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Albert Breer: It Feels Like The Gloves Are Off In The NFL

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 17, 2024 3:10 pm

Albert Breer: It Feels Like The Gloves Are Off In The NFL

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 17, 2024 3:10 pm

5/17/24 - Hour 3

The MMQB’s Senior NFL Writer Albert Breer and Rich discuss how the NFL’s 2024 schedule will impact the quality of play for teams like the Jets and Chiefs who have tough road stretches, Jared Goff’s huge extension from the Detroit Lions and which QB is next in line for a big contract, if Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are being wise in waiting to pay Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb, and the New York Giants appearing on HBO’s offseason version of ‘Hard Knocks.’

Rich plays the “Win-Loss Game” with fans of the 49ers, Chiefs, Steelers, Titans and Bengals, and updates the latest on Scottie Scheffler’s 2nd round at the PGA Championship and the burgeoning eBay market for Shohei Ohtani bobbleheads. 

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No. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Here's the other surprising part. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. If the Jets go 2-0 to start the season, I will show up on that Monday show with a bottle of Opus One in between my legs like I'm LeBron James.

In white pants. Earlier on the show, Senior NBA Writer for the Athletic, Sam Amick. Four-time WNBA Champion, Sue Bird. Coming up, Senior Writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. And for those who might be watching us on the Roku channel as we re-air throughout the weekend, and or listening to us on our podcast version of the show whenever you want, we come on the air on this Friday of PGA Championship Weekend with the most remarkable round of golf maybe in the history of the PGA Championship or even Championship Golf to be honest with you. I know that sounds like hyperbole or an exaggeration, but the number one player in golf, Scotty Scheffler, playing the type of golf that he has been playing this year and leading into this year essentially has been reminding people of Tiger Woods on his most hot run of his entire career, waking up today at four something in the morning or five in the morning and getting to the course just about an hour after a fatal accident had taken place in front of Valhalla Golf Club and then being told to go, or what he thought was being told to go around a certain way and then having a misunderstanding as he calls it or as the police report involving what happened terms that he was, what it appears according to the police report, not stopping when being told to stop and then winding up in an orange jumpsuit and then showing up to the golf club on his own recognizance an hour and a half after being booked, an hour and a half after having a run in with the Louisville police, as of this very moment, he is four under par on the day. And so just a wild affair and story, if you will, that we have to keep on remembering as we remark on his remarkable day physically for him to be four under par, mentally for him to be four under par, but we also have to always remember that it was born out of a fatal accident and there is a family somewhere in, we're assuming Louisville or Kentucky or around this country that is mourning the loss of an individual. And it is just a crazy set of circumstances.

There's really nothing to compare it to. And so obviously we sent our condolences to that family while we also just remark on the achievement of Scottie Scheffler right now, as well as whatever the heck happened this morning and whatever the legal authorities there are untangling and the political, I'm sure City Hall is freaking out, too. And just to clarify, I think for some people who might not know, the arrest of Scheffler does not have anything to do with the unfortunate demise of the of course, not those two are completely right. And the fact that he's but honestly, that you hear about how athletes just go and they use the field or the court as their sanctuary or what have you. He's locked in. He's trying to win a major as well. Second in a row this year.

And we will never forget this day in sports or obviously PGA Championship or major golf. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial here on the program. Albert Breer back here on the show from Sports Illustrated. Good to see Albert. How are you, sir? I'm good. I'm good. How are you doing, Rich?

I'm doing well. What's your opinion of the schedule? What do you take away from the schedule being released on Wednesday? I guess the first thing is the league doesn't care anymore about putting teams in the road three weeks in a row or playing teams in the middle of the week.

I mean, it feels like the gloves are off now. That's my main takeaway. And I know you've obviously spent a lot of time talking about the predicament the Jets are in and having to go to San Francisco for the opener. I think there's like the cruel storyline twist there, having to play Monday night of week one and then coming back and playing on the road again in week two.

That's a tough break when you think about the west to east travel. You're not going to be getting back until at some point on Tuesday morning if you're the Jets. They're not the only ones, though. The Chiefs, same thing. If you look at their schedule down the stretch, it's the Wednesday.

It's playing on Black Friday. It's all of these games that are jammed into these different spots. It's going to be really interesting to see what it does to the quality of play down the stretch. Because you do hear players, especially the older guys, having to deal with coming off of a short week and how that can take a little while to get your feet back underneath you after playing so many games in such a truncated amount of time.

Well, consider this. Those four teams that are playing on Christmas Day, the Texans, the Steelers, and obviously the Ravens and Chiefs playing on Christmas Day for the second straight year, they're going to be pulling a Sunday, Saturday, Wednesday turn in weeks 15, 16, and 17. So this isn't in the middle of the season with a bunch of time to recover from it. I just think it's going to be fascinating to see how all of that plays out and what sort of effect that might have on the quality of play as we get down the stretch. Because, again, clearly the NFL has shown here that when it comes to treating everyone with kid gloves with these sorts of things, those gloves are now off.

