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OverReaction Monday - OTAs and the 2024 NFL Schedule

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 22, 2024 4:42 pm

OverReaction Monday - OTAs and the 2024 NFL Schedule

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 22, 2024 4:42 pm

A weekly staple on ‘The Rich Eisen Show’ since 2018, ‘Overreaction Monday’ is now also an extended podcast with Rich and Chris Brockman debating the latest in the NFL. Today’s topics:

1:00 -   The Chiefs are starting the season 0-3

3:40 -   The Jaguars should make Trevor Lawrence prove it before giving him $50M/year

7:15 -   The Patriots will have a top3 pick again in 2025

10:00 - Brian Burns and Kayvon Thibodeaux will set the sack record for teammates

13:20   Deshaun Watson is the QB under the most pressure this season

20:40   The Rams are playing with fire by not giving Stafford a new deal

24:10   Mike McDaniel is on the hottest seat heading into the 2024 season

28:30   Jordan Love will finish in the top 5 in the MVP race

29:20   At least two NFL teams will go from worst to first

31:10   What is the NFL doing giving the Jets 6 primetime games???





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All right, it's time for another edition of Overreaction Monday.

Everybody, Rich Isen alone with Chris Brockman. We were going to do this as soon as the schedule came out, but you were too busy playing golf and then I went away. So here I am, here we are. The schedule has been released and this edition of Overreaction Monday is brought to you by Game Time, the fast and easy way to buy tickets for all the sports, music, comedy, and theater events near you. Game Time has killer last minute deals, all in prices and views from your seats so you know exactly what to expect when you arrive. There's a promo code called Overreaction.

You use it, you get $20 off your first purchase. Good stuff. We'll tell you more about how you can get involved with Game Time and put it on your phone to start buying tickets today. What do you have over there, Chris Brockman?

What do you have? Rich, let's play the, uh, our music first. Oh, we're ready to go. Yeah, let's do it. We're ready to go. Yeah, let's do it. All right.

Let's do it. Overreaction Monday, baby. That was terrible. That was crap.

That was garbage. This place sucks. Overreaction. Mondays. Monday.

Yeah. Let's do it, Christopher. Let's just get right to it. We got a, you know, a lot's happened between the end of the NFL draft and now there's no TAs. We've got the schedule.

So, uh, how about this? Let's just start with the champs, the chiefs. They're going to start 0-3. They're not starting 0-3.

What an overreaction that is. 0-3. Their first two games are at home. So you're saying they're going to lose back to back games in Arrowhead to start the season?

Why not? They would have lost, uh, they lost the opener last year. Uh, they're playing a team that, uh, played them really tough to start the season. Uh, the Baltimore Ravens rematch of the championship game. Maybe we get some revenge there. They're playing Joe Burrow.

He's back long hair or not. They've beaten them in the playoffs. And then, uh, the Falcons are kind of a wildcard shoot. So let's just call it total overreaction. Absolute complete overreaction. It's early. It's early season for everybody.

So pre-season I got it. I know how slow they started last year. I don't have, uh, my computer or stats in front of me here. I'm just wondering you clearly, um, and I'll, and I will throw it away.

Um, by saying, uh, this is a complete overreaction. I'm, I'm wondering the last time the chief started their first two weeks at home in Arrowhead, when was the last time that happened? I don't know the answer to that. When was the last time that happened and they went 0-2. I bet you it's been quite some long time for that. Maybe even just the last time they lost two straight home games. I'm, I'm sure it's happened in recent years. I'm sure it's happened over a span of certain weeks, maybe not back to back to start the season.

That's for sure. And then going to Atlanta, I, I, I, I understand everybody's high on the Falcons. Uh, despite their still head scratching first round drafting decision, um, the chief starting Owen three, just because they're taking on tough opponents, one playoff team from last year, one true vastly, but you think all three are making the playoffs this year, right? Um, I, I would say that that stands to reason, but I'm not going to say for sure that all three are making the playoffs.

