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Albert Breer: the genius of Jim Harbaugh is asking less of the quarterback

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 5, 2024 2:09 pm

Albert Breer: the genius of Jim Harbaugh is asking less of the quarterback

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 5, 2024 2:09 pm

6/5/24 - Hour 2

Rich reacts to the gushing comments by Philadelphia Eagles HC Nick Sirianni about new RB Saquon Barkley.

The MMQB’s Albert Breer and Rich discuss how the arrival of Jim Harbaugh will transform the Chargers on the field and in the locker room, what the Houston Texans did in the offseason to get even better, if the Dallas Cowboys should be waiting to sign Micah Parsons, Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb, the Bengals’ and 49ers’ approaches with disgruntled WRs Tee Higgins and Brandon Aiyuk, and what Tua Tagovailoa’s future looks like with the Miami Dolphins.

Rich reacts to the Cleveland Browns expanding head coach Kevin Stefanski’s contract.

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Discounts not available in all states and situations. Earlier on the show, Steelers Radio Network host Jerry Dulack. Coming up, senior writer for the MMQB Albert Breer.

Plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes indeed. Our number two of the Rich Eisen show is on the air right here on our program. Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated is going to chime in in about 15 minutes time. And boy, we're just going to go deep with him because there's so many questions, so many teams that are in action today. Also have my power rankings. I've got my best case scenarios for the AFC East. Our number three at present, AFC North. We've got our number three wide open right now. So 844204 Rich is the number to dial on the program. Chris Brockman, Mike Del Tufo in their spots.

TJ Jefferson in his spot. And one of the things I love about this show is callers call in and they react to stuff that we're talking about. Or they hear how we have certain conversations in these parts and want to, you know, give us something else to chew on. Similar to what we normally talk about when Larry David is here.

We talk about social situations all the time and he's the arbiter of what's right and what's not right. And we just had a caller from Baltimore call in, a fellow named Yusuf, who said that he saw when he walked into his building at 10 o'clock at night, a takeout box in the lobby. And he says there's never a takeout box in his lobby.

It was a complete outside outlier. And of course, I mean, you think he went up to it thinking it was smoking or something like that just to see what the hell was in this thing? But he saw it was a smoothie bowl that had been unclaimed based on the receipt that he saw in there for hours that it arrived.

It was ordered at six o'clock and it just arrived and been there for four hours. Wanted to know if it was it was OK for him to take. Certainly since he said he was a food safety guy, which I've never heard, that sounds like something Del Tufo would call himself. You know, you know, you're so I'm a big food safety guy. I am. I am.

I am. So maybe whatever. And Brockman came up with it, because, of course, we always ask I always ask follow up questions, you know, like when Larry said that, you know, you don't even go to a destination wedding. And I asked him how far from his house would he consider the point of no return to go attend a wedding? And he said an hour and a half by car. So in that same vein, I asked Yusef, like, you know, like, how long do you think something can sit out there before you can lay claim to something that's clearly not yours and is four hours too long enough? You said one hour, Chris, which I think is still, you know, that's fast.

That's a quick trigger finger. If you're expecting a delivery, you're looking out for it. But things happen clearly.

Like what? Now you have to run out. You got to do something.

No, an hour, an hour is too long. Here's something you said then, too. And in the same in the same vein that I said, I love when people call in David in Orlando, Florida, wants to chime in on this subject matter. I love how things begin to cascade on a show like this. What do you got over there, David?

What do you have? Well, I don't mean for it to cascade out of control, but but not very long ago. In the apartment building that I'm in, knocking the door in the evening. Yes.

Not terribly late. But I look at my roommate and we exchange glances. Neither one of us know why someone's knocking at the door.

Yes. Neither one of us had ordered anything. OK. Or the door. There's a bag of I'll exclude the brand name unless you want it. No, it's OK. McDonald's. OK.

I thought he was like a large like a like a family, like the bigger bag, the family size bag, like with the carry handle, the entire like. So you're saying it's food for like for more than just two people. You're saying. OK, so this is this has been at our doorstep. Yes. And so now and of course, by the time I'd gotten to the door, the whoever had dropped it off was long gone.

No, I've got no recourse. Oh, so it was a drop and run. It was a drop and run up and run. Sort of like leaving like like the stork left something on your on your doorstep is what you're saying. The McDonald's stork there. Because we didn't order it. So there was no notification other than the knock on the door. There is no we can't contact the driver. Sure.

