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A 15 Point Lead Is Not Safe

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 24, 2024 3:00 pm

A 15 Point Lead Is Not Safe

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 24, 2024 3:00 pm

5/24/24 - Hour 1

Brian Webber fills in for Rich and the guys and reacts to Rick Carlisle benching his players in Game 2 vs the Celtics, and the new video released of the arrest of Pro Golfer Scottie Scheffler.

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See I'm living my best life. Yeah, yeah. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Here's the other surprising part. With guest host, Brian Weber.

Yeah, big shoes to fill. Eisen's a legend. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

The Rich Eisen Show. Do you know who I am? I'm a guy on television. I have my own show. And now, sitting in for Rich, here's Brian Weber. And most certainly, you do not know who I am.

Who am I? Why am I here? Welcome to the program. Always an honor to sit in for Rich and the guys. If it's a holiday or holiday adjacent by now, as a regular listener, you're probably conditioned to having to endure three hours with yours truly.

Brian Weber with you. And because the countdown to Memorial Day is underway, Rich and the crew enjoying the mega weekend. They have supersized it on a day we learned tragically.

We've lost Morgan Spurlock. No Rich until Tuesday. But because I'm a veteran of holiday shifts, I've been with you on Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, even Christmas Day. I will do my best not to destroy the brand that Rich has worked so hard to create. The show won't change other than I'm under immense pressure. I have to be nearly as entertaining and informative as the best in the business plus the gang with Chris, TJ, and my dude, Mike Del Tufo. So, if you want to offer some assistance, the phone number is the same. It's 844-204-7424. In all candor, phone calls are taken selectively.

But I'm a radio guy and an auctioneer on the side, so I give out the phone number frequently. And for a reason, if you are so inclined that you want to weigh in on anything I'm about to cover, coming up with hard-hitting thoughts on the beat down in Boston last night, especially with Tyrese Halliburton limping off the court in the third quarter, re-aggravating that hamstring injury that he really has not been the same since he suffered in December. That game was over as evidenced by Rick Carlisle pulling out Pascal Siakam and the other players who actually meant something last night midway through the third. But as much as I want to go wall-to-wall NBA, the fallout from a decision that has been in the making for several years, and it became semi-official last night, revenue sharing is coming to college sports. Here's your preview. The rich just got richer.

No pun intended. The Isons just got more Isony. 844-204-7424. Hit me up on the X. That's BW Weber, Weber with two Bs. I do my best not to overwhelm you with guests. In fact, we are wide open here in the first hour. Coming up in hour number two, in addition to my NBA observations with the takeaways from last night's lopsided Celtics win, and getting you fully lined up for game two between the Mavs and T-Wolves tonight with Dallas looking to maintain their momentum after ripping home court away with their victory in game one. Coming up in the second hour, 1.20 Eastern time, we will talk NBA with my friend Kurt Heelan of NBC Sports.

And while I do my best to have a energetic delivery, elongating every word for no reason, I am old. So, in deference to those of us who remember when Major League Baseball dominated Memorial Day, we're going to do just a little bit of baseball, final segment of the program, 2.40 Eastern time, and I'm only doing it for two reasons. We've had 25% of the regular season in the books. If you're not paying attention, and I don't want to sound like I am Tommy Lasorda, in 1986 with the baseball bunch, baseball is a much better product ever since they smartened up and implemented the pitch clock that had worked successfully in college ball in the minor leagues. I watched a game the other night that was two hours and five minutes. It might be too fast now, but the Yankees swinging hot bats.

I'm here in Southern California. Dodgers continue to reflect that perhaps you can buy 105 victories in the regular season with their massive payroll. Although, as you know, with LA, it means nothing come October. Joe Sheehan, longtime baseball writer. You've read his work for Sports Illustrated and other platforms. He's gone into business for himself. Joe Sheehan, the baseball newsletter, joins me to wrap up the program. How much of last night did you watch?

Well, let's just back it up a little bit. I'm Brian Weber in for Rich Eisen, 844204, 7424, coming up in 40 minutes because this is the Football Show of Record. And Rich, the first face you saw on NFL Network in 2003, that's why I'm very lucky to be in the chair because I briefly worked for Rich when we launched the morning show NFL AM late great program that aired at three o'clock local time here in Southern California.