Okay. You know, the Buccaneers is still the defending champs of that division. I think they got stronger by staying together. I thought that there was no way in hell that Jason light would be able to keep Lavonte David and Mike Evans and Baker Mayfield true. And you know, get the, get, you know, Antoine Winfield done in some way, shape or form.

But the one thing holding back the Falcons the last couple of years has been the quarterback play. That's right. Correct. And I'm assuming it will be better. Well, listen, we're going down a little bit of a rabbit hole here where you try to basically have them starting Owen three is a classic overreaction.

If I can get you to be like, Oh, okay, maybe no, no, no, not even a higher register. All right. What else?

All right. Let's talk quarterbacks and who's next to get paid. It seems like Trevor Lawrence is next to get paid. The Jaguar should make him prove it before giving him $50 million a year. They're not going to make him prove anymore. That's I'm just saying they can prove it.

They should. Why make him play this year out? Why? Because what if he's not the guy? How is he not the guy you're asking me?

I'm asking you, I'm asking you, what has he done to prove that he is the guy? Well, he is shown enough to take them to the playoffs one year and come back from a disastrous first half start. You know, who else took a team to the playoffs one year, Daniel Jones.

I hear you. And then made it to it made it just as far. They were also eight and three last year. They took the field on a Monday night against Jake Browning and the Bengals to be the one seed. And he got hurt.

He went down. Remember that was the famous moment where if you could choose the city in the United States of America, that has the most golf carts per capita, it would have to be the Jacksonville. That's where you played golf last week. I was literally just there. Okay. So you know how many golf carts there are and there wasn't one for him. It was really, really, really weird.

Okay. Even hobble off the field. It's like, there's, it's like you're in a hostess factory and there's no food.

There's no desserts. You know what I mean? So that said, I think he's done enough to show that he's going to 50 million. He's going to get a second contract dude. And that's what second contracts are. And you're going to fill, you know, teams know they don't have to do this, right? Well, they don't have to. What's the alternative then? Start, start fresh, go back in the draft, go back in the draft or give them 30 million, 35 million.

Come on. We know that won't happen, but why, but why? Because you're not resetting any markets anymore. Agents won't stand for it. And you were the will of the players. And that's the way it goes.

Well, guess what? Too bad to the agent and just tell the player, this is our deal. Take it or leave it and then see what happens. Then he'll leave it. And then you're back in the draft.

Great. Actually, it's the opposite of great guy who can take you to one playoff game in five years. Well, that also has to do with other than other factors. Do you think Trevor Lawrence regressed because he's not good last year or you regressed last year? Cause he was playing with a ton of injuries that normally would make somebody look like they're regressive lost his best receiver too. I think the jury is really out on this guy who we anointed after his first year of college, that he was going to be this godsend and franchise changing player.

And he has yet to do a yet to do that. I'm going to say something that I'm assuming you'll disagree with, with all due respect to Calvin Ridley, his best receiver is Christian Kirk. And he didn't have him last year. And the night, and the night where Lawrence went down at the end against Cincinnati, Christian Kirk blew out his abdomen pretty much on a freaky catch on a freaky catch. You think he's better than you could, you could make a case. You can make a case that that Calvin Ridley has more talent if you want to go there, but in terms of the connection, in terms of the chemistry, his most important receiver is Christian Kirk. And he was gone last year. There was a lot of factors going in.

I know for sure. Trevor Lawrence is a guy who has an upside still in this league. I agree with that, but I think we make a lot of excuses for this guy. So maybe put them in the, maybe in the 40 million club. That's what you want to do. You want to try that one, but you're not going to let them play out his deal. You're not going to just Kirk cousins him and start franchise tagging them. That's just not the way they're going to do business. It's not a smart way to do business, but then you're spending all this money on hope.

