washington all these notches going to grant right okay that's benevolent baby and after American woman saying things that we should all be willing to say and I think just because I'm white up bearskin doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to talk about the truth now. I do realize because I'm white and I and if I'm having a conversation about African American issues since and racism and things like that. In this context I need to proceed with caution because I cannot understand what that's like.

But there's certain. But if were not going to be willing to talk about all truths. This is going to just be the cycle over and over and over again. We will get nowhere which is exactly where the Democrat party wants to get nowhere on this issue. They have to keep a permanent underclass.

She said some other things on this.

Instead, Devlin's good to be on the show with me next Wednesday okay I'm in a letter say some things and I'm not comfortable saying. But I agree with her but I kept we can't just get your white doesn't mean you shouldn't speak the truth you need to remember speak the truth in love.

Be patient have a lot of grace. Listen to the rest of this white liberals listen to me. I don't need your check every worry baby and all of those Blacks, black people want to swear up and down the chair not free because you're black and you still (I'm a tell you something right now is because you're not saying you don't know Jesus Christ is the only thing that I wish I never in my mind all my life that I would deal price because I'm black. So now I'm basically agreeing with the fact that I'm oppressed and I can have certain things alike because I'm black and I'm going to say it out loud, I'm black so I don't have equality and I need affirmative action because I can't get this I can't keep that limits I got some my going what you mean, no matter what, I am is about you all in your character right so now does she have a particular a particularly powerful platform or different platform because she's African-American speaking to these issues, yes I will I will give you that what where she speaks the truth. And if the truth is what sets you free. Shouldn't we be willing to speak the truth because if we don't speak the truth one another.

We don't speak the truth. The people that need to deal with some hard truths on both sides of the aisle, publicans, Democrats, white, black, whatever the issue for not willing to speak to truths forgot it's going nowhere, which is why when you speak the truth to get shouted down you get pushed out what I want to deal with it. Darkness has no fellowship with the light and people want to stay in the darkness because their deeds are dark so when you begin to expose and talk about the truth.

People that are outside the truth.

That's why from having a conversation with the believer versus an unbeliever.

Those are two different conversations deal with a lost person in the found person with a found person.

I'm going to appeal the thing that takes it out of both of our handle out of our hands, and it puts it back where it belongs. The foundation of truth. The pillar truth God and his word okay good.

There now when I'm talking to an unbeliever.

They don't have the truth and and the truth because it represents a knowable fixed truth which represents God, which represents judgment for every sin they don't want to go anywhere near that you have to actually reject it. Romans chapter 1 suppress the truth and replace it with a lie as you want to deal you don't want to acknowledge truth. Truth is not on your side when you're lost you each and that's why if you just preach a nice gospel without hell you preach a helpless salvation. What that's not even the gospel so in this case benevolent and I'll talk to her and it shall be with us next Wednesday to say very glad what you have to say the white Christians out here about speaking in this issues essay, you need to tell the truth speak with with patients and with love and grace. But tell the truth somebody's torpedoing their own life, you need to tell him the truth regardless of what skin color there regardless of their past, but then you can't just shatter Bible talks about that. What good is it to be similar for you than you walk away you don't do anything for know if you have the ability to help you help Philip the perfect Facebook post, the perfect sweet perfect Instagram mean the perfect Facebook why you think you can solve the stuff in one shot across the bow, social media, you can fix time and relationship truth is only through Jesus Christ. Okay have a great week and let's not be dining on the news the day all week and spend some time with the Lord this is Steve Noble Steve Noble so God willing I talked again real soon and always

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