We will get to OTA Development. Another reminder why football is king. They have turned organized team activities and voluntary workouts into news generating events. What in the world of what in the world are the Cowboys doing? That's coming up in 40 minutes. But I threw it out the question and it's not rhetorical.

You could actually pick up the phone as I've given out the number now way too many times. When did you realize prior to Rick Carlisle waving the white flag midway through the third after the Halliburton injury, that game was over? Now you can view it a couple different ways, especially in the modern NBA. A 15-point lead is not safe. These guys chuck up threes not only in ways we've never seen before. Statistically, they knock down shots that if you had taken it 20 years ago, unless you were, let's go through the litany of sharpshooters before Steph Curry, Dale Ellis or Reggie Miller, as much as I find his work on TNT very challenging these days, these guys can knock down shots from anywhere across the floor. So it's not a cliche to say no lead is safe come playoff time, but not a surprise, especially with the Halliburton injury that Boston grabbed that game by the throat. If you're a Celtic fan, you're thinking, okay, that is extraordinarily promising on a variety of levels. You know the curse of game two in this postseason, and it just feels like the Celtics mess around with things and find out to clean up that phrase as the kids use.

They play with their food. Lost game two at home to the underman heat, lost game two at home to the Cavs, and still dominated those series. So to get it done on their home floor the way they did behind the eruption from Jalen Brown, went off for 24 in the first half, finished with 40, perhaps motivated by the quote-unquote snub that he did not land on any of the All-MBA teams. But what a juxtaposition on a big word Friday between Brown and the alleged superstar for the Celtics, and I'm well aware of how transcendent Jason Tatum can be. There is a reason why on Wednesday he was selected to his third consecutive first-team All-MBA honor. The guy, when he's at his best, is one of the top seven top eight players in the league. Remember the first team, second team, third team alignment comes down to positions as well, so it's not just who are the top five players. But I'm not sliding Tatum other than this. How does he only have four points in the first half last night?

Now it sounds like I'm quibbling. When Boston was in total control, they won it by 16. It could have been an even bigger win, and I'm Brian Weber in for Rich Eisen. You want to talk NBA, you can pick up the phone, 844-204-7424, or slide over to the X, X me, BW Weber, Weber with two Bs.

My thought on Tatum, as someone who has talked about the Celtics in the postseason in this very chair over the last handful of years based on their deep runs going back to reaching the NBA Finals when they squandered that lead over the Warriors, in part because, and I don't want to go clutch, Gene, and that's a long time ago in basketball parlance. These teams grow up in a hurry as we're seeing with Minnesota and, candidly, Indiana way ahead of schedule. If you're a quote-unquote casual NBA fan and you're wondering how the Pacers even got this far as the 6 seed, remember most teams that are well run have figured out you can't be stuck in the middle.

You got to blow it up in the hopes of being relevant. Cleveland went through that, and what did that get? J.B. Bickerstaff.

First place, you're fired. Second place, steak knives, and I don't think the J.B. is the second coming of red hour back, but feels like he got a bit of a raw deal there considering he went through their massive rebuild. Remember, in the wave of injuries that have ripped apart this NBA postseason, they didn't have Donovan Mitchell towards the business end of getting closed out by the Celtics, and really that move, in my estimation, not to pretend to be a poor man's woes or any version of an NBA insider, that's to appease Mitchell because he's got the ability to sign the long-term extension. They don't want another situation in which, say, we saw with Kyrie Irving, you got a player then heading into his walk year, you got to flip them as an asset because, in all candor, how many players other than LeBron have signed up to stay in Cleveland because he's the Akron Hammer after all, but J.B.'s the fall guy because it's a team looking to appease their superstar and the athletic had a long, detailed overview of all the internal friction in Cleveland. But I mentioned Spider Mitchell, as we call him in Goodfellas.

I mentioned Halliburton. Think about what has been the most dominant theme of this playoff run. Injured superstars.

More games lost to injuries already than all of last year's postseason, and we're not even midway through the Western Conference Finals. Giannis, Dame Lillard, Jimmy Butler. I mentioned Donovan Mitchell. Kawhi Leonard, unfortunately that's because he's made of glass.

You are what you consistently do, and Kawhi just can't stay healthy when you need him the most. And the entire Nick roster, essentially, when Jalen Brunson broke his hand in Game 7, that just felt like the basketball gods having one more kick in the junk for the Knickerbockers. And now Halliburton, who clearly is the heart and soul of that team, while Siakamis carried them in the playoffs, and what an excellent move that was prior to the trade deadline.