Yeah. Tuesday is the only day of the week the Chiefs don't play a game on in 2024. And if they win on five of those days of the week, they'll be the first team in the history of the NFL to win on five different days of a week in a single season. That's never happened before. The last team to play on six days of a week in a season were the 1927 New York Yankees, which is the actual name of an actual team and of all times to be called the New York Yankees.

1927 is one that kind of leaps out at you. And you mentioned the Jets, though, too. They put them on national television, seven standalone games when you include the London game. And I'm assuming that means that you can't flex into their games later on in the season.

And flexing is going to be difficult anyway because of what you pointed out. There's going to be four teams playing a Sunday, Saturday, Wednesday. There's just a lot going on. But I'm assuming if there's a partner in Netflix saying, hey, we'll give you $150 million for two football games. The answer is going to be yes, since the players do get a cut of that. Yeah, and I do think part of this is just the demand for football. And look, I think part of it is probably the league looking at it and saying, last year we lost all of these quarterbacks, right? And people have complained about the quality of play for the midweek games forever. But it's had no effect on the ratings.

You know what I mean? So if it's not affecting whether you and I sit down on the couch or even the casual fan sits down on the couch and watches the game, well, then what's stopping them from making more money? And I think that's all part of it. I also think a piece of this is just how valuable these rights have become. And it's interesting, Rich, if you go back and you look over the years, there was a point where one package would cost way more than the other package. So let's just say just to throw dollar figures out there, let's say I spent $25 for the Sunday night package, I spent $20 for the Sunday afternoon packages, I spent $15 for the Monday night package, I spent $10 for the Thursday night package. Well, if I have the Thursday night package and I spent $10, I can't complain about the guy who spent $25 getting much better games, right? But when those numbers get a lot closer and now maybe it's $22 versus $25, now all of a sudden the guy who's got the Thursday night package or the Monday night package has a real beef. And so I think so much of this comes down to those economics, and I hope people's eyes aren't glazing over when I explain it that way, but I think that's part of what it is, is if you're asking Amazon to pay what it paid for Thursday night, if you're asking ESPN, ABC, Disney to pay for Monday night what it paid for Monday night, well, you can't give them second and third tier games anymore.

You have to give them something better than that. It's part of the reason why ESPN is getting a Super Bowl now. So all of this I think is part of the business of the sport and how the rights fees have escalated, not just for the premier packages, but for packages across the board. Robert Freer, Sports Illustrated here on the Rich Eisen Show, what'd you make of the golf deal? I mean, it's a lot of money, but it's the price of doing business in the NFL at that position now, and he has been so important to them. And I'll tell you, Rich, this is one of those where, and I don't know if your reaction was this, but my first feeling on this was good for Jared. I felt awesome.

You know what I mean? I know you've talked to him. He's such a good guy, and that was such a messy divorce in LA, and it obviously worked out for the Rams because they get Matthew Stafford and they win a Super Bowl, and when you win a Super Bowl, period, end of story, you win. So the trade was a success for the Rams, no question. Jared was seen as a salary dump in this thing, and I don't think any of us would have sat here three years ago and thought Jared Goff was even going to be on the Lions' roster, much less becoming the second highest paid player in the history of the sport. So my first reaction was good for Jared Goff. That is awesome, because everybody else saw him as a salary dump. I can tell you, Brad Holmes, Dan Campbell, from having talked to them at the time, they never saw it that way.

Holmes was with him in LA. Dan Campbell had the experience of having competed against him in a conference championship game. So they believed in him, they invested in him, and it's just another thing that the Lions got right. Oh, by the way, those picks that came over with Goff, you're talking about those being a big piece of putting together draft classes that had Aiden Hutchinson and Jamison Williams and Sam LaPorta and Brian Branch and Jameer Gibbs and Penay Sewell. The job they've done putting together the entire team I think has been magnificent, and very clearly they got the quarterback thing right.

I think he wound up being even better than they thought, which is reflected in the contract. Who's next then? Who's next up?

Is it Tua? Is he next up? If I had to guess, I'd say Jordan Love. I don't think it'll be Dak, because things always take a while with the Cowboys. So I would say it would either be Tua or Jordan Love. I don't know why I just have this feeling that Jordan Love will be sooner, I just do.

The Packers have always been aggressive in getting in front of these things. They had a negotiation with him last year. I just think that they've planned for this, and this is something that they have been I think open with his people that they wanted to get something done throughout this offseason. So my guess would be Jordan Love would be the next one, but Tua could certainly happen first. And the interesting thing about Tua is they've been planning for it too. And if you look at some of the things they've done, letting Christian Wilkins walk, cutting Jerome Baker, cutting Zabian Howard, they've done a lot of things to clear the decks for Tua to get a big second contract. I think both of those will get done, maybe right around the beginning of training camp or maybe a little bit before then, with the Dak situation probably lingering a little longer.