And, you know, years of, you know, I had 20 plus years in the restaurant industry that even if even if I could contact the driver, they can't take it back. You know, that's true. That's been delivered. Were there nuggies in the bag? Scott, there was everything in the bag. It doesn't matter what's in the bag. So what so did you did you did you adopt the bag? Did you take it in? And well, yes. Yes.

You're going to do OK. What can you do? Freshly delivered. It was still piping hot. Oh, hot fries. And some of the favorites were in there.

So it wasn't the real that was, you know, what's common now taped over the exterior of the bag addressed to our front door. So what else can you do? Oh, yeah. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. OK. All right. Well, what's going on in apartment life these days? All right. The poll is out at Rich Eisen Show. Please chime in or call us.

Obviously, if you live in an apartment building and see a food delivery and it's been unclaimed for a few hours. All right. Do you take it or leave it? All right. Let me hit that with the old vote now. It's overwhelmingly leave it right now.

Eighty eight percent. Let me tell you what happened to me once I got back home for the dirtbag working out of town on the show. Right. Yes, I get home. It's late. I'm hungry. I ordered some food. I hopped in the shower. I came out.

I sat down on the couch and I passed out, fell asleep. Right. Mr. Delivery. Now you're like, why didn't they pick it up?

Well, there's there's an example. I just got in from like a week long work trip and just fell asleep. And would you be sad if someone had taken your delivery in the morning and you get down there? Because this was they I was in a house at this point. So they took the food back. They didn't leave it. So, yeah, either way, you're in the house.

I mean, you're not I was depressed. What if somebody you see you're living in apartment building and you watch somebody bring in a ping pong table? OK. And no, no, no. You watch this person bring in a ping pong table.

Let's just say he wins it on a game show. OK, for example, for example. All right. And he doesn't unpack the ping pong table and leaves it boxed up in the hallway for two years. Would you be able to take it into my crib or at least say, you know, call some authority to say, hey, you're clearly not going to use it. You don't know that. I mean, it's two years, two years. If you come in the crib, then there's a whole another set of circumstances you've got to deal with.

So I don't recommend that. But also, here's the deal. Let's be honest. I didn't get rid of the ping pong table yet because I thought, what if my situation changes at some point? Maybe I'll get a house.

Maybe I'm OK. Yeah, like those things play in the play. It's funny how you just leave it boxed up and I'm like, let's have it here in studio. And you're like, yeah, for how much? Well, yeah, you said your first mention was buying it. Oh, and then when I brought it up, you're like, no, we want a pool table.

I just wonder about this. If I guess the actual retail price of it within one hundred dollars, do I get it? Oh, no, that's how this works. Yeah, that's a fun game. All right. Let me hit the Powerball Rich and get a house. Now I got a ping pong. Understood.

You can buy a ping pong table. Exactly. Exactly. Hey, listen, we were just talking about, you know, something that is left unclaimed.

By somebody in your neighborhood, your building. Right. And and and you just maybe think about taking it because it's left out there for too long.

What if that item left out too long, unclaimed by somebody in your neighborhood? Is one of the best running backs in the National Football League. Just for instance, your neighborhood's the NFC East and your neighborhood's the the the Amtrak corridor between, you know, New York Metropolitan Area and Philadelphia. That's that's your neighborhood. And somebody in that area has a very, very valuable running back, you know, who's originally from your area.

OK, your general area. And and it's just left unclaimed. Just say, go ahead and take it. Or they fall asleep.

They fall asleep. Leave it out there in the NFC East lobby. And they didn't pin a note on his shirt or anything? No, nothing. You just take that guy.

The answer is yes, you do. That's a different story. Listen, we talk about storylines in the spring and then in the summer and how great it's going to be in the fall.

And it sometimes is overhyping. But man, oh, man, oh, man. When the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New York Giants this year, I just say, what do we got?

I'm going to look it up right now. I should have I should have had it ready. But here it is.

I'll put on my glasses. Here it comes. My I see the Giants hosting the Philadelphia Eagles week seven, October 20th. Just a plain old one o'clock Eastern game on Fox. Is that America's game of the week?

Tom Brady game. They're going to leave it unclaimed in the lobby of America's games. It's part of just America's games. It's not my game. It's part of it's just not you know, do you just claim it is America's game? By the way, that's what Fox does, right?

Oh, yes. Claim the game. It's America's game. The doubleheader rest of America doubleheader weeks can say maybe not music I play.

At any rate, there it is. When that day happens and that game happens. Oh, man, I just we've got to hope Saquon is healthy. We got to hope the Giants are off to a good start. Right.