Well, it's better than putting money on despair, sir. I get you for two. What else? Oh, for two in terms of getting me to agree with you. Interesting. Oh, you're going to agree with this one.

Okay. The Patriots are going to have a top three pick again in the 2025 NFL draft. I don't think that's an overreaction, but I look at this schedule. I don't know what, what did Cooper say when he called in last week? Nine, although I've got a bunch of texts or tweets from people that, uh, not texts, tweets from people that I miscounted miscounted, which way, positive or negative? Uh, two, like incentive. It wasn't eight, nine. It was seven and 10.

Okay. That's still incredibly optimistic in my opinion. Look at these first at Cincinnati. I don't know where, I don't know where these first seven weeks go home for Seattle at the jets on a Thursday night. Then at San Francisco that does reek of Owen four, five, six home from Miami home for Houston home for Jacksonville. That's known for Jacksonville. They're actually, that's a home game for them in London, home for the jets fresh back from London at Tennessee, where the winds come. I don't know. I don't know. So I know they have one of the toughest schedules.

I saw these guys in the Steelers, but not a lot. I mean, three wins maybe at the most. I just don't see what I guess. What, what's their, their issue is who are the last place games? The problem is a last place game because you're going to get a last place schedule. That's chargers.

The charges, right? The chargers are a last place game. Cincinnati's a last place game. Um, who else is the last place game? Well, no, you're, you're taking on, you're playing on the west, playing on the west of the Titans or a last place game.

No, um, no. Um, you were, no, cause we're playing the south. You are playing the south, the south and the west and the west. So look for an AFC team. It's a last place team. Um, Cincinnati's one Cincinnati and, and the chargers are another Chicago or were they a last place?

No, I mean, again, listen to us sounding it out. I'm just saying it's going to be bad. It's a team from, it's going to be rough. It's a team from the, from the AFC central.

And um, uh, I think it's, it could be Tennessee or Jacksonville. Yeah. Cause you're taking on another 17th game in the regular season. Listen, um, can be rough. It's, it's definitely a difficult last place schedule.

That's for sure. But going to be good on defense. I imagine there'll be a lot of close games, probably low scoring brother. There's not a lot of offensive line play is going to be kind of brutal, especially with Cole strange now being at Chicago game is a last place. It is a last place schedule because they're taking on a team in the NFC north.

That's last place is their 17th regular season game. Oh my word. Yeah.

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It was a hundred percent. You need to make more money, make smarter choices and build a better life. Afford anything wherever you listen. What else you got? I saw some things about, about Brian burns now in the giants. He said that him and cave on Tibbitt are going to be tough. I pushed back on that. No. Okay. I'm saying they're going to set the sack record for teammates in a year. That number is 39 from the 1989 Vikings.

Chris Coleman. Good one for you to pull that one. First of all, um, I don't think I'm overreacting to this here, but you did research for this. Sorry. Yeah, I did.

You did. This was the only one that I actually looked up. Cause I wanted to see you look this up.

You didn't just see this fact. No, no, no. Like I'm going to pull up legitimately did research because I saw Brian burns. Are you, are you feverish?

Are you okay? I got two hours doing research. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You did your own research.

I'm sorry to keep harping on this, but I can't believe it. It's okay. Okay.

I saw Brian burns talk about, Hey, I mean, cave on, have a chance to be a dynamic too. And I was like, I agree with you, but what's the record for sacks by teammates, Doman and who Doman and I forget the other guy's name. Oh, see, you did enough research and you didn't write it down.

Finish it up. I didn't write it down. I got the year and the number and one of the guys, you never heard this phrase, the great producer from NFL network, or, you know, well, cause he's, he's at Fox now, whenever this stuff like this would happen, he goes, it's called research, not guesswork. I get it. That's why they call it research three quarters, three quarters of it. So here I am researching.

You didn't even actually write the whole day in 1989, Chris Doman and the other guy combined for 39. That's a lot. It is a lot. I think they're going to take it. I think they're going to take it down. So somebody is going to get 20 and someone will get 19.