So what do you think? Do either of these join the $50 million APY club here, Albert? Because there's only five of those guys right now in the NFL with the golf-slated two in that regard now. I think one way or the other, all three of those guys make it into the $50 million club.

I just think it's kind of gotten to the point where it's the price of doing business. You saw what Kirk Cousins got, $45 million per. I just think even if the compromise is, well, give us a break on the guarantees in year three or year four, I do think that these guys are going to make it into that category. And so my guess would be, I don't know if any of those three that we've talked about will make it to what Burrow got, but I think all of them will be between 50 and what Burrow got.

And I just think that's sort of where the market's gone. Again, I think as good as Jared Goff is, I think those guys could look at it. And I think Tua could absolutely ask for more than Goff because this is his second contract. This is his chance to hit it big. And he did get the Dolphins to the playoffs. And I think if you're Dak, you certainly ask for more than Jared Goff got. And my guess would be Jordan Love will wind up in that category as well.

And so let's just dive into Dak a little bit more here, Albert, because listen, the price only goes up the longer you wait. I mean, that's obvious. It's 100 percent obvious. And I'm sure it's 100 percent obvious to Jerry Jones as well.

And the same thing with C.D. Lamb. I mean, at some point, Justin Jefferson's going to get the bag, you know, like it's going to arrive finally in Minnesota. It's going to happen. They're not going to let him walk.

Not with J.J. McCarthy, just got a rookie, you know, they got a J.J. to throw to him. You know what I mean? So it's only going to be a matter of time.

So what is it? Does he really want to see Dak Prescott get to the NFC Championship game before he signs him again? Fully knowing that if he does wait even that long, he's now entering a new cycle of quarterbacks that could beat Joe Burrow, who might get beaten by either one of these guys, Jordan Love or Tua. Who knows? You know what I mean? Like, is that really what's at stake here with this? I mean, I think the crazy thing is this is a rake that Jerry Jones keeps stepping on.

You know what I mean? Like now there are examples of having done deals early, but those turned out great for the Cowboys. Like Tyron Smith is an excellent example of like where they went in early with Tyron Smith, who's probably a Hall of Fame left tackle, and they wound up keeping him at a reasonable rate for the entirety of his time with the Dallas Cowboys, which was 13 years, you know, right up until this offseason when he leaves for the Jets. When they've waited, it's cost them. It cost them with Zach Martin. It cost them with Demarcus Lawrence. It cost them with Dez Bryant. And so it just feels like they're back in one of those situations where, you know, if you're the player and you've waited this long and they've taken you into a contract year, which with both CD and Dak they've done.

Well, you know, now you're going to ask for more. It's almost the reverse of what the Eagles have done. Like the Eagles have done great business by getting things done early. Right.

Like they're constantly getting in front of these things. And that's why, like, if you look at the Eagles over the years, like they have like these deals that seem to mature into really good deals for the team. Now they look like huge money when the players get paid.

Right. But, you know, they paid Jalen Hurts almost right away when he became eligible for a deal. Devante Smith this offseason got paid right away. A.J. Brown, they went in and redid his deal when they probably didn't have to. You know, the Eagles have been very aggressive right there in their division.

Yeah. And even when it backfires, like Wentz, they figure out a way to get around it. And obviously Jalen Hurts helped in that process, you know, but that's that's why I just it just is a total head scratcher when you know that you have to sign the other people. And if you make some sort of a much more cap friendlier deal because you have extended, then you can afford. I just I mean, I really what about that?

What about this? What what about what you wait for Jordan Love? Like, do you think Dak Prescott's going to take less than Jordan Love?

Of course not. Even though the fact that we're in this predicament, if you will, we that the predicament that we're discussing occurred because Jordan Love won and done to Dak. And that reaction that Jones has had to that has led to this conversation that I think is a legitimate one to have, to be honest with you, all of this stuff. And I know a lot of fans, Albert might be sitting here thinking, you know what? Oh, you know, it's all generationally enriching money.

Like, what does it matter? Because you build rosters based off of all this. Like, we're getting to the point where we'll be nearing unless the cap goes up appreciably. Maybe a quarter of your cap will be given to a quarterback that may or may not have only two, three career playoff appearances, let alone wins. You know, and that's the that's the way that we're doing business with a bunch of backups that don't have time to get up to speed because they don't have the practice time due to the collective bargaining agreement that led to a lot of other stuff. And that's the way that the NFL, whoever figures out that Rubik's Cube the best, will have the best chance to, you know, win it all.

Like, that's the answer. That's part of why I, like, brought up the example of Jared Goff in Los Angeles. Is that the way that they're starting to view Dak now? Where it's like, you know, like, is this now Goff in 2020? Is Dak in 2024 where it's like, we love him, but is he going to be able to put us over the top? Can we rely on him to be that guy who is making all that money and can make up the difference with his play?