Or I guess it doesn't matter how the Giants are. Right. But Saquon's coming into MetLife October 20th and Nick Sirianni talking about how Saquon looks in practice right now. You could just tell how giddy this man is. He's got I mean, honestly, we've seen how this running game has worked in the Sirianni era, if you will, if we can call it that in the brief amount of time with the legion of running backs that he has thrown out there.

But not one of them, with all due respect to all of them that have run very well and successfully in the system. None of them are Saquon Barkley. Now you're putting Saquon with a chip on his shoulder and. His quads, because you can place chips on those two coming in. This is what he had to say about Saquon. Look what he looks like in practice.

Yeah, of course. And Saquon, it's really nice to see him in green. And I know, you know, it's really nice to see him there. We missed the tackle on him the other day on the sideline that we're not tackling. But you can tell in in without without pads on, you can tell if that guy made the tackle or not. I had visions back of like him on the sideline and us watching all these plays on the sideline of Saquon making somebody miss and Saquon making somebody miss and doing it again. It was like it brought me back to that and like, man, I'm glad that I wasn't happy that our defensive player missed the tackle on this particular one. But I'm really happy that Saquon, that number twenty six is on our on our side, making the guy miss. You know, sometimes you see Giants fans around here with the, you know, being so close. And, you know, they give me a good like, hey, go Giants.

And I'd typically let it go. But if the guy gets me good enough, I usually say, you know, that's your best player. Got your best player.

By the way, got to be honest. He's not wrong. He's not wrong. They got the Giants best player. With the ultimate of respect to everybody else on the Giants roster.

He is not wrong. They got their best player, the community guy, they got their Walter Payton man of the year candidate. They got their guy, the guy that they were building around, the guy that they drafted second overall. The guy that did have an outstanding game in Daniel Jones's best game of his career.

In Minnesota, in that wild card game before the Eagles curb stomped them out of the playoffs. Ended Saquon's best run as a Giant. And the Giants, for some reason, just didn't put the amount of money on the table required to keep him. And we will see how they go ahead and try and win football games without him. And we will see how the Giants respond on that side of the football. We will see if Devin Singletary coming off of his best year of his career in Houston can fill the role. And he will have that chip on his shoulder. But if you take all the chips on all the shoulders of Devin Singletary and Saquon Barkley, none of them compared to the one that's on Nick Sirianni's shoulder when he's feeling it. And on that day, week seven, in New Jersey, if the Giants fans dare to even breathe in that man's direction, and Saquon does what Saquon is hoping to do. He's going to get 40 touches in that game. Honestly.

Honestly. He will need Dom's help, I think. Based on whatever's coming out of his mouth in the direction of the stands. O-M-G.

I cannot wait for that day. It is set up. So is Albert Brier. Let's take a break. Our friend from Sports Illustrated, Brier? Let's check on how tan he is in June.

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Last-minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. But it's just great to just see him talking and representing the Chargers, that to me, you know, they're going to have a fullback, and I don't even know what the hell they're going to look like. I mean, do you have any sense of what the Los Angeles Chargers are going to look like when they kick off against the Raiders, a great week-one game later this fall? I think they're going to look a lot like all of Jim Harbaugh's teams. And I think I've used this line with you before, and I know you're buddies with Joel Klatt as well, and I'll steal the line I heard Joel use a couple times, which was, and he may have used it on your show, I'm not sure, but people have gotten really obsessed with making Justin Herbert better on 2nd-11 and Jim Harbaugh is going to get him in 2nd and 5, you know?

And I just think there's such, I don't know if there's any other coach, at least in my time covering the league, where what he does is so identifiable and so transferable and has gone everywhere with him, everywhere he's gone with him. And from Stanford to San Francisco to Michigan, and now presumably to the Chargers, it has looked the same. And it is an ability to run the ball. It's a certain dominance at the line of scrimmage. It's having stars in the lines of scrimmage, your tackles, your edge rushers, your interior guys.

It's having smart players everywhere. And it's making your quarterback better by asking less of him. I think that that's really what it is. And I think the tendency a lot of times with young quarterbacks is once they show promise, it's like, okay, let's put more on their shoulders and let's ask more of them.