Pacers, while I think they're on the verge of getting swept, or a gentleman sweep now, depending on Halliburton's health. If he can get out there and even be 75%, maybe they have a shot at stealing a game or two back at home. But remember, he's been slowed by this injury before.

It was not a good sign, the way he reacted instantly. And that's why, listening to other shows coming in, and I just do it comparatively to make sure I'm not missing anything. I'm not stealing from the other programs, of course. Stealing and sports talk radio, that never happens. But I got a lot of takeaways, especially from the shows that Take a Ton of Calls, killing Rick Carlisle for somehow surrendering last night. Well, I'm gonna defer to a guy who's one of a select list of players to win an NBA ring as a head coach and a player back in the day for the Celtics, that he knows his team better than we do at home. Plus, he's got a hedge if Halliburton can't go, let's say, for game three. We'll tell you one game at a time, as we were taught to do years ago.

Well, Carlisle quickly made the deduction. Everybody else is gonna have to play even longer minutes, especially given the gravity of that situation. Can't go down three, nothing. So it made sense to rest Siakam and the rest of the starters because they're gonna go a la the Knicks, 44, 45, maybe 48 minutes coming up as the series shifts back to Indy. So I'm not throwing dirt on the Pacers just yet. That would be foolish because we just saw them come back against the Knicks, but a radically different situation. I realized, and I am recovering Nick Pham, I do my best to over-annunciate, to dull the New York accent I grew up with.

And I'm not anti-Nicks, but I've seen this movie before. And look, let's just tell it like it is. However you view the conspiracies that run wild across the NBA, especially in this era of NBA Twitter, the league is better when the Knicks are at least relevant. But if you're a Pacer fan saying, hey, fiddling guy, whoever you are, and I'm Brian Weber, aim for Rich Eisen, you can hop aboard at 844-204-7424.

We are open for business on X. BW Weber, Weber with two Bs, no guests until just over an hour from now when we take you across the NBA with Curt Heelan of NBC Sports. If you're thinking that the Pacers have already demonstrated their tenacity, their resolve, I cannot argue with any of that. Staving off elimination twice, going to MSG to win Game 7 with the best shooting percentage we've ever seen in the history of playoff basketball. They could not miss in the first half on Sunday.

Better than 70%. Well, I realize the Knicks were a two seed. Are you aware of the differential between the Knicks and the top seeded Celtics? Boston was 14 games better than New York. Boston had a historically profound regular season. They lost four games at the Garden, the home Garden, the TV, whatever Garden is these days. I say the Garden as a New York guy. And of course, I'm thinking about the world's most famous arena, TD Garden.

Thank you. 37 and four at home making what they did, dropping games two to both Miami and Cleveland, all the more reprehensible in a sports sense. So, Celtic nation has to be smiling to see the team show up the way they did last night, especially after they were handed a gift at the end of Game 1. I don't want to say Indiana choked.

Let's just say a young team, especially with their floor leader Halliburton, did not measure up to the magnitude of the moment. When he dribbled off his leg with about a minute to go, I'm thinking on the couch, not good. When they throw it away with 10 seconds left, Carlisle took the bullet post game, acknowledging what everyone was thinking, called the time out so you could inbound it at mid-court instead.

I'm not going to do the Johnny most. Haliljek stole the ball or Bird stole the ball, but Boston came up with the defensive play they needed. And you know, the rest of the story is Brown buried that three from the quarter and then kept it going with a monumental game last night. But for all of those positive things, and I have not even mentioned the name of Kristaps Porzingis, because candidly, they haven't needed him. And if you paid attention during the long regular season, and I realize many of you don't, I can't blame you, football drives a train, especially on this program, and I will satisfy your football needs coming up in less than 30 minutes when we talk Cowboys and other news related to the OTAs going on this week. The NBA at least used to have Christmas. The NFL has ripped that from them.