You know, some of those questions getting asked can lead you to be hesitant and trigger shy as far as getting a deal done. So, you know, but again, like, you know, it generally pushes things across the goal line with quarterbacks is like what's behind door number two. And what's behind door number two here is a franchise tag number that, believe it or not, for 2025 would be nearly 80 million dollars. So you're not going to franchise tag him. So he's going to become a free agent. And then you're at the mercy of the market. And oh, by the way, if you're at the mercy of the market, you've probably also pissed your player off to the point where if he can get something equal somewhere else, is he going somewhere else for a similar price instead of staying with you just because he doesn't like the fact that he was dragged out over the last couple of years? You know, there's a lot of those dynamics at work here. And, you know, it's again, I think it's a fascinating situation.

I wouldn't be surprised if they try to find some compromise again before camp. But, you know, obviously the price has gone way up because the Cowboys have waited. Last one for you, Albert Breer. The first ever offseason hard knocks got announced. Who knew that NFL films had been embedded with the Giants since the minute the Giants season ended?

Let's just say there's no John Mara, Joe Shane goalie standing in the crease here. OK, what do you think? What would we find out about what? Like, what do you think we find out about here, Albert?

I'm going to give you a fun one. So the you know, I know you know, but like the fans, the people listening, watching know what a 30 visit is. Right. So the NFL teams have the have the have the power to bring in 30 guys pre draft.

Right. So you bring in you bring in 30 guys before the draft to your facility. You take them out to dinner the night before. And then you have a full day of meetings with them.

You can give them a physical, all that different stuff, no workout, but you can do a bunch of different things with meetings and tests and all that different stuff the next day. So what I would want to see is there was a 30 visit where three guys were on that visit together. Malik neighbors, Marvin Harrison, Roma Dunze, were all on their 30 visit together. And additionally, I've heard Malik neighbors who wound up with the Giants took this whole thing as a massive competition. Right. Like the whole pre run up to the draft, everything else.

It pissed him off that people thought Marvin Harrison or Roma Dunze were better than him. So I actually heard that he ran his second 40 at LSU. That is pro day. Right. So he runs a fourth for most guys. And you know, that's right. You've covered the combine forever. If you run well on your first 40, what do you do generally stop?

You don't run a second one. Right. Right. I heard he ran his second 40 LSU's pro day as a shot at Marvin Harrison for not doing anything before the draft.

And I heard that with one team, he referred to Marvin Harrison as the guy from Ohio State rather than by his name. So there was definitely like a little competitive thing going on there, at least on Malik neighbors side. So I would love if they had any sort of footage. And I'm not saying the guys don't get along or whatever.

I'm sure they're cordial and everything else. But I would just love to see what that looked like. Having three guys who are competing with each other directly for draft position and neighbors, a Dunzay and Harrison out to dinner together somewhere in New Jersey and then in the building together on their 30 visit. I don't know if they'll show us that, but that would be that would be one thing that would be great to see.

Well, it's interesting. That's where you went, because the fact that neighbors is a giant is born out of the fact that apparently they couldn't get Drake May and they couldn't get the Patriots to buy. That's the other thing I'd love to see. I want to see that. And then what does that what does that mean for Drew Locke and Daniel Jones?

And is there a valuation of the quarterbacks that are still left there in any way, shape or form informed by their attempts to get May or kick the tires on J.J. McCarthy and all that stuff? You know, I don't think you would see I don't think you would see like I could totally understand why you wouldn't want to show the conversation, the private conversations that Joe Shane or Brian Deball are having with Daniel Jones. But if they could somehow give us a window into how the Giants were handling their aggressive evaluation of the quarterbacks and the potential move up for Drake May, if they could if it's hard enough to somehow show us how the Giants were massaging that with Daniel Jones, that would be fascinating, wouldn't it? Like I like telling you, like being like how upfront are they with him?

What are they telling him exactly? That would be something that'd be incredible. Now, I totally understand if the Giants still want to show that because those are private conversations and everything else. But that would be one thing that I think would be really, really interesting. And then, you know, of course, like who wouldn't want to see the last phone calls that that that Joe Shane and his staff are making to the Patriots to try to get up to three and how close that got.

Like I think that would be fascinating. My understanding was they put their first round pick, the sixth overall pick this year and then next year's first rounder on the table to try and get them. You know, obviously they fell short.

The Vikings tried to move up to three to get Drake May to anything we could see anything they could show to show their effort to move up would be really, really interesting to again, in addition to how they were massaging all of that with Daniel Jones. Albert, thanks for the time. Greatly appreciate your two cents here. And just real quick, Susan, I appreciated your your words on on X yesterday as well. Thank you. Absolutely.

