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The Bizarre Economy

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 8, 2020 3:17 pm

The Bizarre Economy

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 8, 2020 3:17 pm

The Bizarre Economy

Today we are joined by David Fischer to talk about the bizarre economy that has been created as a byproduct of COVID-19 and the recent riots.  We discuss different investment and which ones are best during this time.


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Everyone is time for this Christianity needs everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sicker down costing six 866-34-TRUTH, or checking out now here's your host Steve Noble back. I will continue to talk about that and things are updating. Things are moving quickly. This whole movement of deep funding and in many places, literally disbanding the police, which is all the sudden getting some traction.

Believe it or not. And they've Artie got the votes for Minneapolis, so there's all kinds of things going on. I'm in a be talking about that on get back at all that stuff on Wednesday and so just hold tight coming. We need to be prayerful about all this. Okay, so I'm not going in for the for my own sake and for your own sake. I'm not going to dive into this every single day and spend every single show talking about it.

We need to be if you if you watch on Facebook live, you'll see I've got this little block that was given to me by pastor friend that that just reminds me to talk less and pray more funny obviously because I'm on the radio five days a week, but that's what we need to do so I'm I'm not going to be like the regular media and every day be pounding and pounding and pounding on the psyche. Everyone struggling with it on Facebook. Okay, so were to step away from that. Every once in a while today were doing to make up with our good friend David Fisher from MR capital doing for money Monday. Today is all kinds of things going on in the financial world. We need to continue to pay attention to.

There's so many different things out here that are all serious issues in the financial one which affects everybody regardless of your kind of position on COBIT 19 or what's going on with the civil unrest in the issue of racism in what's going on with our government and what's going on with different neighborhoods in different cities around the country, so we were to do that last Monday but with everything breaking last week David was kind enough and we did a little update middle of the week and the redoing for money Monday today and then will be back at it, of course, tomorrow doing some other topics in order to stay on top of it but I'm knocking to talk about it every day for my own health as well as yours to soak up our good friend David Fisher how are you my friend felt like the Scripture you made are your ordeal amongst you, my brother is really something.

This is shocking to see as things continue to develop and if you thought it was bad recently. I can't imagine what it's going to be like in some of the cities that they actually go through things like in Minneapolis and dismantled their police and try to come up with something else. And who knows maybe they would actually figure out something in a community level that works but given our understanding of sin in human depravity. I cannot and and that's a God ordained institution of government, chiefly for checking unrighteousness. It's just just madness and so we just need to be prayerful about that but also always appreciate you coming on know we got a lot to go to her today and this bizarre company connection. The address Rome burns the market surges so just give us kind of an update on that.

Were the markets have been recently in this year and the will to move from there.

Your mortgage company last week on Friday of the biggest day one of 900 points in the development year-to-date numbers are down, still down.

Article 5.3% the bellows down three down 1.5% and then back up 8.5%, but the leader is gold up 11% year to date.

So far yeah just amazing to watch all this so you know people are saying is this a recovery. It is, it doesn't mean it looks like it in the last couple weeks and Nina but we seen just before it's one thing I'm looking at the chart right now. It's one thing to look at that. The five day which looks awesome. It's one thing to look at the one month, which even still looks good. It's on the green and up up up but would you go six months you see that massive dip in an up and down and up and down, but the trend is back up so is this art can we say this is going to be a recovery that the stock market that going to continue her or succumb to going to rest at these levels. What will you see another and we are in the longest market expansion. Over in the US is technically what you call a recession and that happened in February and looking back, the business cycle dating committee of the national guerrilla research multiple words their title they just announced that that was the case, so that was the hundred and 20 a month after a boom comes a box and then you don't just go right back into another boom in the MLS were going to defy history here so there's this thing called appreciate W shape. Some people call another one you shape an L shape. The shapers saw this huge 30% rally in the computer 500 and then going to great snapback and then they will double you shape her thinking that the stock market has moved so much so fast that it historically would have to follow in what economic gravity you said you have to retest flows otherwise. It's not a really a bear market, but all the signs of a market and then you shapers or sometimes people consider him an L shape and others. We had a huge downturn and is going to move up a little bit but sideways saying that you know this was a good recovery but now moved sideways for a while and then tell maybe 2020 and get all the COBIT 19 and everybody you know somewhat back to work or whatever that may look like this is just the aftermath.

