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Black Callers Only

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June 3, 2020 4:00 pm

Black Callers Only

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 3, 2020 4:00 pm

Black Callers Only

In the wake of protests and riots following the murder of George Floyd, today we only accept black callers to talk about their opinions on the past weekend and how they are feeling about the protests. 


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Everyone whose life was noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home more and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show.

There's plenty of grace and lots of tree but no sacred forgery 866-34-TRUTH or checking all alive. Steve know is your host violence and looting. So praise the Lord. I just want to mention that right out of the gate to praise the Lord for that. And today I mentioned it yesterday and today.

This soul is always feels it means.

I know it's awkward and slow but awkward okay because I disses today I'm going to ask specifically for black callers only African-American callers only if you're white and you wanted to call and you want to say something about what were dealing with here since the death of joint George Floyd specifically in the course.

It's a much broader conversation in a much broader issue when we deal with the issue of racism that spans you know. Millennia really because it's a heart problem, but in the American context obviously about 400 years. You can trace it back and deal that their souls were not doing that, but were talking specifically about. And since the murder of George Floyd in on that one. By the way they've upgraded the office. The Atty. Gen.'s office is expected to announce upgraded charges against Derek's children white Minneapolis officer knelt and enjoyed Floyd's neck. So now you can be charged with second-degree murder, which I think is good and the other 3 Officers Involved Thomas Ln., JA King can't King claiming KU EMG on how to pronounce that and towel foul deal you then last name is THA, a totalitarian lecture will each be charged with two counts of adding aiding and abetting in 2nd murder. I mean they're getting charged with 2nd murder for aiding and abetting is a big deal if convicted on both counts. The officers face a maximum sentence of 50 years and hopefully that'll be a deterrent to other officers around the country that are should not have a job okay so today black callers only African-American callers only 866-34-TRUTH 87884. The reason I do that is because I want to extend to you my African-American brothers and sisters, the opportunity to come on the air and for my white brothers and sisters to just listen to them.

I can interrupt you unlocking a debate you and I can get Noah back and forth I might ask a clarifying question, but I just want to I just won't listen. I think we all do well when we do that way, regardless of whether since you or some other issue in most the time I were quick to speak disposables being slow to speak, so I would really if I would count it a blessing and a privilege to just have you call in and share your your really your reaction would you want to talk about joint George Floyd himself and the numbers 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I can hear my dad out there somewhere nice in heaven now, but telling me. Darn it Steve you talk to slow you talk too fast. Slow down so I'm trying to do that.

Dad 866-34-TRUTH 87884 okay black callers only 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH because I want to hear your reaction to George Floyd you want to talk about the police you want to talk about the state of racism in America.

I have a question, do you think things are better now than they were 50 years ago, are we seeing any improvements or do you think it's not that big a deal.

Or maybe you think America is just dripping in racism still what whatever you think I want to give you the opportunity to share that and if you want to talk about the violence antifog getting in there messing up this message and what's going on in the protests.

If you want to talk about the looting was about who's at the protests whose looting, however you want to approach it, but let's try to keep it specific to what's been going on in the last seven or eight or nine days. George Floyd was murdered on Memorial day and let's cut to keep it specific to that in the what's happened since then and I would really appreciate hearing from you. 866-348-7884 is the number or 866-34-TRUTH again black callers only now I gotta say, this case will extend some grace when you call in my call screener is not here and in Wake Forest, North Carolina, where I met if he doesn't quite know for sure whether your Afro-American or white and he asked you cut him some slack.

Okay now he happens to be African-American, but if you can't tell and it's a run, putting him in a really awkward position. So I'm asking you to please be kind and compassionate inpatient and if he asked you I'm sorry I just have to ask. However, people wants to ask then just just answer the question please don't make a big issue of that okay because I'm sure because I just want to make sure and I'll say that throughout the show. Black callers only if you're if you're Caucasian like me and you want to sound up, to give you time to do that day, but yes in somebody even on Facebook already.

How do you know I'm black racial profiling.

Certainly I speak a let's all and I'm always willing to be honest with you I think when I asked my black friends. Not now. People think I'm virtue, I sound Whiteville laugh and say yeah you're obviously you look at you sounded and the same thing is true in the reverse. And I say, what does it offend you if I say most African Americans that I know I have a certain dialect, certainly speaking, they sound a certain way and are like no dude because we know we sound different. Okay attack me for that Simeon email her some out time for that today you know that you fear to judge me on that. You don't know my hard on knocking it through my pearls to swine am not trying to be a jerk. I'm just telling you don't die on that hill. That's a small hill.

