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Black and White day with Bishop Wooden!

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June 5, 2020 12:16 pm

Black and White day with Bishop Wooden!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 5, 2020 12:16 pm

Black and White day with Bishop Wooden!

Today we are joined by Bishop Wooden of Upper Room Church to discuss the movement #BlackLivesMatter and what they actually stand for and we talk about the division of racism and politics.


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Everyone use on mobile show were biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of tree but no sacred forgery 866-34-TRUTH or check available. I have received know is your host. Well, there is other a good time to be opposite of my slightly older brother from another mother. Bishop better go with the upper room Church of God in Christ, it would be right now Bishop good to see how are you turning to BCM and assent. Thanks for being here to audience with glad and to your radio, all the amen is an honor to be back on with you my brother and to have the special company that you have with yes my father was a joke out of the off-camera it's probably better that way for him. He got scrapings for opening your office up and of course we got a lot to talk about today but I did one I showed you these pictures. If you haven't seen these yet I chilled up discipline on Facebook live if you want to join us there. So I'm the mayor of Washington DC today in the street that leads up the Lafayette Square.

So at the end of that street you can see the White House actually technically the front of the White House and she had in large yellow black letters, black lives matter which looks like it takes up about probably two blocks maybe leading right up to the White House and then she renamed the street black lives matter Plaza Northwest right there in the nation's capital leading up to the White House were to talk about George Floyd working on back all the stuff as much as we can.

In the course of this hour, but when you see something like that Bishop wouldn't and I mean just what your reaction to that well to the statement black lives matter, any party with it 100% to the organization black lives matter, I couldn't disagree more. I would invite you audience whether there the radio audience or you Facebook live audience to go to black lives matter website pulled up and see what they stand for and what they believe and when you see what these people stand for and believe you most shortly would not agree that unless you in the far left you and agree that that should be written in the street. Yeah, now that the statement in and of itself, black lives matter could not be a true statement. However in NBC apparently unborn black lives doesn't matter. In 2017, 5630 abortionists provided in the District of Columbia. One of the largest Planned Parenthood clinics have been built in the lash few recent years in the District of Columbia's medevac they got clergy to go out and blessed. The clinic ever what I understand, the clinic is across the street from elementary school.

She's so now this is what this is the area where black lives are being slaughtered daily in the Obama years that the average was 1876 per day in the Trump rain is down to 900 per day. According to the good Meyer Institute, not 900 today is 900 to many but that's at least almost 50% cut now look at what is happening to black lives that lives matter supports abortion black lives matter support that the slaughter of the unborn and so how can we plan parenthood.

By the way this week on their Instagram account.

Not once, but not twice but three times I were putting black lives matter posts on their Instagram which is your laughing and I'm laughing because the irony is that it's dripping with irony as well as blood all at the same time because how can Planned Parenthood possibly say black lives matter. I was reaching for something I read in church last night, I mean, they think they write this, we are devastated grieving and outrage about violence against black lives. We must continue to demand accountability, justice, and even into an equity that continues to define every moment of of life for black America from the racist institutions that uphold white supremacy unless not here in the womb. Yeah I mean and out and and a a group, an organization that has in its founding documents. It's its founder Margaret Sanger says that we exist for the extermination of the Negro race, and they have the nerve to just post and say that they are concerned. It's you have to laugh to keep from swing taken a swing for someone that's exactly it is a disgrace disgrace is back up George Floyd's. I have no problem calling it a murder. Some people say execution, whatever I mean but but what was that like for you to see that video and that's to see it happen. But my initial thought, you know you won't believe this.

My initial thought was, I'm not going to take Steve this morning because remember to go. We will do for the mod monologue and and you were so gracious to have me on this, and I shared my thoughts and soul just a little board in week later that we see this and what moved me is how the officer recalling that could show absolutely no remorse for a fellow human being zero who is he's pleading with him. He's pleading with it. Mr. Floyd could not have humbled himself anymore that he had. He said I can't believe he has a call for his mother and officer is hold on moved. He shows no emotion whatsoever is as though he was a cyborg zone star terminated each acute show no emotion and and kill this way and the sense of outrage. The sense of the anger and righteous indignation that we's that we seen in the nation. Men listen I III.

