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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Chaos

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 4, 2020 10:49 am

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Chaos

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 4, 2020 10:49 am

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Chaos

Today we are joined by Dr. Leonard Goenaga, President of The Bard Company, to talk about the chaos of the protests and how the media is working on an agenda. 


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Wake up everyone gets time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host noble. A very interesting direction.

But surely we kind of art are doing theology Thursday with her friends Baptist theological seminary today were coming out of that soil, but were going to look at what's going on in our country right now from a few different perspectives are very good friend, is a graduate here in Southeastern and got his PhD. Here, Dr. Leonard going gaga who is a good friend of mine we first met you member how we first met Leonard, do you remember I think was a political course. Yes, we were in an ethics class and the one thing that I noticed about you immediately. I don't know if you had your ultra cool mustache at the time may be like if you and for those of you on Facebook live space the camera little bit Leonard so they can CC that would handlebar mustache bowtie which you had did you have a custom-made get a bunch of them). I like that makes him all that so cool so so that very first day in our ethics class together you came in with a tray on which you were a dispensing Cuban, all yes like I love this brother and then italicized joke about this but I'm serious. Do I think Leonard probably the smartest person I've ever known and is been a huge blessing in my life and has been a blessing to this ministry and the radio shows help me a lot behind the scenes. I've learned a lot from him.

And so Leonard and his family moved down to Miami recently got his PhD. Like I said here at Southeastern and you wrote something the other day on Facebook that I shared and in my different places. My different pages on Facebook that was enormously thought-provoking and helpful for me as you kinda overlaid the original concepts of the Declaration of Independence.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. On top of the chaos in the situation that we're dealing with here in America ever since the killing of George Floyd and so that started for you would like this endless parade of videos take us into what your experience you will unpack so so I have an unhealthy addiction with watching protest live streams that started with the occupy Wall Street because I want see from their perspective, the individuals that that are are writing you know what's happening right and I also enjoy seeing like the protest so I took over the week and I watched probably 40 hours of of these events and what you see when you watch them is utter chaos because what you'll see a lot on your Facebook page is certain people who have certain presuppositions of certain types of ideologies share certain types of videos they think you know the violence is being done by the police officers or the violence is being done by antiphon when you watch 40 hours it's utter chaos.

You will see videos of police officers arresting the media and shooting them and and using too much force and violence and you will see the elves of individuals driving ATVs and cars through police lines gang up on them beating them up.

You will see answer for people breaking windows, you will see other individuals.

Locals breaking windows. You will literally see everything white locals and black mold nearly every minute. Here's the cops forcing a car forcing an SUV through a crowd and it's literally everything is everything okay yeah you can't put any rhyme or reason, and the tendency of individuals try to impose some interpretive grid because that's our natural tendency is to have order, but it's literally just this mad dissent of of chaos I'll just give you this couple of examples. Besides, like the burning of the church you have tweets from nuns who owned bookstores about how their places was ravages you had downtown Raleigh a liberal newspaper publication and how they got broken into.

You have the on the top trade union up in DC their place got ravaged and then you even will see these videos as you watch them live.

This one really stuck out to me of firefighters right were not here at the center of this discussion about firefighter brutality and they are rushing to try take out flyers and is one case it was a girl that was in a building that individuals were inhabiting and the riders had lit it on fire and the police and the firemen are trying to get the and they are blocking the streets and making blockades literally throwing bricks through windows, cursing them out and they barely were able to get the child out alive so you just see all of this madness coming from every conceivable type of town and context and and and it's just absolute disorder.

Yeah I was reading this, as I'm looking at about a article that I was reading earlier from its on Fox news and violent arm looters overrun Santa Monica music center.

They took everything from us, and no one stopped them.

This was mostly talking to a gaga Hispanic and she and her husband own above music instruments and and I guess this is the play started in 1972 by Cuban Spanish brothers. This rented out musical instruments and low cost to local schools all the stuff and she just says it just becomes mass pandemonium. It started up 4 PM broad daylight. This past Sunday and there were all kinds of people. She's like we saw windows being smashed. I saw a woman with snakeskin pants with her face pressed up against the glass of our store and then she called the group over I saw them trying to get in. I just started screaming and honking the horn is a guy there with an AR 15 trying to protect his place babe she wrote she said we wrote minority owned across the front of the store, but soon it started with groups of five. In groups of 10 most backpacks and skateboards and machetes and hammers in their hand starting to come towards the center and they destroyed the place that she think that one of the patterns that I saw throughout the videos is usually what happens during the day you would have all these peaceful puppies were protesters out and and you know it's very fundamental to democracy and to all and into our Republic to protest the number earlier literally founded upon protest.

The founding fathers had protested for their liberties but you had one auto dealership where they stole 50 vehicles yeah and I Remer towards the end because you you watch it as it decayed, usually during the day at the beginning peaceful protest at night you would see both types of people, whites and Blacks, Hispanics, but specifically he would catch antiphon.