Okay thoughts want to do it on my first collar and then be patient because you can have a bunch of calls to get through summer hit the break and all that kind of stuff, but only the Robin is gone and from South Carolina Robin, thanks so much for calling and I really appreciate that caretta wow, I do when I got I am really outraged and added over the years, oppression and divination that we had and I particularly saying that because I'm another two black Yahoo mail and you teach them the right things and come kind thing that it just doesn't always happen when they are addressed by a police officer, but that's not all police left by no means like Qubec that every police left with her, but when I went off of things that I am outraged of the ceiling of the spotlight by those who are looting who are burning down buildings and taken away people's livelihood that is not the protest and I think that all people should particularly of color to be outraged because this is giving again a negative view on that we are guarding the issue.

I people were diverting at and in a very violent way and by no means should be condoned.

And lastly I want to say I had the opportunity Saturday to see part of it is down. Charlie March 6 of the faith they thought it was a people of all colors, baseball relations is peaceful, beautiful thing where we need to go. Amen. Exactly right.

Robin got bless you think you so much for Conan and Sharon. I really appreciate that you have sent. But I will talk you later 866-34-TRUTH yes I said it black callers only. Today please 866-34-TRUTH Wayne's normal show, asking my African-American friends today to help carry us through the show would love to hear from you and you only I don't want to today. I'm not opening up the phones, you're Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, whatever the case may be.

I'm trying to keep it specific to my African-American friends, brothers and sisters and to get your perspective on since George Floyd's murder.

Now they've upgraded the charges.

The 2nd murder, which I think is absolutely correct. And that's good news last night wasn't as violent around the country that is actually up relatively peaceful. Praise the Lord for that, but want to give us all an opportunity to just here. I just want to hear from you today. I'm trying to learn listening and we don't get to do that with the mainstream media. I don't know of any other show that does this and in God's blessed our efforts over the years in on this particular issue, and so I want to give you the opportunity call in and share so that the rest of us can hear what you're feeling what you're thinking, without any filtering from the mainstream media. One way or the other. Okay let's or trying to do 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 is the number or 866-34-TRUTH that's got a big mouth call in and from North Carolina big. Well have you call before that sounds familiar to me that's also because I saw I saw that Mike I think I have talked to big Mo before I'd left. I'm so jealous of all these other big talk radio shows could still have people that have these really cool names that they've GOTTEN to know so we just die right now.

Big Mo, I don't, I'll figure out your actual name in heaven one day maybe.

But in time you want to call and I'd love to hear from you. No contact with a lot of stuff with him later years, you know, here I am young on the radio to North Carolina last Michigan the Norco, something yellow US veteran.

I've enjoyed my time there up and stop four times that I can recall about police officer.

I grew up in the so I had one bad stop and three good stops do all the north. Portillo style" in war just without and I was a better spiritual about 16 of the war, the uniform of those bags door while those in uniform to support context of and one thing I noticed that all the bad stuff that I knew you could read a blue part of nine decades now and it was all in my backyard in the Bible Belt right across to all of the lynching the church bombing the church burning right in the middle and I was confused about that but there was no to ask about these people will serve in the week.

Always in the same yeah we will work in recorded church you would just come to Florida way you want to talk about so my back, Anton violent, very pro-protest of the girl get up and walk out. We got there. All because her to look in Scripture talks about Jesus as to how can you say you love me.

Love you brother in our purses on earth as it is in heaven. We look at Revelation all nations, tribes, tongs, everybody was there so we can do it here. How can we do it there actually was a declarative statement. I think Boulder court told us to love your brothers different striped is hopeful but I think one thing here, difficult to tell you about three things I think will stop this right away. We would just do what we believe all and live the Golden rule go like you will be treated and that means to provide all elected on the me I can't do that to you.

Very basic very fundamental I think of our white evangelical brothers would speak out when the star therapist when it comes from a group that you remember of you during the person or the violence it stops we can cry out, but we don't have the same power in terms of physical ability to stop it if they would do it.

In a strike. I think living out the golden rule and walking the talk so didn't put God first, I thought they would. God is that so that's what I like to see. I like forestall really the world is joining to seek the world preclude good to know evangelical Christian brothers were his home to do stuff. Also I like to see the Coast Guard to submit and that's what we have to live out, but I'm glad that you give us this opportunity to thank you for two minutes a big note.

So what a great degree phone call so helpful in such a blessing for all this and God bless you for all these decades, and you get out there being around and for serving and being a part of the family. Faith is just a blessing.