That was a great message from you guys, honestly. And I you know, I really I want to make sure people don't like take that as anything against stay at home moms. I know some great people that have chosen that I'm lucky enough to be able to give my wife the choice. And, you know, she's chosen to do a job that's way more important than mine. And I am so grateful that my children get to see that example. It's as it's as as valuable or more valuable than her being around for those hours that she's she's away. And I had that experience with my mom, too, and having a working mom set just a great example for me and my brother and not only not only like in that she was setting an example of how hard she worked to make everything work for us and also be a great parent. But also like we didn't have a sister, you know, so for me and my brother to, you know, have that example of, you know, of of a woman who could who could do that sort of thing, could pull that off, I think, you know, certainly gives you an idea of how you you view gender dynamics and everything else. So I appreciate you giving me the time to say that. Right. You got a brother and you want to let everyone know what your wife does.

They may not know. Yeah, she's a she's a cardiac. I'm very proud of this.

She's a nurse in the cardiac ICU at Boston Children's Hospital. So like I said, her job is way more important than mine, for sure. There you go, mic drop. I mean, like, honestly, like, it's so impressive. Thank you for sharing that. And you know, it is so great because she had a choice. And it's just wonderful.

So I just want everyone to be able to make choices for themselves. Thank you, Albert Breer. You're the man. Be well. Have a good weekend.

As always, Albert Breer. Hi Albert, great to see you. There you go.

There's Burt going off into his weekend. 844-204-RICH. We're going to clear the banks. Don't worry, Suze. Everyone's going to get their say.

So 844-204-RICH. If you're on hold, stay on hold. That's next. This is the Rich Eisen Show.

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Learn more at T. Rowe Price dot com slash curiosity. All right, our radio audience will return shortly here on the program Rangers Advanced, by the way. And the reason why isn't because of their timely scoring or goalkeeping or anything like that. We all know why the Rangers have advanced. Oh, yeah. I mean, it's obvious. You know what?

Say it. Well, because there was a trophy in here. Yep. And the Rangers fan decided not to take a picture with it. John Monaco to make sure frequent director of this program refused to take a photograph. And it worked out as a diehard Ranger fan.

Yeah. He didn't want to take a picture with the trophy. He said he was afraid to mess up the mojo or something.

Look, who am I to argue with him? Because the Rangers moved on. I was thinking that last night when the Rangers were down by a goal in the third period, it looked like there might be a game seven in Madison Square Garden with the Carolina Hurricanes. And I thought to myself, good thing, you know, good thing you didn't take a picture with that trophy because there would be no comeback. He took a picture of it. Yeah, but he just didn't want to take a picture with it.

And I just don't understand the difference. He's this close to the trophy. He's seeing it doesn't make any sense. But if there is a parade, if there is a parade, it'll be testament to the fact that the man who was that close to the trophy and took a picture of it did not turn around. When I said turn around, I'll take a picture of it with you.

And he said, no, he better be on one of the floats. He's a hero in the Canyon of Heroes back here in the Rich Eisen Show. On the radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger. With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. I've been married to Susie Schuster for 21 years. I've known her for well over a quarter century. And still, the things that bother her frequently confound me.

I don't get it sometimes. The thing that's bothering her the most right now, out of anything, is the fact that Dante in San Jose, California has been hanging on for two and a half hours to play the win-loss game. Right, Suze? Hi, Dante. You there, Dante? How are you? I'm good. How are you? Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm fine. You've enjoyed listening to the show, right, Dante? You've had excellent content since you called in. Yeah, no, I listen to you guys every day. Thank you, sir.

All right. Music, please, for Dante wants to do the win-loss game for the San Francisco 49ers. First time we've had a second crack at it.

Turzo in Iowa said 12 and five. It's now time for Dante in San Jose. Dante, home for the Jets. Win. Yeah. At the Vikings.

It's OK. Win. At the Rams.

Lost. Home for the Patriots. Win. Home for the Cardinals. Win. At the Seahawks on a Thursday night. Win. Home for the Chiefs.

I think we're probably going to play that dragon at the win. You have them six and six and one to start taking on the Cowboys. Easy win. Easy win.

Easy, big fella. Seven and one at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers off the bye. Win. Eight and one home for the Seahawks. Win. Nine and one at the Packers.

Lost. Nine and two at the Bills. Win. Ten and two home for the Bears. Win. Eleven and two home for the Rams on a Thursday night. Win. Twelve and two at the Dolphins. Win. Thirteen and two home for the Lions on a Monday night. Thirteen and three at the Cardinals. Win. Fourteen and three, says Dante in San Jose.

Were you drinking while you were waiting for two and a half hours or what? No. Okay.

You sound very calm in saying that your team's going to win 14 to 17 football games. Thanks for the call, Dante. Oh, there he goes.

I'm sorry. I was really worried about Dante and he seemed to be just fine. He's like, I'm good. Dante was chilling with some TJs. Is he still there? He was hanging out. He's there. Sorry, did you ever say something, Dante, before I let you go? No, I've just been chilling with him. Thanks for the call. Greatly appreciate it.

Dante. Alright, let's be fair and balanced. Have we had one yet for the defending Super Bowl champs? Have we had that yet? Let me see.