And I think that that's where sometimes these things fail. I think the genius of what Jim Harbaugh does is he's asking Leslie, the quarterback, he's showing the quarterback, you've got a team around you and we're going to support you and we're not going to put the world on your shoulders and we're going to incrementally ask a little more of you, but we're not going to do it all at once. So I think what we'll see from Jim Harbaugh is something that looks a lot like what we saw at Michigan, a lot like what we saw at San Francisco, a lot like what we saw at Stanford. And I think the cool thing about it, again, is that he's kind of letting us into his world a little bit more than he used to, which I had actually heard, and I'm sure you heard this too, Rich, when they had the disastrous COVID season in 2020 and he brought in all the young assistants and mined the Ravens staff to go get Mike McDonald. One of the things I remember hearing back then was that a lot of the people that came into the Michigan building then got him to lighten up a little bit and got him to, I think, kind of let people in a little bit more and maybe we're all the beneficiaries of it now and getting to see a lot of what the Chargers are doing as it's happening.

Albert Breer here on The Rich Eisen Show. And the fact that I'm sitting here and asking, what are the Jim Harbaugh Chargers going to look like, I think is based on the fact of the moves that were made in the first few weeks of his arrival there, based on the cap realities of the team that he inherited. I think when he took the gig, general sense was, yes, there's going to be some harsh realities cap-wise that are coming and things of that nature. But I think the general sense was, I can't wait to see what Jim looks like with the Charger team that we've seen the last couple of years as opposed to the reconfiguration of it.

So that's my windup for this question. Which is the team that you've heard from your sources and people and just chit-chatting and just talking ball, as you do all the time, which is the team that there's a consensus that, man, they hit every button properly from either they changed their coaches or they changed their roster or they reconfigured this or made that, like which team has hit on every cylinder in the mind's eye of everybody and that team can make some hay this fall? This offseason, you're saying?

Yes, sir. Specifically, like boiling it down to this offseason. I would give you the Texans. I just think it's having everything in a spot where you can aggressively take advantage of the window that you're in when you have your quarterback on a rookie contract and your quarterback's playing at a really high level. We don't need to go over what CJ looked like last year.

Everybody saw that. I just look at some of the moves they've made, both internally and externally, that really set them up. Signing Niko Collins long-term, like now CJ Stroud knows he's got Niko with him and Tankdale with him for the next few years. And then you go outside the organization and you see some of the things that they were able to do, like the ability to go in and say, okay, we're going to bring in a Stephon Diggs, a guy who's had experience being a number one guy. And we're going to go in and we're going to bring in a Daniil Hunter as we lose Jonathan Guernard.

And Jonathan Guernard was a really good player, but Daniil Hunter has been a number one. And I think there was a subtlety to that that a lot of football people noticed, which is you're bringing in guys who have experience being the guy, even Joe Mixon coming from Cincinnati. Those guys have had the pressure and the attention of being the number one guy before. Right. So, you know, like what is Niko Collins and Tankdale going to get from Stephon Diggs? They're going to get to see a guy who's been the number one guy and it's going to take some pressure off of them. Same thing with Daniil Hunter and Will Anderson.

Right. Like on the defensive line. And so, you know, I just think the Texans have sort of set themselves up where they're able to take advantage of the next two to three years.

And obviously the reality is changes. You pay your quarterback and everything else. But they're in that window, you know, where for the next two or three years, they're going to be able to build really aggressively. And they took full advantage of being in that window in the way they handled the offseason. We're also in that portion of the nonplaying season where contracts get done and place and then obviously have a ripple effects throughout the entire league. And Justin Jefferson's contract clearly is that. And I want to talk about two teams that places now right in the middle of this pond of the ripple effect. And one is the Dallas Cowboys and C.D. Lamb.

What is going on there? Why? Why aren't the Cowboys more active in getting something done right away instead of letting the market reset itself multiple times over from A.J. Brown and Amman Ross St. Brown to now Justin Jefferson? It doesn't make any sense, right? And it's not just C.D.

there, by the way, Rich. It's also it's also Micah Parsons because Justin Jefferson didn't just reset the receiver market. He reset the market for non quarterbacks and beating out Nick Bosa and getting to thirty five million where Nick was at at thirty four. You know, now Micah Parsons ask is going to be the leapfrog Justin Jefferson, which, you know, if you're Micah Parsons now, do you ask for 40 million per?

I think you'd be well within your rights to do that. And C.D. Lamb, like, may not be the receiver Justin Jefferson is, but he had a borderline historic year last year.

Was it one hundred and thirty five catches in seventeen hundred yards? Just insane, right? Well, he definitely has ability to stay claim to saying he should be Justin Jefferson's contract. Albert, he definitely has that. You could say that.

Yeah. I mean, he hasn't been he hasn't he hasn't had the consistent like, you know, he hasn't done it four years in a row. The way Justin I mean, just Justin Jefferson's like sort of in a class by himself as far as how he's produced over the first four years.