So is that what you're saying? Both guys get 20. Well, the break it cave on and Brian burns push back on here. I'll push back on it.

Got to say, hold on. I got a rookie quarterback whose team gave up a lot of sacks last year, Washington. Okay. You got Dak with who are his tackles again?

Okay. And then we got the giants and their quarterbacks. You got the Cowboys. You got Dak.

You got to go get Dak. Yeah. Dax, Dax tackles now playing for the jets and Eagles. And that's the ones that they play the most, but I'll just say that that's still a, that's still a, that could be pretty fun. It's a big meal.

That's a fun one to just keep an eye on. And if I call that, I'm totally going to put to say that I called it. Do you want me to look up the fact right now? Do you want somebody to look that up for you?

No. So what, what year was it? It was 1989. Hold on a minute.

I'm going to do this. 1989 Vikings. It's Chris Dolman and 1989 Vikings. I knew I should have wrote it down.

Sackler. I almost put it in the note and put it here. No, we're going to get it real quick.

We're going to get it real quick. Chris Dolman, uh, is there. Yeah. And um, who else was on it? Keith Miller, Keith Millard.

Is that who it is? You had 18 that year. There you go. There you go. Okay. And, and Dolman probably had 21. Yeah. That's the record. There you go.

That wasn't so tough teammates teammates. Great job doing research, but you have to understand. I'm going to keep going.

I'm going to keep digging for details until I find out what it is. I did look it up. It wasn't just like in a football talk. I hope you didn't pull anything. I'm okay. All right.

Last one before halftime. Yes, sir. You know, I love talking about QBs and who's under the most pressure. All right. I don't think you're going to think I'm going to say this person. Deshaun Watson is the quarterback under the most pressure this year. I will say this.

I was legitimately on the way into work today for the flagship flagship show. And I'm thinking, do I want to do a top five? But we did what's more likely. And you know, I'm like the top five I'm thinking of our quarter, like storylines that are the wildest for the season. Okay. And Deshaun Watson taking the Browns to the AFC championship game, if not the super bowl is one of them. And when you see what you're getting at here, I think is the fact that he's got to go far this year. Watson has been injured and then had sort of his red shirt year where we played six games because the league, the league wanted to take enough games under their belt to suspend him, make sure that the contract would at least count for the Browns.

Okay. That they're going to pay all this money for him, even though they, what made, made the first year of his contract less than it was like a million dollar total or something. It was coming, but they weren't going to just let them, you know, they had to toll the contract. They had to actually make sure that there was a year taken off. They weren't going to give him an extra year there. And so this year though is going to be him taking over a team now re retaking over a team that made the playoffs did get boat raced out.

All right. Did get boat raced out. But Joe Flacco was their quarterback. He was so good. How good, how good he became comeback player of the year in just six starts or whatever he did.

It was not many. He went from the couch to come back player of the year in a month and a half. He was awesome. I mean, I've never heard of somebody missing the first two plus months of the season and becoming comeback player of the year because he was so good in this offense that did not have Nick Chubb running it either. Right.

Cause he got hurt very, very early. So, and that defense is very good. Despite again, their playoff performance, the Browns are set up here. The Browns were chosen by the NFL to host the Cowboys in week one, they put the Cowboys on the air in Cleveland in week one, because that is there. The Browns are, if you will, and I'm, I know they're going to have a problem with this, sorry, but the Browns are, if you will, in terms of the first week schedule of this year, the Detroit lions of this equation where the league is like, okay, we saw what you did last year. You're also a franchise that's associated with stepping on themselves, but we are putting you in a marquee spot. Tom Brady's in the booth. First game.

And they did that on purpose. Yeah. And for Deshaun Watson to step up there and say, I got this and you're going to see how my abilities are still outstanding. And this team is now going to be elevated even more.