It's only going to become a bigger property with the Netflix deal. I think many of you do not pay any attention to the NBA until we get to all star weekend. But if you were just marginally following along during the regular season, you know what Porzingis meant on their way to the 64 win regular season about the acquisition of Drew Holiday. And we saw the unexpected offense from Holiday in game one, best known from his defense. And don't you think Milwaukee missed him in a major way given all their dysfunction this year beyond whatever the motivation was to bring in Doc Rivers, we saw how poorly that worked out. So Boston has clear separation not only from the remaining teams, I think, and we're just going to do this intuitively, if you were doing your unofficial power rankings coming into the postseason, I'm not telling you anything shocking to say, Boston was clearly the best team.

I had the Nuggets at number two and I felt very good when Denver was up by 20 in the third quarter in game seven, still not clearly understanding what happened from the Denver perspective in that game while giving Minnesota all the credit they deserve. But you got Boston without one of their foundational players. And remember, Porzingis, there's no need to rush him back, especially if Halliburton can't go in game three coming up in Indy, Boston bumps it up to a 3-0 lead, effectively locking down that series. The start of the NBA Finals is etched in stone.

It was like when Mel Brooks came down off the mountain in history of the World Part I, he had the 15 commandments and he dropped them. One of those commandments said the NBA Finals can't start until June 6th. Boston could have this thing wrapped up by Memorial Day. Think about all of the assets that would be accumulated by the additional rest time, most importantly getting Porzingis back and in basketball shape. Because even if he can get back on the court sooner rather than later, let's say there's an effort to get him on the floor before Indy is finished off by Boston. He's got to get real minutes to get his conditioning back and be able to replicate the pace of play that you cannot fully come close to in practice by getting out there in meaningful minutes.

So put it all together. It's a wonderful night to be a Boston Celtic fan last night. I still am going to have a reasonable amount of criticism directed at Tatum.

I know he finished with 23 points. Those were empty calories, something I'm well aware of. That's two supersized references in the monologue. Maybe I need to get to the gym between this show and coming up on Monday. Thank goodness no simulcast. That is on my bucket list. One of these days I am going to talk my way into that studio and I'll do the quick sidebar.

I mention how much I value this role and when the phone rings I say yes before they even pose the question. So I probably volunteered for things I don't want to do on this show but I'm just happy to play a small role. I had not seen Rich for over a decade. Now that's gonna seem odd right? I'm the guest host.

I'll put it this way and this is a stretch. I'm not comparing myself to Jay Leno but in our business Rich is certainly a Johnny Carson type figure and yes another contemporary reference but I was having dinner at a legendary Italian restaurant here in Southern California. Rich came in. I hadn't seen him no joke for 10 years. We went over to the alcove because my voice projects and I didn't want to make a spectacle. He's a big star and had a nice conversation but thinking about what this program is all about it is strong opinions.

844-204-7424. Tell me that I'm wrong or I'm picking on Jason Tatum and your easy counter would be hey fill in guy. He didn't need to score because Jalen Brown was Larry Bird.

I get it but that still strikes me as a little bit too simplistic. If you are on the first team all NBA for three straight years you're the face of the franchise. You can't have four points in any half. You can have it in the second half when the game is out of hand and that's how he got to the 23 points because the game had effectively already been wrapped up and I'm not cherry picking.

This is not an outlier nor an aberration. I don't have to go through his entire career. I can just limit it to this postseason.

He disappeared for long stretches in the series against Miami. Same thing early on against Cleveland so that would be the concern for the overwhelming favorite and yes I will crown Boston right now whomever they might see and we'll get you fully lined up for Dallas and Minnesota as we ease into our number two of the program coming up in 40 minutes. I want to keep this east centric for now but if you're a Boston fan tell me why I'm being too hard on Jason Tatum.

The guy is the face of the place. You got to do more than four points and you have to in my view have more consistency in these high leverage situations if indeed you want to be more than regular season Jason. I'm not saying you got to be playoff P or pandemic P but you got to come up with something much more substantial than what happened last night in the first half even though they didn't need him to come through after Boston turned up the heat with that 20-0 run in the second quarter. Credit the scrappy Pacers. They got it down to two but everything changed third quarter when Halliburton went down. I'm Brian Weber appreciating you spending part of your Friday with us. Getting you set for the long holiday weekend 844-204-7424. I'm multitasking.

I'll be checking out your post on the X coming up. That's BW Weber. Weber with two B's. 20 minutes from now we make the move to the NFL. What is Dallas thinking when it comes to their latest puzzling series of events in managing the cap?