But yeah, I mean, where C.D. Lamb is right now, where he was last year, you know, certainly you could say he's in that class. And so, you know, now you're talking about an outlay of what, like seventy seventy five million per year between the two of those guys. And you haven't even gotten to the fact that your quarterbacks in the contract here. And, you know, you connect that to the comment that Jerry Jones made at the start of the offseason all in. This is an amazing fact. I was trying to kind of because nobody would argue the Cowboys are have been a bad franchise for the last 15 years. Right. Nobody would argue that. So I sort of thought through this over the last two days.

And I want to look something up that kind of would encapsulate it. This is an amazing fact that I was able to figure out. Right. So since 2007. Right. Which is when was Wade Phillips first year in Dallas. The Cowboys are number six in wins in the NFL.

OK. They're ahead of the Eagles. They're ahead of the Chiefs. They're ahead of like some big time, big time teams.

Right. So over the last 17 seasons, they are sixth in the NFL in wins and they have the fourth longest conference championship game drought. And the only teams have longer droughts than them. They haven't been in the conference championship game in a longer period of time.

The NFL's final four are the Dolphins, commanders and lions. Isn't that bizarre? Yeah. Right. Yeah.

Like think about that. You have the six most wins yet you have the fourth longest drought not having been in the final four. So what does that tell you about where they are? It's they've been close. They've had teams that can compete on that level. But are they striking when the iron's hot? And, you know, they ran into this with they ran into this with Zach Martin, where they had to pay him.

They had to pay a tax on him because they waited on him. And they ran into this with Demarcus Lawrence. And certainly the last time around, they ran into this with Dak Prescott. And I just can't wrap my head around why they aren't why they haven't been more aggressive with these teams, especially when there's a team right there in their division. And we've talked about this, Rich, with the Eagles, how the Eagles have gotten ahead consistently of the market on so many players.

And they've been able to keep teams together as a result of it. So I don't know what's going to happen with C.D. Lamb and and Micah Parsons over the next two or three months. And Dak Prescott passed that.

But, you know, I certainly know like the ship sailed now as far as as far as being aggressive, you know, like because that market has shifted. And Justin Jefferson getting paid was sort of the big piece. And, you know, you wait a little bit longer than Jamar Chase is going to get paid. And you don't think Jamar Chase and Justin Jefferson are a cahoots on the contract situation.

Then you don't know their relationship. You know, Jamar, Jamar Chase probably gets thirty six, thirty seven million a year. That was my other team to mention to you is how does this affect the Bengals with T. Higgins sitting there on a franchise tag saying I want out. And, you know, Jamar Chase is first in line to get paid there with all due respect to T. Higgins, who can probably sit here and say, hey, you send me to another team.

And I'm getting in the neighborhood of at least what Jaden, you know, what Waddles making and what right. Devante Smith is asking for, like he can get in that neighborhood. But the Bengals do have that hammer of being able to say, hey, I've got you on a franchise tag.

Let me deal with Jamar Chase. Let's all win a Super Bowl this year. So I think like so at the beginning of the off season, Rich, like I I think we all had like a T. Higgins trade on our radar.

Right. Like the same way we had like maybe an IU trade on our radar, like just one of those things where you you know, you you you look at the way the team set up and you're like, OK, like maybe this is at least going to elicit some phone calls from some teams to the Bengals to see if they can pry T. Higgins free. And right around the comment, I talked to somebody pretty high up in Cincinnati who basically made the point to me, no, we're going for it this year. Yeah, like we are really all in on trying to win a Super Bowl this year and we're going to do what it takes. We're going to do everything we need to do to try to win a Super Bowl. And we want T. Higgins to be a part of that.

He's an important part of it. Right. Like, I think they probably feel the same way about Trey Hendrickson, who, you know, rattled cages about his contract, you know, a few weeks back because of where the edge rusher market has gone. So, you know, I think the the road here for them is that it'd be really, really difficult to have Burrow and Chase and Higgins together.

Right. Like for the next five years, that would probably cost you if you add all of it up. What, like one hundred and ten million dollars at least, maybe more than that, maybe one hundred and twenty million dollars per year to have all three of those guys who all play in one phase of the game together. So if the reality is that, you know, you're going to be leaning on guys like Jermaine Burton, their third round pick coming up to replace Higgins and you're going to want to try to re-sign Chase. I think, you know, the move right now would be what can we do to make T. Higgins happy this year and can we put a sweetener in his contract? Is there something that we can do to make him whole this year?