Understanding not only do I understand it I don't I don't want to sound like I'm apart from it. I share it I felt the same rage and anger and and and and helplessness as a matter fact that everyone else felt witnessed this right and and for the other officers to be standing around University. We live in a day where if you are somewhere and you're drowning in their 10 people there and you're drowning in it for all to have a cell phone, nine of them are going to video you have a video you and maybe one may try to get you out of the water. You would think that the people although to be fair with them did say something and they are dealing with law enforcement. I would've loved it had a few of internal because man that would've been a good job to out to ride, to turn the police call over to stop this murder yet for this unknown man who they had in hand, yeah, it wasn't working a lot pick it up. There may come back talking to Bishop wouldn't today, the average Church of God in Christ here in Raleigh, North Carolina this is Steve. No wonder Stephen was sure to continue to talk about George Floyd's and brought the concept will talk about the protest.

The riots and looting. We got a lot to talk about racism in general we come back right after the stock show live from the bishops corner that I just mean you're a guy named your office live from the bishopric corner which can only mean Bishop Patrick: Senior of the average Church of God in Christ here Raleigh, North Carolina hey let me ask a question before we dive back into what what are you doing with the rainbow color all Jesus pride flag in this room. I wanted one of accident question.

I have declared June as Jesus pride month. I like that.

Now I am one of those believers who do not believe that we should surrender the beautiful rainbow all those beautiful colors and allow it to become synonymous with the lifestyle that the Bible calls wrong right now. Jesus forgive Jesus your savings is set free, but homosexuality lesbianism the LGBT Q lifestyle is against Scripture, the God of the Bible made the rainbow. So here we we started Thursday night this coming Sunday for the rest of the month. That will be something dedicated to the fact that this is the week that we express our pride to be same spirit filled it right. Interestingly enough, between COBIT, 19, and now the George Floyd's situation pride month, which is normally LGBT Q pride month is now gone minutes off the radar and I'm sure won't come back on, so we are talking about George Floyd and seeing heads that didn't the murder there and then immediately going into the protests.

Yes, which was started as something that that I think was completely called for. I had no problem with that whatsoever. So talk about the protests and then protest turned into riot turned into looting and it started right there in Minneapolis in the last number I saw was about 200 businesses were looted and or destroyed, many of which were owned and operated by African-American seltzer take take us down your your reaction to that right quick that we did your audience. Your radio audience here is talk about Candace and what she had to say. So I mentioned this and a sewing who came outside what when I can make a martyr at a George Floyd because he was a bad guy. I've been in and out of prison and had drugs in his system according the autopsy and in you and I both had a problem with that.

A major problem and and we both have a problem with African-American conservatives. Not all the time African-American African-American conservatives but that group of conservatives who go out of their way to refuse to see racism and injustice where it exists to me people like that lose all credibility. I think they lose all credibility with white people.

They most certainly lose all credibility with their own and they will never be a native witness.

When Jesus delivered the maniac of cadaver he sent him home to the Twin Cities.

He was one of them.

He sent them back him back to show them the great things that the Lord has done for him, was a native witness when you are.

So when you become so conservative as a black person that you pretend you don't see the race.

The racial and racist realities that exist in the country you of no good. So I I I pray that Candace apologizes for taking the position. I view the protests.

Almost like I view covert, 19 that virus attaches itself. It is very hard on people who have pre-existing conditions it mixes in with pre-existing conditions and make things much worse now that I have been some good law-abiding, righteous people protesting the absolute First Amendment right to protest what I've done it, we've done it and and and and were good at it yet protesting something that should be protested and we both know if no attention was called to it. It could be Steve that not one officer would've even been locked up, or even question yeah Cheryl, thank God for the protests. But that's a but when NT from Boogaloo and these other groups begin to mix in now.

The protests become something other than a protest. That's where it becomes. All this is when it degenerates to becoming destructive because now is no longer about what happened to Joyce Lord Rentschler and wrong. I would talk to anyone yet who have tried to say that it wasn't wrong on both side. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. Most people that I've talked to acknowledges how wrong the plaintiff, but we will move it away from that you can't talk about George floating more for talk about these businesses and people's livelihoods that have been destroyed and when you see people leaving the store with shoe flat screen greatly the whole night, things like that that has nothing to do with Joyce Lord I like what Floyd's brother said George brother said I'm not doing this. I'm not doing that.