Do they have any understanding that they don't have to make it as dramatic as it's been time and time again when it comes to Dak Prescott and oh by the way they also have to pay CD Lamb and Micah Parsons but Jara I'm sure will have some colorful metaphor to make us all feel like he's still on top of his faculties. Coming up we'll keep it concise seven days later Scotty Scheffler shooting a 66 at the PGA Championship last week in the second round seems all the more impressive after his brush with the law. Details coming up. Just getting warmed up on a jam-packed Friday. Always an honor to be in for Rich and the Guys. I'm Brian Weber. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Wherever you listen. Welcome back to the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I'm Brian Weber and I'm proudly sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger. With supplies and solution for every industry Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by.

844-204-7424 the number to call. Conversation never stops on X. Never gonna be Twitter again so I'm just trying to keep myself aligned with the new corporate policy. X me X me X me at BW Weber. Weber with two B's. We'll keep this segment succinct because I want to devote more time to what's going on with the Cowboys.

Their latest nonsensical series of moves and inactivity. That's coming up in less than 15 minutes and then we'll tip things off in the second hour by leaning into game two between the Mavs and the T-Wolves coming up. Anthony Edwards emerging as a young face of the NBA. Let's stop with the Michael Jordan comparisons because I'm obsessed with how old I've gotten.

I do recall a guy named Harold Minor who played his college basketball here in Southern California USC went by the moniker of Baby Jordan. Let's not create ridiculous expectations although Ant and I do love his personality. I love his game is writing some verbal checks he's been unable to cash. We'll get there coming up in 30 minutes and that will be followed by NBA analysis from one of the best in the business 120 Eastern Time.