And, you know, like I think that's probably the route they go. And I think that maybe you do that before you sign Chase and you say, OK, like we're going to give T. Higgins something that's going to entice him to come in and be all in with us for this year. And maybe it means you promise you don't franchise him in 2025. Right.

Maybe that's what it takes. But you do something to get him in and then you sign Chase. And now you've got kind of full Voltron on that side of the ball.

But it's a tricky situation, certainly. And I do think like ultimately, you know, the end result of all this is that Joe Burrow and Jamar Chase are together long term. And T. Higgins is probably somewhere else in 2025. Right.

But if you can try and, you know, as you say, full Voltron, go into the season one last time, you know, with Higgins and Chase and Burrow, you can. Albert Brie here on The Rich Eisen Show. And that does bring me to the 49ers and what their their situation is with Ayuk now that Jefferson's been paid. And these other ones are out there, as we mentioned, you know, with Jamar Chase and C.D. Lamb and what Brandon Ayuk is looking for.

And, you know, you hear that's why it made no sense. Let's trade Ayuk before the draft. You got Debo here. And if Ayuk goes and makes a big deal, then maybe Debo goes like, why wouldn't the Niners go full Voltron with the kid they drafted out of Florida in the first round and say, let's try and win one currently right now, knowing that this is the last season. They're probably going to have Purdy on the deal that they have him on, you know, like so or that or that that day is coming.

So why wouldn't why would the Niners trade anybody between? Well, I mean, I do think they I mean, they've done such a good job drafting and developing. They've been dealing with the last five over the last five years or so, like this just bottleneck of contracts at the top of their books. Right.

Like so it's I think sort of similar to what they were facing. I think it was four years ago now where they had DeForest Buckner and Eric Armstead, who brought a lot of the same things to the table were both excellent players. And they viewed Eric Armstead as being more signable. Right. Like so they they they they do a long term deal for Eric Armstead as much as they hated to do it because he's a great, great player. They trade DeForest Buckner, who is a captain for them, who does all the right things because they could get value back for him. So I think that's sort of the way they view this. I, I think given their druthers, this is just me talking.

Yep. I think they would keep Brandon Ayuk over Debo Samuel. And I think it's because Brandon Ayuk is more of a traditional number one receiver who can beat man coverage, who you can build an offense around. Debo Samuel is great.

He can do a million different things. Right. But at this point, is he a little bit more of a luxury? And I wouldn't ignore getting Christian McCaffrey out of the way to getting that taken care of because that was hovering over them.

Not a lot of people know this, but that's been hovering over them for months now. Like the McCaffrey, based on where pay for skill players has gone, wanted a little bump. He's got his that's taken care of now. So, you know, I think they try like hell to re-sign Brandon Ayuk in the coming weeks and see if they can find some sort of middle ground. And obviously the price tag on that has gone up and Brandon Ayuk is going to benefit from having waited. And if they can get something done great, then I think they get some phone calls on Debo. And if the phone calls come in on Debo, there's something they really love out there.

Fine. If not, they wait a year and trade them after the year. I don't think both those guys are going to be on the team long term. And I do think that their futures with the Niners are relative to one another and really kind of center on the way the IU contract negotiation goes. But I do think that if it were up to Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch, ideally, I think they'd like to have Ayuk on the roster long term. And if that means trading Debo, then I think that they'd be OK with that. Even in the season, right? I mean, unless Debo makes it uncomfortable. That's what I'm saying.

Go for it this year. Why would you break up any of your top talent like that? I think it depends on what you can get for him, though. If you can figure it into the cap, really? I think it does depend on what you can get for him, though. If somebody is offering a first round pick for him.

You know, now you're talking about something a little bit different, right? Like if the Jets were to offer a first round pick for Debo, who obviously knows Robert Sala. You know, would you and that is the Jets going all in on it.

Like if you're the Niners, you look at it and say, OK, well, we've got Ricky Pierce all here. We have Juwan Jennings coming back. He signed. He was terrific. He could have been the MVP of the Super Bowl.

Right. And who has a chance to be a good player. And I think that was a savvy move by the Niners to hold on to him. And now you have Ayuk as a true number one.

And oh, by the way, you've got to factor George Kittle in this equation. I know he's gotten older, but he's still a really good player. And Travis Kelce has shown us how tight ends can last. I think that there is a scenario where somebody could pry Debo Samuel from the Niners. Again, that's just my opinion. If somebody comes along and offers a first round pick and you're the Niners.

Right. And again, you're dealing with this perpetual bottleneck of contracts. It's only going to get worse after Brock Purdy gets paid. You're getting offered a first round pick. Part of the equation has to be that means we can get a really good player on our roster at cost control for four or five years. And that'll help us manage the numbers at the top of our cap sheets.