We're going to take the next step together by showing up and showing out against the Cowboys. The league is totally aware of that. And that's why they put them there. And the only pushback I can have here is pressure. Is he really under pressure? They're not going to trade them. His contract is what it is.

And there's no like, Hey, this is funny money. So we can just get out of the contract next year. No, this is the few, the only one unicorn contract in the NFL where it is what it is. And so that's the only thing about pressure, but this is why you're three of this deal.

It's your three season three season three. And so that's why it's another interesting aspect just to finish the thought here of putting Dallas in there. Cause Dallas is version of pressure and all in is we're going to put it amongst, we're going to create it ourselves. We're going to create it ourselves for the coach, for the quarterback and for, as of this taping, the wide receiver and the main pass rusher. And we're going to basically tell every single person with a pulse in our organization, prove it.

So that's the concept of pressure. This guy, Deshaun Watson is going to be the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns in 2025, barring anything health wise. That's the, so I don't know what the pressure is on that, but the focus for sure.

And whether the Browns could take a next step is absolutely predicated on Deshaun Watson's abilities still being as great as they were in his final throws in Houston, someone we haven't seen in four years. That's correct. So I don't know. Do you, I I'll accept that.

I think you agree. But I mean, but pressure is what you make of it for yourself. And pressure is actually, will I be around here?

Is my legacy at stake? You know, I don't know. That's my definition of seven and 10. I mean, he'll still be the quarterback next year. Yeah. But now expectations are same old Browns. But to me, it's about losing your gig, changing your address, changing a whole bunch of stuff.

But I, I hear you what you were aiming at. We'll talk about it more on the flagship for the moment we've reached halftime of today's episode of overreaction Monday. We, if you don't mind us switching sports for a second, the basketball playoffs as they're currently running right now, hype, they are. And the scenes in each one of these arenas are intense to say the least. And if you're thinking how cool it would be to actually attend a game while watching these games, please know the game times and authorized ticket marketplace for basketball, which makes getting playoff tickets even faster and easier prices on the game time out actually go down the closer it gets to tip offs. So you can check out an event that's going down, save up to 60% of buying last minute for not just basketball, but concerts, comedy, theater, and more the all in pricing. You can toggle this feature and it shows the total upfront. So you get no surprise fees at checkout.

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Just search B L E A V on YouTube or wherever you listen. All right, Christopher, second half, second half. I think we were only, I've bought one and a half of your first half. Let's see if we can't get a top more here. What else?

Uh, let's talk here locally. The Rams, one of the kind of surprise teams last year. I thought they were going to go in one direction and they went the other.

They were awesome. Okay. They're playing with fire by not giving Matthew Stafford a new deal.

I think they're going to get something done before the season. You do. I do. I think this is kind of a moot point.

Oh, interesting. I don't think he's going to go into the season without what he's looking for. Okay. Certainly since a week one is against Jared Goff, who got what he's looking for rematch. I would be very surprised if something wasn't done for Matthew Stafford to his contract prior to that week one visit to Detroit. What are we waiting for? I don't know. It's, it's a long off season, brother. Uh, you mean stuff happens. Stuff takes time. I don't, I don't, I don't have an answer for you.

Season ended four months ago. I don't know. All right. But um, seems like, I don't know. They did their documentary on him and uh, you know, I don't think he had any interest in helping promote it. We gave him a spot right here. I'm like, I'm happy to talk about it.

And then he followed his, his life around last year and there he's like, yeah, no, we're not talking about it. Interesting. I don't know if I'm putting two and two together and coming up with five. I think I am adding that up and coming up with four or nine or four plus five equals nine.