God bless you walkable talk again later ED are you kidding me that's us unbelievable while praise Lord let's go over to Brian: and from we lost Brian in Charlotte. That's going to D let's go to Lauren's colony right here in Raleigh where I met Lauren thanks so much for calling in today. I really appreciate that, go right ahead. I want through African-American artwork. Talk to understand what we experience. For example, that we have five car we have to worry about the automatic thing that comes up of about.

We have to fill our children about how to react when Mary Pope no soda, nothing will happen that would make them a golfer become angry or anything like that -weighted not.

I know that we have a lot of break but most of them that one room would bear for African-American auto. I agree with hope after nothing great are totally convene on the live thing on the loading and I don't think that I think it's different actions of people involved in the food course.

They've already thought about the different group that product, part trouble, and find out what Mr. Bill prick up. And through the winding down and loading that is.

Therefore, no take advantage of the moment. Nothing but a lot of what been happening thing I want to please go to go ahead. One other thing that I want to like the last caller pastor on your chart, the fair week about how do you for your or any type of racism because the we all are one right.

The fact that there the best way for were no longer black, were no longer white are predominant, predominant way the Christian right, and that the any other part of that. We also talked about how I discovered that the different between right 5.01 Stan were really not that different from a government that will more likely to be different than other people in our own life that we often people of right yet really amazing, and since a lot of people that sounds kinda trite when you say it Lauren or I said that ultimately the answer is Christ and his gospel, but that is the truth and that's our role as Christians are brothers and sisters in Christ. Continue to proclaim the truth. Lauren thanks much for calling. I really appreciate establishing thanks and 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH please happen. Americans only will be right back back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show in today doing something I do, maybe once a year.

I should probably ask you do it more than that, but asking specifically humbly calmly with no nothing. No agenda behind it. Other than I would really just like to hear from you if you're an African-American.

I want you to call in and share like I rather like Robin did a big mountain. Lauren, not sure what that your impression is been since the George Floyd murder and what's been going on with the protests and rioting empty file. However, want to talk about the police on site about racism in general in America. I would ask, do you think things are any better than they were 10 years ago. 30 years ago four years ago, however you want to come at a Dodge clinic totally give you the floor just so that we can listen we being non-African-Americans, Caucasians, whites, whatever you call me because at that. That's something we don't do very often we don't listen and wheat and with the media you you you never get that there's going to be at the one thing I loved about the live coverage of these riots in the protest during the day is when they're doing alive and they asked some of these young folks out there. Most of her young.

But the average age of the protest looks about 25 to me, but they asked him, and because it's live there or not they can't filter anything she does get exactly what the person wants to say shows up if they drop an F bomb, whatever that happens, but I love that because it's not filtered us as opposed to regular media regular news when they're giving you is what they decide to give you the today African American callers only 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH really want to give you the microphone today so you can share with us what you think and what you're feeling. David Connie from Greensboro. David, thanks so much for waiting and calling in today, go right ahead to my car. Do you record anything else you sound great are good so thank you so much because most of the conversation is my part out to a PR you program your competitive and the person heart was in the right place very, but had no one that represented the community to talk about a lot where there are other people talk about the issues of community that will allow us to articulate how we feel like basically you know all are allowed to grow up around the table of knowing the situation is like.

So it's very very moralized of every kind of have to God is good for nothing. We recover because of this trip but you know quite a bit from one of you would if you were in my community.

What you get around, you know the future of the police. Open please. If we militant do so. When the Civil War ended, they took the overseas work there to make sure this lady were so that they did escape it and run away so their job was to go slave labor law. So when the war was over. No job.

So they gave the newly freed slaves who were not trained or was going to be entering them. Bill for their freedom.

So course you hard to oversee you and they became all involved were created slaughtering major deal with this new free public that's a quick oh, a little bitty snippet of it so the mentality and law enforcement that that caters to the fall of over hundred and 50 years ago that you still have to deal with people certain way. But if the Lord. And big most of you know about. I'm not black, red blood bowl and were covered in the blood of the Lord, and you have to have love you, love, and I think what it is more of a cultural training that people see things on the surface, you know a lot of people want to talk about evil people in the back room. The body of this planet. But is it just something that the devil have worked to keep a separate phone you know if your mentality is that, go to that Jesus was a blonde blue person from your you know European feature been easier for you to them. You don't start back to you to.

You don't do what you do and think that you still okay and I think I think that the problem out. You know we all come from one flesh and and you know when we look at our differences there. My about militant so you don't. We as Christians from the West amount of everything you know, we think of you think that Jesus is spending their MHMR stance to be sculpted with two fingers in the air level across his chest, harming anything in the bow and I and all of this reading, sleeping became so low.

Melissa and I am certain there hello they called the and you know the third wave.