So I think, you know, it's a complex situation that I think could go a number of different ways. And, you know, certainly if I'm a team like the Jets and I see Brandon Ayuk has been re-signed to a contract at whatever, $30 million per year. You know, I'm probably picking up the phone and calling John Lynch. Last one for you, Albert Breer. I'd like you to interpret this exchange between Tua Tungovailoa and reporters trying to help Tua discover the proper adjective to term his mental state and also feelings towards his contract negotiations.

This happened on Tuesday. Where things stand right now? Not frustrated. I'm another word, but yeah. Agitated, annoyed, bothered?

How about that pause? Just wanting to get something done. That's it. Just wanted to get something done. What was your reaction to saying?

Go ahead. Concerned? Not concerned. Concern is not the right word. That's way off from the word. Probably antsy.

I wouldn't say pissed off. This is the nature of the beast, right? This is how it goes.

Searching for the adjective, we came up with the phrase, the Tua Thoris, trying to, you know, trying to find the right word in the Tua Thoris. What's your interpretation of that, Albert? My interpretation is it's a guy who's been through a lot and if, you know, we're going to have some empathy for him. We've got to remember where he was, what was it, a year and a half ago, you know, and then going through the concussion things and then you go back and you look at the way his college career ended with a major, major hip injury. The kid has been through a lot to get here, you know, and whether they want to admit it or not, you know, for every NFL player, for every guy who was drafted in the first round, the holy grail is that second contract.

And Tua has been eligible for one for over a year now. And, you know, if you are him and you put yourself in his shoes and again thinking with some empathy here and you see Jared Goff get paid and you see Kirk Cousins get what he got, you're probably thinking to yourself, like, I've done enough to warrant this organization going all in on me. And, you know, where is that number? Like, that's, you know, a fair question to ask. But, yeah, I mean, I think if you're him, you're probably a little antsy because of everything you've been through. And you're probably a little antsy because you want the peace of mind and you want to be able to buckle your chin strap and go into practice and be all in with the group that you've built with, you know, because they've had a promising first two years under Mike McDaniel and he's got a good group around him and they're only going to get so many more shots at it.

So, you can see where there'd be a lot. I think the best way to put it is there'd be a lot going through Tua's head right now. And, you know, as he seeks, again, that peace of mind that every player would like to have going into the summer. I guess, is it fair to interpret the Dolphins want the number to start annually with a four and he wants a five?

Is that where we're at or what is it? I think his camp has been looking for a number starting with a five for a while and whether or not they get there, we'll see. I can just I can say with some authority that he has the same agency as as Daniel Jones. And I just tell you, like when they did the DJ deal, I know there was some feeling with some people over there that even then and that was before he had the great year he had last year. Right.

Like that Tua was going to be in line to get something in the fifties. And so, you know, we'll see if he gets there or not. Albert, thanks for the time, brother. We'll chat with you soon. OK, awesome. Thanks. That's Albert Breer at Albert Breer. Getting ready to watch the Celtics locally.

Try and bring the title. I got to work on my tan some to get on out there. Get on out there.

Stop staying indoors. That's Albert Breer here on the Rich Eisen Show. OK. All right. Let's take a break. Eight four four two or four rich number to dial. We'll take your calls. Our number three wide open just for all of us.

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Get fired up for your new Webber Seawood Pellet Grill. Congratulations to Kevin Stefanski and Andrew Berry. They have set a first for the Cleveland Browns in their new iteration.

What do I mean by that? Well, the head coach and the executive vice president and general manager just got their contracts extended. Would you believe this is the first time the Cleveland Browns have extended a regime's contracts? And by regime, I mean general manager and coach together kept them together. It is the first time they have extended a regime, a front office regime's contract along with the head coach contract. Since returning to action in 1999, they have not done it. They have not kept a GM coach in place through a first contract into a second one until this very moment.

That would explain a lot. Continuity matters. Continuity in Cleveland. Words that haven't gone together for the football team.

It has happened. And, you know, the reigning coach of the year and one of the best at putting the team together, the Cleveland Browns. You know, somebody called Flacco from the couch and said, what do you think?

For instance, true. And all the running backs that expertly filled in for the injured Nick Chubb, who's looking good on a golf course right now. He showed up at a golf outing. They're all hoping that he's no hitching his giddy up out there. So congratulations to those two. How about that? And that's how we bring in Tom and Canton on the Rich Eisen Show, although I'm told it's not the same Tom and Canton that called in on previous shows this week. What's up, Tom? Not much. How are you doing, Rich? What do you want to do, Tom? Well, I wanted to do the win loss record with the Browns, but first of all, I wanted to make a comment with the Kate and Clark incident. Okay.