He asked the audience the crowd he says and what are you doing that's right. Why are you doing just Floyd's family has been consistent with a babe to me. They have shown tremendous character.

They have shown tremendous grace.

They have the they have shown poise and they have asked people not to to do these yeah that's right.

And I hope that the audience Rick realizes that we are up against an enemy and the enemy is not for black people and not for George Floyd. They're not for America. These insurrectionist are out to create mayhem and chaos and they look for opportunities and what we get from these police officers when they do what the guy did to Floyd's.

I call it a unforced error.

We give we give the enemy we give these people an opportunity to come in and make a make a already horrendous situation or just so much worse. Not because they care for Floyd nitric not because they care for the black community.

Not that because the careful businesses because this they are having a good time burning down shirt like businesses and and and the convenience store the grocery store and one of the things that a lot of people are unwilling to say which I preface that because I'm willing to say yes or when you look at that you got you got protesters and then generally the whole thing changes when the sun goes down, your protesters live no problem. But then you have looters enough anti-fire Boogaloo you have a couple different groups in their any file tends to be the ones that are breaking windows and stop throwing bricks, but then there are a mixed bag.

I mean I've seen young African-Americans old African Americans, younger whites, older whites running in and out of a Nike store run in and out of the grocery store ransacking a target store. Nobody gets out of that unscathed in terms of the responsibility right, but generally nobody on the media. It's anti-fa looters because unwilling to say there are a people from all these different groups that are taking place in that, but there's no question that I think the vast majority the violence. It's anti-fire driven yeah and he got black eyes met her folks in there to learn exactly helping the cop know that they're hurting the calls and I hope that any of them are watching you can never that was a black lady who stood out and said to them you destroying our businesses I work. This is my business, Buster. How is this happening black lives ready. There is anger there is rage. I think that the Bible allows for the Bible says be angry but sin, not yet. Yet the channel that anger and rage into something positive and peaceful protest is positive. It's good for America but man these people who get involved with the sun go down and begin to do these horrendous things, Jeff.

They're making matters much, and is a whole lot of virtue signal is out there but I look a little bit more like me that think because I black out my Instagram and I say black lives matter in a shelter protest.

Also, not down with my brothers and sisters.

For this I don't know what except for Lutherans only because they're out of school than on the job because he killed it and want to feel good about themselves than what it actually going to do when they come back we'll talk about the police.

This is so great to be with you today at the bishops corner were here with the Bishop Patrick Ellwood, senior of the upper and Church of God in Christ who I was telling my father-in-law Joe was with us today outselling my father-in-law because he wanted to know how we met and it goes all in a you realize that goes back 16 years now appraisal in 2004 to 16 years now and one time I stood up in your pulpit and in you give me an opportunity to share a little bit and I told your church that I would. I would say that I grew up is not. This is not disrespecting my parents I would say I grew up I would call myself a passive racist which meant the way I defined it was that I would tell the black jokes I'd left the black chokes on it because when I was living in Chicago junior high school, college, so when I see things out of the inner city of Cabrini Green whatever rights can throw my hands up and all of course because that's how black folks live Bubba Bubba blah and just didn't care. It just I just didn't care. But after I got saved and I was born again.

Then your eyes get open and again some people say oh we should be colorblind that stupid, stupid.

That's like telling of van Gogh by the way, you should only paint with like white or light black know it's it's ridiculous. And then when we met on the field of battle and as I got to know you and your church and spend more time in the equipment you remember early on recalled action. We had a concerted effort to bring other black presenters and I started to listen and then and then like you and I always say realized that 99.9% genetically identical little pigmentation bleed red love Jesus came over came over. So ultimately all these things to talk about the police now are solved ultimately by anybody becoming a Christ follower seriously.

Yes, you hit save that you see through a different set of lenses and you can't love Jesus and hate your fellow man. That's right, you can dislike what people do you go you can pointed out when we need to be. But the love of Christ, changes or payment yeah okay police I say police you say depends on the officer because I have some officers who are members of the church got their offices that I know personally and their offices will just and you know what, and in my life would by experience.

We talked last time you know but I remember the time I told you over at the abortion clinic yeah and would call the lady and she the officer came in. She grabbed the gun right but the conclusion of the story was that three white male offices drove up that same day, and when they drove up the three white male offices brought such calm, please, and grace to the situation and also when you tell the store.