He will start when you start what but we we changed it be you know I don't mean that we try to be more European nature. Like I said on the commercial break to my friends on Facebook live, David. I said listen. Jesus looked a whole lot more like Osama bin Laden than Steve Noble is a Middle Eastern Jew that I didn't even have blonde hair and he didn't have a soft focus and he wasn't wearing pastel since reading one word about Pharaoh and have been out of focus of the father that the father that you probably have nothing to look the father the you know the roots did not even a did not even invade Africa until Mohammed was with the Lord you have it in the Lord Jesus went into Egypt when he was a baby and they may expand a lot of call you know that YouTube is worth Africa.people look at you now even in Israel was okay I can deal with that I can do but but we forget that most of those people out at 2830 540 B people that many that they are defendants of Jews that came out of all say David the one thing he said that the covers over all the stuff literally and in certainly spiritually is when you said hey, I'm red were already got all covered in the blood of Jesus Christ. Like I said earlier like this and I acknowledge and love the fact that we all look different. That's part of God's tapestry man that's all blasted at all beautiful, but then when it comes to how we treat weed each other nicer than go okay Romain God's image. We all bear the mark.

Not everybody since child until they know Christ. But then at that point, that becomes the answer that's the that's the solution and that's what we as the church have to keep proclaiming your chart below.

Like the real earlier, you will come from the same my fingers that week we got to reason with that. Realize that we all come from God and our goal is to go back home.

All you know the will, but but brother Mo said it, the clergy and anything effectuated. If that is true you brother Noble will be heard different ways about me. That's right, you know you're going to be heard in this country a different way and I think what we have church, we have to acknowledge history, we have good knowledge that, and thereafter the acknowledgment we become accountable by dealing with David's new article you get a whole line of colors. I get to get to, but I apologize saying I was beautiful.

Do you need to apologize to me. I really appreciate you calling and I wish I had more time to give you but all your points are just beautiful and so well spoken, and I really really appreciate you: and God bless you very welcome you to mala talk to you later.

Let's jump over to Jean's gonna because I want to get you right-click Jean because I know you got us a story to share. I'm sorry that you go right ahead to start your brother, at the riot finale follow up the height. I want to get back by a couple why not there mail email and found out later, but for pretty girl. When we asked them to get out very walking down whatever Nate made it below that I have been drinking below at the height and pay faith and I want to let you cooperate like you like yeah sure they'll make you later $6000 latest was with eight sale CA someone no one calls they wanted you right that's right will be right back, you're not noble show today.

I get close to be in the hour so if you want to call and today I would still love to be able to share the air with you. I do this. Maybe once a year I what I should do it more often. It's a little awkward when I get on the air and say hey African-American callers, only if you're white.

I love you Hispanic I love you Asian I love you don't call your neck and on the air today because I specifically wanted to give the airtime to our African-American my African American brothers and sisters to share what you're thinking and feeling and experiencing as a result, the George George Floyd smart murder and everything going on in the past 79 days and if you want to expand the context which several of our colors have, that's fine. Just to give you unedited live. You share what you want to share it forces me and other white folks to listen and is not filtered by either the Cedar side, the media, so you say what you want to say and I and I'm listening in matters. Let's go to joy is gone and from knowledge I think so much for calling and go right ahead. I let my brother and me. I went to this day concerned about at that point that if I click the counselor I'm I & about the mental health and well-being of children, you don't know they don't bite mainly the children because they're watching the adult okay bear being made on television. Their home that is being the thing and they really don't comprehend everything at one time. It's important how I a piquant buddy adult. The fight the right way because the children are watching the future that we need open and I heard that day that yesterday but you know that might at the protest went pretty well yesterday was just great fight with his date, but it is still important and I have gotten all adult iPad. The stress level is increasing or even a Christian regarding all was going in on in the world. In addition to the Kobe though it's so important for the parent, adult fight the right way. Make sure about that because children are lacking and we need we may want that more than lifted the and it's important that we show them the right way more thing, Dr., you know they will be more things happening in the world changes so important that they maintain date health and well-being as a buddy adult son abroad now from there. Thank you so much for bringing that up joy such an important point, but abroad now from there personally for you as an African American woman what your thoughts and your feelings since George Floyd's obvious murder and everything that's happened since then.

Have you been kind of processing that I picture of the right knee on George Boyd that I care what I can look at it. I haven't been a video made that make me cringe on the inside so I don't like it at all.

It really bothered me.

Though I hear I try not to IP.