What do you got? I don't understand why that coach doesn't tell the rest of the team that they need to protect her. They just sit over there and watch these people hammer her. They should have somebody out there giving the same stuff right back to teach them that you don't mess with our players.

We ain't going to take it no more. That's an interesting point. Maybe they are counseling that.

Didn't you have a fix for that sort of thing? Oh, yeah, a fix in the form of a six foot eight inch Liz Cambeige, former WNBA star who left the league. She went overseas. She was working on her modeling.

I'm not if you watch some of the videos. She has no no problem putting the pause on people. OK, so she can be hired to do exactly that.

Look, get her before someone else gets her. You got to deal with that. All right. I've got two minutes left in this segment. Give me some music for Tom and Canton. This is the first we have not had a win loss game played by a Cleveland Brown fan yet.

At least not in my book right here. First up, home for the Dallas Cowboys, Tom. They're pretty good at home, so I'm going to take a win.

Aha. At the Jacksonville Jaguars. I still think they're going to win that one. 2-0 home for the Giants. Like I said, they're good at home. 3-0 at the Raiders.

OK. I'm going to go with a loss on that three and one at the commanders. Uh, that's kind of a hard one to pick, but I'm going to go with a win. Four and one at the Eagles. Loss four and two home for the Bengals. I know you couldn't count that a win because you beat the Bengals and Joe Burrow, right?

Yeah, but I'm going to go with a split one and we'll get all those teams there. Baltimore, Pittsburgh. Five and two home for the Ravens. Home game win. Six and two home for the Chargers.

Once again, a win. Seven and two off the bye at the Saints. At the Saints, I'm going to pick a loss there. Seven and three home for the Steelers. Short week. Seven and three.

We got to go a little faster here. Home for the Steelers on a Thursday night. Win at the Broncos on a Monday night. Loss eight and four at the Steelers. Loss eight and five home for the Chiefs. I'm going to go with the win home game. Nine and five at the Bengals on a Thursday night. Loss nine and six home for the Dolphins. Win and then at the Ravens. Loss ten and seven. Tom and Canton. I think they're going to do better than ten and seven.

I'll be straight up with you, I think. But there you have it. Our number three, the best case scenarios for AFC North teams. And CJ Stroud is chiming in on other people's careers. That didn't take long.

Our three coming up. So while you were gone, Rich, we had a Ted in Greenville did the Browns. Oh, yeah, because Suess did a whole ton of them. What did Ted in Greenville do?

He had 11 and six. I think that's more in line. I think the Browns have a chance to win the division. I think they all do. I know, right? Yeah. Wait till you hear my best case scenarios for all four teams.

As of today, they do. And then, of course, my power rankings. My way too soon June power rankings. That's not how you titled them at the beginning of the show. What did I say? What was it? It was a dumb... Well, dumb. I said it's dumb. Dumbass. Who does power rankings on June 5th?

I'm sure I could type it in the old Google and find several sites have done them already. I bet you not. I bet you not. Let's see. You don't want to bet on that, Rich.

You can't bet on anything. That's the thing. Canton, Ohio, saying the Browns are going 10 and 7. Ooh, that's respectable.

Okay. Double digit wins? Come on. Yeah, I think Browns fans are thinking Deshaun Watson is going to have a full year of being healthy.

And Stefanski's offense is that good. And we'll see what happens. I think Browns fans are thinking a little bit better than 10 and 7.

Yeah, I would say 11 and 6, 12 and 5. I think so. Browns fans should be pretty excited. Why not? If Flacco can go from the couch to comeback player of the year in six weeks in the system, why can't Deshaun Watson have an MVP season? I have to be honest.

Every time I hear comeback player of the year, I think of Dion's hair every single time. That's right. He says that all the time. Running game worries me if I'm a Browns fan. Why would it? No, I'd be the exact opposite.

I would if I'm a Dallas fan. Oh, here you go. Hey, guys, welcome to The Candy Valentino Show. I'm Candy Valentino. I was a founder before I could legally order a drink. And for more than two and a half decades, I've built, scaled, acquired and exited multiple businesses in diverse industries.

Now, my goal is to help you by sharing the knowledge that I've learned, the mistakes that I've made and the wisdom that I've developed over my journey. Biweekly episodes every Monday and Thursday. The Candy Valentino Show, wherever you listen.
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