We have not. Alright, Sean in Kansas is first in to do the win-loss game for the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. Are you ready, Sean? I am ready. I just want to apologize first because last time I called I hurt TJ's feelings with my Price is Right story and I just wanted to apologize to the co-host. I don't remember what happened, but I might accept your apology.

He agreed with, I believe, our assessment on how egregious a double over is and it's just the worst ending for anybody who sits through 60 minutes of the Price is Right waiting for a big finish. It just happened. Alright, you ready, Sean? I am ready.

Okay, here we go. Sean in Kansas, the win-loss game for the defending Super Bowl Kansas City Chiefs champs in Kansas City starting with the Ravens at home. I think we start like we did last year.

I think we go 0-1 and win the Super Bowl. Alright. Oh wow, did you just yada, yada, yada the rest of your schedule? What happened, Sean?

I did. Okay, home for the Bengals. I think we win that one. At the Falcons.

I think we squeak by. I think that's a win. At the Chargers. I think that's a win.

Home for the Saints on a Monday night. That's a win. Oh, he laughed before saying that's a win. Disrespect is real.

Honestly, he treated that like your Price is Right appearance. Oh, listen. Coming off the bye, 4-1. This is difficult because Andy Reid is great off a bye, but I think San Francisco is angry. I think they win that one. Alright, so you're 4-2 after the loss in the Super Bowl rematch at the Raiders. I think we win that one.

Disrespect is real. 5-2, home for the Bucs on a Monday night. That's a win. 6-2, home for the Broncos. That's a win. 7-2 at the Bills.

I think we squeak that one too. I think that's a close win. 8-2 at the Carolina Panthers.

That's a dub. That's easy. 9-2, home for the Raiders on Black Friday. I think that's a trap game. I think we lose to the Raiders. I think we split. Ah, it's a silver and black Friday, you say.

Okay. 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, and 3, home for the Chargers. I think we win that. 10-3 at the Browns.

We squeak that one. That's a win as well. 11-3, home for the Texans on the Saturday before Christmas. That is a short week. I think we lose that one, and I'll beat you to Christmas. I think we lose the Christmas game too on a short week as well.

Okay, and then at the Denver Broncos. That's a win as well. So, 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 1-2-3, 4-5. Okay, 12-5 for the defending Super Bowl champs. I'll take it. And he says there's a three-peat. Thank you, Sean.

Sean in Kansas. All right, thank you very much. 12-5. Okay. That's pretty good. All right, let's go to... I'm loving this. This is fun. Let's go to Ron in Toledo, Ohio.

Birthplace of one Jim Harbaugh. What's going on, Ron? Hello, Rich. Nice to finally get out.

I was one of the callers yesterday who didn't get a chance. Well, I'm glad. So, Suze, did you white glove treat Ron, and that's why he's back here?

Yes. Okay, very good. See? It's nice to treat people with respect, Ron. I'm not saying a dollar.

I love our collar. Okay, very good. Are you implying I don't?

No, not in the least bit. Eight games of this schedule. All right, are you ready to go, Ron? Yes, sir.

Let's go. Ron in Toledo for the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Falcons. When? At the Broncos. When? Home for the Chargers.

When? At the Colts. I'm worried about that one because it beat us last year, but we've had the number win. 4-0.

Home for the Cowboys. Well, we're going to let our next quarterback beat us. That's a loss. What an answer. Wow.

We're going to let our next quarterback beat us. Wow. Oh, you caught me with that one, Ron. I didn't see you. You did not telegraph that punch. All right.

How do you think I felt? At the Raiders at 4-1. West Coast trip, that's a loss. 4-2. Home for the Jets. Win.

Yeah. 5-2. Home for the Giants on a Monday night. Oh, that's a win. We've got to get Rooney Maher, by the way, to be at that game, right? Yes, absolutely.

The whole Maher family. 6-2. Coming off the bye at the commanders. That's a win. We'd never lose after a bye.

I think he's won like 10 straight. 7-2. Home for the Ravens. We aren't scared of the Ravens. We're about the only team. I think we're 7-8 the last game, so that's a win.

All right. So that's 8-2 at the Browns on a Thursday night. That's a loss. It's a Thursday night game.

Okay. Home games for the team. At and three at the Bengals.

That's a loss too. 8-4. Home for the Browns. That's a win. 9-4 at the Eagles.

That's a rest game. We're going to lose it. 9-5 at the Ravens on a Saturday.

We're going to win. 10-5 on Christmas Day. Home for the Chiefs. Oh, we better win.

Merry Christmas. 11-5. Home for the Bengals. We might not have to play that game, but I'm going to say a win anyway. 12-5. Ron and Toledo, along with an extra. Here we go. Along with an extra. We're going to let our next quarterback beat us for the Cowboys.

That was funny. We just might have to pick them up. Thanks for the call, Ron and Toledo, here on the Rich Eisen Show.