I think too often only one side of the story are told. Sure, we've just seen right before the would have a joint floor. We've seen so many PSA commercials and and feel good moments in the news what the police had driven to someone's house they could get out because of covert. They think they gave him the praise activate help that they did. They help in so many ways. But one thing can go wrong and all of a sudden we want to abolish the police right black eyes matters economically, you can't. You can't do that in my profession. There are some very good people as ministers and shysters as miniature but I will be painted with a broad brush.

So when I think think of the police.

It depends on the officer but one thing I do know is regards to who it is I'm always on my best behavior. I make no jerky motions. I don't volunteer to give him anything that he had asked for, and I keep my hands 10 o'clock 2 o'clock way could see them if they're not out the window doesn't make you mad doesn't make you feel that you have to do that me for those of you that have never seen Bishop Boyden. He's a fit man. He's a mature man. He dresses well and does not eat you the last thing you think when you see discipline walking through the restaurant or whatever is there goes a thought like that guy looks like a CEO so and you love the Lord, but but how do I make you feel that you actually need to live like that. It makes me to be honest with you it makes me feel in some ways smart because the problem is not mine. The problem is the guy who's coming up to my car so not.

If this is a reality am I going to be intelligent enough to know what this is that I could possibly be dealing with and deal with it in a manner where I get my desired outcome which hope that I don't get a ticket yet, but I really don't want to kill a single top level what I want to do is be smart enough to keep things from escalating because I know that making it can become volatile, very quick and since since this is a reality that probably will not change it to the millennial reign to Jesus comes now help fix. He runs the show right well so here we are and we come a long ways we got a long way to just let me do you think African-Americans should just resign their selves that that that week that you want to go to African-Americans me white people that we shouldn't try to change that.

Somehow I think we should try to change it, but depends on what that is. Am I saying that every person should be able to just mouth off at the police and just when they pull them. You know you just go back and forth.

I don't think why people do that in huge numbers. I know some do, some whites do some Blacks do some due and I think we should always seek to try to make a situation better and to foster understanding. I try to see it through that offices eyes. Maybe he had a color collision was someone who looked like me and it went a different way so I just want to live. I love my wife. I love my family and I jewel to get through this. Yeah. Give me a ticket. Give me one and to be honest with you I feel that I should behave this way, weathered offices, black or white sofa for me is not just, it is respectfully uniform shirt. He has an incredibly difficult job.

You don't make it MBA.

The salary basketball player salary doing so, people in law enforcement. Of special people because they know born into that job. Not going get rich.

And so you dealing with a situation where people had their lives every day and every stop is a potential it could be killed.

Freda so III want to do my part to keep things from de-escalate well you de-escalate such well here's here's a friend on Facebook like that said, we have to be the peace officers that they should be shaking my head with which I understand how frustrating that I understand that that sentiment yeah and you know what I don't disagree with you Jeff and I don't disagree with the shaking my head of but if that's what you need to do so that you can continue to live shaking and just hold a wheelchair. Be smart. Get through this and and that there are agencies for the dress shirt that wasted to to deal with it but we but when I go into that. Guess what. Monday night I was out past curfew LOL – so the police were there for me by the company Nike they work, they will flashing the light at the end they got letters when the down. He motioned for me to drive up next to.

Next, I could see that his hand it was like I pulled up, let him of my window down as an officer I'm on my way home. The officer looked at me and said will go home. You know what I did.

I went home right.

I mean, do you think generally, most cops are good, good, decent people. I do, I do. I did, I think you have to be good to want to do that sure that the officers agreed on it over all have there have been some of the most fantastic people that I've ever met us godly people, righteous people, both both black and white and have a remarkably difficult job clear now. If you're in the suburbs and a nice place and not much crime, that's one thing if you're if you're in Minneapolis for example, Minneapolis. There's only Minneapolis is so unsafe that it's 96% of the large cities in America are safer.

Statistically the Minneapolis artifact bags leave so if you live in and if you're a cop in a city like that. What I'm what a crazy difficult job because you don't know who your stop and what's because you're surrounded by crime and I think we forget that one thing I mentioned the other day. I figure this out so if we if we would just for sake of argument, what percentage of of the police would you think are bad people should have a job.