The punch bowl that you know the party is over now, though, so there's going to be bobbling one thing, don't fight the Fed is with the big thing is in the expected reduced earnings from COBIT 19 bike stocks is down 20% still yeah and it was TJ from Chicago sent me something last week about the unemployment numbers and that because they had they had misclassified some things they'd click that there was there was 4.7 million workers were misclassified as employed below are really unemployed and so the main unemployment rate is actually 16.3% not 13.3% in April's was actually 19.7 not 14.7 and so you look at these numbers and look what's happening in the economy and then there's you know I don't. I still think we have not seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of financial impact from COBIT 19 is as we don't know how many businesses going to be closed down permanently across the country and in NR is there is there is this just kind of a sit and wait and listen and pray. How do we kind of approach this from an investor perspective. So working to continue that conversation with David Fisher from landmark M is the website David that you can get all of them there and get that information for failing OTHER information again to cover all kinds of things the famous specialties and precious metals talk about that a little bit right now it seems really dry financial, patient will be right back. Nobles show doing our money Monday for money Monday which we usually do on the first Monday of the month great last Monday on the first but I was out of town and then with everything happening with the riots and protests in the looting and all of that which really started to spike that weekend. I needed to get back on the air and rearrange some things are good friend David Fisher landmark capital was kind enough.

We did our instead of doing a full money Monday. Last week we did an update and that we pushed for money Monday to today so I thought Reginald are good.

Like I said our good friend David Fisher is been a part of the show for a while now landmark is their website. As always, landmark or if you want to go a little school you can always give them a call 844-879-8882 844-879-8882. Whether that's to get some of their white papers and some of that information, or to have a more in-depth discussion about where you might have be looking at the precious metals as a part of your diversification plan and in David's great information will educate you and his team will educate you with the decision is yours and you to see whether you think it would fit into your plans are not what it is all about diversification, which we talked about often. We have David on the show but again David, thanks for being with us today so as were looking at this, looking at is this a recovery in the stock market is going to continue. Are you going back up to 29,000 and the work we talked a lot recently because the market versus the reality on the ground.

Businesses that are shutdown now you got businesses that have been looted and destroyed small businesses we have unemployment we have the whole unrest the civil unrest from the protests in the looting and the rent thankfully think God that's slow down a little bit in terms of the writing in the looting, but that's still going to have an effect and I got a situation think I mentioned at the top of the show where some cities like Minneapolis are seriously considering and moving towards eliminating their police forces and what they replace that with. I have no idea, but they obviously have no understanding of human depravity and human sin. But goodness gracious, the gap between Main Street and Wall Street seems to be getting bigger, not smaller, when you look at all but when you look at any racial price earnings ratio forwards the value of the stock currently 21.60. Right now the number 24% higher than it was back in October 2019, 17.4, when the market was at these levels. So the market is by technical standards highly overvalued at that moment Elrond is one of the largest ongoing job very soon and contemplating on this continued recovery in the stock market of these levels, and CNBC said today that this was the most overvalued market in stocks and 20 years so that comes on the backside of your group to use the highest they've ever been since 2008 short 48% in May and the budget offices that will really have an economic recovery until you do your 2030. That's when the roof you will take that long, which often said that on the corporate budget. Congressional Budget Office said not back to normal until 2030. So 10 years so you were talking love you shape W shape L shape you know there's only different opinions out there and the people who are taking advantage of stocks saying this is what category herein, but what I do know is that the fundamentals have to catch up. Otherwise were going to continue to have something that's never happened at this level in history.

This huge gap of stocks going up out of these unprecedented levels and not the earnings to support them or the unemployment of revenue which is old thing full time. The data on full-time employees working age population is now at 44.81% according to the most recent report that came out here the last couple days. What it needs to be after sustained economic growth that level or higher needs to be about 51% so we cannot sustain the economy at this amount of workforce in an art in our country and on top of that 70% of the GDP comes from consumption in the consumer is not back up full speed consuming things like going out to dinner and restaurants and buying things like we were before uncle good short work in the recovery and realistically is this going to take a long time and that's unless we justify economic gravity of right right and then just as if we can do that we can try to prop it up sooner or later. Gravity always wins and just look at me when they came and said hey wheat we created to and we saw two and half million jobs added in May and everybody was excited and praise the Lord and that looked awesome.