What going on. III make people aware aware of what's going on right is by listening, I limit the amount I live to and and watch because it bothers me tremendously that does anybody ever see you joy all well you're hiding from reality and Bubba Bubba but does anybody ever give you time now. I did I learn how to separate that what my cell healthcare, make sure I'm not overwhelmed with it, but at the same time being aware of what's going on because you can't let it out. The Godhead getting counseling as well.I need to keep myself available for people. The counseling got bless you sister so great to hear from you. I appreciate you calling it. Thank you thing you're welcome to talk to you later. Let's jump back to Jean Jean, I'm so sorry about that. I got you out of order your sharing a story so your brother, and was stopped by to, and that was a boyfriend girlfriend and then they they were mistreating them obviously and it took him years in $1000 to finally get himself cleared of all that stuff appear in court and nobody did what was right and that lawyer told him it don't fill up on out. I'm not being late. No, all my curls ended with it from the name is Ringo not only reason Peter Luger's job and they told him what had happened.while Robin black and that all it was. It was hollering. What is so bad that you and I really can't do anything to say abroad in the conversation a little bit if you want. What's been your reaction just stops to see what happened to George Floyd and then with the protest and everything and then words gun violence I mean how would you cut a process what's been going on in America these last night I got a call at not want to know if the shaman it just great. Other people know most of all, while still not sharing in the right (might have disgraced on both side Jean take so much for calling and sharing all that today I really appreciate thank you and welcome God bless you and I will do this again all I'll do it in the near future when it's just after American callers only. We got about four minutes left. So if you want to call and that's fine. You just have to kind of get to it quickly because it'll have a lot of time but would love to give you the airtime if you want to 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you want to jump in here at the end 866-34-TRUTH 87884 asking for just after American callers today. Just to give you the opportunity to share what your experience what you think how you how you feeling as you've seen all this happened not only in the last nine days. Bobby said throughout your entire life. 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 to just a reminder.

I did this a few years ago at our annual fundraiser called worship and Bishop wouldn't and I did an extended interview on the stage and he was sharing a story and Bishop wouldn't very well dressed, tries a nice car very successful guys got a thriving church. He speaks all over the country got a lot of leadership responsibility in the Church of God in Christ, and he shared the story of how you been pulled over, not that long ago and the first question the white police officer asked him was is this your car and so I stopped and said to the audience. There I said okay question just white people only okay just white folks only. How many of you have ever been asked by a police officer. Is this your car and there were probably 300 white folks there in one hand, when it's okay. I just remember that this river that let that tenderize your heart to this issue just a little bit and then somebody else said this earlier when they called, I don't know if it is big Mo Rob and Lauren might've been Lauren about you and then there's the talk so I say to you if your Caucasian person like me, have you ever give it to get winded you give your your son or daughter.

The talk what you think. Immediately, what is that as the birds and the beats right, of course now and the African American community from everything I've heard and learned what people set on the air before the talk is how you act, the cop pulls you over. Even Bishop wouldn't tells after American miniature chosen cop pulls you over. Even if there'd mistreating you and being rude being racist, being a jerk. Do not that's not the time to deal with that is due with ask you to do what your hands mean I don't think about doing that I get pulled up from the pullover and while the put my hands up on top of the dashboard. What you put your hands up. I don't think like that just don't and I been involved in some of these situations. In the last three months when some pastors and stuff got arrested for being out praying and enough supposedly a violation of some state home orders and the cops came up to me and I was.

I never feared for my life and I said Pam a member of the media, you can't do that and I didn't have a problem standing up to him. I was respectful but I was firm but I do worry about what was this guy goes often. No, I don't think like that, but I know plenty of African-Americans if not most, if not maybe all that do have a some of them have a lot of concerns and maybe not as much. That's not for me to judge, but I just want to limit that and we have to remember that right but I remain keep hearing Jesus say to them, they to his disciples, the poor you will have with you always, and racism will be with us always. Hatred will be with us always. Until the end until he comes back and that's where my hope comes from my hope comes from that I hope comes from the Lord. My hope and my help comes from the Lord. So ultimately that's why I wrote what I wrote the other day about the gospel. What solves all these things ultimately it's the gospel is the gospel changes that broken dirty divisiveness heart that's willing to and eager to in many cases judge another person by their pigmentation or how much money they have for their sex or whatever when you get gospel change. Found out this from a friend talk about another friend from high school who once I was born again and they started want to start getting involved in public stuff on Facebook like that spring from high school is like I just don't know that I believe it is so like a something to show some kind of scam because God had changed me so much my best friends in high school like I don't know that I can believe there's your answer whether poverty in this case racism.

There's your answer gospel of Jesus Christ returns broken people. Christian people love their neighbor to see Giovanna Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk you can always

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