Just give me a percentage I will just work with me on. I would guess about 10% by 10%. If it's 10%. That shouldn't have a job today, for whatever reason they abuse their power rip the races whatever and that's not always the same thing that would be 75,000 police officers nationwide right wing 750,000 sworn in police officers nationwide, even if it's 2%. That's 15,000 that should be employed today. Now we have this problem in the pastorate where this problem. In media we have this problem in any business out there but but I think we need to earn that what what do you think would placate them or break what he think would placate those that are protesting like one of the wind look like you know what I mean really saying this is what I will black lives matter. We want to do away police brutality below that I will was that look like some of the total destruction of the country would be that way but that the sincere people just want justice they want.

They want to feel like you got a fair trial. Yeah a fast sentencing of just a fair whether laws are applied equally. I think that that is what would satisfy the overwhelming majority of that. You see, not not the insurrectionist those good people are there market just won't yeah and they want to feel like guess what it will select their lives matter very well said were talking to visit with this is the note on the speed normal. Shelley got one more session to go so don't go anywhere. We always cover a lot of ground and I got always glad to hear will be right back after this point will a back and see no one as the noble show here today at the bishops corner. That's what we've renamed the women's office. The bishops corner near the upper room Church of God in Christ, and by the way, in case you forgot. It is pride month. It's not pride and that here at the upper room. It's Jesus praying for you got the flag and then you did that thing for your teaching. Last night was a huge Jesus guide flag wave and yes if you look like a black male Gibson in and what was the movie he made when he was a patriot Kim I just forgot I'm getting old you know what I'm talking about.

She's waving the American glamorized freedom. It does not think it is like you anyway great sprinkling for big things for your time today where your heart Braveheart yet Braveheart was one there is another on the patriot okay okay yeah patriot but he didn't need skilled freedom as they disemboweled him, Braveheart, and then he was also yelling with American flag and a sense that as I'm going down the rabbit trail. Here's one thing I wanted to address with you again back to we mentioned this is the bass can do so and show okay but this is an example because I think when we engage this topic and were talking about racism. Whether you want to talk about systemic racism in the history of racism by the way, let me. I've always wanted ask you something I've asked you this before. Okay so we have chattel slavery we have that nightmare. The founding fathers pond on slavery for 20 years put in the Constitution because when I can get this thing ratified and try to deal with slavery the same time nothing happens really until the 1860s and in the Civil War, but America does have in its history, is the way I look at it. We laid the blood of 750,000 Americans on the altar of trying to get rid of chattel slavery in my just being blind because I'm white or do you think there's some there's that we should acknowledge that and say hey America has had her problems, but we did do that that that's a pretty significant sacrifice to try to deal with slavery. I think that that is the story this that's best to sell the whole because that changes the whole dynamic. Just as I ice I shelved by my brothers when we talk about how we we were brought here as slaves right that's not true. We was sold white people didn't have black slaves to sale, not people had black slaves to sin. Now who's the worse the dealer or the junk you know that there's equal there's enough blame to go around that night they announced that they had set slaves to sale. We came of the Americas came whites brought bought slaves so that's part of it and then we when you consider the number of people who died in this country to bring slavery to any that should be told, it affects the white guy who said that in class and it affects the black yeah a guy that shifted the anklet because it is a little closer Schiller because you see that that bloodshed on both sides in this ugly part of our nation.

So I think that it should be told and should be told often one in terms of blood that's the most costly war in US history.

Yes or not World War II were, which is about 400,000 of the Civil War and estimated to be about 750,000 how to how do you deal with. We talk about police brutality and then a lot of white conservatives or some black conservatives will bring up a hold on a second before you start saying that's a big problem.

Wait a second, because African-Americans largely make up 1520% of the population and a lot of urban settings. African-American men make up 6% of the country's population, yet they commit a large portion of Christ. You know I'm going okay so this is FBI crime statistics, 62% of robberies 57% of murders 45% of assaults in the country. 75 biggest cities so so you have that disparity. There in and so who were the cops can be more afraid of in those settings will who does most of the crime is that how we approach that because I'm I'm always nervous to bring that up I don't want to sound insensitive and I'm trying to play off right all the other stuff but doesn't matter because that skewed reality, matter of course it matters and you have to bring that in there now there is something behind those hard numbers that I think matters just as much.