But let's remember if you added 2 1/2 million jobs every month. It will take 18 months to get those 44 million jobs back that we took out because of our overreaction to covert, 19, in my opinion and that's a month.

That's 18 months of adding 2 1/2 million jobs per month that's look at all the stuff and going man and we all just wishful thinking or what heard of those numbers at that one month is unheard of. Month after month for that period of time. I mean unemployment at the peak of 2009, the last recession was 10% conservatively.

If you want to believe the report of 13.3%, which is realistically higher than secular government website. The Bureau for six they say there was an error at the bottom there may like to read the data on you can go there myself. The government admits there was an error.

Political a apolitical saying you know there that's fake news. The government is saying there is an error so we have a long ways still to get back to 4% unemployment so so even to go there earlier today, which is still currently in the back concerns about this year and gains for the year and so you get the debt to get the Fed balance is increased. So how is that affecting goal because usually there's that when everything is hitting the fan out when things are bad. That's generally when a precious metal like gold is going to well. So how are those things interacting with Golden organa talk little bit more about our government that the Fed balance sheet and some more chemicals 101. Later in the show but what does that look like right now for gold after moving it. I predicted in January before the covert that there was a correction coming in. I should more than likely be sure your gold outperformed stocks were still early in the equation. Halfway through the year but that's the that's what's happening, you know, when you create massive amount of debt and we certainly have done that for me to put the numbers to last September. The national debt was $22.7 trillion network which is five 26 trillion go to the national debt clock it's moving at light speed of $25.9 trillion less an increase of $3.2 trillion. The largest increase I've ever seen in 26 years of doing this my largest ever created increase ever seen in my life. I'm 59 years old and that short amount of time less than a year. It's never done so, the Fed balance sheet is also increased at lightning speed $4 trillion.

In some states can the extent as much is $10-$12 trillion and that's just a heck of a lot of money, so you will central bankers have gone wild. That's the new program is not just the said Japan has European has the Fed balance sheet is in the US monetary base molding and these are crucial factors that are going to affect the price of gold and sure with a little bit more about that in the second yelling we come back after the break were talking to David Fisher from Lynn Mark E talk about this so much happening and what economic forecasting to look like if we eliminate police forces that go back and sees over the seasonal show doing for money Monday today with our good friend David from Lynn Mark capital Lynn is the website is always landmark. or you can give him a call if you feel like being a little old school today. You do that by the way you run into that in your texting back and forth to somebody and you're the older we are the worst. We are texting in the opposable thumbs, saying in the fumble fingers, and all I can stop this on to say forget it. Just call somebody hey it's me what what because I don't even know how to talk in a phony marsh disgrace Excel anyway if you want to use the phone. You can David and his team would love to talk to Valley 844-879-8882 is the phone number 844-879-8882 over landmark as well, which is the web address and we got a good friend David Fisher with us today and David so as we look at this were looking at what's going on with the Fed and were looking at the debt clock. By the way, and I'm sure you've done that as well.

That's the US debt is the website. If you'd never see. You need to go if you never been there to see it, then you need to spend about 10 minutes just poking around in one of the things you can do, David.

You've done this because you keep mentioning we we cannot have just a US only mindset here. We have to understand that there's factors going on were in a globalized world. Now, in a globalized economy. So when you click on the world that clocks hoping hoping that the USA would be the only one that's really looking this red, but what you see in country after country after country is the exact same thing. We're looking at national debt I'm going through this entire list. This is probably the 25 country 25 of the biggest economies on the planet are all in a red and when you look at external like a debt to GDP ratio so if you make 100 grand a year and you have $200,000 in debt, you got a problem right so you look at some of these countries like the UK, for example their debt to GDP ratio is almost 300%. France is a 252% Canada as 130%, Belgium 298%, Ireland. I don't even know how they're still alive thousand percent of the Netherlands, 630% GDP.

That debt to GDP so that means I have six times as much debt as they do GDP.

GDP excess remarkable David that this is just the status quo now and it just continues to move that direction is very planned by our government anyway. The deal of debt or to deal with the balance sheet at all. Well try to do this before in the 2013 no ran out that serious thing that turned into a joke, but maybe because of all heard about the trillion dollar coin. When the national debt was $16.4 trillion and Bill is a movement to try and get that national debt lowers short talking $10 trillion lower than then we are now just seven years ago some shows crazy but the numbers are just blooming so they said let's come up with.