Maybe that's what it's got to be a start with a four and then have a five after the four. I don't know what his current contract is him at his age or Trevor Lawrence where he's at right now. I pay him at his age and that should tell you everything you need to know about Trevor Lawrence. But I also don't have that option if I'm the Jacksonville Jaguars, Chris, you understand what I'm saying? It's not all just things being equal and in a silo that you have to have the Jacksonville Jaguars do not have the option of telling Trevor Lawrence, sorry, we're done and we're going to not only be done, but we're going to take the, the, the, the, if you will, figurative bullet of showing that we didn't get it right with him and moving on from somebody who is younger than Stafford. But if the rest of the team is ready to win, now, look at the trophy that's in the case at SoFi stadium.

I get it. But so some team is going to do it is going to do a whole rookie deal and say, eh, let's just start over with our player at the Brock Purdy situation or, you know, a first round value and start from there. That would be very risky, but I'm also not going to sit here and say that's completely out of the realm when there is a team who has done both of what we're talking about, which is signed a veteran to a ton of money to win the Superbowl now and still draft the rookie in the same spring to do it actually one month apart.

I've never heard of anything like that. So you're sitting here going, who would you choose the young unproven guy, or would you choose the proven veteran guy who's way longer in the tooth and can actually be potentially cheaper and you could feel better about being over capped with this guy than the guy who hasn't won anything yet. And the Falcons did both.

The Falcons did both, which I still can't frigging believe Kirk hasn't won yet, but I think they're going to get this done anyway. Okay. What else? The hot seat, the pressure equivalent for coaches is the hot seat. Yeah. Mike McDaniel is on the hot seat heading into 2024 for head coaches.

Not heading in, but heading out could be heading out could be who's on a hotter seat then heading into the season. Is it McCarthy? Of course.

Okay. He's a guy who didn't even get extended. He's actually had a bunch of success there. This guy, Amy, the last last head coach who was allowed to walk into his final season, his head coach, they look for now. Couple of things weren't off on Mike McDaniel. Couple of things. Not, not, not.

I don't think the shines won't off on him. Okay. Not at all.

Okay. Not after the playoff performance. We're getting, we're giving a pass for that.

We're going to, the first season was his first season. The second season was an improvement until they stepped all up, you know, until they, they, they didn't win in the playoffs to playoff games and lost them both. They also, I mean, how many non-contact injuries did their defensive line suffer? Okay. And then there was that hip drop tackle on Tyree kill and that Monday night loss to Tennessee that totally changed things up.

Okay. So other teams have, have, have injuries and things of that nature. If the dolphins once again have a, you know, good regular season, excellent regular season, and then fizzle out at the end and all the narratives that Mike McDaniel even pointed out last year, he knows that they exist aware of and all of that, it might be like, you're, you're entertaining, you're intelligent and your teams perform well in this situation, but not when it all comes down to it. And will that get his seat hotter potentially?

I don't know. I know the dolphins love him. I know the organization loves him and there's good reason for that, but to say, he's got the hottest season heading into the hottest seat heading into the season. Absolutely not. The hottest seat belongs to Mike McCarthy.

One of the top five, then I've had a seat setting into the season. I, if you want me to really endeavor that, yeah, yeah. Let's go down. Let's think about it. It's not Arizona. It's not Atlanta. It's definitely not Baltimore. I put, I put Sean McDermott on that list.

Okay. It's not Carolina. It's not, I don't think Eber fluces seat is hot. It's definitely not Cincinnati. Definitely not Cleveland. Definitely not Denver. Definitely not Detroit. Definitely not green Bay or Houston. Definitely not Indianapolis. Not Jacksonville. I don't think definitely not Kansas city. Certainly not the chargers of the Rams, not Vegas. There's Miami there, but not, not Minnesota.

Definitely not new England. I'd put Dennis Allen maybe in that list. Okay.

You could put a day ball on that list. Okay. Salah. Oh, definitely.

Salah. Hold on. We're we're we're we're getting there. We're at six.

You want to put Sirianni on there for real? There was an open question. They were thinking about it.

I cannot imagine. Everyone wants me to put Tomlin on this list. I'm just not going to Seattle, San Francisco. No Tampa. No Tennessee. No Washington. No. Although Tampa's could get hot if things really go south.