We'll check in with Kurt Heelan NBA writer for NBC Sports. I rarely talk golf because I want to stay employed. Understanding that we now have four opportunities a year especially with the divorce considered a divorce between the golfers who departed the PGA for the huge Saudi Petro dollars. On the live tour making the majors even more resonant because unless you are somebody who is dialed into the great CW network and I'm not bashing the CW. They have a wonderful channel here in Los Angeles channel five oldest station west on the Mississippi but unless you are a live devotee we don't see Koepka the chambeau who made a phenomenal run late at Valhalla on Sunday to make Xander Shafley's breakthrough win coming up with his first major no longer has to deal with the label of the best player never to win a major moving forward making Xander's victory all the more impressive but the story that dominated that weekend and still is relevant to discuss is Scottie Scheffler who in many ways seems like a robot and I say that in the best sense. You talk about the ability to compartmentalize on his way to the course I don't have to go through all the details a week later winds up in cuffs and in a holding cell as he's booked and arrested comes back and shoots a 66 Scottie the world number one finished that tournament second major of the year after winning the masters tied for eighth I had looked at the leaderboard for this week's stop in Texas colonial with all its history for decades of play on the PGA tour 45 minutes ago Scottie was scuffling in a major way because he is virtually Mr. Automatic suddenly got hot he's five under in the second round certainly in great shape to at least make the cut and currently is owning a share of tenth speaking to his ability to remain focused because and let me pause here to make sure my words are being expressed clearly what I'm about to say is in no way intended to be a generalization nor a referendum on law enforcement if you care about my background I'm Brian Weber in for Rich Eisen your voice can be heard at eight four four two oh four seven four two four candidly your best option is the ex B.W. Weber Weber with two b's I am the grandson of a multi-decade member of the New York Police Department so I am pro police that said the fact that the officer who was the catalyst in my view for the incident involving Scheffler that led to him getting arrested has already now been forced to deal with quote unquote corrective action from the Louisville Metro Police Department because he failed to have his body cam video recorder on during that incident and we saw new video released yesterday from a security camera on the grounds or adjacent to Valhalla in which it appears said officer was not being dragged at all by Scotty Scheffler's car now in fairness we only see that moment in time we don't know what preceded that and Scotty might have had a moment in which the cop said stop and did not comply and then the police officer in essence jumped on his car and there's your dragon but overall just stating those facts how amazing is it that Scotty Scheffler who now appears to be more in the right than the wrong at this moment in time and we don't have all the facts yet how amazing is it that dude went out and shot a 66 especially with the update in terms of what we know today because had to be absolutely stunning he's sitting in a jail cell that alone has to be emotionally jarring he's wondering remember they had the rain delay so he got a little bit of good fortune on a very rough day that they pushed back the tee time so he was able to bail out and get to the course on time but throw in the added variable that unless he was in a complete fog because it was so early in the morning and let's not lose sight of the fact somebody lost their life that morning that was the proximate cause a tournament volunteer who was working at security tragically got hit by a bus in part because it was so foggy in the early morning hours in Louisville Scotty's sitting in jail has to be thinking I didn't do anything wrong so you throw in that component feeling like you're wrongfully accused you've been cuffed and now you're wondering beyond facing a felony among the other counts although I think it's all going to go away am I going to be able to go out and play the second round because after all they only play four of these things throughout the year now so just a brief thought on golf I do not want to lose the audience I understand we're not doing be web at the 19th hole that's my podcast you want me to break down what's happening on the live tour and let's also face it with tigers complete lack of relevance even if I wanted to talk golf now I'd be committing professional suicide when tiger went down that ravine he took a lot of the sport with him beyond everything else that has occurred since the events of thanksgiving weekend in 2009 he not only moved the needle for many casual fans he was the needle but for Scotty Scheffler who not surprisingly is in contention again round two continues at the colonial to go out and do what he did despite all the events that morning with at least the updated sense that perhaps he was wrongfully accused just the latest reminder these dudes are very different than you and I I'm Bryan Weber in for rich Eisen if you want to chime in 8 4 4 2 0 4 7 4 2 4 NBA dominating the program but I'm well aware whose name is on the marquee this is the football show of records so we're going to use OTAs as a way to pivot to the National Football League what does it mean when Dak Prescott says it's not about the money and what did Jerry Jones mean when he said infamously the week of the Senior Bowl the Cowboys we're gonna go all in all that and more coming up I'm Bryan Weber in for rich and the guys it's a Friday edition of the rich eyes and show Brian Weber back with you it's always a blast to be in for rich and the guys and the goal is to be interactive 8 4 4 2 0 4 7 4 2 4 is our phone number and the conversation remains hot and heavy on the X BW Weber Weber would to be is closing in on our number two of the program just over 15 minutes from now we will talk Dallas and Minnesota do we all to a degree Oh Kyrie Irving an apology that's on the docket and then we'll chase that with more NBA analysis from somebody who's not just spewing like yours truly somebody who's covered the league for decades kurt helen NBA writer for NBC Sports and we'll carve out a big chunk of the next hour talking about a seismic shift coming up in college sports it's just about official the era that has been over a century in the making is about to start players are going to get paid in college sports first want to tell you about our friends at game time it's an authorized ticket marketplace for basketball rich talks about it every day so by now you're well aware it makes getting playoff tickets even faster and easier prices on the game time app actually go down the closer it gets to tip off with killer last minute deals all in prices views from your seat and their lowest price guarantee game time takes the guesswork out of buying tickets for sports i have used the app based on my experience it is a tremendous asset think about everything going on now with sports and entertainment so many great events to check out game time has last minute tickets flash deals zone deals it's easy to find and buy tickets for every kind of event in your area views from all the seats in the venue available on the game time app lowest price guarantee event cancellation protection job loss protection much more last minute deals always terrific get this you can save up to 60 percent off buying last