This meant $1 trillion coin $1 trillion and they were running up against the budget deficit to know that's going because I wasn't fast enough like how ridiculous is our country in their thinking. So meetings about this with him a big nightmare in the Denver neck.

He present Obama so there's a thing called center ridge which is how much it cost between produced failures or quarters. Example $0.11 for the US mint to make 1/4 so the shelf to the treasury for $0.25. The difference of $0.14. When the treasury that buys that the money goes in the treasury so that the government makes money from some money being created. That's our special system work. So imagine a face value of the coin, trillion dollars.

That's only worth $1586 which was upon them at the times in the room to put a face value and so the have not worked out the word of the Congressional lawyers came and said wait a second. The Fed puts the money in the system and Bill bought use this trillion dollar coin. That's worth $1586 of work so late, but couldn't overcome that one simple stipulation I just said anyone on then 17 of them at the time of David that days are here again.

Ironic, it sounds so ironic and charred and rapid that is actually how our reserve system works. We spent as a country also believe that crazy does that sound but that is how our system really works slowly down the simplicity we going to debt as a country we issue a treasury bill so the coin is that another investors that use that money to create 10 times more money and they put in the system and we keep this whole spending regime game until something completely out of the norm happens and causes us to rethink the way this is going in other countries. The faces and we think will implement better numbers are taking us aggressively towards that in the price of gold. Every time there's been an expansion of US monetary system. Gold reached respondent goes up so since they've taken out all the gold that currency. The appreciation of gold has gone up 45% 4500% since 1971, and yet the monetary base and searched around 6000%.

So this tells us they can shrink the money supply, and I don't think they're going to do that gold has to respond and get back up to that level.

So this is why you probably see about 100% increase roughly the numbers in gold, which sounds crazy, but that goes in line with what BankAmerica just announced her two weeks ago something goes really double in value in any year or so cleaning things up. I hear Bank of America says gold is going to double in value in the next year. It's not like beer. They is some ammunition companies selling guns and ammo and land and underground bunkers in Wyoming Bank of America saying that good reason to say that it's because they see the other end of the teeter totter. The financial situation in America is so bad that that's kind of tilt the goals of the precious metal market, not direction, but you mention Alex all this. I just looked it up while you are talking so that was 2011, the trillion dollar coin, but this is from parens in March of this year.

Can this trillion dollar coins cover the coronavirus tab. (A major financial check rotation on what to invest everything and then the pilot the better the byline of it can trillion dollar coins cover the coronavirus or the tab? It's not a bad idea. Parens show like one of the most well trusted publications for what stocks to invest and I mean parens. I didn't know that article you got family that will say we don't have a plan. That's the bottom line.

There is an online right yet so so the conversation I just want to bring gold in the distance and those of you that are newer to this and haven't heard us talk about. This is not like we beat this gold drum every week when Dave's on the show because we don't. It usually is usually kind of an end of the conversation we talk about all these factors going on because there's a lot more going on in our lives. Financially what's going on. The gold market gold market as a place and that's why we talk about it. But in the midst of all this, let's let just chemical back up a little bit dual gold 101 because I don't want people to misunderstand over talking about talking about gold because I build on what do I just die look at it like a stocking to buy some shoot up in here and I'm in a salad I got gold coins buying gold stocks are electronically traded fund and ETF's office gonna go back to because of something like while wow look how bad it is with all this living maybe I should have a bunch of gold coins in my closet so I can go buy some bread and milk later this this winter.

So help us understand kind of the basics of that without any investment portfolio and not having gold.

This is a wise thing but having too much gold is not wise either summer and there is a balance are different ways of getting that you can still be in the paper side of gold is not really gold but it's you don't have it in your hands. Mention ETF's like GLD and whatever spot gold goes up it goes up or goes down it directly in the correlation of that. Then there is gold stocks and outperforming GLD recently but they been underperforming.