As soon as we're going to have trouble getting everybody here, because as soon as one drops, another one gets in. Keep coming in. It's great. Keep going. Let's go. All right. We've got to go to break, though. We'll come back. We'll do our best to fit it all in here. As well as some housekeeping.

Housekeeping? We need to figure out where Scottie Scheffler is on the leaderboard and what the hell is going on on eBay with the Shoei Otani bobblehead. Did the guy who originally said five grand drop this price to three? Did he drop it even lower?

We only asked the burning questions. Next. The reality Steve podcast, part of the Believe Network.

Just search BLEAV on YouTube or wherever you listen. Smarter choices and build a better life. Afford anything, wherever you listen. Back here on the program, 844-204-rich number to dial, and we'll take as many phone calls as we possibly can coming up here on the show. What do you got set up for this weekend, TJ? My co-host? Who says he leaves his house? Who are you talking to? I'm going to go watch a bunch of ninth graders play flag football. Okay.

On Saturday afternoon and then. Is it your godson? My godson Bear, you know. Bear's parents? They're his parents, yes. Christopher and Milena are his parents and hopefully catch Tyson Fury against UCIT. That fight for the heavyweight title was on Saturday, but it comes on at 9 a.m.

So I don't know if I'm going to be able to watch it live. Who are Bear's parents? What was that? Who were they? Just a couple people. Did you give their 70's shows name? No, I gave their government names. Okay.

Behind the airport. I just don't understand why he doesn't admit it. Yeah, Scottie Scheffler, yeah, he's eight under. Not yet, not yet, not yet. Wait for the radio audiences, wait for our largest audience. I'm just trying to help out, TJ. We're just servicing the Roku channel audience to just prove that TJ won't drop mains. I know what you're doing.

By the way, you just throw them all over the studio. Oh my god, me? Yes. Look who's talking.

What do you mean? You'll drop names before I will. Ding, ding. Who drops names more than... Oh, do not involve him. Feli. Feli.

Yes, ma'am. Who drops names more than him or me? Don't involve him. Don't involve him.

He's your junior audio engineer. Who but me, Feli? Although he probably will give any straight answer. He's beholden to nobody. He's got the nicest car of anybody here. Which always says, nobody has more money in this room than Feli.

By the way, is there any lies in that statement? My car's an 03. Oh my god, stop it. Back on The Rich Eisen Show, 844-204-RICH, number to dial. All right, lots to get to. Let's get an update from Valhalla Golf Club, if you don't mind, Suze.

Yes, Scotty Sheppard. Hold on a second. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Oh, drop? Drop? Come on, Suze. Here it comes. I see breaking news.

Okay, what do you have? I do think that's funny. Scotty Sheffler, 8-under through 15. Colin Morikawa jumping the leaderboard, 12-under through 17.

He is 12-under. Man. And Mark Hubbard is 10-under. That's our guy, Mark Hubbard, isn't it? Oh, that put our name on his bag? Yeah, that's our guy.

Okay, we've got some show interest here. Yeah, he jumped over Xander Shoffley. He just...

He just, I believe, teed off. Let me rephrase that. I said he put our name on his bag. I mean, he put your name... No, stop. ...on his bag. That's ridiculous. Poor Rich is taking it.

Scotty Sheffler, 4-under through 15. All right, very good. Now, let's give another breaking news drop. Go ahead and hit it. Go ahead and hit that, because we're going to update the bobblehead stuff. Here it comes. I see breaking news. People are trying to make money off of the bobblehead that Cooper's best friend Ryan's younger brother Sawyer did not get last night.

And the people who got them are like, I'm just going to take these and sell them on eBay for absurd amounts of money while a young kid cries because he didn't get one. Yeah, Dodgers. Come on. No, don't blame the Dodgers. I do blame the Dodgers.

No. Don't blame the Dodgers. The Dodgers could have had 53,000 bobbleheads instead of 40. That's true. They could have had 54,000 bobbleheads.

Yeah, just go ahead. Just saying. They could have. Maybe they just ran out of money. The Dodgers?

Well, they could have deferred the payment. All right, what's the latest that we're seeing online with these bobbles? This is going to shock you. What do you got?

What do you got? All right, he's still... All right, Joss for a 578 is still sticking with his $3,000 bid. It used to be five, still no bids. It's odd.

He's not pricing him the move. Oh, here's one that's sold? I found this one, yeah. Get out of here. No way. Why? Because there's a filter that on eBay you go and you... Because people can place a number on anything, but you go to the filter, you see what's actually been sold, not what people were asking for. You think that person was upset about the shipping cost? No, but I don't understand. What is writing the word Jeff and the date mean? Is that somebody named Jeff is personally authenticating?

This is mine? It's like the equivalent of holding up today's newspaper to make sure he isn't... He's blinking? He's proof of bobblehead life?

Like what the hell is that? I guess he's making sure that... Well, I don't get it. Also there are over 100 of them listed and they're not all $1,199.99. So why is somebody buying that when you can buy one for 300?