minute for sports concerts comedy theater and more with zone deals you can save even more when you choose a section and let game time choose the seats and you also have peace of mind on a few different levels the lowest price guarantee is codified right there on the app or game time will credit you a hundred and ten percent all the difference take the guesswork out of buying basketball tickets with game time download the game time app right now create an account use the code rich for twenty dollars off your first purchase terms apply visit for all the restrictions again create your account right now and redeem the code rich r-i-c-h for twenty dollars off download game time today last minute tickets lowest price guaranteed let's talk some nfl you might have heard there is no off season international football league it is astonishing to me and if you have any sense of who i am beyond flipping around your respective now dying linear cable networks and hearing somebody shouting over gymnastics and softball and water polo i've had a good run in the past covering the nfl worked with rich at nfl worked with rich at nfl network that said not too long ago let's say a decade ago nobody outside the beat writers when newspapers were still a thing and local talk shows looking for content even mentioned organized team activities because the big names didn't show up because they didn't have to it's voluntary week-week nudge nudge now there was always the inherent pressure or a losing team let's say the carolina panthers because they're always a losing team trying to reset the culture especially with a new head coach and dave canals beyond that we ignored these things because they're not worthy of our attention now whatever is going on within the facility otas are a chance for reporters finally to interact with some of the biggest names in football so for example i found it very interesting that pittsburgh justin fields the other day said exactly what you would expect a competitor to say especially somebody who was highly sought after coming out of ohio state around one pick again in chicago that unfortunately didn't work out under center we've been saying that since jim mcmahon you'll go back to the 40s it's been a minute since they had a franchise quarterback and that puts even more pressure on caleb williams but when justin fields said and i'm paraphrasing i'm here to compete for the starting job and somehow the football blogs blew up like that was insightful what is he supposed to say yeah i know that russ has the inside track i'm being the qb1 i'm just happy to be here or you know i like pittsburgh i want to have a pierogi and hang out the guy merely articulated a reasonable sentiment and suddenly it became quote unquote headline news so i do my best to avoid and i love the term but it's so mainstream clickbait still when dak prescott went to this level of verbal gymnastics to try to spin that he's not disappointed that he is yet to receive a contract extension and ultimately this will get settled because it always gets settled but when we're talking about the cowboys they find a way to mismanage and butcher all of these things because they're the cowboys because jerry jones while he defers to other quote-unquote experts in some areas wants to medal and play gm because he thinks he knows more football based on playing his college ball in a limited capacity at arkansas decades ago jara doesn't just want to be another rich guy he wants to be a rich guy who owns a team that he also has player personnel say in so here we are once more with the cowboys dealing with a contract kerfuffle contract with a k we can make that alliteration with dak prescott i don't need to go through the full list of contract drama involving dak in the past because you probably remember or don't even care at this point the franchise tag and then the summer of deck will he get paid won't he get paid well we're going through it again because he's entering the last year of his deal in which no team wants to put their marquee quarterback in a situation to have to deal with the very questions that dak is being posed and it's only may but if you didn't see what dak had to say this quote is just perfect you could make it the foundation for a word salad and fill it up with thousand island dressing and those croutons quote i don't play for money never have cared for it to be honest with you now dak i know what you're trying to say there it's not about the money and he went on to say business is business and he'll defer to his business people to get it done but to lead with i don't play for money never have cared for it like he's allergic to all things that are green i know al michaels has never had a vegetable knowingly and he is going to avoid anything green unless it's parsley next to his steak but come on deck now you could say back to my premise about the russell wilson quote unquote qb controversy with justin fields what is dak supposed to say he could say something like this it'll get resolved i'm here to talk about football but don't throw out i don't play for money never have cared for it when it's all about the money at this stage of his career because this should be his last big money deal i understand that career has now been elongated a major way but given his gradual march deeper into his career and given what he's going to count against the cap this should be his last massive payday generational wealth for his family for years to come so of course it's about the money but this is the cowboys we're talking about and everything they say and do just gets weird because the tone is set at the top and i don't have to go through all of the bizarre things that jerry jones has said over the years look he made his money in the oil business and there's a term in that business called glory holing has a different meaning in some other corners of the internet the fact that jerry keeps talking about glory holes is a bit odd and circumcising a mosquito and everything else more to the point why did he feel the need the week of the senior bowl to tell reporters quote we're going all in when they've done absolutely nothing their only move of substance was jumping in the hot tub time machine to get back in the zeke business who's a retread look around the division eagles coming off a disappointing year one season removed from the super bowl run they went all in to get saquon barkley the giants are a mess but they're typically a mess and i don't know what they're doing with daniel jones other than they're on the hook for him financially remember he's coming back from the torn acl even washington is slowly moving in the right direction i love the drafting of jayden daniels dan quinn is a stabilizing force ownership change dan snyder can go away and never come back everybody in the division asterix next to the giants because they're confused most of the time at least he's doing something and here's the cowboys going all in and actually are crippled with complete inertia because all they do is talk and that's why they haven't even smelled a super bowl since the mid 1990s i'm brian weber it's all about talk for me as well but that's my job after all as a fill-in host i can expand the conversation at 844-204-7424 you can hit me up on the x it's bw weber weber with two b's coming up in the next hour we talk mba with kirk helen of nbc sports and we'll tip things off focusing on the mavs and the t-wolves weber in for eisen this is the rich eisen show good lord we get it they have chemistry jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on youtube or wherever you listen
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