I've I've said to my my my people to have beautiful African-American people. I'll love affair with white leftists and their teachings and their ways has hurt us greatly that that the notion that we should heavily rely upon government heavily really rely upon handouts and things like that.

I've said this many times. One of things I love about my conservative white friend for whatever reason they do not approach me with the look in their eyes like how can I help you. What can I do for you. How can I help you get up which obviously is. I resent that you can help your site right I help me with wheat we approach each other as equals the white leftists always. They want to position themselves to come to the rescue right of the black man, and in many cases because we vote mainly for Democrats and we we expose ourselves mainly to leftish ideologies.

I think these things contributes to joblessness. I think the failure of the home 75% children are born to home where there is no day heartbreaks. All it just breaks my heart and that that that directly leads itself to the disparities in in the crime and things yeah and you can't ignore that can ignore because I prochain go okay that's terrible yeah and yes yeah they're disproportionate. So when I look at in Minnesota.

By the way between 2018 and 2019, two years police stops 24% were white, 35% were black use of force 24% white 60% black officer involved shooting same thing.

There 17.9% of them at the people they shower white 62.5% were black and up and up and ignorant white person to go will see that they're doing it to themselves. However, we got a situation of this country for years and you have to talk about Democrats here, sir, because the the inner-city environment education opportunities is so horrible there's so much hopelessness and there's so much fatherlessness yeah and there's societal blame and there's God help me, individual responsibility, while going to bring that up your racist right you can't be sorry the individual because it is never the individual's fault and that's part of the problem and see when when you talk about Minnesota. These are big lefties are Democrat district salt from the top to the bottom from the top to the bottom and they they keep laws and things in place that stymie growth, stymie jobs, stymie opportunities now that that there never. There's never a shortage of giving you a government handout, but the government would never give you as much as you can earn so all of these things to me, contribute to these numbers that point to African-Americans are involvement in crime, but we do not have a criminal gene that is not with free program by birth, by nature to be criminals now one could argue much of what we are exposed to in today's public school system. Much of what rights are exposed to in programming and television we listen to in music stuff like that. It sets us up, it creates the anger drives their anger. If there is no dad in the house and we we bought this thing that when there's no dad in the house that creates major, major problem with discipline. Yeah, with no one who you know knowing when to just be quiet.

Know when to just shut it down. All of these things play into the numbers and they all have to be discussed and discussed in a manner where you don't have to be politically correct discussion what what were saying that I hope that there's nobody listening on what he'd been insensitive, he forgot who he is he you know will have time for that country.

We tried to point out some true things that are real that's taken place in our world that contributes to this wonderful group of people my people, African-Americans being shot, committing a disproportionate amount of crime that beset with it.

All these things are going on but I really believe I really believe one of our big remedies is that we got a divorce ourselves from leftist ideology. We got expose ourselves to all of the guess what yes sir. You know how this works. If we if we as a culture and as exciting as a government can figure out a way to start empowering African-Americans, especially in the inner-city and they start to succeed, and they become self sufficient.

That's a plan. They get off the government role then what's next, while Terry was not politically what's next, will politically.

Then they say what they do, they switch the heart which parties they become conservative. They want to keep more what they earn. So that the Nancy Pelosi is in the people that are all who have a vested interest in keeping people ended upon them. They're not for our people have a choice in education. That's right. Knowing I'm doing nano right here in our city will in in our state.

The people who oppose the Democrats who oppose Charles in education.

Most of them their children to public private school.

Yeah, that's right, but they don't want the Porky's to have the same choice because when you get yours in education officer and you can go to schools where they would teach you things that you hear that a different different that are empowering That will let that little black boy Doak that he's just as good as the white board the white girl anyone else, and that even if he doesn't have a dad that has an approach that will be given to him that will strengthen him in my life. God put me in in my life Steve because I didn't really know my father black and white, who helped me along the way and am working at the church and we are seeing every day because we all have a great nation that great people and is going to move white and black eyes of the riffraff tell the truth yes have difficult conversation as we can make it happen in our role, our unique role in our unique gifting, which is why everybody watches us do this business to sell taken by and encouraged by strengthen my this is this is the answer. What were talking about two men that love the same Lord believe the same line. Follow the same one each other as brothers and brothers I love you and I will and will be back again on Monday like my dad always

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