Usually these and of all black blacked out facemask all black black block usually working in teams of 31 would be the arson. One would be the person bringing the glass. One would be the medic and he would just systematically go on throughout the night and and break stepping towards the end is when it just got to looting, chaos, and I saw this video couple days ago from Billy and the streets were absolutely jampacked. You have of police vehicles on fire, but people you don't see any signs I saw one sign what was is basically every single person had bookbags and luggage is and they are just going into each place and just ludicrous.

So it's just utter chaos is literally a depiction of what the political philosophers discuss as the state of nature. Yeah know which which is the exact opposite of what it means to be made in the image of God and what God calls us to God establishes which is order inside so we are talking about this before.

The shower will hit a breaker and a second organ unpack is like what Leonard wrote on Facebook and I'll share it again on Facebook live for everybody is really an overlay of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness on what we're seeing here and then how do you kinda take all that and because you may think this is just about George Floyd and racism are police brutality, but there's a lot more going on than just that for us as followers of Jesus Christ with hopefully active healthy biblical worldview is points to a whole lot more the nature of man and ultimately the solution only brought by the gospel itself is noble, talking my buddy Leonard and I got right back up back in Steve noble to see double sociology Thursday as it is every week, but this time I got my good friend and her doctor, Leonard Donato, who got his pH at Southeastern, not that long ago and now lives in Miami with his family back to his roots. Also, the present Bard company so a lot of things that happen with the show and Facebook and in our branding and how we reach out to people and is been involved with that from for a few years now but actually and it's been a huge blessing and were good friends and just wanted to happen to that.

But recently, after watching like 30 or 40 hours of these videos from all different sources right left any for people individuals are putting all the stuff up there. Leonard wrote most people would call it a lengthy post on Facebook. I thought it was just necessary because he kind of overlaid life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

On top of all that somebody that's got a lot of political theology in his brain and a lot of research and that so he's an expert when it comes to these things and also as a follower of Jesus Christ of the Gospels in there so we don't have lesson you're not that you're not getting any of these kind of conversations from the secular media. I don't care if it's Fox News or CNN editing can happen anywhere and it doesn't happen then Shapiro's not doing it from this direction.

Stephen Crowder's not doing it from this direction. Glenn Backman may be a little bit but he's a Mormon so got some problems there. You just don't have a lot of really solid biblical worldview conversations dealing with the news of the dance or trying to do here but anyway Leonard, when you got into this.

Why did you choose the declaration of independence in life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

To contact us. Well, I think, because those three concepts are kind of at the core of our Democratic Republic and what were seeing here of the injustice that's occurring is that we can see it violating those three principles right and to kind of understand the stuff as as a political theologian you know I want to go and see what is the Bible have to say about things like law and order in society and the state of man, because those are things that you cannot presuppose into understanding this and there are particular things when you're looking at this narrative in the Bible that make police brutality particularly abhorrent right so we we have some very strong proto-pro-life principles because were made in the image of God in modern day right and and that is one reason why this is exceptionally in a porn is casino a family and individual community was was law was robbed of a life in the Bible. There's this narrative. There's these two words in Hebrew, Hamas, and yet serve and there used all throughout the Old Testament. So remember, when in judges in the end. Note that language about about how human beings were acting or in the Old Testament you have these verses like you know they did whatever was right in their own right, and they were nothing but good evil continually work or even Cain and Abel and that unjust death. What you see in the beginning is these two terms what they mean is they mean downward descent and violence of violent intent and downward descent.

So think about Romans one Roman one Romans Roman once talk about violence and the dissent.

It's kind of depicting it is like spiraling hirelings out yeah and there's also these images in the Old Testament as it relates to this violent intent and then is conducted combating where when men since he become something less than human. So these principles are led basically to what this Jewish theologian Elliot Ozark had argued for the establishment of government and the oil in the Old Testament right the city right and there's a particular government, Israel. But it also establishes the principles of God in his grace.

Is this this institution of the government to check us our worst nature in this downward descent and Ivy because it leads to violence and disorder and chaos and disorder is the antithesis of God and you wrote this humanity was driven by a wicked imagination and a depraved impulse so you lay that single little statement over what's going on in the news right_okay I see that should be clear stadia in this wicked imagination humanity actualized as an explosive state of affairs where every intention, yet sir, which is what you're saying of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. Which is Genesis 65 and you and you will you went on to write, and this was fascinating because I was thinking over the last 10 days. This is probably a lot.

What hell looks like and you wrote that I've often wonder what hell would look like.

Be on the classical depictions of fire and brimstone in the imagery of anarchy is one that I think of and that's so accurate. I think that what were seeing on the streets right now is just anarchy. Basically hell on earth which is the reverse of who God is.

Yet yet so you know when people like when CS would would talk about Jesus, talk about God right and and he would talk about darkness and evil as kind of like the antithesis of God. He he would use it to say, like the absence of light right and in the political realm absence of order chaos is something that's antithetical to God's nature. God is no

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