GLD the last time of the crisis from 2008 to 2012 and then there's those are paper ways of taking advantage of gold without doing a very risky investment, called an option then we will get is about all that's just electronic debt on what you think gold will do for. The time so and then there's the physical side was what what landmark capital does his expertise in this different physical markets out there in the physical markets figures for five different ones and they all have benefits all have drawbacks and they all move at different levels at different times and then not not a direct correlation itself. Only one product to spot and it's a really strong correlation but not an absolute one. It's been changed during the COBIT 19 environment and that's boring and I'm referring to is our goal toward modern-day mentors, coins, issues with those that are negative, that can be complicated and has been done so by our government reports will come back to the final site that's like some loose talk about some of the things moving some of your investment from folio whatever amount you lose some of it out the electronics in the next session will be right back show, doing a full money Monday with her good friend capital and Dave and I was just on Facebook live just going through the cities like Minneapolis New York LA that are that are actually moving to startup pulling significant funding away from the police and moving it and other social programs. A lot of virtue signaling going on there and there you have to work through that Minneapolis itself is loaded Sunday nine out of the 13 city council members voted yes we are going to defund and disband the police to come up with some kind of community system and obviously they don't have a much of a grasp at all in human nature and human depravity and the sin of mankind, but all these things cannot factor into how we look at what types of investment is because right now this is like this is like having a pre-9/11 mindset in the post-9/11 world.

Once you see built airplanes flying into buildings. You know you're in a different world and you need to respond accordingly. Now we have COBIT 19 we have the unemployment 42, 44 million and then we have the George Floyd situation in his murder and then that turned into the protest, which turned into riots and looting and thank God they calmed down a lot in the last few days, but now we have major cities like LA and New York talking about pulling hundreds of millions and hundreds of millions of dollars away from their police forces, I think we have to be thinking kind of that that that working to continue the slide in its obviously accelerated and we need to be prepared for that and we need to look at even how we invest in terms of what's going on in this turmoil in our nation and and and I don't want to sound paranoid but yet there's some really serious really crazy stuff going on. You know I mentioned your program last week and will bring it up again.

The burly guy name of Ray Gallo is a billionaire right predicted two years ago.

Everything that were talking about right now I'm unique social unrest to the event of changing the way the whole system does function and now you're seeing and reciting the headlines of that with the police force. So you know, the wealthy are seeing this coming of the wealthier sayings like radiant others, Poulter Jones, who snaps to be a believer you came out last week and he says he thinks hyperinflation. So there has to be some fix for this problem. It's eventually really hit the brick wall, financially speaking as a country we can keep this thing going this way in and were the closest I've ever been in my lifetime. Looking out of this way and another doomsday or at all unlike you Steve try to be live balance the biblical Christianity in my life, but this is just well be on the normality of what they're doing. So the six is another trillion dollar coin, but the historical friction fixes or inflate your way out. The problem which gold is the answer. Having some your money there default that would never has never happened but if they did that she would want some gold would be economic upheaval for this new thing that's been done called the bail and then I got a white paper on it. I'm writing right now. The eighth edition, so it will come off a little bit, but it's can include some of the nonsense of the wacky trillion dollar coin in the fix is in the waistband and then you know the bank the Fed saying on March 26 unity family cash reserves anymore. Don't worry about that we had at 10% in 2008 and that was still enough so matter what the next downturn link.

Thanks all have any money to fall back on. So that's why truly important to diversify a portion of the seven apportioned to eat.

If you do not know what tragedy may befall you, and it's well things having gold in the portfolio is a wise and prudent move. Not all your money in the gold.

Not all your money in the stocks. Not all your money in the paper that they flip the switch gold is the acid that would be your insurance policy.

They do these other things, inflate bill in the it would be that also so very few times can I say in my 26 years of clear that a lot of roads lead towards having some money in gold and you can do this from your IRA outside his Iranian there's lots of different ways to protect yourself and we have a strategy and help you determine what you want to do what is best for you. So we empower people with knowledge and we believe the map of knowledge and wisdom, and a strategy that's never been one-size-fits-all, depending on talking to, whether it's you are my buddy TJ or Steve Lewis, another friend of mine in the financial world, and it's not one strategy fits all but every all three of you agree on diversification and all three of you agree that you have to look down the road and prepare yourself for worst-case scenarios we we don't we don't live in fear were not called to that as followers of Jesus Christ we haven't even been given that spirit of fear we been given the spirit of love, power and a sound mind. But like we took a snap: Facebook live just asked the question during the show. David, have you ever seen a more tumultuous time in America and I've got, you know, our audience is not 35 years of age.