Okay. So give me the five Buffalo, Miami, new Orleans, Dallas giants, jets, Eagles bucks. So Dallas giants jets are definitely three.

Give me, give me the other ones I put. I put Buffalo there. Buffalo, Miami saints bucks.

And I'd put the saints Eagles saints. No, I'm not just not going to do that. Okay.

But giants jets, Dallas saints and bills bills. Yeah. I mean, what's the conversation before they took off last year was, you know, Marshall Falk went on the flagship show and he goes, well, he's running out. He's now officially out of options, having fired both coordinates. That bell check right there.

So what's the best, what's the best spot for Bella check on this list? Oh God. I don't know. That's going to be a conversation. No doubt fast. Certainly when he starts dominating the Manning cast, it's going to be great.

All right. I love what I've seen so far out of the Packers, Jordan love top five MVP this season. I don't think that's an overreaction. I think if he plays for a full season, the way that he played at the end of last year, he'll be in that mix, a green Bay quarterback. That's lighten it up for a team that's got 10, 11, 12 wins. That's a, that's a marquee position.

Sounds familiar. I just don't think that that is out of the realm. If he comes out of the gate and performs in the first half of the season, the way that he did the second half of the season, honestly, that throw that ended their playoff game was his worst throw in months, easily, easily months.

Can't believe he did it in real time. And still months, months later, I'll, I'll, I'll buy that. I don't think that that is a out of the realm at all. All right. Two more, uh, at least two teams are going to worse to first this year. Okay.

Worst division to winning the division. I like two teams at least two teams at least in the, um, in the schedule release show, this was a question that was going from worse to first. Okay, great.

And so I didn't choose one because Mike Rob and MJD, Michael Robinson and Maurice Jones drew had already chosen the only two options as far as I was concerned, which was, and I know this is heretical chargers and bears and bears. Yeah. Oh no charges and bangles bangles. Yeah. Yeah.

Right. And I just didn't want to go bears. They took charges and the other one took bangles. And of course, you know, the producers are like, well, these two were taken. Do you want to take the bear? Do you want, do you want like, you know, producers will like kind of push you to make the wrong decisions.

And I shouldn't say that because it is their job to make sure that I, I, I, I am getting through a broadcast best I can. Sure. Of course. But they're always like, you know, you want to take a controversial, you know, we can mix it up.

You want to try it? And I'm like, no thanks. Cardinals, Cardinals Panthers. I mean, definitely weren't going to do that. I wasn't taking your Patriots now.

So those are really the two best options. If you really want to throw the bears into that mix too, it could be fun. I mean, it's good enough division. Good enough. But I would say two teams are going to go from worst to first. That's still a very tall, tough order.

I'll put you back on that. One is for sure. One is definitely a charge is still tough. I mean, it's still, but you say the chiefs are going to go on three.

Well, they didn't have any receivers last year. Call that an overreaction, but you almost had me at hello. Yeah. Okay. Last one, rich.

Yes, sir. Honestly. And this is an honest question. I say, well, the other questions up to this point, were they all dishonest, but I don't know.

Maybe they weren't as infused as this one. Oh, what are we, what are we doing? Given the jets six prime time games. I mean, it's like, what are we doing? Honestly, what are we doing? And then to come out and say a seventh standalone to come out and say they owe us.

What does that mean? I know Mike North was saying they owe, I know. And it's kind of funny. Jets fans, jets fans were all like, you, you know, they're owed for 54 years of misery, right?

You know, in terms of the order of who's owed, the NFL has taken a back seat down the queue. You know what I mean? Like, come on. The jets have a really hard schedule.

No, I, I know that. But again, Rogers is a hot commodity for various reasons. And is it just about ratings?

Like putting them on, like, come on. Yes, it is. And you know, that Monday night game Rogers in San Francisco is going to be massive. Right. And then you've got them a Thursday night home game against New England. It is their home opener. Could not, it's not even gonna be a close game though.