A lot of these have sold and I'm saying that the average price, you know I'm not good at math, but it seems to be the average price is around $225 to $300 or something like that. Insane. Insane.

Let me just say this. Put that up one more time. Do you think if Jeff had sold the bobblehead for $1,200 he wouldn't have sold it? But he priced it at $1,199.99.

Don't forget the shipping. By the way, that's the... How many X of the old Herb Scheib, he would paint any car for any price for $9.99? Was that what it was? Something like that. Oh, whatever. Okay. I see another one that just sold for $1,000. Why?

There are 100 for less than 300. Let's go to Matt in Tennessee. You're on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Matt? Hey there, Rich.

I just want to say, TJ, I find you as accessible as Jerry Seinfeld finds Rich. Okay. Thank you, brother. I appreciate you. And I am.

I'm a man of the people for the people by the people. So I get it. Absolutely.

I find him accessible. Okay. Are we ready, Matt? You ready to do... I assume is it the Titans you want to do, the one lost?

Matt seems very smart. I'm ready to be the first person to predict a Titan's win. Okay. Here we go.

Matt in Tennessee for the Tennessee Titans, you get the first crack at home on Caleb Williams. What happens? Billie Jean gets us there, Will leaves us, throws three touchdowns, we win. All right. There you go. Home for the Jets. Loss. What? That's a short week coming off a Monday night trip to San Francisco.

All right. I'll take it. Home for the Green Bay Packers. That's going to be a loss. At the Miami Dolphins.

That's a loss as well. They're mad about last year. On a Monday night too. So one and three coming off the bye. Home for the Colts. We're going to whoop them. That's a win.

Whoop them. Two and three at the Bills. That's going to be a win.

Three and three at the Dolphins. That's going to be a loss. Three and four home for the Patriots. That's going to be a win. Four and four at the Chargers.

That's going to be a loss. Four and five home for the Vikings. That's going to be a win. Five and five at the Texans. That's going to be a win.

Six and five at the commanders. Another win. Seven and five home for the Jaguars. It's going to be a loss. Seven and six home for the Bengals.

That's going to be a loss. Nine and seven at the Colts. That's another win. Sweep the Colts. Eight and seven at the Jaguars. That's going to be a win.

Split. Nine and seven home for the Texans. Going to lose it to close out the year. Just barely a winning season. Nine and eight for the Titans.

Matt in Tennessee. All right, man. Very good.

That was very pie in the sky right there. I don't, you know, it's infrequent that I do this, but are you okay, Mike Hoskins, in our control room? Because everybody who's doing the win loss thinks they're getting healthy against your bills. Did you notice that? Everybody's saying a win against the bills.

The disrespect is real. All right, let's try and sneak one more in. Do you think we can do it?

No, that's okay. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Let's go to Dexter in West Virginia. Let's do this real fast. Dexter, you there?

Hey, how you doing? All right. I only have like less than two minutes before the radio audience taps out. The Cincinnati Bengals is your team? Yes, sir. Home for the Patriots. W. At the Chiefs.

W. Home for the commanders. Win, absolutely. At the Panthers.

Win. I'm going to that game. 4-0 home for the Ravens.

Home for the Ravens. We're going to win that one. 5-0 at the Giants. Definite win. 6-0 at the Browns.

I can see it. We'll take the L there. That's going to be the first one. 6-1 home for the Eagles. We'll go ahead and take Jalen. We'll beat him. 7-1 home for the Raiders. Home for the Raiders. We beat them in the playoffs before.

I was there. We're going to win. 8-1 at the Ravens on a short week Thursday night.

I'll take a loss there, but it's okay. 8-2 at the Chargers. 8-2 at Chargers. We're going to win. We're going to win. We're going to win. We're going to win. We're going to win. We're going to win. We're going to win. 9-2 at the Chargers. Harbaugh's going to be mad.

We're going to thank him. 9-2 off the bye. Home for the Steelers. They're going to beat us at home, but we're going to take one at their house. 9-3 at the Cowboys on a Monday night. My buddy Jeff Vickers is going to love that game.

We're going to watch him with some beer. That's going to be a W for us, though. 10-3 at the Titans. Oh, yeah.

Mr. Callahan? Sorry. We're going to take that W. 11-3 home for the Browns. You said that's a win, right? Nah.

The Browns usually got our number. We'll take the L there. It's okay, though. All right. Home for the Broncos.

Oh. Broncos country. Let's ride. We got the W. And then at the Steelers. We're going to go ahead and take that W back for revenge.

13-4. Thank you, Dexter, in West Virginia. That was a blast. I like Dexter. Dexter. I don't know why.

He said W three straight times. Hey, man. 6-0 might be the last remaining undefeated team. Could be.

You never know. All right. Great stuff. Thanks to all our guests.

And to you, Suze. You're in the chair next Monday and Tuesday. I'll be back Wednesday for the Roku audience. Back in a sec. We'll see you next time.
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