Okay, these are mature believers and in 82% said no. 82% said no I have not seen a more tumultuous time in America and that's why we have to be thinking now in terms of investments in our portfolios a little more defensively and if you think this is all going to get better. You need to go revisit what the Scriptures have to say because we might have some bright spots here and there, but the overall trajectory takes us to tribulation and eventually thank God, to the return of Jesus Christ will settle every accountant will finally get out of all this garbage, but man it's so sober to look at all this stuff for you're not part of 82% category, or if you didn't take the poll you would be a part of that and that should tell you and you're concerned that is the trigger that says I need to have something in gold something in silver, rather than nothing. Elbows was already done that. I commend you.

Pat yourself on the back. Maybe you have enough, maybe you don't. We can talk about that also.

But if you're in the 14% and you think everything so good and dandy follow Steve's advice and rethink this because I don't think were going to get out of this in the near term, either. So your spirit has an innate way depicting the future and that's why there is such a high level of concern that concern goes away when you start putting financial insurance like gold or silver to it and that's the thing that will give you peace of mind. That's what happens only when people get their gold or silver for the first time, usually almost 99% of the time.

Everything changes for them. I said that before.

It was a few years ago. The first, my wife and I got some for you David in and I was surprised at how that that the emotional reaction I had because I'm like okay this is this this represents real real money got real value and it's real it's not electronic I'm not not looking at a reporter transcript online. It's actually in my possession and there was in the resist. I was surprised by how good that felt actually have some of our particular investment money in our possession in something that was actually tangible and real that we can put our hands on. You mentioned the IRA thing before we run out of time to explain how that works, that think that's probably at a surprised a lot of people that you can actually have physical gold in an IRA that doesn't seem that seems to me at first time I heard it.

I like what how do you do that so taxpayer relief act passed a bill passed in 1997. That's called a self-directed IRA to put you in charge of your financial future song about gold, but it encompasses gold and logit investment of the other tradition other assets that are nontraditional like stocks, bonds, mutual fund you conventional real estate investment liens you invest a lot of different things you invest in precious metals and take possession of them without a tax liability in this dumb truly chilling up all of an LLC and this is how it works, so simply put in it cost very little to do that $385 one time fee and can help you structure them, you could use that word that you can help form out that in with white paper, specifically on that shelf. They flip the switch and they wanted future money in your IRA or portion of an can't touch this coherent physical gold in your hands, you got possession of and again that's called appealing and you can get that information to the white paper. There's there's got a bit of daily white papers talking about the great bubble which bubble burst first to trigger the coming great deflate and all I can information which again we all need to be. We people, people perish for lack of knowledge and you have to get knowledge you have to learn you have to understand these things. So David, what's the best way for people get a hold of you guys can call me say the old-fashioned way.

At 844-879-8882 or the other website land Mark great and we've got a bounce about two minutes left David so I think I just given the condition what's going on in our country.

Yes, around the world, but specifically here in America, not just from a financial perspective just from a general peace perspective, the racial issue, the government issued the coping 19 issue, it would you be at and I know I'm throwing this out. He out of patches out of left field. Would you be so kind as to lead us in prayer.

Here we got about a minute and 1/2 left, but I think that would be an appropriate way for us to finish today, I'd be honored thank you so much for recovery for you is the author and finisher of our faith in all ministering created equal in your life Lord and we pray that that belief system would be changed and put into place from every aspect of our country from the top down.

Lord, we pray that you would heal our land. We repent from any evil ways that not only in our lives or companies or target cities or states always trip to the government.

Lord, give our president wisdom. Lord Cuyler lamp Cuyler landlord and we are and we're calling out to you that your spirit would move mightily like never before in revival would come. And those would come to know Jesus and the miraculous way because we would be the salt and light of the earth to tell them about Jesus I pray anointing on Steve's program.

I played blessing upon our country that you would have your way.

Your will, and we say that kingdom come, thy will be done in Jesus name, amen. I appreciate you think some of this out today. Thank you God bless you my friend will talk again real sense and that's the thing that that we have to do it and that's why you do not talk about financial stuff like gold and all that stuff gets trumped by spiritual realities, redlines, and spiritual out realities of this world and the only answer. There's there's functional things we can do the things we can do this. Governmental things.

Do you really expect a nation that ejected God largely is largely made up of people that are not regenerate that are not born again will you expect them you expect out of that you squeeze a lemon outcomes lemon juice. The only ultimate answers, you change the limit to change the lemon Street were talking a soul level why we have to pray for revival in the church pray for awakening in the street.

All these problems that we have the only thing that could possibly solve the gospel to see no one this is so, God willing outside

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