Probably. I mean, the jets kind of need one because I mean, you take a look at the beginning of their schedule that Monday night game at San Francisco is obviously a difficult assignment. And then that w what are they going to land in New Jersey, Tuesday, 7m, 8m. And then they're going to have to turn around and go to Tennessee a few days later after practice. So that ain't easy. And then have a short week on Thursday. I mean, they've got three games in 11 days to start the season.

So we'll find out real fast. Then there's the seventh standalone game, which is which one? The London game. Oh, the London game, right? Yeah.

That's a stand that we, that's the difference. It's not prime time, but it is standalone. The only other team with seven standalone games are the Kansas city chiefs and the jets have seven.

There are seven standalone games are all in the first 11 weeks. Nationally the jets run the same standing as the chiefs. Of course not.

Then there's no, but, but they're, but they're no, but nationally they're, they're are of significant interest because half the people want Rogers to the jets fans want Rogers to succeed and everybody else wants them to, you know, go, go hang with RFK. I guess so fall on his face. Right.

And, and, and even he is admitting fully that, Hey, if I don't perform up to my level of expectation, then none of us are here. And that that's a given. I mean, I think, yeah, I think so. I think that's true. And, and so, um, you know, I think that sort of tight rope do or die situation adds a razor's edge to a lot of these games and the, and the other, the other, and you could just take a look again, our color coded sheet, it kind of looks like our show logo right here.

I love the lamination right here. Oh yeah. That's, you could thank TJ Jefferson for that.

Thank you. Um, you know, the games that they are standalone against San Francisco, new England, Minnesota, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, uh, that's a Sunday nighter Houston. Uh, and then there's the one against Indianapolis. So nothing, by the way, that's not counting like weeks 13 and on that could be flexed into a, I can't imagine that there's any flex capabilities because, um, that'll be tough for an eighth standalone game. I don't think you're even allowed to do that. I'm just saying what if they're 10 and two or something, you know?

Um, that would be interesting. Yeah. What did I say then? Were you here for this or you were out of the chair for this? I think you were out of the chair for this, that if the jets start three and Oh, I'm I'd wind up, uh, you know, show I'd show up to this show like LeBron and white pants with a bottle of Opus one opened and like, like when he showed up court side to the playoff game.

Cause that was, that was the hot photograph and talk when you were out last week. Right, right, right. Hey, coffee, water and a bottle of TJ's like if they're three, no. Would you open a bottle of Opus one?

I'm like, I would not only open one, I would come to the show and I'd wear white pants like LeBron. What are you going to do? Win, win loss for the jets here. But again, I'm, you might call one of their games, right? Yeah.

And I, yeah, I don't need anybody thinking that I, I don't want to do a credible job. I get it. I won't draw, I won't wear this to, to a Tottenham. That's for sure. Honestly, do you think, you know how everyone does the fit picks as they enter the stadium?

A NBA, NFL, WNBA are big now. What are we going to do? Announcer fit picks watching, walking into the stadium.

Why not? And you can just roll up in that I can just roll up to the bottle of Opus one. Hey everybody, a fun episode of overreaction Monday. Again, we'll be back at it in June. We'll let you know when, but check us out every single day, 12 to three Eastern on the Rich Eisen show, Susie Schuster and Amy Trask were right in these positions earlier this week and recorded an episode of what the football with Mike Torrico of Sunday night football.

Check that out on your RSS feed where you get overreaction Monday. Thanks Chris. Hey buddy. For Chris I'm Rich.

Adios. Welcome to talk about the ultimate smallville rewatch podcast guest star Sarah Carter as Alicia Baker. Although I didn't really work with her a lot, but Tom did. And they had some real big smoochy scenes about that. Could there be any more sex? What was three page make-out scene that just kept going? Good Lord. We get it. They have chemistry. Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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